The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 39 · 2 months ago

Booze vs. Weed


Which is better: getting hammered or getting baked? Also, how did AMC's stock drop after showing record profits? And how funny is Sam Elliot on Family Guy?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Pros & cons of booze & weed.
  • AMC's mysterious stock drop.
  • Sam Elliot is the new mayor on Family Guy.

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...manipulate the stock? It's the thinglike, if you look at any stock that has that type of like news and thenearnings bits earnings. They always go up right. Why? All of a sudden whateverybody like? Oh they had their great earnings and then it would just go down. No yeah- and I mean like I know I knowwith especially being a movie theater chain right now- is kind of volatile.Well, here's the thing that they actually one of the things. I said thisI could warner brother said: they'll have exclusive rights for the firstforty five days for all their movies who's, O that Warner Brothers reallyyeah. So it's like they have all this goodnews, but like the stock, goes that's interesting because they because WarnerBros is going through a big transition with discovery, because, like attselling them out the discovery, that's so weird and it just it made nosense. I was like some I ask me is like how do you think I was like a honestly?Am s should be great today because of the earnings call like you? Don't beatyour numbers by twenty percent yeah they expect and in the N I went downlike five percent for the day, and I was like this: Does it make no any fucking sins that right now I inityfour bucks or some thirty, four bucks, a sure it. So I say I was like yeah.This isn't make any sense like this is completely maniple. It's so manipulatemanipulates. It just doesn't make sense. No, it doesn't. I think they finallyfigured out, like some guy did like a rough estimate he's some theory likethere's like this vote in the boat, like. Basically, if somebody voted likethe this person asked a question and you have to verify how many stocks youhave, and it goes it's called we sites called say what happens. Is you linkyour accounts that you have God and it verifies how many question likebasically, when, like it was for Ames he's earning his call like questions toask and stuff? Will somebody put this questions like hey when you guys getout Dat, you guys Goin t give a dividend, and so everybody that thatthose first question everybody up voted it because what happens if you upvoteit takes your. It takes your shares and it counts them into that thing. So itgives you like an idea of like how many people so like sixty five sand. Peopleowned, like sixty eight million shares, so there'sthis theory. Eater total huh eat your total to sixty five Osan people ownsixty eight million shares. Okay, that's not everybody, a hat on because,like four point, one million people on the shares right, okay, yeah. So Ican't remember what the theory is, but like that roughly almost eleven hundredshares per person. So logically, but what happened is you'd have obviouslyyour people own, a ton of shares are going to sign into that right and then,like the people who have lower end shares are going to be. Okay, like Igot the lower end share account like like some of them signed into, butthere's like this e twenty, like twenty...

...percent of the people like gift thefigure be on the high end, and if the average person owns like a hundred andtwenty shares. So they did like. I don't know how the math works, but itmay how to describe it but like it made like to or like the float couldanywhere between, like almost two times like the amount of shares is supposedto be available because, if you take like basically all the high numberpeople owned more than ten percent of the account ofthe shares available like it was like, like twelve percent or something rightbut like if you do the math you this person's theory, how to calculate desthe use us for like voting and stuff like that, like yeah, it was like yeah,so that would make like the float roughly on a conservative level like a like,almost twice as many shares available than it should be, and if you go altra conservative, it'sstill way like they, even they like an Alder Con Service estimate is stilllike way more than it should be really yeah. So it was very interesting. Idon't know I this whole thing has been so fuckingtumultuous, it's Insane Fun than me. I mean I made money at but can tay likestudy it a Mike when you're watching it happen in realtime. It's not like somebody who, like a lot of people there, who check likeevery month, Orlon my watch you're watching it every fucking day and it sjust like I'm just like sitting there and like this, makes it like it. Sixty sevensixty like five thousand people, had a almost sixty eight million shares, likenot everybody's, going to average eleven hundred shares part like that's,not logical right, because that was the whole point of the theory was like. Youalways have your top guys vote on that, because, obviously you expect they willbe like all about that and you have the lower tier, but the average personapparently like when they split it up is supposed to have a hundred andtwenty like there's four point: one millionpeople, but, like you take those four point: one million people there's fourpoint: one million people they're only supposed to have an average, a hundredand twenty shares, like only suppose, but that s include synthetic shares andthat type of stuff. So it was very interesting other hedge fun fuckers.Well, the weird thing is like the irony with even gets. Weirder is like there'stwo numbers always like people like love to make fun of in the redit formsat a four a d: Twenty right, if we're not going to sell until four hundredtwenty thousand are not going to sell into each share it. Six hundred sixtynine thousand right. So guess what the the difference between well like whatthey actually the resent een, what AMC was expected to earn? What theyactually earn was sixty nine million four hundred and twenty s. that'salways like ways like that's got to get them like,throwing us a signal, something we know so obvious to we're like what de fuspicked those numbers perfectly stupid. I don't know I got in I meanthis is like month, eight for me, yeah! No, I meanwe've been talking about it all year, the beginning of this year. I just likeI like it now I, U, I like how fucked...

