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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 4 · 1 year ago

Post-Election Thoughts & Emotions


How do Mike & Mike feel about the current state of the election? Should we get rid of student debt? Have you ever had trouble sleeping?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The events of the 2020 election process
  • The weight of student debt
  • Insomnia, sleep apnea, & sleep paralysis

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I don't know. It's now yourrhymeer reason to it anymore. It's just sometimes shit works, sometimes shit doesn't. It depends on what everyone else is doing. And there's the whole it'sit's you know, the symptoms are all fucking all over the place. Yeah, it's they're inconsistent. Sometimes you you have them, sometimes you don't.My mom keeps joking that she thinks we already had at the beginning of theyear and just didn't know it. She thinks we just didn't show symptoms forit because, you know, it was here the beginning of the year.Who the fuck knows, but I I think is on that though. Thepasspeals was going over rock. That's true. Yeah, as that ever been,like all the sun, like, what the fuck? Like, whywe all these people like I think I was. People don't realize it's likeit might have been here. But if it was bad right, like,if it was as bad as people thought it was, hospitals would have beenover run like they were in Italy. That's true, because it Italy was, was looking like it was about be wiped off the face of the earththere for a little while. Yeah, it was bad. China too,I'll the China kind of got out in front of it. Oh yeah,fucking in Taiwan. They're already doing my concerts again. Fuck, I wantto go because they took it. They did the right thing, took itseriously, as opposed to us. Yeah, that's a flu Jeck, some lightSaul who get right, an idiot. Yeah, I can't believe I actually, I can't believe it's I can. Yeah, it was joke, notthough, like you were being an asshole. You were saying, yeah, disinfect everything, inject some bleed you. You were downplaying it, fucking cock. A minute to downplaying it. Yeah, well, Shit, evenutto downplaying it. Yeah, like, yeah, I knew this is goingto be pretty bad, but I didn't want to cause a panic. It'sokay. There's there's not causing a panic and there's lying. You lied fromday one. Not causing a panic is saying, you know, Mr Jones, we got your results. It looks like it's cancer. We think wecan you were just saying now, got a cold, you're fine, yougood, it's gonna go away. Yeah, you're crapping blood. It's fine,it's a it's a it's a hoax. It's a hoax. That quick.Let's go start our own facebook APP. Oh, parlors, yeah, startour own APP. White people meet. Yeah, Christian mingle too. Thereal hit. It's the what it be? A be hit? Christian? mean they the Crusades sponsored by O an. D fucking dude. oAn scares me. At first I was like, oh, ha, fuckthem, but like now they're gaining like cloud and it's like, let's guys, like people like all Fox and usedn't like trump anymore. Like yeah,we need to go to and, like they've banded, they jump ship.It's all even though they look at fucking Tucker Carlson over there. But atsome point they just had it, like what do you have to go to? Like another like yeah, Oh, and is like I don't even knowwhat you call that. That's like that's that's girbal's level. Propaganda. Okay, yeah, because they're talking about how, like yeah, we I saw avideo today. They were like we in a in a computer hacked into, hacked by the military, or they discovered the true results of the electionthat have trump winning with four hundred and ten electoral votes, and it washidden by leftist, extremist step up, up, up, up. Yeah, it's like, what the fuck ever, that's not news. It's literally propaganda. Yeah, it's yeah, that's that's not we're totally winning the war. That's fine. Yeah, America socks...

