The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 45 · 1 year ago

Super Bowl Halftime Drama


They've announced the halftime show for the next Super Bowl, and people seem to be rather upset. We're not mad about it, but for two totally different reasons. Also, sometimes great sex can come from the weirdest of situations. Plus, Mike Wells has a theory on the movie 'Hocus Pocus' that people are not liking.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show lineup.
  • Sex: the good, the bad, and the weird.
  • Mike Wells' thoughts on fans of 'Hocus Pocus'.

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Hey guys, Mike Shay here. I am once again back in production on another film. This one is called dead audience. This is a comedy movie, It's a Zombie movie, it's a horror movie. It's going to make you laugh, make you screams, going to scare the pants off you and make it pee those pants in the process. Somehow. That's not an order. You guys can help me get this movie funded and made more efficiently and more effectively by going to our gofund me. The link is right here in the video, or you can check out the link down to the description of this podcast. Please help me get this movie may we're looking at cast about thirty people, both principal cast and a shitload of zombies, and the more we can get the better, and we're hoping to have this thing made by the end of October, around Halloween time, because Zombie's Halloween. Yeah, more information on my website. Mr Mikeshaycom follow me on twitter and Instagram and help me get dead audience made. You're just hanging out and the guy just like kept texting her all fucking night, not even like I miss you shit, just like harping on the fact of how much he fucking handed her now, and so, just to like make herself feel better, she was like, she's like he's pussing me off. Could you just fuck me? And I was like, okay, you is this? Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit back round, have a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us. Enjoy my last time I lived by myself, like I remember one time I was means a chick or just fucking, like world, like literally, we're just fucking and like it. So this is the wild heart. So about this. Like I was talking to her a match, hmm right, and then like she's and then we just started talking like just friendly, like I said, it was just friends type Shit, right, whatever, like and like randomly, like she's like hey, it's got like done with this date. You just want to hang out, guess really bad. You want to hang out and chill. So if I can go hang out and chill with her, away fucking just having good time. I had a couple beers wherever she wanted me to an open mic and we're sounding cuff. She's like, you know, I'm gonna Fuck you tonight and I was like, Oh, you just want to date with some other dude. Yeah, this is the first time we've actually met to she guess, wow, and so she's like and then we just sign up. She I'm going back to my end, like she's drunk. So I like I would not have sex, like I refe I kept on refusing and refusing, because she was drunk, because she's drunk. Yeah, and then finally she's like, I'm sober. I'm like, try to walk, and she walked and I was like so, yeah, I just really want to fuck you. I'm like, all right, like, you're sober. I was your sober. We're doing anyway? I mean we were in like, I guess, a relationship. I guess. I don't know what we were for like four months. You were just scheduled fucking, I guess. Well, she stayed in my place all the time. Oh really, yeah, like she lived out like four hours away. Oh Wow, yeah, and she worked in Cincinnati. So it is this kind of like it was just easy, easy to get her there. Not. She always wanted to stay over and we had we actually had a lot, a...

