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Season 2, Episode 51 · 1 year ago

Tom Holland Can't Be Trusted


The Spider-Man actor just can't seem to keep his mouth shut. Also, who the hell buys their teenager a gun for Christmas? And who should be the next actor to play Wolverine?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Tom Holland almost spoiled No Way Home again.
  • The school shooting in Michigan.
  • Picking the next actor to play Wolverine.

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Real quick, want to shout out to Gretchen Cocks, who's a big fan of the show. She is fighting covid right now. Oh Really? Yeah, that she says she's doing better today. She look she's vaccinated, but I'll find her. Find Her instagram poster. Yeah, so, yes, here, yesterday she was really bad. Yesterday was pretty bad, but her oxygen levels are back up. It's good now today. So's she's doing. Boys that she's vaccinated, so she could be al held a lot work. Yeah, always think because like my mom got my mom and my mom wasn't like did not feel that what she got co she was vaccinated. Yeah, but I'll she kept on saying was I could not imagine how bad it would have been if I wasn't vaccinated. Yeah, well, they were talking, they were talking about there was on the news the other day there was some anime convention and like this guy tests the positive for Rome acron and likeen of his friends, because they all had like some big party afterwards and all that, and he was just kind of like, he's like, we're all vaccinated, so like we know we're going to be fine, but still it's like one time, the one time they went out and did something, I know, but I guess they're saying this omcrown variants supposed to be like not as severe. I I'm proud. I don't mean I haven't really read a lot of too. I've read that like it has like a lot of like maybe very similar to the common cold, like very, very, very, yeah, very crazy, similar, like makeup, like make up in it and the very it's up. Okay, yeah, thought you was saying it's like it's not nearly because, like Delta was really severe. So this was not so much good. So, but I think that that means it's probably also easier to miss because it, like you said, it still feels bad. Yeah, whatever, exactly. So good vaccinated fuckers? No Shit. Well, Gretch and feel better. How? Yeah, seriously, like we love your great welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us enjoy fucking did you see the one trailer for spider man that has the three spider man's in it? No, I can't tell if it's like edited or fake. No, I've seen. I've seen a bunch that have been around the Internet for a couple weeks now, but a lot of them I was like, okay, that's fake as fuck. It's really hard to tell. In this one, yeah, I finally shout William Da fost face and one of them, well, I just saw there was a video on there the other day. It was him and Alfred Mollan and Jamie Fox when like a panel interview and he was just grin in the whole time. You can tell he's like Hals, so fun, so much fucking fun doing this. Apparently there's a video circulating where like Tom Holland was like wait, what a where's yeah, and he just stopped. Yeah, he was in the he was there watching it's that the one that we were talking about where the spider, Spiderman's jump at all the villain. He's like well, what was it? And then he just shuts the fuck up real qu he's like,...

Oh fuck, wait, I'm on camera that guy. It's great. It's the word he really fucking is who pairs somebody? Then they pair somebody with him. So he wouldn't spoil cumberbatch. Was it? COMVER bad during like the Houn of his infinity war and game, one of the two. But yeah, they basically kept him because him and Ruffalo Spoil Shit all the fucking time. So they put him with with with cumber badge and they'd ask him questions and come ressiond be like I'll take that one. I can. How old is Holland? Like? He's like you hearn me? Really, he's only like twenty. I think he's a young guy. Oh God to look but yeah, yeah, I see. I seen a bunch of those, like I said, like really fake trailers, but it looks like this one was like an international one, though. Really. Yes, I was like and like my uncle post about it and send me the link. I was like, Huh, he is like and he also said it's Tony Twenty five. He's like also Sony and Marvel, Marvel whatever likes to throw out these random things that never actually make the movie. Yeah, people off and well and ever get point. For as long as I can remember, I mean, the trailers have been CGI edited as fucking when civil war was coming out, we saw tons of trailers that had like vision edited out or spider man edited out of them that when you go see the movie they're or like with infinity war, you kept seeing the Hul oft and all these trailers. ULT WO't in the fucking movie except for the first, you know, two minutes. So I fucking s fine, a spider man, no way home trailer. I was just like, Huh, yeah, I don't know. I said, I've seen a bunch. That's like a billion shitty videos here. Gim Nine percent. Sure all three of them are in it. So I think we're all I at this point. At this point I'd be shocked or not. Yeah, you know, but I don't know. I also don't know how attached to those characters either of them were that they wanted to come back. Yeah, but just be like so cool. I don't we I feel like Andrew Garfield would be the one that would want to do it the most because he's like all about like that type of not. He just like so weird, like pop culture esque type Shit's a weird guy. Yeah, I like Andrew Garfield. Tell me McGuire be the only want to be like, I don't. Well, and Garfield, you can tell like they were gearing up for something big and then that second one just flopped hard, whereas with with toby, like he got two really good ones and then three was hated by everyone so bad. So it was also so long ago too. It's like, I don't know this at this point. I don't know if he'd want to or not. Eddie rock so bad and that hope for great fucking are are from that set. Dish everybody. It makes a Venom Lois. Look, I'm amazing and they're all right movies, but God damn that fucking their portrayal of venoms so bad. Oh yeah, it's it's atrocious. It's God awful. Did you see? I was reading an article where Jeremy Renner said, like basically, they told him to work around his schedule...

