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Season 2, Episode 48 · 2 months ago

Alien Tic-Tacs


While Mike Wells is enjoying life as a new dad, please enjoy this special backlog episode all about...aliens!

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Aliens.
  • .....whoops, sorry, we meant "extraterrestrials."
  • Sorry, Demi.

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Hey guys, it is Mike Shayhere. So I wanted to start off today by announcing that, for thosewho have not already heard, Mike Wells and his wife Melissa have welcomed theirfirst child into the world, little baby miles, who is got the officialbirthday of Halloween, which is awesome, and so we are sending all thelove to Mike and his wife Melissa and little baby boy miles. And so, as because Mike's take some time away to do dad stuff, we're notgoing to have a traditional new episode this week. What I decided to giveyou, guys, is some of you knows, you don't know, wetypically record for like two hours at a time and this is there's a lotof backlog stuff that doesn't make it into the show. But we had agreat conversation during last week's show about aliens that just it went on and onand it just didn't make the cut. So I thought as a special treatfor you guys for this week, I would include this excerpt from last week'sshow, which is me and Mike Talking about aliens, because I think it'sreally a really funny part of the show, a really fun thing to listen toalso, I want to thank everybody who's been tuning into our show onthe good pods APP we are currently number four in the top one hundred Indiannews commentary shows. We are the in the number fourteen in both the topone hundred indie comedy interview you shows and the top one hundred news commentary shows. So thank you guys who we're making that happen on good pods. Wereally appreciate it. Mike and I put a lot of work in a lotof effort to the show every weekend. We want to thank you guys.So, without further ado, enjoy is this cool backlog episode from last week. It's me and Mike Talking about aliens. fucking. This is some random shit. I know we touched on like alien videos and fucking ufo videos.Yeah, did you ever watch the Tick Tock Video? All right, ticktech, yeah, yeah, yeah, do you finally watch it? Then? Make you watch that? Yeah, we don't. You tell me aboutlast we go watched it after you left...

...l Fucking Wild Holy Shit. Andthat's all on military and the military release that Shit. I got to good. I remember. I remember them. The classifying of you know, Idid classified it. Why? Because what's his face? From blink whe Eytow fucking found that shit. Who? Wow, the whoever, the guywho was really big in the ufos, a ufo hunter, from blink whiteighty two. Okay, I don't know what he was bad. I don'tknow which one it is, but he was like he kind of found thatShit and released it. It was on the Internet for like two years andthen like two years later that they were like, yeah, it's a classifiedthis is sweet. Have no idea what it is. Wow, wow,yeah, I watched that video and I was like, I could I he'sweird, Dude. I couldn't even begin to theorize what the fuck that thingis. And then you, if you leave, if you like, wash, like the like, like I said, like Joe Rogan, to interviews thatthat pilot right. Yeah, and it's like they they had no fuckingclue. We know that. It's like you're to a high ranking official inthe military right now that's has backing, that wasn't dishonored with discharge. Perfectlyfine. That's saying this stuff, because he solid wasn't part of it.Like it was traveling so fast. They almost like, well not, itwas like it traveled. So it went from like it was like they alsoon the like thirty, I think thirty meters above like the waters, likeabove them, and they're like what the Fuck Shit? I didn't like also, and it was like they lost it off radar and they found on radarlike miles and miles away within like a second, and they were saying,like something that small shouldn't be able to move that fast. What they saidit was bigger. Oh really, yeah, I was like big, bigger,like probably a little bit Tinier than they're playing, but not for sure. But still for something that size to be able to move that Oh,it is impossible. Yeah, it's literally impossible. Jesus and that are trackingon the fucking fleers and stuff like that. But no like that. Listen tothe Barblazar interview on Rogan about that Shit, about like I can rememberwhat, like that's a great ill gotta... and Bob Lazar and Captain FavorFev's the pilot in it. Yeah, talk and like he's kind of likefavors kind of describing bull is ours been talking about for decades. Really,yeah, to the point, like the Lazar interviews like three hours long,but it's like, yeah, it's like when that's the interviews actually got mestart listening to like Rogan, like when I siphically want to listen to people. I like yeah, because I was like this is a very interesting whatI remember from the video. When was the tick tack video taken? Iconestly early two thousand, okay, and I was I think it was.So they're I was just like the lasear thing as like, like you've hadany when you like, if you ever, I know you don't like listen tohim. I know about that up before, but if you ever havethe opportunity like watch those two, you're like, I will get if he'sgot somebody on there. I really like I will watch his interviews. It'svery it's very like really good interview. I'm like sitting like I describe thesethings, but like they also pull back in his past, like it's thesame story. His stories never changed, HMM, for decades. Like usuallywhen somebody's fabricating something or something like that, it'll change. It changed. It'sjust saying, fucking story, I can't keep those details straight. Yeah, and it's just like you're like and they even hired a private investigator.I can't think of the guy's name, but the private destcators been on theshow couple times. Then stuff about skywalker ran ch. Yeah, our skinwalkerranch, skinwalker, skywalker, skin rocker, skywalker, skywalker ranch is George Lucashas skinwalker ranch, skinwalker. It's a crazy fucking place to I gotlike paranol stuff. It's a crazy fucking place that just has wild shit happenon it and you know, like it's really like for decades and they can'tfigure it out. I've never heard the FT like they've government officials. I'dlike government like senators have like I can't remember who the senator was, butwhat had like a team out there like...

