The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 38 · 1 year ago

ScarJo v. Disney: Civil War


Black Widow is taking on Mickey Mouse. Matt Damon has a potty mouth. Kevin Smith is the king of low brow humor.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Scarlett Johansson suing Disney over Black Widow streaming release.
  • Matt Damon's daughter convinces him to stop using a homophobic slur.
  • We love Kevin Smith.

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I want to say something first. Jason, good all. Yeah, you're in. You're medically induced coma right now because you had a heart attack and you have covid I want you to know that I love you. You're a great friend of mine. Once you get done, get out, I'll be back at your place. Will be making stakes and Burghers, we'll be doing comedy, will be filming skits, we doing everything. I just love you. You'll get through this, Kelly, you're great. You're great too. You'll get through this. So Jason'll get through this. I love you, guys both. Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes. US enjoy fucking Scarlett Johanson sueing the shit out of Disney, and I don't blame Mary. That wasn't part of her contract the movie sales. So what it and this happened a lot of actors get this, is that they get paid bonuses off the back end of the box office. Yeah, so in the contract it states that it's based off an exclusive opening day, you know, opening theater, theatrical really and before it goes to because they could. Some sometimes an actor has enough cloud they can get back end off of home release as well. Most of them don't. Depends on how invested in the project. There where she was. I think she was an executive producer of the films, which she might have as well, but I also don't know. With Disney, probably not, but anyway, so she her her it. Her salary for the film was based on the box office release. Well, because of Covid and everything, Disney released it on Disney plus as well as in theaters on the same day. So that cut into the profits of the movie that she would have gotten paid off of. And now her team is claiming that when they heard Disney's plan to release it on Disney plus as well as in the theater, they reached out for a contract renegotiation and from some emails and stuff that we're released, like Disney said like Oh, yeah, I don't worry, will make sure that, like you guys are taking care of and it never happened. So they're taking in the court saying you guys owe us a lot of money. Oh, and she has every right. Yeah, well then Disney wants to clap back and say that Scarlett Johansson's just she's being ignorant of people's losses and suffering from covid nineteen and she's just being greedy, and her legal team is like go fuck yourselves, and apparently Kevin Figgy is saying Fuck Disney. Pair what she's owed. Yeah, like, yeah, how much she's given you guys, holy, the amount of money she's made you. Yeah, care to what you've given her, don't you off? She's made a ton of money. Yeah, but, like, this isn't about this. Is, this isn't about the money now, this is about this, is, this is, this is a principal thing. Yeah, like it's fucking Disney is knee. You guys can afford it. Yeah, you own everything. You. Oh my God, it when I heard that, because my head never thought about it...

...because, as one of hers, like Oh, yeah, it's right, she's going to probably, she probably gets some of the box office tick. Yeah, Rev I was I didn't think about it. I was like, yeah, she has every she's gonna went like there's no way you would not witness. Well, this happened last year too. So the first movie that got released streaming as opposed to theatrical was trolls world tour. Yeah, and this happened with Justin Timber Lake and Anna Kendrick was. They had the same problem because they're like, okay, well, you told us this movie was going to get released in theaters and our contract was that for us to get paid off of that. Well, this didn't hit. That didn't neit theaters at all. It only went to streaming, and so they're like okay, well, let's and they were able to renegotiate with universal to get paid off of whatever. However, they made money on the because universal, I think, was just like streaming on the website or some shit like that. Yeah, Ama stone is now. Oh, yeah, because of Kruella. Same thing. They drop that on Disney plus and in theater same day. And I got been telling people for a long time as when they start doing this straight to streaming shit, that's going to hurt the income of the movie. You're not going to bring in as much like an then with yeah, yeah, no, I that like because like it's thirty dollars a pop. I think wasn't. Well, it's on this on the disciples it's thirty bucks and you have it. Yeah, that's a thing. is like what percentage of that would you give the actor? Then? Well, moder only that. But you also got to figure if it's released in theaters, you're talking ten to fifteen bucks per person per viewing. This is thirty bucks per account. Yeah, so one person pays it and now twenty six seven people are twenty three peo. How are people have the log into the Disney plus can watch it and they can watch it on repeat. Yeah, so if somebody wants to go back and watch it again, you almost have to like, well, it's track it by how much has been viewed by household. And I'm sure you can and I'm sure, I think Netflix has a way, but I don't know how you convert that to income your Disney figure it out. You Own. Yeah, it it just it creates a lot of gray area. But it also like you also look at the movie itself, like this is the black widow movie that's coming out a year after it was already supposed to come out, a year after you just killed her character off in endgame, and the movie takes place after Civil Captain America, civil war, like this movie should have come out three, four years ago. So it's already hurting at the box office because a lot of people didn't didn't see it because they were like, who cares, it means nothing, it has no bearing on anything story wise, with the mcu and all that. We know she's gonna make it to the end of the movie because she's got to live to die in endgame. Now I know allegedly like the post credit scene leads into the Hawkeye series. I guess in some way I haven't seen the movie yet.

