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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 47 · 2 months ago

The Golden Age of Comedy Movies


The early 2000s were a real treasure trove of comedy movies, most of which involved Seth Rogen or Judd Apatow. Superbad, The 40 Year Old Virgin, many to choose from!

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Our favorite comedy movies from the last 20 years.
  • Mike Wells is about to be a dad.

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We always want you guys to bea part of the show, so join in on the conversation. All yougot to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, andyou can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, whichwill respond to on the air. You can also use our website to accessour official discord server and chat with us at all kinds of other listeners justlike you, at any time you want. Once again, head on over toour website, www dottblpod dotnet. Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast withyour host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink,relax, let's see where the time takes us. Enjoy, but I'm havinga much better day at work than Alec Baldwin did the other day. Chits, that's how you gonna open up sound and open up this fucking show.That's a cold open. Yeah, it is. Holy Shit. I reallyread a lot into it, but I mean apparently, what I know isthe guy said Cold Gun. Yeah, gave it to him and he justso he's practicing whipping out the gun or something like that, and it wentoff. It went off. It's this is essentially how Brandon Lee died doingthe crow is. So when blanks still have projectiles. Yeah, but it'sliterally just the cap that holds the yeah, the gunpowder. It's not a it'snot a bullet around. So depending on the proximity, it can stillkill you, which is how Brandon Lee died, and that's what happened here. Is How close was he? I guess pretty fucking close, because ithit the director and the cinematographer. The director got out the hospital. Thecinematographer is the one who died. Yeah, which is it's a complete fucking freakaccident. I mean I think that in brandonly are the only two Ican think of this ever actually happening. Yeah, but like, the morepeople are are digging into at the shit because apparently, like, this wasn'tthe first time there had been an accidental discharge on the set of this movie. Oh, the first time someone got hit? What? And then youfind out that, like, I had the crate, that Sam crew crewquit earlier through, walked out, walked off the set because it was like, you know, day after day, day or two after the cinematographer died, and I'm time about before Oh, really you that that morning. Ithink what I had heard that morning they had to find a new crew thatmorning. That's fucked. I think that's well, because he's also the producerof the movie. Yeah, and so I guess they're finding out that,like he didn't have, because you have firearms on a movie set, you'resupposed to have like x number of qualified officials there to supervise, and Iguess they didn't. Oh, so they're finding out that, like he wascutting corners to try to just get the movie made and this happened, whichis not not fucking good at all. But I guess right now he's justkind of shut up in his house and not talking anybody, which I accidentallykill somebody. Yeah, that's good, fuck you up a little bit.So I can I can understand him wanting to, you know, disappear fora little bit, but he's he's going to be in some trouble. Yeah, he's going to be in some major trouble. But then what I'm seeingnow is all these movie and TV show sets are saying, okay, nomore, because you could, because a lot of movies that's also will havelike actual live guns, live rounds, and then you have to have likeprofessional stunt people using them. Well, because that's like what Keanu Reeves didwith with John Wick. Yeah, but a lot of these movie sets aresaying they're no longer going to use and those are what they call prop guns. Prop guns doesn't mean a fake gun, it means a real gun that's likefaken with fake ammunition. They're saying they're no longer going to use liveammunition on sets. That's why I tweeted out the other day. I waslike, okay, wait, so hundreds of people die every year and Ican't think you have many. Thousands of...