...lot of fun. I think it right with her. It would actually worked out. We both think got out gets you get out long term relationships. Sure, yeah, it would have been ye, kind of the rebound factor. We will about the rebound for each other. But it's just so funny because I think in my head I was like what she's like she yeah, one on this day with this didn't do was like texting or the entire time when we were out, though. Really, yeah, I had that. I was on a date one time with a girl like we doing each other for a while and so we were going on a date and she just like broken up with this guy. It wasn't really a day. We were just hanging out and the guy just like kept texting her all fucking night, not even like I missed you shit, just like harping on the fact of how much he fucking hated her now, and so, just to like make herself feel better, she was like she's like he's pussing me off. Could you just fuck me? And I was like, okay, all right, you is, but okay, the reason why I told you that story, Huh, was like she's she spoke a lot, we'ed whatever. She's also like cancer. It's just fucking weird, but she beat it. Oh good, yeah, she beat it. It was that was very weird. She didn't tell me that she had cancer and all this shit and partially reason why she's always she'd go down there for Chemo stuff, and I was okay, really cool, really cool chick. But like we're suppocked a lot of weed. But like the reason why I bring that up is because of the fact that like one one day, like I just left it like on my counter. All the time nobody comes in my part right like yeah, like literally like the Stash, the lighter, the fucking soda came out the holes post in it with some weed in it. Yeah, and like I remember that. This is how much I love this apartment complex. I it was right right there and I had I had the maintenance people come over and like fix something in my apartment and then it's a fucking word to me about any I like I got home and I was like, ah, Shit, and hear anything about it. I that happened with my old apartment. My Week we all spoke weed. So one day, this is one that remember to which when the when the downcers got flooded because the washing so at first, when I saw this big wet spot in the car, but I felt like his bomb, it's spilled over because it was right fucking there. So I, you know, called the maintenance people over to come get this water and not even thinking about it, like his bong, everything was just sitting now and then they're sitting there. There's a guy goes my move this and I was like yeah, it's fine, just, yeah, little, say anything. I don't give a shit fuck. I never I never liked and never had my own. Is the thing. I always just lived with people that had weed and they'd be like you want to hit this and would be like yeah, yeah, I do, yes, buy some every now and then from people or whenever you I don't know. I don't said. Mostly I will do. But like I had a hook up kind of like where I lived. See, I've never known anybody. Don't like get any from. So she'd got the Colorado. Yeah, I mean I basically if I ever need any...

...drug, I asked my brother, Remember, tells me who to get it from. If I ever need any drug. He knows. So you get a medical marijuana car. There's a dispensery right up the room. Yeah, I can't called big river remedies hang nails. I need severe hang new stub my toe when I was a kid. I have ptst pts. Hate coffy tables. We always want you guys to be a part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. If you watch the bells MEES, specially at watch first ten minutes. Yeah, I heard it. I haven't watched it yet. I'd need been here in a lot of but here a lot of mixed things about it on I don't know what the thing I mean. He's done a lot of specials in La in the past. Like yeah, this is like it's like it's any hard for him. Yeah, do you like all that? So I was thinking my like I'm listening to it. I'm like okay, like the first five ten minutes are good, like okay, I'm like okay, like he did have this really good joke about how I like because he got coronavirus. I'M gonna Busch a joke, but the premises he got coronavirus and like was a coronavirus. He was like he's watching like these videos, like because he had nothing to do. Yeah, quarantine for ten days. He disguises the joke so well you really don't see it coming and he's like he's a quaranty for today's like when I'm sitting there, like I'm sitting there like I got nothing to do, like I'm just I adn't watching weird videos. There's watching videos of like black people beating up Asians and like. The gave me so much hate, like I could have figured it out. I said why, why would we do this? And I was filled with Hayton and this like I don't know why, and I start thinking about I was like what a second, that's what my body's doing right now to the coronavirus. Oh Fuck, that's funny. He's this guy. I mean, I can't, I bosherd the joke, but he disguised it so well. Guys like fucking a son of a bitch, but it's gootty hard. I don't care how long you doing comedy. If you really sent me specials in like this amount of time, it's that's I think this is his seventh and it's the last couple of years. That's so much material. Yeah, like, like you know, Chris titis takes two, three years, but give her one special. It's why they's probably one of the is if I mean I think he's the greatest of all time. Yeah, because all I mean I want to finish it. I know he's catching some flak for part of it. I don't know the whole story. I haven't get black for sticking sticks and stones and like you got just flack for everything but that. I'm like. He was like it's Anti Trent, it's not anti trans. Yeah,...