I haven't either. I haven't still watched low key, you know, watch Lokey, but it's just it's a lot of it's a lot of they mishandled the fuck out of her contract and this character in this movie and now they're going to get taken to court and it's going to set a fucking precedent and I think they're going to learn before not, because you got to think about how big the budget was on this movie. They're not going to see a return on investment. How big was the budge on it? You know, I would say probably at least a hundred mill I would be shocked if it was anything less than that because deadpool. How much of that making the like seventy million? Inn it not. It didn't make its budget back because, like Deadpool, the first one was like seventy million. And so the budget, and bear in mind the budget doesn't include like advertising in all that. This is just the production. But the production budget is supposed to be writ two hundred million. Oh my God, just a lot of fucking money. Right now it's box office globally is three hundred and forty four million, but again, that doesn't include that. Two hundred million does not take into account advertising. Typically for a movie to break even it has to make back like one and a half it's budget, which it's I think. I think it's just now at. But I don't know in terms of in terms of the legally is of this thing, like like this is Disney's gonna have to eat some crow for this. They should. There's no fucking way they win this lawsuit. No, and it's going to it's going to open up the floodgates for a lot of people and she's take the money she wins and donate it. Oh yeah, donate it too. I don't know. Donate it to to seth McFarlane's get away from Fox fie, heard about. Yeah, he wants away from fathers, the tea Carlson doesn't because of yeah, because of cuckle cart cuckle Carlson fucks. Yeah, that works. Yeah, I didn't read Ima until I heard about that whole I haven't read it's gonna do? I don't know. I haven't read. Well, I mean also, if you've ever watched family guy, they take shots at Fox all the time. I don't know what particularly Tucker Carlson said this week to piss him off. I'm sure it was something shitty. I mean, yeah, it doesn't walk to I don't think any. I'm sure it was something awful and horrible. But yeah, he's like, I want to get away from Fox so bad. And if the if Fox loses family guy from their Sunday lineup, that will hurt them because that, that show is so much money in advertising. I wonder how much money they would they and that that was a gun to their head. And I can get rid of him or get rid of me. Well, because you've already got American dad over at TBS. Yeah, they've already, like the Orville, already got moved over to Hulu. Okay, it's like so all he has to do is get this away from them and he is clear of Fox. And you got to imagine, like he's already probably had to change the way some stuff's written for Fox to be...

