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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Among Us & Comedy Festival Nostalgia


What the hell is Among Us? What's it like at a comedy festival? Will movie theaters survive the pandemic?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • How to play Among Us
  • Their favorite comedy festival memories
  • The movie theater experience

Check out the Among Us video featured during the show:

Watch Mike Shea's vlog from the 2019 Fireworks Comedy Festival:

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A basement loungers, it's Mike Again,you guys might remember from last week Mike Wells and I we recorded these episodes the night before theelection. We recorded these Monday night the night before the election, so anything we say referencing the election. When have you? Obviously the information is changed aswe recorded this. So I might any mention we make, might not be totallyaccurate, but you know it is what it is thanks. You guys so much as always forhanging out with us and joining us in the conversations and and the talk andjust you know t these are the important conversations, the ones that we get tohave with people with friends, just shooting the Shit and and just talkingabout life. You know, and especially this year, with everything going onwith covid it's something we don't get to do very often anymore, so we led youguys are here with us and is always if you want to join in the conversation,you can always sit us up on twitter, follow the show at tbl underscore podon twitter and Instagram Yan. Follow me on twitter, at Michaef, Al Chays, andyou can follow mice wells on twitter at Mike WTF Wells and go to our websitebasement lounge podcom check out courseno it that there. That being saidon with the show it's so fucking Sgdick Pi, no, he didn't really okay. So I guess you can customize your littledude. I guess give them had some Shit at Lo wit. Okay, okay, see his guys point. This guy's playing isan ampostor so see I don't even know. Okay, so soyou can show you okay, Osaba!I forgot see. I have e be able to do this because I mal sabotage anything S.OE never been the fucking ambossle. It literally just says the top sabotagean kill. Everyone like it's got the objectives andsabatage and kill everyone there you are so you can got see hawthat vent slit up. Yeah he's! Probably gonna kill this otherfucker right here. We can't kill him because we is is yeah.It's like see how, like it lights up, yeah, that's your line ofsight, can't say anything. Gotcha, ah they're on to him. They're fallowing HM around everywhere. Well, they also have to do theobjectives to Oh, okay, Gotcha. Okay, that's what he's? Okay, traking some privacy he Livs on the computer! Is it mobile.You might deal play on a computer. Luper DUP kill somebody. I want to want somebody to but see that the green bar of the greenbar uptop yeah. That's how everybody's doing all their tasks? Okay, so that,let's you know like how much proder, so if all the tasks get completed beforethe APOSTER, like kills everybody's the Games, tever game, you win. Okay, soit's either kill everybody or complete all the objective. Yes, I ju Tryingiwas a camera right there, yeah there's all socurty cary can be shit. Okay.

Are we killed the Oxygen Oe's g? Now I there on Fuckin got himin half yeah. It's great he's at to go through event, though I don't think no, but then you can also have emercymeeting like in the middle of the thing. Okay. This reminds me of something you wouldplay. I on like on new grounds back in like two thousand and eight IA, say:Don't even know what that is. Othe new grounds is now. It was like a like Ias,like a website dedicated to flash content as sweet and they had wholewhole section of just games and shit that were really fucking. Good actually is waiing for people, though yeah or is it Schames last long ast time illSan eleven minute, video holy Shit, Hes US fuck? I keep on watching that shit.That's Creti, Soth, oh Wai! No! I think. I think this is a multiple o. This ismultiple games. I think okay, he's Gon, kill that mother Fucker cant kill that security can't right.There can't do that. He's Goinna, kill this dude right here, no or not. I'm complete this Guy JeezII killed everybody by now he's playing the long game that body discuss ius. Two people might have dropped outyeah. They showed a couple. People drop out yeah discussing okay, so is that where the whole like so andso is such thing comes from yeah, okay, thit's, a Suss, I wasn't r, she ive you hat to be the impossres pissedme of I'm like come on. Let me just be theimpassor God's, like Noe, Dude's name is thin, is boutsevenremaining yeah? So, like you, can you start voting people out so, but you an see how he CAC o you want,or you can skip your vote to, if you're, not for sure. So I'm Interesti who votes what it'll show you the pole results yeah. So if you watch it, seeow they're going to cuck out theOneh I get. Spaced was not the impostor. I think you start from them. It is oneimpostor remains: can there be multiple INPOSSTASO yeah I go around it. Just Iguess it jus irritating is like do fucking, kill somebody broyeah camera yeah can't do it because thecamera. I can't remember how big this. So ifyou kill somebody in front of the camera dothatt like let everybody knowor somebody can be watching the camera. Okay. Okay, that's! I Call Im merency meeting okay,they can discuss, they think it might be Blueokay. I remember I emember youMambe Blu, keep following me just playing it really well, because nobody hasn't anythere what the fuck isdoing. Yeah somebody set a swear. They started outwhenever he said alse's being a dik and everyone'sGoinno start fovoor black was R yeah. I guess the good news is like he's folling somebody an essence. So yeah, it's kind, tof help him...