...all that I remember. I remember that last one. We talked about that, like it surface level, because just because he said the word Trans People assume he's make up on a trans. Now I don't know. I don't know what the story is on the on the new one. I just saw all articles and I was like I don't have time. Well, people are right native arts, because it will like well, yeah, because people click on it. Well, like that Nanette isn't then that I don't know. It's like some comedy. It's not really. It's not comedy special. All right, it's pretty social. I know you're talking about great, it's a great like one person show. Yeah, it is not a comedy special. Yeah, I know exactly you're talking about. Yeah, like I'm like, okay, it's good, it's not comedy. Spells is a really good is not comedy Bo Burnham inside. Yeah, not a comedy special. That is all. That's a one man, you know, multi media art installation. Yeah, but no, yeah, it's I haven't I haven't read up on what the controversy or whatever is because I haven't seen it. So I don't fucking know that this is that. Watch about it. My wife won't watch me watch him. She hates the n word, she hates the Oh, really hate she just like he just says it too much. I'm like, I mean there's there are worst reasons to not want to watch comedy smash. Well, I guess, but it just really offends her. Yeah, because, I mean she was a she was a teacher in inner city school and it just she hates when she's seen that. Or Yeah, she doesn't like that word. My wife's also doesn't cut. One time she cusses when we're having set Gosh Jarnett. Yes, she's never cursed us like it's so weird. Ah Crap, AH CRAP. That's the always is daring say. Oh, Fud ruckers, my game, but can billy Bob. So weird things her if iphone died. I think I tried to do the update last night and it just a she welke up some more of her phone wasn't working. I was like fuck, obviously my wife's pregnant. Luckily she has a watch that, like everything, she has a cellular watch. So every think it's forwarded to her. Oh Cool, she's let me call him. So if I had to get her phone, car phone at work, the twelve, because I work at a place that rhymes with horizon. It's a cell phone company and we're not allowed to get thirteen yet because really are employees can't get S. got not to get her twelve. Well, the reason why, the whole reason I'm telling you this. So I get home, I got it, a new charge of the maxe of charger put on thing and I had down plug ah wire. So I'm plugged one maxi to ours. I was like, yeah, I unplugged that, but what's that to you, like m she's like, she look. I was like, Oh, that's to your vibrating, like I had an idea what it was, but I wasn't for sure, because we use, we you, sex toys we have sex. And I was like, I was like, why is that? I was like it's definitely not a watch as. I think I made the vibrator, but I'm not for sure, like I'm like see, like, look at it. She was like and she's like that's your vibray. She's like hit's just started laughing. I haven't used that since she's been pregnant.

Early had sex and she's been pregnant, though. There's the hull. Look, honey, there's the there's the machine that my job has been outsourced to. Yeah, now you like. Some people like very like don't like using like men. Some men don't like using sex toys during sex. I don't. My Dick can't do that. Exactly. Why? Cool, use that. I don't give a fuck. Like my Dick is not. God It my Dick. Did dass like vibrated like that. I like have high blood pressure. They give me a doctor's or DT shakes right there like Holy Fuck, like my dick moves like the flash. We well, it's funny you mentioned that. So I recorded this month's VIP interview yesterday. So the woman names named Susan Bratton. She follow me a fucking yeah, so she so, first of all, she is the wife of the guy that invented like rhapsody. Really, how did you get hold of her? This is website I use called pod match. It's basically like tender, but for finding podcast guests. That's really cool. Well, she's she's like a sex therapist and a therapist that Kinda so it's a fun interview. Super Not Safe for work kids. That's gonna I'm gonna have to put a disclaimer the beginning of the beginning of that interview because, like she's talking about coming and orgasms and dirty talk and toys and Shit, and I was just like this is not what I expected, but you know what, fucking I'm into. It was fun. I heard somebody was telling me about how they go see a therapist and there what? And then the therapist is feminist, which I have nothing with feminist, but she doesn't like to work for play she likes arriving to a bridge or something different. Thing like what's wrong with the word for play, as it was invented by men? Okay, like invented by men, as like an I just she also not eat peanut butter, because I was incur the person was describing it to me like as if like as invented by men only for like kissing and stuff like that to get in the mood. I'm like, that's not all for play. No, she's like, she said, that's what I was you think? Is that what you think for play? Is? Yes, maybe we should go see a different we should see a different relationship. It's a lot of stuff involved into it. I'm like, I said. They're like, yeah, you can also say that about what she just named it. Hmm U. is it the dumbest thing? I'm I'm all about feminism, but I was like what's a fun? Well, there's feminism then there's just dumb. Like that's just dumb. That's just like arriving to where. I was arriving to a bridge. I can't remember what it was. At one point Susan did drop the phrase, you know, helping her cross her gasm chasm. That is high said that is a said to pull a John over. Hashtag Gasm, chasm, Gasm, chasm. That's fucking funny. Yeah, as it was an she like she gave me a Qa and like ask me like great things. I was into, like in the bedroom shit, and I was like cool, mom, don't listen to this, please. I'll tell my mom all that shit out.