...juice. They're they're coming for you. That's all it is. Yeah, I thought Bright Bart was bad.Yeah, they make bread park look look like fucking TBS. Yeah, AntiqueRoad Show. I'm miss waiting for a fucking Maga, Maga, fucking flagto me on the Anti cread. Yeah, like, how much is a civilmore relic word, southern civil war? Well, it that's worth shit.It's the stitching is impeccable and I noticed it's still got the the metalringlets for attaching it to the to the hoist. I weive ten bucks forit, some store credits. I fucking I said. We did this.The election was that week, wasn't it? Yeah, it was. We didthe night before the election. That was right. It was the nightbefore. So we were like we're going to talk about shit. It's gonnabe fucking not it. We weren't even I listened back to we weren't evenfucking we were so off. What? Because I think, I think,I because well, my guess was that hit won the was he it wasa biden would win popular trump would win the electoral I think you were expectingabout I think, why? Me? Think everybody in general was expecting abigger gap between what we got. Yeah, I expected more popular vote. Fivemillion is a lot, but I expected like more than that. Ithink of like ten million more people. Oh, yeah, I expect.You think he's going to win the popular but it's going to be by ashit load. And it in. It really is. It's the five millionsof big number. But when you're talking about it's the biggest gap, isthat, you know? Is that the biggest we've had? It's the biggestgap between pro in popular vote. Yeah, that's the crazy really. That feelsso small because because we're talking about hundreds of millions of people. Sofive million in the grand scheme of things, feel small. But I can't believethat's the biggest gap. Wow, so they'd so they've been close Boserthan this before. That's insane shit. You figured it. But like you, if you look at you like Holy Shit, like the five million isa lot. It is. I think a hundred fifty million people voted orsomething like that. Yeah, because they both got like seventy something million.So you got to figure. Like Jesus, that's a lot, but I thoughtyou went might like ten million. Yeah, I watched Fox News andseeing and because I was on vacation for five stree days. Yeah, andthat is not good for your psyche. Well, I work at it,you remember, I work at a at an affiliate station. So we're onepart ABC, one part Fox. So I was getting basically two different useon points of view on the exact same fucking election, and I was itwas crazy. I didn't realize how like stingy, like compared to everybody else, ABC like waits until every fucking vote has been counted before they'll call astate. Let's see it I was doing. Yeah, they were, they were, they were Fox like. It's they were, whether it was blueor red. They were calling shit like immediately. Yeah, they called aArizona super fast in the Arizona got tied than they thought it was. Yeah, they called Arizona before anybody else did. I always look at Associated Press there. They tend to be the most reliable and their thorough and also theydo the Google thing, so it's real time. So yeah, but itwas constantly just refresh, however Pennsylvania. Refresh, however for Pennsylvania. Soit was weird that night. By Way, I have allergies. That's why Isound like I'm allergic to cats. Long Story, yeah, I havetwo cats. I die have one now it's I've been trying to keep herout of here for obvious reasons. There's chords and cables everywhere and it's notcovid. Yeah, it's literally my allergies to kill me at the hot second. But so that night the election, like Ohio. Now happened? Theycounted. Oh yeah, they're early voting first, because like when I like, Holy Shit, like binds up like...

...five hundred thousand votes. But they'renot. We didnt do yeah, we were blue for a little while there. than it dwindled away, but then PA hit. I remember reading aboutPennsylvania how they had their voting set up and stuff like that for a whilebecause there are there are a commonwealth. They're not even a state. Yeah, so they've got all kinds of weird rules and laws and shit. Sothat happened. I want to like four and them three of mourning. That'show late I stayed out it's about me, I mean too. And I waslike something there. I was like I before I went to bed tokiss you, was up by like four hundred or something something like that,and then but I noticed it dropped and I was like, I think they'recounting the mail in ballots now. Yeah, sounds like if I wake up it'sdown even further. I think he's going to win Pennsylvania. Yeah,so they there. He said the numbers like two point five million people votedmail and and most of the mail in ballots, like our dim our forBiden. Well, yeah, that's that was that was a big thing thatpeople have been trying. That's been the big discrepancy. As we're doing allthese votes come from. So they were mail in ballots. Trump spent thelast three months tell and everybody don't do mail in ballots. So everyone whodid was doing it for Biden. Well, and my mind is I woke uplike the lead even dropped. You in more. I was like awesome, like that's like I'm for sure now he's going Pennsylvania. I messed myfriend Dan. You don't know Dan. He's like yeah, he's like it'smore likely it's going to win. Like we did the how, because bidensget like at the time, like I try to do the math before Iwent to bed. I was like it's like sixty sixty five percent of mailis going to him, but end up being like almost eighty perc like sody. Fine. Yeah, so, like we're thinking of my head. I'mlike, I for I was going with this, like when I woke upI was like, Holy Shit, like this is this is for real.He's gonna win this, like it was wild but comply in my head,like two point five million million people will voted like ballot wise, like he'sgoing to win Pennsylvania. It's gonna BE Super Easy. But people on facebookm like, Oh my God, bide it all something. They found thehundred thousand plus votes for him. I was like keep in mind, ifyou think