...get me wrong. Fuck y'all, lol, spaced die now was Noyou, get for being anasshole man. He gets spaced it' just on I playis games, it's just fun to playlike shes killed time on this is Goinna this tis going to turn into such a time.Suck for me. IS HE gonna kill fucking? What's he doing? Oh, you can ask. I AVhonestly on this part I'. No, my idea what you can do, maybe view where people are at, I don'tknow, looks like it. Yeah Iways Got Waso you guy. So what you gotto wait for your kill thing to charge. I guess now because it's like a cat down overis killed by Mo. I did not know that. Maybe you have to be alone withsomebody. A certain amount of time, O kill him. Idon't know ot, makes sense, becauseyou can't, like I there's a group, he was goin right winner wine, merency meeting Whatis Gong for what think people are just okay, so t polegot voted out. That's what yea to people to drop. Two people gotkilled and I guess it's not green and he's the one doing era aaokay. Whois it Yowhat? You are not too white o hundredpercent. What is that a Senense? You are not too white. Why is that evenit's? Okay you're, not too white man, everything you thought it wouldmean, know Whyi'm going off on the Tangnot me not me. She ansing everybody.I think he really is that's impressive. I've Yoht to see this. This is this is this. Is Somebody who, like in realhe's, only killed one person yeah, and this he's just turning everybodyagainst each other? This is genius. This is great. This is how Donald Trump became presentyeah. This is genius. He's literally he'skilled one person because ie seen Borik yea on people get taken out. He stavotage two things. I think you sabotaged the reactor and the Otwo, so I guess he does have to Wai fifteenseconds yeah. Maybe fifteen set maybe the amount ofseconds before like in the middle of the beginning of a match. Maybe he'll kill, kill kid. 's, Gona, Erson off right here, Yep, a god in Man i's, got Ta, wait twenty something!Second, okay, see I'm learning to from this. So nowyou know you learto have a UN e first game atplay, I'LL BE THE IMPOST! That's where he's gonna get everybodyturn against White Aawere. WHAT THE FUCK BLACK! Oh wait of your racist! You were near the body at's the BI thing. IKI'll see: that'ssmardy killed him by the oxygen button.

IT'S SMART! I hope I never have to play againstthis. Guy He's a fucking. I vote the fuck. You talk about by Whit, Oh sit, GG, Oh shit, oh shit, so the other dudknows you seeke only killed two people- oh that's great! Oh Shit see now now what to put t s onmy phone. I'm gon Ta Fucking, IT'S FUN! Oh my God. That's too good! That's Iwas well played. Oh Man Games. Usually don't last that long, I guy some likefreaky fucking genius, Lifeth Yeah. He thoughteverything out. I didn't! I don't know how to play. That's a guy that youeither like want now don't ever want to have to meet or want him to really beyour best. fucking frobbly. It's like Annibal elector. It's like it's like! Iwant him to like me, or I hope I never mean I get fic. This auction tank over is enjoyable. I like it, though I galot. It's UST nice little game to play on on board. That's cool. I can'tbelieve you fucking. He convinced he had. Three people voted off. He killed two people, that's so great. He killed two people. No, he had morehand. Two people voted Ou. Three people. I think well Yo, two people who justleft. Okay, that's what it was two three yeah woa to yeah, uhthat's,fucking, fine, three God, I'm into it. Man M check it out. Irecommend it. I've played it, anno, not a lot. I just now. I wantrevey want to be the impostor. It looks, fucking fun, Lik, my buddes at work or,like yeah, happen to Ye ot times like it's never fucking happen. I've been playing this game. Call thatYoure played dead by daylight. An I don't know how to video games. You are,but now I've Seen Greg Simpson play yeah, it's hard. I always just I always wantto play as the kill. I M. Everybody always wants to play as the killer, butit's so hard defind those games where because everybody wants to plays thekiller, so it's hard to find full games where people are willing to play as theI guess you call them victims. I remember what they actually call m thesurvivors, but Yasa it's gets kind of cool because, like they incorporatelike actual like you can be Michael Myers, you can be fre Kruger. You can be the killer fromsaw stuff like that. But then you can also just be like generic F. You can be.You can be ghost face from scream, that's coolyeah, which I realized the other day I was, I was going through my moviecollection. I've never actually seen a single screen movie. I've never eitherand I parody Screan moviees on Jess. Twenty of those those are well. Thefirst two were great, but it's I don't know, I'm not a bighorror movie fan so therar been my two favorite form movies ar the descent. Okay. Just I don't know why. I likethat Mary, so much ind, only really consider house of athousand corpse is a horror movie that', Just Gore yeah, it's just it's just aslasher yeah, and it's so funny too. Like EA, it's kind of it's almost likelike an old school exploitation. Film Yeah, it is Rob Sombie, so that kind ofmakes sense like I'. Just never been. I don't know it's because I'm so thatthey're so prodictive. I think that's why I like to send and see it as beingpredictable yeah. So my favorite movie, My favorite horror movie, is the thing.I've never seen that with Curelseh Dude. It's it's bon the IT's lates earlyhes! I think, but it's it's it's so good, it's sofucking scary, because the whole idea is like you can't trust anybody, andit's also just just like the practical effects, are like amazing, like it's the fact thatthere's no CGI at all, that's Ikan. I have to watch this nic yeah and it'sjust it's an also, but it's also like it's a fucking gorfes like there'sstill some stuff that I have T. I have to look away, I'm like Yo can I got Ta,I'm a pussy with stuff like that, but...

