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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 37 · 1 year ago

Don't Be An A**hole


What's a better word to describe the people who stormed the Capitol: insurrectionists or terrorists? Also, when did pornos start giving a damn about their plot? And what's the best way to get into heaven if you don't believe in god?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The January 6th Commission hearings have begun.
  • When art and smut begin to blend.
  • The Atheist's Guide to Getting into Heaven.

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Hey Basement Lounge fans, this is Mike Shay here. You know I never want you guys to have to miss a single episode of this show, and I'm to tell you the easiest way to make sure that you always have the newest episode ready to go on your phone. If you listen to the show on Apple Podcast, just go to the little top corner of our show and click that little plus sign or check mark button and turn on automatic downloads. That will make sure that the episode goes straight to your phone the minute it's released, so you guys never have to miss a single episode. Today's episode addresses some very serious themes and dealing with the January six storming of the capital. We also do our usual silly rants about goofy, dumb things, and the conversation turns very dirty and very adult. Suffice to say, viewer and listener discretion is advised with today's episode. Enjoy the conversation, the deep thoughts and the ridiculously stupid laughs that are to come. I thank the Academy for believing my asshole can take a pounding and that's why I'm being cast in the reboot of game with thrones. Thank you so much. God bless thank you. Lord first on Com and dad first, never loved me. That's how I got here. Thank God my parents, Johnny Storm, or I know they what they always seem to have some weird fucking like play on a comic book characters name or some Shit like that. I sort of got a saw one the girls name. The girl's name was was Ryan smiles, and I was like, okay, we're right. I'm sure Ryan styles is watching that, like Ah, how she said my she's a tribute to me. Congratulations. You were the inspiration for a porn stars baby. By beginning of the fun episode right here, just this coming and the rest of is just going to be US talking about the JANEY system. That's that's the wholy does the whole look at us? Transition. Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us enjoy. They started the hearings for the fucking I haven't used anyway sick. I've watched it all at all. Yet. Has it been crazy? It's there's a clip I don't know if you put up on twitter. Yeah, damn it. Fuck. Twitter should be under trending. Maybe video videos? Maybe. I gotta fine. Yeah, if you go trending, it's under capital. Trump is the hit man. Trump is the hit man. That's the name of the account. No, that's the HASHTAG. That's the hell. That's the HASHTAG. Should be the first video plus by Valorie something dry. Okay, here is yeah, let me, let me get this up so we can get the video.

It's a very good analogy. There we go, try get the video on. Okay, all right, so he he's it. Yeah, I can sit it. Okay, the officer sitting here. I use an analogy to describe what I want is a hit man. If a hit man is hired and he kills somebody, hit man goes to jail, but not only does the hit man go to jail, but the person who hired them does. There was an attack carried out on January six and I hit man sent them. I want you to get to the bottom of that. Thank you. The officer sitting here. Oh Shit, yeah, he was just like I mean, it's a good analogy. It's great analogy. And there's another one where people are calling him like the n word and stuff like that. Ye, all, that guy the n word. Oh Yeah, if you look up fucking if just typing, it's trending. Hold on, Oh my God. Yeah, so if you go to the whatever's trending and hit capital. Now, just give you guys a heads up. The N Word is dropped by this purse, is it? This one here? Now keep on going down. I think how long is that video? This one here is a minute fourteen and that that should be it. That should be it. Okay, yeah, so just fair warning. People say hateful things, and this I'll probably blue about the NWORD, but still, yeah, until January six, no one had ever ever called me. Yeah, that's a right one. Yeah, all right, here we go, officer, trigger warning, and I do my best to keep politics out of my job, but in this circumstance I responded. Well, I voted for Joe Biden. Is My vote not count? Am I nobody? That prompted a torrent of racial epithets. One woman in a pink mag of shirt yelled you hear that guy's its voted for Joe Biden. Then the crowd, perhaps around twenty people, joined in screaming boo, fucking. Oh my God, no one had ever ever called me a well wearing the uniform of capital police officer. In the days following the attempt at insurrection, other black officers shared with me their own stories of racial abuse. On January six one officer told me he had never, and it is his entire forty years of life, been called it to his face, and that streak ended on January six. Yet another black officer later told me he had been confronted by insurrections in the capital who told him puts your gun down and will show you what kind of you really are. Oh my God, dude, fuckingly Shit, like fuck, and that's fat.

