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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 42 · 1 year ago

Texas is the Worst


Texas passed a new anti-abortion bill. And it's awful. So we're gonna rip into it. A lot. Also, Shea finally watched 'Inside' and he has some thoughts.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The bulls**t anti-abortion law in Texas.
  • Bo Burnham's 'Inside' on Netflix

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She's a nice person. Yeah, like she would I remember who I was or anything, but it's but yeah, so we're thinking of Kate and just you know, you can see this quick. Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells, sit back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us enjoy. If you if you haven't voted to, if you haven't voted to band assault weapons but you voted a band abortion, you are not pro life. Yeah, it's like, I don't fucking the abortion man. It's like Texas. Shit's a fucking mass and Texas. God, I found this article because I guess, like a lot of companies, are kind of pushing back. They should. I did a fucking tweet I thought was genius. Is Not get any love. I got to pull back up apparent on my phone and I can find the arguims. Now I gotta fucking just the whole Texas abortion thing is like. So if I can find it, yeah, you're good. So this is from the hill. So match and bumble or both based out of Texas. So they are setting up release fun relief funds to anybody affected by the law. And then Uber and lift have said that any leak because like, if you're if you drive someone to get an abortion and you can technically get yeah, suber and lift said they will cover any and all legal fees. Good, if that's someone you know picks them up for. Not only that, like there's an abortion bounty. Yeah, well, go daddy pulled it, but ten, I guess tick tockers were a fucking spamming it with memes. Oh Really? Yeh, that's what I read. I heard. Yeah, they would. They dropped a go daddy dropped an abortion tracking website that was launched helping force the six week abortion ban. Saying it violated the firm's terms of service, the anti abortion activists move the site to another webhosting company, epic, which promptly shut it down as well. Good, yeah, that's that's so, because it was. It was almos, like a tenzero dollar reward, some shit like that. It was just like this is it? Texas is keeping me, is keeping the anti abortion bill to make up for all the people they lost in their anti federal power grid this winter. Three likes. Oh, meanwhile, Mark Hamill tweets his name. Get up at marks Mark Fun Hamil. What was a bet to somebody was like Mark Hamill could just tweet his name and would get thousands of lights and retweets. So he retweeted it with just Mark Hamil and it got like pull it up seven thousand, I think, like in the first couple of minutes. Let me see, I got a pole because the mark Hamill thing, because that what's it was just some random person. That'said. It's some random guy. Will is he tagged aim in it, so he saw it. Yeah, I re Mark Hamil followed me for like a day. Oh, did he really? Yeah, it was a part of a contest, but it was...

