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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 49 · 1 year ago

Baby Poop Ice Cream


Mike Wells is a proud papa now! And he's already got some great stories from his first week of fatherhood. Also, student loans are out of control and it's shocking how much they're NOT going away. Plus, Mike Shea is back performing regularly and he's writing new jokes for the first time in over a year.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Becoming a father.
  • Student loans.
  • Writing new jokes.

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... a baby's diaper day. Babies poop. My Baby poops so fucking much, not like when he first every like when he's firstborn. He poops like he was pooping at change diaper and he was still pooping after like I was like all right, said and like I pulled out. It's like, oh no, but the other diaper back and it's just like it's a fucking like ice cream machine, just fucking turn and turn and fucking poop just in that diaper. Like look at like a cherry on top. It was. Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us enjoy. congrats on the new kid. Thank you. It was wild, Dude. I watched the whole thing. You want, you were there the whole time. I watched. Wow, the whole thing. I was at and then therese is like and there's just like hey, like come here, and when he was when he was getting crowned, I was like Oh yow and like obviously I'm a comic, so I was yeah, that entire area, like everything going on right kind of looks like goober, like the peanut butter jelly mixture thing. They just started laughing as she was like, you're kind of right, I didn't know it. That will mean while your wife's they're just like googer like you know now, Mike, really like the peanut butter like Jelly. And she was like, Huh, think she laughed. The other person laughing. You kind of right. My wife even laugh for a second. She's like, Jesus Christ, doesn't nothing. Like the baby just came out and like my wife only like only did like for like for sets of contractions, pushing the baby out. So as Oh, wow, last yeah, get this fucker out of me. It was so crazy. And baby came out and the baby look like a first baby's purples, like fuck, like I cheated on me from grimace, from McDonald's. I'm not even mad, like I'm kind of impressed its celebrity. And then like they put them on the heat lamp thing or whatever, the heat lamp thing to kind of keep it warm before it goes to table. Yeah, and then like all the sudden, like he got his color back out. Wow, he looks like a proud boy. So great, cool, now might Ma tea. That's some material. I'm trying to write about it, but it's a crazy experience, like washing. The whole thing was crazy. My wife lost like two and a half liters of blood though. Holy Shit. Yeah, I mean the body itself, like the human the white like a pregnant woman is buy like a think thirty percent, thirty percent or fifty percent more sure. Here's where it gets wild. So when they're she goot ready give birth, they bring out this table has all these tools on it. Right, right. She's like, we have to bring this in just in case. We don't hardly use any of these. M Well, they used all of it, every single one, because of every like think she gave birth and whatever. You know, they thought they got every all the blood clots out, HMM, and they didn't. So like she was bleeding like really bad, like they recognize. I thought I got everything out, and then recognize... and like twenty minutes later, blood like soaked everywhere. Oh Wow. So then they go back in her vagina again, like go up there like a fucking Vadilok or sack. It was weird bringing stuff out and they thought that I read of everything. Yeah, and and I was like okay, and the like. They gave her the baby. My wife was kind of like very like chill, well, that stuff is very weirdly, I was. And then, like they come back and she's still bleeding more this time. Right. I'm like fuck until like they like like now it's like an emergency type thing. They put another IV in her, just kissing you. Your Blood Trans Oh shit, and like I had to leave the room. Yeah, I was like in my head, I'm thinking, like I don't have to explain to my motherinmaw why her her daughter died. That was it was that bad. It was. Do you do? Were so much? It was two and a half liters of blood. She's just Christ who and I that's a lot. That's a lot of blood. Yeah, that's like too. I think it's over a thirty your blood. Yeah. So it's just like I don't know what like I to point. I was about have a pantized. took the baby. It's like another room. Yeah, it's like I can't, I can't watch this right now because there is like fifteen people in there working, no, ten people in there working on her. Holy Shit, yeah, just to make sure everything was good. And eventually it took like like thirty minutes. But yeah, I apply watched the first fifteen of it. The second time around it's like I'll have I base it. Almost had a panic attack, but she's good. Good, aren't good? Baby is a baby. Saw The was the picture you had with him with the things on his ears, like what was that about? Bearing test? They do? Okay, it's a that's how I explained. I mean he passed. Yeah, I just like I kind of we passed the test. Yeah, okay, cool, look at him already getting N A's. Yeah, so I was a pretty cool just to make sure it's hearings all good and all that thing. It's I don't know how it works, but he passed the flying color. So okay, whatever. Cool, Halloween baby. Yeah, it was weird. We went on on Saturday. She's supposed to have a c section, so the wild powers, she supposed to have c section on Monday, right, and what happened was because the baby is still breach, which means he was bottomed down. Yeah, they may be supposed to be flipped head first. Well, she wanted to a doctor on Thursday, Thursday before and baby flipped. Oh, so now it's like down they have to induce my wife because she's older and you're that far along. Well, not just that, not that hour long, but she had high blood pressure and in the past, like on her once she first went in a couple times. So they kind of flagged her for hey, like so I were going to use see section type things. So they wanted to keep it right, so they made us going on Saturday. So we went on on Saturday night and I nine, nine PM, day before Halloween. They she wasn't even like she wasn't and dilated. You just you just went in just the like now, because that's they want to see them in there. And then, Duce, they gave her some medicine. Next Day she's like US centime and a half dilated, like in the morning, like okay,...