...trying to figure out what the fuckwas going on, that type of stuff. Really. Yeah, type of skywalkerranch, I've never I've never heard skin walk I've never heard of andI love like Paras skywalker because skin walker not get it. Yeah, Ilove Paranormal Shit and all that. I've never heard of this skinwalker ranch.was there a show about it? Yeah, that's I have a show. Ihaven't really watched a lot of the show. Okay, sure, propertylocated balliard Ballard Utah reputed to be the site of parent or white UFO relatedactivities. Its name is taken from the Skin Walker of Navajo legend concerning vengefulShaman's. Like there's been like things like so one of the stories I wasreading about skinwalker ranch was like all this, like they have like mutilated cows,our cows. Says they've investigated evidence of close to a hundred incidents includevanishing and mutilated cattle, sightings of, i. unidentified flying objects or Orbs, large animals with piercing red eyes that say they were unscathed when struck bybullets, and invisible objects emitting destructive magnetic fields. Well, the mulate cows. Things very interesting because like they'll be like they've they'll see that like thecow just disappear and they'll find the cow completely like almost clean cut, noblood anyway, just just getting just skin bisected like in you're like what,but the way that like they've had the same thing happen and other places likearound the world, HMM, and it's like the same, like it's sofucking want. Skin walk a ranch is fucking wild to think about. It's, you know, because because there's just got done rewatching Star Trek enterprise there'sa whole season of the show where they're in this deep space area called thedelphic expanse, and a lot of the shit they talked about happening to shipsin that region of space sounds like stuff...

...that they're probably based at off ofthe half of this are because they talked about people like ships going in andcoming back out and then like their bodies are skinned or inverted and shit likethat, and stuff goes missing and random magnetics field stuff like that. Oh, it's it's fucking wow. I'll watch for Shit about this. Holy Shit. The BOBLAZ are thing in the UFO is like he they basically like.That's referenced from Wikipedia. The Joe Rogan, I can't think of the the thefucking reporter that. He's an investigative reporter, like, I can't nameof his fucking name. The one from Rogan Rogan by also does. Yeah, what's I'm trying to look up his name here. See, Duncan,no, I can, we're all fast. Is that that's his cohost? IsDuncan? Let me see here, see the series. Oh, soJoe Rogan did a show called Joe Rogan questions everything on Scifi in two thousandand thirteen. I'll I remember that. Episode five was all about the skinwalkerranch. It was heady. He doesn't necessarily like. For a while therehe didn't believe in like UFOS. Right, hold on, but like Baba's allthe story kind of made him change his mind. Baba is our story. And Captain Faber, okay, Bab Lazarre, and George NAP. GeorgeNAP, that name sounds for me, was a very big, like investigativereporter and he like try to die. He kind of he kind of kindof try to destroy like Lazar, not destroy but like trying to nit pickLazar's story and the like. Then they...

...started realizing like, no matter whatLazar's been in, like they kind of try to race like his pass wheyswork. Literally, if you go to George Naps Wikipedia, one of thefirst things that talks about in this career is he know nationally in the lates for reporting the story of Bob Lazar, who claimed to have worked on extrareshiallyat ufos at the secret of area fifty one. They didn't call areafifty one, it was called something else once. I'm just really it waslike alts. It was in the same region as area, for one.But he kind of like tries to figure this out, like by he thinksBob's lying. MMM. He legit tries to like because he's invest he can'trelease this because he's a reporter. It's his, yeah, credibilities online.And they start digging in and they kind of like removed, like they saidhe didn't work at that place any point record, but they found records.They found what they everything about him was removed from that place, except forone thing. He was in their own phone book. Oh, Bab Blazar. Yeah, Oh shit, they found f phone, I think it wasa phone book, with him there at that point. They that's the onething they didn't remove, but they removed like all of the records. Itwas like he emit, like they fuck. He does a story about how hewent there with his friends because he saw like one at one point intime like floating in the air because they're trying to figure out what was goingon. So he took his friends out and like and then think of it, took his friends are like watching, see you, what time it washappening? Every time you're doing these experiments and the fucking out of nowhere,because obviously some of the night like they get surrounded by like military guys.Yeah, it's it's a pretty cool interview. I guess he's saying here. It'ssaying here like heat when he started to release stuff, of the thingshe was reporting about Bob Blazar. He also, I guess, said Clay, wrote something about this conspiracy guy named Bill Cooper and are, I guess, used them as a source as part...