...up the financial system is like. Well,I mean real the financial isms fucked up, but now it's like I'm startingrealize how fucked up it really like. There's something car like a dark pooland like like I use web and people use RobinHood like those don't those like numbers, don't even go like if I buy a stock bye bye, itdoesn't even go to New York Stock Exchange, so it makes tree does not reflect onwhat's being happening right at that moment. So what dark polls is is like.Basically, it's called pay for. It's called Pffer flow, so happened in this. Basically, we bull and like Robin Hood,so like actually in the font. The irony iscitadel one of the big person that shorts a lot of companies owns paymentfor order flow. Oh so what happens is like if, like they'll take like? If Ibuy a stock and let's say o you buy stock, I buy ten you by ten right, sothey'll. Take those ten combine them right and take other people's ten untilthere's like a thousand of them and then throw them in all at once, but itnever hits a stock exchange period. So you never actually see it reflectingthe price. You never see what you're buying affect what's show. What's onthe crazy part right, they actually see like the hedge funds and institute, seethose numbers before anybody else, and now they can fure out what they want todo for the price same with like acorns andyeah, all all Alinas, paying or Fortell, and when the irony is I know, eregetting like the irony citadel was totally against that and two thousand ad like twelve and now that's they're betting, fitting from it they have thebiggest really and seventy percent it's like between sixty and seventy percentof, like all orders for AMC, go through Dark Pool God. So it's like it doesn't even hitthe market to make a reflection. It's really fucking m! That's what's been,you know you think about where we're at you know in in turn. You knowtechnology and all that a hundred years ago, no one ever would have been ableto catch this catch on to this kind of thing. Well, then, you want a hundredor even like in the s series like if you bought a stock like you had a call,you broker m you broke. We then have to call down a year, give it to somebodyand, and then you get and you get it back to a day or two later right.Everything happened now with computers, it's like uncertainly, but it's justlike well, but also because of computers in the Internet. Now peopleare able to track these kinds of lige you're talking about the next day itwent to back in the EIES. Nobody would have caught that yeah, there's no waythey could have the shit it was shit would move so quickly. Now, there'salways someone watching it. Just wasn't like a company cannot have like and theamount of money they made. This quarter was like like how they be their extras.It was the biggest they've ever had in their entire history, really not lickin the last year. No in their history... how much money they have on hand,everything in their history and it still went down. That's crazy, does it make any say O itdoes? It doesn't make any sense, wow God, it's all fuck man, it doesn't make anyfun in sense. I have a group chat, my buddies and I was like, like he could tell this bit andmanipulate because at the time I was only up twenty six cents of a greatpositive and then eventually it was down like two dollars for the day, andI was like ernies calls. Always every positiveAran call you're, always up at least five ten percent. You don't go down.Six percent or five whatever it was for. I'm like yeah, hasn't make an especially because likelike right now, with movies, coming back out intheaters, again like that money's flowing in exactly is flowing in right now, peopleare not are so ready to go back to the movie every, but and that's the thingeverybody and they like they had Adam Aaron, the co MC bunch stuff and likeJim Kramers, like kind of like talking to him. Graand crammers, like I justrather watch a movie at home and then like Adam era, is like well. Peoplehave kitchens, but they still go out to eat. Ah Huh exactly and it is like itjust then get the bash the company because, like why? Aren't you bashingit? Why are you only bashing MC and not bashing any other movie company,because they're the ones who, since this pandemic started, have been takinga stand against all the ball, the other big companiesthey took a stand against universal, took a stand against the whole, likemovies, coming