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Season 2, Episode 78 · 6 months ago

Current Events, Part 2


This week, there was so much to talk about, we decided to break it into two parts.

On this episode, we continue the conversation about all the crazy stuff going on in the last week.


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So in an attempt to talk about something else, because I just I don't know, Um, that OBI wan finale, it's good ship. Yeah, man, uh. When when he's spoilers, by the way, when he's lifting those rocks and just throwing them at Vader, I think my neighbors probably heard me shout get wrecked. It was so good. Um, it was so fucking it was everything I wanted. You know, vader had the high ground, he could have won, but then he threw the high ground at Obi Wan and then Obi Wan literally had the high ground and then he threw the high ground at vader. Very that's very high ground. Back and forth it was. It is cool. I mean itm ended perfectly, Um, the whole because we talked about this before. Yeah, like fireworks before the world. I don't it's it's felt like an eternity, it really has. I can't believe. I was thinking in my head. I was like wait, Rov versus Wade happened, and then the January six thing and Obi Wan, fuck in the span of a week. It's just wow. Now that like. I fucking loved it. I don't know why some people hated it, but I fucking loved it. Did everything I wanted it to do, knowing that like it had the cheapest like budget of all that and had it had like it had lower, a lower budget than deadpool did head like and they did the best they could with it. Honestly, it was fucking great. The whole lightsaber battle is and then that those final moments when he because first. So if you haven't seen rebels, they do kind of the same thing. When AHSOKA fights vader. It's the other but it's it's different, but it's the same. But I kind of like the one from Obi Wan a bit better because they had more time, because it wasn't it wasn't like a twenty minute cartoon show. It was the whole thing. But I loved how they played with the light because when he's kind of being vulnerable, you see the blue reflecting off of him from Obi Wan's Lightsaber. And then when he goes into I killed Annakin skywalk or I'm going to destroy you, then it's all read again and I thought that was so but even that, that moment where he's like I'm not your failure, it's like I chose this Um my favorite part of that. The dialogue was great, but the voice change Oh, so good, so good, and again like that's one of those it's it's like that fight, that moment and the stuff from the fifth episode, all of that is why you bring Hayden Christians in back. Um, it was so and then the quagon. It was was great. Um, just I was so happy because I was getting scared. I was like, this episode is almost over. That was what was spoiled for me. Oh really, I was on twitter being an idiot. Well, here's I don't really follow anybody, though. That was the weird thing. I was like, did I spoil it for you know, I don't really follow anything that would like made me fall star warship, but somebody posted about it and like how to picture. I was like, but then my head I was like, I'm watching the serious was like maybe that was just because it's at the very end. So like all right, maybe that was something just the things might put up, because I had said before like if he doesn't actually show up, it was gonna be the biggest troll ever, because they kept hinting that it was gonna happen. Um, I liked that the emperor showed up and it was Ian McDermott back to play him. Real quick. For I was like, Oh, that's I didn't really expect to see that, but that was that was cool. And he looked more like Um, like he doesn't return the Jedi. Yeah, because, which is awesome. Yeah, and it was great that that he was back and Um, and just kind of put Vade, put vader in his place a little bit. Just kind of like basically like remember who you served. was just kind of like yes, Dad, give him, give him the backhand. Um, started pulling the belt out like Um, it was yeah, the Liam Neeson thing was quiet on thing was was so great. I love that. We got a hello there. Oh yeah, it was so good. There gave him the...

