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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 44 · 3 months ago

MGK vs. Slipknot


Rapper-turned-rocker Machine Gun Kelly may have made the biggest mistake of his career when he decided to take shots at heavy metal royalty Slipknot. Is there any hope for him in the rock community, or should we expect his turn as a country western star next year?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • MGK disses Slipknot, Corey Taylor responds in kind.
  • The loss of Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell
  • Comedian Jim Bruer cancels shows due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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Hey guys, Mike Shay here.I am once again back in production on another film. This one is calleddead audience. This is a comedy movie, It's a Zombie movie, it's ahorror movie. It's going to make you laugh, make you screams,going to scare the pants off you and make it pee those pants in theprocess. Somehow. That's not an order. You guys can help me get thismovie funded and made more efficiently and more effectively by going to our gofundme. The link is right here in the video, or you can checkout the link down to the description of this podcast. Please help me getthis movie may we're looking at cast about thirty people, both principal cast anda shitload of zombies, and the more we can get the better, andwe're hoping to have this thing made by the end of October, around Halloweentime, because Zombie's Halloween. Yeah, more information on my website, MrMikeshaycom follow me on twitter and instagram and help me get dead audience made.At least not a bunch of fifty year olds wearing weird masks on stage andlet kept dropping that like the whole night and then slip not didn't say anything, and then MGK's like, yeah, Corey Taylor's doesn't like me because Itold him you couldn't be on my records. And then Corey Taylor got on twitter. was like, all right, I wasn't going to get involved inthis shit, but I got a receipts, motherfucker. I got receipts. motherfuckingwelcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the Min'metakes us. Enjoy. I've been I've wrapped up in this MGK slip notthing. This is the I don't Shit. Ever. I mean like I waslike what Huh? So so, I mean, I get it.Just what's it's a lot of people forget. Like. So, how it allstarted was Corey Taylor was getting interviewed on some show or something, andyou know it's court tails to run his mouth and he says he's like talkingabout you know, I don't look a lot of music, a lot ofnewer music, and I'm tired of these guys who fail as rappers and switchover to being rockers. You know who you are. So but he alsostraight up said he's like, but I'm also an old Fogi that just youknow, is screaming a kids on my lawn. So what the fucking Iknow. And then that weekend is when that festival was going on and MGKtook his shot on stage and it's like at least not a bunch of fiftyyear olds wearing weird masks on stage, and like kept dropping that like thewhole night, and then slip not didn't say anything. And then MGK's like, yeah, Corey Taylor's doesn't like me because I told him he couldn't beon my records. And then Corey Taylor got on twitter was like all right, I wasn't going to get involved in this shit, but I got receipts, motherfucker. I got receipts. Some motherfucking drop these these emails, becauseTravis Barker produced MGK's record. Yeah, and you dropped screenshots of these emailsand him and Travis where they were like no, we really want you onman, just he wants you to he here's what he wants you to do. And Corey was like I don't like people writing my own shit for me, so I'm going to pass, uh...

