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Season 2, Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Among Us & Comedy Festival Nostalgia


What the hell is Among Us? What's it like at a comedy festival? Will movie theaters survive the pandemic?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • How to play Among Us
  • Their favorite comedy festival memories
  • The movie theater experience

Check out the Among Us video featured during the show:

Watch Mike Shea's vlog from the 2019 Fireworks Comedy Festival:

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A basement loungers. It's Mike again. You guys might remember from last week Mike Wells and I we recorded theseepisodes the night before the election. We recorded these Monday night, the nightbefore the election. So anything we say referencing the election, what have you. Obviously the information is changed since we record of this, so it mightany mention we make might not be totally accurate, but you know, itis what it is. Thank you, guys so much, as always,for hanging out with us and joining us in the conversations and and the talkand just you know, these are the important conversations, the ones that weget to have with people, with friends, just shooting the Shit and and justtalking about life, you know, and especially this year with everything goingon with covid it's something we don't get to do very oftor anymore. Sowe're glad you guys are here with us and, as always, if youwant to join in the conversation, you can always hit us up on twitter. Follow the show at tbl underscore pod on twitter and instagram. You canfollow me on twitter at Michael All Shayse and you can follow Mike Wells ontwitter at Mike WTF. Wells and go to our website, Basement Lounge podcom. Check out the cool stuff we got there. That being said, onwith the show. It's so fucking just message me some weird wing to Dickpick. No, he didn't really what happened? That would be fucking weird. Okay, so I guess you can customize your a little. Dude.I guess you give him had some shit. It looks like. Okay, okay, see, this guy's plant, this guy's playing as an apostor.So, see, I don't even know. Okay, so you can show you. Okay, so a SABBA. I forgot. See, I don'tbe able to do this because I'm a male. Sabotage, I think.So, I've never been the fucking amboss. It literally just does the top sabotageand kill everyone, like it's got the objectives and sabbotage and kill everyone. There you are. So you cant see how that vent slit up?Yeah, he's probably gonna kill this motherfucker right here now. We can't killhim, because what does this? Yeah, guys like you see how I like? It lights up. Yeah, that's your linus sight. If can'tsay anything, Gotcha all they're on to him. They're following them around everywhere. Well, they also have to do the objectives to Oh, okay,Gotcha. Okay, that's what he's okay, trying to get some privacy. Keelason the computer. Is it mobile? And you might be all playing acomputer uper dupe. Come on, kill somebody. I want to watchsomebody die. Let's see the green bar up, the green bar up top. Yeah, that's how everybody's doing all their tasks. Okay, so thatlets you know, like how much proger. So if all the task get completedbefore the apostate kills everybody's the games over. Game, you win.Okay, so it's either kill everybody or complete all the objectives. Yes,okay, trying like I was a camera right there. Yeah, there's alsocute Carey Confuse Shit. Okay, all,...

...we killed the oxygen. Now he'sgoing to now he's going to see there with one's fucking got him ina half. Yeah, it's great. He's got to go through event,though, I don't think now. But then you can also have an emergencymeeting, like in the middle of the thing. Okay, this reminds meof something you would have played on like on new grounds back in like twothousand and eight, I would say. Don't even know what that is,and the new ground says now it was like a look was like a websitededicated to flash content. Ah, sweet, and they had whole whole section ofjust games and shit that were really fucking good. Actually, he's waitingfor people, though. Yeah, how is it s games last so longass time? That's an eleven minute video. Holy Shit, Jesus Fuck, Ikeep on watching that shit. That's correct. It's so oh wait,no, I think. I think this is multiple o. This is multiplegames. I think. Okay, he's gonna I'll kill that motherfucker. Can'tkill that scurity, can right? That can't do that. He's going tokill this dude right here. No or not, I'm completely this guy's Cheez. I killed everybody by now. He's playing the long game. That bodydiscuss eyes. Two people might to drop it out. Yeah, they showeda couple people drop out. Yeah, that discussing. Okay, so isthat where the whole like Soandso was sus thing comes from? Yeah, okay, this is us. I was in your shoe. I've yet to bethe imposters Piss me off. I'm like, come on, let me just bethe impostor, and God's like, Nope, Dud's name is has vote. Seven remaining. Yeah, I like you. Can you start voting peopleout? So, but you can see how he said here. You wantare you can skip your vote too if you're not for sure. So I'minterest. See who votes. What a little show the poll results. Yeah, Steph, you watch it. See how they're going to click out theone, Oh oh, I gets spaced. Yeah, was not the IMPOSTOR,and you start from them. This is one imposter remains. Can therebe multiple? Impossible? One? Yeah, I go around as this. Iguess it was irritating. Is like to fucking kill somebody, Bro Yeah, camera. Yep, can't