...happy. Like imagine family guy no longer beholding the Fox, oh my God, and how much they could just cut loose. Yeah, so I don't know it's but yeah, he wants gone from Fox, although I'd been thinking it'd be hilarious that they give it to that would be the ultimate like thank you with Seth my Farlane for your comedy, but you also got rid of Tucker Carls. That would be fantastic. Well, hate that man so much. He is one of my most hated people just in the world. He's up there with Lindsay Graham, who has covid and you can go fuck himself. Yeah, and Lindsay Graham has covid. HMM, interesting. Anyway, I did a tweet I thought I was going to do on it never did well. As like, between Lindsay Graham Getting Covid, the baby making anti lbgt gears and Carson wentz breaking his foot, the worst part the person with a word, the thing, the person having the worst week is definitely covid. Stuck with Kim Liza suck. It's fucking funny and never got any really traction on clitter. I was a God damn, that's a fucking good day's fucking funny. That's great. Yeah, the De Baby Shit, I mean right into I was like yeah, the guy's names to baby, like yeah, I read, I read like the transcript of what he said and I was like yeah, I know, there's no mistaking this shit. I don't know. Basically, he was some comment about how, like all gay guys have AIDS, that kind of thing. or He's like if you're here tonight and you're gay and he don't have AIDS, are you really gay? And I'm like, are you fucking kidding me, dude, I must he probably talking to Matt Damon. We're getting to Matt Damon a little bit. But like he the baby got dropped from. Was it Bonnaroo or Lallapalooza and Paloza? He got dropped from Lallapalooza. He's getting he's losing. He got dropped from a watershit. I think he's in trouble with the label to I just say that I don't fucking no man did anyone? I know he went after quest he didn't know who quest level was. Or something. He doubled down went the win in on quest love. It's like, you don't know who the fuck quest love is, you motherfucker stupid. That baby's idiot. He is. I never fucking heard of him before that Shit. I was like. They were like the baby is I was like, who the fuck is which is a sign that I'm getting a child, a baby that I don't know. Man, these fucking the a lot of these contemporary pop artists have some of the dumbest names and the worst fucking music I've ever heard. But little baby, little baby, I'm bat was it the bad baby, the the cash me out, that cash me outside, Dick from I thought it was the hunt, as I mean, that could do. I thought it's probably your twitter handle the hunt. Yeah, it is sloppy. We always want to hear what you guys have to say, what your thoughts are and whatever it is we're talking about, and it's really easy to do that. All you got to do is go to our website, tblpod dotnet, and through our website you can either send us a message or click the little blue...

...microphone button and leave us a voicemail, and we love to share it on the show. And hear what you guys think and hear what you guys have to say, because we want you guys to be a part of the conversation here at the Basement Lounge. Yeah, this this Mad Damon Shit to, his daughter had to write him a letter about why he should stop using the the the bad gay F word. I knew that she said so, I didn't know she wrote him a letter. It was like she like got up from the they were like Chev he, I guess, was like he says something like at the dinner table or some shit, and she's like got up, went to a room and like wrote him like a whole thing about why it was bad to keep using that word. And I'm like, how is it two thousand and twenty one you still didn't fucking get that man from boss? That's his whole excuse. I I'm bombed from Boston. I know people from Boston who don't use that word. Dude. I just, I just am. I sitting there when I found out, I was like, I mean, did he she write this like twelve years ago? No, I like, I might. I like Matt Damon to, I do too, but right now you can go fuck himself because because then like the next day he's like, well, not, hang on, I've never used it against gay people. I'm like the word itself is a home of fuck. If I just walk around using the n word but never use it at a blasts and the back all the time, I'm still using the n word. Motherfucker, like, unless you're British talking about a cigarette, which you are neither. What if he was, I just slack cigarettes. But yeah, like daughter had to write him a letter. M just say, here's all the reasons why what you're doing is awful. Dad. Yeah, I think I've he just took one of Martin Scorsese's films very seriously. Just kept on going with it because, like when I saw that, I was like, how did you not? Yeah, but it's there's nothing. Maybe you're that fucked up in Boston door you like. I just I feel like there's no excuse, and I fuck my wife. That's what I call it. She hates it, but it is a why I made a face. I don't know why you went right and Dangerfield all of a sudden. Yeah, I just I feel like you can't use that excuse of I didn't know, like it's two thousand and twenty one, man. We're so far past that not being okay. Yeah, like, I know, so I know South Park did the whole episode with the bikers and all that, and it's a funny fucking episode and I get it. It's just we're we're not in that place anymore, man, and and and to be that, to be someone who's supposed to be tuned into that kind of thing, especially in Hollywood, that shows you how untuned he is. Yeah, it's again. I know so many Bostonians who don't use that word. It's probably wait, saying this is nineteen ninety, one thousand. Nineteen ninety was only the S was only ten years ago. Oh Man, sorry, Guy, I saw that. I was like what the Hell? Yeah, well, it's again. It's thrown it...

