The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 32 · 5 months ago

Dark vs. Offensive


When is something so funny that it's no longer offensive? And at a comedy club in Shea's old stomping grounds, a big fight broke out between the comic and a member of the audience. Meanwhile, Wells breaks down just how awesome Kobra Kai is.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Fights at comedy clubs.
  • Kobra Kai is on Netflix and it's awesome.
  • Blurring the lines between offensive and funny.

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I posted a video the other day. It wasreacting to someone else's video and the video got flagged for nudity andsexual content, and I was like well it's. The original video that I'mreacting to is all you see is a picture of the woman's foot because he's likeyou know, looking on her phone, her husband comes in the room and ask herquestion about some shit. I don't know that. That's a video and t e and thenmy reaction is just mice, so its flag for nudity and adult earsexual content. So I appeal it. Here's the thing. Can I say one thing: YeahQuinn, Tarentina Foot, fetter quicker, you know, Quittin Tarentina works for tick, Toke,confirmed yeah. Welcome to the basement. Lounge podcast, with your host MikeShay and Mike Wells sit back grab a drink, relax, let's see where the timetakes us enjoy, so I appealed it and they came back and said your appealhas been rejected. We find your video contains a violation of the harassmentand bullying claws and I'm like well no way Wawat, which one is it because yousaid it was this thing now you're saying it's this thing anyway, myvideos being fucking taken down. I'm fucking done that's weird, my thirdvideo that has been flagged for this kind of Shit. I forget what one of themforget the other one, because I can't I can't pull up to look at what it is now,but the last one was when I had. I made some video talking about the pricing oflike studio, headphones and Shit, how ridiculous y over price they were, andsomebody was like telling me like. I was a fucking idiot and like fucking,threatening me and shitting the comments on the video. So I made aresponse to his comment, telling him to go fuck himself with a pine apple andmy video got taken down for harassment and bullying. I was like what here's what you do in thesituation every single time, if I ever have anybody come at me yeah onanything, I see. Let me pull see if I can pull it up. So I'm glad I've never been heckled,because I don't deal well with hecklers. I don't care about. I like I don't, andI don't think people know how to take like what whatI do. Yeah I got pull up this tweet. We was a little bit O go. Bear with me myproblem with hecklers. is I either fold or I get way too mean way too fast? I R one time this lady, I do my restingmasshouse face joke and I eras laughing. I wish I still had the audio. I don't have it any more.She said. Oh, my God, are you serious and I was like aps a fucking lie andyou here like walk off. You like people are laughing and the lack ofwhack off here here, walk off the door like closes her opening clothes, andI'm like thank you and er again all right. So here's what I wrote allright, like Jehovah's Witness version of the nword- is Happy Birthday. This guy's, like sick joke man, managedbe racist culture ignorant and wholly unaware that one third of Joe aswitnesses are black all on eleven, where it's crushing it with your comedyquote Comedy Career: Does Your Wife Still Suck at basic math and finance,and I literally this is what I put you're the best and he has nothing tosay after that I tend to respond to people she like that with. While I betyour phone parties well, I guess the thing is like when you go. I don't likeif you get him like, I don't give a shit what you say so one guy wasliterally like as some guys like you rip off all your jokes. I was like okayyou're, the best prove it and he never said anything and like this one peoplecomment my videos or whatever, like you suck, while I like cool thanks man,thumbs up r heart, Amog and they're like what the flight of the process islike, I'm not getting the reaction, I want yeah, you can't give him thereaction they want ever it was he the only reason I e responded to this guyses. I made this video where all right basically said that like because,because they were talking about how I think it was apple, was going to beputting out like some new fucking head, O God as they're going to be expensiveas balls, and I made a video- and I was like you do not said you never need tospend more than a hundred bucks on a decent pair of studio headphones, a hotyou. Don't I've been doing this a long fucking time and people were coming allthese fucking Dick heads that thought like skull candies were the greatestthings in the face of your ever coming after me, like you know the fuck you're.Talking of to you need fucking, oh Pecan, they were like my fuckingwireless noise, canceling satellite blue to zebub cost me two hundred andseventy five butts in the best headphones ever and I was like surethey sound great. You didn't pay for headphones. You paid for features in abrand. You Dumb Motherfucker, like if you have, if you own a pair of beats,congratulations you paid for Dr Dray's name, yeah, that's what you did cangrad you fucking La a a parted in no better than a other, had friends or ad,and the only reason why I like them is a go in my ear. Properly right T Idon't have the over the years. I will...