...almost just a fall one person. But how he worded it now, yeah, it all like, yeah, it was weird. He falled everybody for a day, though, was okay's cool. See, Dell, Dell computers, is because they're based out of a lot a lot of Texas companies. Based companies are speaking out about a Dell CEO was really pissed. Let's see, I think it's kind of the big I'm just back, like yeah, it's it's a fucking you know, you keep seeing all the memes likening it back to like the handmaid's tale, super pucknact. I've never watched that show. I know the I know the premise of it. I haven't watched this. The premise it's basically like this future Dystopian society where men are completely like one hundred percent run everything in women are basically just living in a slave state. Oh, okay, it's fucked. It's super fucked. Greg Abbott is the manifestation of all the papies plant prevented by plan, by Fucking Greg Abbott. was find this other one. There's another good one. I liked. I was just like, I really wanted that fucking power grip one. The work so good, but that's funny. Shame on you people for not liking that tweed. I know that was good. Let See, I do like this, and this is not sometimes I watch the movie fight club and think they have the same. First two rules of being molested. You don't talk about it. She's somebody said right forwards. Every girl wants to hear whispered in your ear. I said Texas is the worst. Texas is the works. Lord, that's good. You See Jen Saki shutting down the reporter about the abortion band. No, somebody, I think I got my phone up to the hook, my phone up to the things you can hear, but she, this reporter just keeps going after her and going after Biden about opposing text speaking out against Texas abortion band, and I don't know who the report was for, but you can tell it was like very pro life. Pro Light Are Fox? Yeah, it was probably Fox. I would be shocked. Here's one I want, a modern day wrongcom were an antivaction of VACs are hook up, get pregnant, have to have an abortion in Texas we call it, weekend. That great avits here. I guess the is the Jen Sachi video. What does the president support abortion when his own Catholic faith teaches abortion? As more people know, he believes that it's a woman's right, it's a woman's body and it's her choice. Why does the pros who was he believe that should look out for the inborn truck? He believes that it's up to a woman to make those decisions and up to a woman to make those decisions with her doctor. I know you've never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant, but for women out there who have faced those choices, this is an incredibly difficult thing. President believes their right should... respected. Go ahead, and I think I got to move on. Well, I think we have to move on. You've had plenty of time today. Go ahead. Damn she like you've never shut him the fuck down. That was a fuck around and find out kind of thing I saw. I mean that said scientific method. Fuck around. That's good. That's where all I wish I had knew that when I was teaching. That's fucking funny. They abortion me and so fuck day. It's just it's you know, I just I remember there was a time where fucks like that never would have had the balls speak out about since to speak the way they do online and and in politics and ever since fuck face was president, they have like this new, re revived sense of whatever, I'm going to do what I want, consequences be damned, kind of thing. It just yeah, she was killed anyways. He's Covid s a got okay, fucking solo struggle like John Him. See, yeah, it like text just I don't know Texas is. It's just so like not. People don't realize love, Peopleon't even know they're pregnant. Yeah, but for six weeks. Yeah, even after. Yeah, it usually takes at least that long, because anything before that, like if you take a test or something, I think it's anything before six week. I think they said like it's a lot of false positives and a lot of it's you just don't know. Well, not. I that like I want to know what Republican bought stock and hangers and as Texas company. That's what I want to fuck it, know, because somebody fucking did that shit. Yeah, no, it's just almost like it's a woman's choice, like who gives it? Like yeah, well, and the irony is like if they truly cared about children, yeah, there would be no children to adopt in Texas. It's I I like it back to when when may repeat was running for president and he was doing that that town hall with Chris Wallace and he was asking them about the late term abortions. Dre here what beauty just said about that. No, he basically said. He's like, you know, you look at these these late term abortions that are, you know, seven months whatever into the pregnancy. He's like you have to realize if a woman has kept the baby that long, that means she has planned on having this baby, she probably has a name picked out, probably has a nursery built, probably has bought clothes and is ready to have this baby and now something, some kind of awful, terrible news has come along where she is forced to have to terminate this pregnancy that she wants to have this baby...

...that she wants to have. Probably can you imagine how like hard of a decision that has to be that far into it? Like it's not like it's that's not a I'm gonna go just like it's like she planned on having the baby if she's that far into it exactly. So for us it was basically was just like, you know, for us to sit here and and grandstand that she shouldn't be doing that. One odds are she doesn't want to do it in the first place. You know, odds are, if she's doing it, it's because she's choosing between having a baby and dying or the baby dying in childbirth. Like it just it's it's an incomprehensible thing and we shouldn't be just passing blanket laws that could get a lot of people, good, a lot of women killed, either by having to go through with potentially dangerous pregnancies or who are going to go back to the back alley abortion days. Yeah, that are really unsafe and like type of thing. I've always thought this in my head. This is how crazy I am a kid. If you want to have an abortion, you can't have an abortion and say like that kid is not. Like, what's the likelihood that kid turning out with loving parent? You know what I mean? Yeah, like it, like, like it, just like if that person really is want to have that kid, HMM, that kick it and foster system. That could be thrown up for adoption. That K could be not loved by their own parents and where they fucking just fuck become fucked up. You see what I'm saying? Like, I don't know. It just there's a there's a quote from John Oliver. I'm going to pull it up here, where he talks about basically the idea of, you know, like life starting it conception, is what a lot of Republicans believe, and then versus, like the a lot of these and basically, I think what he said was it. What it's shown is that conservatives say is but seem to believe that life starts a conception, ends just before a sexual assault happens and then starts again after the sexual assault has concerned, as it has happened. Yeah, because in that time we're a woman's being, or anyone is being sexually assaulted. They don't that doesn't exist. Yeah. Well, your Abbot said today that like they are going to stop future rapists. How's that possible? How if I can watch too much minority report knows, and we all know how that ended up. Yeah, he literally said like stop future rapists, like I just a you're gonna stop like Republicans? I don't think you're gonna stop Republicans and NFL players. Really. Yeah, it's it's come at me on twitter. It's fine, I I it just it feels like it's a huge step backwards. I'll Texas is I mean it's I knows, t be fair. They have them power grid. That's also. Wait, that's what it is. They're not.

