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Season 2, Episode 43 · 1 month ago

Farewell to Norm Macdonald


We bid farewell to a modern legend of comedy in Norm Macdonald. Did he drop hints about his secret cancer diagnosis? Plus, the first trailer for 'The Matrix Resurrections' is here. Also, Sony dropped two big video game trailers.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The legacy of Norm Macdonald.
  • The first trailer for 'The Matrix Resurrections'.
  • Sony's trailers for their new Marvel video games.

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They're so bad jokes, but they're sobad, but he makes him funny, but it's so dead pain. He was just one of thebest dead Pan Comedians. I he used to love when he would just do a bit on aweekend. Update you'd hear it is not land that he would just go. The crowdis divided flip to the next pan. Like you know, it's like there. I watchsome of those takes my post at it was like the doctor. COVERIN needs to goback to like doctor. Coverin is releasing a fluid out of album. It's sobad. He needs to go back to his day job and they didn't like last. It was likehis day. Job Murdering welcome to the basement. Lounge podcast,with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells, sit back rab a drink, relax, let's seewhere the time takes us and joy. I found there's like three ten minutecompilations of just him ripping on Oj really because he, but that's why I got fired Wan andpretty much why he got fired yeah, because the head of NBC at the time wasthe friend of Ojis and he had told him to stop so he just fucking doubled down,he's doing stories about like the pope and he would turn him to y one O j. Hewas like the pope release a E, a new book today called Oj, total or God toldme Oj. Did it Prince Philip released a book about hisMaros to Diana called Oj? Did it I mean come on? I remember when, when the verdict camein like that weekend, his first is opening joke was like Gordon to the cordon state ofCalifornia. Murder is not legal here. No, it's sad he's it's very sad. He was.He was always my favorite weekend update host yeah. He was the. I can'tthink I don't know who I like. Even I I like Tina, Fan amy fold, maybe o homesaid fuller, Ami Polar. They were great. I, like T, seen to Fay with JimmyFallon to yeah. Those are my I my top three suck Myers was wasn't bad rightnow, Colin Jost and Michael Cayer killing it, but, like Colin Colin Quinn,always felt like a weird choice to me because he did it after norm yeah or was now no. Where was Kevin Neels atKevin Nealon, I think Kevin Yo as before norm. What's Kevin Elan beforenorm? Okay, I think so, but norm was always especially becausehe always I was like all right. Ah, here's the fick news it just it wasgood and it's sad he's dead and I really wonder how people knew he hadcancer. Well, I mean that's thing. He doesn't have to tell anybody that soyeah, Nice, personal and and but like like I or were sand off Mike. I it'slike you know. I would see him it on. You know Conan or Kemel, or you know,whatever. Whatever the show is that David Spade was hosting or whatever itwas, and he just always there were times where he would seem completely just kind of out of it, and your firstthought is like Oh shit is like. Is he because I think he had a cocaineproblem at one point I was like? Is he still doing a coke or whatever, butit's like he was probably going through Kemi Yeah, because when my dad hadcancer that when he was going through Cebo, he was I mean he was his brainwas fried yeah. It fucks up your lucidity and you're really to focus soI'm just coming fuck like that makes so many things make sense now. Well, isn'tthat crazy, though, like because you've watched his enemies, he was still likeon it with his jokes, and so, if you want had to have chemo brain you'd, belike God, Damn here's Yeah fucking funny. Yes on man he's always on it e said theSagittis so funny. Every time he would pop up on anything was great. My myfriend Gen sturger WHO's. She used to be a she used to be a Fox News,reporter Fox sports reporter she was. She was the one that bred far was sending Dick picks tothat's your friend, yeah, we're friend of yeah was a friend of mine, and she Iguess when that Shit went down a norm... reached out or she I'm saying,because he post this on Instagram, like I talk about Morn like reached out toher and was like picture a skit like we should like totally do like a skin orsomething for like s, l or something. That's just. This athlete try to pickup young chicks with Dick picks and stuff, and she was like the only reasonthey didn't do. It was like they