You know what pisses me off about the whole like the committee, a lot of the committee people they put on it till run that we're like people that were like, oh, nothing, it was not really that bad, but I put Liz Cheney on there. Liz Chaney's like kind of like if yeah, it's just kind of like what the fuck? Yeah, but like everybody else is like, I think Jim Jordan's on the committee or some Shit, like I don't know. It's fucking bullshit. Like anything that happened. All these people like no offense, but like that was blatantly like it. I mean, yeah, that's it irritates me because all those people technically should be hung, technically speak, are just like massive, not just like six months, a couple months, like massive amount of jail time. Yeah, massive, their whole point. I want them to do like like life ruining amounts of jail time. Yeah, not like you go in for like two, three years, come out and get your wife bad there. I want them to go to jail for so long they come out and they cannot recover their life. What here's think they should be labeled insurrectionists. It's no shit, or terrorists. Maybe no terrorists. Holy Shites mess. That's what that was. Those domestic fucking terrorism. Yeah, I know, it just I was, like I said, I was watching that summon something to here, like and he butt when the I think that I mean officer. I don't know how high isn't the officer ranking, though. Cow Police Office was a hit man thing, and I was like that as a great analogy. That's a fantastic analogy, because that's one here takes me that, like a lot of Republicans are just try to play it off like I was no big of a deal and it's a huge fucking deal. It's a really like, like we haven't seen something like that in our country and I don't know how long the civil war maybe the last time. I don't there anything. It's a trying to blame pelosie on it. Now, have you seen them? I never was like the monthly swear in Pelosi to have her testify. Well, and the thing that they're like, well, she should added. They're like trying to blame her, that it's her, like she didn't have enough people there, something like that. Like what, that's the dumbest thing. And it's I heard it's like that's she can't even make that call or some shit like that either. That's so. I think that's the the city has to do that. Well, knowing that, and then people like some people like, well, this wasn't plan to organized, but then you blatantly have like people those shirts. That's a civil war, like this wasn't playing or organized, but somehow you guys already had a gallows built to set up. Yeah, you don't just build that on the fly. There's also saying it's like Kea Guillos or right, and if there was, you're going to be missing a lot of the parts anyway. It's not going to work that money. Maybe hang up. Yeah, a baby dolf from it. And it's also I keep keep hearing the argument of this wasn't Maga, this was Antif. I'm like, okay, but then why don't you want an investigation? Yeah, it's it's all. It's like, either way, you should want an investigation in this. Okay. So the biggest piece of Shit, I think, on twitter are when it is Graham Allen, I don't know who, if you know, Oh yeah, I hate him so much. He's like, if it was such a big deal, they should rease all the body cameras. Rember Gough, and I put the down, like that's not going to help your argument at all. I was like, you're a fucking idiot,...

