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Season 2, Episode 50 · 1 month ago

You Kids and Your TikToks


We're old and we don't understand how TikTok works, you damn kids. Get off our lawn. Pull up your damn pants. 

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • New trending stocks.
  • The Rittenhouse & McMichael/Bryan trials.
  • We can't figure out TikTok.

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Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast withyour host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink,relax, let's see where the time takes. US enjoy. What's happens is,last time we got together, a couple of a couple of jury verdictscame down. Yeah, so Rittenhouse we all knew it's going to get acquitted. We all knew that was going to fuck it happen. I blame thatone a lot on the prosecutors and a lot on the judge. Yeah,because I think the prosecutors did a shit job presenting their case. They reliedway too heavily on they leaned a little too heavy on it being a hatecrime and not just a crime, and which is hard to prove when thepeople who died were white and the shooter was white. Yeah, so theyleaned a little too by into that. But the other one, the threedudes that attacked imed Aubrey, Aubrey, I met Aubrey. They all gotfucking convicted. Here's the way thing on that one, I didn't think becausethe third guy just filmed everything. Right. So, okay, I don't know. I okay. So I had explain this to my grandparents. You'rewatching. We were watching the trial, seeing it. Charged at the firstcharge. So they all got charged with all the same shit. Yeah,but he didn't get found guilty of the first now, so here's that.Here's how here's how it works. So the one guy was found guilty ofall counts. Yeah, because the main charge was was murder, malice murderand which is their version of like murder in the first degree. He getsthat one because he pulled the trigger. The other two were charged with itbecause they're all charges co conspirators. So they get charge with the same billof crimes. They were. They were found not guilty of malice murder becausethey didn't pull the trigger. Yeah, but they were found guilty of everythingelse. Yeah. So the question my grandparents had was why are they're likesix felony murder charges per person, because the way Felony Murder Works is felonymurder is you commit a felony that results in somebody dying. So you geta felony murder charge for every felony that was convicted, plus you get chargedwith all the individual felonies as well. So they had six other felonies theywere charged with, plus a felony murder charge to go along with each one. But the guy who pulled the trigger, he's facing the death penalty. Well, he should. Yeah, and the other two are the other twoare getting life in prison and they, if they get parole, they won'tbe eligible for thirty years. But they're both in like they're fucking s.So my dashes. You part about the guy who filmed is like he justfilmed that got. Well, he got I don't know any other backstory thanthat. That's basically it. But because they were charged a CO conspirators,he gets it. You get charged with all the same crowd your if yourcharged a code conspirators, you face all the same charges. That happened todog the bounty hunter when he was like eighteen years old. He was partof a gang. Yeah, at a bunch of gang members committed a murderand he got charged a CO conspirator and he did time for when. Theirony is he released that video. That's the and that's they they thought theywere saying that on Fox News. They were like, you know, ifhe had never released a video, none of this would have happened. Wenever would have known about this. Yeah, but they were all rideing fucking highbecause the what? Because they said that the one guy, the Dad, not the the dad, of the guy who pulled the trigger, wasan ex cop who had actually busted Ahmed for like a right, his onerobbery charge, HMM, years ago, and that's like that. We don'tthink he knew, we don't think he recognized renewing. They think it wasa coincidence, which sure, fine, I can, I can buy that. But their whole thing is they were claiming, you know, citizens arrestand self defense, and they were like they even talked. They were likeit's this one in the writtenhouse case, or kind of two sides of thesame coin, because writtenhouse was claiming selfdefense over a situation that he may ormay not have made worse. The prosecution did a shit job of presenting theircase as opposed to these guys. Are The procetutors like no, they createdthe situation. Here's the proof, the video that these dumb asses uploaded,yeah, showing that they start the guy...

