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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 43 · 4 months ago

Farewell to Norm Macdonald


We bid farewell to a modern legend of comedy in Norm Macdonald. Did he drop hints about his secret cancer diagnosis? Plus, the first trailer for 'The Matrix Resurrections' is here. Also, Sony dropped two big video game trailers.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The legacy of Norm Macdonald.
  • The first trailer for 'The Matrix Resurrections'.
  • Sony's trailers for their new Marvel video games.

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They're so bad jokes. But they'reso bad. He makes a funny because it's so deadpan. He was justlook, one of the best dead Pan Comedians. I used to love whenhe would just do a bit on weekend update. You'd hear it. Donot land that. He would just go the crowd is divided. Flip tothe next big yeah, they you know, it's like a they're I watched someof those takes my post. It was like a Dr Carvorkin. Heneeds to go back to like Dr or Cavorkian is releasing a fluid out ofalbum. It's so bad. He needs to go back to his day job. And they didn't like laugh. He's like his day job murdering hole.Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host, Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the timetakes us enjoy. I found there's like three ten minute compilations of just himripping on OJ really, because he but that's why I got fired. Why, and pretty much why you got fired yet, because the head of NBCat the time was a friend of OJ's and he had told him to stop. So he just fucking doubled down. He's doing stories about like the popeand he would turn it anyone. Oj, he was like the pope. Releasedat a new book today called Oj total or God told me. OJDid it. Prince Philip released a book about his marriage to Diana called OJdid it. I mean, come on, I remember when when the verdict camein like that weekend, his first is opening joke was like, accordingto the corner state of California, murders now legal here. Shit, it'ssad, he's say. It's very sad. He was. He was always myfavorite weekend update host. Yeah, I think he was the I can'tthink. I don't know who. I like you. I'm I liked it. Tina fey and amy full Amy Paller, and how was it? Fuller,Amy Polar? They were great. I like Tina Fay with Jimmy Fallonto yeah, those are my my top three. Step Myers wasn't bad.Right now, Colin Jose and Michael Jay or killing it, but like Colin, Colin Quinn always felt like a weird choice to me because he did itafter norm. Yeah, or was now know it. Where was Kevin Neal? Was it Kevin Neal, and I think Kevin Neal was before norm.Was Kevin Elan before norm? Okay, I think so. But norm wasalways especially because it was it was like all right, and here's the fakenews. I just it was good and it's sad he's dead and I reallydo want to how people knew I cancer. Well, I mean that's thaying.He does have to tell anybody. That's so yeah, that's personal.And but like I your sweeter sound off, Mike, it's it's like, youknow, I would see him on, you know, Conan or Kimmel oryou know, whatever whatever the show is, the David Spade was hostingor whatever was, and he just always there were times where he would seemcompletely, just kind of out of it and your first thought is like,Oh shit, he's like his he he. I think he had a cocaine problemat one point. I was like as he's still doing coke or whatever. It's like he was probably going through chemo. Yeah, because when oneway dad had cancer that when he was going through Chemo, he was Imean he was his brain was fried. Yeah, it fucks up your lucidityand and you're reilly to focus. So I'm just going fuck like that makesso many things make sense now. Well, isn't that crazy, though, likebecause you've watched his terviews, he was still like on it with hisjokes. So if he had to have chemo brain, you'd be like Goddamn, you just yeah, fucking funny. It's it is on. Man isalways on a guess said the saggate roast is so funny. Every time hewould pop up on anything was great. My my friend, Gen sturgeor whoseshe used to be a she used to be a Fox News reporter, Foxsports reporter, she was. She was the one that Brett far was sendingDick Picks to. That's your friend? Yeah, we're friendly. Yeah,I was a friend of mine and she, I guess, when that shit wentdown and norm like reached out,...