...people have died in last couple yearsfrom mass shootings. One fucking accidental, freak accident death on a movie sayssomething. Everyone's all about changing shit with guns on set, like fuck allthe way off. Really. Yeah, Jesus Christ, there are some reallyget fucked up memes that come out of it. Oh, they're hilarious.I feel bad. I hate myself for laughing at him, but I tryto make one that was very tasteful, but not like I think I wrote, like worst episode of thirty rocks I ever scrat think everybody seen that one. But like there's some really good memes, dude. I saw stuff that waslike referencing like beetlejuice, because he was in beetle juice about like gettingthe book of the the guide to the undead or something like that. Andwell, rust is also hey level on call of duty. I'm multiplayer reallyand then somewhere I was like I would never want to go one on onewithout bald and Russ multiplayer left while I was like that's fucking insane. That'sthat's fucking brilliant. Holy Shit, that he that's a rough week. Yeah, that's a that's a bad day at work. That's at that point yougot to figure in the movie. Get shut down like them. Never letit died. Yeah, like Brandon the crow was different because they were basicallydone shooting. It was like the last week of shooting when he died andthey just used stunt bubbles, I think, to fill in the gaps or whatever. But yeah, this is like they were freshened to shooting this fuckingmovie and, like you're saying, it sounds like it was plagued from thebeginning. Yeah, that's why it sound like at that morning, I meanI think I read it's all right, a, ready, right. Thatmorning they were the crew walked out for something. Then that happened. Iknow it was a it was another walk off after I can't remember her name, though. The cynathograber died. But apparently, like he's kind of inthe clear, somewhat in the way because of the fact that you can,I guess the audio has them saying the one guy saying cold gun. Right, he thought it was yeah, fine, yeah, I don't think he Idon't think he'll face any criminal charge. Now he's gonna get the shit suitout of him by the family, though, for sure. And Iit was straight accident. I mean there's nothing more. Yeah, it was. It's not more cut and dry than beef jerky. I don't know.I mean it's really I mean it's just that that's a sad it's a horrible, horrible accident. Yeah, it's a good but but it's yeah, it'sall. He went there that day and I'm gonna shoot this fuck himsograber way. It's got make it look like an accident. I'm real right. Ithink ALC ball. It's crazy, but they really use that fucking crazy.I think I took this one down, if I shouldn't say as a man, I will really try to impersonate trump by saying hess fuse, when trumpwas like I can go out of fucking viit that, but here she's somebodystill. I was like, I took that one down. I think that'syou got a twitter for your kid, now for your yeah, chill.The Dad fit and I had one of my best tweets ever, I think, ever, written like, and I'm saying this like, I think it'sa fucking great tweet. Let me see if I can pull it up,because I don't think people get the levels of this tweet. I really Isweeted twice today. Now, fantas snap. Right now would I be considering anabortion text. What Texas? Go after him? What was it?Let me find I gotta go. Hold on, so I don't follow it. My baby doesn't follow anybody and either. mean. Okay, I thought isonce I take my first twelve steps as a baby, people are goingto think I'm a recovering alcoholic and I accept that because the first step ofthe twelve steps is excepting that as I had so gold and that's that.That joke has levels. Yeah, I've been making fun of this fucking andthe new ant man in the Wasp logo.

Yeah, there's not supposed to sayboth. To say quantum mania. That that's what it's a fucking supposedto say. This is like what you said. Oh yes, it's it'sPeter going to or the one I put today, which is the picture ofmaster chief and it just says halo intensify. But then I saw, yeah,your what one week, two weeks from baby, next Monday. NextMonday is when is the do date? Or is that when your C section? Doing C section? Yeah, if if he doesn't flip, it's aC section. If he does, it's induced. I was a c sectionbaby, or, as my mother lovingly puts it, a tumor baby tumorbaby yea to be removed. I still want to. I still trying tofigure out what I want to say to doc, to the DOC. Okay, get it out of my wife. It's going to be interesting as itlike. Has It hit you yet, like, Holy Shit, I'm goingto be a dad now. It hasn't hit me yet because, partially atwill me my I've haven't had sex in a while, so I haven't physicallyhit the baby with my Dick, who was there much of a risk tobegin with? Now she's not amazing. Like the last thing you want todo is like have sex to somebody that like is not comfortable at all.Oh, yeah, again, I'm not going to be like hey, Iwant to have sex and like kind of not guilt into it. Be Likebe like yeah, that's just, you know, because I know I mighteven box. She's not in the mood, like she's not like she's miserable.Yeah, she's ready for this to be over with. Yeah, Imean that's hit me. Yeah, I mean it will mean. Yeah,it's something to think. I mean, I'm excited. I'm crazy excited.Yeah, I you don't think about seem might meet my son for the firsttime. Gives me a like warm feeling inside. That's the most human I'vefelt my entire list human thing you've ever said on this fucking Shit. Probablyso. Yeah, now, I mean, wellready, it just she's miserable orjust like all right, let's do this, motherfuckers. Guys got theroom and everything set up and everything's member stung. Fuck. Yeah, Dude, so many folks forget to do that. They forget to like they like Iwill bring the baby home and go from there and then they realize like, Oh shit, we need we have nothing set up and rooms Ding.A lot of times we were told of the bread baby pretty much sleep inour room for the first like six months to a year. Oh Yeah,I've heard that too. Yeah, so it's kind of like, why thefuck do we put this room together? And then my parents didn't do thatwith my little brother and sister. It was like nut crib right away,which pissed my youngest brother off because he ended up having a share a room. We don't really somebody rooms in the so whenever you know, baby hada crying fit, he didn't sleep. Now we're it's exciting, it's different. Yeah, I'll be dead in five weeks. Probably has now a sleep. But yeah, that's just piss I'm literally pissed because Halo comes out inDecember and the baby and try and play Halo. That's what I'm pissed about. That's what that's your mind is right now. Look a Halo, ifany, looks so good, really good. That God fucking kid. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. Sogive yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope.Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, wellmaking the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavorsranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter andNtella Banana. Plus. They donate a portion of every sale to the sherecovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empowerwomen in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom,put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get fivedollars off your order at check out.