couldn't make. The schedules match he'sserious yeah, that's so funny he's like I wish he's like. He was the onlyperson he was the only person that time who like was like supporting, because at thetime everybody thought she was just trying to take down break far likethere's no way. This is true and then all of a sudden like yeah, no, it wasfucking. True, like her career, was fucking ruined because of that Shit,isn't it so weird yeah how's that I don't, but but anyway, Ijust it speaks to Norman. Do don't know it they notalways being on an a always doing it for the bit, but also it's like againlike fucking, again Wi as much as he would talk shit about the fact that,like o j got a quit it. It's like this is a guy who, at the end of the daylike he, was all about likee, doing the right thing, and- and I love that abouthim when they would remember one of my favorites as they said right now- thethey're trying to decide if o j Simpson was on speed, the night of Nicol BrownSimpson's murder, to which I think they should just you know, run a DNA test ofall ojis blood. They found it the scene, I Johnny John Cochran, introduced thethe infamous bloody glove at the trial, which was a bad move for on his part,because o j burned out there, it is Jesus, let's man, that one yeah that hurt. Iwas having a good day to day and I saw that it fucking her. I was like what Iwas like what what I it's weird when you see like people,you look up to die yeah it. It makes you kind of stop. It justmakes you stop and pause like there's. There's this person that,like I always look whenever they say, like you, know, special guests, moreMcDonald, like I get excited it's not going to happen, you know it'sgoing to be a good enerves gonna, be a great fucking interview and it's notgoing to happen now, and that makes me like I was. I was kind of hoping likehe would, because I I listen to smart less, which is this podcast with JasonBateman and will will our net and Sean Hays and they just interview peoplethey work with, and I was really hoping they would get norm Donaonda. Obviouslynow they can't, but just yeah every time he would pop up onone of the talk shows you knew it was going to be fucking funny. He showed up on David Page as one timen. When O J got I got, I got twitter and just fucking. Well, it was you knowwhat I'm going to find a clip. I remember I remember I, no J got twitter, his twitters fucking wild. His twitteris something else. If you haven't checked out O J Simpson's twitter, do yourself a favor, I mean it's it's something special nor McDonald ojai. I listen ere, listen to the bitabout his about how you lose the cancer. Have youlearned that bit no and then you realized that was about him fuck I havewon. We pulled that up next, get your go drink! Yeah! I head phones on toplay this clip of him on, like it was lights out with David'sbetter, and I can't hear anything yet. Damn it Mike every time all right now Ithere you go so the crowd I'll ehrhart right there...

...on eleventh you more, a Farle came onwith me, the one one of the Times I remember he was on had a harness hookedup to him, a cable he supposed to Oh yeah t I a wet the audience. Was itthis Guy Yeah Yeah? I wis premise comes good, so they pick em up on the cable. Ithink it was a lie so and he swung back against the back drop of it. We can upthe in the cake the hardest got hooked on one of the UPIRES or er. I don'tremember. I remember that Haenir of crane were they lifting e e e. A winyah was got stuck up therea jam and he goes. I have a weight Probert years ago. What I someone says: Anybody Ember, theOrient Jokes, probably is millerdss s going to betrinomial, wouldn't like it led. ERNEST GOES TO SPAIN E j.In the news again, this we about norms, series of J. I have to tell you the true spirit ofthat we can update, is an a sort of mentality and they told nor the guyswho signed the checks as high up as you can go at NBC. Do not do any more OJjokes he's my friend. Nor comes up the next way, completely blot us. I have to give you a this say now inthis cancel culture and everything I have to say. I no longer take thatposition with O J Simpson. He was found not guilty jury of peers. I accept that.I see him as the greatest Russia. That's all he's guilty up to me as thegreatest rush in the history is a as the gas rushden. How do you feel about him? SILBAL bad?That's wow! Yeah! We had a video of him. Do we have a video they can show ithe's on twitter now ran a was he a o for the a killers of all hejust got into the dense hall of fame on the top one hundred L of a top ten OGod for him and yeah is fantastic, is he's at. Is that the society...