...was jogging and they pulled up intwo trucks and cornered him, and so that's what happened. Yeah, theyI didn't know that the one guy pulled up in the truck. All Iknow is that he recorded it. I was like, yeah, why they? They pulled up like two separate trucks or something, some shit, andcorner of the guy and Yeahs Bla. I mean I was cold blooded murder. Oh about question up some fucking litely, because they were saying, like canyou watch that video? It's really like grossed to watch that. You'relike wow, oh, you're just trying to get away. And then likethe one dude what pisses me off. If I remember the video, it'sbeen for ever since I've watched the video. Yeah, it's like the guy pullsthe gun on him. Yeah, and that doesn't he like try toreach for the gun to stop like him from like shoot, I can't remember. The Guy Pulls the gun and and then a med tries to fight himoff. Yeah, and then that's where they were claiming, like we'll see, he was he was fighting them. So they were defina was defending himselfwhen he pulled the trigger, and they were like no, the guy hepulled the gun on was defending himself. It was one of those. SoI'm watching those cases with my with my grandparents who, which keep in mind, like my grandparents, my grandpa especially, like watches away. Huh Okay,he thought these guys were guilty of sick. That's my favorite, favorite. I remember that. Obviously work in Metaltown, and one guys like,don't get me wrong, like I'm bored, a second man, but those motherfuckingmurder that boy right exactly, and that that motherfuckers desert. And Iremember he's like and them motherfuckers deserved the death penally, all three of them. I like a middle to the most conservative, like blue collar, likefucking trump train all day, and he like that motherfuckers deserved the Goddamn death. No it. My GRANDPA was like fry all three of them. Iwas like, you know what, GRANDPA, you get extra dark meat this yearfucking thanksgiving. Like he was pissed about the written house verdict. Whathe think? He not. He was like the kid was guilty of sin. Are you kidding me? And he watches Oh A. My grandpa watchesOh again and thinks Ted cruise is like the greatest fucking politician of all time. But even he was like written house should have gone to fucking jail atall. Three of these bastards should fry. And I was like, I'm confusedright now. GRANDPA. I love you and I love watching you arguewith Alexa. I'm really confused. Why you agreeing to all of this?Yeah, it's it was. It was a fun it was a fun Thanksgivingbecause that was the day before Thanksgiving when the fucking verdict came down. It'slike, happy fucking Thanksgiving to me. Yeah, which one was? Bothof them? Hers Out just written. House is written. House was theweek before and then Hans guys were the day before Thanksgiving. Yeah, whichis so fucking funny. So, yeah, that was kind of a nice anice way to go for the holidays. Yeah, I'm just glad. Imean, anybody kind the coyle right house saying? You're like yeah,they like we talked about it before. Yeah, I think you none ofthose episodes of aired, but yeah, talked about it. Attacking coalissues,set the fucking issues, but kind of agreed he's gonna get off, eventhough I deserved it. Yeah, but the Amada it was like so weird. So it was like so obvious that you're like, wait, this isthat trial, like these guys are guilty as a motherfucker was a joke.Yeah, and and you know, but, like we both said on the episodesthat have not aired, like he's gonna spend the rest of his lifewatching his same well, they've already the the whatever the fucking university is therethat I guess he was getting accepted to or whatever. They've had like allthese groups on campus of like started a fucking petition to the university to likelike do not let him on this campus, like it's already started. Oh yeah, he's watch his backrest his life. Yeah, I should. I'll haveto be fucking homeschool or some shit. Yeah, like he's an others likehe's homeschooled. He's pretty sure. I fucking I cannot get that imageof him crying on the stand out of my fucking head. I just can't. Booooo too boo, Boo boo.