about trump, was also getting mail in ballot votes. Yeah,but they're like, oh, only Biden got the mail about. He gota hundred K. I like no, trump was also getting like you said, he got like ten percent out of them. You just didn't get verymany people who mailed in ballots for trump, with people who like literally couldn't leavetheir house, which is where you because those people respect science. Yeah, right, but voted for trump. Yeah, that was the that wasthe thing that blew a lot of people away. was like, you knowthe because I was when they when they finally called the election that Saturday.I was out. I was out shopping, a Christmas tree shop. I wasgetting catch it and also you heard everybody's phones in the store go,but I thought like a fucking ember alert was going off or something. Pulledmy phone. I was like, Oh, look at that. Cool. Iremember he took the lead in Wisconsin. Yeah, I was on the toilettaking a shit like ate. The morning I refreshes. He's down alike threezero votes. Also, it was like he is up by like athousand. I was like ah the a lot of the Midwest went from redthe blue in the span of a couple hours. It was insane. Iwill say the best thing to come out of this election so far has beenthe Nevada memes. Oh God, the Nevada means have been like where it'sa Nevada replaced with like the Internet explorer logo. What? The reason theywon't tell us is because what happens in Vegas States of Vegas, good shitand and update wouldn't even need. They didn't even need Invada. Well,I think. I think the reason because everybody was so focused on Nevada.And I think the reasons because at that point he was at two hundred andsixty four and Nevada is worth six votes. Yeah, and he said they werelike if he gets Nevada, he wins. Everybody kind of was likenot even paying attention to Pennsylvania. They were so focused on Nevada, especiallybecause what I love is that kept showing the map. was like you lookat Nevada and it's like all is just it was just two counties that wereblue, but it's because the rest of Nevadas desert is all that, allthat lay. It's been the big thing. Is Land doesn't vote. People vote. It's like, yeah, you... all this read, but it'slike it's like a person per square miles. No fucking I've remember going to bedthat night thinking like I think it might actually want like that's all Pennsylvania. I was like you actually in Pennsylvania, like and I woke up and everythingdropped and then Westconsin was the next. I think West conso votes flipped onnot Wednesday, it was Thursday. Thursday. Yeah, as like,Oh, that's why I screamed on the couch and fucking he won Georgia.Georgia. Wasn't saying Georgia was nuts. Yeah, I don't think anybody sawGeorgia coming. Yeah, well, Stacy Abrams cause that to happen. Really. Yeah, she got eight hundredzero people registered to vote. Oh, Idid hear about that. She went like door to door and shit for her. They get her, you know. Yeah, it's get people Wester Forot, but she was also running at the time, like two years ago.She didn't get it. Obviously right. She's running for I think governor.I can't remember. I think it was governor. Yeah, Jane get it, but she resured eight hundred thousand people. So if it wasn't really really StacyAbrams, yeah, it's true. I read she was like driving peopleto the polls and like that's more people like that. Yeah, well,Shit, that doesn't mean they're gonna vote for her. Right, she wasn't. She wasn't getting people to vote for Biden. She was getting people tovote. They're register like the practice. They're right. Yeah, American citizens. Well, this was this was one of those years where, I meanI think we talked about this briefly last week. Like I'll peep. Theyreally in the last few elections. I don't remember they're being this much easilyaccessible information about voting, like like voting rules. Oh yeah, like likelike people were putting up website links, like if you need to know likeall the different ways you can vote, like go to this link and they, like the spoon fed it to you. We I don't think I've ever seenthat before, but I think that's also like people were so adamant about, like they want to trump out off. So they were trying to encourage peopleto vote because they know that like if the people who really actually likedon't like this guy voted numbers, wise you know, Biden would probably win, which is most time they don't go vote. Yeah, which is thebiggest problem. Did We? I said I think we think. We thoughtabout I think this was the highest voter turnout of all time. Yes,because I know trump, because well, because, acause Biden is now themost voted for person in any American election and as trump and trump is second. Yeah. So, yeah, so we had to. We have tobecause I think I think number one previously was it was Obama was Obama McCain. I think that's got to be right. But it was wild yes, whichI wama being as ministration, but he's not going to be. Ido now I'll think he's allowed to be big dude because of order of succession. I have no idea. I mean, I would make sense. Yeah,just be hilarious. I don't know. I've heard some early some early rumorsabout about about who's going to be in WHO's looking for to be inthe cabinet. Some of the names don't thrill me, like, like JohnKasi's one of them. I'm like really, like. I know he's trying toI know he's trying to play both sides of the fiddle a little bithere, but I'm like why him? Yeah, the thing is, Ithink at the point, like they knew there's need to be some bipartisanship.Yeah, and that's like I just feel like, if you're going to picka Republican, there's other Republicans you could pick. Yeah, but he's alsovery democratic leading right now. It's true. You got to have like if youlook at somebody's like he was at a DNC, he spoke at theDNC. That's true. I forgot about that. Yeah, you know,he hasn't like the fucking Senate is so fucking split. Well, they don'twant like when Obama, when Obama is they didn't pass it. They letanything at to Obama last two years.