You'll also get free shipping nationwide.So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. Youguys, pick a name yet? Yeah, do you not want to say nowyet? Okay, not yet. Cool, cool, it's going tobe a letter between a and Z. Oh, fantastic. Yeah, notElon's kids. It's just pull was from seven or from Scithfield, and I'mgonname my kids seven to seven. Just sounds good. It does kind ofsound or Jersey waiting right way. Yeah, where they're going around the guys likeit's a chlamydia. It's a nice word. I name my daughter Klamitiablank. So good. Yeah, it's that's a fucking great movie. Yeah, I think that's the one I can watch just on repeat. We're talkingabout quality, like movies today at work, like comedies and like I'm not bigWill Ferrell Guy, like I like. I think the movies I like.It has her step brothers, which I hated the first time I watchedit. You know a lot of people tell me that. Yeah, Ihated said brothers for sem I watch a second now I was like this isfucking awesome. I had a buddy of mine at work because we get thesyndicated movies. He hated it when he saw it in theaters, but heloved like the PG thirteen. Really he was like he's I don't know,maybe you just maybe. I think he said like the radar felt like itwas just trying too hard. I don't know, but I love that moviepersonally. I loved it from them when I saw that anchor man, Ilike my to like anchor man's a gem. Yeah, Anchor Man's I think hisbest movie. Like the rest of our I was like, all right, whatever, and people love talenting and I it's I don't really yeah,doesn't make me really laugh. I think it's definitely a like it's got okay, so anchor man, I think, is really funny, but it's alsoa really good movie. Yes, Talladega Knights has really funny bits. Yeah, but as a movie as a whole it's not that great. Yeah,it's not that great. Stranger than fiction was the one that made me scratchmy head the first time I saw changing in fiction. I love. Idon't know. I don't think of that as a comedy, though. Surewe're talking about comedies at work. Yeah, just like punch trunk love. Ilike punch trunk love as not a comedy, as not comedy. Thosetwo are comedy as being like well, Farrell's really good and stranger in fictionhe is. And I think, I think the thing with that movie waslike it was my because it was that came out when Will Ferrell was athis peak. Yeah, and it was marketed like it was just another willferrell movie, and so I went to go see it. It wasn't whatI thought it was going to be and at, you know, seventeen yearyears old, I was like, I don't know, like this or not? See All my what I love about that many so much is that hefinally reads the end of the story and he's yeah, he's under his impressionhe's gonna die. He knows he's going to die, and then he's likeI have to like. Well, even dust Hoffman tells him. He's like, I've read it, you have to go through with it. Yeah,he's like you have to let this happen. Like yeah, it's beautiful. Youhad it. Yeah, I love that movie now. It's so goodand I really like Maggie jolling hall on that too. Yeah, I'll usuallygo back and forth with her, but I really like her and that jelhawis just a weird person. She has well, he's her feet stink andsmell. So not a big Will Ferrell van, what are the ones?You guys' Sessa? No, I love the messing out, but I'm moreof the stone or kind, like I love like all the Seth Roguan movies. Okay, yeah, fucking Super Bass so good. Oh, super badis amazing. I have that Dick Picture Book. Oh, did you getit. I bought that. Mine is in a box somewhere. Oh,I bought I didn't know somebody. I didn't buy some my gouts ever,my birthday and like I actually tweeted it out on I like at seth attack, Seth row against. I rogan loved it and retweeted it. I waslike, Oh, mass, I remember, because they had those it. Theyhad those at hot topic is where you can buy them, and theywere wrapped and sell of Fane and have like a Prenal visory sticker on themand Shit so good. So I had to see the movie yet when Iwasn't, because it came out when I was like a senior in high school, Freshman in college. I just thought it looked funny. So I justbought the notebook. They get it because...