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So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoonclean. Yeah, me too. Yeah, so, okay, so we're rollingout finally. Okay, all right, so this this Meta Material Stock Shit. What's up with this? Okay, so it's like a stock. Theweird thing is I got into them about seven, eight months ago.Okay, I sorry, invest him lost like there was a stock I waslooking at. I was like, okay, cool, like they weren't in theNASA. Get there and just there a Canadian, Canadian company right atthe time. But I was like actually looking at their company. I waslike this is kind of interest. I heard about many materials before, soI don't like the there's an interview the guy named Ken Rice and he's basicallylike I can't, I'm not. At one point he's like you know thevisible cloak and Harry Potter. Yeah, it's like we can do that.What. Yeah, like it's very interesting type stuff. But so in likethat's how he opens up and all that. So I went minute thing, likeit's just a good interview. Yeah, it's okay, but that's not whatI watched. But I was just like looking into it. Then Irealize they are going they're going to do a merger with this company, MakeCh, torchlight, and basically if you bought torch and they merged, yougot to dive it in off of it, in that type of stuff. SoI was like fuck, it's company I want. I'll get a bunchof torch right, and then it will become Meta and that's how I getMeta. Okay, keep on buying into it so that happened. It wasa reverse split, which means like torch wasn't as much as Meta. Sotherefore, every two torch shares you can one Meta share. Came over.I was like okay, find whatever, and I did more and more researchinto it and it's just the stuff they're they're into. Like one thing,the trying to do the glucose, the glue, the diabetic glue. Closethings, non, non evasive at all. Okay, like you know, youstill get pricked. Yeah, this, it literally just scans you and testyour levels. Yeah, Oh shit, no prick at all. Like oneother cool thing they're there's a ton of cool stuff. I haven't reada munch about a lot lately. Is Their anti fault, you know,anti folg technology and that type of stuff. YEA, this is video. Theyhave met a material on this window. Well, if you watch the videoon the they put a warm cup of tea, okay, against theglass. So what's what happens? Fogs of the glass. Well, guesswhat? Folks aside didn't fall up the mine material side. Okay, sothey're trying to get in the car. And history too, that when shieldsand that type of stuff. I just pull up the things actually want totalk about. So I pulled up. I'm into that, the windshield thing. Now I that, but that they're with AAR HMM and like laser stufflike pilots and stuff like that, so... can't like put them later everythinglike that in the person's eye like that. Glasses not type of stuff. Okay, but the big thing is I have these. The lenses I havein my glasses are that blue light filter and it actually, when I orderedthem, came with a little blue light laser pointer, did you geeze?And I shined it on these glasses in the light. Didn't penetrate it yetdidn't come through. They're doing it for like the green ones. The greenones. Okay, heavy, you know I'm telling of the heavy dude.Oh, I have. I used to have one of those. Yeah,can't came illegal then't I or some show? Depends on the state, but alot of them. What I say like don't point at airplanes. SoI big think they're in. They're getting in the five G. They've nifiedyou. But five g. What sucks about five G is it's amazing signal. Right, it's amazing fast. All that down less beats. Sure ithas a problem penetrating through glass really declines to strength of the signal. Soreally cool thing what they're doing that I'm Meta material has this film made?This film actually helps enhance the signal to where you can they can put iton something and it will like enhance it in there and other people on thestreet and everything like that. So, like, I looks so hard tolook sploit if they line my windows with it. Yeah, you'd line yourwindows with it, because right now g you have to have a bunch,I mean a bunch of little towers to get five g right. And evenwhen the signal comes in it's so not as strong because it when it goesto the glass or whatever, or whatever goes through, it depletes a signalof bit. This enhances the signal. So no one hands a signal inthe area, but it will also like if you're on the ground or whatever, like you'll pick up the signal to look still have perfect G. likeJapan is already talking about doing their entire country in this, just just liningit with this material. Already there already in talks with this this company overthere. They've had this partnership forever to company over there to line their entirecountry with this for five g and it's going to work for sixty two.Whenever sixty comes out, Jesus, I'm still on for so it's like kindof like one of those things you like that's a big one to the diceor the frost or in the windshields, big one, like menty materials.Is it just insane, like I did you watch the video I posted?No, not yet. It's way one minutes. It's really but for themedical aspect, this is the cool thing to you have the MRI, themedical imaging, the early stage breast cancer awareness type stuff. They like theycan detect a press cancers. Yeah, earlier, the Non Evasive Glucose,the biosensors, everything. It just it just so much shit that you're likewhat. Well, they're they're having a kickstart shit right now. Is especiallywhat right now, because you know they're still having that chip shortage and yousee they're talking about how Samsung's building a plant out and I think Texas tostart manufacturing the chips in country so they can get their phones out. Sothere's a lot of companies who are stepping up their game with the new technologystuff because they're not able to get it from overseas. Yeah, well,here's a here's a send you this link to your phone. Yeah, I'mgoing to a message it to you. This is exactly when I'm viewing.I gotta he also have to watch that video. It's why, I sayswhen women's but the cool thing? What other cool thing? Why? Ilike all over the place today. Think it perks about having a kid.I guess where was I? You're talking about this. They're getting into thebreast cancer screening. Yeah, just the MRA MAKES MRI's faster. Okay,like that less radiation on your body. That's good. Yeah, like hewas explaining and the video he's explaining microwaves...

