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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 7 · 11 months ago

Comics Shouldn't Watch Comedy


Is it a bad idea for comics to watch comedy specials on Netflix? Was it okay for Dave Chappelle to ask Netflix to pull his show? What's the difference between being "cancelled" and being held acountable for your actions?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Comedy specials hurting the joke writing process
  • Chappelle & Netflix
  • Is "cancel culture" even real?

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The following program is brought to youfrom the basement: Lounge podcast studio for more information go tobasement lounge, podcom R. I think I didn't even post the hofpsthat ar interview feel like ow that go. I Dod I didn't. That was good. It wasgood. I mean it was thirty minutes. You know he's L Ke, he was on the roadtraveling from from his parents place. Okay, I wasjust kind of road tripping for the holidays rather than fly, and so he wasjust you literally just post posteda thing on his face, but like I'm on theroad for like the next five days, if you have a podcast, I want me to callin send me your infas ee here he's like cool. Give. You T youthirty minutes on Tuesday, and I was like that: okay, perfect, sweet yeah, ad: It was cool, he was, he was real cool you're. Talking about you, know, stuff,slowing down comedy wise because of Covid, and I was like yeah. I haven'tdone a show since Janware he's like well thos. First, three months are yourfault. I was like yeah. I know t's yeah, I am ohw, I know now he was cool yeah. We talked aboutlikehe's doing like I brought up that we were doing the the we had thediscord server for the comics and he he's got like an online comedy showcalled like the Nowhere Comedy Club Yeah I've Seen I've heard about it andseen people post about it. I haven't checked it out yet I looked it up nowand I was like okay, that's it's kind of cool actually think emailer was onat one point in time, probably yeah imanhe's, not a bunch of stuff withRyan Yeah Yeah. Well I mean they used to heusetown HEUSD to be part owner. I think of Het was part of Em Mor while's for alittle bit. offstutter was, I think, so I didn't get a part on et for a while.I knew ye owned. A was part Otef, a bunch of clubs. So was that Mordes andI think the Caribbean, we o they all kind were part Ialy, yeah wow. When was that, right before I got inthe comedy okay,okay, so he must have left about the time I moved up because you startedabout the time I moved up here, yeah! So, okay, I didn't see God wish I' knowthat would ask thim about that, because I kept mentioning that like we were. Iwere in Dayton and surprised he didn't bring it up, but it must not have beenan amical part imicable parting. Now he don't think it was. I don't know a lotabout it. I think that kind of fucked him like yeah. I think he put up themoney for it and people behind the scenes. fucked him. I think I know Idon't I don't hundred percent Ho so seemsit's from what I've heard. Thatseems to happen a lot it sobecause. I was on Dant. Don Smith was doing thislike like online podcast festival thing forthe weekend, and he had me on for the life and yeah he's like he's like he was talkingabout just he's, so just Takeng such a backseat toeverything going on there, because it's all just so exhausting and yeah. No, I can imagine it can't befucking Ao escially fucking now in a pandemic. Yeah because are they? Arethey closed again? No, no, not yet yeah! I add a book two shows this weekend forhim. Oh really a doing what the Fuck Whith I want to get you on one yeah. Iknow you don't. I know you work. Fritay SAT orday Si can't fucking gen worsethe fucking worst I and she doesn't give me like. I usually get like a lotof time in advance to plaing them yeah. It's like a, maybe give your heads up,but she was like ther'Rs jus have super dolp festival this weekend. Oh that'sright! Yeah, because risind cove CAS and all that stuff they scarted tocancel super dope. Dan did H, yeah, which I understand an she asked me. IfI could do it and honestly I I don't see anybody coming out this weekend.They wad eight people last weekend, Les's Friday, this pasth Friday. That'snot that's, not Super Siiwithit! Being Thanksgiving weekand, it's not super surprising, but yeah O know, I'mnot surprised, was surprised, hove to have about covid and all that stuff Li.