out on streaming the same day as there going they're theones who've been putting their foot in the sand and at the time when they didthat they had the most to lose because they were in financial hell at the timeyeah. What and that, not just that, I think they have been shorted to shit,and so, like everybody's, like I mean headphones up, there's like three orfour head funds that s gone under just because of AMC, and it's just like. Canyou just stop like the bullshit and just be like? That's clearly like thisis his fucking. It's literally I'm seeing this happen, and it makes no twoplus two Weekes Dick in mouth right. That's what it feels like right now Ijust like. When you look like a guy like JimCramer, I mean he works, for who it was. I snun Fox, CNBC, MC C NBC Think Yeah CNBC is fallsunder that I think their own titly by universal, so it would make all thesense in the world of the company is like no fuck. This guy, were you know,telling Jim Cramer not fuck the an s you guy, because he AMC universal wasthe first one AMC one after well, and here's the irony so like another guy.Did this thing about how like Adam, are, is going to try to sell a shares? Hesaid he's going to hire third party sell shares because it takes him out oflike first of all, a Co cannot share, sellshares during a short squeezet they're...

...not allowed to appear at all, but nowin that it takes conflict to have interest for him so like, and then youhave like. All of the sudden, like this guy came em. What the dude is he's bigon CNBC is, is his anchor just financial stuff starts talking aboutlike well out of Er and talking about selling a share going to hire. Theirparty sells shares, and you know what's going on in the other, the other likeanchors like well yeah I'll all CEOS do this, but he was trying to pitch it asif, like he's getting off board it's going to tank, it's almost like it'slike putting it into a blind trust. Yeah, that's the one that when whentrum got elected, that was the thing they talked about was if he was goingto put his business holdings into a blind trust, and he said you get to mykids and they were like the thout fine chest. Not a blond draft yeah, I knowthat's, that's that's fairly common yeah, but they just try to pitch. Theytry to like paint this picture of like it's in sectionalism it's at the end ofthe day. It's the equivelent Click Bait Yeah. What Yeah? No it is. I just itirritates the fuck I like I said I made money if et and phone it for everybody,it's like when you see how blatant it is. You're like right. You almost just can't believe like likethis is happening right. Yet you really can't believe it, and I know they've,put a lot of rules in the places like you can see where they put in rules inplace. For one shit hits the fan, everything will be fine and it's I meanit's going to take a while, it's still taking a while, but all these rules arein place just for men like it does like. If something does happen, when it doeshappen, like the economy doesn't to go, Oh yeah, because here's you want her,the while part so most heavily shorted stocks, GM and am the game stop and MCin particular, or the Delta to or no the Theta Theater Delta to marketcrash. If the market crashes M, those two socks were shoot up, really theirnegative del, their negative Delta, which is unheard of. Oh. So, if themarket literally crashes dose, will shoot up regardless Holy Shit, I've never yeah, I've never heard of anegative delta or it say or Nagave. Theta Delta came Roch One. It is, butif the market crash is those shoot up automatically, because that is thehedge, because what you do is something like that happens you, hedge againstthat, so those are the hedge for that it's very it's very weird, and I'vebeen like that for like ever Jesus, I just hate financial, Shit, God, Damn I love looking into it. Ilove like numbers, but like digging numbers I was like like from verybeginning. There was one day they that's the whole point that got me intothis. There's one day like one point, five billion shares were traded and I'mlike there's not even like the time, there'sonly three hundred million shares that could be traded M. I was like how isthis even like you're telling me that theentire float got traded five times yeah and nobody held on anything thatdoesn't make any sense? Okay, that's why I'm in yeah, it's kind of like it'slike going through your your girlfriend.

