The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 34 · 1 year ago

SNL Rejects


Who are some famous actors that never made it on SNL? What did Dane Cook really contribute to comedy? Is Paul Rudd a vampire?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Actors who were rejected by Saturday Night Live.
  • How Dane Cook shaped the modern comedy industry.
  • Paul Rudd is forever young.

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... Tutsie because I like a dog. Why weren't the fifties? Well, this sudden, I don't know. Oh Shit, so that's how shit happened in the S. Porn Bob this shit. Yeah, I'll see about like no Jockos think about say, I was like and like forty years. You're just gonna be so much fret show amateur porn. It's well, you mean you do have that classic s male Porn Star Mustache right now? Yeah, should I do? Yea. I caught the Pedo the because you want to pet it and I like kids. No, joking, joking, joking, that's a joke. fucking better keep that all in there. Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us. Enjoy. Wows was horrible. Oh it's awful. It's unwatchably bad that I killed Kevin Klein's career pretty much. I mean he wasn't and he wasn't in anything like big again. After that. He's worked, but like not as a leading man ever again. Feel like that was there. John Carter? Can we talked about John Carter last week when Andrew was on here. Two Holy Shitty, I forgot about that. Yeah, but yeah, it John Carter. Sucks so hard. But yeah, it's Kevin Klein, because we talked about Kevin Cloinne last week too. It's like I remember when he was in fucking everything, you know he did, and just then after that nothing. Where's momer? I like Kevin Kline a lot. I was a great actor. Actually, to bring this whole episode conversation full circle, the one thing he's got going for him right now is he's Mr Fishot around boss Burgers. Is He really? It's Kevin Kline. Shit, next time you watch it, listen to the voice, you're going to be like fuck, I wonder how I got that. Dude. If you ever looked up the the casting on IMDB for that show, it is just a WHO's who, a fucking comedy all stars on Bob's PA's because people just want to be on it or whatever. Yeah, it's an easy giggs. You don't got to come over with the character and also the writing is just really fucking good. But I mean like Sarah Silverman and her sister or the two twins. Yeah, Tim Meadows is Mike the Mailman, for Fuck's sake. That dude's done so much. I loved was every whose talk about Tim Meadows with you. The day we were talking, we were talking about him doing like the ladies man and when he was on SNL. fucking loved him. Meadows, because he I think it's because he's because he's on that Goldberg show. Is like a teacher or something like that. Is He really? Yeah, he's the one of the teachers here's on us now forever. He was the longest running member of until Keenan. Yeah, thanks him. And because, well, because Keenan was typing, Leslie Jones was in that was on that list to Leslie was on that long. No, I mean she was one of the longest running people on there that. I think Keenan beat her. Yeah, she was on there for fucking ever. I did not know that. Yeah, yeah, Tim Meadows, because he was because he was a part of that original like David Spade, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley crew. Yeah, and was on there until, I want to say, the two thousands. I mean he was on there for a long Fu thing on. Yeah, I think he at last it will Farrell. Yeah, well, fare will Farrell. Was It on there as long as I think a lot of people now he was. He he was just he was so funny. Yeah, on there and then immediately they were like he was a huge he made him an overnight star. And then also, those are the that's the season that gets like replayed on cable all the time. But it was only for like, I want to say it like five years, something like that. He will want to say four or five years. Yeah, Grand Scheme of the show. He wasn't on there that long. I mean five years steady on TV's pretty good no matter who you are. But still one of my favorite bits is American flag wearing, oh my God, the Speedo, yes, on my fucking favorite bits, ever, every time I watch, I love watching the compilations of like snl actors, like breaking, and that's always Youko Horatios, like,...