I was getting ready to go tocollege. Think it was going to be a notebook. That opened it andI was like what the Fuck it story in the movie so fun. That'ssuch a good fucking movie. Like that movie and fucking this is the endand a pineapple express. I have a spress. Is fucking amaze that youtalk about a fucking adrenaline rush and a fat movie. Give me, givesme stressed. Say who, motherfucker? The Craig robust no, yeah,yeah, the big black guy from the office. Yeah, Craig Robinson,man, fucking was this damn it bride'. They're all so good at it,like as much as like, how come out that Franco's a complete pieceof shit. Yeah, but God damn the all those movies are so funny. Well, you watch a movie like that, you hear the premise,you assume that seth Rogan's going to be the Franco character. Yeah, thebeat Nick Stone or Guy. But Franco again, piece of shit, butpulls that off so fucking well. Oh, he does, and beautifully. Andthat Rogan, you know, he's dating the fucking like high schooler orwhatever. It's crying on the phone, I love you so goddamn much,and he sit there's that having a trackus like he'd seeking missiles dogs. Andmy one of my favorite scenes is like where they're making fun of the factthat they don't believe they can try and you like the saying signals right tobut then they like fuck it, Wa they just break all the phones andthe COP, the female Cossack we have. We couldn't fucking tryangulate their singles signalsbecause they broke their photoes like twenty minutes later, and I'm my God, Damn, that's so fun is it? Didn't believe it was real for aguy who's so fucking funny. There are lots of ways you can helpsupport what we do here at the basement lounge, and it's really easy tofigure out how. You can just head over it a TBLPOD DOTNET support you'llfind links to all of the places you can donate, like Kodah fee orbuy me a copy. Or you can even head on over to our patreonand become a monthly member of our VIP section, where you can unlock allkinds of awesome rewards and gifts like membership cards, stickers, exclusive roles inour discord server and so much more. Just head on over to tblpod dotnetsupport and join our growing community. Today, all those Seth Rogan Jud apeth howlsfrom from the early two thousands are so fun. I mean light,not forty year old, but Um, I love four year old version.Forever versions guests. That throws in for a little bit. Yeah, soit's Jonah Hill. Well, it's kind of that's one of those movies thatkind of got a lot of because Paul ruds in that Kevin Hearts and KevinHearts in it. Ratio stands as a bit part in that movie. Yeah, it's all be yeah, like a lot of them bounced. I meanthat was the one that kind of it's solidified. Steve Carrell HM knocked up, not Oh, knocked up as fucking even that where he faced the count. Yes, she is Catherine. He hated working with her. Well,because then I remember, because there was a bunch of interviews. Average allshe would do was just shit on the movie and Seth Rogen was like fuckher, it's a great movie and that movie fucking blew up and movie wasHilariy has no career now. No, because gray's anatomy didn't pan out andshe tried to do a couple of Rom coms and that was the last.Anybody hurt her. They didn't even bring her back for I watched grays anatomy at work and and they brought her character back in name only. Theymentioned her being around, but never show her. That's funny. Yeah,that's when you know you've been written off for it. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I love knocked up. One of my favorite of that erawas role models. Roll Miles is great too. I I quote that movieall, especially Paul Rud I quote that movie all the time. That starbucksscene the beginning with him and Elizabeth. Thanks, thanks. He he's likesorry, do you mean you want? was kind of get a large coffee. Oh you mean you mean a venty? No, I mean a large.Well, sir, the largest fancy. No, tall is large. Grandeis Spanish for large. VENTI's Italian...