Huh. And then at louder thanlife over the weekend down in Kentucky when MGK was playing, everyone was justbooing him and flipping him off on stage. That is surprise me. And thenhe end up getting a fight with somebody down to the photographer and likein the photographer area. But yeah, like he was there's I'm trying tofind a video. The whole time he was up on stage everyone was justbooing the shit out of him and flipping him off. So like because he'sbecause he's playing headlining spot at a fucking metal festival. And you want totalk shit about slip knot right now. Oh Shit, you don't know thefuck some people I camera size stretch. Somebody said they don't like slipnot.Watch I get slipknots, like they're not for everyone. No, I fuckingpersonally love slipnot. Yeah, there, I'm seeing him this Friday or atover in Indianapolis. I've always I've seen I saw I saw them at intwo thousand and fifteen. There there headline the festival down there and they're doingthey're not fest road show there. It's them and killswitch engaged in a coupleother bands as Friday. It's always that they're one band of always want tosee live. They are I remember back in like two thousand and five therolling stone named him like the best band to see live. And they arefucking incredible, are they? Yeah, I mean how how is? Iwas I was out ninety nine, Jess Christ, I know right. Yeah, I want to say ninety nine, and they're still putting shit out.I mean they just they slowed down a little bit here and there, butthese last two albums they've been back with a fucking vengeance. It's just crazythat band's been around that and they've been that good for that. I'll sortthat relevant for that long. Yeah, I was Oh one, the selftitled that came before it was ninety nine. That's crazy, dude. Yeah,why I was? I was tweeting out like a motherfucker about the shit. I was like there's between MGK and Slipnos, and thirty years people willstill be talking about slipnot. Yeah, like you won't be able to talkabout the history of metal without talking about slipnot. Yeah, you really can't, but like you really can't. If you think about like, I'm notbig metal fan like where you are, but like, like, I'm notlike heavy I don't really like heavy metal, right, I don't. But likeslipknots like another like thing do I'm like it's a whole other level.I mean it's going to see them, like it's an experience. What thewhat's my favorite song of theirs, of their songs? They because they youknow, you just I was at Carmichael's last Tuesday and I was talking aboutthis because it had just happened, and I was like, you know,slip, I have two guys in their band whose whole job is to beaton kegs with flaming bats and MGK was like, yeah, I'm a fuckwith these guys, slipnot songs. Oh, I know, like psychosocial, doout dualit. He's like one of my favorite songs ever, Dude Alley. I mean that's like one of their biggest hits ever. Snuff, snuffis so good. Snuff is like that video fucked me up really. Yeah, just they was because it was such a mind fuck and devil and Ithat's got. They're dead mentor. Oh my God, I can just likeyeah, Yep, everage and they're their newest one, their newest album wasinsane. I don't think ever I haven't...

...listening near sound like day they droppeda song this one of the singles is called soul way firth and the musicvideo was used to promote the boys on Amazon prime. So like it's gotcuts, cuts of scenes and stuff in the music video guys, you know, getting their brains bashed in and shit, it's one of the heaviest fucking songsI've ever heard in my life. And Yeah, it's it's really theythey play two songs. They could they when that album came out, theygoing to play it on Kimel because Kimmel's a big metal head and it wasso crazy to see them still sounding that fucking good. Well, no,what song? I don't like it. There's everybody loves huh for a million. Part two. Oh, part two. Yeah, I go back and forthon part two. Part One's my shit. Part One's my favorite song. People love part two. I'm like yeah, well, it's it's asappy acoustic song. Yeah, and you know, it's you know, Ilike stone sour to a lot of people shit on that because they're like,oh, it's just fucking corey doing stones our for it's loop, not likestone. So hours good. Fuck you. I've seen both. They're both great. Fuck you. Corey Taylor's awesome. The huge neck, massive nexas likeit's like eighteen inches in diameter, I think. Is it really likeeighteen inch neck? Yeah, God, I think like he was. Hewas doing a one of his book to first of all, if you've neverseen the videos of his book tours, it's basically him doing forty five minutesof stand up and forty five minutes of acoustic songs, really, because hewould just do Qa's with the audience first, then he would just do it acousticset and it was he is a funny motherfucker. He can say he'sreally Nice Guy. to He's I've met him twice. He's really Nice Guy. Yeah, and but he's fucking funny. Everyone watches them like this guy.He's to do fucking stand up. So I can find on those clips. Here's this clip of Machine Gun Kelly getting fucking head food off, steaks, raphones on it. Yeah, this is yeah, should shoulders of somestrong, sweaty fucking crocer up here. This fucking obliterated. And that's whyhe switched over to that's why he switched over to be in a pop punguy. Now he thinks that's really what cost. Literally look at the timelineand it is kind of like he does. The weird thing is like he washoping for him and ever to say anything about him and he got it, and then he did his disc track. Yeah, and then em and Iwas like all right, right, get your Dick at my mouth,get my dick out of here, or some shit like that. I waslike God, they like M G K, thought that like, Oh, thisis going to be we're gonna like fucking blow each other. I waslike no, he's gonna fucking destroy you...