Oh my God, he ratio. I think it's. I think, I think it's because it's him and Fallon crack, fallon full, fallon cracked all the fucking time. That was just his I feel like that way. wrote that and the thing I almost felt like they were like you don't try too hard not to laugh. Yeah, because it on. Because, like it was funny when foulon cracked as often as he did it. It was funny when he cracked. But because, because, then, I think, because amy polars in the sketch to I think she's I think she's the first one to break. She's a fish. He grabs her by the fuck like, because I think for her it's like when she finally turns around and sees it, I think she just a Rachel dretch with the Debbie Downer and she's trying to say all the Shit and she's like bird shit, why you just I think we've talked about this, but always made me laugh because they would always say when that sketch aired like like this is a recording of a rehearsal. We couldn't ever get it to work. This is just like the this is just the best rehearsal we had because it's too funny, it's too fucking fuck all. That would that one all, and that mean that one always made me laugh my fucking ass off. We get update. was always my favorite thing, though the matter who was hosting, and I've always loved even back when it was fucking Dan Ackroyd and Jane fucking forget her last name, and they get the debates and he would go, Jane, you ignorant slut. Yeah, God, even so, my great fucking people on that. Oh yeah, it was kind of bums me out because, like, I've seen a list of people who tried out that didn't make it like that. It's like Kevin Heart tried out then and get on. Did he really like it to eat? The list is like fucking insane. Like of all the people are like try it out and just haven't got never got on. Well, that was one of Danny Jr's first acting gigs. Was He was on that like first season, because he really ever did one season. He was on like that first season of s knowl. Hey, I think k tried it. Well, I know K was writing behind the scenes. I want now, I want to Google that. That's a good that's actually a really good question. Yeah, but whatever happened to ratio stands? He lost a ton away. I know that. Yeah, but yeah, I've never I've that's actually a good one. I've never looked up who didn't get on SNL. That's that's really cool. When I found I never saw the season with Danny Jr. So I was on the Howard Stern talking about it. I was like, when the fuck was he on? S It was that first season. Fat If every one of famous people were jeckted by Saturday. A life. Jim Carrey, real? Well, that's how we got them live in color. Yeah, all right, I'm going to do jim carry all right. Steve Carrell, wow, yeah, Donald Glover, shut the fuck up. They passed on Donald Glover. Paul Rubens, I'll fucking peewee. HMM, Stephen Colbert, that okay, that one I had heard. Yeah, because he because he was in. He was at groundlings the same time as like Tina Fan amy polar, Gotcha. Yeah, Aubrey Plaza, Wow, is that? ALFINA KISS? I didn't know about Zach really. I think he would just be too weird. Yeah, he does better, not with the script. Kevin Hart, that's fucking where. David Cross, Whoa John Goodman? I didn't know he tried. Sean Goodman tried out for us and out. He would have been great. Lisa Kudro, okay, I feel like Conan talked about that on his final episode. Cathy Griffin, Adam McKay, Adam Kate, will, Adam McKay? Really? Yeah, Davidtel I did not do it. Well, he ended up being, I know he did it up being a writer because he was writing at the time that...

Conan and Farley were there. Mark Marin, wow, Jennifer coolidge, and here that is, Oh, the stiffer's mom. Yeah, okay, that's the one thing. Jeff Ross, whoa okay, Paul Sheer, Oh, I love it. I love his podcast with Man Zukus, Jack mcbrier, Oh, thirty Rong. Okay, cal Mitchell, that's a love matter her. You know what's funny, as all these names you're saying, with so many of them, still ended up with Shit on NBC. I don't know these people. When I came and pronouncer names, what is it? IOAC other two Jorma, talk to coney and Nacho Shaeffer, Oh the love lonely island cohorts. Oh, okay, let's go ar can schafer. Sounds familiar. Yeah, day folly, Scott Thompson, Bruce McCallum, Kevin McDonald, Holy Shit, Gina Davis. Gina Davis, TRY IT OUT FOR SNL. Richard Belzer. I love Richard I love Richard Belzer. Robert Townsend, wow, I can never pronounce his last name. Rob Who Bell Was it? I can never pronounce his last time for Oh that guy. Yeah, last carry Kenny. I don't know who that is, Rina, and I'm on one star. Oh her, yeah, she's funny and that let I mean, there's that's impressive. Let's a big list. That's the list of big talent. I know, which kind of I guess, kind of makes you go like, like, what are they looking for? Yeah, really, because, because, because they're there are sometimes I'll see people on there who I don't like and don't think like, man, who did they turn away to give this person job? Apparently they turned away fucking Kevin Hart. They of what Kevin Harby? where it is if it wasn't for that? You know what I mean. The yeah, he got a think about that type of stuff too. Is like where Jim Carried in. Where is that? Yeah, no, no, no, I mean living