...for hundred and twenty. You're anidiot and three language. It's called a venty because it's Italian for twenty ounces. venty twenty, idiot, which goes not really, not cool. He'sgood. It's kind of the lass. That was kind of the last breathof Sean William Scott to yeah, it was. I don't know why.I don't know. He popped up in that lethal weapon show for its lastseason, but oh, yeah, that's right, he did. Any yeah, because they will, because they had to get rid of what's his face? What's his face? Were being a prick. Yeah, and then thatshow, which I actually liked that show. But yeah, all those four yearold virgin I never saw. I love you, man. That's fuckinggood. Everyone tells me how good that move is. Good, I loveyou, man's great, because I what's his face? I can't. Isit Jason Segel? Jason Segel and Paul Mean Paul Rudd? Yeah, it'sPaul Right. Yeah, now Jason Seagulls just like. Why? I willalways say it one of the most underrated comedies that were Evers, for gettingSarah Marshall. Oh, I know nobody talks about that. Movie so goodand movies of so fucking funny. That was again like Pek Russell brand,but, like Jason Segel, was riding high on how I met on howI met your mother. And I love you, man, and movie andfucking talk about like the return of me lacunist suddenly and and Kristen Bell hittingit big, and movie so fucking funny. But I love you, man.Likes so Luther Rigno, isn't? I love you, man. IsHe really? Yeah, what's his face? I can't think of the guy's name, actors name, but the guy who played the one of the maincop, the blond cop that wore the boots in the shorts and Reno,one who can his name, Hum Tom Holland. I call him on Instagram. He's Tom Tom Lennon. Yes, he's so fucking funny. He's init is really yes, the whole premise is like he realized he doesn't haveany friends. Right, he's getting married. Okay, Andy Sandberg's in that movie, is she's yeah, and then like he meets Jesus Se Gauls HMM, at a open house that he's randomly just goes, okay, this isfunny and like it just basically trying to get like these people to be his. He needs the best man. Okay, and it's really good. It's asaw movie, but of the hit, I mean forgetting Sarah Mostral. Sofucking good. But he got this is the end. Yeah, juresy, this is forty. Now it's someone I actually I have seen parts ofas the only one I haven't seen all the way through. I've seen it. I've seen it, but not all the way through one sitting. Thatone it's it's a little more not as funny. Yeah, it's, let'skind of in that same vein of punch drunk love where it's like there's funnyparts in it, but like it's just kind of dark because, like theyget to the part they talked about, like they have a super dysfunctional marriageand it's affecting their kids and gets a little fucked up at times. It'sgood, but it's it's just fucked up. It's like up, yeah, it'sOh, yeah, it's very life. It's peep two people having a hardtime coming through the fact of they're forty. Yeah, but also LeslieMan is so fucking funny at I don't I mean she's funny in general andI guess being married to Jud Appathau. Yeah, I forget they're married.Did you ever hear the story about her doing George of the jungle and Juddappathat was a stock and Brendan Frasier on set? No, so she didthis interview, she was on, I forget, you can interview something recentlyand she mentioned how when she was shoot George the jungle, she's like,I had the biggest crush on Brendan Fraser and she's like my because her injet at are married that point. He's like he knew about it and whatever. So, you know, we cast in this movie and she's like allall they would do is talk about Brendan...