...with his daughter, like I don't care, I'll drop the character at the hairy beginning. Oh yeah, yeah, he was like not fucking around with us. Yeah, like you work with me or I don't work at all. He said, imagine how much money that would it cost him? But, oh my God, all think it's Jeremy Wren has got a fucking Roscary doesn't give a shit. I know it, I know it doesn't care. It's just it just wow to think about is like he was like I care about my daughter more, which is much is the right way to go, but like to think of the call them out in the marvel and on them bit. Okay. Well, I think, I think people are starting to finally grow some balls when it comes to dealing with marvel and Disney. Yeah, they've been letting them got to get pushed around for two fucking long and after this shit that happened with Scarlett, I think a lot of people are kind of done like playing, you know, rolling over. I think they're starting to grow up air finally, which is good because, like, yeah, I want I want the stuff that I solve. I have a startered hawk eye yet, but I I am on episode four of low. So you're still working on Logie? Still like in it? Oh, I love it. Yeah, yeah, so episode four, so you've met the variant? Yeah, you've been the very yeah, it's okay. It's the episode after that, okay, when you first meet her. Yeah, yeah, or it's the episode after they get off the planet that they're about to die on. Yeah, yeah, that's EPS in them one. Okay, I'm like halfway through it. Good Shit. Yeah, it's good. So I'm want hear what you think when you when you're done with it. Well, did you see, did you hear that what Kevin Foggy said about daredevil. Yeah, Charlie Cox. Yeah. Well, first of all I want to I want to be really clear. He said, because everyone's running with it like daredevil's coming back. Like no, he said, if we go back to Daredevil, it will be Charlie Cox. He did not say anything's happening, but he's in, isn't? He's in. That's never been confirmed. It's everyone confirmed. Never been confirmed. A lot of people think that he's going to be like Peter Parker's lawyer or something in the one, because we see some stuff in the first trailer where he's like being interrogated by cops, but other than that, nothing's ever been confirmed, ever because everyone he was also saying that Wilson Fisk is going to show up in Hawkeye and that's never been established by Eddie. Like there's no basis of fat. You said a good Wilson Fisk to I know he posted some big thing on twitter, like talking about how much he loves Charlie Cox after the Kevin Foggy thing came down and I'm just kind of sitting here. Goin like did Afrio should have won like so many fucking emmies for doing o's so good, those who are fucking great, and then they need to bring out what's his face for the punisher too? Well, he didn't. He was in and he was quoted the other day. is saying like he'll come back and do punisher, but as long as they promised not to water it down. Yeah, it can't be watered yeah, he was like you've already he's like, I'm down for doing this, but only if it get to do it the way I've been doing it. Like I'm not going to do he's not going to do like some Disney fight value. You can't. And it's the punisher, like there's like him and deadpool. It's like there's only so much you can do with that and not make it fucking rated. Are Yeah, the punishers so like,...