...toy finally. Also, okay, props to Owen and Baru for being like ready to fucking fight. So I brought up like some I brought up on twitter, which I never thought about, because that's their death is like the most brutal death. Oh it is. Their skeletons are just because they're fucking badasses. They probably took on like a fucking like thirty stormtroopers and they have to give them the worst death ever. You're right, that makes total sense. Total Badasses, and it's Beru Barus, the one who's kind of like okay, we're gonna fight this bitch. He's like no, we're gonna leave, Nah Bitch. She pulls these guns out and he's just like who did I marry? What the fun? We also got to run this cocaine. Yeah, sorry, my only stars isn't working out anymore. Um. Yeah, it was great. It was so good. The boys had the hero Gasm episode. I heard they were almost ran out of semen, fake semen for they also, apparently there was stuff that Amazon made them cut. They were like like there's certain things we just cannot put in, we cannot show. It was I think they should submit it for Emmy Consideration Because, on top of the hero gasm stuff being mind blowingly fucked up, everybody in the show had amazing acting moments. Give Anthony Starr every emmy on the fucking earth. He has a whole, like to three minute scene that's just him. There's a whole to three minute scene that's just him. That like it's again. It's like submit that for a fucking Emmy. The Guy who plays a train, this speaster, has like like there's Jensen echoes has an amazing moment like this. I think. I never thought I'd say this, but submit herogasm for a fucking Emmy because it was so good. Is that? Does it end very end with like him getting away? Homeland are getting away because they all are attacking him at once. Yeah, because it's not the end of the season. No, not the end of season, but they all have soldier boy and yeah, yeah, it's a it's a and Hie and all that. Yeah, like if you think about if you think about the fight from civil war where its cap and and and Um bucky versus Tony, it's very that it's just a big knockdown, drag a fucking fight. But all the hero gasm stuff, like I've been watching all the reaction channels and stuff on Youtube, who have all basically just said this was the hardest episode of our show to edit because we can't show fucking anything from any of that. Like some of them had the clips playing but there was just one big blur over it. So you can't see fucking anything happening because it's just I mean it is an Amazon made him pull some stuff and Amazon because, yeah, because Amazon. Actually, it opens the episode with like a fucking slate that just says anything you see in here. It literally is just kind of like this episode is basically not suitable for anyone. Anything you see depicted in here, like with and even says like with animals, was done with C G I and cost us a lot of money. So just calm down. Basically it was it was basically just a you have been warned. If you watched this at this point, that's on you. Episode. It's an amazing fucking episode. It's so fucking good it has no business being that good. So it's here agasm, but like really good acting. Yeah, no, it's it's it's it's the most fucked up thing on the face of the earth, but it's also just really good. It's just really good. And then they dropped a trailer for if you watched the Harley Quinn animated thing yet, it's really fucking funny. And they dropped trailer for season three and apparently they're doing something in season three akin to hero Gasm, and I'm just kind of like, is everyone just doing superhero orgies now? I mean, I'm here for it, but speaking of orgies, when you watched jacks four point five last night, I was there a four point five. Yeah, because they like they did like a three point five or two point five? Yeah, I don't know. They've done the four point four and the four or five is just on Netflix. So we decided. I decided to watch it because like I still have to watch it and I haven't watched it yet. Well,... saw jack has forever. No Theater Um. Yeah, there's a lot of dicks, which forever. But I was like there's a lot in two and three. There is a lot. There's so many dicks. I haven't the opening sequence is filmed. It's just it's Chris Paniss Dick Dressed as Godzilla. It is like and they told like that's not that's the apparently that's the opening for Um Jackass forever. But they on four point five to go on in the background detail of how they did it and I was like what the you know? I was like what the Hell? Well, they've done that before where they've used the guy's dicks to do like puppet shows and ship yeah, but this is like the opening sequence. Oh, the first thing you see, the first thing you see and like with theatrical like asserted as this idea and they're like, oh, that's funny. But then they started on like growing on it, growing up and growing on it, and if we actually did it. Like I was just like holy can you see if you can pull it up anywhere? Maybe that's a that's a big fat maybe. Um, yeah, no, I just I just haven't gotten around. I watched some other ship over the weekend, but it was all kind of stupid. Um, let's see jackass forever. Um, I haven't seen it forever opening yet. Um, here penis emerges. Jackass forever intro. Let's see what we got. Oh