...of s a man resting fees nor McDonald, an FuckDan leaving rush? I was a Russian it. What was the? But you were talkingabout the answer, but the bout bowl cancer yeah he atall cancer, okay, ickitser! So that's not scary about thorofare, you, the Hithto, he'she's dying o you know, and or like some people like say now,they see the old days. A man could just get sick of die. You know now they haveto wage a battle. So my uncle bird is raging in a courageous battle which I've seen because I go and visitthem, and this is the battle he's lying in the hospital bed with the fingis erwatching matlock on the Tiati got on the back set of Matlock a black thing in his bow and the reason I don't like it isbecause in the old days they go hey that old man died. Now they go, he hehe lost his battle. That's no way to end your life. Youknow a loser. That guy was, he was raising a brave battle, but atthe end I guess he got kind of cowardly was what happen. The Bell Cancer? I got brave, you gotta,give us in a battle answer. You know e in a battle and then I'm pretty sure I'm not a doctor, butI'm pretty sure. If the cancer dues I mean, if you die, the cancer also diesat exactly the same time. So that to me is not a loss. That's a drug! THAT'S THE CANAGORIE S! I in Cancer Igerant, I ask, is a bit: that's a great it and he's telling youabout himself: Oh my God. His uncle might have had cancer, butobviously he has cancer yeah, just God...

...fuck first named battle. First, a not like cancer is not like. The canswas going to spring out. He like all right, where's this. Why that's a draw I mean I realize what it means. Youcan't just sit there and just go great bit: Oh my God, Fuck Man Shit. How do you move from that? It's going on as they're, not gettingrid of porn congratulation a get past, so I d, F man. We always want you guys to be a part ofthe show so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to ourwebsite, www dot, tbl pod dot net, and you can click on the blue microphoneand leave us a voice message which will respond to on the air. You can also useour website to access our official discord, server and chat with us andall kinds of other listeners. Just like you at any time. You want once againhead on over to our website www dot, tbl pod dot net matrix resurrections trailer came outfuck. Yes, I, Oh, my God, my Dick got so hard holy Shit like I, when youshowed me the thing last week with with the pills all that I was like: Okay, Ofuck, okay, this really good that trailer made me give such a shit aboutthis movie. Now, I'm like, Oh, I need to see this yeah yeah I like with I'mpicking up with they're, putting down yeah, I'm super pump for it well andthe yeah, because it's one thing I like is it looks like they get rid of thatweird green tent, that the other three movies, a yeah that yeah there's,always that I never really thought about it, but you're right. There'sthat green, tent yeah everything was just like was its. It was the wellShaski version of the Schneider version. The sniders got that weird tit to Strye, so yeah. No, it looks really good. Heno looks like John Wick, but that's all I can see now I mean that's becausethey fold about the same time. Yeah the guy, who looks like a young version ofmorpheus or something like he's playing morphus. Is that what he's doing yeahobviously they'll be an explanation. Oh Yeah, because I know because LaurenceFishpie he's not in it yeah. Well, he they never reached out to him by things very interesting, butsomebody broke down the trailer there's actually like every e. The theory is.This is actually like a reboot of the Matrix right. That's why it's calledresurrections sure, because it looks like they are almost like the Matrix istrying to correct its mistakes from the last alike now, everyone's getting a it's almost like, because you see that theone shot of everyone just kind of glued to their phones. It's like this istheir way of this is the matrix is way of like well. Apparently, there's likesome of my still shouted like there's a picture ofneo when he's like already dead, like the knee of that died and with the eyesand Shita and the machines are working on them M. I got a re watch, a trail tosee that, but somebody I told- and I was like Oh and then obviously apicture of trinity and you see that in the trailer like yeah, so it's kind oflike Huh and it's like everyone's taken like prescription, blue pills, and soit's like they are, the Matrix is trying to get on fuck itself and thearchitect always said, there's always been different version yeah. He waslike what like the seventh version or something random NP is is therapist, which I'minterested in n Ph being a bad guy, because I kind of feel like he's, goingto end up being a bad guy. If he's the one prescribing the pills, maybe it's all very interesting. I'm superpom a dick still hard thinking about yeah. No, the trailer was really good.I'm and it seems like neo is kind O or Tomis trying to almost like he's starting to rediscover or Rememberr ICK. He hasthat handshake with trinity and they're.