...never pay for those. Those are like.I'm like the there they're a hundred bucks and also to rise. My Bot mine isbecause I also got like thirty three percent off of my work on there you gootherwise I would not buy them like I don't I don't wear ear buds. I havesmall ears, ear buds, Hurtin my ears planning simple. I don't own a air pods.I only use over the year headphones like the ones I'm using now like I. Whywill wear these? When I cut the grass I just plunged the cord in my pocket. Iliterally just think I think I actually wrote something aboutbeats today. No Shit Yeah, I think I did that. Actually, today beats had.Phones is just really expensive, ear. Muffs, that's all it was like. I was just like. I don't think I've written anything because I'm thinking about I m, like aan ther S. bets are so immensite like most headphones. You are paying for name Yeah. Well, itbows both stuff sounds great, but you're paying for the brand h thesethese ones. I have are audio technicals. They were ninety bucks and I have fourparrot here. The you know the headphones. I was using, I, U s. Theonly reason I stopped using them was because I wanted to order was when wewere doing the Valentine's Day live thing and they discontinued that model.So I was like Shit, I need more headphones and I can't buy this pairagain. Oh well, because I got to get something new that he that's it youspend more than a the only reason you would want to spend more than a hundredbucks if you're looking for something like a noise, canceling or wireless,that's going to drive the price up, but in terms of just how good they soundyeah you never in Ben, more than hundred bucks playing simple. No, Icould totally agree completely agree d. You ever do you watch this guy onyout named it does a show called dame drops, guy dose fast food reviews, BigHonkey, black guy. He did this review of five guys burgers and fries like wayback in the day that, like when viral is fuck, because he'd never had fiveguys before, and he had to slick this, like fucking religious experience,having five guys for the first time. Well, now he's got his own show on netflix of him going around the country like checking out like these fuckingdope food places and all that it's called fresh, fried and fresh, friedand crispy. It's on net flix can that's kind of rip off a dive in drive it s.It is a little bit, except for the places he's going, aren't necessarilylike, like mom and pop yeah he's going to places like like e episode he's in adifferent city, but like one of the places he like he's looking for, likethe most like he's, looking for like really creative stuff yeah, as opposedto just like good yeah, also with with biders, drives and dives he's lookingfor he's. Looking at like all kinds of food affordable this guy he's going tolike he goes to a place where he had the he goes to place. They have aburger called the whale Burgers, not mad at a wall, but it's a hundred andtwenty bucks, but they use like they use to wag you,beef patties, my God, like edible gold, flake, serve with a bottle of champagnethat ar fun comerants he's looking for like stuff like that yeah, but he wherehe went to Cleveland he did want where he went down to Savannah. It was soweird because he can get this like shrimp po boy at this like seafoodplace and they're watching as like. They show you how to like peel theshrimp and all that, but they don't divane them and never eaten shrimp. THAT'S WEIRD NUMBER ONE! When you, when you clean shrimp,there's a vein in the back of them. You have to remove that's their poop shoot.Okay. So if you don't remove that you're eating shrimp poop, I've eaten that so I'm watching as they're cutting thetrip and they don't show the devening and I'm like okay way meet, don't showit well, then you watch them poss the shrimp into the bad and I'm like allthose shrimps still have their poop veins. I am never eating at this place. YeEver Fuck that, but I want my poop in a I've, never eaten shrimp due really. AhEver I have some thing about crustaceans. That's weird, like lobster never eatenlobster. I have a lobster, but I can't afford lobster I crab dude, I loveCrara. I've got some shrimp in the freezer it just not. I'm no Big Seafood like I've, never been a big sea food dude and that stuff just kind ofcreeps, and they just look like I edit they look like giant fucking bugs yeah.They really do. I get it. I looks like Sakata, but under the water, it's okay. You now know what I foundout is like when the the male cicades make that noise m yeah, it's just themcat, calling pretty much yeah yeah, that's that's! That's there! That'stheir co, sit on this day stream it for hours. On that now Iunderstand why women hate cat calling, because that shit is fucine, that's andso people have been able to cut their grass because it's a cat. My mother,like was telling me her grassis, like...

...half cut because she would start themower and she would just be getting attacked by these is because thevibration and the sound e Pi it triggered triggers their their matingsense got a fuck. This fucking transformer O, because I e because I got none here soI I cut my grass yesterday- no problem, I suppose, like our landscape and guys,were at work and they were just covered. Oh God they were. Having aware like.Basically, what looked like has matt duds when they're cutting the grass,which it was no fucking ninety degrees over the weekends? You can imagine howfun that was. I so, like I had one land on me the other day I flicked it. You know I was like a yelled at me. It's at work like getting out of my car.It's like okay, eone to because I park my car and they are just swarming, myfucking, because there's there's so many trees at my in my office andthey're, just swarming my car and like walking up the ramp to the door.There's just fucking corpses, just every inhere. Do they they break. Well,I can't smell them. I never nose a smell, but like they just fucking, do they run into the window and die orhe fucking die, because I dare at me and like I actually went, we weren'tlooking at cars the other day on Sunday and I was like I do now- There's a lotof fucking sic dead, Sacada like and you could tell like they weren't likehit by anything like they had to like run into this window. Sure they do I'llbe at work and I'll have the window on here. Just going funk, funk sunk, Idon't know what the fuck it is they're, just it's that bug thing where theythink they can get through, but whereas, like with a fly they're so small, youcan't notice so catas actually have like weight to them. Yes, so you canactually fucking hear it bok. I mean the whole drive to work. It's just myfront when Shell just pat pop pop, but I'm getting a shot with a paintball Gan.I laugh every time I like her so kind of see it right before it hits it. Soit's like, I just like fuck, you like I've, killed