They're not up on the Times because they have a shitty power grids. They don't get the news as much the amish. They're like Amish light, not even like a R fifteen s can get abortions and fucking and they love. They are fifteen. Now. Texas completely fucked up. I don't that's a woman's right. I think it's choice. At post of the day I was like, can we just give to Texas, back to Mexico? Yeah, no, Shit, we're done with it. We've had enough. It's all. It's Friday. The thing is Mexican. Mexico made it like said something about abortion walls today. Did they really like, yeah, lie in line with Texas. No, no, Mexico, when you fucking want that be like no, fucking text is. I don't know why I'm without him. Like an Italian Texan, I remember when, when Obama got to like this second time, Texas was talking about seceeding from the US and I was like do it, okay, go ahead, fuck around, find out, see what happens. Scientific method it. Two days later we're out of cows, we're a Oh shit, we no longer have airports, we no longer have any military on S, we have no funding for any like the ran see, no currency, our money means. It was the same thing, like with Brexit. was like they did when they were talking about doing breaks. Okay, well, you got a plan for all this shit that you're no longer going to have, and they didn't. That fucked up and it fucked them up pretty bad death. So when Texas was talking about se seating him order, which is like yeah, ask the Carolina's how well that worked out. Succeed six, succeeding? Not Succeeding? Yeah, like their currency to be Texas toast. I don't like going back to using the Paso. Yeah, they got that, okay, then they use that. But play a second start training. We illegal stress. Trading bullets is curtsy. It's there. You Go, that's a shotgun. Shall that's at least. We're twelve children. Texas the one state, and I'm pretty sure does like one of those things, like when he trade something. First Spouse. No Dowry Salaries? Yeah, I would not be surprised. Diaries just don't think in Texas. Dowries and racism are I will say the n words seven times if you cut my grass, although that's one of my favorite things about about family. Guy. Favorite Uh Huh, fucking BITs ever, was a real quick one. It was Abraham Lincoln. I Thin I've seen this. It's yours name. Here's like, Guy, grass is getting a little high there. He's like, yeah, you said somebody do that for me, Dick. You have a good one now, one of the best. fucking Mike, fucking that was really good. Okay, you said somebody do that for me, Dick. One of my favorites from this past season was they were there doing...

...any thing about like taking down like the racist landmarks and stuff like that. We confederate general. So they were taken down the one of paw talcket pat because they found it he was a slave owner or some shit. And then I's Peter was like what, Oh man, there's other things missing, like what happened to that statue of Father Touch Boys? What did he do wrong? Ye, father touch boys. Yeah, congratulations. Texas. Here the new Florida. Not Their worst in Florida, man, Lurk. Still, Florida's got the get a board. Babies in Florida be get to have alligator. Do it as least promise to fing like all the doctors and taxes. fucking probably because how they're doing with covid and this abortion thing. Probably played that game operation. That's how bad they are. That's weird this stuff. This Charlie horse wasn't looking atty like a horse. Charlie. Charlie horse is a muscle spasm like that joke doesn't work a fuck. I want to tell you a joke's a joke. Fuck it, I forgot. Fuck it. We always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. Again, if you haven't seen it's hard to find, but the family guy. It was banned in the US. Is it that it was a band episode of News? You can get it on a DVD, though, and it's because some of the cutaways they do in that are used in other one other episodes because they wanted to reuse them. But I told you about it's like Lois, his friend from college, her and her husband game kids. Yeah, the ends up Peter Gon. We got me a portion credits. It's funny shit. Damn. Was thinking out dark gunjaman the work. I was like, what if I had to choose between my wife having the kid or her living on the kid living? Like, what do I choose? Like I was literally thinking that in that work. I can't even imagine. I was like what would I fucking dude, what, what do you do? Yeah, I mean most likely it won't happen. Sure, mad modern day medicine, but like people. Why did people still go through that decision? I I don't know how, I don't know. No, either way, it's a awful, terrible decision and which have to make text. No idea what else stopped thinking when I was going to work. I've had plenty of invasive thoughts, trust me, where I'm just like, why did I think about that? Why did I suddenly think about what happened? If I just, you know, drove my car through the front door, work be on TV, beyond TV. It's true. I brought the news to the what's the...