It was the house. Yeah,not let anything get to the Senate. Yeah, so there needs to besomething bipartisanship, I think. Okay, sicks a good. Well, youstart by getting rid of the POLOSI and Schumer Yeah, I'm saying that asa guy who typically votes blue. I hate them so much. So well, they hit. They look like out of the family retires. They likethey'd play more tissues mom and dad or something. Yeah, yeah, that, it's pee. It's in there. Yeah, it doesn't matter that they'reon the on the blue side. There and inherent part of the problem therethose career politicians. You were so out of touch with the real world.And well, even even we saw were like in this past week, likea bunch of like, you know, middle of the Road Democrats. We'regoing after the progressive saying the reason they didn't win by mores because the progressis fucked him, and I'm like me, go fuck yourself. Yeah, becausein about ten years you're going to be dead. In the progressive isgoing to be ones coming in anyway. So, yea, you know,is that one thing. Shit, a millennial run for president, like it'sgonna Hap like they're already are really shit. Remember that, though? We're that, yeah, like that's might. Like Fox News brought it up andyou're like, do you not understand how the concept of times we'd sooner orlater that's all there will be. But also, like, I think they'vepeople again. The millennial is one of those terms that everyone throws around.They don't realize how big of a group that really is. I mean,you're a millennial if you were born in eighty five. Yep, people whowere in their s now are considered millennials. You know, you see, itwas on twitter. I don't know how much traction it's getting. Bidentalking about so I have talked about buying it, doing executive order to killup to Fiftyzero dollars a student, little debt per person. Can we dothat? Please tell him why? That's God, almost crying. I would, because that's almost all my student that like. That's well, it's tomake the economy like crazy. Well, yeah, I'm tired of having topay out five hundred plus bucks a month for a degree that took me yearsto get me a job that barely pays me enough to survive, you knowit, and that's just here like irritating. was like people don't like old peopledon't realize, like it was way cheaper to go to college. Yeah, you could get a parttime job as a dishwasher and afford to go tocollege. Yeah, now it's impossible. And my parents, I think we'rehad, weren't. Didn't really understand that until my brothers and I went tocollege and we're done and saw just how Shitty, because they were like,why haven't you found a job in your field yet? It's like there aren'tany. Granted, I went into a into the digital media field, but, you know, regardless, it's you know, we are. You know, I've said I've over seventy grand and student that right now, and ittook me three four years to find a job in my field. I makejust under k a year as after five years of work in there with it, with a promotion. It's people. Kids are live, people are livingat home all their s because they can't afford and they did the right thingthey did. They did what everyone's told us to do. Yeah, wegot the jobs and save the money and got the loans and the scholarships anddid the time in school, and now you know, they're working. It. No offense, but they're working at verizon and Walmart and pizza shops andI don't have my educ college education. It's so it's like I understand Iam. I am very fortunate, like out of my age group, thatI actually get to work in my field. Oh yeah, like, I knowI'm fucking lucky, but I also know I had to put up withsome shit long before I got there. I mean when I was a kid, I was like fourteen. I looked at the still alone. I waslike this is the biggest scam of vault. Like I was fourteen. I waslike so what you're saying, as I put myself on debt for nexttwenty five years hopefully get a job of my feet, because, like,I kind of noticed it is like like for me five years, hopefully geta job. I feel it's not gonna paying off a loan for twenty fivelike yeah, that doesn't make any well,...