many Sakata like I've,probably ruined so many first names. I've destroyed, so many flies of shamelike a a I'm gonna go somewhere else. His video, this videos online, theother day. It's got an God, knows: Angels, creating the animals and he'slike all right God we got to create. We got to create some more insects today,Fuck Orly, we've done so much. All right shall be the first one all right.What's that do flies all right, calling a fly! WHAT'S THE NEXT ONE LIKS IT UP?What does it do? It flies fucking more than anything else. Well, itmostly hangs on horses horse fly next. What about what about this? One flies abitch. We made a lot of ones, a fly, yeah a lot of them fly. Let's see thisone's tail lights up light fly no now what else plats fire fire fly there wego all right, that's a fun as to a whole series ofhim just creating she, the first one, Sam, creating man and women and he'slike all right. So I created these two things: one's called man once calledwoman all right now, one of these guys, one of these, like they're, really dumb,just kind of really basic just you know, do the on thing and the other one'ssuper complicated and super complex and t e, and the G Y angels, like Oh, myGod, they're going to hate each other s like oh they're, going to hate eachother, but get this I made it so they also need each other. He is we. I got notice like me and mywife talking like fuck we're so different when it comes like certainlike yeah, like I don't put the toilet paper on the roll thing like I justleave it there. Yeah, like. I don't hang my like. I hang my tows on theshower. She like hangs them on, like the fucking shower, like the fuckingtowel rack and my God, I don't have A. I don't have a like a thing to hang mytile paper on on my bathroom. My bathroom is too small, Oh, so I put, ifI put one anywhere, it would just get in the way. So I just sit on the backof the toilet, but like the cat likes to fuck with it I'll come home and itwill just be on the floor with a bunch of holes and I'm like that's Goin, tomake web in my ass difficult yeah finger in Wipe Wipe White, Oh okay, hello, prose,Robie, something never came before s, something new about Mike Okay, I an get a fit to boken time. I fisted a woman. True Story: This is gonna, be why praygo? My wife is as this stlike I I even had sex there either. This is the wildthing really because usually a Gilliat fuck o a r words like an is to yourwhole forearm inside me and it's yeah, but that's a great segua. Every time bywife, fisit, a woman, a h, you were...

...fucking with me. No you, Oh God, I amnot so settle. Kids yeah was nineteen orsomething when we, his chicks house. She was like older than me is justpilate. I hope so. Yeah is like it. I having thirty wel wow yeah as she wasexperienced. I honestly don't know, but whatever westart making out whatever I'm like we're, doing shit and things getwhatever. So I got one finger in I'm I, okay, that two fingers I was like thatwas really easy, is like three fingers and I was like that was awesome than I'm like four fingers and I'm likewhat t try the whole. I seriously I was like I feel likeCamaca pitch. It was so weird man and she liked it, but I I didn't do that. I was a straight you're gonna be like and she hated itnow, but she like loved it. I was like okay and kind of doing that for like awhile on all that shit- and I was like this- is all right or whatever so you'slike well, my Dick's going to do nothing yeah, we never had sex, but sheenjoyed it and it's probably the best. I always remember that, so I was likewhat it's one of those experiences you justdon't forget. Now your leg in bed, for I am Youst kind of like I fisted awoman on yeah. I did. I don't. I honestly forgot about that until yourot. I can't ee what triggered that in my head, but I always remember thatthinking one finger to finger three finger, four o one yeah count was in the background, as areally weird episode assess me street as like Sese Street, but like castingcouches the snider cut of the set slimer cut, God dude, I don't that was the weirdestfucking thing in my life. I I think that was possible. I really didn't like I was like youcan't fish to check this Nan. I fisted a chick. I fished a chick in this day. I stilldon't understand why I never took a cup of tearing as a career. Well, you know through Christ. Allthings are possible. She was screaming, Oh God, I'm sure one point you were like Jesus. I will. If she's dead, we talked for a little bit after we.Never it's so weird. We never had sex. Just have her show up like now thatwe've talked about it. It's out there, an ether she's going to show up as likea suggested friend on Facebo. So and I on you, I like you're, like a grammar, thefootball- I don't remember how old she was an if she was older than me. I gota Prime God. Might wife never listens to this she's like Jesus Christ, O? I I shit yeah. This is a gonna, be next week's episodeS S Your fistic story, missing story like me, there's there comes a point ina man's life. Are you like? He looks to the whole oshe just fist and he's like. Let's make some magic hat and the thing was likethat was not my initial life shooting like stop. I totally would have stopped.You know what I mean right, but she was like really into it, and I was justlike what the fuck is going. Tiels turns into one of those toys. You knowones with the millions of needles you put your face. In my now your hand,you're just fucking, look at my hand. Well, I made this weirder like you everseen the movie alien. Really me. No, I just like im like I'll, always remember that bedroom. So I always remember that chuck acheese. How you remember that WHO's who is like open again and they were drovepast it over there, because it's over by where I work? Oh, I forgot. I forgotthose even exist. I just drove past to go in to the speedway and the parkinglot was packed and I was like okay, yeal Ovid wasn't that long ago, yeah,let's all go back in the ball pit. Okay, like I still like I'm vaccinated, Idon't like. If I'm at work, I don worm a mask o. We don't have to forvaccinated yeah, but customer wants me to I do if, if I don't have to, I won't, but ifthey would like me to I, I just keep it in my pocket. Just in cat who I am whenI drive door to ash, I still wear it just a because it's got the door dashlot go on it, so fuck it and it's just you know, make people feel betterbecause right now the or Ashil does the whole, like you know, keep the deliverycontact with so, but if I don't have to, I don't wear, Iwant to work. If I don't have to wear one, when I go into this place, Iusually don't I'm I'm vaccinated, I give a fuck it's I ve it to is. LikeI'm vaccinated, everybody know, love is vaccinated, so it's kind of like one ofthose things where, like they're, the people that aren't wearingone thatshould be vaxed. That is basically the...