I plan on losing money. This weekengcause I'm paying the headviner something H. Man Yeah, but losing muddy and comedy, iskind of the cameting comedy an. I started watching marvelous MSS Maizelon Amazon, prime. Finally, it's pretty pretty fucking good, like even forbeing like like a TS period. Piece like I mean the first season. I mean it'sthis. You know: Hoity Tity, upper upper west side, girl getting inthe comedyfor the first time and not knowing a fucking thing or who to talk to andwhat to do and like a lot of those fears came came crawling back from fromwhen I was sixteen like. Ah God I remember Hstartin Yeur Sixteen Sorr, Iwas sixteen man a show in high school. I did pretty good too. It was thesecond show that was terrible, yeah, wow yeah, but yeah it's it's. It's a funny shot to bean AlexAlex Bors Orstein, one for family guy, yeah, yeah, Bortin, she's, funny shiton that show. Yes, she, but they got, I forget the guys name of they got a guyand they're playing lenny, bruce and and fucking lenny burt. I know e H. Iwit now that without a fucking dime to penny tohis name- Oh yeah, Oh yeah,they don't they don't stry away from the fact that the guy was fucking trainwreck like Oh yeah, but he I mean he. I wonder how he would do today. Ah Man, I don't know what would he talkabout because en he was talking about Shit, you weren't supposed to talkabout back, then you know getting terested and all that type of stuff forit, but like how far would he take stuff like him? An PETRISO NE IVEwondered yeah. They would be today. I wonder about Phe trees. ECAUSE I'veseen patrice kind of loose control of the room a few times,because sometimes he gets little caught up in his own head, H and it'. It goesfrom being funny to just being just angry and like remember it. The whos roast was it. Was it Charlie,seans roast somebody's roast? He went up and like just just he threw out all thise jokesand just started ust going after people for for the means Shit. They said it'slike dude, it's a fucking roast man, I thinkthey're Gointo Talk Shit Thi wholeone. I've never seen that one. I think it was Charlie, sheanes and yeah. Hewas the last one to go up before Shen did his rebuttle and I love petries andit was. It was a bommer because you know they taped. That thing you knowmonths in advance and then like a week or two after it aired patrice died andI was like man. That's a sucks is like that's. The last thing would rememberyou for his was kind of being a bit of a bitch on stage yeah, but one of myfavorite specials ever is ll fit in the room. That's so good! I know. Oh, myGod. I just rewatched it lik two weeks o just because just because, like I justfucking love that fucking rest tospell rest to Ron sit's, a good fucking vit because likeeven when, when I'm riding out stuff or tweeting, I'm like rest- and I justlaugh at my head spolt because, like even I am like ret Fuckyeah, all that'sthat bit while ways thick on my head, I was watching. I was on. I got thatPluto TV. Ah On my phone and there's a channel on there, that's just comycentral specials yeah and they were doing a bunch of the old COMMI centralpresents ones and it was. It was Bruce, Bruce Firstbris! Oh I fucking love,Bruce Bruice. I haven't seen bris purse do accommin forever. Last time I sawhim do anything was on an episode of Marin really like years ago. I think heis. He lost weight now. I think so. I think yeah HEU think ecause. He was abig mother fuck he showed up in here. He should have want to layer, the cableguys movies and I was like Jesus Dude like you gained weight. I know WevellCrawford lost the Shitloader Waite yeahlavel yeah. That was a bigmotherfucker too yeah. Well, fucking... that one it if it wa breaking badwas a litte vell inm breaking was that lavellan breaking bad Cano bilber andthey fucking lay like they just fall down on the stack of money. Yeah, Ohyeah, like that's when you know