do it because the camera, I can't rememberhow big this. So if you kill somebody in front of the camera tothe like, let everybody know. or well, somebody can be watching thecamera. Okay, okay, that's my call. Emergency meeting. Okay,they can discuss. They think it might be blue. Okay, I remember. I member you, Mambo the blue. Keep following me. He's playing itreally well, because nobody has any of what the fuck is doing.Yeah, Awesomey said a swear. They start out whatever he said. Aussie'sbeing a dicks and everyone's gonna Start Vote Vone or black. Was Yeah,I guess a good news is like he's following somebody in essence. So,yeah, it's kind of helping him get... wrong. Fuck y'all. Hellolha ha ha ha ha ha. Space die now, right now, wasnothing. You get for being an asshole. Man, he gets spaced. Itis on. I play this game. It's just fun to play, likeshe's killed time on. This is gonna this is going to turn intosuch a time suck for me. Is He gonna kill fucking what's he doing? How? You can ask. I have not honestly, on this part, I'm no idea. What you can do. Maybe view where people areat? I don't know. Looks like it. Yeah, I was gonnawst you guys so well. You gotta wait for your kill thing to charge, I guess now, because it's like a countdown over is killed by now? I did not know that. Maybe you have to be alone with somebodya certain amount of time to kill him. I don't know, to make sense, because you can't like if there's a group, he was going?You're right, winner, winner, emergency meeting. What is going for?What? People are just okay, so two people got voted out. That'swhat got two people have dropped, two people got killed, and I guessit's not green and he's the one doing ever, ha ha, okay,who is it? What? You are not too white. One hundred percent. What is not a sentence? You are not too white. Huh,why is that even? It's okay, you're not too white. Means everythingyou thought it would mean. I'm going off on a Tangeler, not me, not me. He convincing everybody. I think he really is. That'simpressive. I've yet to see this. This is this is this is somebodywho, like in real he's only killed one person. Yeah, and thisuses turned everybody against each other. This is genius. This is great.This is how Donald Trump became present. Yeah, this is genius. He'sliterally he's killed one person, because I seem for like, yeah, peopleget taken out. He's sabotage two things. I think you sabotage the reactor inthe O two. So yeah, I guess he does has toway fifteenseconds. Yeah, maybe fifteen set. Maybe the amount of seconds before,like in the middle of the beginning of a match. Maybe kill, kill, kill, kill. Guy's going to pick this person off right here.Yep, I can. God in Man, he's got to wait twenty something second. Okay, see, I'm learning too from this. See now,you know, you learn how to Buch the first game at play. I'llbe the IMPOSTOR. That's where he's gonna get. Everybody turn against white andhmm ha ha, where. What the fuck? Black? Oh Wow,oh, wait, of your racist like you were near the body. I'llsee that smart. He killed him by...

...the oxygen button. That's smarty.I hope I never have to play against this guy. He's a fucking Ivote the fuck you talk about by white. Oh Shit, GJ Oh shit.Oh Shit, so the other dude knows he's the MP. Heki onlykilled two people. Oh that's great. Oh Shit, see now, nowgonna put this on my phone and a fucking that's fun. Oh my God, that's too good. That's I was well played. Oh Man, gamesused out last that long. Okay, some like freaky, just fucking genius, like with yeah, he thought everything out. I didn't. I don'tknow how to play. That's a guy that you either like want ton't no, don't ever want to have to meet, or want him to really be yourbest fucking probably it's like Cannibal lector it's like it's like I want himto like me or I hope I never meet. I guess its Ocyen tankover as enjoyable. I like it, though. I get a lot.This is a nice little game to play on board. That's cool. Ican't believe you fucking he convinced he had three people voted off. He killedtwo people. That's so great. He killed two people. Know he hadmore than two people voted on, three people, but I think, well, your two people who just left. Okay, that's what it was.Two. Three. Yeah, well too. Yeah, that's fucking funny. Three, God, I'm into it, man. I'm check it out.I recommend that. I've played it. Mean, not, not a lot, but I just now. I wonder if they want to be the impostor. HMM, it looks fucking fun. I'm my buddies at worker like yeah, happens to me times like it's never fucking happening. I've been playing thisgame. Call that you're played dead by daylight and had a video games.You are but now I've Seen Greg Simpson player. Yeah, it's hard.I always just I always want to play as the killer. I'm everybody alwayswants to play as the killer, but it's so hard to defind those gameswhere because everybody wants to play as the killer. So it's hard to findfull games where people are willing to play as the I guess you call themvictims. I remember what they actually called, the survivors, but Gotcha. It'skind of cool because, like they incorporate like actual like you can beMichael Myers, you can be Freddy Krueger, you can be the killer from saw, stuff like that, but you can also just be like generic.If you can be you can be ghost face from scream. That's cool.Yeah, which I realize you the day I was I was going through mymovie collection. I've never actually seen a single screen movie. I've never either, and I see parody screen movies. A just seen plenty