...sous abot way make me hungry its weird, I'm like at my fuckingfucked UPNG yeah, it's a good one. They made a because it's technically aremake of like a move from like the S. okay, that sucked that was. It was whathappened then, like a ton of Remax of that movie, there's Onlyo there's onlybeen three different versions, the original from like the TS, which waslike a black and white movie, and it wasn't very good. There's John Carbersthe thing which is the one that I'm talking about yeah and then they made aprequel to it, which is also called the thing that came out in like twothousand and ten because the Moove Gaus in the thing you in the Curt RussellOne. It starts off with him going to this other research lab in the PartyArctic, where they're at and everybody's dead. So the PREQUEL isabout that research lab and how they and like how they found the fucking,alien and Shitts. It's a fucking, a you find out in five minutes on Ily, but I didn't know that parsics o played thevideo game. Oh okay, yeahyour game was on sixty four or somen yeah, all right, but t the prequel that came out wikethosand, ten sucks. It's like it's a fucking, CGI fest, it's just not it'sit yeah hen, it looks it looks fake, a shit. I think it's the hardest part todo about movies like that, like to take a movie that was so old that had no SGand then then remake it or do like a precooler sequel whatever. Now? That'sall CGI it takes away. You saw that a little bit with like in the Star Wars,rereleases because like if you, if you go by like remember when episode onecame out like there was a puppet of Yoda. If you watch it now, they'vereplaced it with the CGI Yoda from episode two and three and it just it itdoesn't. It doesn't fit no same thing with like when they did the rereleasesof the original trilogy, where they had added all the extra CGI shit. So someof it was fine, a lot of it wasn't now. A lot of it was, I think, the only because I saw I sawthe special editions, the the first like big CGI rereleases in theaterswhen they wesat least, which was cool yea D. I was seven, so it was star wars. I didn'tGev fuck wild going back and watching him. Now I will say I think, of thosethree I think empire strikes back is the one. That's like like it's honestly,like the least touched now yeah yeah know. I agree with you on that. Isaid yeah now but Dnitely Grt, because, like e episode, one all they really didwas like there's that there's that scene with Han and Jaba and they likewalks over and it's like so weird looking like he steps on his tail andShit but like it's almost like, I don't even think they added that or somethinglike so the original the original scene is Java was like a big fat dude, itsLik Firti, what you're right yeah and so when they redid it with it with thebig slug guy, they incorporated the whole himn like stepping on his tail,because they're like wait. A minute 's got like a fucking. Thirty foot taillike I couldn't just walk behind him and it looks so weird because he's likethek yeah, it's it good, but j Jedi's, the one that, like the most fuckinggratuitous shit, ireally watch, it's been fairssens every watch because theyswap in the musical number Jabas Palace. Do they really yeah? Oh Yeah, thefucking? I fogot about that? Oh, my God, and they I will say they do make theSarlak pit look more like an actual fucking monster because it's got likethe beat coming out of it like a thousand teno goals, the originalStarlik pit. If you told me a woman's vagina, look like that. That's is a episode of South Park wherethey were dealing with the whole priest, molesting kids thing and there's thisbranch of cat and so they're having this whole debate with all theCatholics and they're like the one friest like we need to stop having sexwith little boys in the prescope. But if we do that nd then whereare we goingto get late and theithe Priese coes. Well, WE'RE JUST WAIT! I'm sorry! Whatdid you just say s Wat? You guys are actually doing thislike yeah. Are you not ises how bout we just change the Holy Vatican Law to saywe GAT have sex with women and then there's this race of aliens who areCatholics and they're like the GALGAMEC.