he's big he's, Lik o Dann, like I was remember one of his one of myfavorites o his thogers. He was like people would because he was big, guyslike why ar you breathe so hard thik. I can live bitchshit yeah yeah. It's Iused to watch those every Friday night come central used to be Friday, nightstandup, and it was just all the specials and all whoever had like a DVDdroping that month or something and that's how I saw crith titus osspecials. I've never seen. I anyof I standup and just yeah. I've never seenSido Stanh shit and everybody love and everybody is like he's the nicestperson of and off the stage and and like when he comes. What happens is Iknow when funnymen was up. He coming to town, he do stuff for comics too. If Iremember correcty like he'd like like, do like a writing session orcomics or something normally, because I saw him at funny bone a couple yearsago that that particular year he couldn't because they were so boukeyeah weer, but a but yeah. I saw him when he was working on a new specialand he's the nicest fucking date on the face. He's funniest shit. Oh, I bet Iwas because I was a fan of his from from the Sitcom that was on Fox forthree years. Tinus yeah I wa. I saw they're doing like a reunio couple ofreunion episodes online. I might have to check those out, but, like all hisspecials, I have like all all hse DVDs and albums he's he's right up yourfucking alley too. Man Probably is. I is literally F N. Like I don't watchlike surprising me, I do comedy. I don'twatch like a lot, a comedy. That's my myst! I think it's most comics like itgets in your head. Well, yeah. Only that my friend want to rip somebody offon. I not rip my own ack on purpose, but yeah like Ih fuck, like thathappened. That happened to me when I was was like nineteen I was doing I Iwas doing a set I got booked at this like it was a country,basically a country club, but like not not a nice one. It was like a red nectcountry club, so a Cun tree yeah, basically coutry club without the O andthey booked me in a body to basically was coheadline. This show and it was round Super Bowl, and I justseen like a new Louis Black special, an he did a bit about the Super Bowl and Ihadn't written a bit about the Super Bowln I blanked it was supposed to bemy closer. I was like, so I thought I remembered it and when I was done, wentback and watche the video- and I was like I just did Louis Blacks, entiresuperbowl Jesus, so I've had to scale back because I used to watch them likereligiously. Every time there was a special I'd Watch, I've scaled it backbecause yeah it it hinders the the writing process. Alittle bit e got other peoples stuff in your head. It does like it was e last Iwatche chapels like whenever he comes out on just because it's sdav Sh Poliby even that I'm watch all his like. I still have not seen every soing once onthat I saw in six and stones and the first one they released by and watchedthe other two I just don't. I haven't watched hisnetflix specials, the two. I know the first one's really good. They ha twohaven't watched. Apparently people don't like him. It's like Fif, fiftyreally, but the one of them is in like the belly room at the store, the Comid, Oh shit. So it'slike really tiny, yeah and sticks in stone. I thinks fucking great, sopeople people want a bitch saying he's bashingLi, the LGBT and he's now I did hear about that. I'm Likim like Het's, notlike you, can talk to a gayper like the doesn entire bit about riding in a car.I you can talk to a gay person, they'll say exactly what he said like it justand it breaks it down. It's just so, I think it's so good. Well a lot of timeswhen you hear about like such and such a group being offended by something.It's not the group. That's offended! It's people getting offended on behalfof another group and I did realliste. I think it's like three people on twitter,the get it's never a Lord. It's always...