...not only that, they student loancompanies aren't beholding the same rules as any other lender in the country.Can't right. I don't think here. Write them off. I can't.It's only thing that doesn't go away with light. Like if you go youclare bankruptcy, all your debt goes away, except student loans. They might gointo like a state of forbearance for a few years because that my myparents co signed a couple of my loans and they had a cleare bankruptcy atone point, so those ones got frozen for a while. Now I'd startpaying them back again because after a while that goes away. That's fucked up. It's like, yeah, you declare bankruptcy, you still have to paythose loans back. They can garnish your wages. They can. If youdie, that debt goes to your to your family. They don't have anyof the same rules that credit card companies and auto lenders have. Looks likethere's been stories at people like it's still security, living, like grat yeah, security, like retirement, having your wage is garnished from student loans.Yeah, it's just like crazy. How fuck it's fucked up. It's likeyou said, it's a huge scam and part of it's because college has gottenaway with racking up tuition costs exponentially in the last twenty, thirty years.I mean it costs three thousand to forty grand a year to go to collegenowadays. But meanwhile, you know, people are still make its minimum wage, still twenty five an hour or whatever the fuck it is now eight hundredand eighty or something like that. I know that's not enough. It's notnow, it hasn't been enough in fifty years. I just blows my mind. Yeah, my wife almost pays a thousand dollars a month and student loans. That's that's insane and that's a that's a whole paycheck for me's like nine, nine hundred and like ninety something bucks. I'm like, God it, wecould just get rid of yeah, she's paying for obviously it's like incomebase now, like how much she makes it. Yeah, but, likeI was she hasn't been paying that when she's paying her fucking so loans forten plus years. Like it. She still owes seventy grand it because,and that's that, because a lot of times you make the minimum payment thatbarely goes to coverage the interest, making like you're paying enough. Well,like this year. So in Covid hit they froze everyone student loans. Soany payments you made went to the principle, which was cool. You know,you put it. Put a little bit of a dent in that.But, like I got the email yesterday, like the shit ends, you know, in January and ready, bitches, get ready, you're about to getfucked. I just don't got. It's irritating. Yeah, I was. So I'm so glad I go to college. My wife said she wantedto. She had you it all over again, she would have. Idon't know. I honestly, honestly don't know if I thought about that,like if I could go back to it again when I have gone to schoolagain, because I think part was because I loved where I went, Ilove the people I met and I got to have, like I got tohave some amazing experiences and and learn some really cool shit. Like I couldn'tdo this if I hadn't gone and gone to school where I did. Butat the same time, like you know, I look at I look at myyou know, my my budget at the end of every month, andit's like fucking student loans man. But I also wouldn't have the job rightnow that I have. I don't have my degree, so it's like it'sthe end if you do, damned if you don't, with this shit.And but that's also a position. I feel like they we shouldn't be puttingpeople in. Well, it twenty thirty years ago, if you say wouldyou go, if somebody said You I graduate college, you go, theywould like, oh, would have done it all over it. Yeah,now it's like it's a financial burnt like I don't fucking know, like ifit it's, it's, it's it's an impossible cancel our student owned yeah,so we can afford Avocado tost it's every time I heard some with that arguments. Okay, I don't eat avocado toast. Can I have some student O forgiveness? o Shit if I promise to never put Avocado on toast. Bythe way, if you eat avocado toast,... have no taste buds. FuckJesus Christ. It's what butter? It's a peanut butter exists for shegoes. When I was a kid it was my mom would make toast butbutter on it, sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon on it. That was delicious. fucking what I was my mom best hit us, but with peanut butterlove. It hurt like a bitch. I was allergic to peanut butter.Are you actually allergic to me? About? Probably, I don't fuck it.My brother, my brother went and got one of those like all inclusiveallergy toes. Oh Shit, because he's always had like sniffle problems and troublesleeping, and so he went and had the heat turns US allergy to likefucking everything, really, yeah, like everything except dairy and like cats lounds, like he's like allergic to every fucking bit of pollen and plant life that'sout there, and it's like, well, that explains why he's always walking aroundgoing but you know, yeah, it's kind of figure. I'm allergicto shit. I was amillergy the cats. I figured out the hard way.Yeah, I never actually want the disarment. I just like well,I got a cat. Now it's my red Alf face, all red andpuffy taste copper. Yeah, I can't. I just have sleep at Meia.That's a bitch. That's a bitch and a half. I never don'tknow, might I don't know. Well, you stopped. That's right, youknow, you stopped. Breathing Right. Yeah, Mine's not so bad thatI stopped breathing, but my I snore like a fucking horny eighteen wheeler. So saying like a Horny like like actually like a look at the fuck, like my saying like transformer optimist, Pride Dick, ready to get yourmag at badge roll out. Oh God, fucking yeah, no, I shottobought. I'm coming Kumblebee. Fuck, I don't know if I have anytrouble sleeping. I have had they like sleep paralysis before. Oh,that's shit scary. Yeah, Oh, man, I get that in thecar. What, like when I'm like we will go along car trips ifI'm not driving it. I was like every day. No, like Iyou know, I'd be in the back of the car and I'd fall asleepin it and I would have sleep paralysis, like I don't know if it's somethingabout the position I was sitting in or whatever, or, you know, travel between a highland South Carolina a lot, especially in high school.But yeah, I would like my eyes would be open and I would betrying to talk and I couldn't. My Mom and dad look at me like, Mike, do you want anything from the gas station and I'll be sittingyou're trying to like open my mouth and speak and I couldn't and my bodyjust couldn't. fucking it's the scariest shit ever. There was one time Iliterally thought something I was on top of me, though, like a ghostor some shit. Really like I felt like I felt it. I haveheard every other people talk about like Oh, I have sleeparalysis and like you hallucinate. I've never hallucinated. It's ever remember that I rerad the first timeI happen. I was like, there's some fucking top. Holy Shit,like it was like vivid to as a chick with like long hair, likeghostly chick, like a demon. You have great tits. Hi, hi, the girl from the ring, but real black. It's the guys.Like I saw. I came out of my but it was like as weirdbecause, like I was like this person's on top right. I can't,I can't physically move, like it was like such a vivid like like whatthe fuck? Kind of makes you think about that scene and ghostbusters. Wewill they all get blow jobs from the ghosts. Yeah, very much likeyou guys seeing ghosts or you just all have in sleep paralysis's or Asleeparalysis whenyou're getting fucked by a ghost. That's...