Like do, we know each other and he like,but that's Daja yeah. It's is de Javo. Yeah is glitz the Matrix, the the thing is, and he doesn't havethe same name he does is Tom. Mister is Tom. Homas Anderson was his name on aYe Sanderson it yeah Tom. So but somebody in the trailer somebody in thetrailer calls him Neo. Well Yeah. I knew that so I didn't realize I wasThomas Anderson in the first one yeah mother Fu. I watched the first one.Like a million. I have. I never really caught that it's only in the one scenewhere the guy at the Fedex got brings in the phone Thomas E, Underston, Yeah Yeah, just save your humanities namedTom Everybody, it just looks so fucking good it does. It looks like I wasreally worried. This was going to feel like just a last hail Mary. It looks likethey really put a lot of effort into the make you one or two, if they'regoing to do I mean that Redo, but like do more, if it's successful, if it doeswell enough, I'm sure they will. But I don't give a shit about money. Theyreally don't. I know those people they did. They wouldn't be making thisbecause the bit chaukies don't care. Well, Lano doesn't care, and you knowKiano does not give a fuck no money and I honestly don't think I don't thinkthey would have gotten as many return sign ons if they didn't like the script.Yeah. Oh for sure, especially Kiano, because he's been real selective of thestuff that he takes these days and he's the only taking stuff that he reallyfeels like could work and the ways because especially, wethink to like from a career tin way with the way he's been crushing itlately with John Wick. He doesn't want to take something to things. Could ruinthat momentum? Yeah? It's true a bill and Ted Revival wasn't going to hurtthat moment. I never saw that was again. I haven't seen it yet either, buteither way like that was low risk like that was for the fans. That was justsomething fun to do like this, however, like it's a big enough name, big enoughproperty that like yeah, if this thing fucking flops, then like something it'sgoing to, I don't think I I I think, they'll have all the great aspects ofthe original, because the third one was horrible. Yeah, that's portalone watchone and then second one. I is okay, I like it, but third one is horrible.This, the second one is one of those like. If the third one had been reallygood, you could just write the second one office filler and not care yeah,but because the third one is so bad, it makes the second one feel worse, whichobviously the third one kind of- and I think we talked about this last time tothe third one's so bad. It kind of makes you question whether thefranchise is even that good yeah like it makes you go like was the first oneactually good, or am I just remembering it finally just seems rushed yeah likeShit. We set up all this stuff in the last one. Now we have to tie it offyeah and for a movie called the Matrix. You spend like like ten minutes in theMatrix Yeah and like the Weird Matrix Limbo Shit, didn't make any sense. Thestuff with Mer with Agent Smith possessing people didn't make anyfucking sense. There was a lot of it. I was like okay,creative liberties, sure Scifi suspension of disbelief, but that'swhat I one if of Lana's reason, why there's only one director this timeyeah it's because they want to take in in different direction. They hadconflicting issues. I could very well be. I don't also trying to think likethey directed anything together in a wild period. I directed anything periodlike either one of them. Let's see Chap Skis and stick a look here, so the last thing they directed togetherwas Jupiter ascending six years ago. Wow, that was a that movie sucks yeah,but that was the last thing everything they've directed they've, directedtogether till now this one's just Lana. So I don't know what t. what's the other one's name...