...role the mean you can't ask somebody ifthey're vaccinated right and they can't have it- prove it but like those arethe type of people like really like you're, not wearing it, but you're, notaccint you're, just a fucking Dick or to Dick as all is well like the guy. Iwork with his job as witness he can so like, because it's like against thereligion. No medien don't do medical treatment unless it's like Libertesituation, so he still wears a mask at work because he's not going to getvaccinated, but he still has the fortitude to wear his fucking mask atwork as opposed to there's a guy. I work with WHO's not getting vaccinatedjust because you know trump, two thousand and twenty, and you doesn't wear his mask though, butthe difference is he walks around bragging about yeah you're not wearingto miss I'm not either, but I didn't get vaccinated good for you. He reallydoes that. Oh yeah, I would fuck him without a condom. You don't wear a mask. I can fuck youwithout a count and I have the harps. You want to see how this really getsgoing. Yeah, because by your logic, condoms, don't work. So what's thefucking point yeah exactly on that, your mother should have used one, youknow, fucking wear a mask. I can fuck you, I'm a LETI YOU'RE, no accent!Don't wear mask while you're doing that. You Know Hey shout out to whoever Lisais yeah for the the Nice comment you left on our show the other day. Weappreciate that we like we like work shopping, our jokes on the show it'sfun and especially when you know when we weren't doing shows it was a goodway to not get too rusty. Speaking of shows, if those guys whomaybe didn't see the post yet so we're putting together a comedy, show to dohere, we're shooting for August and if you guys, but you know, we've got soundequipment but like I need chairs and other stuff to get the sing up andrunning. So if you go to our website TB, pod, dot, net click, the button is, issupport. You can see where it says by me a coffee, that's the website, we'reusing for this, and you can make donations there. However much you wantreally doesn't fucking matter or just share the link, that's cool to, butjust help raise some money. So we can get some stuff for this and there'salso a package deal where you can. If you donate twenty five dollars, you gettwo free tickets and free drink for each of you and again your try to haveconcessions of this thing. So if you can do that, they be great. We reallyappreciate it, because I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I think we'reGoin to think we'm going to do it on a Sunday where there's not a wiles likeNice, because then that way it's on a weekend, I don't want to do in the idleof the week no bed's gonna be able to fucking go and figure on. I know what to compete. He yougonna have on. I don't know yet I'm at that point. Now, I'm gonna I'm going tohost it first one you want to be on it. Maybe maybe maybeprobably that's fine headline feature we will do. I don't know, try to figureout what you want to do in August that Don yeah yeah yeah Sunday night, like I said one word,will isn't doing anything unless they go back to doing shows every singleweek. I guess that's more up to you wasn't I think that is so Americatrying to think I mean I I mean I wouldn't want a headline on want tofeature if anything, because you want to you three hours, I don't you yeah,because I want to I want to be done by. I want to be done by eleven at thelatest. The thing is, though, you're not going to be a ten. Well, youcan't have like, usually like you can't have. If you do three hours each comingas to an hour, that's right, because I only gonna havefree comics, so I wouldn't be able to maybe maybe two hours. I guess, becauseyou figure you could do like a cup like he could do like a host and a couplecomics and a headliner, because I was I was going to do it. You know because itcould be like it doesn't necessarily have to be the entire she you know Imean, because it was I was gonna was. What I was going to do is have thewhole night be three hours. have it where it's like, you know, quote unquote, doors open itlike yeah as Erious and have it because I figure maybe have the grill go onpeople can ev burgers or whatever do it kind of cook out style if they want tojust hang out for a little bit and then because I might have branton combs. DoSome D J stuff because he's been asking me about it, but and then maybe startat like nine, because you figure two hours that's time for a host to go upopen, er feature and then let the headliner do and an or trying to think it. It'sgonna think about asking dusty. He can't do an hour, I'm not the headline.Oh I don't know who I would get to do anhour other than maybe Ray Jackson, just only because I've seen him do it. Jessecould do an hour. Yes, Jesse could totally do an hour. Well, what aboutBrent Frankie Hour? Is he headlined whilehe's he in way he had night Sunday? He said mining this weekend yeah, so youcould totally do it. Oh Yeah, you can now a Nour, so yea I thought dustywould be. I thought dusty would probably want to maybe open her feature. I was going to ask you since you know, obviously never I can dowhatever try. I think it has to be trying to think of get anybody from outof town Jodi, Jodi McDermott said she...