...yeah. It's some fucking sewing circlewho were sitting around one day like did you hear what that Dave Chapel thatNetfok the utherten? Oh my God, if I ever become a famous Comi, I getcanceled so far so fuck. I do wonder about that,sometimes like, if I ever make it fucking big, if if they pull a pull aJames Gun and go back through my tweet in the last ten years, SOM FUC obviouly,I go right ahead. I already know what I have like it is. What it is I would. Iwould probably be that guy all right, so I we're going to do this here in mytweets. Well, the gun thing was fucked up to the gun. Thing was was supbecause it that, because that was an issue that already been addressed, yeahand then they put him back on it yeah they brought him back as like as soonas Warner. Brothers hired him for suicide squad Disney was like fuck allright, fine, yeah fuckd on that. Well, my not only that, but you also had like all the cast basically signing aletter. Saying like you, don't bring him back like we will all fucking walklike cancel cal through. I can't stand it. Ithink it's going less towards cancel colture. Now I think it's gone in theopposite direction. There, I've! Never I've never like been super on boardwith, like the idea of like cancel culture being a thing, because a lot oftimes I look at is like okay, are we canceling someone for the SACOFcanceing them or were they actually get Dick Yeah? I think what happens is lotof people just fucking dig and dig to try to find something yeah and thegenius partof. The fuck up thing about cancel Caltur is like you'll, bring upsomething in their past, find that so you're saying a person can't grow yeah. That was the Kevin Heart thing. Yeah was you know the James Gun thing shit.I was talking about a band on, on my other shows the other day hate breedwhen they first started. I mean like before thei first album came out. Theygot like into a fight with some wit, some dude, mea there like fucking Ou, Inineeen twenty years old at a bar and called thim a calld him a faggot andleft like a super like homophobic voice, mainds like yeah those thirty years agoand the guy since then his like, you know, grown the fuck up a little bitwho, in the s wasn't a fucking homophob. I'm sorry like everyone in the Ninetisis a fucking, homopho yeah, and then I think that's the ultimatelike the ultimate like. I can't the oftheword I want to use, but I just I cancer calls to Digkan People's pass. Like youcan't you're saying a a person can't grow, which is the most ridiculousthing. It's one: It's one thing when you're doing that when you're digginginto someone's past and look but t for, but the difference is whenever somebodydoes something now yeah and they're like Oh, they get fired. Oh it's cancelculture. Well, no, they fucked up now, yeah they fucked up yeah. You still have to still have to sufferconsequences when you do terrible shit yeah. The difference is when ithappened twenty thirty years ago and you've already addressed it. Well,that's what's irritating to me is like so your Teamin, the the whole KevinHeart thing was bullshit. I'M NOT AV N Fan, O evanart. I I think he's funny. Iget don't doesn't make me laugh, but I'm like you can't fucking for no like no it's ridiculous and then that led tonobody wante to do the Oscars they haven't had a host since because everyevery time they ask somebody they're like why is ye? Can pullo thats reallyas happened ever ever since, because after he pulled out, they askedeverybody else to come? An nobody ont of the hosting GE Jimmy Jimmy Kimmeldidn't want to come back because everybody was just like no, becausewhat are you going to find on us next yeah, you know so yeah, so they haven'thad a host ever since. Well then W A S it jervase does. The I mean is he doesthe Golden Glohos and Globes and he fucking rips his last everyone everyodywants to get salty and it's like what did you think was going to happen.Yeah one of my favorite fucking movies ever is the one where he plays Jesus. Hepretends to be GT like evention lying. I love that movie, So fucking good.That movie is BRILLN. I did not expect a to to feelshit watching that movie. That is such a fuck. You movie, and Ilove it so much so good it just neems... invense religion which, when you think about the idea ofthe movie it's I didn't expect that going in, but once it happened, I waslike yeah that Recu Er vasis makes sense. That's how religion actually started.Just somebody trying to comfort somebody else. Well, TNOT, like Maryactually had like a train, ran on her and then one of them got pregnant, gotEr pregnant and that's how many three Wa was a three wisemen yeah and threewise men were like hey gave her guests becauseey didn't know which one right it's, the Oly Original Three men in a baby is Ay. You've ever seen. fucking Jerusalemporn before a lot of major coming coming in a major camel the camel was holding the camera ibeing Shit Shit, I would did they say. Did theysay? Oh God, o Jesus back, then O was Oh, yes, they're, probably atheas. Theywant o science. Imagine like well, I guess I got Tabelieve in God. Now I was atheist on Yev know. There was nosuch