...and make away. It's no,microwave glass is clear. Wait, mean like it's not like a clear glass. Okay, they can get see in there, but you know how it'slike kind of has like lines in here. It's yeah, that's because they havelittle things in there to help keep the radiator. Oh in right,does that come out? That shit will give you cancer. What their materialin there? They're with the leading manufacturer microwaves. Yeah, partnered with them. There they the microwave people reach out them about it. They you putthis material in there. It's because of materials transparent, right, you can'tsee it, and so like it now like that. It's like so manylevels higher. So it creates more. Okay, so let's US less likecan leak through or anything. It's it's so hard to explain, Holy Shit. But I, like I said, I was like looking into it.I was like fuck, like, I got to invest in this. SoI have like almost one hundred shairs really, yeah, when I like twenty dollarsworth a day right now. Really just got at home board. Ijust really like the company. Like they just bought. Oh yeah, thiswas going to talk about they. So you know who air bus is?Yeah, yeah, so they took their executive vice president or vice president ofpartnership. What's her name? Actually? How about my facebook? I wokeup so excited. I saw that post you, that you posted about thelady. I was so excited today about. I was just like what, let'ssee. Actually, that post is what helped me narrow down which companyit was. On we on, we will over, because I couldn't figureout which Meta company it wasn't supposed to invest in. So there's so manydifferent ones. It's like a Meta Bank. Yeah, let's see, she wasthe Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy and partnership away. Hold on, that'swhat she is now as a VP of head of strategic partnerships and innovation,Sheep's innovation officer, deputy and senior director of been development at Airbus. That'swhat she was an Airbus and now she's moving over to MEDA. Yeah,to do the same thing, I guess. Yeah, that's fucking great, becauseair bus is huge. YEARE. Oh, yeah, Holy Shit,they have. I they're working on people, Google, facebook, that type ofstuff. They have a bunch of people they're working with. But thecrazy like I saw that and I was like, Oh, fuck it,duck, like right, serious, like they already have like a kind oflike a partnership with Airbus in a way. Right, but I think there's alot of NDA's are not a lot of discuss right now. Oh,I'm sure, yeah, I'm sure, but doing that for like a wholeand everybody's like pissed off because the stocks doing so bad. Reason why thestock went from like it's a heavily shorted stock to which is weird. Butreason why it's heavily shorted. Also, it's because they gave it like aa two billion dollar evaluation as a company. Okay, and it had no,nothing of me to go on. Yeah, there is value, andso, like the soccer market does, just like, well, you haveno revenue, like well, just short, you like you're not evaluating what youshould be. They also have no debt as a company either. Nothing. Nothing coming in, but nothing that necessarily has. Well, now theyhave stuff coming in, but the problem is they bought this company called NanoTech, which is going to help them roll out even more of that filmfurther down the road. Factor. Yeah, but they still have no debt.So they don't. They're ass no, no, they're not boldened to anybody. So the other ones, because says is there's no debt at all. Yeah, and they have their putting their picking these people from the likecrazy like Google, air bus, and yeah, on their team. Thatyou's like they have over two hundred and fifty patents. How many? Twohundred and fifty, holy s Shit God.