...up there with with the de baby thing. It's the debaby, the baby thing. It's it's so hard to say dub baby, the De baby thing, debate on the baby. It's again. How fucked up in ignorant do you have to just be to think that's fine? There's there's no possible way this can this can come back to haunt me. No, not at all. But also the thing with with the difference here this is is with the baby. That was at a public thing. He was at a concert. Matt Damon just volunteered this information. Yeah, it's like, Hey, did you know? It's my daughter last night told me to quit call it quits, saying to see my tweet on it. Dame is so well key through myself under the bus. He just canceled himself. That's impressive that they're like, I'm gonna fucking show these. Yeah, what happened with a couple years ago, with with Liam Neeson, when he talked about hutting down the Black Guy in Ireland? I mean that that was a little bit I know that was a little bit different, but again it's like, yeah, that was about some my wife. It was a telling his his sister's sister had been raped. Yeah, yeah, and she said that it was a black guy, you did it and so and it wasn't. It was just it was it was the choice of language. He is I wanted to go track down some black bastard, and I was like that I kind of understood where he's like, well, it was literally what he said. Yeah, because they can, like anybody would be like, somebody fucking rape my sister, like you'd kind of want to track them down him. Yeah, sure, it was. It was. It was the choice words, but also like and daily show guy, Trevanilla Trevor. Know, I even commented on that where he was like he wasn't even he was like, yeah, what he said was fucked up, but he also apologized and explained why he said what he did. Yeah, it's like the ideas were supposed to want people to apologize and recognize what they did was dumb and but with with Matt and Damon, he was like, hey, everybody, guess what I just learned not to say. Why would you think that was a human story? If he did that, he yet Damon, no, I saw that. I was like this is a weird thing that I can't it would be again, it would be I don't know, I don't know what's worse, like if he was caught saying it, like an event or something, but to just volunteer that story, it's like, yeah, I was having you guys. Are Your a funny story. Was Having dinner with my family last night and I just start calling this dude up and my daughter writes me a whole letter about why that's bad. How fucked up is that? My daughter wrote me a letter about that fake Newton. So I don't know it'll be. I'm because I'm curious see what if he gives me. He hasn't done a whole lot. It doesn't mean too lately. I mean he's doing that because a clear water something like that where he, oh yeahs plays a redneck buddy gone over it... try get his daughter, who's like a like a lesbian or something like that, a jail or break around a jail like that. Yeah, I don't know. Will be curiously how that does. He's going to guy. I like most movies. She's does I camera last time. I I just mean like nowadays people are really quick to like destroy somebody ever something. Well, yeah, this way end and like, you know, like not go see as movie, that kind of thing. I didn't think it was going to be great. Like it's not your paratypical Matt Day. Maybe like maybe, maybe two thousand and thirty million dollars probably makes like that. Like it's not going to be like I don't think it's gonna be like a great movie. No, that's going to be a blockbuster. Matt Dance, not your prottypical born supremacy or yeah, or fucking Jan sawmnbob's tray, Mac Atle hunting, but also going to apple sauce, big shit also going forward. I just I wonder, I how it'll fit, how and if it will affect, like you know, I'm getting cast that kind of stuff, that kind of things. But also he doesn't do as much. I mean did a cameo and Thor Ragnarok for FUCTSA. You might get like one to movie a year out of him, if that. If you're somebody who loves PODCASTING LIKE WE DO, or you're really interested in getting into it for the first time, there's an awesome tool available to you to make everything super easy, and it is called pod decks. Pod Deck supplies you with decks of cards that you can use for new episode ideas, interview question ideas of all different kinds of topics and styles, and it's so easy to use and so easy to