VIGINA is thirty two feet wide and histen rows of sharp teeth? Nd I was like. Oh, it's the fucking ser like tha,that's Fuckis, fun, but yeah like I went and saw two yearsago. Th T it was a twenty fifh anniversary of Jurassic Park and theywere showing it on the big screen and I was surprised at how well it held uplike CGI, wasn't really hello because they used Tho use. They use like halfpractical half CGI like the T. wrex was like mostly built, and then they just CGIthe rest of his body over it. And it's still looked, I mean that movie lookedreally fucking legit, even on a big screen. Now there was like one scenewith the Valasa rapters, where it looked a little motion blurry, but itheld up for the most part I than what's sn. That would be the rapters. Was it inside like it wasthe final. It was where the was the rappers fighting the T recks in thefinal scene, that one looked a little yeah okay, butnot not like bad, but again. If Ninety nine percent of that movie still looksgood because there's that first shot where like they get to the island andthe whole welcome to Durassic Park scene, where there's just like the bigopen field with the Brackyesorusis, like that it looks so good, it was onan IMX screen. It looked fucking amazing Shoui gather see that now I w love tosee that move in theater again well, yeah they brought it back for pandemic.They did. They did a lot of those thit's. Why, like even before thepandemic, I would go to those those fathom event screenings, because theywould show like wrath of Con, like for the anniversary and like getting to seesome of these classic movies on a big screen is worth it it's. Why hit's? Why?I'm really hoping we find a way to like unfuck the movie theater situationafter this, because I just I hate the idea of that going away it. I agree completely, there'ssomething to say about going. slike, a movie thetrn just watching it on thebig screen like Igowe, going to see going to see end game in theaters was half of the experience was like thatcrowd expen. When Spiderman swings on to screen and everyone's just fucking,and when you know cap gets the Hammer, I mean you hurt people outside of thebuilding could hear his fucking screaming. I mean it was insane. Youcan't get that watching a movie at Homo. You don't you'rejst like. Oh that'scool, that's cool good for you. I've been so many releases like that yeah.So many like S. like all the time I E in high school, I used to go allmidnight releases, Oh yeah, all of them, then all the transformers movies in themidnight releases, all the Harry potters midnight releases that thematrix well. The matirs is interesting because the last one they reallysimultaneously around the world at the same time, oh, did they yeah. So Iactually had to call off school. Oh No shit, Friday called off. I want to see called offschool ye, ICAL Calle, the principal hey got. Take I got to take a sickthere. Ci Just din't go in N. I was like Adi the movies that nine in themorning Holy Shit Yeah, because that was the goal of that move as release osimultaneously everywhere, once wow two bads too bad it sucked it was for. I thini see wasis the second one of thethird one. A third one see that's the one like the second one's, not good,but like had the third one been pretty good, it would have been okay but likethe third one's so bad, I saw it movie three times that day, oh Jesus, I waslike all right and I got really sick. Oh yeah, I was like I remember. I sawthat maybe threueh and like my Lik, because I I want to because I lovemovies that wight. I don't really like watch movies as much as I used to, butback then I was like really like in the movies I yefor T. it's like all right.I want to be part of this like go see it yeah it s. So I went that morning.So you whet right after right. After SchoolOgo see it my friends and we want to go see it again because already had likethree tickets yeah, it's like okay go but bike in between the second nd.Third Time want. I see it. I was like. My throat hurts an I found out. I hadlike fucking like the flu and STREP Throa et. I was like Oh,...

I would go to the movies all its evenlike I, because this is back won movies R. Like Eight Bucks, I would go just bymyself. I Soh even now, like I you as an adult like I joined the the cinemarkclub eigt eight bucks a month and I get a Freebie every month and all mytickets are or like half off, I don't got to pay fees. I get like twentypercent off of the snackstand shitit's so good, but because I CASA usuallylike every Thursday of Friday, I'm going before covid. I was going to themovies and I would go see shit that, like normally I wouldn't have gone tosee because it was it was chealy. Wandn'n saw the foreigner with Jackie,Channon, Pierce Brosman, good fucking movie, never would have seen it if Ihadn't had like a half off ticket shit but yeah. Now it's it's. I think whatmight end up happening is like or back in, like in the s where goingto the movies was like. It was like a big deal like you go,everybody would wear like Tuxes and Nice dresses and they'd show the newsand then like a kids movie, and then you know you had your b movie and thenYo your main event movie. I think that's what I might go back to we'relike you'll, go to the theater to see like your big event, tent Pol movieslike at end game or a star wars, but I think you're Gonto see a lot more indieshit, getting smaller, smaller scale movies and just indi level stuffdropped on because, like the neon here in Dayton's,been been doing great because they've been making deals with distributors towhear. If you want to watch these indy flicks, you can just watch them throughthe neons website. You just pay for a ticket. Oh Ju Bing it on the websiteyeah a great idea. They've been they've, been doing, I mean not as good as theywere, but that's how they've been doing better than most f the other fuckingmovie theaters right now, yeah! Well, because that's the indiefilms already know they're not going to get a huge return on their movie anyway,so they like fuck at least people are seeing it yeah, as opposed to you know,that's why black widows been delayed till God knows fucking when, becausethey don't want to drop that on streaming. I no that's a hundredmillion dollar movie they're trying to make money back on yeah that what else is gonna wonder, woman,James Bond Wha. Are they mov any of these movies g? I don't wonder EI'msupposed to come out last year. They pushed it back just because they werelike. We want to wait for like it was supposed to be going to be someanniversary or yeah. Remember the anniversary thing and then so then that got fucked. You know its a black widow was supposedto come out in asabout March. No May Bolan O ise got fucke. I got fucked onmiline. Likey thing is wove on, like you said, like thirty Dols, you canwatch it or you can wait two months, yeah watch it and then it wasn't eventhat good. It wasn't. I don't know it. The biggest problem was like in theoriginal one and I've only ever seen the original like twice it's a goodmovie. It's not want to go back to was she wasn't? She wasn't a soldier. Shebecame a soldier in this one she's like fucking, Mary Sue X. Makina like shealready knows how to fight she's all righ. She doesn't need to learn Shit,she's, just a woman, so she can't be a soldier, so the when she joins the army,she's fucking fighting circles around all these guys and I like okay, soshe's fucking Superman. I don't give a shit about her now like she didn't haveto learn. She didn't have to learn a lesson she didn't have to like. She hasno ark she's shes Fuckingshe's awesome when the movie starts she's awesomewhen the movie ads, who gives a fuck te upfloated it and there's no Moos likethe Matrix, yeahfight, I'A, half FY, hell Cotter, I don't have Yoah. I Know Cong Fu, I miss movies parmissmovies. So when use to do commy, fesitals right yeah, the main thing I do before the Commet Iget there like you know all the shows, usually at night yeah. So in during theday, if I'm out of town, I go watch a movie yeah, that's what I do. I gottaKill Three hours and now like that's. Why that's how I did almost all thelike the past, like three or four years, how I did like all the avenger moviesand that type of stuff? Really I don't Wat ecause like movie comes out like I was so likegoing so hard at comedy that I did not...