of those.Those are well, the first two were great, but it's I don't know, I'm not a big horror movie Fan, so never been out. My twofavorite horror movies are the scent. Okay, just I don't know whyI like that. Maybe so much. You know, I really consider,how so the thousand corpses a horror movie. That's just Gore. Yeah, thisis it's just a slasher as it's so funny to like. Yeah,it's kind of all. It's almost like like an old school exploitation film.Yeah, it is rob zombies. That kind of makes sense, like,I'm just never been. I don't much, because I'd so that they're so predictive. I think that's why I like to send and see it as beingpredictable. Yeah, so, my favorite movie, my favorite horror movies.The thing, I've never seen that with her us a dude. It's that'sa seventies. It's late S, early S, I think, but it's, it's it's so good. It's so fucking scary because the whole idea islike you can't trust anybody, and it's also just like the practical effects arelike amazing, like it's the fact that there's no CGI at all that Ican't have to watch this night see. Yeah, and it's just it's andalso it's but it's also like it's a fucking Gorf ast, like there's stillsome stuff that I have to I have... look away. I'm like can't, I gotta. I'm a pussy with stuff like that, but that wasabout way makes me hungry. That's weird. I'm like get my fucking fucked upkind of hungry. Yeah, it's a good one. They made abecause it's tadically a remake of like a movie from like the S. Okay, that sucked. That was it was what happened. Done like a tonof remakes of that movie. There's only so there's only been three different version. Is the original from like the S, which was like a black and whitemovie and it wasn't very good. There's John Carper's the thing, whichis the one that I'm talking about, and then they made a prequel toit, which is also called the thing, that came out in like two thousandand ten because the move because in the thing you're in the Kurt Russellone. It starts off with him going to this other research lab in theParty Arctic where they're at and everybody's dead. MMM. So the PREQUEL is aboutthat research lab and how they and like how they found the fucking alienand Shit could it's a fucking ail. You find out in five minutes onthe movie, but I didn't know that parts used to play the video game. Okay, yeah, your game is on sixty four something. Yeah,yeah, all right. But the the prequel that came out with a townsucks. HMM. It's like it's fucking CGI fast. It's just time.It's a yeah, and it looks it looks fake as Shit. I thinkit's the hardest parts to do. You about movies like that, like totake a movie that was so old that had no CGI, and the thenremake it or do like a prequel or sequel whatever. Now that's all CGItakes away. You saw that a little bit with like in the Star Warsrereleases, because, like, if you Gif, you go by. Ilike, I remember when episode one came out, like there was a puppetof Yoda. Huh. If you watch it now, they've replaced it withthe CGI Yoda from episode two and three and it's just it. It doesn'tit doesn't fit. No. Same thing with like when they did the rereleasesof the original trilogy where they had added all the extra CGI shit. Somesome of it was fine, a lot of it wasn't. Now a lotof it was, I think. The only because I saw, I sawthe special editions. The of the first like big CGI rereleases in theaters whenthey were released, which was cool, and I was seven, so itwas star wars. I didn't give a fuck. wid going back and watchinghim now, I will say I think of those three, I think empirestrikes back is the one that's like like it's honestly like the least touched.Now. Yeah, yeah, no, I agree with you in that.I said yeah, no, but well, because like episode one, all theyreally did was, like there's that, there's that scene with Han and Jabaand he like walks over. It's like so weird looking, like stepson his tail and Shit, but like he it's almost like I don't eventhink he they added that or something like. So the original, the original sceneis Joba was like a big fat dude. It's like a first timewhat, you're right. Yeah, and so when they redid it with it, with the big slug guy, they incorporated the whole hymn like stepping onhis tail because they're like, wait a minute, he's got like a fuckingthirty foot tail, like you couldn't just walk behind him, and it looksso weird because he's like a yeah, it's it's but jet jet I isthe one that like the most fucking gratuitous shit. I Really Watch. It'sbeen far since every watched, because they slap in the musical number. JobIs Palace. They really yeah, Oh, yeah, yeah, well, thefucking yeah, I forgot about that. Oh my God. And then Iwill say they do make the SARLAC pit look more like an actual fuckingmonster, because it's got like the beat coming out of it, like athousand and ten of goals the original SARLAC pit. If you told me awoman's Vagina look like that. That's the episode of South Park where they weredealing with the whole priest molesting kids thing and there's this branch of cat andso they're having this whole debate with all the Catholics and they're like the onepriests, like we need to stop having sex with a little boys in thepriest go but if we do that, and then where we're going to getlate and they they priest goes. Well, we're just wait, I'm sorry,what did you just say? Because what you guys are actually doing thislike, yeah, are you not? He's zest. Wow about we justchange the Holy Vatican Law to say we can have sex with women, andthen there''s this race of aliens who are...