my fucking God, other than newbies. Okay, Oh my God, no, my God, Oh no, why? Oh, why? Oh, I mean that's a lot longer. I was like, okay, I wouldn't point. His balls kept on like falling down. So like Johnny and knock tried to like take his balls and prop him and play because they said it looked like like. I can't remember what they said it look. It was so like to like elbow. I don't know. It's some weird a ship. The balls are ruining the take. The balls were ruining the take. Yeah, I still haven't seen for everybody. I saw the point five. I was like, there's a lot of Dick in this. I heard I heard it with a lot of Dick. Same with Um, that Pam and Tommy thing, that that Sebastians. I heard that. Basically there's like do you just see his Dick a lot, and I'm just like, okay, same with I'll say I'll stay with here. I guess if you see a lot of pain, a lot of pain. This whole season has been very pain heavy, pain heavy, particularly the first episode, but but then like into it is explosive. In the first thing, especially, Chris pineys goes like yeah, it's there's a lot of penis in it's like, and I can relate to this right now, is because, like you, when you're a kid, you just like play with it, do whatever you kind of want. You don't know what it's for. It's like we're doing it as an adult. Nothing sexual or anything, I just we're doing it. It's just it's just a body part. There's literally they do this one thing where they I'm not even kidding you. Oh God, I can't believe this. This had it hurt. Um Ping Pong table right but right next to each other, and so they and it's too like two and playing Ping Pong and basically the ping pong tables held together each one of their dicks. But what they do is they fastened like there's two plexiglass things, one on top of the deck, one on the bottom, on each side, and they fastened it to tighten it all the way down to...

...squish the Dick is close, like it's flattened as much as possible and you're like, why, why are you doing this? Why? Why? Um, I'm so I can pull up the hero Gasm thing here and gas reacts. I just hear a gas in the beginning of just the clip. Oh God, let's put it up. You probably pull it up on Amazon. Probably I'm trying to get logged in my mom's gotta use my mom's Amazon account, so she's got to text me the past go to get in. I know I gotta see the beginning of this. Um, let's see here. Come on, mom, text me. Um, this is part of it. That's probably, probably, probably not going to have the scene I want to show you, but Oh God, on Youtube. That guy probably got pulled immediately. I'm sure did. Um. All right, so this is I'm getting to the party. Oh my God, hell, no invitation. I got your invitation right here. Start Light. I did not even recognize you. Come in, you are more than welcome to party. Party. Yeah, seventieth anniversary of your orgasm. Fuck me, you seem familiar. You're about to get familiar with these hands. If you don't get this motherfucking love saucage away from my Goddamn face, you're not soup. Come with her for the FUN party. Yeah, he's very good at Conling us. Yeah, his tongue is just yeah, he just gobbles that vagina right up. No, love Saucage, Shure, this is good now for me. I like, come on. So. So, what you don't know is in like season two, I think it is, they break into like like a flaba city where they're testing on people with powers, and he's one of the guys that breaks out. He's knocked unconscious in the hallway, but it's Dick has like a fucking mind of its own and it slides under a door. It starts choking out mm and you're sitting there like what is that? And this sudden he just kind of realizes is this a Dick? Jesus, that's the beginning. That's that's not the beginning of that's just where they get to the party. Oh God, how long is the party, like, like how long that part of the episode is? That most of the episode, like like the Hero Orgasm is the backdrop for pretty much the entire episode. And French, e. they're they're the one of the got one of the one of the boys isn't with them on this mission and everyone who's there keeps commenting. Man French, he's always wanted to see this. He's gonna be so bummed he's not here. That's funny. It's so good. Yeah, if you don't care about spoilers, then yeah, you could probably just you can, probably. It's not really a whole lot to get spoiled though. Well, yeah, a couple of things, but if you don't care, I really don't. I'm to the point where I'm like I've caught like literally bitsy pieces, bitty pieces like every season just because, like I just watched on youtubecause it's show I've wanted to watch, but it's like I just watched a scene from it, let's just watch this scene from it, type thing. It's a lot. So I watched the whole, like almost the whole ending fight scene. That the whole ending fight scene be bore like Huey Um Butcher and soldier boy fighting homelander, like that's at the end of the episode. Yeah, and then like where they haven't held down and ship. Yeah, I watched like the like the last five minutes of that already. Okay, yeah, that's yeah, that's pretty much. There's like one scene, maybe two after that, and then the episode ends. Um, it's it's a really great episode. I said, homelanders scene towards the beginning of the episode is some I mean I can't get over. Like, you know,...