...or she, I'm saying because sheposted this on instagrams. I talk about it. Norm like reached out toher and was like pitched her a skit, like we should like totally do likea skid or something for like sail or something. That's just this athletetrying to pick up young chicks with Dick picks and stuff, and she waslike the only reason they didn't do. It was like they couldn't make theschedules match. Serious. Yeah, that's so funny. He's like, Iwish he's like he was the only person. He was the only person at thetime who like was like supporting because it's time. Everybody thought she wasjust trying to take down bread far off, like there's no way this is true, and then all of sudden that it's like yeah, no, itwas fucking true, like her career was fucking ruined because of that Shit.Is that so weird? Yeah, how's that? I don't know, butanyway, it just it speaks to Norman Donald always be not always just beingon it a always doing it for the bit, but also it's like again, like fucking again, with as much as he would talk shit about thefact that like Oj got a quit it, it's like this is a guy who, at the end of the day, like he was all about like doingthe right thing and and I love that about him. When they wouldremember one of my favorites, as they said, right now, the they'retrying to decide if OJ Simpson was on speed the night of Nicole Brown Simpson'smurder, to which I think they should just, you know, run aDNA test of all OJ's blood they found at the scene? Did Johnny?Johnny Cochrane introduced the the infamous bloody glove at the trial, which was abad move for hit on his part, because Oja blurted out there it isJesus, it's man. That one that hurt. I was having a goodday today and I saw that fucking her. I was like what. I waslike what? What? Like? It's weird when you see like peopleyou look up to die. Yeah, it it makes you kind of stopped. Just makes you stopped and pause, like there's there's this person and thatlike I always look whenever they say like, you know, special guest nor McDonald, like I get excited. It's not going to happen. You knowit's gonna be a good energy, it's a great fucking interviewing. It's notgonna Happen Now, and that makes me like I was. I was kindof hoping like he would shoo, because I listened to smart last which isthis podcast with Jason Bateman and will will Arnett and Sean Hayes, and theyjust interview people they work with and I was really hoping they would get normmcdonaldmock. Obviously now they can, but just yeah, every time he wouldpop up on one of the talk shows, you knew it was going to befucking funny. He showed up on David Spadeja's one time when when Iwould got it, got it, got twitter and just fucking well it was. I'm you know what, I'm going to find a clip. I remember, Guy, remember it. I know you got twitter. His twitter's fuckingwild. His twitter is something else. If you haven't checked out J simpsonstwitter, do yourself a favor. I mean it's it's something special. NormMcDonald J twitter. I list every listen to the bit about his about howyou lose to cancer. Have you leared that bit? No, and thenyou realize that was about him. Fuck, I have a long we pulled thatup next to get your good your yeah, I headphones on'll play thisclip of him on light. That was lights out with David spatter and Ican't hear anything yet. Damn it, Mike every time. All right,now, I there you go. Questions from the crowd, the Q anda beautiful I'll start with I'll sort everyone who crushed ours. This is aguess. Yeah, car, yeah, I mean Little Sam, but Ihadn't do him as a lot of OK,...

...just some guys are stone killed McDonald'sright there, just so, but just some guys. You just knewthat. We come up with that whole man character. You know before wego on, this is shitch me to destroy the yeah, just kill itand then you know he is. He Leans, you leave, you'd bleededand go. You have Farley was on too with you more. Yeah,Farley came on with me the one, one of the times we remember hewas on, had a harness hooked up to him. OKAYBLE, he supposed. Oh yeah, yeah, over the audience. Was it this guy?Yeah, yeah, it's guy. Yeah, Shit, that was like that's whispy. Is Premise? No, it's here. It works finger comedies.Good. So they pick him up on the cable, I think it wasreal watch show, and he swung back against the backdrop of it. Wecan up. They D and the Kate. The harness got hooked on one ofthe update either and it couldn't get hot. Was that a dresser air? I don't remember, as I remember that having which sort of crane wherethey lifting big Gee's big ones. He rebuilt actually a wind chime up.Yeah, he was exactly a wind shot. He was gone. I hear yougot stuck up there to Jim and he goes. I have a weightproblem balance. So funny. It's from two years ago. Warley. Whatwell, gay, someone says. Anybody remember their favorite weekend update jokes?It's probably right. I do. I remember Dennis Miller had a joke abouthe said the sun, I'll the rises, is going to be turned into amovie, but handling would probably wouldn't have lighted. It's called Ernest goesto Spain. I see Oj's in the news again this week with about normsseries of Oj I have to tell you, the true spirit of that weekend updateas an outlaw, the sort of mentality and they told Norem, theguys who signed the checks, is high up as you can go at NBC. Do not do any more OJ jokes. He's my friend. Norm comes outthe next week. Completely bought US Jays. I have to give youcredit for that, but is that why you have to show no. Imust say now, in this cancel culture and everything, I have to say, I no longer take that position with OJ Simpson. He was found notguilty jury of his peers. I accept that. I see him as thegreatest rusher and the head. That's all he is guilty of to me,as the greatest Russian the history of the maybe I was the greatest rusher tojudgment. How do you feel about him stealing back his memorabilia? That's bad, that's low. Yeah, we had a video of him. Do wehave that video? They can show it. He's on twitter now. The moreJackson, who are incredible? Days ago you already got a house,but forty. Yeah, J what was he talking at break? Looking forthe real killeries? Why do you? I'll tell you, man. Firstof all, he just got into the Defensive Hall of fame, the topone hundred, all offen, top ten. Oh, good for him. Andyeah, it's fantastic. Is He's paid his debt to society and HellGo, you know him to do joe...