Catholics and they're like the GALCAMEC VAGINAis thirty two feet wide and it's ten rows of sharp teeth, and Iwas like, Oh, it's the fucking throw like that. That's fucking fun. But yeah, like I went and saw two years ago. They itwas a twenty five anniversary of Jurassic Park and they were showing it on thebig screen and I was surprised at how well it held up. Like CGI. Was It really help? Because they used they used, they used likehalf practical, little half CGI, like the t rex was like mostly builtand then they just CGI the rest of his body over it and it's stilllooked. I mean that movie looked really fucking legit, even on a bigscreen. Now there's like one scene with the VELOCI raptors where it looked alittle motion blurry, but it held up for the most part. I seenthat would be with the raptors was inside like it was the final it wasworth it was the raptors fight the t rex in the final scene lobby.That one looked a little yeah, okay, but not not like bad it.But again, if ninety nine percent of that movie still looks good,because there's that first shot where, like they get to the island and thewhole welcome to Jurassic Park scene where there's just like the big open field withthe Brachiosaurus is like that Shit looks so good. It was on an Imaxscreen. It looked fucking amazing. I gotta see that now. I loveto see that movie in theater again. Well, yeah, and that broughtit back for the pandemic. They did. They've did a lot of those.It's why I like, even before the pandemic, I would go tothose those fathom event screenings because they would show like, you know, wrathof con like for the anniversary and like getting to see some of these classicmovies on a big screen is worth it. That's why, it's why I'm reallyhoping we find a way to like UN fuck the movie theater situation afterthis, because I just I hate the idea that going away it. Iagree. I completely there's something to say about going so like a maybe theyjust watching on a big screen like I'm got. We're going to see.Going to see endgame in theaters was half of the experience was like that crowdexperience. Spider man swings on to screen and everyone's just fucking and when youknow, cap gets the Hammer. I mean you heard people outside of thebuilding could hear US fucking screen, but I mean it was insane. Youcan't get that watching a movie at home. You don't use like, uh,that's cool, that's cool, good for you. I've been so manyreleases like that. Yeah, so many, like he's like all the time.I can high school. I used to go all midnight releases. OhYeah, all of them did. All the transformers movies, of the midnightreleases, all the Harry Potter's midnight releases. That the Matrix. While the Matrixis interesting because the last wing, they they really simultaneously around the worldat the same time. Oh did they? Yeah, so I actually had tocall off school. Oh No, shit, Friday called off. Iwant to see called off school. It's called the principle. He got.Think I got to take a sick day job. I think go in.I was like had it that movies at nine in the morning. Holy Shit. Yeah, I said that was the goal. That movie is released simultaneouslyeverywhere once. Wow, too bad. Too Bad. It sucked. Itwas horrible. I think I see it was the second one of the thirdone. It's a third one. See, that's the one. Like the secondand one's not good. But like had the third one been pretty good, it would have been okay, but like the third one so bad.I saw it movie three times that day. Oh Jesus. I was like allright, and I got really sick it. Oh yeah, I waslike, I remember I saw that maybe few and I by the because Iwant to, because I love movies. That might I don't really like watchmovies as much as I used to, but back then I was like reallylike in the movies. I yeah, for it's like all right, Iwant to be part of this, like go see it. Yeah, soI went that morning, saying it went right after right after school. Ithink. I see it my friends and we want to go see it againbecause I already had it like three tickets. Yes, like okay, I go, but bike in between the second and third time. I want tosee it. I was like, my throat hurts and I found out Ihad like fucking like the flu and strep throat. I was like, Oh, I would go to the movies all...'s even like. It's because thisis back when movies from like eight bucks. I would go just by myself.I see even now, like you, as an adult, like I joinedthe the cinemark club, the Eight, eight bucks a month, and Iget a freebe every month and all my tickets are or like half off. I don't got to pay fees. I get like twenty percent off ofthe snack stand. Shit. It's so good. But because, I Isaid, usually, like every Thursday or Friday, I'm going. Before coddI was going to the movies, HMM, and I would go see shit thatlike normally I wouldn't have gone to see because it was it was cheap. I when and saw the foreigner with Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. Hmm, good fucking movie. Never would have seen it if I hadn't had likea half off ticket. Shit. But yeah, now it's that's I thinkwhat it might end up happening is like her back and like in the s, where going to the movies was like it was like a big deal.Like you go, everybody would wear like Tux's and Nice dresses and they'd showthe news and then like a kids movie and then you know, you hadyour b movie and then your your main event movie. I think that's whatit might go back to. We're like you'll go to the theater to seelike your big event tent pole movies like at endgame or a Star Wars,but I think you can see a lot more indie shit getting smaller, smallerscale movies and just indie level stuff dropped on because, like the neon herein Dayton's been been doing great because they've been making deals with distributors to whereif you want to watch these Indie flicks, you could just watch them through theneons website. You just pay for a ticket. Oh, streaming onthe website. Yes, a great idea. They've been they've been doing I mean, not as good as they were, but that's how they've been doing,better than most the other fucking movie theaters right now. Yeah. Well, because that's the indie films already know they're not going to get a hugereturn on their movie anyway, so they're like fuck, at least people areseeing it. Yeah, as opposed to you know, that's why black widowsbeen delayed till God knows fucking when, because they don't want to drop thaton streaming. Now that's a hundred billion dollar movie they're trying to make moneyback on. Yeah, that what else is gonna