...was it John Beth burnt all? Burnt all? Yeah, he's so fucking good. and Oh yeah, he's another one that like, especially in season when he showed up in season to a daredevil. There's a couple scenes I'm like, this guy should have got the fucking emmy for this shit, at least nominator. Yeah. Well, the the scene the episode where it's him and on the roof on the rooftop, the scene in the graveyard after he breaks him out, and then the scene of the diner when he's talking to Karen about his wife. I was like, you telling me none of this shit was good enough for you guys? Really? And then everything with the NAFRIO. Oh Yeah, come the fuck on, people, God, God, like the Cross. The thing is, if you take the shows and put him in the movies, those are the three people that you'd actually want from the shows and the actual mcu. Like yeah, aspect, they're all the other what's replaced? Ay? Jessica Jones is all right. She's solid, but like, yeah, and like like her. I think the biggest problem with her show was just there wasn't as much going on with it. Yeah, I love Luke Cage. was good, but it wasn't like he was good. The show was was really good to a certain point. Well, the first half of the first season was amazing and they killed what's his face, and they kill off cotton mouth. They're like, what the fuck do I have to watch anymore? I know that was by far the worst thing they've done in the Marvel Oh, I know. Like what I was the Thomas Decision. You could have made. Yeah, he was so good that show. Like the thing I like about Luke H to was just the use of the music. Yeah, like that. That show. The one episode turned me onto Jadenna. Yeah, that that hailed long lived. The chief song is so fucking good and it works really good in that episode and like fucking that was it was a method man that shows up in the one. Yeah, yeah, like it was that. But yeah, once they killed off cotton mouth, the show to a huge nosed dive. The fuck you guys, because then they bring in the other guy who you don't care about. You're focusing on this, on Alfrey Woodard, who you you don't really care about, the Hispanic Guy. It's like, I don't care about any of these fucking people. I want to watch Mimrshaal Ali. I know I'm glad he's coming back as blade, but and apparently I have still haven't seen internals yet, but I guess the rumor is that he's teethed in eternals and somehow so as like he supposed to be in the MS that keeps playing some part in the mcu. Like it's not going to be like its own standalone. Know it's going to be the mcu's blade. Okay, I got it. I didn't not know cat. That's gonna be weird that. That was one of those I was like you're gonna do Blade and they told me who they got and I'm like, Oh, okay now, I mean, you can't really do anybody else. Yeah, you're gonna get me. I don't know who else you would actually pay. was like, dude, Wesley Snipes back. Fuck, no, I can have Ryan Reynolds play Blade Bay Trinity. Okay, you're so good, so fuck cock juggling thundercut. That's some of those. The best line ever. That whole scene where he's like...

...being interrogated by her, the lady and triple age and he's just fucking with them is one of the funniest thing that it's like opens up to you like Oh yeah, this is dead like whenever like that. Oh yeah, deadpool. Right then in there, hundred percent playing that before it even was a blip on his mind. There's a there's a tracking note I beneath the Hello Kitty Tattoo and the meat of my ass. Yeah, God, that was such a good movie. That's the bad thing. That's the best blade. Really. You Think Blade Trinity is the best one. I do I hope a second one. Well, the second one sucks and it's got run pearlman in it and they found a way to make it suck. Yeah, and Norman Retas. Yeah, no, I forgotten. Normally reads in it. Run PEARLMAN's in it. It's still sucks. Yeah, the first one's great. Yeah, you know, I do like the third one. I mean the second one's definitely the worst of the three. I just say, I just like I think Ryan Reynold's characters brought that like ump that I just fucking loved so much about that movie. And it's when they were still trying to make Jessica Beale a thing. Yeah, it was when they were really you know, seventh heaven was done and they kept they kept casting her and Shit, and it's never took off because she did all these movies in a row. She did that, she did not PRONOUNCI, chuck and Larry, she didn Valentine's Day movie. She did couple others like in that same span of years and there's none of them, not of the work. A lone of it worked. The problem wasn't her, the problem is her. All movies, I mean lay trinity, was the best one out of all those. Yeah, now they got the right dude for laid this time around. You know, sometimes it feels like life really gives you the raw deal. So give yourself some raw comfort in the form of edible cookie dough from dope. Dope is committed to reducing the stigmas around mental health and addiction recovery, while making the world a little sweeter one spoonful at a time. They've got flavors ranging from classics like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle to crazy concoctions like Brownie batter and Ntella Banana. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to the she recovers Foundation, a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. Just head on over to dopecom Dou ghpcom, put together a killer sample pack and use the Code Tblo five to get five dollars off your order at check out. You'll also get free shipping nation. Why? So grab some dope today and get ready to lick that spoon clean. So I'll something some I was talking to any other day about what they do in Australia. The covid camps, the covid interment camps. That's a thing in Australia. Yeah, like if Youah Covid, they put you on like an interment camp until you get over it. It doesn't bug me. I haven't so many people died from covid. So the more, the more I think about the more I'm kind of like yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I get it. I get it. And they tried the person trying to compare to them, because the reason that doing is because they took those people's guns away. Oh No, there goes away. Yeah,...