I really like it when she pulls my hair. That was a wear wig. Now I've only ever had one girlfriend who, like, was into toys and shit. I neither. I neither like nor dislike. I don't really have a I'm just like cool. Now. Mean, I if the toys. I actually prefer toys because I think they're fun. They use sure like take some of the work, some of the pressure off your shoulders to it does? It really does. Like, I can't only eat you out a tongue, I your fucking jaggs. Yeah, I have. I've had the point where I've been like, I need a break. Yeah, it's like when you choot, when you're chewing gum for way too long and your face like I need to stop. You're fucking jaws just hurt. My my first girlfriend, the single most painful blow dub ever gotten in my life. I don't know what the fuck she was doing, but she got to the point where like she was doing it was it was hurt and I was trying to top it out and she find she stopped. She goes, I got to stop. My mouth arts. I was like, well, my Dick Hurts, so got a painful blow. Of Jobs are the where? Yeah, I've had that job. It's like an instant moodkiller. I've had bad, I've had painful and I've had fantastic, but I've had bad ones. Yeah, I and I was going somewhere with that and I have completely lost my training fucking thought and she k gets good Blake. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Nitella Banana. Plus. They donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom, Dou ghpcom, put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll all a good free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. God, I'm being getting hate mail one of my tweets, that post on my facebook. MMM, it's if a person likes hocus pocus, they a hundred percent enjoy a pumpkin spice laugh taste and being choked during sex. I felt like for people to people message me directly saying that's not funny, or like that's just that's not funny. You think you're funny and I'm like got good for you. Fuck that. That's funny, I know. And then I had other people comments saying that's not fun I can't. The way thing is like, because I'm banned, I can't comment back. You like see their shit.

I can see the shit, so like I don't want to message them either. Like right to comment in the thing can't list. And got some dudes. I got just another man on some dudes like just another man making an unfunny joke, and I'm like going to be like okay, whatever, like thank you, I appreciate it. Like what I tell you what? I yeah, do, yeah, I love it. Some one person was like I just don't find this funny. I was like, I'm glad you hate it, and then say a fucking word after that, because you can't trow me. You're my skin. No, Sh it's Christ also, it's like, congratulations, you don't think the jokes funny, I don't give a fuck. Keep scrolling. Yes, shit, I they at some point I'm like like what, okay, like, why did you have to like you message me? Cool, yeah, let's there. There are times I just I when I see people like will comment shit online on anything, it's like like what were you hoping to accomplish here? Like, okay, so, like the other day was Brie Larsen's birthday. Okay, so, like you know marvel. They post like happy birthday, Bree Larsen, Captain Marvel. What? Who? WHO The fuck hairs? Okay, so, like you go in the comments like a billy I know, happy earth and there's always like that one. It's always a dude. So it was that one fucking asshole who's like I fucking hat and captain marks, Fuck Bitch, and I was like happy birthday post dude, like like go drink a mic out mic ultra and shut the fuck up. Hits, I don't. You Mus want a bitch the bitch, like I don't. Wells, when they was they announced the the super bowl show for for this next super bowl. People Bitch about that. Oh Yeah, see, I here's the things. All White dudes driving trucks with don't tread on me stickers. But I know to at the same time as like, since I don't get on my personal page that much right now. Yeah, and like I only get on my my comedy page because I post that. Because I'm band I can't really write. Yeah, so I like by like whenever I get on a fuck, I really want to say something, but I can like fuck, but no, I didn't say I mean, I knew it was coming, but I'm yeah, really, Oh, yeah, it's a lot of well, I won't be watching this this super bowl. Like cool, you guys became a meat like kick. All right, whatever. Fine, and literally I saw a meme like like within hours or it was like no longer a fan of the NFL. And it's all the same picture of dudes with like fucking pencil beards. What you know? Baseball caps backwards with the sunglasses up here, you know, all drive and truck bugs. Don't tread on me, fucking stickers. And I guess I see him like on the new Shit, then the new station facebook page comment and the should I go to all their pages? All the same shit. They've all got, you know, Maggot two thousand and twenty. Don't tread on it's all. Why? Else too? Don't tread on me. I don't know why that's the one, but it's just now he's just guys, but you can fuck my wife. It was also my cousin. It's like what, I'm sorry, you think this is the first? Dewight the my site for the halftime show. No, I have been psych for a halftime show in fifteen years. Okay, I'm psych because those are all legends that are going, I'm sure, but also like fans of every single one of them. Sure, like don't want I'm really not that big of a fan of his. Like snap jog. I mean like I like his music, but I'm not like, Oh my God, yeah, you...