...have time to watch movies until mycomedy Funtil comemy festival. Okay, so I be like okay, like I want to watchthis movie this. I think one comeny pes, Fi Wyl, want wont to go SA. like in t eduring the noas there for like three days once to go se four differentmovies, Jesus yeah, that's how the the film festival I do at my almamaderevery year is it's. They know, becausethey're a small town in themiddle of fucking, nowhere in South Carolina, so they got to get peopleshit to do so, like the fir usually the night before, there's usually a partyat the at the bar by campus and then the day of they like it startsat like ten am but like they. They show a classic movie, there's usually aworkshop of some kind, and then they do the actual festival. Then everybodygoes to the bar and gets hammer but like yeah. If you got people coming infrom ot of town, but you're not doing shit till nine ten o'clock at nightyeah, you got Ta, you got to do something yeah I on I don't Wanttofucking, I'm an introvert, so yeah like I, maybe I'll, write igover my materialeither way but you're either going to sit in your apartment and G, your hotelroom and go nuts yeah. How far have you traveled for afestival, s FARSYOUV, traveled three hours? Where was that outside of loo was like two and a halfto okay? Two hour for Tom Minutes, that's hy Louiville, it's Col might have been further. No, that was the farthest oraght underthree hours, I'e only I've only ever done. I did fireworks last year, andthat was a really. I don't do. Tfat ther competition wine, that's allgone,not a bi, I'm a chicken shit with with competitions and stuff like thatbecause, like I know, I'm good, but I know I'm not like gonna win good, sopart of me's kind of like Wel, not Goin, a fucking land was the fucking point,AF gus Ik yeah, but I will say last year being the first time I didfireworks like. I was so ready to do it again this year because Iwas it was sofun thanks. It was it all. It was just fun too, like S, seeing I've never seenwhile he's that packed. I still have that picture of me just up in the back.Jstill have that picture of me just up in the back. Just like Holy Shit likethis, so many fucking people here pack it out it was and then and yeah, even even I walked at a Goinlike the pretty fucking good. Actually, Karen actually told me like how manyvotes I got I was like. I was like. I was like three shy, Oh really, which was on one hand you're kind oflike you got to be fucking kidding me because I did actually have threepeople who were supposed to come. They didn't make it oh shit, but also dusty,brought like his entire fucking family, which anever my mom was like. Does thatmake you mad? I was like no because dusty did really fucking good likee didhave a great set if HEU went up there and ate a Dick andstill mate Ed to thetop three that hi Hav been like some bullshit, but like the guys who made itlike they made it for a fucking reason. Like I said this year, I did when I didit. I had like five applause breaks. No Shii did not make the finals no shit.There is a go. That's because, like her was like, Oh that's because you know mybro Ot Hep, I was like no everybody just did that fucking good, like it wasgreat like this year it was fucking iw, fiework, wis, fucking crazy. I was likeI even told myself. I wasn't going to get past. The first round, like I sawLim, I was like Holy Fuck. This is a good lineup, andthen fucking Hav. I was like to Fivplasricks and I didn't think about it. First and then mybody draws again, fiveafclous braces a really SI watch the videos like hol shit. I had fiveapplause, raks Utso man again that just like you saidthat kind of just goes to show just like how fucking quality you're goingto get a that fireworks. I think I think if I had a bit more notice, Iprobably would have done it this year, but it was one of those like. I didn'tthink it was happening and then one day it was, it was just kind of like hey.This is happening like in two weeks and I was like fuck. Oh, it was definitely like is weird for a lot of people, because,like this year, especially at wiles, is likeonly one of the only comeny clubs, open, yeah, yea funny bone hasn't opene backup yet like I'm talking about in like Kentucky Oh ans, you're talking just inin the area par Yeah Holy Shit, so like yeah people from Indiana coming out otmore than like, we have some out of...