...okay, okay, well, here's one. Okay, this fucking shooting that happened at the school. Oh God Jesus Christ, yeah, that's the fuck up thing about the world is that didn't spring to our mind. Will turnything about fucked up shit the talk about. But the crazy part was, did you the good thing, the only positive thing anything about the school shooting? The only thing is Detroit lions won their first game. No, and the coach dedicated the win. Oh did he to? That sounds to the to the school. Somebody, one of the students who was in the classroom, posted a video online where they were like hiding and they heard somebody at the theay will sheriffs say, were the sheriffs off is? He's like yeah, coming to my badge, Bro, and they were all like, he just said, Bro, get the floor. We're getting the fuck out. That's a red flag. It's a red flag. Yet did they jumped out the window and they ran. Then an actual cop was like waving them over and but his pit, him and his parents are all face and charges. Get the parents finally deserved face chargers? Yeah, they do. They gave him the gun. Yeah, I know, he bought they bought it black Friday. Yeah, and gave it to him. And then I was reading something of the day that said, I guess the school like was already aware of it that he had, that he had a gun. He know, he okay. So here's what I read. What I found. This is like the day after it happened. God, this is so weird, like just how fuck up that's it's shootings are is we forgot about school shooting? I know at Dick. Yeah, so he was like searching ammo and one of the teachers saw him do it. Oh Bright, I think, brought to the defense for or whatever, and they brought it to the police. Police talked to the told the parents and that in a text message the mom was like lol, I'm not, Maddie, just don't get caught doing it next time. What the fuck? Yeah, Oh my God. Yeah, because I guess there was some some lawyer Gut interviewed and he had said that like, if the school knew he was doing that, they had every legal right to search his bag and they just didn't and then shoots up school. But his parents were on the run there for a couple of days or only they were on the run in hiding. They left because they knew, they knew they were fucked, that they were fucked, like they didn't want to be in when they figure out what the kid was. Yeah, whose parents whore they wanted they wanted to be and then gave themselves up. Yeah, that's how I understood it. At first. It was like, Oh my God, they're actually on a run from the police, because that's kind it's what it looks like. Yeah, but it was from what, for my understand what I also read was they didn't want to be in town and people harassed them until they got to the police. Don't have a whole lot of sympathy I know. I absolutely don't by get why you would leave for this. Apparently a dad like called the cops or something. I was like, I think it was my son. Oh Shit, really, oh fuck. I like my wife was right at some of it. To me, that's fucked. Yeah, that's crazy. But I guess they said that they're keeping them... separate because they're not in prison. They're holding cells and Jenna jail. So they're keeping them separated because I guess they were fighting or some shit like that or what. I don't fucking like. I mean, like, I just don't. I would you buy your kid a gun. Some people do it, man, and I don't. Huh. That's so irritating me. Here. Here's that. I'll this is my gun control argument. Okay, once some as I go. I'm for the second. And I was like do you think I should own a gun? And they go, and they go now or what? They're like, what the because if people that know me, especially friends, yeah, like why, I can go get one. Yeah, and they're like, ah fuck. I was like that's the AOB them. And that's my argument is like is like I know for a fact I should not own a weapon. MMM, and I can go get one. MMM, and I have super, super easy. Yeah, my also argument for the secondmendment is we will never get taken over as a country from it by another country because we already all have weapon. I think it was what one of it was, other Kim John. It was Kim drawn eel who had said that, like invading, he's a he's something. The effect of invading the United States is is idiotic. There's a gun behind every blade of grass. Yeah, I was like, yeah, that's kind of fucking true. Yeah, it's just it's all second amendment thing. It just it's so irritating because I don't understand, like people don't care unless it happens to them. It's almost like the whole covid thing. Well, this point was at this point, though, it has happened, happened to everybody. Well, not, I'm saying like the school shoot. Like I'm both saying it's happened to everybody. Yeah, I mean we had one the same night as another city on the other side of the country. I know there were two in the exert to mass murders on this in within a twenty four hour span of each other. Like it has happened again. There's so pervasive. When we were trying to think of fucked up shit to talk about, we forgot about it. Yeah, yeah, like that's how often they're happening. So the idea that like, oh, it hasn't happened to me yet, it's happened to fucking everybody now literally has to happen to their family. Yeah, and that's the bullishit. It's like the same thing in covid like I don't believe a CO coades not that bad until one of their family members dies from it. Yeah, or something like that, or a friend dies from it. It's the same thing with the gun. Argument is like people don't care until like, yeah, just like in Texas. I mean Texas has all those gun laws, but yet that same day is when that shooting was in Texas. Yeah, and good guys with the gun did not stop. And my whole argument to about if everybody had a gun, it would stop mass shootings. Problem Is, if you look at the one that happened here in day in Ohio, was it thirty seconds? It wasn't even thirty seconds.