...the goals ten right. Yeah, and so like they gave her some stuff and I like a couple hours later, like she's like three centime years dilated. M All right, like so now I'm thinking, like we're not going to have his baby till tomorrow or at least past midnight. And they do this like this. I think it's called a folio thing, where like they put it in you. It's like a balloon. They blow up. I think it's balloon. Sure, yeah, I like opens up the cervix. This is very tense. Like three and open up the three. Fine, yeah, but I'm still we're still under the impression that it's probably going to be a C section. Now, not see section, like we're not. They're not going to do ce section. There's they're going to we're not gonna have the baby on Halloween. We're okay, stay. Yeah, and like from there's just like one super fast, like she's at seven centimeters and I was like, I was like you so, I has the there's like thing, like a couple hours until this. She's like yeah, it was okay. Now, more than thirty minutes later, my wife was complaining, like she just it's like we're shed an EPODEARL. Yeah, play about pain, and I was like I'm gonna call them nurse, because, like you have an epper done, this is pain. Is Different what you can plain about. Thirty minutes later, after wh I talk in a nurse. She was like and to come back in. They're like yeah, you're ready. Well, there, it's just just you're ready now. Yeah, it was so weird. They even there's just like Whoa, you're ready. That crazy. That's crazy that it would go that quickly. Yeah, how long was sheeting Labor for? I don't know what they considered Labor. How long were they like, you know, getting ready to push? In all that? I guess I don't know. I don't like she want push like she literally pushed four times, I mean for four sets of contractions. So it's like twelve pushes. Okay, but I mean I don't know what they can Sada Labor like. Obviously they started inducing her the night before, but I don't even count that. So maybe like I'd say like a three centimeters. Maybe, I don't know. So it is the doctor. Let us now. But I mean just the actual like get the baby out super fast. That's good, man, because like my want aunt told me. Shoot, they took her two hours of push her baby out. Really. Yeah, I think I was like several hours. My wife fucking did it like a chant and I was like what the fuck, cool man? I was like you fuck Crimis, you fucked. Why is my baby purple? Yeah, yeah, it's been pretty crazy. Maybe sleeps really, really well. That's good. Hold on to that. Yeah, just hold onto that. Like, I know babies wake up like all the time, but I'm baby's waking at like one at night. We're getting like three hours between feedings and all that stuff at night. Yeah, so it's not consecutive hours, but it's out like by like sevent eight hours a night, not consecutively, but it's pretty pretty good. Yeah, well, good man. And then your back. You back sooner than I thought you'd be. AFG was like. I asked her. I was like, I mean, I don't have to go. Did the podcast you? I mean that's just like that. That's fine. We have that. Mean we have the baby thing down pads. So I mean taking care of the kid. That's good. So, but other than that,..., that's been clean and shit. Yeah, becauly, I saw you. Kid likes the shit. I think my kids bet some amazing tweets. Dude. Okay, the thing with your baby's twitter. It's one of the best fucking things I've seen in a while. Really, that is some of the funniest shit. Serious, my favorite one. I wish would have gone more. I'm so idicated the breast milk I'd suck some tip for it. Yeah, it's a David, that's funny. I just love that one in my twelve step one. The twelve step one was funny. They well, last Thursday was was the most fun I've had in a while. Mane, to two Mike's in the same night. You on the two mic skin this week. Yeah, haven't do it doing because it will, because it's great, because they're both within a couple of miles of my house, because because barrel house is just right down third and wo's is just up the other direction where third turns into air way. I forgot about the yeah, it was. It was different Tuesdays. You don't you do you go to Tuesday's Mikes or no, the car Michaels, one carmichaels and then they have a yellow cab to now. Oh, do there? Yeah, Yellow Cab and Carmichael. Usually that's kind of depends on what we're doing. HMM. You know if we got yeah, it's right, because I forgot. Dude, it's been so fucking Oh, I