colors. Would put it on Jim Carrey. Mean that's fucking like he could also like the kind of stuff that Jim Carrey like did on living color and is able to do. You can the guy. He could have done on us I now man, and what a list. Jim Carrey, Kevin Hart, Gina Davis, John Goodman, man'll, just great talents out there who didn't quite make the cut on Saturday night live. Are there any that maybe we missed that you know of you like to tell us about, or just what do you think of the list in general? Who are some of those names you think would have absolutely killed it on Saturday night live? Let us know. Go to our website, tblpod dotnet and click the little blue microphone. Leave us a voice message and let us know and hey, we'll share it on the show next week. It's a double sword, like what could have been. Are like whatever live. That person ever gone that far right? Like, what would is it done for their career? Yeah, so it is fucking wild. Think about were like early two s comedy central was doing a hundred greatest stand ups. It was it was like a it was like a miniseries. It was like a whole week every day that countdown like hundred of ninety or something like that, and they showed early and they had clips of these people to that, like you probably can't find on youtube now, and it was like early clips of Carrie doing stand up really Leno doing stand up and Holy Shit, they were funny. Yeah, I'll carry it. Was fucking Harry was on fucking laugh riot. I feel like like a lot of standups are great actors. That just I mean, I've said for years I think Dane cooks a better actor than a comedian. HMM, and he was great in Mr Brooks. Oh my God, he's so good, Mr Brooks, good luck, Chuck made me laugh my ass off. I even liked employee of the month play. Yeah, most of her deck shepherd, but you know, he was good and he played a bit the brother and the Steve Kerrel move. Oh, I was Gona that Dan in real life. Yeah, it was. He was very good in that. Yeah, he's a really good act. Well, then, fucking his it's a bit part, but...'s really good. Is the one dude and waiting the cook. Yeah, the tattoos, and he was fucking great. Yeah, I know he's great actor. Okay, mean, it's not that he's not funny comedian. Like, if you watch it was like his fourth album, I think, his fourth special album, and it was just him at the comedy store, just doing it. Wasn't him in the in a big arena. Wasn't him in a theater, it was just him at like the store, just in the main room and just doing like regular traditional stand up, and it was some of the funniest Shit I've ever heard my life. And it isn't. I feel like what Dang Cook is he got so big that, like you got big fast, we got big fast. But like he had to have that like energy, like all that like be like on all the time, you know what I mean, and he just he's the seems like the kind of guy who always has to top the last thing he did. Yeah, and it got to the point where it just became a it became its it just became a bit. I I do feel bad because his brother fucking this Stroh my God. Yeah, as brother fucked him so hard, Holy Shit. Well then, also, he lost both of his parents in the same year. I didn't know about that. Yeah, his mom. So he did his first big Mad Square Garden Special, the first one vicious circle, and his mom was already sick and I guess they didn't realize at that point she had cancer. So his mom died of cancer and then like six months later his dad died and I guess, like him, and his dad had it kind of a weird relationship, but like, yeah, has lost both of his parents in a year and then all the shit with his brother goes down. And then I know a couple of years ago everyone was giving him shit because, like he was dating a drastically younger woman, which I didn't realize. Like Dank cooks like over fifty. Yeah, I'm but like she's over a certain ag yeah, who gives a fuck? Well, because at one point his one girlfriend that he had had for like ten years or whatever, like she's on the the the orgasm, dude, she's on that and she she's she's in his vicious circle. Thing like that. I guess like she had like tried, if like American idol or some shit, and I guess when she didn't make it like she like started like just like bashing him, saying like I can't get anywhere because he's like because I dated Dane Cook, I'm getting blacklisted. It's like he has no pull at American idol. Shut the fuck out first. That pull anything. Yeah, at that point Dan Cook's light had fizzled hard. I was like, Dan Cook doesn't have pull anywhere. There's a reason that when they do the stand up for cancer things. He's in the back answering phones, not one of the people hosting well ware. Thing about him too, is like he doesn't drink or do drugs, which is, yeah, raisy, super straight. Yeah, and I think a lot of that's I mean, you grow up in Boston when he did, if you kind of see a lot of that shit, and so you probably either follow suit or of what it all together? Yeah, you know. Yeah. Well, plus, he's you know, he's tight with, you know, Gary Goldman and Bob Kelly, and because they were all on that tour Gasman together, was how I found out about I mean I love tour Gasm for the reasons. One, it's a great comedy, it's a great stand up documentary, but