wonder, woman James Bond, why don't they eat? move any of these movies going to be released? I don't wonder whom's supposed to about. Last year they pushed it back justbecause they were like, we want to wait for like it was supposedto be going to be some anniversary or yeah, I remember the anniversary thing. And then and so that got fucked. You know, it's a black widow. was supposed to come out in just about March. No, MayUlan Lanes. They got fucked fucked on Mulan. The thing is a moveon, like you said, like thirty dollars. You can watch it oryou can wait two months and watch it. And then it wasn't even that good. It wasn't it. The biggest problem was like in the original one, and I've only ever seen the original like twice. It's a good movie. It's not want to go back to was. She wasn't. She wasn'ta soldier. She became a soldier in this one. She's like fucking Marysue x Mochi Anda, like she already knows how to fight. She's alwaysshe doesn't need to learn shit. She's just a woman, so she can'tbe a soldier. So then she when she joins the army, she's fuckingfighting circles around all these guys and like, okay, so she's fucking Superman.I don't give a shit about her now, but she didn't have tolearn, she didn't have to learn a lesson, she didn't have to likeshe has no arc. She's fucking she's awesome when the movie starts, she'sawesome. When the movie adds, who gives a fuck? They uploaded itand there's no move like the Matrix. Yeah, fight, I don't knowhow fly, helicopter, I don't have yeah, I don't Kung Fu.I miss movies, partial Mimis movies. So when used to comy festival's right. Yeah, the main thing I do before the comment. I get there, like you know, all the shows, usually at night. Yeah, soin a during to day, if I'm out of town, I gowatch a movie. Yeah, that's what I do. I gotta Kill Threehours and now, like that's why. That's how I did almost all thelike the past like three year, four years. How I did, likeall the avenger movies and that type of stuff. Really I don't watch causelike movie comes out like I was so... going so hard at comedy thatI did not have time to watch movies until my comedy until a comedy festival. Okay. So I'd be like okay, like I want to watch this movie, this, I think one comedy festival I want to go, saylike in the during the those there for like three days once go se fourdifferent movies. Jesus, yeah, that's how the the film festival I doat my Alma Mater every year is. It's they know, because they're they'rea small town in the middle of fucking nowhere in South Carolina. So theygot to get people shit to do. So, like the fort usually thenight before there's usually a party at the at the bar by campus, andthen the day of they like it starts at like Zeno am, but likethey show a classic movie. There's usually a workshop of some kind and thenthey do the actual festival. Then everybody goes to the bar and gets hammerbut like, yeah, if you got people coming in from out of townbut you're not doing shit till ten o'clock at night, you gotta you gottado something. Yeah, and I don't want to fucking I'm an introvert.So, yeah, like I maybe I'll write, I go over my materialeither way, but you're either going to sit in your apartment and go oryour hotel room and go nuts. Yeah, how far have you traveled for afestivals? The farst for you've traveled three hours. Where was that?I'll side of Louis it was like two and a half to okay, twohour, for Fi minutes, las side Louisville. Let's go. I'm Ihave been further. No, that was the furthest. Okay, under threehours. I've only I've only ever done I did fireworks last year and thatwas a I don't defeat the competition. Wise that's all done. I'm nota bit. I'm a chicken shit with with competitions and stuff like that,because, like, I know I'm good, but I know I'm not like gonnawin good. So part of me's kind of like we'm not gonna fuckingwin. Was The fucking point? Agus Fuck. Yeah, but I willsay last year, being the first time I did fireworks, like I wasso ready to do it again this year because it was it was so fun. I thanks it. Was it all. It was just fun too, likeseeing I've never seen while he's that packed. I still have that pictureof me just up in the back just like Holy Shit like this, somany fucking people here and pack it out it was. And then, andyeah, even I even I walked out of going like the pretty fucking good. Actually, Karen actually told me like how many votes I got and Iwas like, I was like, I was like three, shy, Ohreally, yeah, which was, on one hand, your kind of likeyou gotta be fucking kidding me, because I did actually have three people whowere supposed to come to didn't make it shit, but also dusty brought likehis entire fucking family, which and every my mom was like, does thatmake you mad? I was like no, because dusty did really fucking good,like he did have a great say. If you went up there and aidedDick and still made it to the top three, then I'd have beenlike as some bullshit. But like the guys who made it, like theymade it for a fucking reason, like I said it this year. Ido. When I did it, I had like five applause breaks. NoShit, and not make the finals. No, Shit, there is it. Oh, that's because like there as a that's because you know, it'smy brother. Off People. I was like no, everybody just did that. fucking good they get was great. Like this year it was fucking wise. Fireworks fucking crazy. I was just like, I'ven't told myself I wasn'tgoing to get past the first round. Like I saw. I was like, Holy Fuck, this is a good lineup, and then fucking I'd ifI was like just five applause racks and I didn't think about it first,and then my buddy draw us again. Five clause races are really so watchthe videos like, Holy Shit, I had five applause brakes. That wasagain. That just like you said. That kind of just goes to showjust like how fucking quality you're going to get at fireworks. I think.I think if I had a bit more notice, I probably would have doneit this year, but was one of those like I didn't think it washappening and then one day it was just kind of hey, this is happeninglike in two weeks and I was like, Ah Fuck, oh. It wasdefinitely like as weird for a lot of people because, like this year, especially by lease, is like only one of the only comedy clubs open. Yeah, funny bone hasn't open back up yet. Like I'm talking aboutin like Kentucky. Oh yeahs, you're talking. Just didn't in the areaperiod. Holy Shit. So, like you had people from Indiana coming outlot more than like we had some out...