...towners, but you get a lot more peoplecoming from like from out of town out of town e dollars to the winter. So,just like all right, I make sense because because go bananas they likewere open and closed and open and well they didn't they didn't do. Obviouslythere was this year, yeah theylate, didn't they switch ownersagain I've? No! I have no idea, I don't think so. Maybe maybe I'm thiningsomething else I swear. I saw thes switchd owners again or something Idon't know. I love go bananas, I'm only I've only ever been down there for thefeedback Mikes, but I just I like to lay out of theroom. I like the FIL. I feel it's very old school like it's got a it's got the feel that the backgroundof funny bone stage suggests it has. Yes, when you'V got that at that dirty brickbackground and and but then you remember what fundy bone is yeah. I Love Shit on Fundy Bot, fuck,funny, fuck, fine, fucking, he'l, never book me Hi'll, never book anybody infucking Dayton, EI, don't Hane to open back up and date. I will either Fuck Hem fuck you guys fuck, O fuck, all y'all.You hear the story about there's a reason why anthy jussenick will not dofunny bones anymore? No ther'SS! He won't do them. He refuses to do himreally. Yeah. Doesn't Care Ho much mind they'l give him. He refuses T to him.No, she is in the podcast. The reason why he doesn't do him anymore isbecause they booked him right and like obviouls, thanthony, Jeston Nick Right.They pooked him mother's Day weekend, Oh fuck, and so he's like most times like he was like listen. Youhave to tell them like who I am yeah mother's Day weekend he's like mosttimes like it's a crowd. They, like it's a fucking crowd like a funny. Bonlike fuck, you type thing or whatever, like yeah, but mother's Day, is alittle different. If you're doing comedy shows on Moseday weekend, peopleare going to have an expectation when EXACTI and I guess the owner, it was atthe Columbus funny bone to Jes. I guess the manager, Whatever said he did, andthey never. He never said who it was or anything like they never like, like hisTis type of comic. This is what we're having and most of the time I peopledon't like his matare. He blames the audience m because, like his materialis very like, like Yeve love it your hateit, yeah and Ati that' sow peopleare with him in general, H, you'll, like antiny, Genslen Megger, youfucking, and this is the first time ever he's like it. Wasn't the audiencefault yeah they O wasn't no is like. You can't have me on a funnym on mothers day like a mymaterial mother's, say and lhose the CRI, and he refuses you funny bones.Because of that I get it. I R, I heard that I heard him read that say thatstory as a holy Shit like why in the right mind, would you think he'd be agood idea to fucking book Ot's like every year whenever they book, likeRike Gervase, to host like the Golden Globes and they get pissed that hetakes shits you booked, Ricky Jervas, yeah fuck did you think was going tohappen. They did the same thing. They booked a Zack wild to play the nationallanthem at, like I like a football gameor, some shit a few years ago andin Zack wild from you know, Ozzy Osborne and Black Label socizes Yo,fucking, shreding, the Shit and they're. Like Oh al Blah. We didn't think it wasgoing to be so disrespevle you hired a heavy metal, fucking Guitari. What didyou think the fuck with you seen this pair? The fuck did, you think, wasgoing to happen. Dude I did a fucking show and in the there's are thirty people there like ten of them like like me, like love mefucking Atat me Ocaus, like I know what type ofmaterial I do and if you don't fuckit you're, not on board you're, not onboard yeah, it's you're either on the ship or you're, not yeah, so that I didmy dark dirty joke and, like I hear the comics in the back ten people that,like me, fucking love, comsent back losing fuckingan losing it ecause. I told Iwas like Casei'm my I'm like a I'm like featuring, I I was the feature actorfor whatever I told my buddy to Wi, O wos headlining. I was like I don't know if I'm going to go dirty,but if I do,...