...know, I know, I like everybody on there. I'm also just not a big football fan. So I'm like, I'm like, cool, it's okay because to me, as as a right, as a majority rock and Metal Fan, to me this looks like every super bowl halftime show. Yeah, Pop, R and B and hiphop. I was like, this looks no different to me than any other fucking halftime show. Black people in Eminem, yeah, said basically black, call me when it's METALLICA. Yeah, okay, like it's yeah, I don't give a shit because this looks like business as usual to men. So yes, you are eminem. Why do he do? He opened up a ress on called my mom so yetting. It's just so cl I talk about like where time is that work like one thing, like one line from a movie and a song. That's like been a fucking this is branding like a fucking champion. He never knew that was going to happen, mom spaghetti, no, but God damn if he's not rolling with it. Yeah, I don't blame him. I had my mind warped when I found out that in his songs venom. He's not just repeating the word venom over and over again in the in the chorus. I need to let real listen to it, because it sounds like he's just saying the word venom over and over again, but no, he's speaking so fucking fast that it's the other and I'm like, I finally look with the lyrics and I was like where is that in the fucking song? I listen to it, I'm like, I got to real listen to it's been moile. It's not our only reason, I because this is because he I guess he remixed it for the new movie and and I was like shut the I gets right, because the hees coming out. He did on the original. I think it's out now. I think it came out last week. I did, I got big rough to go see it. But it's just in fact that by M and am it's really his Marshall Mothers now. So he had gained a lot of weight at one point. Did he really out of way? Really and nobody kiss you wore baggy. Close it now and he was not really doing a lot of stuff at the time. Yeah, he had a lot of weight and he's like over two hundred and twenty pounds. Really, he's not that big of a dude. No, he looks like he ways about a hundred pounds. Soaken. Well, he realized it and he start running like every day, and I was like addicted to running the he's a bit he says he has addictive personality. It's why he doesn't do you normally get on like right, he doesn't really have a lot of social media. He runs or get something Internet and I think it's all management, run and promoting, promoting shit and all that. So now he's I fucking and I was like my favorite, I love. I feel it's like every white guy staying to say MM is a favorite. What's Shitty, but a lot of the rappers will tell you, like he's one of the greatest, not the greatest, to do it. Yeah, but it's it does feel kind of weird to be like I'm a white guy. My favorite rappers EMINEM. It's like it's like, I know how that sounds, but I like it's literally like I love Kend up the Mar. I think lander Mars Great Fus See. I'm a die hard iced tea fan. Yeah, I will, I will live and die for Rice Day, like whether it's whether it's his solo rap shit or like him do his stub with body count. Which Body Count? Still fucking let me. They want to gree me last year. So I fucking will anything he touches. I will fucking listen to and just MM's like a fucking like magical lyric is powerhouse man like that shit that that dude... so fucking creative with it. Mean again, he made he made M gk change genres and yeah, he hit him so hard and he was the MM is is like how he uses words and years, like, how the fuck did you just do that? And it all makes sense. He's so like he got the he got the Oscars. So not only give him an Oscar, but you know, but he got them to be he beat. From that moment forward, he became such a huge icon. He got them to invite him back to the Oscars to actually perform his song. Yeah, because when? Because when it got nominated for for a mile, they told he wasn't going to be allowed to perform it at the show. Oh, I did not know that he was. They were. They were told, weren't, that he wasn't going to be allowed to perform it. He's like, amnes, nominies get to perform. Like well, we're not gonna let you perform. He's like, well then I'm not going, and then he fucking won. And so two thousand and eighteen, twenty to two thousand and nineteen, when they were doing some like recap thing with a fake, all the sudden, out of know where, they're showing clips from eight mile and I was like they're not about to fucking do what I they're gonna do. And he comes out and performs and it was so huge because it's like twenty years ago you guys said this motherfucker wasn't allowed to, but