Frasier every night and they would pissoff my husband. So they shocked this scene that end up getting cut fromthe movie where it's the two of them hanging out in like a like ahot spring, as if it was a Jacuzie or something like that, andBrendan Frasier was saying he's like and while we're sitting there trying to do thescene, I kept seeing like these eyes through the bushes or something like that. Come to find out it was it was judd appatow watching me the wholetime making sure I wasn't moving in on his wife. She'sus, Jesus,Jesus, Jut appt out I know. Well, Brendan Fraser at the timewas the it man and he was rocking an eight pack, and I meanlook at him and George The jungle. They do just shred it. Yeah, yeah, now try think other this is the end. I love this, the end. Yeah, there reason why I love this and I foundout Dannon bride scenes. They had the film with nobody else in the roombecause they kept laughing. Yes, fucking believe that one hundred percent, ascould not stop. I believe that one hundred fucking percent the fucking forty virginwhen he's actually ripping the hair off, as like Oh, I know thatreal, because he I think that they're trying so hard not to laugh,but then like it's for the one dude, like I gotta leave the room.Yeah, because I think they said they tried it was like some kindof prosthetic and it just didn't work. And there is so he finally waslike screw it, just just take my hair off. That's Oh, KellyClark said, oh my clock, of all the things to say. Youknow. That's all add oh. Yeah, on the DVD. So you knowhow Seth Rogan and Paul Rodd key, you have the whole thing. Theyget how I know you're gay. Yeah, on the DVD, thatwhole thing goes on for like fifteen minutes. That to they just did. Macher made you a pair. She show you know how I know you'regetting your dictates, like Shit. Yeah, it's like fifteen minutes and I'm justad libbing that shit and they'll finally, I think seth Rogan just breaks downlaughing. They can't go on anymore. It's just so stupid. Oh yeah, that Shit, and also like four year old version. I lookat his apart, meant through. Things go through my head. Jesus Christand fucking goals, man. Yeah, that video game share and the fuckingaction figures everywhere, and I don't you can make that today because that Geekculture is so like, like popular now. They so make it. I thinkyou're still geeks like that. Well, honestly, there's a little geeks likethat, but geeks like that would don't have as a hard time,I see you're saying. Yeah, I mean, I guess we just haveto be like if you just a really me of paper, just a vapor, vapor, fapous, that girl was a hoe four show. She washurting for a scorn. They AH, my God, no one part wherethe tit just falls out. Yeah, that's how I'm blind, the blinddate, the speed dating and things like. I like you, like I wasin the checks, but you look kind of like a feminine masculine belike easy transition, which named Gina, China, and what your Seth Roganslike. You know who I was digging China when I was with banks.Is like this huge fucking freak. Oh God, yeah, and I hitit a couple of months ago. You do not. They set him upwith the hooker that's actually a man, the one Adams Apple. Her handsare as big as I'm ray the giants. It's like telling me she's a man. Even hit even hook it up with her like on the side.fucking leslie man throws up all over him. In the car. I get afucking France to dude tos. She makes a blow to the breath,a wiser for I deserved this. She pukes all over him. I'll stillhave sucks. Who you know? They're going to pass on the second.That's fine. Did you have a shellfish? I can tell that was bowner James. Like remember that? The POX... of porn? Oh, yeah, you're seen a you were seeing a school of rock. Yes, iscalled school of well, you get it starts Jack Black Cock and like whenthis girlfriend comes out in that sn and she's like frustrate about why they're nothaving sex or whatever. Is this is? This is a it's just like arape drug. This is a rapist drug. Can Rape Me. Likethat's a mentos. And he sholds at the model and what's this? Yeah, that was that was my that was the first time I ever saw catdennings and anything too. Yeah, she's in that. She's the daughter.I still use that line at work all the time. Which one? There'sa line. I was like, so is it true? If we don'tuse it, we lose it, and my boss like Jesus. When theone is an actual question. When the one kids like you got any magnums? And His dad's like shut up, you got a tiny little Jewe dignesslike your father. I caught my son in my marital bed doing things witha young lady that my wife was never even done. And what's your question? How do I get my wife to do those things? So there anywayI can get my church turn my daughter's puberty off for a few years?You want to turn would be so fucking good man. We hope you enjoythis week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you guys want to know moreabout the show or get more involved in any way, shape or form,head on over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tblpod dotnet. Leaveus a rating and review on the reviews page and click the little blue microphoneto send us a voice message. Let us know what your thought of today'sshow and share your thoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you guysagain and next week for a brand new episode. Every Wednesday. Eight amis when they drop. Until then, as always, live well, rockon, take care and bu bye.

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