...was interested and she's kind of a atie on. I mean she's up in what you call it. I Sen Toleta but's, not Tolono, trythiou want to say rothay comic from out of town. I don't know what, because I know,because in July I'm going up to Cohog to go, see Michelle and Doug Bats ordoing a show there, like. I told you about that last week, but they're goingto be on the road at that point. There's no way- and I part of the reason why to raise moneyis because I do want to pay the comics, but that's going to to t w how muchmoney we raise and get it in, because I'm going tocharge, I goin to charge with tickets like five bucks, so it'll depend howmuch you make it the door. The door will be a table on my driveway honestly,you could throw like it depends on you, but you could tell like the best oflocal com comedy like all the best locals. Like not just to like a threat,I mean that's like Sasti your show, but like that was my first time doing thisshit. So I'm don't necessarily when it comes to stuff like this, I will tellyou this a lot of times social on the you could do host feature, headlinerhost feature or host guest set, a Blah Blah Blah, but we could do is like abunch of twenty, like a bunch of people, doing like ten H, n fifteen. I thoughtabout that with this being the first one I wanted to just do it a littlemore simble makes sense a little more civil if it's something I'm able to dorecurring than doing it more showcase down kindof like the Sunday comics is definitely something I wouldn't mind doing either,but I got T I want to see how how well I can get people to turn out for thisthing, just with like promoting it. This is like astraight show, so now you can. I mean you can there's plenty of talents polefrom locally yeah. Absolutely I was going to reach out the Dan see, bre CIFknows and he Sinon this well, I'm just so same a because he because I hadasked him about some some tips for this kind of thing already so on see. If heknows anybody, I could reach out Dan's a good dude yeah like damn fuck me wild, because once your facecomes in town every now it would never happen, but if you can get a beststelling because she's a o fun, it would never ever happen, but I'mthinking about his because Whitney comings and Taylor Tylandria the Agorahere, like in the next few months for some of the resked like showbut. By theway, could you come to a show at my garage, some people, the Dude I've done a showMark Norman at a in a fucking apartment. That's fucking, crazy! My fucking girl!I was on the show of Mart Norman in an apartment. That's so funny! It's like one of myfavorite comics. That's so fucking funny Holy Shit, it's weird dude, butthat was sebree's. Super Dope show yeah, that's good, see! That's got a lot offucking, plus that that super do shows got so much clout to it now, O now yeahbut like I was just like the early days. I was like two or three years in thecomedy: Okay, Mike Fucking, Mark Norman's on it, like that's crazy markor as fun mark omit, wasn't big that, like he was Torin what he was sumersopen, amy, Sumers, opener, Oh okay, but like he wasn't like big big yet,but I comics knew who he was right, yeah and were like what the fuck I'mlike, how the fuck am I on the show, if Mark Norman, the every time about thetime I got to open for Ralphie May, but never met him now, so the Comedy Clubdid was down in Columbia. South Carolina to comedy have state O Ralphiemay was doing it and they pulled a couple of locals to do like they likethree or four of us doing like five or six minutes a piece at the top of theshow and the actual show started. But the comedy of theater in South Carolina-and I don't mind saying this: They can go fuck those elder one of the ShittyEmploye, most poorly run clubs in the fucking East Coast, because that's allI know they made us leave before Ralphie manis people got there serious. They kept US separate from them. I wonder whythey are Oh. There commache is a bunch o dicks, it's one, it's very poorly runbecause I heard he's like one of the nicest people yeah, that's what I waslooking forward to as a huge rapi may fan and they were like. No, you guysare not there like you. They literally told us like you're, not bothering thetalent. I was like I'm performing you, you fucking cut like a technically I'mthe talent granted, I'm nineteen and don't know what the fuck I'm doing, but it was a fucking at e I was I was. Wewere all pissed off and we were all just kind of like. Are You fuckinggetting me I? What the fuck is this shit yeah, so that was that was annoying his fuck,but I would I would fucking poop on this stage. Oh my God. Well, two years ago I was we wererunning a story and on the news it was about a comedy club where a fight brokeout, and I was watching. I was like this. This room look familiar. It wasthat fucking room, serious yeah. There was a huge ewas of somebody got a video.This huge fight that broke out this guy was got. I forget who was performing,but he was doing fine, but was some guy? The aude just didn't fucking like him,and the comic was telling him just fuck off and get out the show. Will the dudecharge the Stagen and grab the Mike...