...of towners, but you had alot more people coming from like from out of town, out of town dollarsto the winner. So I was just like all right, I makes sense, because because go banana is they like we're open and closed and open.And what they didn't they didn't do. Obviously there's this year. Yeah,they didn't. They switch owners again? I've no I've no idea. Idon't think so. Maybe maybe I'm thinking something else. I swear I sawthese switched owners again or something. I don't know. I love go banana'sIm only. I've only ever been down there for the feedback Mike's but Ijust I like to lay out of the room. I like the folds woolfeel. It's very old school like. It's got a it's it's got thefeel that the background of funny bones stage suggests it has. Yes, whenyou got that that that dirty brick background. And and but then you remember whatfunny bone is. Yeah, I love Shit on funny bone. FuckFunny, Fuck Funny Fun they'll never book me, they'll never book anybody.And fucking dating. I don't think the open back up and date. Theywill either. Welcome. Fuck you guys, fuck you, fuck all y'all.You hear this story about there's a reason why Auntie, justly nick willnot do funny bones anymore. No, there, so you won't do themhere. Refuses to do them really, yeah, doesn't care much money they'llgive him, he refuses do him. No Shit. In the PODCAST.The reason why he doesn't do them anymore is because they booked him all right, and like, obviously the Anthony just all nick right, they poked himmother's Day weekend. Oh Fuck, and so he's like most times, likehe was like, listen, you have to tell them, like who Iam. Yeah, Mother's Day weekend. He's like most times, like it'sa crowd. They like it's a fucking crowd, like a funny but I'mlike fuck you, type thing or whatever, like yeah, but mother's Day isa little different. If you're doing comedy shows on Most Day weekend.People are going to have an expectation when they exactly and I guess the owner. It was at the Columbus funny bone too. She's, I guess,the manager whatever said he did, and they never never said who it wasor anything like. They never like, I guess, a type of comic. This is what we're having. And most of the time my people don'tlike his materior. He blames the audience. MMM, because, like his materialis very like like even love it, your hate it. Yeah, andbecause it's look at. Some people are with him in general. Theyou'll like Anthony Gel nick or your fucking hate. And it's the first timeevery he was like, I wasn't the audience fault? Yeah, they know. Wasn't know. He's like you can't have me on a funny on Mother'sDay, like my material on Mother's Day and those acret and he refuses youfunny bones because of that. I get it. I read I heard that. I heard him read that's say that story as a Holy Shit, likewhy in the right mind would you think he'd be a good idea to fuckingbook as like every year whenever they book like key Ger Vase, to hostlike the Golden Globes and they get pissed that he takes shits. You bookedRicky Gervase. Yeah, the fuck did you think what's gonna Happen? Theydid the same thing. They booked as Zach wild to play the national anthemat like a I. Like a football game or some shit a few yearsago. And then Zach wild from you know, Ozzy Osbourne and Black LabelSociety fucking shred the Shit and they're like, ohh wow, we didn't think itwas going to be so disrespectful. You hired a heavy metal fucking guitarchap. What did you think the fuck? You seen this hair. The fuckdid you think was gonna Happen? Dude, I did a fucking showand any was like dirty people. They're like Ted of them like like me, like love me. That's fucking hated me because, like, I know, it's type of material I do and if you don't fuck it, evennot on board. You're not on board. Yeah, it's you're either on theship or you're not. Yeah, so that I did my dark,dirty joke and like I hear the comics in the back and ten people thatlike me fucking love it. COMP sent back losing shit, fucking losing it, because I told I was like because I'm I'm like a I'm like featuring. I got I was the feature actor for whatever. I told my buddy, to wight, who was headline, I was like, I don't knowif I'm gonna go dirty, but if I do, if I might tellmy dark is my dirty, dirty,...