...the thing I can equate it too is you know in Lord of the rings when Gollum's arguing with himself. It's like that, oh ship, but it's incredible. I mean it is unfucking believable. It's so good. Um, I think the boys is probably the best show on streaming right now with this season. This season is so fucking good. He's gotta gotta catch up with so much. You gotta catch them all. Um. Okay, so, Rob Wade, January, say you want can and here orgasm with the funny. I don't know, man, that's some wild ask. Let's talk about let's talk about fireworks. Um, fireworks competition was last week over the weekend. Um, Jeff Fun yeah, Super High. Yeah, you were. Yeah, I've never seen you high before. No, it was weird, man. I just like I was like not nervous. I was like I was almost too amped up our fireworks for the basis. I wanted to get high real fast. I asked why his pen and I hit it three times and then it actually got me more amped up. It was some of that like motivational weach he had probably. I was like, what the fuck, I really don't even know how my set really went that well. I thought you did good. So I was just kind of like I asked my aunt, my uncle. She's like, my uncle like, I think you should have placed top three. Did you placed top three? I was like no, they're like, Oh, I thought you did. I thought you I was a little shocked you did and I thought you killed it. I think I just I from what I remember, I thought I did well. I thought so too. Um, I thought I had a good shot, but I knew the one guy was going to pass. Um, the one because he did very relatable jokes at the like the beginning of the show. I can't think of his name, the Dad Bod guy. Yeah, he was good. He was very good, but like the beginning of his beginning of set was okay, wasn't that great, but you ended well. But they're all very relatable. So I was like they're gonna like him. I was like cool, you knew Chris was gonna. Oh, as soon as he did set, I was like, Oh, fun, yeah, this is getting through. Um. Who else got through? Andy Franton? I'm pretty sure Andy would have won. Um, I think he he posted something on Facebook, belt six, he said, then the number six, and then like six, and so I don't mean what he puted and I'm pretty sure he want. I haven't messaged about it yet, because who did win? Um, Alex Er Nandez, Alex tr Nandez one. Um was he on? Was He on my night? Was He at my show? I have no idea. Think he was at my show. What did let's see here. Six twenty will haunt me for a long time. You Got Lucky Heroes. What you can't go over? Oh, like six minutes twenty seconds. Okay, I wasn't. I didn't get what you meant by six, like I thought you meant like the date six, because we're in June. Okay, yeah, and I want to mess him about like rub not rub it in, but like because I know three people who have lost because of because they dcute. Yeah, well, because that was, um, I won't say who, but somebody was bitching that someone got through on my round who went over. But what I told him was they don't get d cute for going over, they just lose points. And this person also brought like thirty people. Was this person great? Yes, but the thing is that the D Q doesn't happen to the finals. Um, I know three people have been D qt. If if it happened to Andy, which I think it did, Um, I know three people got dcute. So I was actually, honestly, I was kind of happy I didn't go to the finals. I just really want to spend with my family. I was gonna, I was gonna, I was gonna try to go to everything but and to work. And I stayed for both show. I stayed for because I did. I was the early show on Friday. I stayed for the late show because I knew you were gonna be on that when you want to Livy, were gonna be on that one, Um, and I was. I was dead to the world and next morning because we didn't get done until I had to... at working, you know, five. So Saturday I was like, okay, well, maybe I'll just skip the Saturday shows. Got I did want to go because the new jeff was going up, but I was like, I'm too freaking tired, so I'll go to the finals. Sunday. I got busy and I just was like I'm just I don't, I don't, I just want to go to bed. And so but I saw Wyatt got second and I don't know the girl who got third. Say she's I haven't met her. I haven't seen her in a while. I asked myself. She was funny. I haven't. I've never met her. So she's I haven't seen her and I haven't seen her since last time. I honestly saw her. But exactly what I would make sense. You haven't seen something since the last time you saw them. I blessed my staller. She was funny, but that was like that was before covid Um, so I'm I'm gonna assume she's gotten much better Um. But yeah, yeah, I was just I liked my from what I remember, I liked my set. I remember ending on Penis because you forgot whatever your last joke was. Gonna be sip, but it what. It was funny and people laughed because, you know, I saw a couple of times because the guy who went right before me, Um, Robert Black, he forgot where he was at in his set, but he had it written on his hand and he started looking at his hand for