...if I might tell my dark, is my dirtydirty dirty jok yea hear yet he was like Yo, you, man, guess on stage I Ifucking love Mike. So much he's like fuck it. Let's go ball's deep in thismotherfucker. So this wasn't. This wasn't Bliyt McCormick, oh Godeen, okay,Doi mccormrick! I dwits mcormak he's a pastor right! Yeah he's like I lit you,make me laugh if self I shouldn't laugh. I Love O wife La like. Why was one ofthe nicest people in the world? Oh Yeah, because he won fireworks two years agobecause yeah it was him shit. I'm Blaken Ho was HARCI bridgetany dusty, that's right! Okay, I can remember who the third person was t atwas a god. You know hear funny stort about that sure people congratulatingme before. Do I want O sa like they're like they were likebecause dusty got it like. Okay, not dusty Joe Robinette Got Third OkayBridge got second and Therere as a congraislike everyy thought I won. I was like so I was like. I don't thinkten II was like. Maybe I did win, had a great fucking sadlike. No S Shit that Iremember because I had because I because I had all three of them on onthe old show- and I remember Joe, was the weirdest fucking interview ever hadin my life: Oh Robinett, yeah, yeah Hhe's such a ElHesyou can't coax two words out of the Guy He's fucking fun Li Hes. So funny onstage, but I couldn't I couldn't- I couldn't get two words out of him onthe like. I was asking like on when he brought up the fact. The like collect,Lego, lego models, and I was like fuck yeah. Let's talk about that and he saidlike two things about and I was like come on m get you can't, you can'tbring up lego models on a comedy, cut, podcast and then not want to fuckingtalk about it. Go on. My cast is very very quiet. Ut, like like conversation,wise he's so fucking funny because, like he'll say something short andquick and you're like Jesus Christ, it's fucking funny yea. I don't talkanymore, Oh really, H! We got into it. We got to no it last year. Oh whatabout? I was. I don't remember, because ithappened with the span of three days of each other, but it was either theMemorial Day, tornadoes or the Organ district shooting, and I don't rememberwhich one it was gh, but he was taking shots at at news team response. I think I think itwas the Tornados Gatcha, but I basically told him I was like Orno Ouknow it was the shooting because he was like how cone we didn't hear morecovrage about it right away. I was like you not understand like how the processworks, like I explain to him like how the process works like they have to getconfirmation. They have to call people at home at one o'clock in the morning.Wake Hem up get hem in there get their factory, they can't just go startreporting on Shit and he started calling me like a fucking no at all and fell Miga fuck himself, and we have Ospokun sin: Fair, Var, Game Yeah, I'm, unfortunately, it's tricky when,because it's easy for a lot of comics, like I se icy off tenter doing all thetime you know they take shots. Ot, the media and stuff like that, and I get itand so it's weird being a comic who works for quote. UNQUOTE, the mediabecause, like I understand how their process fuckingworks, and so there is that part of me that tries really hard not to be thatguy who's like actually, let me explain to you how the process works, butsometimes I kind of feel like I fuck I have to sometimes O do it's everybong everybodywants to think they know more than you yeah constantly you cann be like. Thisis really how this actually works. Like it's news like it has to be reportedcorrectly yeah. If it's not reporte correctly or something happens, you andbe sued right and- and this is- you know- I won't say the name of thecompany I work for, but there are a company- that's been under a lot ofscrutiny in recent years, and so they want to make sure that they get theirshit straight because the last thing they need tos somebody else coming atHem, saying that, like you know their shits, fake or produced or whatever, sowe live in the age of fake news being a thing so taks yeah thinks are going tobe a big thing and when it' something... fucked up as the shooting I meanyeah, you want to make sure that you're not getting out the wrong information, youknow fucking wild night yeah. I was I remember because I was becauseI was I had just left for my vacation when ithappened like the night that I happened was my first night sleeping in a tentin Pennsylvania, and I woke up at six- am to a billion phone calls and textmessages from friends who knew I lived in Dayton, whowere making sure. I was okay and then I was finally called home and I was likemom. Why is everybody fucking in the she was like fucking g, because mybrother and his girlfriend at the time we're living above above neds? Oh Shit, they were livingthere. I have a friend WHO's, a bar tender, still a bartender there andthen a girl. I was seeing at the time was there that night, because she wasbest friends with said bartender, so it was one of those like. I was callingeverybody because I wanted to, and thank God like nobody, I knew got gothurt. You know I know. Obviously a lot of people did but yeah it was it was.It was fucked up man. It was a fucked up weekend because again, that waswithin a few days of Memorial Day, tornadoes which was three days afterthe KKK rally and 'sa Weird fucking, yeah I'll, always remember that,because i'Mwa up to a bunch of misscalls text, whatever it's alras, no,my sher was my fiancees time. My wife Mulessa Wooke me up she's, like hey something happened: Orgganis Hust, likewhat sure Shit I was like holy fucking. Themost fuckd up thing was o that, like all comics down there yeah so like, Iwas going to go, we're going TA, go out drinking buddy, Kevin's, ferst, nit HOSand we're all going to go out drinking Kevin, ruper yeah as R is first week inhosting for DJ Jangler ohmygos Shit. He was GOIN NA go out afterwards and N. Iwas going Na go out afterwards, but I got so high. I was like musts. You guys drive mehome, so we didn't go out. Joe Youngy just didn't show up theorgan districtbs. We usually hang out like in that area, and everybody else is in anenaps forKiltony, that's right, ruck and so we're likewhat Tef Fuck Yeah. We were all like it's wild because we were in eitherArans or Neds, or some like something like down there and like we weren't,for whatever reason that night we weren't, I was baked off my a it's crazy to think how much help canhappen, because it was like thirty seconds. I know, and I had arguments topeople about gun control. Yeah Theyre, like an my armyent, was like the cops arealready there yeah like like and he still Kal wa. I eight people NII canseven nine hilled killed nine and then I think, like fifteen, were injured,yeah and thirty thirty seconds they caught like your argument of like ifthere 's a got good guy with the gun, they were already theyr. They wereliterally across the fucking street yeah like it didn't like they could nothave responded faster unless they could see the future and already knew it washappening. Yeah I at minority port, yeah N. I know that I know they were goingafter. I guess the guys I was either late last year earlier this year, theguys buddy, who I guess it I don't think, O the mods and Shit and becausehe yeah bcausehebecause, he motdat the fuck out of those guns, and I know they were trying it becausebecause one of the victims was his like sister or something sister yeasistered,I don't know t did the birt or no. He killed his sister sister Bu, but, likeI'm saying like sister brother, because it was like he, I don't remember it wasthere was transgender involved, and I don't remember if it was. I don'tremember that I remember I just remember for running the story. It waseither like sister was going through transition to be a man or vice verse. Iforget which want to watch ot, something like that yeah anyway,regardless it was, it was bcause because hen als there was another onelike like in fucking text or something that night the same night wasn't there.It was the morning that morning that...