get started. All you have to do is go to pod dexcom and use the codetbl ten to get ten percent off your total purchase at check out. That's the code tbl Ten at pod dexcom. I did think it's hilarious that then, like Ben Affleck, has always pops up and like Kevin's like you like as Kevin, it's an affleck. When he POPs in clerks to. Yeah, fucking Ben at. I wonder ify they to see their start will be clerks three? Yeah, I'm like, I want if he's going to be in clerks I hope so. Well, I love in the clerks to he starts making fun of Ben Affleck. Yeah, yeah, the cast Ben Affleck, who's been a but I don't know, some too bid actor from Boston. It was a good one time. I just it's so wild, like I when I started. I don't know, I'm just Super Fun. I'd love Kevin Smooth. I don't like clevern smooth. Movies I haven't seen are the WALRUS. One Walrus, one with I can't think of I think it's called the Walrus. I haven't seen Yoga hosers. I would see Yohos's, but that's his daughter. Yeah, that's all right. That made him love, love directing again. Is it really because he just got so sick and tired of just like directing and writing movies? We was before that. The last movie he had done was red state. Was It red stater? Was it Zach and Mary? Oh God, I don't know. I think I might in red state and take a look. I see it's a good movie. Yeah, but now apparently what I he like lost his love of... directing and writing movies, and then him doing the video, the movie with his daughter was like make him, made him fall in love with like Tusk toss. There it is. Yeah, so it went Zach and Miry cop out, which I haven't seen. He had to cop out really well, did he? That was that was the only one he had. That's the only one he's directed that he hasn't written. Yeah, Yep, he did not like Bruce Willis. Oh really, and then and then red state, Tusk, Yoga Hoosers, then the Jay and silent Bob Reboot. I haven't seen reboot either. I haven't either. Kilroy was here. Is something he's working on right now. I don't know what that is. And then clerks three. Tak of a very interesting career as like a director, because people talk about chasing amy all the time and that movies incredible. When you look at when you look at like what your typical Kevin Smith movie is, and then you look at chasing a Mey, like what the yeah, I said that's the one the Oscars missed on. Yeah, I know, I'd agree. Yeah, I'd a hundred percent agree. Well, you also you look at like who balls in chasing amy. You've got Ben Affleck. That was one of his first big starring roles. You Got Jason Lee's in this case, obviously, Jason Muse, Casey afflecks in there, really young Casey Affleck. Matt Damon's got a bit part in there. So I need to rewatch that. It's been first since I watched it. But also, like, you know, you got mall rats. You Know Mall Rats Shannon Doherty, Jason Lee, Jason Lee's and that one of the Stanley Stanley's, Stanley's got a cameo. Yeah, let's just he also did he also, I did. I never do. Is. He Directed Jersey girl, yeah, which I don't love. Yep, it's not his worst, but it's not his best. But I'll watch anything Kevin Smith touches. Some of those, some of my favorite episodes of like the flash were directed by Kevin Smith. And now I didn't not. I knew he dragged him. I never know. Like the first one. He the first one. Hey, like one a year something he would do sitting with like super girl. He would do like one of those a year. The first one he did was an episode the Flash, and that episode brought me two tears. HMM, it was such a good character based episode. Well, he's so he loves comics. Yeah, Oh, yeah, it was. It was so in his wheelhouse. I remembered the video of him he and went. I guess he was at a screening of Captain Marvel and there in the stat AU seen capne marvel. Yeah, the cameover Stan Lee. Is Him reading the mall rats script and I guess Kevin Lee, like somebody was at the screen and said like they heard him like shout in the movie theater like, Oh my God, I made him cry because that Canalis like I'm in the Marvel Universe. Yeah, I still think he needs to be like the new Cameo Guy. He does. I like he didn't do anything for COMIC BOOKS PER SE. Never know, but well, actually, I'll take that back. He had. He did some great contemporary runs for like daredeviln Green Arrow. Okay, but I'm saying he didn't like, I don't know. He didn't invent anything,...