notes and people fucking lost it and he kind of just made it work to his advantage and and played it off and I mean it was really fucking fun. where it is like if I ever forget, like I usually have my jokes open on my phone real fast, like to some stuff. I forget something and then my phone screen was blank. Was My phone off? I was on. I was like, I'm not even gonna Bother and I basically just I was determined to not look at anything. So I was just kind of I was just pulling from the tent that I took to Kuyahoga and I was just going until I got lit, basically, Um. And I mean I watched my video back and I'm just kind of like, yeah, I did really good. Karen, Karen told me how close I was to tying, because there was already a tie for third, and she's like, I won't say how close, I was, but I was. She was like you almost, we almost had a three way type or third oh ship. Um. And because so none of my family was there because they were all out of town from my grandparents anniversary over the weekend. I invited fifteen of my friends. Nobody came. Pieces of ships, like I lied. One friend came, one friend did come, but but butter than that, it's like I invited fifteen of you. Um, if I had been like so far from placing, I wouldn't have cared, but it's like it was like one point. Oh my God, yeah, and I was like, like it was, it was like that close. And I was like, I'm so fucking pistrid. I didn't even didn't even tell me how she she could tell I was because I was like I had a really fucking good set. Um, I had to tape to prove it. MOTHERFUCKER's Um. Yeah, because because the last time I did it, I think I was off by three Oh ship. Yeah, the last thing one. I did it in nineteen and I was three that I was three away from placing. It was. I did. We did have some people come up to me and Andy that thought me and Andy were the same person. Oh really, and so they were like they thought I took Andy took his hat off. Oh, and so, like, I'm also wondering if that like hurt me because there, because they were even like we thought you're the same person. We're like that motherfucker just what? Not? What? I don't know. If I don't know that, I don't I don't know him that well, so I can't really say that's what I was. Like. We're both wearing black shirt, blue, same blue colored jeans, but my shirt was like his had a logo on it, mine didn't, and he had a hat on. I both kind of had the same facial hair structure. So it's kind of like maybe if you're drunk. Yeah, I mean I got...

I got a shipload of compliments after I was done. I mean Jesse was Jesse was fucking beaming when I got off stage because him and Dan, Danny Andrew, because I was home both as I almost didn't want to go up because not not just because of the Roe v Wade ship, for some reason my my nerves and anxiety were just at their fucking the sky high and I was remember sitting at home. It was like six o'clock and I was just like, I really don't know if I even want to put myself through this, and I'm glad I fucking did. I had a blast. I had, you know, a lot of a lot of great feedback and again, it was just it's the fireworks. Is always an amazing fucking time if you love comedy, because everyone's there to fucking laugh pretty much and aside from the occasional dud, pretty much everybody's bringing their a game. So, Um, I was surprised Darrell didn't place because they seemed to really fucking like Jarrell. That's what I'm saying. So here's who I had making it in my round. If it wasn't gonna be me. Um, is my top four people are me, Chris, Darrell or Andy. Period. I was like three of us are going to make it unless somebody sticks out that I don't know, and that one guy stuck out. So I was like, I think, okay, now two of us are gonna make it. WHO'S gonna BE? So I was like all right, like, Andy had to get set cool. I was like, Darrell, how to get set cool. I think I had a good set cool. Yeah, Chris had a good set. Cool. They who the fuck? Like, two of US are going? Who? Like? Who? Who is it going to be? So I don't but not only that, I think it's just kind of memorable. WHO's memorable or who can market themselves them up? You know what I mean? Because I think also the problem is that she doesn't bring people back up afterwards seek remember who they get what you're saying? Yeah, yeah, that's true, because at that point they're just trying to get the headliner ups so they can count votes. So I think that also gets missed. Yeah, so they should make an APP yeah, I mean they used to. Well, she used. They used to do that. They used to bring the person up real fast. Yeah, I don't know why I should. I think it's stopped because of covid honestly. Yeah, well, that and just just trying to kind of move the night along. And you've got you've got two shows to do in one night. That's a lot Um. But yeah, I thought it was from the two shows I went to. I thought this was a damn good year of the competition. Great, and I only have I only have one other year to compare it to. But Um, but I've been to a lot of shows a while. He's a second year Arou'd not making it, but last year I