Yeah, it was. And you're like he killed seven people and entered how many and under thirty seconds, and the cops were literally there. MMM, like and you see, you think, like the good guy with the gun argument doesn't even work at this point. YEA, and yeah, it's saved the but like, yeah, it stopped it from going any further, but, like a lot of people still died and got her. Yeah, it's still happened. Yeah, like he knew the cops were right there and he still did it. Did it matter? Were still just like fuck it, I'm doing it anyway. Yeah, it's forgot who, who the interview was, but they were like what do you want to do? Turn teachers into Parameterre? Because they're talking about arm of the teachers? Okay, let's make them pseudo military. Is that what you want to do? No, I didn't fucking think so. I didn't need my my. Why? I think my would quit teaching if that was the case, if they implemented the gun where they had to like car of a gun, like she would never want to do that. I have several friends who are teachers. There were like I'll quit. I mean like it's to that point, m to where you're like, Oh, you want your teachers, we're stuff. Teachers fucking flip out on students too. That's true, that's true. Like that's it. What blows my mind about the whole arm the teachers or whatever is like teacher brings a gun, teacher has a gun, kid has and now we have a fucking Mexican standoff over homework, like you know what I mean. Like it's just one of those things. It's just so stupid. Did your idea solving an issue is to throw more fire at the shoe? And it's completely undergot it. We've got a guns in school problem, so we should put more guns in the school. That'll solve the problem. I don't honor, I it just it's annoyed the fuck out of me forever. That's why I posted that meme today. It was this guy talking to a crowd of people. They've got that. He's like, do we agree? It's a mental health issue, not a gun issue. Everyone's got their hands up, all right. Who thinks we should do something about mental health? All their hands are down. So whenever I hear the it's a mental health issue, okay, cool, then passing fucking mental health reform when I here's the thin thing too. Is Like my thing on that is like people like, well, mental health was some big deal back in the day. I was like it was a big deal. Is never diagnosed because nobody ever thought about it. The all these mental health problems existed back then, just nobody knew about it yet. You fucking idiots. I lay call this lay. I was like, you're fucking cut yeah, I have to spend on facebook. Nice. I was like, you're fucking kinds. I just assume you're a suspend them on facebook at all times, honest, I just I don't. Yeah, armed teachers to armed teachers. It's dumbest. You can't even fucking trust teachers. Man, like, in the same conversation we're talking about arming teachers. Okay, but like how many situations if we had, were like teachers have kidnapped and molested and rape students? Okay, you want to give them...