...won't do that. So fucking fun'sjust exactly. Oh, man, resting fees, norm McDonald, Fuck Damleading rush. I was a rushed. What was the but you were talkingabout cancer, but the bowel cancer. Yeah, that'll cancer and a coldlittle bit says a little bit sick. You know, it's a combination ofclips. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, sharp myself. So that's not scaryabout Thornton years giving you all the hints. That's Grue, my uncle burt.He's my great uncle Billie. Come over. He Got Bal cancer.Now he's he's dying, you know, and are like some people like tosay. Now they see the old days a man could just get sick anddie, you know. Now they have to wage a battle. So myuncle bird is waging a a parageous battle, which I'm seeing because I go andvisit them and this is the battle. He's lying in a hospital bed withthe thing in his arm, watching mattlock on the table. said thatbattle like I got on the box set of matlock. And but it's nice, father. He's going to do yes, just a black thing in his battle. And the reason I don't like it is because in the old daysthey go hey, that old man died. Now they go hey, he helost his battle. That's no way to end your life. You knowwhat a loser that guy was. Last thing he did was lose. Hewas raging a brave battle, but at the end I guess he got kindcowardly. was what happened. The Bale cancer it guy breave. You gottagive this in the Batte cancer. You know, they were in a battleand then, and I'm pretty sure I'm not a document, I'm pretty sure, if the cancer dies, I mean if you die, the cancer alsodies. That exactly the same time. So that, to me, it'snot a loss, that's a draw. That's the cancer gonna drive God,Uncle Burt's wife. This works. Cancer are strow me to my cub car. First names, ballot, that that's ass. Is a good bit.That's a great bit. And he's telling you about himself. Oh, got, his uncle Mighta had cancer, but obviously he has cancered. Yeah,just got fuck. First name, battle,...

...first name. Well, like cancerto the something get, the cancer is gonna spring out of like,all right, where's this wife? That's a draw. I realize what itmeans. You get to sit there and just go wow, great bit.Oh my God, fuck man, Shit. How do you move from that?It's going on there is they're not getting rid of porn. Congratulations,to get fast. So I don't know, bad fuck man. We always wantyou guys to be a part of the show, so join in onthe conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website,www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave usa voice message which will respond to on the air. You can also useour website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kindsof other listeners just like you at any time you want. Once again,head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. Matrix resurrections trailercame out. Fuck, yes, DA, Oh my God, my Dick gotso hard, Holy Shit, like I when you showed me the thinglast week with with the pills all that, I was like, okay, Ohfuck, okay, this really good. That trailer made me give such ashit about this movie. Now home, like, Oh, I need tosee this. Yeah, yeah, I like with. I'm picking upwhat they're putting down. Yeah, I'm super pumped for it. HMM,well, in the yeah, because it's one thing I like is it lookslike they get rid of that Weird Green Tint that the other three movies all. Yeah, yeah, that, dad, there's always that. I never reallythought about it, but you're right, there's that Green Tent. Yeah,everything just just like we was. So it was the whilst Showski's versionof the Schneider version. It's because Snyder's got that weird ti too. True. Yeah, so, yeah, no, it looks really good. You knowwho's like John Wick, but it's all I can see now. Imean that's because I found about the same time. Yeah, the guy wholooks like a young version of Morpheus or something like. He's playing morphous.Is that what he's doing? Yeah, obviously they'll be an explanation. Oh, yeah, yeah, because I know because Laurence Fishburn said he's not init. Yeah, well, he that they never reached out to him.I think it's very interesting. But somebody broke down the trailer. There's actuallylike average the the theory is this is actually like a reboot of the Matrix, right. That's why it's called resurrections. Sure, because it looks like theyare almost like the Matrix is trying to correct its mistake from the lastone. Like now everyone's getting all it's almost like, because you see thatthe one shot of everyone just kind of glued to their phones, it's likethis is their way of this is the matrix is way of like. Well, apparently there's like a some my still shot at like there's a picture ofneo when he's like already dead, like the NEA that died, and whatthe eyes and shit. Oh, okay, and the machines are working on them. HMM. I got Reay watch a trailer see that by somebody Itold and I was like, Oh, and they alviously have picture of Trinityand you see that in the trailer. Like yeah, so it's kind oflike, Huh, and it's like everyone's taken like prescription blue pills. Soit's like they are the Matrix is trying to, yeah, unfuck itself.The architect always said there's always been different version. Yeah, that he waslike what, like the seventh version or something random. MPH has his therapist, which I'm interested in, nph being a bad guy, because I kindof feel like he's going to end up being a bad guy if he's theone prescribing the pills. Maybe it's all very interesting. I'm super pomp addictsstill hard thinking about no, the trailer was really good. I'm and itseems like neo is kind of or Tom is trying to almost like he's startingto rediscover or remember, like he has...