now he's become so big and so prominent like you can't like. It's almost like a fucking redemption for him. So the fact that is Mike kept cutting out, but it wasn't even that they were senduring, it was Mike just got coming out right. Yeah, that's first I was like, are they sensor? Are they just cutting the audio time he says fuck, when it was Mike kept cutting out, but still it was like, you know, that's how big he's fucking becomes. He got the Oscars A to not only give a rap song a fucking Oscar. What Song Was it? It was for lose yourself. It's just very well, yeah, that's also a genius. So here's a genius thing about that. A mile come out. They did to soundtracks for that. Yeah, they did the eight mile soundtrack and then they had the eight mile and music inspired by I. Yeah, I was like to him, your fucking genius right there. That's really good. They did that for this Batman in Arkham city. Oh really, there's so there's the score, the score soundtrack, and then there's an album. It's music inspired by and it's like all these bands and artist that wrote songs inspired by the game. One of them is like his coheed and Cambria, who wrote a song from the perspective of the joker, basically telling Batman like what would you do without me? It's really fucked up and creepy and really cool. That's interesting. Yeah, it was a really good I love when they do stuff like that. I think other rappers, I mean I love Jayz. One of my favorite lines, ever, is the only Christopher really acknowledge as Wallace, wow, not Christopher Columbus. Yeah, and I'd explained that somebody one time. I was like that's a good fucking sem who's not a big Jay Z fan. Don't like I care. On the line before that, but it was. It named all the boats and he's like the only Christopher we acknowledge... wallace. Okay, and I was just like, I just we he just rattled off and you to put the Santa Maria. Yeah, that's the point that I know. I can't and like there was more to that. Yeah, but then I the next line was like the only Christophree knowledge as Wallace. I was like, God, Damn, this so bad. That's really cool. I mean Tech Nines. Good, love Tik nine, even though you wrote a whole song for the fucking Redskins. Or No, the those are the chiefs. God, who else? It was a chiefs. I can't. I think of Childish Cambinos. Good. Well, yeah, anything. Donald Glover touches his gold. I mean, guys, a fucking dude. Who Thought? The DORKY kid from community? He's just fucking yeah, zing. Why am I blinking? So many rappers right now? I'm literally blinking and I can't figure out why. I listened to rap like all the fucking time. What's in my fucking found here? Do I got. Yeah, I feel I feel bad. I have to go like, I know, name one named five rappers. I don't mind. Chance the rapper I he was good live. Yeah, I saw him one day of did the one that shows out day's Oh, the gem city shine. Yeah, okay, he's actually somebody I've always wanted to see live. Realize. I. Ah, was it good? It was great. It was really good live and like I felt they was so cool because of there's this kid who's a really big chance the rapper fan, hmm. And but like, because it was so packed, he just wanted to get up front. We all like he was here. He knew every word every time. Fuck, yeah, one hard at it. We're like all we have to get this guy up there. There was a guy, there was a band that one of the bands open for slipknot on Friday was called fever three and thirty three, and it's basically like what if? What if raged against the machine, like went like full blown metal, because it was a drummer, guitar player and a guy who was basically a rap her. It didn't do much for me live, but the guy had great energy, great lyrics is his voice, his vocals weren't, weren't fucking on point, but he was great energy, great personality. The music itself was really good and I like seeing that kind of that blood between I think. I think hip hop. Mean Look at like we talked about his labs with like bands are Lincoln part yeah, who can combine that that rapping rocks of really good Hiro ty heroes are really good rapper. I like him a lot. Of saw him like twenty, I think. Well, so one of the best out like one of my favorite albums was Ti's album before he went to prison. Okay, camera I was called. I was so excited to want to prison, not in a sense that like, oh my God, like Tei went to prison, like Haha. I was like he's gonna have so much time, the right just to figure stuff out, right, and I didn't like the album. After that I liked Tii, Jake Hole Ian. You have fucking Busterr rhymes, not big. I just how fast he is. Yeah, not the name of...