...and twitter didn't say anything to me, because there's even like he's a fucking idiot. Yeah, they're used to it from you. Yeah, yeah, it's I'll keep here in the all that kind of Shit. Like why don't they get this person, though? Why don't they open this? It's like, okay, but you're just gonna be even more mad. What is over? Like I want point used, to keep on diggling, digging a hole, like it was fucking facebook and yeah, fucking aliens. Right, it's what up? Like when they start with the ANTIFA thing. fucking threw me for a loop, like when they try to blame it on ANTIFA. Yeah, I was just like what, why? That's so dumb. Yeah, aunt even was like, we get Auntie. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I also I just I hate the idea that like people are trying to talk down on the term and teeth. It's like, okay, so you hate the person that's anti fascism. Yeah, let's just let's let's walk through that step by step and see where we get to in the end. Yeah, you have any idea what you just said? No, and Ti for a bunch of fascists. Know, that's literally in the okay, you know what, that's fine. That's fine. The fuck up the show. They have come like fucking fucking bootlooking. Oh fucking God it go fuck your cousin. Yes, I it's all. I just I feel like this is just never going to be fucking over, man. No, it's not. But I think what ear taates me the most is like it won't be over because people want trump voters, MMM, and when they run for election next time around. They want his base so bad, because I know they're so loyal. Yeah, that they're like fuck, I could, if I could just get his base, like, I'm not going to change my stance. They might know. Anybody can look at what happens. Knows what was wrong, knows it was wrong. But they want his base so bad. They want that level of constituency, they want the they want that kind of power behind the chair and new as soon as they turned it, they lose that and they might not get reelected in their their and their whatever the next election is. Yeah, whatever, repport whatever, and I want to say region, they state, stay there. Yeah, district, yeah, district, yeah, district. But they want that so bad that they're willing to be like, yeah, wasn't that big of a deal, especially because, like, even if cops died, know, get and I have so many things it. I'm what ear tastes me. Also, and I'm going to take this the other way, is like people that hate cops are now on the side of cops. Yeah, this because it's going against and the people who are always all pro cop or like fuck these gay like what the fuck? This is brought out, this is turned everything so fucking tops, sir. You'll turn it every prefessional wrestling, he'll turn everywhere. It's so fucking well it is.

I think it goes to the I think it blows a hole in both stereotypes. It does. Everyone thinks that, like the defund the police, people are anti cop. Is like, no, we're not anti COP or anti bad copy case and point these cops are doing what they were supposed to be doing, so we support them. Flipped that on the on the the the thin Blue Line motherfuckers who are all like pro cop, pro cop, yeah, but now fuck these cops. It's again. It's it's showing the hypocrisy and everybody. It cracks me up. Yeah, it's a bad situation, but that right there, I'm like, God, Damn, what the what? What must like hold me the one of the biggest thing, when the biggest stories last year would have like liberals love cops, and now I know Kins hate cops, like what the fuck, like I thought were in a different timeline, like low key or something. They're all variance. It's someone's going to like be looking on this like some aliens going to come down look at this shit and just go huh, and what the fuck. We always want to hear what you guys have to say, what your thoughts are and whatever it is we're talking about, and it's really easy to do that. All you got to do is good to our website, tbl pod dotnet, and through our website you can either send us a message or click the little blue microphone button and leave us a voicemail, and we love to share it on the show and hear what you guys stinking and we hear what you guys have to say because we want you guys to be a part of the conversation here at the Basement Lounge. Try to think of my first time I ever got a blowjob. I was in my s, I can't remember, and as my s I was late bloomer. I think I was also like nineteen or twenty. Yeah, it wasn't good. Now I was in my s when I had my first good one, first good blow job. I'm only thirty two, so do the maths. Try think of my first good blowjob. Wife's good at it. Trying now. The first Kim Blowje I gut blow jobs. WANT TO CHECK? Lets you fuck them in the mouth. This is yeah, way, yeah, no, that's well that just a fucking I don't here. Let's just practice for was about to happen. Although, man, I gotta Tell You, a fornes stepping up their writing game lately. I'm just saying, like they're starting to put like actual effort into porn now, and it's making me feel kind of weird, because it's like I just want to get to the porn, but I also really give a shit about whether or not she's going to land the Wilkinson Account. Like well, put you hear about. She was on, I want to say, boy meets world, and she was in a soap opera, Maitland Ward. Okay, I she's she was an actress for that long. Well, then her career kind of just like fucking fill it out. Uh Huh. Well, now she does porn. What was her name? Maitland Ward. She's on boimants world. She was on boy meats world growing up. Or was either that or sayd by the Bell? One the two. Okay, and was in like a soap opera for a while. Had A had a and she was in white chicks at one she was one of the dizzy friends...