...dirty joke. Yeah, dirt.Yet he was a do you man, yes, on stage, like afucking love Mike so much he's like fuck it, let's go balls deep inthis motherfucker. So this wasn't. This wasn't white McCormick. Oh God,okay, I'll dwight McCormick. I don't Dwight's McCormick. He's a pastor.Right. Yeah, he's like I lot, you make me laugh a stuff.I should have laughed. I loved I do that, like Dwight wasone of the nicest people in the world. Oh Yeah, because he he wonfor works two years ago. Because, yeah, it was him. Shit, I'm blinking him. It was harjet bridget and dusty. That's right. Okay, I could remember who the third person was. It was agod. You know, I hear funny stir about that. Sure, peoplecongratulating me before Dwight wanted as they like. They're like, they're like because dustygot it. Like, okay, yeah, not dusty. Joe Robinettegot third. Okay, bridget got second, and there as a congrats, likeevery thought I won. Now I was like so, I was like, well, I don't think I and I was like maybe I did,when God a great fucking say like, Nope, Shit, that's I rememberbecause I had, because I because I had all three of them on onthe old show, and I remember Joe was the weirdest fucking interview I everhad in my life. Oh, Robinette, yeah, he's he's such a well, he's you can't coax two words out of the guy. He's fuckingfunny. He's so funny on stage. But I couldn't, I couldn't it. Couldn't get two words out of him on the like I was asking likeit one when you brought it the fact that like collects Lego, lego models, and I was like fuck yeah, let's talk about that, and hesaid like two things about it. I was like, come on, youcan't. You can't bring up lego models on a comedy, cut podcast andthen not want to fucking talk about it. Goes on my cast. He's very, very quiet, but like like conversation wise, he's so fucking funnybecause, like he'll say something short and quick. You like Jesus Christ,it's fucking funny and I don't talk anymore. Oh really, who we got intoit? We gotta do it last year. Oh, what about?How it was? I I don't remember because it happened with the span ofthree days of each other, but it was either the Memorial Day tornadoes orthe Organ district shooting, and I don't remember which one it was guy,but he was taking shots at at news team response. I think. Ithink it was the tornadoes. Gotcha, but I basically told him I waslike or no, it was the shooting, because he was like how can wedidn't hear more coverage about it right away? I was like, younot understand, like how the process works, like I explain to him, likehow the process works, like they have to get confirmation, they haveto call people at home at one o'clock in the morning, wake them up, get them in there, get their factory. They can't just go startreporting on Shit. And he started calling me like a fucking know it alland if I felt me go fuck himself, and we haven't spoken sense. Fair, fair game. Yeah, I'm unfortunately, it's tricky when because it'seasy for a lot of comics because, like I s I see host centerdo it all the time, you know, they take shots of the media andstuff like that, and I get it. And so it's weird beinga comic who works for, quote unquote, the media because, like, Iunderstand how their process fucking works, and so there is that part ofme that tries really hard not to be that guy who's like, actually,let me explain to you how the process works, but sometimes I kind offeel like a fucking have to. Sometimes you do. It's everything. Everybodywants to think they know more than you. Yeah, constantly, every like thisis really how this actually where? Ye, like it's news, likeit has to be reported correctly. Yeah, if it's not reported correct there,something happens, you can be sued right, and and this is youknow, I won't say the name of the company I work for, butthere are company that's been under a lot of scrutiny in recent years and sothey want to make sure that they get their shit straight, because the lastthing they needed somebody else coming at him saying that, like, you know, their shit's fake or produced or whatever. So we live in the age offake news being a thing, so takes. Yeah, thanks are goingto be a big thing and went something is fucked up. As as theshooting, I mean, yeah, you...

...want to make sure that you're notgetting out the wrong information. You fucking wild night. Yeah, I was. I remember because I was, because I was. I had just leftfor my vacation when it happened. Like the night that it happened was myfirst night sleeping in a tent in Pennsylvania and I woke up at six amto a billion phone calls and text messages from friends who knew I lived inDayton who were making sure I was okay, and then I was finally called homeand I was like mom, why is everybody fucking in the she waslike fucking because my brother and his girlfriend at the time we're living above aboveNED's. Oh Shit, they were living there. I have a friend WHO'sa bartender, still a bartender there, and then a girl I was seeingat the time was there that night because she's best friends with said bartender.So it was one of those I was calling everybody because I wanted to and, thank God, like nobody I knew got got hurt. You know.I know obviously a lot of people did, but yeah, it was, itwas. It was fucked up, man. That's a fucked up weekendbecause, again, that was within a few days of Memorial Day tornadoes,which was three days after the KKK rally and a weird fucking nut. Yeah, I'll always remember that because I'm way up to a bunch of missed calls, text whatever. It's always some my shere's my fiance at time. Mywife, Melissa, woke me up. She's like, Hey, something happenedto orgon. This is like what? Sure, Shit. I was like, holy fucking the most fucked up thing was so that like all comics downthere. Yeah, so, like I was gonna go. We're going togo out drinking. Buddy Kevin's first night host and were all going to goout drinking. Kevin Rupert. Yeah, it's really stressed. We can hostin for DJ Janglar. Oh Shit, he was gonna go out afterwards andthen I was going to go out afterwards, but I got so high I waslike must see you guys drive me home. So we didn't go outand Joe Young it just didn't show up to Orgon district, because we usuallyhang out like in that area and everybody else is in any naps for killedTony. Oh, that's right, fuck. And so we're like what the fuck? Yeah, we were all like it's wild, because we were beeneither at errands or Ned's or some like something like down there and like weweren't for whatever reason that night we weren't. I was baked off my ass.It's crazy to think how much hell can happen in because it was likethirty seconds, I know. And I had arguments of people about gun control. Yeah, they're like in my arment. was like the cops are already there. Yeah, like, like any still Killo, I ate people.Nine, I can't seven, nine, I killed, killed, nine,and then I think like fifteen were injured. Yeah, and thirty thirty second theycop, like they're your argument of like if they are so good,Guy, off the gun. They were already. They were. They wereliterally across the fucking street. Yeah, like it didn't like they could nothave responded faster unless they could see the future and already knew it was happening. Yeah, it's ain't minority of port. Yeah, that I know that.I know they were going after, I guess, the guys. Butit was either late last year earlier this year, the guy's buddy, whoI guess, said to get bottom the mods and shit. And because hebecause, because he modded the fuck out of those guns. And I knowthey were trying it because because one of the victims was as like sister orsomething. Sister, YEP, sister. I don't know. Did the BURor no, he killed his sister, sister, but but, like I'msaying, like sister brother, because it was like, I don't remember itwas there was transgender involved. I don't remember if it was. I don'tremember that. I remember. I just remember from running the story. Itwas either like sister was going through transition to be a man or vice versa. I forget which one to was at it something like that. Yeah,anyway, regardless, it was, it was because it because. Then alsothere was another one. Look at like a fucking text or something. Thatnight, the same night, wasn't there. It was the morning. That morning, that morning it was alert.