...destroyed him, see, switched overto doing this pop punk Shit. That's why I tweeted out the other day. I was like so he this is eminem switches. The Rock goes afterslipknot. I'm looking forward to his country album next year. Goes after Hootie. But yeah, he's a dumb motherfucker. He is. Just what's fucked upis like everywhere I look online, like there's there's just like fucking mainstreammedia covering because it's MGK. You know, he's getting coverage at the fucking Emmy'sand I don't understand why people cover him. I hop I don't know. Well, and then then the singer for trivium posted the other day.He was I'm gonna pull this off because it was funny as fuck. Idon't want to get it wrong, but because, because Trivia. They're goodfriends with slipnot like I don't understand why MGK is so popular. I don'tknow. It's see my tick tock. I did about it. No,I did it. I'll pull that up here in a SEC. Matt fromtrivium said I'd like to formally dis machine gun Kelly, or, as Icall him, squirt guns, Smelly, so stupid. Of First for beingthirty one years old wearing a fucking sixteen year old pop punk cosplay identity ona fucking stage. That's fucking funny. And the next day he said I'dlike to Apologie, apologize. I didn't realize MGK was suffering from a ligmadisease, like a disease. Yeah, this is yeah, he's done.He's fucking done. I just I've never understood why he's popular. I don't. I don't know either. I have no fucking idea. This is havean acting care now, though, which is well, and I mean hewas fine in the dirt, as Tommy Lee. I mean he wasn't.He was fine, like I dit. No point was I look, Bowiefucking sucks. I'm not going to say he suxious because he's MGK, butI mean, yeah, I don't know which one was the which one USwas your tick. Talk about, MGK. I think it's the first one.That first one that you can see says I got some the news,but now that one's you can play that one too, though I don't geta connect my phone here, but yeah, like u should play both and Iwant to see your action. I usually don't get involved in you know, like celebrity Gossipshlee, but this is just too fucking funny. I meanthis is the dumbest Shit I've ever heard in my life. All right,so this is your tick. Talk about I got some really bad news.My grandma got hit by a train and it's an unbelievable feeling seeing a grandmafuck six guys in a row. ha ha ha ha. That ever.Yet is that it? Yeah, and and you can't film it. haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That's fucking fun. So the nextone okay, this is my impression. I've every mgk machine gun Kelly beefwith anybody. You Suck. Seriously,...

...really? Yeah, I I gotnothing after that. Ha Ha. That's fucking great. It just fuckingtrue, though. That's like every beef he's ever had. Your yeah,fuck you, really, that's literally every single one of us. Are Goingto make me kill you. Yeah, it is one of those things you'relike, ha ha. It's literally like stop hitting yourself. That's all.Yeah, that's fucking funny. I think I tweeted about this shit more thanI have anything else because it's just been it's been so fucking easy. Well, not. He wanted her slip and I was like, I didn't reallyread into its. I like. That's because in my head I was like, well, I just fucking stupid. They're like the biggest fucking metal bandright now. Like I remember thinking, well, that's fucking stupid. Turnto me. She's like what and I was like, M gk, oneafter slip. Now she's got on here. Slip not is because she doesn't right. Sure, yeah, she knows who mgk is, just because shehe's from Cleveland and she's from Cleveland. Oh Oh, guys, see fromCleveland. Really? Yeah, I think so. Souns unfortunate. She likeknows who he is, but she doesn't like listen to anything or care.But that makes it there. I'm like, well, you fucking twenty one pilotsare from Columbus, really, really, yeah, I know they're from Daytonnow, from somewhere around. Yeah, they're from like Dayton to Columbus.Wanted to Google that. They're from their MOM's vagina. They I don'tlike twenty one pilots at all. Trying to find these tweets I said aboutMGK. Shit. Or was it all on facebook? I think it wason facebook. Just a great radio right here this is. Let's see here, twenty one pilots, did you see the video posted of the comedian whowas it? was going about, going on about MGK. So you canfind out here. Josh pray. Oh, I heard about that. Yeah,because then he, because then he, who is Josh Prey, was theone who posted about it. Here it is. Yes, it's righthere on the fucking it's I comes up on the first missing. You gonnakill in this. My name is Josh Brett. I'm a comedian, RobI don't even know what it is you do. I'll look. Still makingmusic. I don't know if you act. I don't know what it is youdo. You take pictures. Only got to start. I don't knowwhat it is you do and I'm sure you have a face because the Carmewas stored with it. I just want to tell you and your fair atFansomus don't encourage him to come a slip night. Don't do it. Idid one video, one heavy metal video, and heavy metal fans made me touchevery single brook and heavy metal history. You do not, do not,do not, psycho social, do not take back what you said whenshe just stop it, swallowing the pride.