...that handshake with trinity and they're likedo we know each other and he's like that's deja vous. Yeah, it'sdeja vous, yeah, it's glitch in the Matrix. The thing is,and he doesn't have the same name. He does. It's Tomas tray asTom Thomas Anderson. Was His name? senters, God damn it. Yeah, it was Tom so, but somebody in the trailer, somebody in thetrailer, calls him Neo. Well, yeah, I knew that. SoI didn't realize it's Thomas Anderson in the first one. Yeah, motherfuck.I watched the first one like a million. I have never really cut that.It's only in the one scene where the guy at the Fedex guy bringsin the phone. Thomas Anderson. Yeah, yeah, just save your humanities.Named Tom Everybody. It just looks so fucking good. It does.It looks like I was really worried this was going to feel like a justa last hail Mary. It looks like they really put a lot of effortinto this and you one or two if they're going to rate. Do Imean that Raddo, but like do more if it's successful, if it doeswell enough, I'm sure they will. Might don't give a shit about money. They really don't know none of those people. They did, they wouldn'tbe making this because the black Chawskis don't care. Well, Laana doesn't careand you know, Keano does not give a fuck. No money, andI honestly don't think. I don't think they would have gotten as many returnsign ons if they didn't like the script. Yeah, Oh, for sure,especially Keano, because he's been real selective of the stuff that he takesthese days and he's only taking stuff that he really feels like in work andthe ways been because especially we got to think to like from a career stayway with the way he's been crushing it lately. Was John Wick. Hedoesn't want to take something of these things could ruin that momentum. Yeah,it's true. A bill and Ted Revival wasn't going to hurt that moment.I never saw that was a good I haven't seen it yet either. Buteither way, like that was low risk, like that was for the fans.That was just something fun to do. Like this, however, like it'sa big enough name, big enough property that like, yeah, ifthis thing fucking flops, then like I something it's going to. I don'tthink it. I think they'll have all the great aspects of the original,because the third one was horrible. Yeah, that's poortline watchable, and then secondone, I is okay, I like it, but third one ishorrible. This, the second one, is one of those like if thethird one had been really good, you could just write the second one offas filler and not care. Yeah, but because the third one is sobad, it makes the second one feel worse, which, honestly, thethird one kind of and I think we talked about this last time, tothe third one so bad, it kind of makes you question whether the franchiseis even that good. Yeah, like it makes you go like, wasthe first one actually good or am I just remembering it? Finally seems rushed. Yeah, like Shit, we set up all this stuff in the lastone. Now I have to tie off. Yeah, and for a movie calledthe Matrix, you spend like like ten minutes in the Matrix. Yeah, and like the Weird Matrix Limbo Shit didn't make any sense. The stuffwith Mr With agents Smith possessing people didn't make any fucking sense. There wasa lot of it. I was like, okay, creative liberties, sure,sci Fi spenttion of disbelief, but that's what I want. If ofLana's it reason why there's only one director this time? Yeah, it's becausethey want to take it in different direction. They had conflicting issues. I couldvery well be I don't. Also trying to think, like, havethey directed anything together in a while? Period? They directed anything period,like either one of them? Let's see the show skis and stake a lookhere. So the last thing they directed together was Jupiter ascending, six yearsago. Wow, that was something. That movie sucks. Yeah, butthat was the last thing. Everything they've directed they've directed together till now.This one's just laana H so I don't know what. What's the other one? Name Lily? I don't know what Lily's doing, but so we'll see. You'll be interested. They've been work...