...morning it was alere. There was twomashhotings on one day, yeah that was the most wild. That was the craziestfucking thing because, like you, my Haydi'm, like F, like Ere thinking on my head, I think I'msalking Jollyon about to like, like fuck like that, like that will neverhappen here because Lirra, it just happened like Texas that morning orafternoon, all right well and you wake up to allthat, because it happened to like eleven at night or some shit like thatand you're like what else fuck and it's like it's not just. Thissounds disingenuous. I guess but like because we're such compared toCincinnati or Columbus were such a small potatoes. Nothing down, I meanwe're basically a small town surrounded by big metro areas. So there is thatpart of he things well, this is going to happen anywhere, it's going tohappen at Columbus or Cincinnati or Cleveland or even fucking. Youngstown,like not datneverthing, would happen fucking dat and it was wild. Actually Iwhen, whenever stuff like this does happen, I always there's that there'san old calvin, an Hobs COMAC that I always think about weird transition. Iknow, but in the comic their house gets broken into is this is this? Is O this?Was this? Wasn't one of the sun this as like over a series of like dailynewspapers, the three panels and their house gets broken into and one of thelast ones they talk about? Is the parents talking and the mom says, likeyou know, thisis, always the kind of thing that you think happens tosomebody else and the DANC says yeah, but you got to remember that you aresomebody else to somebody else, and so, whenever fucked up shit like thathappens, for some reason, that's the first thing I think about. Is that yeah,like you always think this isn't going to happen to you, but everyone? You arethat other person that it happens to notsomebody else and yeah. That's deep right for fuckingcalcum hobs man, which lycing back to the peanuts thing. I'vealways been shocked that that Calvin and Hobbs never got the animated treatment of any kind. There'snever been a calbanahobs cartoon or movie, or anything like that, like I'msurprised that never got like a shot, especially nowadays, oh for sure,there's. Definitely a porn. Yeah is just yeah, of course, Cavin and a Hobon my not Calvin and KNOBS, but yeah like like you', think likelike Holu or Netflix, or somebody what a hoped on that. Let's make a CalbianHobbs, kids stream, an o, a good idea. I don't know I nobody would ever doneat. I wonder if it's Someine wlnever someody try to reach out to the Creatorand he's like no yeah bill, waterson's, a weird fucking guy ID, be it yeah, butjust yeah tha, that's Changin up. It's called Alvin obs and you like damn like thenven fucking.Try At this point. We were running I'm Halloween weere at the new stationtheyare. You know showing, like all the families ind their different costumesfor Halloween and Beyou. Seen like the kids, with like the transformers,costumes and actually fucking transform you seein those, and then they showthis clip of these three sisters at are all Tik. They went as Alvan and Simonand Theatr, but they're just wearing green, blue and red sweather. It's likeokay. I saw a nine year old, Anit Dresse as a plane that transformsinto a robot. You threw on a sweatshirt, I don't think that counts. There's nosuch thing as squirrel face or Younow Gotin troul fore doing squirrelface and, like you can paint the whiskers off S, not like the red onedidn't even have like the big letter, a I'm like it like come on. You got shownup by a three year old, but the FUC. Well, that's going to do it for us forthis week, guys we'll be back next week with a new episode or two we'll see,and you know thank you guys again so much for hanging out with us again. Youcan always join us on twitter and Instagram at tbl underscore pod. Heonlyt check ot our website, Basemet, lounge, podcom and hey, don't forgetwe're also on patreon. You want to...

...become a VIP wrwe're doing an overhaulin the patreonogs. You guys can get in on the ground floor and check out thepool stuf we're going to have there go toin our patreoon Patreoncom, sh,pacement last pot and check? U The cool stuff. We have to offer there. In themeantime, everybody be safe, take care of ourselves in each other and isalways live well, rock on take care and Buby.

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