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...pizzas. I don't know what it is about we butlike. I want that one, I'M NOT HIGH! Why so? Weird, like I have literallylike I've, be in dinner. Like a big fucking dinner I ate edibles, I turnedmy wife, a Mimosa, I'm a order, peace just funnin. I regretted the nextmorning when my stomach- Oh, Oh yeah, I'm fucking, like fuck yeah. I had Ihad a lot of those in college. The there was only one pizza place in towns,a fucking Papa John's, but it to deliver to a dorm with with a large onetopping and a two leader was ten bucks. So I can't tell you how many times wewere ordering like two or three pizza to the fucking dorm at one o'clock inthe morning ploughing through me the next morning we're all just like. Idon't want to go to class O my s N, I'm like Tsin, tolerant. Oh me, too, trustme it's, but I will suffer for pizza. Oh my Godyeah! I I don't know I we will make you wantto eat food yeah, and I think the ultimate thing is like weed that makesyou edibles you're eating, though that makes youwant to eat more food, which is the most fucking thing. I just thoughtabout that: you're eating a food that makes you want to eat more and youdon't want to eat edibles. I mean I've been so high off edibles. Like I don'tknow. If I told this story one time I was watching instant family with MarkWilber yeah, I got so high that was Thanksgiving Day. I had an edible atten in the morning: Uh Huh, oh no, before before the Turkey. Well, here'sthe wild. I thought instant family was a psychological thriller, like I say, and I like being paranoidhigh to I love it. I'm, like I tell my wife, everything is going on my mindright now, and I just I love that thought prose like if I wake up to mylike when I wake up I'll, find out yeah, you know, and it was still high nextday at work. Oh, my God, it were off at five p m because I remember thinking upI'm clear, headed and I looked at my watch and was five P M on the dot and Iwas like God damn. This lasted twenty four Oors, so not thirty six hours,whereas a lot O fucking long as time. Oh, my God, I've. Never I've been likeI tol T, is like two hundred and fifty milligrams out yeah. Well, I told youabout the weekend. I did that at her all and a a fucking weekend there tellyou what happened the first time I did a gravity bong. No, so I was I was justso used to. It was still early early in smoking pot, but you know I was used tojust always being you know, hit the ball pass. It had lot, you know, so Iwould go to get high, but not that high. I tried to gravity bomb for the firsttime when I was living down south and that was new. That was a new kind ofhigh for me, because I because I was so I was- I was having nee problems. Had A heel spur and neeproblems at the time, so I was Wan with a cane right. So wasn't my buddiesplaces. I hit this gravity bung and I go sit on the couch and the next thingI know like everything. Just... er see that movie dread withColonel Urban, where he with the Sloman yeah. It was like that everything gotreally fucking slow and I'm sitting there on the couch, leaning against mycane, with my phone in my hand, just scrolling arbitrarily getting liketunnel vision from my own phone and then I start and then I bust outlaughing at this joke. My Buddy said something about fucking penguins. Idon't remember what it was and they look at me and they're like what is sofucking funny, I'm like the shit with the penguins. If, like Dod, that wasfifteen minutes ago, I'm sure I wasn't Pandis. It was one of those like I wasjust like it's like they ended up having me to sleep on the couch thatnight, because the next day it was just like, I feel white. I love being that high. I fuckin alittle of it. That's like one of my favorite things is like. I don't wantto do anything stupid yeah. I just want to chill and relax yeah and be in myown thoughts. My paranoid thoughts is what I'm yeah when I'm drunk. I want todo stupid shit when I'm high. I Bask in the glory of doing nothing. So my I mean I used to just love Sundaynights. My Buddy Nick would come over. We get baked and you know, WatchHannibal and listen to a record or something that's. The thing is like itshould fucking. We should be legal everywhere. I don't understand why it'snot has so many medical benefits for a ton of people, but on I mean like