getting introduced to Robert Kelly and Gary Goldman, especially, because Gary Goldman was my favorite out of all of them, because Gary Goldman's fucking brilliant. Because a great joke, right, I love was it two years ago he was doing that thing on twitter, like every day he wrote a new writing tip, which was fan I've so many of them. Because the one joke his was it the state's joke? Oh, the naming of the state. Look like years for him the right that is. I mean because he because he was in joker. Yeah, he's the comic that that Joaquin Phoenix is watching on stage doing his own bits and just made them work for you know, setting the fucking s and yeah, dolmant Golman is a writer that that naming the the the state abbreviations bit. I mean that is one of the funniest, most clever like it's one of those like you hear that, you hear the topic and you're like, Holy Shit, how did I not think of and it's so well written. That guy isn't and but he's. He's been on like Tamron Holland Shit in the last...

...year because, like he like, depression hit him hard and like he talked about like how he met his wife and how much he helped with that. And you see a lot of that in in the tour Gasm d because at one point he bails off the tour are because it gets to be too much for me. You he's gone for like two or three days before he comes back because you just couldn't fucking take it early. Yeah, because that's when he was really going through a lot of his shit. It just wasn't really included on the documentary because the documentary was about like the shows they were doing. Twenty shows and thirty days. Yeah, and we're just insane to even think about. But that sold out. Yeah, all sold dot and they were all like fucking college arenasn't shit. And it's not only that, but like what he what that did for Goldman's career, Kelly's career, and Jay Davis, who was like the the host opener of all the shows. Like what that differ him as well? I mean so, yeah, this all comes back to Yeh. Think cooks all right, but like he's he's still like he's still doing like, you know, early slots at the at the at the comedy store and stuff like. It's not like he's selling out theater tours right now. You know, I'm insh I I do want to see his new I know he's trying to work on an hour and do a special and I am interest to see it. I've never I've never gotten to see him personally. I'd love to go. Not One of my favorite like halftime specials is that, the original combisential special. I just love that. So it's so fucking fun. It is I love that. If you bought, if you bought that first album, both of his, his first two albums, both came with DVD's. Yeah, and the first one came with the DVD, it had his half hour special and that also had the full unedited hour as well, which, again, it's just another thirty minute. It's like something. Not all of it works, yeah, because people still weren't kind of used to him yet at that point. But that half hour is so fucking so good. Oh my when, especially when he, you know, ends, you know, ripping his ripping his pants off and shit, and I just he was one of the very few ones. Like I feel like he is a comic that people started to quote a lot when I was in high like, not just and I like, yeah, in high school. Like I remember one time I was at my first job and the guy was blaming they ripping off a dank cook bit. Oh yeah, now I was just like you. I remember on a date to it. I was like gear pressing this lady with a Dank Cook bit right now. That was when, if I started doing stand up. The year that, like, he really that the year that was his second album, never lootion came out. That was when I that was the year I started to do it. I had started doing stand up, and I mean I would go to Mike's all the time and people were just ripping off Dank Cook bits all the time. I was like being back in the s where everybody would watch, you know, Don rickles on the tonight show and then go through his bit at the bar the next night. And, yeah, Dane Cook made stand up a household entertainment again. Nobody was nobody was talking about stand ups anymore. You know that now. He definitely he brought it to the forefront one like. I mean he did, like there's no denying that. Like when I look at when I look at like the chain reaction of events of like the last twenty years, you know, kind of in that air of when he was first coming up. Like you look at how how Louis K was able to self produce his special and sell it online for five bucks make a million bucks in a weekend. You look at how Netflix has an entire how everybody talks about how Netflix is the place to go for comedy specials and stuff like that, where comedy central stand up has a extremely popular tick tock account hosting stand up clips and keep it mind. Comedy central doesn't show stand up anymore. Yeah, which is another topic all together, because they used to do it every Friday night. None of like the stuff I've just mentioned. Had Dane Cook not brought stand up back into the forefront again, because he would go, he would go host SNL. I remember with that people were chanting like let him host SNL, and he went up and they it wasn't like he went up and did a monolog he went up and like did bits.