So it's just like why wouldn't Iinvest in that? We guys a shark tanker, like fuck. It'sa people like give the CEO Shit so much because they want, like now, hmm, giving my money now. A lot of people like are likeall about the torch dividend, like they haven't got the torch dividend yet.Yeah, I don't even give a shit about that. Like ten years downthe road, I want to retire from this company, right, so they'regoing to make you that fucking retirement money one it just had. If youlook at their their they are should I sent you? There's just so muchstuff that you just like yeah, one of these has to hit like off. Not only that, you got air bus, you got that person fromair bus coming in your like, I mean the the windshield thing alone,when she'll think the glucosting. Yes, like Oh, people are people aredying for some new and some new tech. When it comes to doc to diabetes, they're dying sin of it's a four hundred, like, Oh myGod, and that's all they do. This is all they do, right, is all DEXICON does. Hold up the one right, thanks. Soa rate of wise is the MRI, medical imaging, the breast cancer screener, the Glucameter, this thing that's plugged into the phone, the molecular biosensor, whatever. That's for all right. So dexcom is a fifty three billiondollar company. Holy Shit, right, mark haffits three billion dollars. Theyonly deal with diabetes. That's all they deal with. Their stock is fivehundred and forty dollars a share. Oh my God, on I don't havethe money for one share. So it's kind of like if if, likethey met him, gets into the glucose and not avasive type stuff, like, oh, there's one avenue, all right, just going one avenue.So it's like I'm interested in that, in the F G, because Iain't because like my job I do with five g and I know like howshady the signals always is like. And if they can enhance the five g, then yeah, it's Golden. It's also just not very many devices thatwork with five g yet. So that's the other that was about the well, all the five Gu see is not really five G. Yeah, isit just for G, for Glt? Okay, it's a little bit faster. Yeah, now, if we get when you get like and get likefive g ultra wide's like a gay about a second type Shit. That's whenyou're going at this is real five G. Gotcha. But they have the sameproblem for g rolled out as there weren't any fucking for g devices.Yeah, it's that. I mean, yeah, it's just one of thosethings that takes time. Yeah, you know what I mean. So now, but it's not really I'm not a financial advisor, but but working outso far. I mean I'm down money right now. Yeah, are youwell? It's because, like it's gone from like I'm my my buying rateslike four dollars and fifty cents. It's down to three dollars in thirty threecents. Gosha, because they haven't they're so new. There's such a newcompany. They haven't had any time to roll out right, like and theirlast US earnings, they bought Nano. They bought that Nano Company and TheniTech Niana, I can't remember. They couldn't do their earnings in our lastquarterly earnings because it was too soon. Okay, so their earnings and evenqualify. But next but next time around it'll okay, yeah, it'll reflectthat to Gotcha. So it's kind of like all right, now I thatthe divid here's the they here's a short aspect of in the dividend aspect ofit too. So the dividend is torch, torch and met emerged. HMM,this is got got. This is...

...right. So I got the dividends. I got like like three hundred some hot dipidends or something like that.Three hundred and fourteen, Youah, three hundred and three hundred and twelve,the three hundred four, three hundred four dividends. So happens is, oncethey sell all the land, because there's a bunch of oil, right,that all gets split up and they think the average each person's going to getbetween twenty six dollars to forty eight dollars a dividend per dividend. Yeah,Oh shit. So I'm like, Oh, cool. And if they don't sellthe lands, I think it's I think it's personally sold. They're justwaiting. So here's a wild part torch. Here's and I was I still likeplay its short squeezes, tortures, heavily shorted. How heavily you like? Heavily shorted before they merge. It's like six hundred. The the stuckitself was only like a dollar, two dollars. Yeah, but you hadto pay six hundred percent to short it. Oh Shit, so it's costing peoplelike six hundred. Yeah. So, like I'm like company, I likeright, merging with comming. There shorted, which I like short,Short, race right and I get a dividend. So what happens is onthe dividend, right, like as soon as they merged, like that informationgoes away. You no longer short. Torch goes over the Meta. Butthis all this torch shares are still shorted, right. So when the dividend comesout, two routes ago, dividend comes out a like they have thecontinually buy the dividend, which makes the different go up even higher and higherand higher. Yeah, or be what happens is they spin it off tolike another stock, which causes to dividend to go higher, higher and higherand higher, and met it to go higher, higher, higher, whicheveroute they want to go. So I'm like us is the wind, wind, for me, it's just a matter of time. No Shit, yeah, she'script. So it's so much. It's so much. It's a lotof information. But if you look up Meta materials, it's like, I'mreally cool about the five g in the glucose. That's what I love themost. Yeah, the the the frosting, the defogging would be awesome. Herwith air bus. Yeah, and then the AAR. Then