...a gun now? Yeah, again, I'm not saying all teachers are rapists or anything like that, but it's like, okay, there was a video I saw on tick tock yet day where this this teacher is now fucking suspended because it was during his office hour, a period or something like that, whatever, didn't have a class going on, was in his classroom on the computer watching porn and some student came in to talk to him, saw it and went and told the principle. Principal brings him in, yells at them. Teacher goes back in the class room and rights up the student for entering a for entering his classroom without permission, and says, he says, you know, I could have you arrested for trying to blackmail me. It's like you were looking at porn in a school. You Fuck, that's on the school computer. Or, Oh my God, on an idiot that again, but let's get that guy a gun. There are lots of ways you can help support what we do here at the basement lounge, and it's really easy to figure out how. You can just head over it a TBLPOD DOTNET support. You'll find links to all of the places you can donate, like Kodah fee or buy me a coffee. Or you can even head on over to our patreon and become a monthly member of our VIP section, where you can unlock all kinds of awesome rewards and gifts like membership cards, stickers, exclusive roles in our discord server and so much more. Just head on over to tblpod dotnet support and join our growing community today, although I'd been hilarious. They brought a huge actman. It's okay, God, I be so fucking funny. That's something they got to wear about you. If they ever do xmen in the mcu, like it's going to bring that. It's going to be so long, like. But the thing. Who would you bring? I think they do when they eventually do x men. I don't think they'll touch overine for a bit. I think they're gonna wait. But he's the most popular one I know. But you gotta get away from Hugh Jackman. That's why they waited so long to do a venom movie. They had to get as far away from fucking spider man three is they could. Yeah, probably mean but like likelihood. Who would you even pick right now, like even top of your list to play to play Wolverine? Yeah, no fucking idea. Hugh Jacksman shadow that I've seen. I've seen two ideas that I like. I don't love, but I like one is Daniel Radcliffe. Uh, just because he's I think he's a really good actor, that you could do it. I don't see him necessarily as Wolverine, but I see him Jackman. I can't either, but all. Another one somebody brought up was jared Liso, who plays Wayne on letter Kenny. Yeah, because he's kind of got that Jack lumberjack look to him. He's Canadian and I think it's gotta be in no name. It would have, though. Yeah, it would happen. You can't pick any be camping. No, no, yeah,...

...that because even Hugh Jackman wasn't exactly a big star when they picked him for for Rolverine. He'd done a few movies here and there but was mostly a stage actor. Yeah, so it's just it is one of those things that you're like, I've had this conversation so many people. Yeah, I'm just like, I don't even know what you would do. It's Castine on CGI. Yes, that's what they do. They see gi just it's a deep fake. It's a deep, huge Jackman space like they did with the fucking Carrie Fisher and rogue one. Yeah, and and tarking, but he had but because all you just haven't have the mask on all the time. I gotta do is just do this part, just do the mouth. Just got to Ceegi the mouth. That's it. Nah, I don't want that. Have that cough. Do if they got. If they do, if they do the MC X men mcu and they get in that wolver ring, I will be like you fucking motherfuckers. Well, they so they teased it a little bit in the Second Wolverine Movie in that the that post in that credit scene or whatever, but it's like, yeah, we're never actually going to put this on. Fuck it willcause he even joke about in the first xpen where he's like, because actually wear these things, would he prefer yellow SPANDEX? That's funny, because that's what you wear. Well, I think I was like because the thing was like you can't have them wear Mac because that mass would be so stupid. Oh well, yeah, well, have you ever seen the original Wolverine Look like from his first appearance in the halt comics? It's I'm gonna pull this up. It's pretty hard to look at. It's not. It's not too far removed from what we're used to from like the S. Yeah, but the mask is it's Jim carries that. It's hard to look at. I know right, laugh at people there. It is, Oh my look at that fucking mask, Dude. It's horrible. Yeah, that's the original look from when he first showed up in the comics fighting the hulk. Yeah, but you know, that's the one that we're all used to there. Yeah, which I mean that's a Badass look, but does not translate on screen. No, no, well, that's that's that's why I'm still like, I know, I know right now fantastic for is in the works, like that's part of this current slate, but I don't know, I have no faith in it whatsoever. I don't think fantastic force a property it particularly works. I think if you're going to do what you should do it like as like a period piece on like Disney plus and said it like in the S. Well, everything hooks together in some way, shape or form. Yeah, I know, but just setting. I'm just interest see how they're going to make everything kind of well, I don't know, with everything that spider man and doctor stranger dealing with. WHO The fuck knows? Yeah, and then with what I know about, because