Yeah, they gave him a microphone and he liked did some new he did new jokes. It's like no other comedian was doing that, hosting us, and I like he stand up was his thing and he was really riding that hard and keeping the stand up conversation going, because it still took several years for there to be any other comics because look, like we had the blue collar comedy tour and stuff around the same time too. Yeah, but like for people to start actually talking about comedians again, Dan Cook was he he brought it back, but then he was also it for a while. There weren't any other like like we like. We had last comic standing, and last comic standing lasted a good long while after that. But with the exception. But like, name anybody who won last comic standing. Anybody still talking about right now? That one? Josh Blues, Pretty Much It. Yeah, and that's there's kind of a I mean, you know, but they mostly talked about him as the guy with cerebral palsy, that one, not the really funny comedian, the one you know. But so, I know people love to hate on Dane Cook. I know he's kind of like the nickelbackistand up, but you know, standards like fucking funny. Yeah, it's. Some of it a little outrageous and just kind of weird. I mean, yeah, sure, but have you heard my jokes? Ye, man, Dane Cook. You know, say what you want, Love them or hate them, you can't deny the impact he had on comedy, especially for guys in my generation who were getting started when we did. What do you guys think? Were you Dane Cook Fan when he was big, or he's still a Dane Cook Fan? Like, what are your thoughts and opinions on this? And you know, where do you do? What do you think about the evolution to Dane Cook's career? Let us know, go to our website. TBLPOD DOTNET and hit the little blue microphone and leave us a voice message. Little know what you think. Will play it on the show next week. I dinea tell the stories I didn't tell on last week show. So we went to we went to a baseball game. went to the Charleston River Doe. I saw you a post I fight, which was cool. I mean dragons are better than the riverdogs suck. I mean it was they were terrible, but it was cool to go to a game again. Well, we're behind home plate and kind of like a little bit on first first Bay side, and I'm thinking like we're not gonna get any foul balls. I didn't bring my glove. I was like nothing. Every other fucking ball was going over our head. So finally one of them comes down, bounces off the railing and lands like right in the aisle next to where we're setting. So my eight year old grandmother sitting over there trying to get the ball. Well, there's this family sitting on the other end of the end of our row who just been dicks the entire time, and so while we're trying to help grandma locate the ball, this family's five year old runs over goes under my grandma's legs, grabs the ball and runs back Jesus, and I was like I've never hit a kid before, but I'm going to kick this kid's ass. Holy Shit. His parents are like, good for you, son, good for you, and I'm like your son's gonna grow up to not eat pussy. Yeah, so I'm not like gage for everything. That's kind of that's really fun. And we all just kind of look because there were being there, being dicks the whole time we were there. there. Look, I thought we were supposed to have the whole row. We're like, well, we have tickets at say otherwise, so go fuck yourself. So they kept like bleeding over into where we were supposed to be sitting and we kept having asked him to move the fuck back down. And really, yeah, but a fucking taught. Yeah, that's the whole family was a bunch of cons. And so when he took the ball, just kind of watched the run back and I was like I'm going to kick this kid in the face. Sorry, I not louder at that stadium. I'm not a lot of the stadium with that. More they have my picture on a poster at the front game. You're some kids. See, pedophile mustache likes kids. Doesn't want I don't like don't like it. Yeah, I don't like kids and I really don't like that fucking kid. That's one of those kids that I hope someday I see on like America's most wanted. Like, I know that kid. He steals baseball from old ladies. Fuck that kid. It's called a baseball murder. Murders people with that Basall. I stole this...