...their white guy, but watsky's really fucking good, but he's also just really fucking fast. Ever, watch a little dickie little. Yeah, I just like a love that. He's he can wrap though. So yeah, I just I don't know this. I don't know those counts. But okay, so ray William Johnson had the band, your favorite Martian for a little bit there. Huh, that is none of this counts. None of this counts, but the raps that he wrote and the songs, you don't we're all really fucking funny and he actually wrote some really good raps. But no, it doesn't. fucking cat. Personally hate drake. I cannot stand I never listened to a single all I know, all I know him is is Jimmy from Degrassi, like the he'll always be Jimmy from the Grassy Pokman. I love to pack him. So he's so smart. Yeah, like I was on another level. I mean all you know, all the stratoconsic guys are fucking just you know Cuban? I just don't. I can't see. And Drake. No, I don't get drake. I actually like Kanye West, but he's also crazy. So I hate Kanye West. Yeah, it's that artist versus the art. Yeah, it's like it's Kanye West a great fucking yeah, is he a whackass piece of Shit? Yeah, yeah, it's. Fuck. I'm like, what the fuck? God if you're seen the video of eminem talking like shitting on the Grammy's. Re Talks about Kanye. No, well, you see, he's basically talked about. He's like, you know, stop invite he says, I will never go to the grammy's. He's like he because I don't mind going and like losing to somebody like Kanye, who's like fucking next year, lyric is all that Shit. It's like, but don't get all these fucking legend rap, legendary rappers there and then give it to the guy he's been doing for ten minutes every fucking time. He's like. He's like, so the's like that. After that happened, he's like, don't ever invite me again. My answer is no for a million years. Kind of right. Yeah, now I get it. I see it. I see it in the right every time. In the hard rock and Metal Award. Every year it's always a couple of bands have been doing it for fucking twenty years and have some of the best albums of the year. They give it to whoever the fucking flavor of the week is. Yeah, and that's as bullshit. Yeah, grammys are bullshit to begin with, but right there with the rock and Roll Hall of fame. Judis priest still listen in. That blows my mind. And I know that j just priests is not. They've been nominated once. How, I don't know. They're not in. But fucking Nirvana is green day is food fighters. Are you hate Nirvana? I can't stand her Vin I like. That doesn't make sense. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Judas Priest is not. How is that? They must be somebody must not like them. I I don't know. It doesn't make that a something. So now they haven't done shit. It's because they're a metal band, is what it comes down there. The only metal band that's in is Metallica, because it's fucking Metallica in the METALLICAZER's to be in there a hundred fucking percent. But you cannot tell me that like happ these bands are really. Madonna's in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Judas Priest isn't.

...fucking run DMC is in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Yea, and Judas priest isn't. Doesn't make it look at fucking said friend DMC again. If it wasn't for Air Smith. I don't I don't know anymore. I don't know how the rock and Roll Hall of fame picks they're fucking artist anymore, because most every year three or four of them aren't rock like L Cool J was, I think. I don't know if you got in, but I know you got nominated at one point. I'm like calling Music Hall of fame. That's what they had called. Yeah, that's like I gotta do. If that's what it was called, I'd shut the fuck up. It is rock and roll, but it's called because there's because there's a hip hop and rap all of fame. Yeah, which I'm sure, I'm sure, I'm sure run DMC is, I'm Judas priests in it. We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you guys want to know more about the show or get more involved in any way, shape or form, head them over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tbl Po d dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews page and click a little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us know what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you guys again in next week for a brand new episode. Every Wednesday. Eight am is when they drop. Until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bow by.

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