they're talkedabout like the AAR with was looking out of the AAR with the look likeyour glasses lens is. That's so cool. They're just so they're the first time. There's never been a company like this. MMM. So it's kindof like I compare getting into Tesla before Tesla boomed. That's why I comparedto that's that's a good comparison. Yeah, because everybody started getting into Tesla afterit was already a thing. Yeah. Well, here's the thing. Teslaeight years ago, five dollars a stock. Yeah, now almost onehundred. Yeah, and he's just selling shit off right now that you soldoff another billion dollars worth of stock the other day. Yeah. So it'skind of like, yeah, of course I want to invest in this company. It because, honestly, if I g is the future medical imaging,all that stuff there. They always try to find less evasive ways to dothat type of stuff. Yeah. Well, especially since covid I mean every sincecovid. Now they've got those thermometers of checker temperature. They just pointedat. They point it at your forehead and know what you're temperature. They'realso work on something like that too. Yeah, less it detects early coviddetection. HMM, better early to covid detection on some about the material thatcauses it to detect certain things in the body. Better, like in fasterthat. You're like, I so watch, I'll, I'll, I'll, I'llwatch the video again with if you want to after just but it's justlike yeah, Huh, I'll be damned nice. There are lots of waysyou can help support what we do here at the basement lounge, and it'sreally easy to figure out how. You can just head over it a TBLPODDOTNET support you'll find links to all of the places you can donate, likeKodah fee or buy me a coffee. Or you can even head on overto our patreon and become a monthly member of our VIP section, where youcan unlock all kinds of awesome rewards and... like membership cards, stickers,exclusive roles in our discord server and so much more. Just head on overto tblpod dotnet support and join our growing community. Today Alan See southpark tacklethat? Oh, me too, as long as it's not on fucking paramountplus. I watched that. I watched the Kevin when I was like afunny the the Post covid one of them to vidure. It is not funnyat all. It's the jokes are and I don't know if they did thisagain. I don't know if it was. Any of this was on purpose.I really don't know because, you know, because they did this oneon paramount plus, even though all the rest of south parks on HBO Mat. Yeah, which is weird. But the whole episode like is it takesplace in the year like twenty thirty something or whatever. Everything has either aplus or a Max after its name. Like starbucks is now starbucks plus,TJ, TJ Max is TJ Max plus. But you know the the world healthorganizations who max everything. So it's like they're making fun of the factthat, like there's all these fucking streaming services now. HMM. A lotof the jokes are really obvious and you see them coming a mile away.MMM. But but also a lot of what they'd talked about is is becauseJimmy, Jimmy is now this late night talk show host. You know thecomedian one, and all of his stand up is like, you know,Super PC, super clean, super like no real jokes, just being motivationaland positive. been calling it comedy and kind of an underlying bit is howhard it is to do comedy in the year two thousand and thirty five.So I don't know if the they're smart enough to do that. That's whatI'm saying. Yeah, I don't know if any of this, like thefact that it was super predictable and really not funny, was on purpose ornot. Probably was. There's, there's, there's, and I will say itends with the huge cliffhangers. There's going to be a part two andit does, like, you know, tie into the other specials they havedone, like the the the actual pandemic special and all that. There's onejoke that's that's really fucking funny. I don't want to spoil it, butbut the whole thing is just like it's super met a, super selfaware.So that's where I'm like, okay, I'm glad I didn't spend money towatch this, but I just I don't know if it's just a miss orif it's an intentional miss. They're smart enough to make it intentional. Ithink they are. So that's why it's kind of what I'm leaning towards andI'm gonna Watch part fucking to because one is really south park from miss itexactly. Yeah, even when they miss it's still funnier than most other shit. Yeah, so so we'll see. But it was. It was.Yeah, it was. It was interesting to watch because again, like youcan kind of see, me see most of it coming, but it wasstill kind of neat to see on screen, especially the thing that I love involvesCarmen and it's just fantastic what they do with him. But yeah,it's it is kind of and it's been. It's actually been weighing, I willsay, and I think they were kind of trying to make it abit more pervasive because, like, I've been thinking about it a lot,specifically the whole like your two thousand and thirty five. It's impossible to docomedy anymore. That's been weighing on me a lot in the last couple ofyears and we've talked about it on here before, but it's it's one ofthose ideas of like yeah, like where is where is this fucking heading?Yeah, now it a great yeah, because I've seen about the other dayas like you know, I can't say retarded, right, yeah, yourmight give a ten year. You can't say autistic. Yeah, at somepoint, like see, I'm saying, yeah, no, it's a slipperyslope fallacy, but it's a it's there's...