...for Lily's been doing TV, thisshow called work in progress, which I haven't seen or heard of for thatmatter. So she's been doing that. They were both doing that. Senseeight show sends. It was actually I liked sense A. I never neversaw it. I heard it was pretty good. They just canceled after oneseason. That's the show. Know, there's two seasons, but only Laanadid season two. As there two seasons. Those are two seasons. I know. I watched all that. Then there was a Christmas special and theChristmas special was the last thing they did and I never watched a Christal soseason. The Christmas special is the first part of season two. Okay,so, yeah, so there was a season after that that was just Laana. So I kind of feel like lily maybe just stepping away from directing orhas been doing this working probus sin sake since I the first season was reallygood. I meant to watch it. Ever, did that's still on Netflix? I wonder? I think so. Yeah, but yeah, so,yeah, I want to see that one, to see the new Matrix. WhenI first heard Matrix for I was like I could, I don't givea shit, and up until now I was like really, don't care,there's not going to happen. And then that that website think you showed melast week, I was like, Oh, this is really fucking creative and thatis trailer blew me up the fuck things. It's like it's been solong since the Matrix came out. Yeah, let because three came out in theyboth came with three, both came out into three. I was bothwere in three. came out the same year. They released them back toback, to January and then December, some shit like January, know,thember. So reloaded came out, the second one came out May. Thethird one came out in November. So they released a couple months apart fromeach other. Jesus Christ, that I think. That, I think wasthe other thing that hurt too, is like there was no time to siton the second one really process. It was like boom, here's to boomhere street. It was like, wow, just two waves of crap, backtoback. I didn't realize it came out that close to I didn't either.Now. Well, also the Animatrix, because remember, the animatrix came outright before to. That was good because it was a promotional thing for toand it was great. I really liked the animatrix. I forgot they worked. I'll be for vendetta. That's right, they wrote it, they didn't directit, but they all said they did. Speed for the next thingthey directed together with speed Racer Wolf, they produced Ninja assassin, which wasn'tbad. They did Cloud Atlas, which I've never seen but I've heard mixedthings about. And then I didn't see Jimiter sending her it was power crap, though. Pile Carpe Serius. I never watched it, and that atlas. I've seen like ten minutes of it. Apparently it's pretty crazy wild, likeis that the one with like Tom Hanks and Halle Berry and it's likethem throughout time or something like? So get it's like so weird and you'relike Huh, ten minutes, I know. I know the Rick and Morty jokeabout it. And that's about it. So now trailer looks solid. Yeah, maybe just one needs to direct it, I guess. Yeah,maybe, maybe, but, like I said, Lily's also working on this. Whatever this TV show is so well, my thing is about in the trailerhe gets his power, like remember the first one? He's discovers hispowers like at the very, very end, and it's like basically stopping bullets.Like yeah, he jumps in the Smith pretty much, but this onehe's like fucking like stopping a rocket and he will remember it. At theend of two he learns that he can like blow up sentinels with his mindin the real world. Oh yeah, that's right. And then that becomeswhich that was the part too, where I was like how that doesn't makeany fucking sense, and that's a whole thing in three, where he's ableto just use his powers in the real world house, like a just didn'tmake any fucking sense. So but yeah, you see him like stop bullets.It looks like it's not on purpose,... he doesn't realize he's doing itwhen he does it. So I think he's yeah, it's going tobe him slowly rediscovering himself life. Yeah, I don't know, it's going tobe interesting. Like I said, to introduced some weird fucking concepts andmythology. That's like, well, now that's the rule we're playing, andso I had almost kind of hope that this would turn out to be likea like dark fate was for terminator, kind of a retcon like it,let's pretend to a three didn't happen. But I guess they're they're leaning intotheir established cannon. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives youthe raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of ediblecookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental healthand addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter, one spoonful ata time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle tocrazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Nitella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion ofevery sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission toconnect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head onover to dopecom Dou ghpcom, put together a killer sample pack and use theCode Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'llalso get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready tolick that spoon clean. Speaking of trailers, Sony dropped some trailers over the weekendfor video games. So so