...that's a good I also restless legsyndrome. That's a that's annoying. I have never it's just it's different forpeople. It's basically like for some people it's like their legs twitch. Yeah, for me it's my legs just like they ache and like I have toconstantly move them or they they start to hurt and it makes it a bitchand a half to sleep. Yeah, so I've started chewing the some Zekewill gummis before I where I go to bed. Is it work? Thatwork for the most part. I've tried a lot of different like sleepate stuff. There was one I was taken for a while that was herbal that Ihad to quit take it because it was giving me some fucked up dreams.There was one I there was one that I used to take. It wasjust like the straight Melotnin and that worked okay, but I'd be useless thenext fucking day, like I just be groggy. Everyone's all like, Idon't I wouldn't say I would go through like well, somebody can't sleep,insomnia. It's on. Yeah, as like really fucking close, though.I get like an hour or two a night. Jesus, like I justcut like it, I'll be a how like I haven't had it a coupleof years, but just like last for like two or three weeks. Yeah, like I like I can't like so I take Yo something, a sleepaid, but I feel such like Shit, like I got my sleep, butI did literally last the entire rest of the day almost. Yeah,the affect of messing. I should I had that in college. It's grantI was drinking a lot of coffee in college, more than I drink now. But because, you know, eight am math class, little fuck certainthings that just should not be taught a day to'clock in the morning. That'sa bad move on your part. Well, it's. It was fucked up.I had. I had at least one eight am class every semester Iwas in college because this is whatever I needed to take. It was likeonly offered at eight o'clock in the mornings. Why is the only time slot?What fucked up life does this professor lead that they have to teach youat eight o'clock in the morning or they up all night and coming down offwhatever fucking cocaine they did at the club or some shit like probably. Yeah, am classes are fucking nightmare. Yeah, sleep, sleeps one of those thingsI've had a love hate relationship with. All I like, there's been daysI've slept for like fifteen fucking hours, no problem, gotten up and likebeen great. Those are the time I was like I'll get like theywere the required eight hours and I'll feel like shit the rest of the day. Just depends on how good the sleep was. I guess. I don'tknow. What's weird is like fuck for covid doing like full time, basicallydoing full time at my job, and I'm doing commy it's art. Iwas doing it like, Oh yeah, I never realized how tired my bodywas until, like, I think one day I slept for like eighteen hours. Holy Shit. Yeah, like I was just like a two day,not three days off in a row. Don't know how I did it.I asked her perform day. That's how. And like I didn't have any comedyas I was going to relax. You just did nothing. I didneverring. Took three dike. I was like I didn't have anything SAPP forthree days and like I slept for like eighteen hours. I was like,and I it was on those you got up groggy, like I was like, Oh, this is awesome. What the fun I had? I've had. I've had those were like I just I just lose an entire day forno reason whatsoever. I could go to bed at a reasonable hour. I'velike, I've don't set an alarm on purpose or forget to and just wakeup the next day and I look at it, look at the clock andI'm like, Oh shit the fuck. Well, tonight it's going to berough because you know you had it, because I I woke up one timea grant. I Work Nights. I woke up one time and it waslike five o'clock in the APP in the evening, and I was like,tonight it's going to suck when I try to go to bed again till youusually have to wake up time usually wake up. I usually try to wakeup between eleven and noon for me, just so I have a few hoursto get ready for work, because, you know, I worked for tomidnight. I usually come home, I'm usually up to like three or four. Yes, depending on the day. I used to do I used totry to go to bed as soon as I got home from work, maybelike one o'clock, and try to get...