Stand and was like swinging it at himand Shit? I think I seen that video yeah. We had a run the story about an I waskind of like Oh wow cool. I didn't get to meet Ralphie May when Iopen for it. When I opened for him there always kind of want. Somebody like shoot me on stage to I findsomebody so much that, like I get shot and killed, proving my point of this oflike gun control, I haven't open gun control like no gun control, jokes right, but I justpick I got shot. This is why I prefer got to control. I all in my head like if I ever die, Iwanted to shop like Shin, can't you ever die bone as achance. You might never row if I ever, but how I want to die as I want to beshot like on stage like just like not accidental, like some guy. We want tobe assassinated on stage we I'd got by just because I got this is ye I'mgotten a troll, bome mother fucker. I'm a fan like what better way in worse way likewhat way to prove a point. Well, I I say earlier it when it comes tohecklers, like I either fold or get to mean too fast, and there was one time Igot to me and I pissed the dude off something fears and he came up on stageand, like you can see like security was like on their way up, and I was likelook, did one or two things are going to happen here, either you're going towalk off this stage and leave me alone, and then I fucking win or you're goingto punch me and everyone's going to feel bad for me and I fucking win Wicall itty come one time on stage. Is She really go? Do I'm doing a fuckingcontest? She did not heckle anybody. The entire show, Oh shit, she hackledme and, like I ignored it, she had and I was murdering dude. No, not I don'tlike say when I do well, but I was doing really I was murdering and like also she's like shest want toshut up, and I, like I play I say: Hey, can you be quite be quiet like I didonce she said something in. I was like Hey Bahbah it. She just something.THAT'S SAYING: Listen! This fucking cut right over here lost the audience forthirty seconds. Oh my God, I'm right back. I am winning the contest. That'sfun shit but like she was like. I was just like what like in my head. I'mthinking like you did a heckle anybody, and actually somebody went up to herlike don't like. This is a contest. Why are you yeah, like you? Don't do it on a regularnight, but I'll do during a fucking content like and then the I think itwas my buddy Carlin and even said he as like. You didn't hickle anybody else,because she didn't like one of my jokes and like and Shocker, she tried to talk tome afterwards about washing it and, like a she tried to friend me on facebook. No, I was like what the tenue married her, what the E my wife was passed like we were. I knowI was pissed off. I like she was like why the fuck is she doing this, but nowI was just like sitting there like. Why, like, I can't remember what joke it wasshe thought because about it. As about my widey Xi that cheated on me M, likeshe's, like you can't say that, like I made fun of my, I was like well firstoff like it's all fucking true right like this isn't like she's like I justfeel like you're, very like mean about your is like men about your x or x,wife or something I was like wow. First off, like everything I did about, thatJ is fucking. It's not. This happened yeah. This is what Jim like fuck her. Ihad a friend's wife who she wouldn't come to any of my comedy show. Then heshows I was on and I asked him I was like. Why won't you come he's like he?She thinks that you're, your jokes about your dating life or sexist andagainst women. I was like well I've only ever dated women, so yeah the jokes I tell about thewomen I dated, aren't going to paint them in a good fucking light. That'swhy I'm telling them- and I like I've, actually got an argue with somethingabout this. Like I don't care like personally, you can make fun ofwhatever you want like it's never buck me at all. Yeah. I Make Fun of RaceReligion, whatever sexual orientation, like that's, never bug me just make itfunny yeah like there's there between trying tolike trying to make a joke funny and just saying something to be mean. Oh ahundred percent as a comic, he can okay, like whatever he try to make that funny.It didn't work but Baba as long as long as you as long as the comic recognizesit didn't work and moves the fuck on well remember what is a Shan Gillis wasa Shan Gilis. I got terminated from snow yea for the Chinese stuff. Yes and likeyeah, saying some racial stuff about Chinesepeople, and it really wasn't. I can't remember what he said and it wasn'tabout that. It wasn't even about what what he did or anything I searly partof it was like he was doing the accent, a stereotype, a well. My thing was this:I was like okay, fine, like I get. That personally is a Bugg me now yeah, butone like a black guy or Mexican dude or...

...whatever, when they do hypothetically.If the black guy would do a Mexican voice, it's the same thing yeah or fora racist, it's all racist. But what is it? Why is this bug you and not this like?If, in my my argument was like if you're going to come after somebodyabout that, you know you have to go after people about that, and I get thelogic behind like why for because my thing is: Noneof it bugs me right, yeah, it's having to understand the logic ofit. I mean I understand the logic of it is because, out of all the races, onlythe like ones started the kakk yeah, so yeah I get it, but also with that with that, with withwhat Shane did it also just wasn't funny? No, it was absolutely not. Itwasn't funny, it also wasn't funny, but my thing was there is just like my whole point of what I said was don'tbe surprised if down the road and people come after you for doing that,exact thing yeah. That was my whole point, don't be surprised, because ifit's happening there, it's going to happen somewhere else and absolutelywell. I mean we've already seen semblances of that with like with whathappened with Kevin Heart Gan with the Oscars we're already starting to see.That kind of thing I got ridiculed like I didn't understandracism, I'm like I get it like you're, notgetting. My Point at point is like: If you draw the line there, it's a veryit's going to. The line is going to continue to move and move yeal withanything. The conversation becomes is blank. Racist Yeah and the day willcome where someone else is someone else's number will be up and thatthat's my whole way don't be surprised if, like Mexico, mic Asian comic likeBlack Comic Female Mail, like a nut like female Middle Eastern comic of that, if theyget in trouble for the same thing, do not be surprised if they like, if aMiddle Eastern made fun of like a black person or, like you know what I meanlike, don't be surprised that happens no yeah the funnier it is he the moreprotection you probably have yeah yeah for sure, like you know, like the theremay and probably will come a day where people are going to look back on,Chapel show unfavorably oh easily, and that's sofucking fun. What Dave Chapel is so funny and be loved. It's gonna be awhile. Well they fucking. The weird thing is like he got so muchshit for sticks and stones like that, make a fun of Trans. He really wasn'tmaking fun of Trans. If you watched it, that's a lot. I haven't watched that I,Sam, like this, is not