...of his investigation into Lazarre and ittank his credibility because the guy was a nut. Oh Sun, one ofthat one that I'm reading up on. It literally like right now as we'retalking. Holy Shit, it's guy's got an Edward Armor Award, he's gotthe peabody award. Jesus, guys have fun. I must have just seenhis reporting on other shit, because his name sounds really he looks familiar too. It's crazy reporter he did. It's just it's those two captain favor,I guess you. I guess he's known for investigating ufo Shit is this iswe didn't believe it in at first until he met Bob and he was likeyeah, because that Bob think the Bob was are thin. I've been oneof the S. Yeah, well, and there's a there's this material calledI can't remember what it was called, but fucking you have, what's hisface, talking about it in the S, Bob is ours talking about this materialin the S. and guess what came out in like two thousand andfifteen? HMM, the material. Okay, it's like some material that they realized, like I can't element something, element fifteen, I can't remember.He's talking about it in the S, like it's on reports and there's there'sa show on on history channel called the secret of skinwalker ranch. Yeah,I've watched a couple episodes it. You got renewed for a second season,so I was seeing. I don't have see, don't I don't cable,so, but you're like sitting here like l one. Fifteen, I can'tremember. But like all of a sudden, like years, thirty years down theroad, it's like, oh, it's a real element. That Thebay he was working on. But the thing was how he describes it,he didn't. He was hired kind of like by military to work on shitthat he basically the reverse engineer stuff. They could have figured it out andthat that was their goal. Okay, and that's very interesting. It's avery interesting especially if you believe in that ufo stuff. Oh, a hundredpercent, I think. I think to not believe in extraterrestrials is yes,sex is arrogant, at least it is.

I mean, there's no way we'rethe only ones, absolutely not, and there's no reason to believe thatthey can't come check in on US and us not know about it. Yeah, I mean there's no sun, there's no telling how advanced or technology couldbe. I A hundred percent believe in that shit and, like I said, if you don't, that's just fucking arrogant. Yeah, I've always said, look at from a math perspective. Yeah, mathematically there's no way we'reit. Yeah, there's, to quote Pete Holmes, like we're surrounded byinfinite nothingness. That doesn't make any fucking sense, that there's nothing else outthere. Yes, so, yeah, totally buy Ano that Shit, hundredpercent. The skin walk a ranch thing. Getting back to that, it's likeI want to like see what I can find, like find. Thisis the list of these documentaries, and should about was if I could findthose and watch those after you leave here tonight. I sat you have threedays off, right, three days fucking off, motherfucker. Well, thedied. There's, I think, the documentaries on Netflix about it. Ican't think, Boblaz ours warm. I never watch the documentaries because pretty muchthey went over a lot of in the Rogans podcast, not a lot ofit. I think I might just pull that up. I think I mightjust go pull up the interview, the episode on Youtube, and he's watchedthat. It's a good fucking because like three hour. I think it's likethree hours. But I was like, because that's the whole reason. Iwas like, I want to couple people tell me how good it was.I was like listen, I want to, I want to see if this guy'sbelievable or not. And I was like yeah, hell yes, hecomplained about having a headache. I'm sure, but I'm sure. But then likewhen favre, when they do the favor interview, have to a ticktack video. Yeah, and like Faber's like been describing exactly what Bob Hmm. You're like, well, he's not fucking like. It's just more credibility, right, it just it just plays...

...into what Lazar was already saying.Yeah, and only that one, like the the government was like we havefound stuff on this that's not for remember that. MMMMM, laugh. Itwas like two thousand and twenty, so wild like they government was like wefound stuff that doesn't belong to this planet. Yeah, Oh, yeah, Iremember that Shit. We don't know what it's from, but it's notfrom here. Yeah, like we just have it. Yeah, like thinkit's like what the fuck? I.

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