...that they were hanging out with. She was one of them. Now she does now. She did. I don't just mean like born, like she's like a writer, producer of like like the high budget, high quality, shot in k stuff that could very well be an Oscar winning movies porn. Oh Wow. And I'm just like how do you make that transition money? Baby? I mean, I guess. I mean it's got to be pretty good, especially because it's I just it's just like also, like congratulations, you are making a lot of God who were crushing on you growing up. You are making a lot of dreams come true. Yeah, it's just, I don't know what I have many like actors in it doing porn. Well, mean a lot of them, you know. I mean I'm talking about like well wellknown's. I really don't do it, but like that. I mean a lot of them. We got. That's how they got. A lot of them. That's how they got their start. Yeah, I mean stallone, it's true, stallone, Schwartzenegger, both, Cameron Diaz was one and she wasn't portant. Yeah, it came out that got that reserve with like like ten years ago, but like she did. Yeah, it's not as uncommon as you think. A lot of them. That's how they kind of Sasha Gray at one point tried to transition to being an actor. That didn't work out, so I just just twitch dreams. But you know, yeah, it's yeah, it's not that uncommon once it happens all the time, but it's definitely not. Well, I fut so much point out there and I have not done anywhere. So that'll shit. Where's My fucking Hollywood movie deal? That's why I never that's one thing. That's another one. I've never understood as like the when you get the cliche of like the girl who becomes a stripper because she wants to be an actress, and it's like, I don't ever imagine a Hollywood producer thinging like we need, we need to find our next big talented actress. Let's go to Damon, let's go to diamonds, get a lap dance and then like he's like, I'm sure to do any lap dance. Clear my head. Wait a minute, the way she shakes her ass to nickel back something in your mouth. Yeah, she's our star. You got a kid, because that was probably Harry wines. Hey, Hey Epstein, get over here. It's really weird. They're pie to get their apply part of the fucking Disney club, but for pedophile. We'll see if this makes it of the episode. It probably won't. Like Hey, oh, I got two hours, I you know, an hour and a half, two hours of recording to cut down a thirty minutes. I'm sacrifices have to be made. Hound. No, I don't know. That's yeah, I'm know it. Actors important. That's he's. Imagine, though, like I'm where I'm trying to go with this. HMM, but it's imagine somebody coming on your face, HMM, and then all of a sudden you have an Oscar and hand two years later, thanks Steve, from what's I don't know. There's came on my face and direct you really...

...liked it and they showed that come face to some other director and they put me in this independent film film Tin fucking Ukraine. An a goat came on my face. She's and that's how I fucking won this Oscar for supporting board. I don't know. I don't know where I'm going. I like to thank the audience for believing in that Seaman. It was really just almost glue. They flew on me. They threw hot elmer's glue. It was in a Turkey baster and they just hit on it shot it up. I just want to thank the I thank the academy for believing my asshole can take a pounding and that's why I'm being cast in the reboot of game with thrones. Thank you so much, God blessed. Thank you. Lord. First of mom and dad person never loved me. That's how I got here. Thank God my parents, Johnny Storm or I don't know what. They always seem to have some weird fucking like play on a comic book characters name or some Shit like that. I swort of got a saw one the girls name. The girl's name was was Ryan smiles. I was like, okay, we're right. I'm sure Ryan styles is watching that, like Ah, how she said my she's a tribute to me. Congratulations. You were the inspiration for a porn stars Breb the baby beginning of the fucking episode right here, just this coming and the rest of as just going to be US talking about the Jane Raycis Committee. That's that's the whole, the whole. Look at transition. That's the worst transition ever say. talked about comment on faces. My Guy was saying again words samely. We we really in with the porn no talk, and you stick around for the insurrection. Time back the instagrasition, fucking mpet people. You see people going off about it. Was this Simone or Simon Biles by? Oh she dropped out for mental health. Is Lappen? I can't blame I mean, it's the it's the Olympics. Yeah, Post covid she's like Christ like. People going off her about that. Like woman, it was the the the was it like the Netherlands swim team got like this huge fine for for wearing shorts instead of bikinis? That was a volleyball team, the volleyball team, and so pink's going to just pay. She's like, I got you. Yeahs Bax, I don't even watch the Olympics. First off, like I've never I was at okay, I was at sport clips getting my hair cut yesterday. They didn't have the Olympics Song. They had national geographic on because it was shark week. Or not? Shark Week, Shark Fest? Shark Fest. Yeah, is it like like it's like it's like lobster fast, but that's a fucking they need shark fest.