making fun of Trans Pople at all this whole bit aboutthe lb community and sitting in a drive in a car and like if you talk to anygay person by or whatever like like any my friends they that was likeyeah. That's all accurate right. It goes just like it was funny, but likethey had so much like, he doesn't hate train like you're, literally like ifyou listen to, if you watched any of it, you're like no. This is not making funof Trans at all hands down, not making fun of Trans, but you took one episodefrom some dude on twitter and was like yeah make fun. I like did you evenlisten to it? Well and there's there's this there's this general misconceptionthat if something is an element of a joke, that means you're making fun ofit and it's like no, that's not you're, taking all of yourtaking one aspect of humor and applying it to all of humor. I will alwaysremember when I said the word rape in a joke. It wasn't even a rape joke but,like I had to say the word rape. Ah, I was just trying to work something outand nothing to do with the rape. Joe, had nothing to do really rape ingeneral. I just the word was in the actual joke right and some lady came upto me afterwards and was like that's a horroble way. I'm like what are youtalking about? Wasn't a rape joke m she's like a was as like. Did you evenlisten to it right she's like yeah? It was a right Josie. No, you didn'tlisten to it. I was like we're done. Having this conversation, you heardthat word, rape and just assumed were done. That happened with Ron White'sthird special third yeah, and he was talking about going on this honeymoon with his withhis wife and how there was this guy. He met on their crews, who, just like,would not stop talking to him. He's like this guy told me his entire lifestory against my will. This man raped my ear, this man forcibly shovedunwanted information into my ear, hole, no means no and people were giving himshit saying he was making fun of rape and he was like that's not evenremotely what was happening in that joke at all us because, as I say I justbecause, like a certain order, concept is a part of a joke. Doesn't that Mattmean it is the Butt of that job? Exactly comedy is a lot more complexthan that yeah. We are not, and what irritates me is like when I makesomething about fun of my my personal life. That's real and peole getoffended. I like that's my life. What's...

...that's the exactly what I said to my mybuddy is won as I was like I'm not making up stories about to say that,like all women like now, these are the women. These are the experiences I'vehad with women. I am making light of those instances not saying all womenare bitches. I'm saying these women were bitches, the woman that tried to grab my Dick.When I told her, I didn't want her to grab the nick was a bitch example thatjust irritates the fuck out of me when they like. So what you're saying is howI dealt with us. This is I'm not saying this is like therapy yeah, but is Iwanted to make fun of like a situation about me yeah and that's why I make funlike I made for my dad who's. A lot of people don't know, is in a wheel, chair,but he's the biggest fucking asshole alive right. I've always said, God am II don't even believe in God, but I was like as a kid as a guy put you in awheel chair for a reason he knew you'd be an Asshole, because if you weren't a welter you'dbe fucking, Adolf Hitler, yeah like and like people were, like. You can't saythat about people. I think that's my fucking dad right, you don't, you beall sure, go there that happened with so one of my ex girlfriends died in anAR accident. Like years after we'd broken up, she was abusive as fuck tobe the whole time. We dated and like it is. It is well known and documentedthat, like like, she fucking she hit me like publicly humiliated me like shewas a fucking cunt to me after she died. People were coming to me. Ask me how Ifelt, and I said I don't care yeah, I don't care. Am I glad she's dead? No, because I you knowwhat I had heard. She had gotten her shit together after we broke up and hada baby was getting married. I was like no, I I'm sorry for her family and thepeople that knew her and loved her that she has gone. I don't care and they'relike you can't you can't just let this go. No, because her dying doesn'tchange what she did to me. Yeah, you know somebody being in a wheel, chair or or having adisability or something or whatever doesn't excuse them from being a DickYeah. Exactly so, if someone's addict to me, I don't care. I don't care ifthey're a protected class on a human resources form if they're being a countthere being a cut. I'm sorry, that's it. I mean it's true, though, like I justdon't there's that I think I saw it. I think I saw it on ameme about it. It's like stay sitting in the HR department and serious, likeyou have anything to say, he's like well, I'm trans and the persons likewell, you won the HR yeah. I remember that one. It was because like Peter was like workingfrom home or some shit and Lois came and gave him a kiss, and he reporter tohr saying he was I I was an unsafe work environment. I guess in there I like that's if you're a bit or asshole yeahyou're an asshole like I'm sorry like just because your part is something, asI mean like Brad Bread Williams was talking about that. When I saw him inColumbus, he was making fun of Catland Jenner. People were like they're like,Oh, you can't make fun of Kate on gener he's like. Yes, I can just becauseshe's changed enter, doesn't mean she's, not an asshole. She also killed aperson. He brought it up. He's like she killed somebody, it yeah sorry or your special situation.Doesn't make dose you from being to not be an asshole exactly and it yeah it pisses me off that empassed me.It doesn't Piss me off it's more or less just like just because of that exhausts me. It'salmost like untouchable, like yeah, I'm like if a person's asshole there anAsshole, I don't care race, religion, sexual Oranan year, ifyou're an assoon, a piece of shit that a shit my little brother was five yearsold and was being and a noxous little five year old and my dad. Finally, whenthey was like conner stop being such an Asshole, a mom was like you can't callhim an ass and I was like mom. If that was anyone else's kid, we'd be callinghim an Asshole, yeah, okay S, because he's five years old doesn't mean I mykid asshole. Oh, my God, I calife py come on that shit too, stop being anasshole like your father, pretty much he's going to be like I've taught youwell, I just I guess. The thing is like W, I think, as a world as a societylike you can't go out, it's not even about going after certain people,people think you're going after somebody because of whatever they are, but we realize lyif that person just try to like basically fuck over your life orwhatever, like what's wrong with being like mad at them yea. But then you looklike a Dick, because they're going to assume that you're mad at them, becausethey're, gay or Wann like no like I'm mad at them, because you stab mybrother m. You know a man e's, a lady, a lady at work and think O. I think Itold you a better the one that was coming after my job. They got me introuble. Yeah boss, am I glad, am I glad she's Gone Absoluti, litely and tagree. You don't like having a black...