...a lot of evidence backing it.Like it. Want, you know, when I was teaching, when Iwas teaching, you know, when I were a talk about logical fallacies.There was always the idea of making an argument valid and sound. And it'slike at what point in as a fallacy become so pervasive that it's becomes avalid, sound argument, you know, and and this is one of those, it's like we because we've watched it happen on a national and international level. As now do I agree that there are certain things I shouldn't be saidanymore? I mean, sure, I'm not a big fan of the,the, the, the, the gay F word personally, but that's moreof a personal thing they think. I don't think it's one of the shouldbe. Is it? Which is actually I'm rewatching South Park on Hbo Maxand it's crazy to see because in those first half of the series run theyuse that word. Oh ton what? I just watched the shit episode andthey actually make a whole comment about how well this character is gay. Sothey're allowed to say it, but you, when you say it, you getbleached and then Jimbo says it. Hey, Jimbo didn't get bleached.Tea must secretly be gay. And but as you get into the later seasonsthey stop using that word all together. It's yeah, it's I was goingsomewhere with this, but yeah, it's that relating to get back to theto the retarded autistic thing, it's like, yeah, it's at some point,where do you draw the line? And I know the answer to thatis somewhere, and I'm like yeah, I know, but it seems likeevery five to ten years the line gets moved and that's why I do thecomedy I do. Yeah, it's exactly I don't say any hate speech,but I just like do it stuff that you're not allowed to talk about.Yeah, I it's just fun. That's what I've been because that's what I'vebeen trying to work on. Is I think the last couple of years I'veplayed it a little too safe. Like I don't know, I'm like I'mnot clean, but I tend to keep shit pretty like kind of cookie cutterlike you know, to to describe myself the way describes a a little predictabletime. So I'm trying to get to get out of that run a littlebit. I'm still not nearly on the level as you are. That's alevel of fearlessness that I do not fucking possess. I don't care. Youjust don't give a fuck. Nah, I give a little too much ofa fuck. It's fight hurt my career because some people won't book me,which is sure. I mean I've been told I won't be booked in someplacejust because what I talked about. I'm cool with that, like I respectyour decision. Yeah, here, respect your decision, but that I peoplealways remember my shit. Yeah, because they're like wow, I'd never expectedsomebody to ever tell that one. Also, with the way the Internet is nowadays, there's so many different avenues you can take comedy down these days.I was watching the tick tock or it's not comedian, traveling comedian. I'mlike, how are you traveling comedian? Is a bunch of them like that, like they're might on tick tock and then they're like I've got I've gottour dates set up in fucking Vegas. And here I'm like, I've seenyour stand up. Your tick tocks are funnier. Yeah, like I likesit there. I'm like fuck, there's a lot of them who have wholike work comedians that weren't. We're struggling. So they got big on Tick Tockand they're using their tick tock the springboard the comedy. Yeah, whichI mean, whatever do you. Whatever works, I guess. But italso gots me going, like is that the avenue I have to go downnow, like I don't have a twitter or a tick tock presence. AmI not going to make it as a comedian now? Yeah, I'm it'sgood point. I start doing the videos on reels because I just really hatetick tock. That's fair. I've gotten some, but has nothing to dowith my comedy. That's where I'm like, HMM, yeah, no, Imy the biggest videos I have on Tick Tock, you know that,of hitting millions of views randomly, have nothing to do with me doing standup. One of them is just me shitting on headphones, on expensive headphones. That that's it. has like over a million views. My one's gotlike five hundred K. it's basically about... doing cocaine, which so here'sthe bullshit. I want to talk about that. Okay. So this video, hold on for here an a six thousand views, right. So it'sgot nine point four thousand shares, okay, and like twenty seven thousand likes,but not even a