...from an Old Lady. I use it to murder people. I apologize for nothing. I'm sorry. That kid was a dick. What do you guys think? Should I should I have punched the kids? Should I kick the kid in the face? That just kidding, but nece seriously, like, like, are those parents just just raising the next like world's biggest douchebag? I don't know. What do you guys think? Tblpod dot neck like the blue microphone. Leave me a voice message and let me know I think I'm overreacting or not. I'm just saying I love my grandma all right, and I love baseball and I hate that kid. I'm counting retired and yeah, I watched. Oh well, he ended his show yeah, he's, I. Retired, but he's doing he's gonna be doing like a variety show or something on hbl. He's not doing the talk show thing anymore, but he's going over to Hbo Max. But yeah, he I watched the last episode. It was it was good. Jeff fucking Jack Black Man was he get on. It always great because here was they were supposed to do like this big, big hole, like like number something. And then then when they were doing the rehearse the day before, Jack Black fucking like broke his foot. So he comes out like on a fucking came because the way the number was supposed to he said. He said it was really fucked up because they had the way the number was supposed to end was he was supposed to fake getting hurt and they were going to have him card off in an ambulance. It was all supposed to be stage. Well then he actually fucking broke his foot and they're like well, thank God we have the ambulance on stand. It's Jesus. But he came out and he liked he sang the song. I did it my way for Conan and fucking you know, fucking killed. He was funny as Shit. And I saw Paul Rod's last the greatest running gag, and night'll see you look with the media. My favorite part, like I showed my I saw Melissa like I was like this is the greatest running gag like of all time. It's just like at first she's like, guess is stupid and she's like into it by like the twenty time, because it's like that's so many years of just like twenty years they've been doing that gag, because it goes all the way back to one, because it was like the same time, because for the longest time will Arnett and Jason Bateman would alternate going on Conan and roasting each other like talking shit, and it was like that first time they did that, I think, was also the same time that Paul Rudd brought that out, and I said they did that for Anton Man, then fucking avengers and Oh my God, it's yeah, you like he's a best running gag. My favorite part was that he's like, okay, I wanted to show you the video of the video. I was gonna pick right and just the fucking thing and I'm like every time Cona's just like I don't believe you, I don't believe me. I wonder if, like studios have gotten pissed off at him about that. I think at first, probably, I think because it's such a because it because it like they did it for aunt man, but then they did actually eventually show and I think because it just builds into Paul Red Star power. At this point. I think they just roll with it. Also, like like it's like again with aunt man. It's Disney. They're not hurting for that. Like like whether or not they show a clip on coner isn't gonna hurt everybody. I'm pretty sure you'll see it on every fucking yeah, and everything else he makes is for Judd Apatow, who couldn't give a fucking fuck. God, no that I was so happy they got him on one last time. He did that one last time. A BILL HATER ON. The fucking hater's losing his mind. fucking love bill later so much he's losing his mind because he can't believe it's such true. Oh my God, I can imagine like like getting to go to Conan and like not only is it like Conan's like in a last week whatever, but and you get to be there for the final Paul D bit Paul Red is, like he just doesn't age. No, the man's a vampire. Hits like him. Keanu, those two, those...

...two fucking I'm the Oprah Ages, Jesus Christ. Yeah, that Paul Rudd, like a fucking let's the movie with at Leash Silverstone, clueless, was on. Yeah, it was on TV the other day and I'm like, he looks exactly the same. Yeah, it's weird. I don't think he has kids. No, he has kids. Yeah, kids. Yeah. We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you, guys, want to know more about the show or get more involved in any way, shape or form, head on over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tbl Po d dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews page and clicked a little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us know what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you guys again in next week for a brand new episode. Every Wednesday, eight am is when they drop. Until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bu bye.

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