couldn't make it, so I even told people not to vote for me, and still people, they still sucking vote for me. So I was like the British guy who went during my he was so fucking good. I've never seen him before. He fucking it's so good. He was really good again. I can think of two people during mine who had bad sets. Well, one person who had a bad set in, one person who had a not great set. Um. Other than that, everybody on my round did really fucking well. I'm trying to think. I'm trying so or not not not the name names here. I don't want to. Caleb didn't have a good set of mine. He'll say that yeah, he he he. I sent him as I sent him a took pictures of his. He see to message me like you mean he's he was so disappointed, and he did. He was bombed. I was like just keep trying, man Um, remember that? I can't. There was the guy who did really bad in my round. I don't know his name. Anyway, he went up and just I don't know it was. It was almost like a weird monologue, and at first people were kind of giggling because it was really super awkward, and then when they realized like, Oh no, this is just him and he it was kind of luckily I was luckily here was a few between him and me, but get me the buffer. But the guy who, because I think Simon, went up after him. Um, and I mean he brought it back real well, but,..., Simon, basically touring comic. Yeah, because he's from UK, lives in Columbus. Yeah, Columbus. Um, I thought Olivia did. Olivia did real good. Hurt. I love how her table of friends is the ones that are the ones that were pissing off Karen at the beginning. Yeah, the ones who were like coming in late, and that was like her boyfriend and their friends, and she was sitting next to me and she just had her head and her face like, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, him again. Am I good? Oh him, I got him. What is that front? I can't remember. Um, I don't know, it's sound familiar. Um, where the fuck is it? But no, it was a good Ning. If you didn't go I mean, if you're in the Daton area, you go to fireworks next year. It's the best night of comedy while. He's hands down it. I mean I had a from I remember pretty much had a blast. Was lightlier joke. I don't think it as well as I wanted it too, but I was just trying to which was the buzz lightyear one. I was just like last night, I think I see the new buzz lightyear movie and I was very disappointed and mortified it wasn't the gay porn I was looking for. I remember that one as at the very beginning because they were they were talking about all that, like same sex kissing it and like Oh yeah, but then the Row v Wade thing happened and I thought like that would like kind of like would overshadow a little bit. Maybe I was like if I'm still going to do it. But yeah, Um, that was good. It was good. It was the fcause. Our show was Fu our show was packed. Ours had like eighty reservations and I know they were letting people in like at the door and it was pretty much I mean I think at one point they were coming up to a stand they were going to maybe start sitting people up top with us as they were just they were that full. Damn Um, poor star. She was like I haven't had a moment to stop all night, Jesus, but you know, Chit Ching. So money, money, money, money, money, uh, no, next year Welt. So did July. We we and and asked it on Monday. So July thirty one. We're doing another show here at my house, another homegrown humor Karen's gonna headline. She reminds rebody. Yeah, I cannot pronounce. She's gonna, she's gonna Feature. Yeah, and Uh Helima as she is gonna gonna Open Um. Tickets for that gonna go on sale on the first. To get your fucking tickets, your pieces of sheet. My mom today was like, you know, it's hot in July. Right. I'm like, you know, it's hot now, right. I'm not really gonna have a I'm not waiting until September. So and you know whatever, by the time we start the sun will be down. WHO gives an it'll be fun, it'll be a good time. We had swamps and yeah, we had a blast the last one. So I mean seriously, it was. I ended up letting a bunch of comics who came just go up and do an extra five minutes just for ships. It was a lot of fun. So all that's up. Um, I'M NOT gonna lie. I'm also excited don't have to do comedy until the semi is at go bananas. I'm so excited. Yeah, like, I mean, I'll have to run the open mic at Wiley's, but you can kind of you can kind of take a break. Yeah, because I'm like, yeah, I don't have anything but till the sixteenth in Lima and I'm kind of just gonna leave it like that. The wild thing is, like how do I used to do this all the time? Seriously, yeah, it's exhausting. Yeah, especially because, like, like I said, I did, you know, Wiley's this past week at Cuyahoga the week before, plus Barrel House, plus the House. I'm like, I'm so fucking tired, I don't know what I was running on. Man, hopes and dreams. That's the only thing I can think of. Youth, I guess. Yeah, yess it was my im my youth is slipping away from me. I'm slowly becoming out of touch. I mean, yeah, I just think in my head is like what...