insomnia, the company that made the two spiderman games. Well, they put out a trailer for spider man tookay, which is going to have raven the hunter and Venom. Okay.The trailers fucking dope, and they're also doing a wolverine game in the samestyle. I wonder that's going to be any good. I don't know.And Show you these trade we always fucking game to think over and be anygood. I don't know. Will be stress for you. The Spider I'llshow the spider man trailer second, but Wolverine Trailers just a teaser. Butit's just kind of the way of saying, like here's the company that made thesetwo spider man games, now we're doing a wolverine game because like specialthing about spidermans. I rent go building the swing, building the building.Yeah, well, vern can not do that. Yeah, so I've wrapmy back, but but I also like I have no reason not to nottrust the company either, because they have hey, I mean I'm never personally. I don't have playstation right, but I mean these games have hit.They are. Yeah, if you get a chance, you know playstation,but if you ever get a chance to, well, I'm going to have tobuy one because they're remaking nice older probably yeah, they are. Ihad to just figure it a way around to get my wife to Lenny by. They didn't make a good like Superman game. People have been asking foryears. I don't I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon. When now? And that's like the last sever was so bad. Sixty four. That'ssixty four game was unplayable, unfinished garbage. Yeah, it was bad. Soit's kind of like how they've done a couple since then, but noneof them were really and also, look, it's Superman. Yeah, it's likesuper easy at that point. Bullet proof. If he can fly aroundlaser beams, strong, super fast, it's like worth the challenge. Theyshould almost do a game to where you can decide if you want to gogood or bad, but almost be like Superman. Yeah, like like startout with him like as a kid and then just geak. They kind ofdid that a little bit with the video game for spider man three. We'relike, as you would do like more aggressive shit, the black suit wouldkind of start to take over and then, as you would go more good,like you'd be able to control the black suit a bit more. Andso, yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing that all. Here's the wolverine trailer. Hm, very logan esque. Yeah,...

...very and it's so I don't know, because right now there's kind of a big question with because like there'sthe marvel avengers game. It's on playstation or that's bad? Head. It'snot bad. It's not great, like it's not what people thought it was. Going to because it doesn't have any in the voice actors. None ofthe voice actors. That all the all the which makes sense, because forcost, yeah, if they, if they made it them that have topay them more. Well, now I that like the faces don't look alike. They it looks like just off from what it's supposed to look like.And the demo was really bad. Okay, so the Bait, the Batea Demobecause they were trying to keep everything really close to the chest. Soit was really minimalist and everybody was kind of like, the fuck is those? But they said, they said before the game you came out, likeif you get this on playstation, you will get the DLC for spider manfree. It's still hasn't been released and they keep pushing back when it's goingto come out. And when you like a spider man in the game andit's just the game. The game is fine, it's not awful, it'sjust not great. It's got very low replayability, Yascha. But people havebeen wondering if the spider man they introduced is going to be this version ofspider man or something totally different, because there's some timeline stuff that doesn't makesense. If it does, Gotcha, but anyway. So here's the trailerfor Spider Man Too, which people thought Miles Morales was spider man to it, which the spin off. This is the actual sequel to the first game. Okay, Gotcha, Gotchatcha, but as long as I can remember,I haven't looked for an equal, one who would push one who even beatme. All I found it disappointment when one of you finally give me whatI desired. Let two, twenty three. So pissed about that. Twenty because, because the first game came out in two thousand and eighteen. Andso I put out a tweet the other day. I saw it the venom. Yeah, it was like, pull... up and read it. Butyeah, it was a because they because they moved the date for the venommovie again. Did they really back to its original original date? Let's seewhat's Ober First, I think, because that was it's a rigid or Octoberfourth. That was its original date and then it was moved. It wasmove further away, then closer than further way, than closer than further way. Now it's back to its original date and it's like you don't even fuckingknow when this shits airing anymore. Damn that I'm not saying. That thingis on her facebook there has found it. Yeah, Sony, let's drop theno way home trailer at the last possible chance for the movie comes out. Also, Sony, here's a trailer for spider man too, but it'snot coming out until two thousand and twenty three. Still, Sony, wehave no fucking idea when releasing venom anymore. We have no fucking idea or atleasing venom any yeah, I'm a little salted. That game is stillanother two years out, but they haven't put a writ and they haven't puta release date for Wolverine