an it just because nobody can make moneyoff of it yet yeah, that's the whole reason yeah completely the governmentwanted their cut and a, and then we talked about thiswith Jordan and we've talked about before and then you look at you know.There's it's got to be a whole reform program. It can't just be occasionally decriminalizing it on astate level, because there's still, God knows how many people locked up forlife for marijuana possession, while other people are out selling it andturning a profit and calling it twisted tea. Yeah, like is ki just like the W O e, thethought process being in jail for life or selling weed and in getting out orlike finally getting out or whatever not life for like twenty years andthere's just a fucking, dispensary yeah like what the Fuck I would brooks washere myself on the spot. Yeah I mean yeah, it's like it's like wow, I lostmy life in prison, and now people are justselling this shit next door to a starbucks like in a building there. They werelike they are legally registered as a dispense like it's it's because thegovernment thee got their hands on it. Like the the E H was the cot. They hadtheir big deal and coke because they basically help funnel coke to UnitedStates or whatever. What was the one with with Daddy Bush, where they were.There was a the FBI, was doing a big crack sting and they actually got theundercover cops to have the sting moved... the park across from the White House. So T that way they could conduct thebust at that park so that later that, so that the next day when Daddy Bush did his pressconference from the Oval Office, he was able to say we were able to apprehendthis much at a park just across the street from the White House like theyactually had the bus by moved to that location. Just so, we could have thatline in his speech. That's so fucking bullshit, so fucked up yeah, and it wasall for time bag now, yeah bag was about. Thatbeynt mean I was. It was a big fucking bag, but it's fucking weed man, yeahfucking. We get grows in the fucking ground. I know it is you an actually occurring yeah,just like tobacco, just the government never got theirfucking hands on it. Yeah I s like in prohibition. They didn't have theirhands on fucking alcohol for a while either yeah. That's why prohibition wasa big thing. That's why that's that's why alcohol alcohol laws are still sorandom everywhere you go yeah. You know I lived. I think I got to about when Ilived down. The alcohol was down south are crazy. Strict. Are they reallyreally like when you go to when you go to a bar here, there's usually like acouple of licenses on the wall like the business license and the alcohollicense, and then there's usually like an after midnight alcohol license.That's it! If you go to a bar of South Carolina, it's like a whole fuckingBoltin board of licenses. They have to have like and a lot of places nowadaysdown south. You can't be a bar. Only bar you have to sell somekind of food. You have to get a permit to be open,past nine past eleven past midnight and past two, a M, and if you fault on any one of those they just shut you down, you don't likelose that license. You are shut. The fuck down most places still don't allowalcohol sales on Sundays, and if they do it's usually up to the businesses,discretion o a lot of businesses still don't because there's an extra tax tosell alcohol on Sunday Sundays, because there's also the Lord Yeah- was also high food tax down there too, thatdoesn't exist up here. When I moved up here. Buying food was so much cheaperyea than it is down there. Yeah it's weird down there, man, all these drivethrough shopping place. Where you can drive through and buy half gallon ofmilk six pack, we those don't exist down so yeah. I didn't know that a zoneexist. I would. I would tell people down there that I work with about thoseit look at me like I was talking about seeing big foot. That's one thing people have alwayssaid: like does don't really that wasn't really only only exist in Ohio.I feel like pretty much Ohio and like Yeah Ohio, Iowa out of the farm land,the heartland Harry here as only place as exist. You go that you go out pastinto the over into the over. In a central time or whatever they don'texist, yeah, it's so weird. I really don't even use those things that muchthough t know they're expensive. They...