...sure, but he's brought comic books to like almost like a pulp culture. Ask like yeah, to we're like yeah, and he was such good friends to Stanley. Oh, they it was like his second father. Yeah, to wars. Like yeah, I feel like he should be the Canyadie, but they'll never do it now. But like I should be him. Or deadpool. It should be Ryan randol. It's just right, real dressed in a deadpool outfit, but not really like as well, because Suth McFarland, him and Ryan Reynolds are tight. That's why, if you watch the to Ted Movies or the millionaires that I in the West, Ryan royals isn't unspoken embio and every single one we just is just on screen, never speaks. It's so weird. Well, they gotta pay him work. We talks? No, but just so weird that, like, you're such good friends and you love this person so much as friends, like yeah, I'll just do nothing on say scene for like thirty seconds. Patrick Stewart was the narrator for Ted. Yeah, eudn McGregor's got five seconds on screen and a million ways to die in the West. Jamie Fox shows up his DJANGO and the post credit scene of that movie. It's true. You know, you look at some of the like. You know, McFarland's got the respect of people like Liam Neeson, Charlie stron, you know, both of whom not only have shown him in his movies, but we're in episodes of the Orville. For Fuck's sake. Liam Thesa was an episode of the Orbit Hmm, in the first season. It was a kind of a cameo, kind of nod. It was he was the they were watching the video logs of a captain of an abandoned spaceship and it was Liam Neeson's so wild. That's what I think. It's really weird when you have like movie stars do cameos on shows. Oh yeah, it's so like, what the fuck are you doing here? Oh yeah, but not even though Charlie starron was on one two. That's she was in season I want to see season two. She was like the main character in an episode. She was like the big villain or whatever. That's so because she had done a million ways that, because they had both, brently using it, done a million ways to die in the West. And what I love is Liam Neson only did that because there was an episode of Family Guy where he makes fun of the idea of Liam Neeson being a cowboy and I guess leam Neson's sons thought it was the funniest shit ever. So set like Farland reached out to him as a joke and Lim was like no, I'll do it. So we got to be the filling in the MILLINGAIS, thene in the West. So that's so fucking crazy. Yeah, it's that my front has a lot of pool for like, well, he's I mean he's a massive star Trek Fan, which is why you made the Orville. He actually has a couple of cameos and in seasons because it was but star Trek Enterprise. He's like an engineer something like that. Is like one line or whatever. Really. Yeah, but the also, if you want the Orville, he's got cast members of next generation Voyager d space nine enterprise who show up as other characters in the Orville because it's the love letters start trek. But people saith like Farlin's got the respect of like real talent out there. People just write him off because he's, you know, the... guy. Did. Yeah, one of the thing is his family guys. Honestly, why would you write it that's so well written of a show for like so long, I know, but it's like it's like Adam Sandler and uncut gems. It's exactly that. They write it off because they a lot of people just see it as lowbrow humor. It's like, yeah, but it's so fucking clever. Yeah, and that okay for people who get pissed off at people doing lowbrow humor. Yeah, I'm like to make the sky's a joke, mm, but end up being like a lowbrow humor joke. But he discuss guys is something else. Like, you know hard that is to like, because most loud Brocki, you can see that from a mile away. Yeah, I just fucking I I had a comic one time say that I think that's a little hanging fruit. I was like, did you see it coming? No, W shut the fuck up. Also, did you laugh? Yeah, like, is it funny? Wasn't know. Some mails write you chokes. You shut the fuck up. Yeah, no, I love I love people who who can do like the lowbrow or the dumb humor, but in a creative way. It's why I love Kevin Smith. Yeah, Zach and Mirry make a porno, a movie about people making porn. Make an amateur porn. Should be dumb and unwatchable. And that movie is so good and there's a love Starre is a great love story and that's a relatable love story and it's just double touch rather preasure ruther. He also got an actual porn star to be in the movie. So, because you kind of have to, you gotta find somebody was cool with that shit other than Jason Muse. So yeah, it's true, Um, but we'll even just look in that movie. Look at you got fucking Craig Robinson that movie before anybody like he was on the office and that was basically it. And Elizabeth Banks, who was on top of the fucking world and the time at the time and you wouldn't necessarily see her making something like that. She's got a great sense of fucking humor, though, and she's so funny in that movie. Seth Rogan, seth rogue and who, because that was when he was ruling the comedy world movies at that point. Yes, Jason Uses in that fucking Justin long as the gay porn star fucking Brandon routh as his boyfriend, which is amazing. How the fight, I mean. But he's not really done anything, though. Well, he's been on, he's been doing that. Legends of tomorrow show. He's been in the air overse show use the Adam. Okay, guys, he's been doing that because after Superman tanked, that Superman returns movie he made after that movie hit fucking rock bottom, because he was kind of counting on that to be his big jumping off point. He didn't do much as at a while. Bad. It was a terrible movie. That wasn't even his fault. No, he got cast because he looked like Christopher Reeve. Yeah, that was basically it. I'm looking who aalls in this movie. We said kind of big ones. Tacha Campbell Martin, who, she's funny as fuck, is in jacket. Jazz Zach Me Meger, Porn. Now fucking Katie Morgan is the porn star.