million views. That's weird, isn't that weird?That's fucking weird. Right. How does something have like that many shares?But like what? This videos got like two point seven thousand shares, right. Well, also, shares, share could also come from like people,the way I understand tick tock, which is not very well the way,and it's on tick tocks is on facebook's on face. Yeah, you knowhow the facebook's got those like one video, like you could start like shows,you like random like videos, like true. Yeah, so this thisvideo, right, yeah, eighteen thousand likes, two point seven thousand shares, six point nine million views. What the fuck? Yeah, that doesn'tmake my I'm he said there. I'm like, this makes no sense tome. That, yeah, I as. Okay, so check that up.said that video. My video is guy, like I this sounds allreally conceded and I'm sorry. So it's like night, like I said,almost tenzero chairs, right, nine point whatever thousand shares, Scott, fourhund eighty six thousand views. So I have another video that's got five hundredand sixty thousand views. Yeah, five hundred twenty eight shares, okay,one point six thousand likes. I doesn't make sense to him. I don'tknow, man. Is that make any sends like any fucking sense? It'sit makes about as much sense as out tick tocks algorithm. fucking word,yeah, which is not. No, you cannot tell me at this pointthat there's any kind of rhymer reason to what you see. I am tellingyou that tick tock is one hundred percent random. It was. You cannotconvince me otherwise. I don't like, I don't understand any of the algorithm. You cannot convince me otherwise. There's no there is no possible way thatyou can convince me otherwise. I've a feeling my page. I'm on aband right now. Shadow. They're not my stuff. That's a lot ofpeople. That's the thing. Is is you know, like I'll give youan example, like I post clips of like me doing stand up or ofthe podcast or just other original content on there. I'll be lucky if itgets a hundred views. M I'll do a video of me do wedding someoneelse's video, watching and laughing at it. fucking five thousand overnight. Well,here you're something wild. So, like I was getting like like ahundred to two hundred shares, like on my tweets whatever, just my stupidtweets. I do like the memes of my page, like maybe like fouror five hundred likes whatever, like that's normal. So I do the KyleOrtenhouse, couple kyle rat house ones, and immediately, like after that itwas just like, Oh dude, that's been the thing since tick tock started. Is you start, you, you, you, your video happened, justhappens to be about something they're not driving with, but they can't flagyour video for suddenly your Shit just starts to stop showing up people's feets.Yeah, that has been a thing forever. So I'm trying to figureut how toget out of it. I've no idea how to get out of it. Like I had a one, like yes, I did, like Tuesdaysfeel like Monday's, but with a mullet like something stupid. But it hadlike thirty shares like immediately, but only like seven likes. I was like, that's weird. Yeah, and I post as I think facebooks not wantto see my stuff at all. I mean, like I have like forty, thirty, Fourzero pick people now follow me and it only went not tolike an hour. Only seven high people saw it after I got shared thirtytimes. Yeah, that's higher than that now because it got more and moreabout, like this isn't make sense. That's right. That's where I'm surewith Tick Tock is. I have over five thousand followers on Tick Tock.My videos barely get a hundred views so...

...and I'm like that doesn't make anyfucking sense. Now. We hope you enjoy this week's episode of the BasementLounge. If you guys want to know more about the show or get moreinvolved in any way, shape or form, head them over to our website,tblpod dotnet. That's tblpod dotnet. Leave us a rating and review onthe reviews page and click the little blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us know what your thought to today's show and share your thoughts onwhat we talked about. We'll see you guys again and next week for abrand new episode. Every Wednesday. Eight am is when they drop. Untilthen, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bowbuy.

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