Yeah, no shit, I because I love Shark Week. I'll eat some shark. I don't know, Shrek, we you shark ways stupid. Yeah, coming on a shark, into sharks, just fucking the too thin tiny fins, smack my ass. Can't I can't reach. I imagine shark sex is the most timid, gentle sex. What's the family guy? Bet here's like a British porno almost. Oh, most yeah, sharks. They imagine sharks. And then I imagine like fucking panda bear sex is just fucking choking and slapping and ballants, ball lay on this piece of bamboo. Jackie, too bad shit. He just fucking beats the shit out of each other. They hide the bruces because their fuck cover do I'm gonna make you black and white and black and blue, fucking Koala bear all over. Mean by the time I'm done with you, you're going to be all white. Fuck the black off your fur, the black off your I'm gonna die here, but I'm gonna die that black fur white, if you know what I mean. I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna fuck you so hard we might go and danger. You know, it's gotta, we got to repopulate the species, baby, populate. Fuck you then when I'm done fucking you. Wanna fuck that coconut over there and takes bamboo. I'm going to come in it and they're going to insert it into your pots, some weird fucking fucking DIY turbot. I'm done going to spit on you. Let's spit on you like you're some pad tie. Don't want take it back like this pad tie back to the fucking Cook. It's too cold because your cold hearted, fucking slut, Panda Bear, you slept Banda I therapist. Oh Shit, I just wish I could do that on stage. I mean you, Couz. Maybe the fuck is this? I'M gonna do that entire bit on stage. Two paned is. Fuck yeah, that pants hate fuck each other the fuck so hard when they rub bellies like give each other run. Take that out some barrelhouse this week, see how it goes. Get the fuck out. I... to close my tab. Guys, Pana, fucking go to repopulate this earth. Populate Mars, motherfucker. If you're somebody who loves PODCASTING LIKE WE DO, or you're really interested in getting into it for the first time, there's an awesome tool available to you to make everything super easy. And it is called pod decks. Pod Deck supplies you with decks of cards that you can use for new episode ideas, interview, question ideas of all different kinds of topics and styles, and it's so easy to use and so easy to get started. All you have to do is go to pod deckscom and use the codetbl ten to get ten percent off your total purchase at check out. That's the code tbl Ten at pod dexcom. Started watching the show solar opposites on Hulu. It's the guy who made rick and morty made this other show just for Hulu. I'm so like it's uncensored and like they call people cuts and shit. As one point he's like you guys all need to come with me to this meeting, though I don't want to come. Oh, you're gonna come. You're gonna come so hard you're going to we're going to regret it. What the fuck. So, speaking of unlike sensors, I started watching invincible. Oh yeah, well, not like the show, like I'm watching clips on Youtube for whatever. I know. Yeah, well, I really want to watch it really bad. Now all of a sudden I it's what I've been here and I haven't wanted heard it's animated the boys. Yeah, but the funny thing I see where I call it like but actually it came out. The comic book came out before the boys. Oh did. It's based off a comic down before and it follows the comic like all my guess to a tea almost you can. You can get it. You can follow comic book stuff a lot more when you're animated because you can kind of get away with some of the hookiness of it. Yeah, we're still be get doing a cartoon. You just can't do a live action. Yeah. That being said, the boys had a guy jerking off on a tower, like the bad signal. But you know, I remember that's at the end of seas. Until you get to it, you'll laugh your ass. Well, I still need to watch that. There's so much need to watch, so much shit. Yeah, like I still haven't seen black widow. I mean either I still watch Loki. I watched Lokia. Oh Really? Yeah, you watch Loki. That one's he's money. I have all these free be saved up for for move for the movies. I still need to go see black widow, but also, like suicide squad comes out like this week. I think Shimmy good. Earlier reviews are out there pretty positive. Gun wrote it, I mean made it. Yeah, I'm super sorry. I watch. I re watched the Snyder cut again yesterday. Did you? Yeah, still good. Still, still, still fucking hits. Still pisses me off with they do with that first one. But two paned is fucking. What they did in that first one makes no sense. It's like two pant is fucking. She's staying, is fucking, but also saying fucking the n word. The entire detch psych like. How do you speak English? Their stuff? They're Chinese. Like, Oh my God, I want all of...