Lily? I don't know what Lily's doing, but so we'll see I'll be insted they'vebeen working, I lily's been doing TV. This show called work in progress, which I haven't seen or heard of forthat matter. So she's been doing that they were bothdoing that sense. Eight show SENSA. It was actually I liked sense. I never. Inever saw it. I heard it was pretty good. They just canceled after oneseason. That's the shot, no there's two seasons, but only Lana did season to isa two seasons. Those are two seasons. I know I watch all of it. Then there wasa Christmas special and then Christmas special is the last thing they did andI never watch a person I so season. The Christmas special is the first part ofseason to okay, so yeah. So there was a season after that. That was just Lana,so I kind of feel like lily may be. Just stepping away from directing orhas been doing this working eyelike since I ate the first season was reallygood. I I meant to watch it ever. Did I that's still on Netflix, so I wonder Ithink so yeah but yeah so yeah. I want to see that I want e theNew Matrix when I first heard Matrix for I was like I don't give a shit andup until now I was like. I really don't care they're not going to happen andthen that that website thing you showed me last week I was like. Oh, this isreally fucking creative and that, as trailer blew me out, the fuck. I thinkI was just like it's been so long since the Matrix came out yeah because three came out in they bothcame a ry. Both came out to three. I wasn't both were on o three came outthe same year. They released them back to base January and then December someshit, I January November. So reloaded came out. The second one came out. May the third one came out November, sothey released a a couple months apart from each other Jesus Christ, that Ithink that I think was the other thing that hurt to is like. There was no timeto sit on the second one really process. It was like boom, here's to boom here'sthree and it was like wow just two waves of crap back to back. I didn'trealize it came out that close to. I didn't either now well also the Animati,because I remember the Animati came out right before two. That was good becauseit was a promotional thing for two and it was great. I really like the Animati. I forgot. They worked on e for Venda,that's right. They wrote it, they didn't direct it, but they also. They did speed the nextthing they directed together with speed, Racer Wolf. They produced a Ninja assassin whichwasn't bad. They did Cloud Atlas which I've never seen, but I've heard mixedthings about, and then I didn't see jibbered I heardit was Pale crap that a pal carp to so I never watch it and then Kotalese.I've seen like ten minutes of it. Apparently it's pretty crazy wild, likeis that the one with like Tom, hanks and Holly Barry, and it's like themthroughout time, or something like that. It's like so weird and you're like Huh,I ten minutes. I know I know the Rick and Morty joke about it and that'sabout it. So no trailer looks solid yeah. Maybe justone needs to direct it. I guess yeah, maybe maybe, but, like I said, lily isalso working on this. Whatever this TV show is so well, my thing is about inthe trailer he gets his power like remember the first one he discovers hispowers like at the bare and an it's like. Basically stopping bullets like yeah. He jumps in the Smith prettymuch, but this one he's like fucking like Stoppin a rocket, and he willremember it at the end of two. He learns that he can like blow upsentinels with his mind in the real world. Oh yeah, that's right, and thenthat becomes which that was the part to where I was like, how Ah that doesn'tmake any fucking sense and that's the whole thing in three. Where he's ableto just use his powers in the real world, I was like a just. It didn't make any fucking sense.So, but yeah you see him like stop...

...bullets. It looks like it's not onpurpose like he doesn't realize, he's doing it when he does it. So I thinkhe's yeah. It's going to be him slowly, re discovering it as life yeah. I don't know it's going to beinteresting, like I said to introduce some weird fucking concepts andmythology. That's like well now: That's the role we're playing in. So I hadalmost kind of hoped that this would turn out to be like, like dark fate was for terminator kindof a recon like it las pretend to a three didn't happen an but I guessthey're they're, leading into their established cannon. You know. Sometimes it feels like lifereally gives you the raw deal so give yourself some raw comfort in the formof edible cookie dough from dope dope is committed to reducing the stigmasaround mental health and addiction recovery well, making the world alittle sweeter one spoonful. At a time, they've got flavors, ranging fromclassics like chocolate, chip and snicker doodle to crazy concoctionslike Brownie, batter and Atella banana plus. They donate a portion of everysale to the she recovers Foundation, a non profit charity with a mission toconnect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery just head on overto Dope Com. Do U G HP COM put together a killer sample pack and use the COT B?L O five to get five dollars off your order at check out you'll also get freeshipping nation wide, so grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoonclean speaking. The trailers Sony dropped some trailers over the weekend for video games so asan so in Somnia the company that made the two spider man games. Well, theyput out a trailer for spider man to okay, which is going to have craven thehunter and Venom. Okay, the trailers, fucking dope and they're also doing awolverine game in the same style. I wonder that's going to be in again. Idon't know Le Show you the hat, a weird fucking game to think we over an be anygood. I don't know pothers for you, the spider I'll share the spider mantrailer. Second, but Wolverine trailers is the Teaser, but it's just out oftheir way of saying, like here's, the company that made these two spider mangames not were doing a lot in because, like see thing about spireas or I cango building the swing. Building the building yeah wolver in can not do thatyeah. So I rab my back, but by also like, I have no reason notto not trust the company either because they've hit, I mean I've neverpersonally on have playstation right, but I mean these games have hit. Theyare yeah. If you get a chance, you know a playstation, but if you everget a chance to well, I'm going to have to buy one because they're remaking, the over public yeah are. I had to justfigure it a way around to get my wife to me by then he make a good like Superman gamepeople have been asking for years. I don't. I don't think it'sgoing to happen any time soon. Now an that's like the last year was so bad.Sixty four that sixty four game was on playable, unfinished garbage yeah. Itwas bad, so it's kind of like how and they've done a couple since then, butnone of them are really and also like. It's Super Man Yeah. It's like supereasy. At that point, a bullet proof you can fly around laserbeams super strog superfast. It's like we where's the challenge. They shouldalmost do a game to where you can decide if you want to go good or bad,but almost be like Superman. Yeah, like like start out with him like as a kidand then just yeah, they kind of did that a little bit with the video gamefor Spiderman Three Righer, like as you would do like more aggressive shit. Theblack suit would kind of start to take over and then, as you would go moregood, like you'd, be able to control the black suit a bit more, and so I was yeah. I wouldn't mind seeingthat here's, the Wolverine trailer...

...a very Logan esque yeah, very and it's so I don't know because right now,there's kind of a big question with because, like there's the marvelavengers game, it's on playstation heard that's bad! It's not bad! It'sjust not great like it's, not what people thought it was going to be, asit doesn't have any of the voice actors, no of the voice actors that all the allthe which makes sense because for cost yeah. If if they made it them that I topay them more. But now that, like the faces, don't look alike hey, it lookslike just off from what it's supposed to look like and the demo was really bad. Okay, so the bthe baited Demo, because they were trying to keep everything really closeto the chest. So it was really minimalist and everybody was kind oflike fuck as those yeah, but they said they said before theGamin came out like. If you get this on playstation, you will get the D lc forspider, Man Free, it still hasn't been released and they keep pushing back when it'sgoing to come out, wan be like a spider man in the game and it's just the game.The game is fine. It's not awful! It's just not great. It's got very lowreplait Yahya, but people have been wondering if the spider man theyintroduce is going to be this version of spider man or something totallydifferent, because there's some timeline stuff that doesn't make sense.If it does, it's got Ya but anyway, so here's the trail of for spider man to which people thought miles morals wasspiderman to it. Was the spin off this is the actual sequel of the first game?Okay, got you got Catcha? Where is a long? A second, I materialfor any econe o even beat me an. I found disappointment. We one of your finally give me what Idesire Elthousa and twenty three so pissedabout that twenty e, because because the first game came out in two thousandand eighteen and a why I put out a tweet yeah theother day, I saw it the men yeah I was... pulled up, read it but yeah, itwas because they because they move the datefor the Venna movie again, did they really back to its original originaldate. That's what I s o Ber First, I think, because that was its origin or October.Fourth, that was its original date and then it was moved to. It was movedfurther away, then closer than further away than closer than further way. Nowit's back to its original date, and it's like you, don't even fucking netwhen the shits airing anymore e D, not say that in is on your face book. Her is foundit yeah Sony. Let's drop the no way home trailer at the last possiblechance for the movie comes out, also Sony, here's a trailer for spider manto, but it's not coming out until two thousand and twenty three still Sony.We have the fucking idea on releasing venom. We have no fucking idea, wereleasing, Venema yeah, I'm a little salter. That game is still another twoyears out, but they haven't put a rod and theyhaven't put a release date