There's two mass shootings in one day. Yeah, that was the once wild. That was the craziest fucking thing because, like you my hand like like are thinking in my head. Ithink I'm saying, Joey, I'm about to like like fuck like that,like that will never happen here because literally it just happened like Texas that morningor afternoon. All right, well, and you wake up to all thatcous. That happened like eleven at night or some shit like that, andyou're like what else? Fuck, and it's like it's it's not just thesounds disingenuous, I guess, but like because we're such compared to Cincinnati orColumbus, were such a small potatoes nothing town. I mean we're basically asmall town surrounded by big metro areas. So there is that party things.Well, this is going to happen anywhere. It's going to happen at Columbus orCincinnati or Cleveland or even fucking young stound like not dating. Never thinkwould happen and fucking did. It was wild. Actually. I whenever stufflike this does happen, I always there's that. There's an old calvin andhobbs comic that I that I always think about weird transition, I know.But in the comic their house gets broken into. Is this is this wasover, this was this wasn't one of the sun this is like over aseries of like daily newspapers, the three panels and their house gets broken intoand one of the last ones they talked about out is the parents talking andthe mom says, like, you know, this is always the kind of thingthat you think happens to somebody else, and the dad says, yeah,but you got to remember that you are somebody else, to somebody else, and so whenever fucked up shit like that happens for some reason, that'sthe first thing I think about is that. Yeah, like you always think thisisn't going to happen to you, but everyone you are that other personthat happens to not somebody else, and yeah, that's deep right. Forfucking Calvin Hobbs man, which it's like going back to the peanuts thing.I've always been shocked that that Calvin and Hobbs never got the animated treatment ofany kind. There's never been a Calvina Hobbs car tune or movie or anythinglike that. Like I'm surprised that never got like a shot especially nowadays.Oh, for sure, there's definitely porn. Yeah, it's of yeah, ofcourse Calvin and a Hob on, my God, Calvin and knobs.But yeah, like like you'd think, like like Hulu or Netflix or somebodywhat a hopped on that? Let's make a calviton hobbs kids streamers. OfA good idea. I don't know. I know way what ever done.I wonder if it's something I don't somebody try to reach out to the Creatorand he's like no, yeah, Bill Waterson's a weird fucking guy. Mightbe it. Yeah, but just, yeah, that's change it up.It's called Alvin Hobbs and you like, Damn, like they even fucking try. At this point we were running Halloween. We were at the new station.They are, you know, showing like all the families and their differentcostumes for Halloween, and you can seem like the kids would like the thethe transformers costumes that actually fucking transform. You seen those? And then theyshow this clip of these three sisters that are all the they went as Alvinand Simon and Theodore, but they're just wearing green, blue and red sweatshirt's. Like okay, I just saw a nine year old in a dresses aplane that transforms into a robot. You threw on a sweatshirt. I don'tthink that counts. It's nocess thing as squirrel face or yeah, I gotin trouble. Are Doing Squirrel face and thank you. Can paint the whiskerson. It's not like the red one didn't even have like the big letterA. I'm like it, like, come on, you got shown upby a three year old. What the fuck? Well, that's going todo it for us for this week. Guys, will be back next weekwith a new episode or two. We'll see and you know. Thank you, guys again so much for hanging out with us again. You can alwaysjoin us on twitter and Instagram at tbl underscore pod. You can always checkout our website, Basement Lounge podcom. And, Hey, don't forget,we're also on Patreon. If you want to become a VIP, we're doingan overhaul in the patreons. You guys...

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