...that. I kind of wanted to leave all this shit in. I want to take any of this out. It's too fucking fun due it's exactly why. I'll just be like our most most listened to it. He's a dumb ass motherfuckers. This is a lot of people with Toch shot. What these motherfuckers is. We're fucking about fucking Pana is coming on each other and fucking each other with bamboo and apparently, did you know rabbits rape each other, like gang rape? I think I know. Ducks do. I think rabbits also gang rape. No, Shit, I know ducks did. Yeah, Oh, yeah, ducks. So ducks have quarkscrew dicks. Okay, female ducks have basically trick vaginas. They've evolved where it eight cour screws in the other direction and it's barbed. Yeah, ducks are fucked up, man. Yeah, REPRINTEC that's some beedious. I'm shit right there. It's like put one. Hop, Fuck Shit, wrong, one, wrong. Now we went with ducks. When you put it in the wrong hole, you fucking know it. Fuck it. Duck once. Yeah, duck, ducks are rapists, dolphins and, apparently bunnies. Now, yeah, that'll make Easter really fun. I don't go look for the eggs, kids, but watch out for the bunny. You'll fuck you, I man. There's a Christian holiday this so it is kind of like that was their thing. I guess. I don't. I was on the Pluto TV APP has a comedy Central Classic Channel on there, and they were showing old south parks and it was the two parter where the kids built their own church because they retired of all the molestation numbers and like the one the one priest in south parks, the only priest not molesting kids, and he goes to the Vatican and they're all like, we need to find new ways to hide that were molesting these boys, and he's like wait, you're all doing this. Guy's not so fucked up. Yeah, it's so fun. It remind like that's just so how many kids? I don't even it's crazy, man. No, it's just hmm, it's sad. Well, what was what was this? What was the saddest about all that shit was that when these priests would get caught, they wouldn't get kicked out, to know, the parish move into another fucking bearish like so like it's like giving it. I don't know, it's the ultimate PR moves, moving somewhere else like that Shit's always here. Today, I hate religions home much and right there with you, because I feel like it's all like yeah, so I love the the Rickey Gervase bit where he's talking to Christians and he's like okay, well, there's like two thousand gods...