know, it's been so fucking weird for me. He's past like we could have have to. It's just like like I thought my cat was a pillow. Oh really, yea, I pillow was a cat today and I was like, dude, I got last week. Last week I got because I had nothing to do. Last weeks I got really fucking high and I had just my phone hooked up to the Bluetoo speaker, just playing stuff off my phone. Well, at one point I swear I could hear my voice coming from somewhere in the house and I didn't know where it was coming from yet. Turns out our podcast started playing phone and I thought it was heared myself talks somewhere in that. That's so fucking wild. That's so fucking wild. Yeah, no, the t two days just depends on what every to work time we get. I didn't know about yellow cab, but yeah, they just start doing they just started really I love that barrel. My Love the barrel house. My, it's a lot of fun ways some material. Yeah, I have no idea what gonna be able to do it though. Wo Rights was different. It's a different because it's right there by rice state, kind of a it's college night, so it's kind of a weird, kind of an interesting crowd. Last week is I was talking to darrel and Darrel's like some weeks it's like the best and some weeks. It's yeah, this wasn't like a weak Dan Bean fucking headline which he went up and was like, I'll give a fuck you. You guys have been silent and rude all night. I was going to talk about fucked up shit all night until everybody gets up in leaves, and at one point these two college girls came, sat down, two minutes later got up and left the bar. It was the funniest shit I it's it was good. It was really good. It was good. I've got to do that, Mike. I've yet to do that. It was my first time doing it. Yeah, I kind of want to go tomorrow. Do you know who Mike? But I'm like, it's been like we haven't have her kid at home for a week. I can't do that. Yeah, wait, at least one more week. Etta. I'm just slowly trying to yeah,...

...we got we got everything down Pat. Well, I might be able to do tomorrow night because her mom's going to be in town. I still shouldn't do that. Nah, he'd be all right. It's my birthday too. Oh, is it? Yeah, Shit, okay, I forgot tomorrow my birthday until just now. That's fucking buddy having a kid is so fucking weird. Uh Huh? As of cats? Yeah, O, cats to fucking fucking way different. It makes me feel like a human being, though. Yeah, HMM, I guess something look forward for to kind of brings you down a couple of pegs. I guess this isn't I can makes you like hands I even want to travel to do comedy anymore? Really? Yeah, I mean like it does, because I really want to have a good relationship with my son. Yeah, I want to be there for me and I know if you traveled, you lat comedy. It's like we got at least three years to worry about. Yeah, you know. So it's just like one of those things where I'm like, I get it all right, Changel remember when dusty had his kid. I was talking to him and he's like yet totally changes respective on I'm doing. Stay git up and all that. Like I love doing the podcast, like running the open mic, like if I get booked out locally, whatever, is cool. Yeah, and my comedy page, like yeah, all it's kind of the the beauty of present day is there's so many different avenues you can take to. Yeah, I mean there's a lot of people I've seen online who got their start doing like online shit and then started doing stand up. Yeah, so that's where when you sent me that stuff the other day about how we're doing on what was it pot on a good pots yeah, it's that's filed, I was like, what the fuck? Yeah, no shit, what a what a crazy week you had. He had a kid and we and we were ranking top five. That's so weird, so fucking weird. Thank you, everybody. Thank you. Did Not expect to wake up to that. So bizarre. You know, we're ranking on lists with like smart list, which is hosted by you know, fucking will Arnett and Jason Bateman and serious. Yeah, that's so on the come with the comedy interview charts. Yeah, we're on that. We're on the there's the pro side and the Indie side, and we're ranking on the Indie side and on the pro side, which is weird. think FIF top fifteen. What? Yeah, how, I don't know. I don't so now send us money, people, tell us how. I think any said. I don't know. I don't want you know. Man, we're ranking on the comedy in interview and News Commentary Lists. Huh? Yeah, you know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time.