...the fuck? Yeah, like, well, I don't want to that, I want to stay with my family, but it's just like I used to do this all the time and I'm tired and it's it's so exhausting I I can't even like like part again, like I didn't go to the second night of fireworks because I was like, I'm just too tired from just staying up late the night before and even Sunday I was like, I'm just two days later. It should not take me two days to recover from one late fucking night. So here's interesting thing. I started taking in the morning because they be really tired in the morning sometimes, but like magnesium really yeah, so it also helps a body soretness in the morning. I take one at night before I go to bed, and I'm not gonna lie. Yeah, because I've been waking up like I wake up. I just don't feel like refreshed and like I actually feel refreshed now, like I've started. I got this is so hippy of me, but I got this really good like herbal tea and yellow springs, but I drink in the morning, before before I even have coffee, and it's it's really good. It gets me liberal fucking I'm such a fucking snowflake with my herbal tea, herbal tea, herbal fucking te yellow. I'm drinking coffee right now. So fucking corporate, corporate, liberal Snowflake Cock, with my with my with my crochet, Bernie Sanders sitting right bucket. I was actually thinking about that today, not the crochet part, but I don't know what I was thinking during the like I was thinking after watching the hearing. I was like, Oh, I come on. Thinking was like Bernie just sitting there like this, like, Uh Huh, that's would never have happened. It's never what happened under me. We've never been a problem. Yeah, I had I had a friend who when when trump was elected, he was saying like he's like we are going to go to a fucking civil war, and honestly, we're so fucking close to a civil war it's kind of like anymore you think so? I still think so, man, I do, especially with the Review Wade thing. I think it's just I think we're just, Oh yeah, I keep on thinking of the war as like racist race thing. Oh No, not, not, it's not, not, not that one, just in general, just it's good instead of being a instead of being a racist civil war, it's gonna be a political civil war. Yeah, it's gonna be. Yeah, yeah, I mean, we'll just take babies and throw them at people. You want babies, fine, here's your fucking baby. Tom Brady throws it perfect spiral. Baby's got a perfect there we go. Let's end the show with babies blowing up, with with babies ring with grenades, and it's a tear gas baby. Wait, let's shrow Johnson'Ston, Johnson's, no tears shampoo. put it out. We should put no tears in the bottle. But, sir, it does cause tears exactly. Dude out. Yeah, I don't know, rob suck it. Yeah, I don't know. I don't. I don't. I don't even recognize the world we're living in anymore at this point. It does. It's not just something I never thought would be, like ever since I was a kid, like Oh, abortions legal, okay, like that's what I've always thought, like that, would never, like that, would never, and then that it's like a thing, and then you're like and and so many states were quick on the draw to start throwing in bands. Are just the strictest legislation they could come up with. And the irony is like people need to get it, like Republicans that need it because they're cheating on their spouse and got their side checked. They'll get it, absolutely absolutely that because, and that's why they know. They're like no, this is not going to affect us at all, we'll have no problem dealing with us. Um, what was that? There was some there was some politician that that tweeted about it, and this girl retweeted and said like okay, well, your son made me take a plan B pill after we fucked one night, but sure, please continue. Oh ship, yeah, Oh,...