...up earlier and have more of aday. It's just it's not it's too I'm not a morning person and wasmany sleep problems as I have, I usually wind up laying in bed tilltwo or three o'clock anyway. So I'm trying to do a little bit differentlynow that I got the cat. But yeah, it's kind of depends onthe on my mood really too. Sometimes I wake up before my alarm andI feel fine, so I'll just get up and do shit. o Thedays like today, like my alarm one off at one thou forty five andI got up, walked over, reset it for noon and went back tobed. I'll see, you leave your alarm a class so where you haveto. I yeah, I intentionally put my I'm all alarm clock across theroom so that I at least have to force myself to get up and walka little bit, especially for the day is where I need to get up. It's a good idea. Yeah, doesn't always work. Sometimes I getup, just walk over a click, fucking fall right back into the bed. I make it the bed as fell right back down on the floor.I had a roommate in college. He would he would get up seven o'clockevery morning, go take a shower and then go sit in the arm chairin our in our dorm with arm but our college took an old apartment complexand turned them all the dorms, so we had like a living room andshit, he went and sat on the chair and fucking fell asleep. Butyeah, no, I mean I've had days where I've gotten up early andthen gone and sat on the couch and then falling the fuck back asleep.I don't know, I could do like the night shift. Shit, Itried it for a little bit. I don't love it, but at thispoint, after five years and with the position I'm in, it's not goingto change anytime soon, so I'm kind of just sucking it up until somethingelse comes along, whatever that might be. Got You, I've tried. I'vetried to get on day shift so many times. I've even tried justhave my my day's moved, just so I could have like one weekend dayoff, like a Saturday or a Sunday, preferably a Sunday, but they likemy schedule where it is because I get to be there for all theimportant shit, which cool. What the Freakin do? Fu Yeah, I'llI'll take an I'll take four to midnight, over midnight, the at am.Oh God, I kill myself. I we have a really hard timekeeping people on that overnight shift because nobody wants to do it. Oh God, I'd be horrible. Yeah, anytime we have an opening on that shift, that takes us months to fill it. And because as soon as you tellsomebody, oh, the job pays fifteen an hour, oh cool,you work midnight to eight. Nope, Jesus, yeah, that's to belike a different type of person to fucking yeah, my Buddy Jesse that Iwork with, he's he's the the shift supervisor for that shift, and everytime I'd look at I like Hey, man, how you doing, he'sjust kind of like I'm alive. You just no souls, like you justlose your hope. You lose all your hope and zest for life for likea month. My old job just do was for last prevention. Like we'remuch people steal shit overnight, right and yeah, that w get that again. It just fucks with you. Yeah, it fucks with your perception. OfTime. Well, and some people love some people can work it,though. Yeah, I know a couple guys I can actually day fucking loveworking third shift. Yeah, I'm like you do coke. I had abuddy, he want my bude from collogy, worked third shift and a Walmart forlike six years. Loved it. He was like I gotta Show Up, unload the truck and doing it almost like I would jump out of awindow. It's fuck no, I don't like work. I didn't like workingat Walmart the daytime, little alone overnight. You worked at Walmart. I workedat Walmart for too. I was. I was the Super Grocery store supervisorfor two years at a Walmart downstyle. There's my first job out of college. I got hired, I got promoted after six months. I didthat until the last few months I worked there. Then I went and workedin the in the back room, because I hated my boss, decres.You ICE S or. I was just. I was just the when I wasin grocery I was just that.