If you want to continue this career, to make this money and provide for you, your family, yourfriends, do not disrespects to that Slip Knight. Ama a heavy metal ifyou can take the earth in wait it, it still will be as heavy asslip knot. Slip not don't have fairs, they have a brotherhood.They are not going to let you to the slip knot fast. The heavymetal fans, they're not like rap theres. They ain't gonna go online and listento rap me. They ain't gonna listen to lyrics. They ain't gonnatweet about it. They gonna come to every show you perform and they gonnamy spitch Shit I and they just gonna standue why my speak. And Igot two thousand with the same ass tone that you said that old man hadon. Oh you not call them old, we they ain't. Oh, Ihave this young dude machine. They're not or just young. Yeah,it goes our forty five minutes. Yeah, don't, don't do it, dude, don't fucking do it. There, they's gonna Stare at you the wholetime. I feel like that would do that too. Oh yeah,I m shows up to his concerts anyways. No, well, the wild thingwas from the MM beef. It like came out like he had apicture, like he wanted. He took up picture like after m M Andem, think I hate toad, took a picture of the crowd like it's goingto take a picture of everybody in the crab flicking off a camera. Butthen he said like it was towards eminem afterwards in the crowds, like what? No, like, no, Oh shit, yeah, it. Ilove watching people destroy their own I likes one of the thing was like aboutthe MM think I like. People are like, oh, man, likeM gk's like fucking this tract. Guess Eminem was so good. It's like, I don't was like, and me, I might sit there. I'm likehe had a course line. Yeah, like Eminem did it. Have acourse line throughout his entire thing. You had a course line, likeyou had to come up with Shit. You'd have enough stuff you to repeatthe same thing over. I's not a DIS truck, it's the song.Yeah, that's not a dish track. EMINEM was like fuck all convention,I'm just gonna destroy this motherfucker to a beat. Yeah, yeah, andmade him switch genres. So goddamn funny. Love Shit like that. It justit warms my heart because it's one of this is one of those things, like there's always been a big separation between like rap, hipop and metalfans. What I love is when you go on Youtube, there's all thesevideos of these like hip hop fans listing to metal for the first time andwhen they give it an when they actually give it a shot, they're like, Oh damn, there's actually a lot in common between there is rapping metal, especially when you look at a band like slipknots got a heavy rap hipopinfluence. You know, that's why there's a fucking dj and their band there. There, there is like a big boils. Yeah, there is,well, so iced tea as a metal..., and he did an interviewwith loudwire and he did a whole thing talking about he's like rapping metal haveso much in common, but you people, people can't see it because they can'tget past how it just sounds so drastically diffferent. No, it's justand like the lyrics are the same. Like, in a sense, likethe lyrics are like how heavy and how heavy the a lot of the lyricscan be. Yeah, I want to say is pretty much the same.It just one is like a beat. Yeah, the ones a beat.Yeah, they're talking about real shit. Yeah, is what I could theythey're not afraid to get, you know, darker, real or you know,it's there's a lot of rap by like the like tech nine right nowis one of my fucking favorite love technicne so good technic that a tract withfive figured death launch just setting really yeah, I know that as a good songtoo. Well, it was the cover of Mama said, knock youout. That's good shit. So, yeah, so, but with you'reseeing a lot of seeing a lot of rapping metal fans come together on thisone because they're like no, seriously, fuck this. What limp biscuit candown next, please, like Fred Durston away land disc it was. They'rejust different. Well, they used to have a big feud with slipnot backin the really early two S. Fred durst was talking. Create would talkcrazy shit about slipnot all the time. What do you go out there slipotabout? What it was? I don't know, because they were they werenew and you know, people weren't weren't used to him yet. And atone point Fred dursaid that all slipknot