They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Ntella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom, put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nationwide. So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. Speaking of News, let's go brand and it is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard. That's so fucking I was gonna say, do you want to talk about? Let's go brandon or are and fucking Rogers. First are Anaur, I just stupid. But okay, first off, a rags is on my fancy team, so it is what it is. Like fuck, but I'm not dropping your Paris stop. Picked him before. You know, he was a lions sack of Shit. He's the thing that is like what he said wasn't really like a it depends on how you take it. Yeah, but the fact that he went off Joe Rogan as like his like medical advices, like you're an idiot. You see what Kim will said about that now, because Monday night kimmel just fucking ripped Aaron Rodgers is whole fucking monolog and he was like, yeah, he went to Joe Rogan for medical advice. If you wanted to get medical advice from a former host of the man show, he could have asked me. Yeah, like it. Just like he said he is allergic to one of the he said he was allergic to something that was in, I think the Maderna and the and the fires are which, okay, cool, go get Johnson and Johnson. Then that's the one thing like. And then he's kind of backpedaling. I'm sure he's like fuck, I really did fuck up. Oh Yeah, we started comparing himself to Martin Luther King the other day and I was like Dun't Arey, don't don't like. He got back on the show and apologized. Yeah, because he knew he was fucked. Yeah, it's just funny. It's funny to me, but he's on my fantasy team, so I like, I am talking shit about him. You still want them to play? Well, yeah, I like fuck back up quarterback. My fancy teams garbage. Don't as an athlete, I'm rooting for you. As a person, go fuck yourself. I can separate the art from the idiocus and make a fucking idiot. Did the are like? I said that I heard he was like had covid I was like, okay, just tested positive, like yeah, he's breakthrough case about. But but then when it came out he wasn't Vacciny, I was like you mother few piece of Shit, like I'm not dropping you. Well, even Kilt, I'm very disappointed. I'm not mad, just disappointed. Well, Kim will even said he's like he's lost the moral high ground the Kyrie Irving, because at least Kyrie irving was honest about this. Jall got that's true. That's true. Bad Damn. There's a thing going on Kyrie. Irving. My will be on the Allstar voting thing for the NBA. That might be the only gaming plays all year. Oh, no, shit, that's fucking true. Yeah, Holy Shit, now they are...

...rodgers. Thing is fucking weird. You, you cost me a victory lax week, son of a bitch. That's why I'm pissed. That's why I'm pissed. Yeah, the let's go brandon thing is so fucking STU SA fuck, Fuck Joe Biden. Yeah, it's like, look, just say it. We know that's what you're trying to say. Yeah, let's go bring, but also let's go brandon. Isn't as triggering as you thought it was gonna fucking be. Yeah, I know, it's just dumb, like M me saying like foot am I butt. That mis means trump's a dick. Flip my butt. Yeah, it's. But again it also goes back to the late look, nobody on the left is happy with Joe Biden either. You see the the shot of him sleeping at the at the g twenty summit. I am you surprised? No, I'm not at all. Guys, I I probab even realize he's at the g twenty summit. Literally on the clip is like the intro and they're saying like this is the most important meeting, you know, of the year, and that's just Joe Bidens with his eyes closed. I was like thanks, Joe Kamala, like I said, com was running the show. Yeah, yeah, he's just he's just there. But yeah, you can since I mean, like I did what I did. Like there's something like he's you had to do anything about student loan debt. No, let's the Tenzero, like he never said he would. There is stuff coming out saying that he would do fiftyzero. He never said that. Yeah, it was always been tenzero. It's not been done. Like doesn't. Yeah, as a moved a step on it, and that's I think that's the thing people are kind of coming at and for the most right now, out of everything is do something about the student loan dead and and all you fucking cyber hackers out there, could you just hack the student loan companies already, please. Oh Shit, stop at stop hacking the News Corporation, stop hacking the gas pipe. Blind guys, hack these fucking student loan companies. Already Jesus. Like I think, if I don't know if we said this, but I think this every student loan companies of fortunive hundred company probably. Yeah, I mean I'm like that's sad. It is. Well, they're not. They're not beholding to the same rules and restrictions as other loan companies and creditors. Are they like, like, bankruptcy does not make student that go away. Yeah, it's just fucked up. It there. They have no cap on interest rates, like they can do whatever they want and it's strong arm robbery. Well, you know, it's wild as people are getting their way just garnished. So here's what I can't remember where I heard it on. I read it somewhere. People that collect so security or now old enough click so security, or getting their wages garners because they're SOCI security garners. Yeah, cause of student owned debt. Yeah, that is the wildest shit. I think about how fucked up that is. Like, like my dad was on social security before he died, but it took him two years to get on social security and that money that came in was barely enough to help him my mom get out of that. Yeah, think about like the rules and restrictions in the steps you have to go through to get social security. The reason you're even on social security in the first place... usually never for a good reason, and they can still come after that money. Yeah, like, like, fucking child support doesn't have that much power. Yeah, and child support and come after