King of the hill? It's like Dale. We're stealing a newsman. It's the perfect crime. How will they report it? That's I just got. Then rewatch and think of the hill on her tolo never got in the king of I love King of Hill. It's funny, ippiate. I got the time. I didn't get the humor because I was younger. Yeah, as a kid it didn't do much for me. Yeah, but it's super dry humor. Yeah, but it's clever, especially like anything with Dale, as funny as fuck. But it's like I've thought about going back and just like being like, okay, so I have a cop bets and pieces. So I was like, God damn, that's fucking funny. Yeah, it was, because we for a little while we were airing a syndicated on one of our one of our stations at work, and I was like, I don't remember the show being that fucking funny because you're just a kid. Because I was a kid. Yeah, I was into, you know, Simpsons and Family Guy, which were way different than King of the hill, and I didn't grow up watching BABS and Buthead, because it's the same guy, but like Jed, like Judd. Yeah, our judge, judge and Jud something like that. Judge Tread, judge dread, fucking weird dude. He's a softie. I am give me my part, whatever, fucking I don't know you. And what's crazy is like all the episodes that I remember most vividly are in like the first like two seasons, because I was going through and I was like, Oh, I remember this one, I remember this one, and then you get to like season three or four and I'm like, I remember any of this shit. All right, it's all random that. Did you see the live action commercial for Rick and MORTY's Christopher Lloyd. Yeah, like, motherfucker, that's I'm gonna lay. I love it. That is suppose somebody's like, they're not doing a live action. was just a fucking she she was like what and I was like yeah, but I'm also kind of like could you? Yeah, because now I want, now that I've had a taste, I want the whole thing. Yeah, and that'd be good. I'm looking. I'm not, because they've put out a new season, haven't? I've only watched a piece of rick and Morty, which I love. So it's so fucking funny. But like, I'm sitting there, I don't know, because it's Dan Harmon, who's the guy you did community, yeah, which I there's a whole out. There's one episode where they just reference, do nothing but reference community the whole time. But it's fantastic. Oh really, where he's ricks in love with this high I've mind. It's taken over an entire planet and he's like, all right, let's create a TV show about a bunch of about a bunch of friends in college. All right, I cancel it. All right, I'll bring it back again. Are Now canceled again. All right, I'll bring it back again. I make him do it on the table. All Right, I'm done. It's just exactly what happened with community can canceled, brought back, canceled, rock back. There's this whole plot line because two of them had sex on the table and they're trying not to tell anybody that, at the table they sit at every day, that they find out nobody wants to use the table anymore. God, and the whole thing they kept saying throughout the whole the whole series was yeah, we're gonna get six seasons in a movie. Well, they had six seasons. We're waiting on the fucking movie. Yeah, all right. One time my old job, so I was like, can the security cameras all the way in that back corner? I was like...

...that table? Yeah, I'll always remember this. He said we're getting pizza place called MARYON's. I'm gonna try to ry what, like can the I don't know. No, I can't go. That's why I did, because that he was. He was a manage of time and his girlfriend worked there. She was like, Oh, I think you're good, Jason. I'm gonna throw his name out. It doesn't work there anymore. Don't eat sauce, kids, it's coming. That's that's not afraid. Oh, that's not out for yeah, that's seamen. Would you like some of my Sucen, Daddy? Would you like some sausage? God, where that fucking come? I don't know what I see that movie in twenty years? No, Shit, fuck, Oh my God, Freddy got fingered. Kids, don't watch it. I mean watch it, but don't tell your parents. It's not what you think either, not what you think even a little bit. It's once upon a time there was a guy named Tom Creen, and Tom Green was a weird guy. Remember your show? Yeah, there are things he did. It did a bit called undercutters. Yeah, we'd underlike he follow a pizza toil, very guy. Yeah, and then he like try to undercut the price and all I have to do is bake the pizza. That was so fucking funny. Her family, I think it was the spring break episode. They're like we're in a cut away to Tom Green doing something wacky and he's like laying under a cow dringing. I was utter. He looks the camera goes a my famous now and likes to people like me. Yet can I stop doing this dude is fucking wild. Well, fucking Freddy got finger, he got ripped torn in that fucking movie. Yeah, a hard guy to get. Yeah, that's true, but I guess he has a great sense of humor because he also did dodgeball. Yeah, and all the men in blacks. Yeah, he's dead now. Yes, that's about run like them. My favorite things about when the fucking luck of the Irish sign falls on them and what it spans. Fans carecter say, will be fine as long as we got patches like a hallmark, like a fucking he says some crazy line about like a hallmark card, like falling on Patrick. I can't remember what the line is. Found like it's fucking funny. I love that movie. That's the dodger wrench. You can got your ball. What the fuck? I don't know if that movie sparked many a high school dodgeball tournament. It did. It did. We had one my team fucking loss to. They put me and my nerdy friends up against. It was guys from the football team, one of whom, the dude's name was literally Apollo King, and I'm like, I hope we dodgeball against this fucking eight foot motherfucker really, Polo Kan Jesus Chat, like, I don't know that that was such a good movie, though. HMM, they won't do comedies like that much anymore now. That was kind of that that those towards the end of that are because it was like right when Justin Long was getting big. You know. Well, I like there's no whacky com like. So like...