...ship daddy just got called out. Um, I don't know it was, it was. And then did you see the thing from Um, from John's, from John Oliver this week about the Utah Governor asking everyone to pray for rain? So, so the West is going through just just a massive I mean the drought is just getting worse out there. Basically, the Governor of Utah it was like, Um, it literally was like I'm urging everyone. He's like we need rain, we need rain so very bad. So I am urging everyone to come meet me at like whatever, this park or whatever, for a day of prayer to pray for God to send us more rain, and I was like, Oh, okay, and there's there's some native Americans who were who were who out there who were just kind of like, yeah, we did that first. Bitch. That's copyright infringement on rain about some of my posted hold on this is actually I was like, Oh, this is a good one. So she still has on her facebook, because this is really, really, really good. Former trump president secretary and current nominee for Arkansas governor, Sara Huckaby Sanders says that after row row is overturned, show and be as safe in the womb as they are in the classroom, and I can't help I think she just threatened every pregnant woman she sees. Oh ship. Well, who was it was? It was it Bobert or green or MTG who was saying, Um, kids need to be armed and learned how to use guns like at an early age things. So I think it was bober who said that. I was talking about, like she's more of a gun freak than I think she is too, but it's who? M G T K killer? M Um? Yeah, she was saying, Um, somebody just showed this the we will adopt your baby thing. It's uh, we will adopt your baby. Going on with that. Uh, I don't think they found him yet. They still have found I don't think they found as Miller yet. They found Bam. UH, they found Bam ar Jerry. He's going back to Rehab because he disappeared. Um, as far as I know, they haven't found Ezra Miller yet. Bam is such a sad story. The BAMBAR Jerry story breaks my heart every time I think about it. It all starts to Ryan Dune. Yeah, that's what put him like. I mean he was probably on. He was on the cuss of his life, I mean doing what he was doing. But, like any significant thing, a death would have pushed him over the edge. I think it being done really like was just like and that's you. Literally, that's the moment in his life that everything changed. That is yeah, I remember remember when he first died. I mean there was just the the live videos from the site and like Bam was there and just was a mess and wouldn't do interviews, wouldn't talk about it. His parents were saying, like we don't know what to do, and they were a childhood friend like we. We've sat on here several times, like the only person who could get Bam out of this right now is done. Oh yeah, and he's the one who's gone. Well, did you ever he did an interview or talked about hike that night that that happened randomly. He hadn't known it happened yet, but randomly at that probably the moment he died, he just felt like he was in a car and he felt like breaking ship and he didn't know why. He just start breaking it in the car and I think he was in a limo and he had no idea why. He hadn't know him. Done died left, but it's kind of like something overcame him. I felt like great, and then he found out like twenty minutes later and he was just like yeah, yeah, June, June fifteenth, he was reported missing after fleeing the Rehab Center. He was found and checked into a new center yesterday as a Miller. As of June tenth, they still have not been able to locate him to serve him with the order. Miller then posted Messag does on their instagram mocking the courts attempts to find them. But...

...since the lead of the posts Jesus Um, they have said, it's all but confirmed. I think that the flash is just going to go straight to HBO Max. Um, God, this is supposed to be their big thing and they're like, God, Damn it, Ezra. Yeah, that hasn't been confirmed yet, but that's what it's looking like is going to happen, because they're just they're just trying to cut their loss and we need to do they needed to Reado like a Mr and Mrs Smith moving with Ezra, mill and amber heard that's what they need to do. That's fucking funny. God, he's imagine, like they were putting so much effort into that movie flash. Yeah, go back and then trying to and now like if it goes to Hbo Max Automatically, like what a just, yeah, what a what a bad ending for that story all, all all the tribulation they had to go through to get it fucking made. And I don't know, I don't know. Everything they have shown me so far between with with the joker and the Batman is just like just to stop with the universe ship guys. Just make movies. Just make movies, just make good fucking movies. That's all anybody cares about. We could give a funk. If they're can it's cool if they are, if we could give a fun. Guys aren't doing it good. You're not doing a good enough fucking job. Just be done. Um, yeah, Azra Miller, Rovis Wade, Ezra Miller, there's the fucking episode right there. That's a should be the title. No, Ezra Miller's hero Gasm.

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