Yet. So it's kind of how I can milldo that to me? I don't know either, and it but I'm excitedto at least make it because they've teased venom in the first two spider mangames anyway, so it's good to see their finally following through on it.Just story wise. There's two spider man games are fucking incredible and like thedesign of the layout of New York is at it. I really loves it. It's crazy, like it's crazy there's that much detail in lad. They'repeople who have like posted online like Oh, there's this like Gazebo and a littlecorner park over here in New York in the game and the Guy Looksout as fucking apartment window and he's like yeah, it's right there, Ican see it. That's while. It's fucking crazy see the only game.I'm excited about it. That's why I bought my xboxes Halo and finish thisHalova. So I heard they're doing it's going to be campaign only at first. So I heard this today. What I've heard is that's gonna be likewar zone, that you can get war zone for free. Okay, likethe multiplayers can be like free and then you can buy the campaign. Okay. So I'm buying the campaign regardless. I'll sure. Halo to me hasalways been I mean it's a multiplayer. That's what put it on the Mat. Yeah, but it should be like a battle royale type. Oh Yeah, sure. So I'm super fucking stoked and I really enjoyed the campaign ofthe first three. Other great love for was I beat it in a dayodst really never played odst. Oh des He's good as it. Okay,I like to reach a lot. Actually I really liked reach. That's theonly one I never played. Oh really, yeah, reaches, reach to school, because reach introduced a lot of mechanics. I was like, whywasn't this here from the beginning? Yeah, like power ups, like being ableto like sprint. It's like, Oh, thank God. Well,I think the thing I was like they didn't know what they had when theymade the original. No, they did not. And then like, forexample, and the original the pistols, like the most broken weapon of allto me, the mini sniper rifle, like he kills somebody in two shots. Yeah, I've seen it happen. It had multiple times since sniper levelzoom and you want to kill people with it, like damn. So theyfix that. Yeah, and so on too, came out. They fixthat completely. Ire was AH, the pit pistole, because you know it'sbad, you know it's broke when everybody is like starts out their salt rifle, but everybody swetches to their pistol. Yeah, right, I liked inthree they they change the needler. Yeah, because that was pretty powerful too.It was, and you could do a wheeled it. Yeah, Whoa? But a lot of people would do a wheeled it and then what's youror what you could do is you could do a will that you could dothe needler with like a fucking plasma pistol. Yeah, charge the plasma pistol,shoot it, knock down the shield, just needle the fuck out of somebody. My God. So in three they were like, okay, theneedle are still powerful as fuck, but you can only have one jipper.Watch red versus blue now. So I fucking love red versus blue. Withon Netflix we get a chance. So...

...when the transition into two, fromtwo, three, the general is telling them all right, guys, sohere's the old need learn. They puts in a ward hog because unloads theclip and they all stick the needler to the war hog. You just gopoof. Yes, now here's the new needler. One needle. Who Ireally was on the new need again? It's so fucking while I love thatgame. So like we used to have before xbox live, we used tohave like land parties in my place. Oh Yeah, sixteen people just fucking. We'd have like twelve hour matches. We had a twelve hour match.Oh yeah, when Halo three came out my freshman year of college, andso the university that I was at that year had a like a cabin becausewe were, you know, kind of the Appalachian Mountain areas. So wehad a cabin over by this lake that belonged to the university that clubs couldrun out for parties. So when Halo three dropped, they the video gameclub was one big massive cabin full land party. And then in the guy'sdorm where I was at, down in the in the Lounge Lounge area,like yeah, people would bring there. We would have like a once amonth. Everybody bring your xboxes and and Wifi's and X and TV's down.was ruined the Internet for the rest of the building for a few hours andhave a massive sixteen person land party. And Yeah, that was that wasthe shit. We much fun. We have a game against I was onthe fourth floor, my buddy lived on the eighth floor. We'd be playingagainst each other and that was just I was great. I fucking that's somuch. I just I love that game so much. It brings back somany can memories. That's why I'm like, it's a whole reason I bought myxbox on my Halo Spec to come out. Originally, when the xboxdropped, yeah, and they pushed it back. Probably good for them todo that because, Realiste Lee, you think about their wasn't there so shortageon Xbox? Is that like what had been pointless? Yeah, normally youwould want to have like a big game like that at launch, but theywere already having a hard time. He even playstation to this point. Ifyou want to ps five, good fucking luck. Yeah, I'd love one. But one day I spent I spent all morning when I when I heardit was going hun sale, because I do on twitter. They said,hey, it's going to be on sale, a best buy playstation X. Iliterally refresh the website from nine am until four PM and tell because