...weird comedies that are just can't comedies that you're just trying to make people laugh as not specially rhymer reason. Yeah, to anything. Speaking of which, guess what I watched last night? What Bo Burnham inside? Oh did I had a bit of an existential crisis watching that. Fuck, is that way? It's great. That was it was a like I said, I don't like Bo Burnham with that. Yeah, you don't, I do. And it was one of those. So I really didn't know what to expect. All I had heard was the Jeff bezos song and welcome to the Internet, which fantastic. Yeah, and and, and my girlfriend watched it and she was like this fuck me up, and so I was like, okay, she cammer, least as we're watching it. And and I had a posit a couple of times and just kind of sit and hold my head like really, well, one, because he'd because he edited all this shit. Yeah, so the one where he's reacting to his reaction, of his reactions, reaction as an editor. That had to me like pause. How, yeah, how like it just, Oh my God, I wanted to ask you, act you about that. How's that even possible? So the way he would have had to have done it is a he would have had to had his whole thing, script it out and timed perfectly, really, because and then just shot the main one and its entirety. Oh, that's how he would have had to have done it, which is, and I'm talking from the beginning, from the where it starts with the purple room, to the end. He would have had to have that whole thing pre written and timed. That's why I don't even know how many takes that was. And then you just take that video and overlay it into the video you're already in, again and again, and that's why I'm like all postproduction, but the amount of again, his timing, but had to be so perfect. My only guesses that was probably like a hundred takes and he had to find the one that lined up the best, for he had like a timer and a stop watch or something in there and keeping track of how far in it's. Again it's and I could be completely, a hundred percent fucking wrong. I don't know. It's that creative. Yeah, of my favorite part too. It's yeah, that one and white woman's instagrate woman's instagram. I about pissed myself. That was funny as fun but you can actually see him going through shit. Yeah, like I had to do some research. I was googling it when we were sitting on the couch because after it was over, was like I turned the TV off and I was like I need a minute because I was like, okay, did he actually just live in that room the whole time or did he actually okay, so he actually because I because I could totally believe that he did. Yeah, I guess he didn't, like he was, I guess looking with as he lives with his girlfriend or whatever, but I was like it, but if you had told me he did, I would believe you. Yeah, because he sells that, he's he sells it so well that he's just been living in this isolation this whole time and...

...slowly like losing his mind. But it does look like not losing as I like losing, losing his grip. Now, I wouldn't grap. It's just it was the cove. It was the COVID. Yeah, it was covid. So you just can't do his mouth. See, you're kind of like just getting kind of depressed. Well, I also I didn't know about him taking the break because of the panic attacks. Oh Yeah, I knew about that. I hadn't heard about that. So I was like that actually fucking happened, like I so that was part of the I guess how much I didn't really realize. But like when it shows the shots of him just like measuring the lights and writing shit down, I was like, Oh my God, I've done all of this and and wanted to rip my fucking hair out. He did it and made a fucking Netflix special out of it and it's it's a great netflix that's so good. It's like what he's doing, the thing where it's him sitting in the chair with his own video about why you shouldn't kill yourself projected onto his chest. Yeah, I was like, Oh, okay, who I try to that on my favorite tears, this one where he does it with the lights and he has like his phone behind his back. Oh, he's like moving it around him and it's like, I can't remember. It just really weird. It just a really cool like visual it creates where like he had to think all this stuff out and I like in my head I'm thinking, how many times did he have to do this? How many time? Because it was just him? Yeah, you know, one in there. And also, like I'm looking at the stuff he was using and a part of it is also kind of like my God, the budget for this shit. No, really is. It's so like some of the shit that he had is so expensive, like just some of those light things, I think, where he's literally got his tablet and like you draw to adjust the exact color of the light you want. Yeah, that is thousands of dollars of that doesn't surprise. Yeah, so stuff, even just that camera alone probably cost like threezero cameras are expensive, but he use the same microphones that we do. So yeah, boom. I I was floored at how good bill burms inside is Holy Shit, like Amazor stuff. I watch US every loved it and I was like this is not for you, this is art. Yeah, Oh, yeah, yeah, this, yeah, inside it. That is. That is some like New York art district thing you'd see like in a as like as like a like a piece in a gallery or something like that, presented by a guy wearing a scarf and smoking a cigarette. That one. That's way as cigarettes. Yeah, that's that. This is this is his soup can on a stool. Oh, yeah, he did not cut his hair or shave until the end. That that last song he's doing where it's he you can tell it's kind of a rough haircut. And Yeah, yeah, he actually grew ass. That's the things, because I liked about he actually gee. I mean I'm pretty sure that part was real to where that was his real air and we're real beard. But I do you like at the end, then it like switches back to like the beginning. Yeah, before everything, or or really like wakes wakes up in the bed. Yeah, it's great. Low burnams inside.