...woman. No, I don't like having a bitchthat tried to get me fired, Yeah Fuck, her. No, who would tell me she thought I was thecoolest person ever, but behind my back was like we're. You know, making upShit and tell telling H I was doing all this shit. I wasn't doing and almostgot me got me. fucking fired a fuck, her audit. I got somebody and not fired,I think get some boy ever fired, but we had my own job, I rin so de Mobile M. I worked there as soon as this lady,like me, and her in the same position like we're both trying to becomemanagers. Like surprisingly looking at the cameraright now is for one point in time. I wanted to work corporate and move upthe ladder to yeah. I don't know what changed I realize. I that's not my n doingdrugs, but as soon as she came in like we're,both not fighting for this position born mansor, trainings, Blah Blah likethis really poor people yeah as soon as they came in. I knew something was upwith her like something did not click outside. Like my old job, I could pickup on people like this, like because I work security forever. Yeah. Somethingseem right, so I came up with a lie and if it would get back to everybody and within like a day it came back noshit yeah I was like wow, I want my boss. I was like Scott She's, a snake yeahshe's, trying to get everybody fired, everybody and she tried to get. Shetried to get everybody fired. She took a private conversation. I me and mybuddy were having outside m off the clock out of work off the clock and try toget me fired for it m ecus. I was like it's just sound, really fuck up mybuddy me and my buddy like really a friend of mine, Daniel is MiddleEastern and we choke around shit all the time. So I can't remember what he said, but Iwas like, oh so what are you going to do is like? Were you at one of thoselike what did I say I was just like because he was making fun of like nine eleven or something because weboth have really fuck up sense of humor sure, and I was like God, what were youlate to work yesterday, because one of those beheading videos a he was like an he's, a certa laughingor whatever that has like you know. I never mind that I thought I thought Isaw you. You know what I'm going to do. I'm going to fucking knock your eye outskull the shit out of you right now. Right like I don't like, we didn't even know she was around andthis came on. This is also off the clock. We are not even in uniform right outside the building shifts over because we're all going togo out and she took that the HR, no shit andWudn't even know she was in the area. So I have to explain to H R right, mydischingen and R manager. What skull fucking is. I was like in e know whatyou're talking about. I, like, I, really don't know whatyou're talking about it's like bread, caws like excuse me what I skull fucking, it's like break cabin out there, likeyou, explain what a Devil's triangle is: It's a drinking game and I'm like sitting here, I'd like andthat got me that got me actually kicked out of the Manger and Training Program,Fuck off really yeah, Oh my God, but I knew like I was likethis lays a snake like the lace like. I knew that for a fact, but you know whatI think that's also telling of what they were looking for in thatmanagement training program. It's like. If a conversation you had privately offthe clock out of uniform was going to was going to affect yourjob, probably not for you on the thing I was to the funny thing was that thatthat woman I end up also getting fired for they. Finally weely caught on t peoplelike that are always always end up like getting firedbecause they're, the ones who were actually up to shit yeah they filcaught up ter. She am getting fired, so God COUCI. I always remember thattalk about fisting, a woman and scoffish call fucking to a HRdepartment, all right folks that I'll do it forthis week's episode of the basement. Lounge. If you want to follow US Online,you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and Insara at Mike W T, F wells. Youcan follow me Mike Shay at R, Mike Shay on twitter and Instar as well. He alsofollowed this show on twitter n Instar at t bl underscore pod, and we got abrand new website under construction for you guys with some cool new stuffcoming down the line as well so stay tuned for that in the meantime, we'llcatch you guys again and next week with another episode until then, as alwayslive well rock on take care and by bye.

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