you for anything, pretty much. You Buy Legos, they can take your Legos, exactly. Like. Yeah, student loan debt is out of fucking control and it's it's forcing. It's forcing our generation into fucking poverty. That like. So social security really called social insecurity, because you're basically not going to help you survive? No, now, like it helped my parents in the sense that now my dad had income for a change. Yeah, it was all really turned into. It wasn't a lot of money, but it was just it was enough so that my mom did have to work a second job anymore. Back is still owned debt. Sorry, no, you fuck student loan that seriously. I'm tired of pay into this shit. Now it's well and still only that. I think you know, Hio. I don't know why it to say out United States is like and the United States, it's the only one that can like, as soon as you. As soon as you borrow the loan, the interest starts a cruing. Yeah, at that point. Other countries it's not like that. Yeah, you don't have to pay them, but the interest starts a crewing. Oh yeah, other countries is like you interested crews after you graduate and get a job. Yeah, Oh no, once you, once you start that, interest begins a cruing. Like when I graduated college, I'd already accumulated considerable amount more just from the interest alone. It's like I haven't even like I just got the degree. Sally Maze A cunt. That's yeah, she absolutely fucking is. Can we all agree? Sally Maze a count yeah, just just with a capital fucking see, super cunt is super cunt. It's yeah, it's, dude, it's that's why I, like you know, so many people in our generation are still living with their parents, you know, can't afford basic shit because they're shelling out for five hundred bucks a month for the rest of their fucking lives. We pay nine hundred. You pay nine fucking hundred dollars, Holy Shit, and it's income based. So yeah, before we got married I was paying nine hundred dollars a month. Keep like when my wife graduated, she has her education degree. Yeah, teacher, she had extra schooling. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, but she got her masters. Now I'm like stuff like that. But it's always been income based, right. Yeah, and so like more income get, the more you have to pay. Yeah, and when she got when she graduation became a teacher, she was making like twenty Fivezero a year. Yeah, she'd live with somebody. You have your degree and you have to live with in your teacher. Yeah, actually it's gone up. The more money to make, obviously, the more she has to pay. And Stu loaned it. Yeah, but it is kind of like we're financially stable. Yeah, tell them after having a kid, but we're financially stable. But it's just like nine hundred dollars a month. That's...

...that's ridiculous. Yeah, for the next twenty five plus years. And people I like, I said, I have the post go viral about it, and then I said like one of her one of her loans, like it was like my wife's didn't paying her loans in time for twelve years and never missed the payment once. One of her loans start out with Tenzero, like five hundred forty dollars. MMM. is now. She still has tenzero, five hundred and forty one. That is in sad interest. You know, you pay interest first. You like Oh, blah, blah, blah. It is what pisses me off the most. People like attacked her and me on it. Yeah, just whatever. Tech. They're like, well, why didn't you pay extra? I was like, did you not read? That was just one of her loans, you fucking piece of Shit. The only fucking loaned, Jackass. No Shit, like, yeah, we're paying seven dollars a month on student loans and we're paying nine hundred. Suck my Dick. Yeah, I didn't pay extra because I can't afford to fucking pay extra. You, Oh my God, Dick it. And then I when I hate is the argument people make where it's like well, you know, I, you know, I paid mine off, but it's always some fucking like fifty sixty year olds, like well, what about everybody that had to work hard to pay their's off? Now it means nothing. It's like so you're saying we should just say fuck everyone for the rest of time because you were. It's a also your student. Your loans were like five thousand dollars when you went to college. You could afford to pay for a year's worth of tuition as a part time dishwasher. Yeah, that's realize that. Like some guy broke it down, like, if you like, if we were to keep up with like inflation, m or whatever, like we you make a twenty five an hour man. That's just that's mental wage with me. Twenty five bucks an hour, yeah, for everybody like and we're begging for fifteen. Yeah, and it's just like you guys just don't give a shit. No, no, bloomers had the easiest. Yeah, easiest. Yeah, I will say it. Don Blue in the fucking face. You guys had part time jobs washing dishes to pay for college, whereas we're taken out mortgage level loans that will never be done, paying off four jobs that don't exist. I'm that's why didn't go to college. Yeah, I went to quarter at sinclair, but I took but I took a year off and tell us, two years off and I want to go college. I was like, I told my grandparents and pants. I was like it doesn't make any sense to like what. I was like, you're putting yourself in debt for the rest of your life for what? I degree cool like I can probably a lot of that. I wanted to go for writing or something right, and then want to be like a journalist or anything like that. Like I was like, it just doesn't make sense at my grandparents did not understand. My parents were like what, you're an idiot. Yeah, and now I look back on his probably the best financial decision I did. Know, Shit, no, Shit, like right now I'm sitting here thinking about, okay, if they don't do anything else, mine are going to start coming back do with the end of January next year, and I'm thinking, okay, am I going to be able to afford that? Yeah, because, you know, they've been on hold for two years now. You know. On the plus side, my I'm making my last car payment this month, so...