for a Ole Marine, so it's kind of Higo Bale to do. Thatis one way I don't know either and it, but I'm excited they re at least makingit because they've teased venom in the first expirer man games anyway. So it'sgood to see they're finally, like follwing through on it because story wise, those two spiderran games are fucking incredible and like the design of the lay out of NewYork is a right. I loves it. It's crazy, likeit's crazy, there's that much detail and in latherer people who have likeposted online like oh there's this like Gazebo and a little corner park overhere in New York and the game, and the Guy Looks out as fucking apartmentwindow and he's like yeah, it's right there I can see it. That's file, isfucking crazy, see the only game. I'm excited about this.That's why about my x boxes, Halo and Finite Tale Vas, I heard they're doingit's going to be campaign only at first. So I heard this today. What I've heard is that's going to belike war zone that you can get wars on for free, okay like the multiplayer canbe like free and then you can buy the campaign. Oh okay, so I'm bind thecampaign regardless o sure halo to me has always been. I mean it's a multiplayer, that's what put it on the Mat yeah, but it should be like a battleroyal type, Oh yeah sure. So I'm super fucking stoked and I really enjoyed thecampaign of the first three o. The great a Ford was. I beat it to day. OhDst re never played odest. Oh yes, he's good. Is it I like to reach a lot? Actually Ireally liked reach. That's the only one I never played. Oh really. We justreaches school because reach introduced a lot of mechanics. I was like whywasn't this year from the beginning, yeah like power ups and dash like beingable to like sprint? It's like? Oh thank God. Well, I think the thing waslike they didn't know what they had when they made the original. No, theydid not and then like, for example, in the original on the pistols like themost broken weapon of all M, the mini sniper rifle like you kill somebody,two shots yeah I've seen it happen had multiple times a sniper level zoom andyou want it kill people with this ye like dam, so they fix that yeah. So when two came out, they fixedthat completely every thing. Oh, the pital, because you know it's bad. Youknow it's broken everybody's like starts out there, Sall right Ole, buteverybody spotches to there is a yeah right. I liked in three they they changed the needler yeah, becausethat was pretty powerful too, and it was- and you could do a wield it yeah.Well, we a lot of people would do a wild it and then what you do or whatyou could do is you could do. Will you could do needler with like a fucking, aplasma pistol yeah charge, the plaza pistil shoot it knocked down. TheShield just needed the fuck out of somebody, my God, so in three they werelike: okay, the needless still powerful fuck, but you can only have one did you ever watch red versus Blue YeahO, so I fucking love red versus blue.

It's on Netflix. If we get a chance. Sowhen the with the transition to two for to three, the general is telling themall right guys. So here's the old need learn. He puts in a ward hog and goesunloads the clip and they all stick to the needler to the word hog and just gopoof. Yes, now here's the new needler one needle o dives on the new Naegait, so fucking.Why I love that game? So I e e we used to have before xbox live. We used tohave like land parties in my place, Oh yeah. Sixteen people, just fucking we'd,have like twelve hour patches. We had a twelve hour match: Oh yeah, when Halothree came out my freshman year of college, and so the the university thatI was at that year had a like a cabin, because we were you,know, kind of in the Appalachian Mountain area. So we had a cabin overby this lake that belonged to the university that clubs could run out forparty. So when Halo three dropped, the the video game club was one big massivecabin full land party and then in the guys, dorm, where I wasat down in the in the Lounge Lounge area, like yeah, peoplewould bring there. We would have like a once. A month everybody bring your xboxes and wifies and X and TVs down. Let's ruin the Internet for the rest ofthe building for a few hours and have a massive sixteen person, land party and yeah. That was that was the shit. We amuch fun. We having a game against, I was on the fourth floor. My buddy livedon the eighth floor, we'd be playing against each other and it was just. Iwas great. I fucking that so much I just I love that game so much. Itbrings back so many kin memories this. Why I'm like it's the whole reason whyI bought my x box. I on my tease, hey ho s just come out originally when thexbox dropped yeah and they pushed it back and probably good for them to dothat because realise you think about there. Wasn't there'sso shortage on xbox. Is that, like of what had been pointless yeah? Normally,you would want to have like a big game like that at launch, but they werealready having a hard time. He even playstation to this point h if you wanta PS, five good, fucking, lock, yeah, I'd love one, but one day I spent Ispent all morning when I, when I heard it was going on sale because I ontwitter, they said: Hey it's going to be on sale at best by playstation. Iliterally refresh the