It's great. Yeah, you don't watch Bill Burns inside. Do it, but don't expect to laugh a lot now. I don't really. There were some stuff that I'd mean like again white woman's instagram. I laughed my ass off. Welcome to the Internet. Is Sunny, funnier and Fug the Jeff bezos Song is Great. There are some genuinely funny moments, but a lot of it is just him just trying to process the world we live in. Well, I think that's partially why I'd never like his other specials. Right. It's because, like I felt like, as other special hills have to be, like it's a live performance. Yeah, so it's kind of like you have all these lights and all that type of stuff. It's cool, but like it's not made to see live. As that makes sense. It's all not in that format. Yeah, it's all spectacle. Yeah, because he's a guy who got big on Youtube and and it's the it's the epitome of a youtuber taking their show into a live format. Yeah, it's kind of how his stand up is. So, yeah, you have like watching it live at in a in a theater. I don't think would be as good as watching it like on Netflix. That's what I'm saying. Is like inside was made specifically for like it's not supposed to be. I don't know. I don't like to when I want to see jokes. Yeah, I don't want the other shit. Oh here, yeah, Joe Whatever. Whatever. I look as like as Nick Crol does that. Yeah, I don't want of his specials. Were like it interrupts the stand up with a bit, with a scene, and I'm like, I don't as this scene funny. Yeah, but I I just want to watch the stand up. And so I think I only like his songs. Are Good whatever, but like I don't need like the like the flashing and all that stuff. I as you hear, the jokes the song. So I'm like, okay, but I get why people like it. Totally cool. Yeah, but but I think that's why I liked inside so much is he was able to like you're seeing it, to how he wanted it perfectly done, and you're like this is art. Yeah, this is actually art. Yeah, it's not a it's not a comedy special, it's a it's an art it's an artisan high concept indie film by a comedian. Yeah, yeah, and some songs are funny and it just happens to have some comedy in it. Yeah, and then I just the the lighting and stuff like that. So good that. Yeah, the stuff he like the first one he does where he's got that head lamp, yeah, and looks up and hits right on the disco ball and it's going around it, so fucking cool. Yeah, yeah, it's so clever, like the stuff he does fum flow again, the production of the whole thing. I am floored. Or when he's got the key. There's one of the last songs he does. Everyone put your fucking hands up or whatever. All eyes on meeting, all eyes on me, where...

...he's got the camera on himself and he's moving one camera, he's moving the camera around himself, but it's also being projected onto the wall behind yeah, and I'm just, Oh my God, there's so much to unpack with it. I'd see, and I think it's crazy to think about in that that he was ready to do comedy again and then covid yeah happened, almost like the world was saying not yet, yeah, and all eyes on me. It was kind of all eyes on me fuck me up a little bit really. Yeah, that one, because because it's that that like I'm not okay. Someone please pay attention to me and realize I'm not okay. Yeah, kind of thing. That's a lot wrestling and bow burstling and Bow Burnham not the weird show we've done. I mean fucking panda sex is still up there hanging a sex mother. We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you, guys, want to know more about the show or get more involved in any way, shape or form, head on over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tblpod dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews page and click the little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us know what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you guys again and next week for a brand new episode. Every Wednesday. Eight am is when they drop. Until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and Bo by.

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