...something to that. So, so that'll be more money coming in, but it's also one of those I've paid my car off, thank God, now I'll be able to afford this other bill. Yeah, that's never going away. Never it just doesn't like if you die, if you like, yeah, I know, your pet, your it's your kids inherit, your student loaned abt wild, which is fuck for they're paying for a degree that they don't even have. Yeah, he does imagine, like, I guess my dad went to school to be a psychologist, I'm in jail for murder and I'm making the pay this. Like you imagine like, Oh my God, like I just graduate in your dad dies and you're like, AH, fuck, I gotta pay. Fuck it. I just paid off my loans and I gotta pay off more loans. So what's gonna bus? That's what's gonna be, like, man like, we're going to we're gonna die and our kids are going to inherit our student debt while paying for their own student I lo key don't want my kids to click cop. No, I get it. A lot of a lot of parents nowadays, like, especially parents. You're aren't. Aren't like pushing the college thing on their kids. They're just because they're just like it's a huge burden. I think the I like, especially our parents. Yeah, general, my grandparents thought that like, Oh, scholarships would take care most of it. Fuck not either. You're an athlete. On Way you get fucking scholarships is a you're an athlete. Yeah, are, you're crazy smart, even if for Kraz marks. Don't have a fucking everything paid for. So, like, like my little brother he's a bikin stay, he's got a full ride, a can full ride, a can stay, but he is like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory Smart. Yeah, when I was when my brothers and I were all getting ready go to college, this website called fast web where you can basically just like build a profile for like the school as you want to go to and its just sends you scholarships you can apply for. Some of them are like five grands. I'm over like fifty bucks. It's just kind of like little shit you can do to try to lower it lower as much as you can. I'm telling you, like we would. We would apply for like ten of these things a day and we're all still drowned and fucking stupid because because the quality, the qualifications you got to meet for these things are ridiculous. Oh there was one that was like you could apply for if you were like literally, it was like you were born the child of a single mother. So when my when I was born, like my dad wasn't my real my by logical pother was it in the fucking picture at all, because my Stepdad legally adopted me and I had his name on my birth certificate. Now I couldn't get that fucking scholarship and it was for like five grand. She's I was like how fuck does that? So here's something. While so like with teachers and education, they have to fill out. They fill out a form after so many years to get some of their steel Moan right moved. That's one thing. Yeah, ninety percent of them like how to fill it out like crazy. Like nine percent of the people have to fill it out multiple times before it's like done because something, there's something wrong with their something doesn't make sense. My wife Luckily got it done the first time. My wife got it done the first time. We still pay nine hundred dollars. I'm Jesus Christ, that's with a chunk of it being removed. Yeah, Holy Shit.