website from nine a m until four P M mental because theyrelease playstation first yea. Then they released the xbox. Oh really yeah.Okay, so because they release both at the same time of sight, would havecrashed. They're lucky didn't crash the way it did yeah, but also they sold outin like ten minutes, yeah yeah, I was like H, h, I well. I got him on thesecond go around I get. Oh did you yeah yeah, first o first, a got on second goaround, so I just come on refreshing and, like I fucking want this, mylittle brother has one I'm going to get one at some point because, like one of the things one ofthings is cool is a bunch of the games that dropped for playstation when thenew one came out so like like spider man, avengers, and all that, if youhave them on ps for you can upgrade to the PS five version for free, which is,I think, is really cool. Yeah, that's why they was Cyperum, yeah Cyprean,because the whole recent honestly the whole R. I want it Cyrop. So badbecause I crave that game forever yeah, I still haven't, played it. I stillreally want to and like I bought it, knowing because I had the the the sixtyor whatever it was that I can't remember the one the xbox one yeah andI had that and I was like xbox xbox or six t x back, got damn so man, it'sdumb yeah, but I had the one, but I knew going in buyingcyberpunk two thousand and seventy seven I was like this is going to bebad. It's not the game is not, they can say all at once like it should work onbackwards. Compel it's not! This game is made and like knowing that I got youknow Sire Pons. I was having some issues but yeah. I was like okay. Iexpected that going and people were like trashing it. The Game I was like,did you guys, like they kind of...

...everybody, kind of forced their handlike fucking least the game, because they've been people be waiting foryears and people wouldn't stop bitching about it. They said Fine Fuck, here'swhat I hear and ever only not, and it wasn't done yet. This is super mansixty four all over again, they put out an unfinished game an but like so Iplayed it and then, like a week later, like I finally got my x pit and then itwas so like it's just smooth. It was smooth on the xbox series s or whateverthe fuck. It is there's the new the next GIN ye Sanin. There's me no issuesat all and it got so much bad rap on playstation that they pulled it fromthe the thing I'm like yeah. It doesn't work, it's not going to work on the oldgen systems like yeah. You guys force these people. Everybody forced thiscompany to do this. That was the problem I had with Batman Arcanibecause it was they rendered that, with with the unreal with unreal engined forand but the game itselfboth in detail and scale was so massive. Most PCscouldn't handle it. So steam wound up just refunding everybody and it wasn'tavailable on on PC for a while. We and the I think it is now, but for long astime you couldn't get it on PC, because it's just the PC technology at thatpoint just wasn't quite where it needed to beto render a game that detail in that big. I just it was very irritating mehow like, if you read between the lines, you knewit wasn't going to work on the old gen systems. Yeah, like you, knew that likeyou're, like okay, like this, is what they are kind of saying. They're onlysaying this, because they're wanting they're basically have a gun to theirhead right now and then, when it happened, I was like yeah, that's whathappened. I bought my x box perfectly fine same thing out in my buddy'splaystation. He had it on his original playstation about the five perfectlyfine yeah. That's why they showed. On the two trailers. We watched one, the playstation at the bottom. It saidlike, like rendered on a playstation five like this, is what it's got a lotly on a psy which is awesome, and I want one so fucking bad, but yeah. Youcan't always put the newest shit on an older unit expected to work his windowsVista. Okay, I got no windows. Vista was problem mate for a lot of people,but most people. What you would do is you get a new operating system, you'dinstall on your old computer, El Windows. Vista really wasn't made torun on the old computers at that point, so they would put this new leaps and bounds more advancedoperating system on their old bage computer and wonder why it didn't workright me. I went out and bought a new computer and I had never had a problemwith Windows Vista because I bought a computer that was made to run it.Sometimes you just got a fucking upgrade people yeah people don'trealize that, but they'll rush out to get the new brand new God, Damn I phoneas soon as it gets really in. We hope you enjoy this week's episode of thebasement. Lounge. If you guys want to know more about the show or get moreinvolved in any way shape or form had on over to our website. TBL pod dote,that's T B. L, P, O d dot Net, leave us a rating and review on the reviews pageand cut the little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us knowwhat you thought of today show and share your thoughts on what we talkedabout. We'll see you guys again and next week for a brand new episode.Every Wednesday at am is when they drop until then, as always live well rock ontake care and be by a.

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