I think we talked about the we talk about venom. Yeah, yeah, let's kind has the Post Cressenia. So who the WHO the fuck even knows anymore? And they dropped the new trailer from more bus two, which I still am just really curious what the fuck that movie is going to be like. It's what happened after jared let those joker died. I had all the... in the world in his joker and I just I don't think I ever got a fair shot. You know, it didn't really see a bunch of scenes that cut out. Oh Yeah, really what? It's fucking dark man. You know I that. I just like Shit, like you got to play a joker after Heath Ledger. Oh yeah, like that's still where first, and then Joaquin Phoenix. That hold my beer. Yeah, Juquin was like, well, I still know it's joker. I like more. It's a hard PA. I like the growth of the joker, Joaquin's yeah, I love the complete, utter chaos of ledgers. You have no idea what the fuck he's going to do now. Oh, absolutely not, and that that's what made it so fucking good. I hate that it took him dying to get an award for that, because it was very much deserved. But if he had, if he had lived, he wouldn't won that award. You know now. So good, though, I know I know it was so good, but think about how many times someone has won an acting award for a comic book movie. True, like like. And this was two thousand and twenty eight, two thousand and nine. So I don't think he would have been nominated. I don't even know if you'd been nominated. If you nominate Robert Downey Jr, all tropic thunder, you cannominate. I agree. I'm just saying I don't know how much faith I have in the academy. Valid point, but no, I mean that was definitely a weird year where the nominees were Robert Danny Jr and blackface and and then he'd ledgers, the joker. Yeah, Humm, who lap the ends up the spectrum. But all, but also, if he ledger hadn't been nominated, I think Robert D jr Won. Oh yeah, I mean he's so fucking God. I'm I'm do one another. What is it? I can't remember. I'm a dude. I'm a dude playing a dude playing another dude or something like. That movie so fucking good that come out after iron man. Yeah, because I was at the theater seeing iron man and then walked out in the hallway and saw a trail up poster traffic. As a Robert Anna Jr I was like that's a black guy, though, said I hadn't seen a trailer for yet, so I was like, Oh, what the fuck, tell me mcquires and fucking shop, is he? Yeah, right place, the one priest and the pend Oh, that's the fucking like the fake trailers. That was fucking brilliant. Yeah, I love the fake trailers at the top. Yes, Satan's alley. Yeah, God, the Porno Music starts playing. That was just a great fucking movie. Tropics understand good. It's so fucking good. Man. Well, and Tom Cruise is yeah, part which nobody knew about going into it, and then first time I watched it I was like, wait, is that? No, Holy Shit, that's tom kind of haze in that movie. You like what breezing here's telling them? Yeah, you're adopting a kid. Yeah, at least you get to pick ears. I'm stuck with my he just stares at the picture of his son like just disappointment, and its fucking I got what he give him. I... you the the TVO, but he oh, Guy, remember team though. I have it in his contract that he used to have some kind of digital recording device around the din throughout the shooting, and that was like his whole mission throughout the whole movie is to get him team. They I killed the one thing I love most. Oh my God, you killed a hooker. And Jack Black so good in it. They're all great in it. Who played who played out Alpa Rapper? I can never remember what the fuck isn't anyone. He was fucking funny in. The Bass is in that, like Lad's Bass was in that movie. Dandy McBride, Goddamn Bride. Fuck. And then who's the old guy? Was that? That wasn't Nick Nalty? Yeah, I was nicknalty's that Nick nulty? She's Christ Nick Nalty. Bill Hayter, isn't it? And then the British guy who plays the Director, oh, that's also in Eric something. He's also an is that a bunch of Shit. The other guys is in. The other guy. Yeah, I you want to say Eric. I don't want to know. That's not correct. Well, you ever see the one he did called Hamlet? To know it was this weird indie comedy he made was about this like theater teacher, director whatever, who gets a job teaching theater at a high school and his whole thing is he writes a sequel to hamlet, but it's like it's like a bit's a play on like dead poet society because, like he's like it's a school in the Barrio. All his students are fucking you know, the thug, you thugs and shit like that, and you know, criminals and all that. He's just trying to teach them how great acting is. And as marriage is fucking fall of our it's really fucking funny. Hamlet to and what too is all. It's called good will, hunting, to honey season, apple sauce, bitch. We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you, guys, want to know more about the show or get more involved in any way, shape or form, head on over to our website, tblpod dotnet. That's tblpod dotnet. Leave us a rating and review on the reviews page and click a litttle blue microphone to send us a voice message. Let us know what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on what we talked about. We'll see you guys again and next week for a brand new episode. Every Wednesday, eight am is when they drop. Until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and Bo by.

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