Yeah, wellcouse. What's Fuck is? It's income based, not like budget based. Correct like, it's not based on what can you afford to pay, it's based on a percentage of how much you make. Your annual income is. So here's the thing. Here's a lot of people come at me about like well, your wife needs to stopped going on vacations and buying cars as like Christ. The first off, my wife never went on a vacation before I met her and she had a car payment. That's IT, one car. She's had one car payment. Yeah, that's it, literally it. Stop going on fucking racations. We got married at our house, motherfucker, like I fucking like people just I I'd actually told US somebody. I was like somebody's are you on me? That I knew. I was like, Your Dad paid for your college. Shut the fuck up, no shit, you know, it's like he has. I got what I was at when I was in college at one point day and I had gotten this one scholarship or whatever, like five hundred bucks, and everybody who would receive the scholarship from the school got to go to this like banquet dinner thing, which is a waste of my fucking time, because everybody else that was there, were all these people that got like all these athletic scholarships that had no fucking debt whatsoever. Given these speeches about like, Blah, Bah Bah, I'm graduating with nose was zero student debt, and I'm like, yeah, I'll be graduating with fucking seventy seven thousand, but hey, thanks for the five hundred bucks for books. Guys, appreciated. Appreciate it. By Way, the food sucks. Appreciate it. Shitty foosh looks like a baby's diaper. Day Baby's poop. My Baby poops so fucking much, not like when he first every like two things. I know we're getting off top of but two things that happen. was like when he's firstborn, he poops like he was pooping at change step and he was still pooping after like I was like all right, said and like I pulled out. It's like, ah no, but the other diaper back and it's just like it's a fucking like ice cream machine. fucking turn and turn and fucking poop just in that diaper like like a cherry on top. was might turn into a bit, but that's really what fucking happened. I was just like, she's is insane actually, and write that down. It's fucking baby poops massively. Well, right, that's down, but it's shit. I have an under baby jokes. Gotta have a whole folder just for baby. Baby poops massively like ice cream machine. Turn in ice cream. All right, cool. So I finds that like that's were just there. We always want you guys to be a part of the show. So join in on the conversation. All you got to do is head over to our website, www dottblpod dotnet, and you can click on the blue microphone and leave us a voice message, which will respond to on the air. You can also use our website to access our official discord server and chat with us and all kinds of other listeners just like you at any time you want. Once again, head on over to our website, www dot tblpod dotnet. Last week was the first time in the long time...

I did all new shit our I just I just wrote stuff specifically for it, like I didn't want to do any of my old because I haven't had when when you're going up like three times a year, you usually just go with the stuff you know is going to work. But it was like, well, fucking I get that. Actually like try, try, Shit. I could put effort into this again. So, yeah, I got to try a hold. Most of it did not work, but I try it. This bit is like Hey, when people like immediately fee like, Oh, my guy looks like your wife, or all, my God, he looks like you. I Mike, he still has placenta on him. He isn't like anything right now. Like if you know what placent is, that's something that feeds new nutrich into the baby in the womb. Or, if you're a crazy white person, you eat it after birth, and that's crazy. Why people who should call Kyle Karener Moon Start Tom Cruise like or Tom Cray, like it's the weird thing is, like they eat it, like they treat the placenta like it's vitamin water. Yeah, like you can go to Walmart and get a good self check out and go hey, like, I want to get this big screen TV in the six pack of Vitamin Water. So home I'm going to have a Caesar Placenta Salad. Vitamis has a rescipe for it for burning smoothie, like it's weird, like like, oh, he looks like your wife. Oh, he looks like he looks like me. He looks like he's depressed already. I do they have babies so often. That's why I hate watching like more were they look? You looks just like the Dad, like Denis Daddy Look? No, he doesn't, he looks like a baby. Like do they have Babyzo off? Like, because, like, I could use some right now to crush it, because I'm in debt for the rest of my life. That's kind of a bit. I'm work. I think it might work. It's relatable. A lot of parents are probably gonna reple send the thing. I was just like, like, it looks he still has plus sent on him. Oh, he looks just like you. Thank you. He looks depressed. Great, and then that's the whole. I go in a whole like now, that's great. He does like one of my wife was born like his purple. So I was like, Oh my God, my wife cheated on me. What grimmace from McDonald's, which is la impressive. It's impressive because that's a celebrity. That's pretty cool. And I gave him the put them on a heat lamp and he tend up turning to be white and now he looks like a proud boy or depressed. I don't know what's Kyle Rittenhouse. It is. What is it? We hope you enjoy this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you guys want to know more about the show or get more involved in any way, shape or form, head them over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tblpod dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews page and click the little blue microphone to send us a voice message, let us know what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you, guys again and next week for a brand new episode every Wednesday. Eight am is when they drop. Until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bow by.

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