...out there. You don't believe in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine of them. I just don't believe in one more than you yeah, or it was the one you done. Colbert? Why? He's like, if you destroyed all the religious texts in the world in the thousand years, they'd never come back, but you destroyed all the scientific tests in the world in a thousand years, they'd all come back because all those tests would prove the same results. And even Colbert, who's like a devout Catholic, was like that's really good. Yeah, no, I'm saying I remember that, are you? I just I don't know, like I get this is so weird. Time about fucking pandas and they were going back to religion. Uh Huh, it just the I think I get why people need religion. Sure, they need you need something to believe in at that point. But like why I get on people who don't believe in stuff? I think it's I think it's twofold. I think there's the people who who need that faith, they need something to believe in, and then I also think there are those people out there who just they want they want an excuse, like they want to be able to say, Oh, it's all in God's hands, it's out of my control, I don't need to worry about it, or you know, those those fuckheads who are like, well, it does, it's fine, Gee, God will forgive me for my sense. Doesn't not going to forgive you for fucking a kid? Yeah, no, sorry, why think and like as much as I don't like religion, I think one of the most beautiful religions is the Muslim religion. Oh yeah, because the how hard they practice, like at noon when they pray all the time, like when am I one don't like, one of the coolest things I ever seen in my life. It's so to me it's cool, about out of heel. Stupid, maybe stupid, but like when I worked at the the mall I worked at, there's just Muslim man. He worked at one of the places, but every time, three times a day, when they pray, he go in the back, set up his stuff and pray and it is thought was really cool because that's how devout he was to his religion, to where like you actually like you you like something, you're so devout that that you're getting your time out of the day, losing sales at your own business so you can do this type thing. Yeah, that's how much it means to you. I mean, I'm not religious or anything, but I thought that was like almost like a beautiful type thing to wear it. Yeah, then you have fucking Catholics are just like they fuck they it's not like day hate gay people. M but you like like if you read the text, like if you read like you're supposed to love everybody. Yeah, at that point and it just it makes I don't know, it's a lot of so like I so, I had a student when I was still teaching who was who was Muslim, and there were times like in the middle of a session he'd be like, Oh, like, I need to go price, like we let him have one of the rooms to himself to do it. Or well, my dad was sick. I was hanging out with just sitting in the chapel every hospitalize that one travel I was just sitting there, just kind of standing myself for a bidden. Doctor came in and it is that his prayer time in there, and it's like, you know, I can't imagine what it would... like, and I was born and raised in the Catholic family. I can't imagine what it's like to be so devoted to a belief like that. Yeah, and and I give you just saying like there there is something like I wish I had the capacity for that kind of thing. I really do. I wish I had that kind of and keep mind. Like, like, I'm an atheist, but like I love, like, especially like Chris, Christian metal. Some of the some of my favorite bands are Christian metal bands, like and I think the Bible itself, when you treat it as just a work of fantasy, is some of the best storytelling in terms of the ideas and just the stories and all that in the imagery and all same with the Kuran. I mean like some of the imagery and poetry and there is is absolutely gorgeous. But and and, but when you see the people who use their religion as that scapegoat, as that as that way of deflecting yet you only ever, and I'm not saying I shouldn't say only, but you ninety nine percent of the time, only see that with like Catholics and and Christian branch offs. You never see it with you almost never see it with Jewish people, Muslims, where they use that as a as a litmus test almost for how everyone else around them. They just say, at least is what I believe. You believe something else. We just want to be left in peace, that's fine, whereas with most Catholics and Christian Christian offshoots, it's always like well, why don't you believe in what we believe? I don't fucking matter. Yeah, who gives a fuck? Yeah, and I know we talked at at about online dating last week, but like an online dating. I see that. So I cannot tell you how many times a day. Oh, that the mealy where where it's where they're like in the first thing in there, fucking like bio is first and foremost. I'm in love with my faith. So it's like, okay, being religious, like that's not a personality type. That's great that you my grandmother is a very devout Catholic. My grandfather's Catholic, but he's not like like he rarely goes to rarely ever goes to church, doesn't do a lot of the prayers and stuff. If he's still he's one of those like like people who, like, he kind of uses it as a guideline for how he wants to live his life. Whim was just being a good person, but he's not like this like big, anti gay, racist kind of Yeah, person, and it's just it's one that's kind of been my way of judging. It's like these are two people who their faith is very different, different levels of strength. I've been married for sixty plus years, you know, and so I don't understand the idea of, like, other person I'm with has to believe this exactly on the same level as me. It's like, I don't think that should. I'm pretty sure God would just want you to find someone who's going to treat you like a good treat you well, Yo. Yeah, I mean, like my thing is, like I'm from a Catholic family,... I'm also atheist, clearly. Yeah, tends to happen usually when you're raising the Catholic family, either you go Super Catholic or you go atheist. Did that mean, like I still live by some values? Sure, like, as it just to just to be a good like the Bible self teaches you good things that are like that. Yeah, you just just be a good person, like I have one another like I sometimes teeter teeter between being abeast and agnostic and just in the sense it's like I'm open to the idea of being proven wrong, but you got to prove me wrong, and so it's I it's one as I have that faith. I did this as a video in college where it's called the atheist guide to getting to heaven, and it was like there's what's one step? Don't be an asshole. Yeah, if you don't, if you're just not an asshole and turns out that the Christian Heavens Real, you'll get in like just peek. Good. Yeah, yeah, it's don't be an asshole. Yeah, it's not that hard. Well, some people it is hard. I'm January six eas some people it was really hard. We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you guys want to know more about the show or get more involved in any way, shape or form, head them over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tblpod dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews page and click the little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us know what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you guys again and next week for a brand new episode. Every Wednesday, eight am is when they drop. Until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bow by.

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