...sell their stuff being sold a gasstation prices, so yeah is literally you're doing it for convenience becauseyou don't want to get out of your car. That's literally it yeah t I when Idon't want to walk yeah when I do go into those places. It's like. I don'tfeel like getting at the car. What if one of those is invented, because someone is a fuck I want to get in there by a ship, but I don't want to walk thereand just drove their fucking car into the builds some money on it grab somesnickers up front out of the wind they'll snap money on the counter justbacked out. There's there's one speed way that has one of those drivethroughs over over in Centerville Miamisburg kind of area.There's one big ASS, speed way. That also has the drive through and you cantell them like hey. I want a speedy freeze and you'll see them. fucking,walk in go to the speed, freeze thing fillip, take it back out to him andthat's so weird. I know it's like it's already. I don't know hers a like gasstations that, like people still fill your get, you can get. People fill yourgas think this is a little thing. I've never dealt with that. Ever in myentire life, I had one of my fucking rich white people, Shit Yeah. I had atone time the guy walked up and I was like and as something wrong he's likeyou for gas. Aren't you and I was like yeah he's like? Oh, it's a full servicestation. I was like shut the fuck up. Fuck all right, cool yeah fill er upband shit. Do you have to tip them? I mean I should I did mostly because it was like you knowwhat fuck it. This is a hell. This is an experience. I never thought I'd getto have you get next five bucks and it's so weird yeah an want to. Never I don't know. fuckingbulls should be a thing used to not be allowed to pump your own gas. I didn'tknow that yeah now it's yeah, I don't know now you in fuckingJuran, Ohi Youa drive and get Cartino milk heroine, so you can get c vd at speedway now andget C bd a speedy freeze and gas all without having to get out of yourfucking car just fill the slushy with gas. What do it like? Those lockers that werefilling up the garbage bags at the gas see this cell me this fucking stupid aI grow Mo like every one time you do something like Dumber, like a mulletyour pair in the bag but shorter in the front yeah just fucking move I! If you're really done to get a rattail, O the fucking dreaded rat, a God. We always want you guys to be a part ofthe show so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to ourwebsite, www tbl, pod dot net, and you can click on the blue microphone andleave us a voice message which will respond to on the air. You can also useour website to access our official discord, server and chat with us andall kinds of other listeners. Just like you at any time. You want once againhead on over to our website www dot,...

...tbl pod dot net, he's not the mayor anymore, so theybring on Adam's cousin wild west go that's myself, my Finois by SamElliot. I got to show you a clip. This is the funniest shit. Oh my boy, a wildwest and it is like it is some of the funniest shit you've ever seen. How isthat yeah? That's a fair point! Blows youmind if I make you a sweater while I respond now now that would be fine. Lord, I Omy whole family to Oregon. When I was thirteen and it taught me that a townwas like a horse, you don't choose it, it chooses you and I believe, Kougachosen me Jes, like I choose my cousin hit em now. The last thing I want to dois take something from a woman. There's nothing I respect more than women. Isthat foul ISOM? If raised sixteen daughters into strong independent women,I'm a registered Dula and I always order edamame for the table, so you're all alone up here, like nowonder Huh. Yes, why? He, by that a man's never alone, Louis so long ashe has his principles, fatter and Lord. As long as he has his prince he's got ahis were got in the show. He's got a on his farm. He raises mustaches he's gotlike live mustaches as doat. One Point Peter. I guess decides that all of hismasculine power comes from his mustache. If he sneaks into the night to try andlike rip it off, he takes like a chain saw to it a blow torch to it andnothing. I just won't come off, so he tries to grab it. I like it startsfighting back against him. The fact that his name is what so fucking. We hope you enjoy thisweek's episode of the Basement Lounge, if you guys want to know more about theshow or get more involved in any way, shape or form had on over to ourwebsite, tbl pod dot net. THAT'S T B, l, P, O d dot Net, leave us a rating andreview on the reviews, page and cook the little blue microphone to send us avoice message. Let us know what you thought of today show and share yourthoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you guys again and next week for abrand new episode. Every Wednesday at am is when they drop until then, asalways live well, rock on take care and baby...

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