theyrelease playstation first. Yeah, then they release the XBOX. Oh Really?Yeah, okay, so, because if they release both on the same time, the flight would have crashed. They're lucky didn't crash the way it did. Yeah, but also they sold out and like ten minutes. Yeah,yeah, I was like, Huh, I. Well, I got themon the second go around. I get out, did you? Yeah,first, I know. First, I got on the second go around.So just come on, refreshing like a fucking want this. My little brotherhas one. I'm going to get one at some point because like one ofthe things, one of things a school is a bunch of the games thatdropped for playstation when the new one came out. So like like spider man, avengers and all that. If you have them on Psfour, you canupgrade to the psfive version for free, which is I think it's really cool. Yeah, that's why they was cyberpunk. Yeah, cyberpunk, because the wholereason, honestly, the whole ry. I wanted cyberpunk so bad because they'vecreated that game forever. Yeah, I still haven't played it. Istill really want to and I like I bought it knowing because I had thethe three hundred and sixty or whatever was it, I can't remember one.The xbox one. Yeah, and I had that and I was like Xbox, xbox, or six Y xbox. Goddamn, some make it's dumb.Yeah, but I had the one. But I knew going in buying cyberpunktwo thousand and seventy seven, I was like this is going to be bad. It's not. The game is not. They can say all at once likeit should work on back words, can pelt. It's not. Thisgame is made and like knowing that I got, you know, cyberpunk.I was I was having some issues, but yeah, I was like,okay, I expected that going in. People were like trashing it, thegame. I was like did you guys?...

Like they kind of everybody kind offorced their hand, like fucking released the game because they've been people bewaiting for years and people wouldn't stop bitching about it's this it fine. Fuck, here's what I hear. And it was only not and it wasn't doneyet. This is superman sixty four all over again. They put out anunfinished game, I mean but like, so I played it and then likea week later, like I foundly got my xpot and I was so like, it's just smooth. It was smooth on the xbox series, ass orwhatever the fuck it is. There's the new the next Gen. Yeah,I was staying, there's smooth, no issues at all. And that gotso much bad rap on playstation that they pulled it from the thing. I'mlike, yeah, it doesn't work. It's not going to work on theold gen systems. Like yeah, you guys, force these people. Everybodyforced this company to do this. That was the problem I had with badman Arkham night, because it was they. They rendered that with the unreal withunreal engine four, and but the game itself, both in detail andscale, was so massive most PCs couldn't handle it. So steam wound upjust refunding everybody and it wasn't available on on PC for a while. Really. I think it is now, but from long time you couldn't get iton pc because it's the PC technology at that point just wasn't quite where itneeded to be to render a game of that detail that big. It justit was very irritating me. How like, if you read between the lines,you knew it wasn't going to work on the old gen systems. Yeah, like you knew that. Like you're like, okay, like this iswhat they're kind of saying. They're only saying this because they're wanting they're basicallyhave a gun to their head right now. And then when I have it,I was like, yeah, that's what happened. I bought my xbox, perfectly fine. Same thing out of my Buddi's playstation. He had iton his original playstation about the five perfectly fine. Yeah, that's why theyshowed on the two trailers we watched one the playstation at the bottom and saidlike like rendered on a playstation five, like this is what it's going tolook like on a psfive. Yeah, which is awesome and I want oneso fucking bad. But yeah, you can't always put the newest shit onan older unit expected to work. This same windows Vista. Okay, Igot a windows vista was problematic for a lot of people, but most peoplewill. What you would do is you get a new operating system. Youdid install on your old computer. Well, Windows Vista really wasn't made to runon the old computer to that point. So they would put this new,leaps and bounds more advanced operating system on their old beige computer and wonderwhy it didn't work right. Me, I went out and bought a newcomputer and I'd never had a problem with Windows Vista because I bought a computerthat was made to run it. Sometimes you just got a fucking upgrade.People. Yeah, people don't realize that, but they'll rush you out to getthe new, brand new Goddamn iphone as soon as it gets released.We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you guyswant to know more about the show or get more involved in any way,shape or form. Head them over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That'stblpod dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews page and clickthe little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us know whatyour thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talked about.We'll see you guys again and next week for a brand new episode. EveryWednesday. Eight am is when they drop. Until then, as always, livewell, rock on, take care and bow by.

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