fans were just big fat nerds. Andhe was like, and Corey Taylor was like, who do you think yourfans are? MOTHERFUCK same people. Blus lets gets first album. It's prettyheavy. It's stuff. It's the one after their first album. It's likemore rap. Well, they shit. What is their first album? Acall. But that's also they had the cover of faith, HMM, whichwas, I really were great cover. Yeah, well, not only that, they was out of that year. The next year MTV did this bigdedication of Metallica and they had a bunch of bands from and perform metallica songsand limp biscuit did sanitarium and it was fucking it epic, like it wasa great fucking cover. I wish they would record it. Well then,what's his face? is by one of the best guitars on earth at thetime. Ah, Shit, west Moreland. Is that WHO it is? Ithink so, West boreland. Maybe it'd be either way. Like theywhen they has they're like limpiscuits doing it with tow cover. I was like, fucking they they crush that shit. I like, well, I thinkthat's our their background is heavy metal. Yeah, they're. They're the definitionof like a rap rock type band. I mean they're but the first howI'm called there part of that. They're part of that, that new metalthing, that shit that came out the you know, the same time aslike Lincoln Park and Popa Roach and obviously slipknots stuff like that. LIMP,I can't believe I'm googling this right. I know, I never thought I'dbe surge of for Litton Biscuit on albums... three dollar bill. Yeah,they all three dollar bills. Really good is yeah, well, significant otherone bad either. No, see, every other solid to a chocolate scarfaceand not that flavor wires them do whatever the fuck they wanted to do.Yeah, that was them just fucking gooping around. But I say Fuck Onemore times, just thirty six fucks in this fucked up Bryan. But yeah, everyone said ever. But Fred durst also, like, if you goon his wikipedia, they used to be like this. It had a wholesection of just his beefs with other musicians. Really, yeah, because he likesto talk shit. It's Fred durst. Yeah, I mean he does,like I's have a guy likes to talk shit, though at the sametime. Oh yeah, well, got a song called nookie, so it'salso true. I think. So funny. I think court Taylor made fun andfor it's like you want to talk shit. Your big singles called Nook, niggie. Not. Their first album, though, is like three dollar billy. All is really good. Yeah, we're really did that cover behind blueeyes and like two thousand, yes, and that was really good. CanCover. There's a lot of those bands out there. Like I don'tlisten to other music, but their covers are fucking dope and they're they're oneof the big ones. They always do really good covers of Shit, likenow. That has a really fucking good it's just like they got into rock, rap, rap, whatever you want to call it, and that waskind of like their breakthrough. But like, that was it was hot because Isaid they're coming around the same time as Lincoln Park was, and thatwas that was the shit at that point. We always want you guys to bea part of the show, so join in on the conversation. Allyou got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet,and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message,which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website toaccess our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listenersjust like you at any time you want. Once again, head on over toour website, www dot tblpod dotnet. Link in Park. There's something.Yeah, that's a band that I don't listen to their stuff after acertain point I just can't. I've tried the album after they're big one.So the first one was hybrid theory and I mean it was huge, hmm. And they did that album rhin a nation, which was like all remixesof which was cool, and then meteor was the one that had like numband faint, and that's the last one I listen to. That was thatwas the last like really big one after and then the one after that Iliked to, but it was a really big departure. And after that they'restuff just got way to just pop drink like dream pop, DM stuff,and it just wasn't it wasn't doing anything for me. Then he killed himselfand then Chester killed himself same day as what's his face killed? Was thesame day as birthday. Or it was...