...was just the department manager and thenback back room was was yeah, I was the guy who loaded the cartsand stocked all the all the stock. The warehouse basically started on. True, I liked that job because it was a guaranteed daytime hours, seven tofour every day, which was nice. It was less pay, but nota lot less pay. I mean as a as the as the girl storemanager, I was making eight fifty an hour. Oh Fuck, I know, I'm the manager of the entire half of the store and make fifty afuck an hour. And then but to move back to the back room waseight bucks and I was like cool, I'm losing fifty cents, I canfucking live, I'll be all right. But yeah, it was. Thatwas I've worked at some shitty jobs. I worked at a fucking dry cleaningplant. I've worked at fast food, but Walmart was easily the worst jobI've ever had. It's just it's soul sucking. You were constantly set upfor failure. Yeah, it kind of varies, but you did. Igot lucky. So art inventory control for all year. Is that what theycall the back room? WAS AT ICS? I yeah, pretty much. There'sokay, I could remember what they used to call it. were,or were you the secure the security loss prevention? But if I then Iworked entirely of an express okay, for literally a year and then I gotthe left runchtion job. I would did that for like six years. Okay, wow, holy shit. So do you have one of those guys whowould walk around the store and playing clothes pretend to be out shot? Thatwas the ear that guy. Yeah, ours was ours was this big beefyguy with a scar on his face named cliff. Nicest fucking gay guy inthe world. He looked like he would like murder you and your entire familyand skull fuck the corpses like he's. He looked like he looked like afucking bond villain. Nicest guy ever. Yeah, yeah, I remember.It was fun. I had fun with that. It becoming a trainer forthe district Fort Let's falling ow. I quit. So I got burnt out. Jesus, I loved it, but it wasn't worth worth anymore. Igot fired from Walmart, did you? Yeah, it wasn't. It wasan accident. Um. I had gone up to I would go up tothe hot bar every day and and and get lunch and I got my foodand as I was walking to I would I would go pay for an electronicsas well by the back and there was no line on my way back,I ran into a buddy of mine, so yours, walking and chat andhaving a good time, blah, Blah Blah, and I pay attention andI forgot the fucking pay for my food. Oh Shit. And this guy whohad a grudge against me because I was work in the back room andhe was trying to when I had left grocery, he tried to get myjob as the grocery supervisor. Well, while I was working in the backroom and they were, you know, training him up to take that position, he decided to get pissy with me and make a and threaten me infront of my fucking manager. Straight up said yeah, yeah, that's goingon your record. I'Mer, you're not getting fucking promoted now. He wasa fuse, like he was a Dick Anyway. So he saw me forgetto pay for my food and ratted me out to loss prevention and they firedme. I was like, you got to be fucking kidding me, areyou serious right now? But I will they paid. It was right towardsthe beginning, at the beginning of the year, so they paid out forall my vacation and sick and personal time. So it was easily the biggest paycheckWalmart at ever given me in my fucking life and it got me throughthe next couple of months. I got a job at a direct TV callcenter. I can't well, I had a bad relationship with the store manager. He was not our original store manager and he was the reason I quitworking in grocery because he was a hue. He's a huge fucking cock. SoI it was one of those where they told me like, you're allowedto appeal this, but you have to appeal this to tie and I waslike, well, if I appeal this, tie is going to tell me togo fuck myself. So yeah, because the the to loss prevention guysknew me and they were like our hands were tied. They're like the onlyway we can get to get around this if we talked to tie, andI was like yeah, we all know that's not going to end well.So it was fine. I mean I was desperate to get out of hereanyway. Like, like I said,...

I I got that job, butthe was a call center that did one of its call centers was for theIRS and one was for direct TV. So I started off doing the CallCenter for the IRS and then after tax time they moved us all over todirect TV. That will soul sucking. Oh Jesus, I would rather workfor the IRS. That's a bad job, I say. Rather work for theire of the IRS. It was just like I have laws, hereare the laws, you get to pay me this much done. That wasall. I process tax payments like that direct TV it was. Now,when they call, try to upsell them this and this, and there's aI got to learn kind of firsthand all the really shady shit direct TV doesthat everyone knows they do, but they can't confirm. I can confirm theydo it. Yeah, so my parents wanted to get direct TV. Iwas like don't, why not? Okay, we give you a list of allthe reasons why you shouldn't. Got A fuck you. They're going tofuck you. No Lube, just just hate. Not Pleasant as a hatefucking here, hate, fuck somebody. Fuck somebody didn't like stout of frintjust sake. Fuck them. I've done that before. God, yeah,once, twice hert bees. That's why I have a blocked number on myphone. Shit. So why I have a new phone number? That changedmy phone number twice and like six months ban on accident. Oh really.Yeah, I can't remember why, though I should. I stave a SouthCarolina area code. The first time I was like I want to a newcompany, like you want to keep your number. Yeah, and like,I can't remember what happened, and I switched them. I switch my numberwhatever in and I can't remember why. Look at that money. Hey,guys, thanks for tuning into this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. Hopeyou enjoyed it. Hope you had fun with it. Remember, you canalways find us on social media. This show is on twitter and instagram attvl underscore pod. You can also find Mike Wells on twitter at Mike WTFWells, and find me on twitter at Mike of all shase. Get allsupport this show by joining our patreon becoming a VIP. Go to Patreoncomlash BasementLounge pod joined the three dollar a month VIP tier. Become a VIP ofthe Basement Lounge. Get access to awesome live streams and hangouts and other coolopportunities and stuff coming your way. We'll see you guys again next time withanother new episode. Until then, is always live. Well, rock on. Take care and Bub by.

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