The plays stacy, the yeah one who, the one who frosts. What's his name? The guy's film and Shit, the guy from from clerks. Dante, not Dante. He fucking Jesus Christ. I'm Toronto Blank here. Jeff, Jeff Anderson. Yeah, Jeff Anderson, he. Yeah, but we said Justin long tray. See Lord's is in there as bubbles. She's the Asian, she's the the older older woman who, yeah, what's just a damptate, follow me on fucking instagram for the did he really? Yeah, wow, yeah, because I'm pretty much a Badass like that. There's there's a guy who hasn't but like, has he ever really try to, like you know what I mean? No, I don't think he has. Brian o'holler and trying to think he's done, like I'm going to. I'm looking to his filmography right here, like you know he did. He did dogmn clerks and Mall Rats, chasing amy and all that, James Olm Bob Strike back, but other than that, like it's a lot of small parts and a lot of Indie Star and Oh Hallohan, Whulohan, Holler and Holler and Bryant, Brian ohller and a lot of small stuff. And then, you know, pretty much anything Kevin's, Kevin Smith wants them to do, because his first acting role was clerks, and if Kevin Smith gives you that big of a jumping off point, you do whatever he wants for the rest of his life. Yeah, SOT, clerk's just, I feel, like clerks. Okay, so the thing of things that have to find my life as a comedian or like clerks, yeah, and maybe monty python when it comes just random there like my holy grail. It's specifically how they grail. Yeah, I don't like because I love that type of like we like dialog. I love the dialog and clerks. Oh Yeah, but I love the craziness of and the random like a bunny eating. They're taking pole, like just the right like. I love the dialog and that and I just love the whole like just the night, totally hand Gernaid and Nice. who say me is one of the dumbest sequences. I laugh my ass off every time black night, black the boss, just a flesh. I bite you to death. It's just the dumbest shit that you like. Goddamn, this is comedy, but in some people will find it funny. Those people are fucking stupid. That's I don't know that I feel like those are like just what I love, and that's why I think I like South Park so much. You South Park is very British. Oh, there's a very, very British comedy influence on South Park. A hundred percent. Yeah, because British humor, people like the people have to make the joke like British stuff is boring. Ba Ba. British humor is fucking cleverest. Absolutely, it's very dry. Everybody is always said comic comics have always said I should go over there and new comedy because, Oh my God, will make you'll kill. Yeah, and Mike, I don't know. The British love comedy. Yeah,...

British comedy. Comedy rules the world, rules England. They love comedy over there. France not so much, but in England they love comedy. That's why so many hit American comedy shows are based off of British ones, because the British ones are huge. I've always been told and you go there, I needed you somewhere. I need to Canada, and then I leave. You go like La La, because although appreciate me a lot more in all those places. I'm like, I appreciate that, but they like I love places that just get caught like they get it, like they fucking mmm get it to get it. They get a well written joke. Canada, the Canada is a lot like that. Yeah, some of them, some of my favorite, like letter Kenny. Yeah, it is. That is Canadian as fuck. That is some of the most when we've talked over this, some of the most well written well, Shit, television comedy Shits Creek. That's Canadian. Is Fuck Trailer Park Boys. I don't wait. Trail Park. I Love Trailer Park Voice. I don't I don't mind it, I just I don't got on my way to watch it. The thing is, I just love it. It's Canadian and like you think of a Canadian trailer park and I guess I just make one of those things. It's like, I don't know, like it's one of those things, but like Shit's creek, like letter Kenny. Wife hates letter Kenny, but she doesn't get it. It's a guy show. What are I that that first opening saying it's so fun. Yeah, just like I've shown. That's how I get. Whenever people are like what is it, I'm like just on Youtube, just go letterkenny, cold open it. Just watch that opening sequence. That is so clever and witty and just fucking funny. Not only that, but also the timing. Those guys have to get that timing just right and it's not a lot of editing. That is just them knowing how to play off of each other as well. It's and it's having that that great, great group of actors who know who know what what they're looking for. Yep, is so. Yeah, Canada, I mean Kay Trevor Wilson's one of my favorite contemporary comics. Do It's good is that? That captain crunch bit is so fucking funny. We hope you enjoy this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you, guys, want to know more about the show or get more involved in any way, shape or form, head on over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tblpod dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews page and clicked a little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us know what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you guys again and next week for a brand new episode. Every Wednesday. Eight am is when they drop. Until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and Bo by.

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