...not. It was wantest. Itwas a year after Chris Cornell, because he because he did because him andChris Cornell, we're fucking tight. No, here's a while thing. So I'mlike really, I used to be really big link Lincoln parked, likeI love those albums. Albums actually got me to eye school. That wasmy favorite band for probably ten years. Worst Day of my life, oneof the worst days of my life was that day, because that's the sametime. I don't know a lot of people know this, but like atthe time, I was seeing somebody and when Chester died. Yeah, soI was seeing somebody. We went through some stuff, but like what happenedwas we got pregnant, but when she lost a kid like twenty weeks.So we end up breaking up after that. R and that that's saying. LikeI found out that he he died, and that same day she broke upwith me after that. Foh, yeah, that same day. OhShit, like we were we really loved each other. Yeah, like thatreally like when that happened, it put don't know, it just it puta strain on things. It did, it really did. It was weird. But yeah, and the and the weird thing was it was just likeone of those things. I was like, This Day can't go anywhorse, andnow I that like I have to do like I'm basically trying out forthe funny bone. That night, like, oh, they eventually wanted, likethey asked one of the managers to stay and watch me at the openmic. Really. Yeah, so I was like, Oh shit, Idid not want to do comment and I fucking murdered that night and I gotI went outside and cried. No Shit, yeah, I just I was sittingat work because because I was also sitting at work when Chris Cornell diedbecause he was supposed to headline rock on the range that weekend with sound gardenand so they had had a can't. But do you like audio slave?I love audio slave. I'm almost trying to like more sound garden audioslave.I'm more with audio slave guy, but it's that it's having that Tomarello edgeto it. Yeah, I like his guitars a lot. Like a likea stone, is still just that song. fucking rocks. I got into adebate with a buddy of mine off that album, like which is better? Coach he's or like a stone? I said like a stone, that'sa tough he that is a really tough one. That's just a good fuckingband. Yeah, it is. I like like. And then Tom's gotthat profits of rage group that he twitches like him in the audio slave andrage against the machine and sound garden guys, and they just play a lot ofcover from all those bands and they were there playing some festival and theydid a cover of like a stone. They brought out surge from system ofa down to sing for it. Oh my God, because him and himand Chris were really fucking Collidia. They were that. Yeah, they werereally tight. And here in surge sing like a stone about fucking who.Also, like, while he's singing, is on the verge of tears,like I'm watching that just like damn, onions, God, Damn, thatan amazing to see. Oh my God, I can't even fucking believe. Like, I've never seen system of a down. I would commit felonies tosee system of a down. I know it's never going to happen because they'renever going to get back together, but...

...still, this album, remember,that was a that was the greatest thing. Is it? Because there's so muchpiracy issues and they may create an album called steal this album, feelthe south. This F that was the greatest. That was such a greatfuck you gods about it, because it was that the album that had thesong killed rock and roll on it. I can't remember. I just Iremember the album what it looked like. It was just a burnt seating,her birth seedy. Yeah, fucking bunny. I remember seeing that as a storeand I was like this is a fucking is this worse is before,you know, the Internet was really much of a thing and all that Iwas like is this fucking real? As is basically lime wire. This iswhere l wires like the biggest thing, like and napster nine wire. Yeah, because I think that was around the time of the whole metallic and absterthing. Uh Huh, like what two thousand and three m something like theyeah, I was the so far, so fucking great. That's that album. Toxicity, system of down is still so siuey such a great fucking album. Chop Suey, toxicity, the prison song fog, a whole album isgreat. Chop Suey is a fucking imagine trying to have sex to the rhythmof Chop Suey. It's funny. You mentioned funny. You mentioned that.I was watching an old Pablo Francisco special the other day and he does abit like that. He was like his his roommate would always bring these girlsover and have lots. So he's sort of fuck with me, throw musicon the Big Stereo. So when he threw on Chop Suey, my fucking'slong good death and he's like, imagine trying to fuck. I want well, go grab much fun, a little megas, songs, fucking. That'sgood shit, though. Yeah, it's one band like they put out did. They dropped two new songs last year, but it was just for a charitything because they're big in with the Armenian genocide, because they're all Armanian. But they were like yeah, we're probably never going to perform a recordtogether again. They hate each other. I don't know what it is.I really don't. I don't know if it's just I know, like thedrummer has said that there's been some drama. The drummers also like a huge ragingconservative and I'm serge is not what. Yeah, how could you be aconcert rage and conservative? I don't know. But he was like BigAntimassy Im I don't know, it doesn't make any it's like rage. Beinglike that, like being like a public anybody from rage against machine, beinga just I semi Republican. That's why I love that picture. That meanswould float around on facebook. It was Tomarella with a guitar that said Fucktrump on it, and somebody was like, why don't you stick to what youknow and get out of fucking politics? He like I have a master's degreein political size. Also, like have you never all saw the videosof people at trump rallies, you know, playing, you know, rage,every layers machine's like, what the fuck here? Not fucking understandish.I remember that because I think it was on twitter, wasn't it? Yeah, you know, I have a well, it's just FIS just people. It'sjust people who hear the phrase that the in the song. Fuck you, I won't do what she told me.

It's like, do you not realizewhat this song is fucking about? Nah, Nah man, we don'tbelieve him. Asks what's people were coming after surge on fucking facebook saying look, get out of politics. Tick the musical. Have you never listen toa system of a down song? You know, sometimes it feels like lifereally gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in theform of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmasaround mental health and addiction recovery, well making the world a little sweeter,one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chipand snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Nitella Banana. Plus, theydonate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit,a charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seekingrecovery. Just head on over to dopecom, Dou ghpcom, put together a killersample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off yourorder at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab somedope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. This is about Jimber. Oh Yeah, well, and my thing is him have a theory behindthis. Okay, his comedy appeals the people who who are on that sideof things. Yes, I could see that. I could see that.So he knows. Yeah, I don't think he's a big Dick about that. I think he needs to make money behind that, because I'm like that'sweird. Like I think his entire is very much like, for example,like if I was every popular, I'll never be popular comic. I knowninety percent of my audience is going to be right leaning about what I talkabout. Sure not get but I am exact fucking opposite right of that.So I was like thinking I'm a and I was like, I don't thinkhe actually I think he's probably left leaning, like left on that, but heknows, like his audience is fucking well. It was funny too,because that those story, that that story was coming out the same week asall with Patton Oswalt for the opposite reason. He was he was canceling shows becausethey wouldn't require Vaccin A. Yeah, I was just like, could youguys just swap the venues? You going to exactly like Patten? YouBook at Jim's places, Jim, you book it repatent places. Everybody's happy. I have a failing. That's what that that makes a lot of senseactually. Yeah, because I was confused. I was like, Jim doesn't strikeme as this big fucking right leaning douchebag. He doesn't. And Mikesaid, they're I'm Mike. He never he's never said anything either, likeon twitter, as first time he's ever...

...really popped up on twitter. SomeMike. That's his audience. That's why that makes a lot of sense,that that would make a lot of fucking sounds. I don't know. Italways amazes me that, like Jim Brewer, because you know, you know we'reon the subject, like big metal head, you know, always haslike, you know, a backing rock band at his fucking he'll go tothese big metal festivals like lot, louder than life and rock on the rangeand Shit, and do forty five minutes sets on these big stages with hisband playing behind him, and I'm like that's so fucking bizarre. Well,what guy? I'm friends with, Jay? I'm shrunk. He did rock onthe ranch. Is a comic, did he? Really? Yeah,he's on it with like ever. His name is on there with everybody thatyear. Really, that's wild. I'm trying which festival it was. Wherethey where they did a roast of Corey Taylor that they can never release thepublic now. Oh really, so they there's a bootleg audio version of andon the Internet somewhere. Basically, the reason they can't do it is becauseso Sebastian Bach from formerly of skid row, was the roastmaster because him and Coreyare buddies, and I guess he was either too drunk hide understand whatwas going on or just didn't get it, because he was taking everything personally andlike a Corey Taylor. No sebastasition box and was just kept like liketalking shit the people on stage while they were and then also some of thepeople who were there. I guess I'm Trember, the guy who was fromthat, one of the guys from that. Another was eddie truck, went upand just spent his whole roast just like shitting on stone sour the wholetime, and I guess they were like, okay, this isn't even funny,this is just like big. I mean, this is just unpleasant.These aren't even jokes. He's not even trying to be funny, he's justtrying to be a dick. And and so I think corey was doing ofhis Qa's. He was like, I don't think they're ever going to releasethat. Like too many things went wrong, which is a bummer because I'd loveto watch the fucking roast of cory tailor. Yeah, yeah, mostlyjust I could watch him go after everybody else at the end a mother becausehe's your neck is bigger than he was talking about that one of his Qa's. He was like, I what sucks about it is like I when Iread the buy a button down shirt, I have to buy like a sizex to fit around my neck, but then it goes down to like myfucking ankle. That's so weird dude. He's a short dude. He's UND's, like five six, short man, long neck, thick, next syndrome. He's the exact opposite of a fucking Joe Raffe. He really fuck itis. We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. Ifyou guys want to know more about the show or get more involved in anyway, shape or form, head them over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tblpod dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews pageand click a little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let usknow what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talkedabout. We'll see you guys again and... week for a brand new episode. Every Wednesday. Eight am is when they drop. Until then, asalways, live well, rock on, take care and bow buy.

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