thing as asts before me, but right. What was that was the Ropin Williamsbit where it's like imagine trying to sell that to your husband, Josephleggage, okay, Mary Yeah, I'm supposed to just bu sure, okay, whatever fineyeah, you say so goant to be a stepfather God's kidgreat awesome. What a bad guy short and a mistakeright. I went wit. My sister to the game swapthe other day over ind kettering. I found a Stephen Lynch DVD for fiveBucks, Oh wow, which is e name. I hadn't heard in probably ten years and is live with the LRA DVDs fucking. I'veseen that walking funny. I hadt seen that in so long and they also had a bunch of bill, Cosby,DVDs TAT look, they had nobody was going to be buying them many timesinits, I'm a collector, collector, Awi, collect CSI and bill cosy. Gota go up the same alley. Oh Shit, fuck. What d you think of thewhole chapel ship, Supe Shapel, show Netflix great on his part, yeah they fuckedthim. It did like I mean, like I don't know. If HEU had to return all themoney he made, I don't know how that works or anything like that, but likethey did kind of fuck him well yeah we're goingt were going to profit offof a show with your name on it that you 're not going to see a dime from yeahget fucked what Yep and it made them so much money, Oh yeah, and he leftbecause he didn't like he didn't like what they were doing to the show tobegin with, and he realized they were using him and like more power to him tobe like I gotta go yeah like he didn't havelike an because you coul you could tell th. You had no plan that would behottest, show on television. You couldn't walk down a hallway in amiddle school without somebody going what yeah or Chini Mahan Yeah like thatwas the I mean that was the number one show on television I feel like, and heis like they're making e due stuff. I don't want to do another Tang, I'm donelike Y. I don't he did the right thing. Ind. Myfavorite part I watched it Itwaswas, it called unforgiven. I think that's whatI's called his video on instariamas caugt on yeah favorite parters, like I'm, not askingyou to boycott these companies, I'm askingyou to boycott my name: Pretty Money, yeah he's, like don't boygot the gum. Boycot me yeah until I get my fucking money, because everythingbecause has got his name on it, that's what ther! It's that's like the wholeprince thing. I think everybody wanted to know if he was actually getting paidon the reruns on, not because that's Redik not get paid anything likebecause, like fucking, what's their the friends people get paid on, Oh, theystill make millions upon millions per...

...episode. Filon. Anybody in a Sitcommakes resisual income off that as long as it's in royalty. As long as it's insyndication, unless you have a shitty agent, you got to be seeing somebackend on that movies. A little bit different, but yeah tv you got tofigure, especially friends, because, like every network runs friends reruns at some hour of theday, yeah, whether it's two am or two in the afternoon, fucking tbs shows itfor four hours a day every day, starting a noon. Oh, my God is my mom'sfavorite show I've never been a friend's front fan. Igrew up on it because I grew up with my mom, but but is one of te Lik. I Wa. I watchit now, like lookan retroactively, I'm just Kino Ik us this a show about justterrible people yeah. These are all shitty horrible people, just a that's,not funny yeah. How is Thanksgiving for you? I mean it was all rightThanksgiving Day. We usually don't do much, because my brother and I bothhave to work. So we did like a big like breakfast inthe morning at my mom's and then we had Friday and Saturday off. So that's WHA.My other brother came up to visit with his wife and we did the big dinner on Thursday andthen Friday Friday. We just got hammered because, usually, whenever mybrothers in town, it's, we all just go brewery and bar hopping, and so westarted at branch and bone at like twelve twelve thirty went to Daytonbeer company, and we me me and my brothers and my uncle finished off atcentury bar, which I had never been to and I'm a big bourbon guy and you payby the shot and the shots are priced based on the price of the bottle. Soyou know yeah, I think Ito'd be three as a shot or Ninetyar a shot Yep, butby six o'clock we got back to my uncle's house, and I was I was notlacking straight yeah Lova love of bread sitting on the counter I was kindof like. I need some of the brand right now he's tearing off a hunk of it. GivMe Akame Ime, given give me it was good, though his go ho about you. We stayed home me and her did becausecovid yeah and then I just ate at edible and gotsuperfucking guys didn't do like a big dinner oranything I mean we had made hour own. Did you well not made her own prettymuch? What happened was there's a local placethat was doing like to go type stuff before Yeu Co, even not even Bob, itwasn't. I it was. I can't Remr what Rudo Brugering Company, Oh yeah, theywere doing like it was axgiving a Thanksgiving thing for like fifty bucks.If you wanted everything right, I think I was like fifty bucks for everythingand then they basically made it Wu it didn't have Turkey with is onthing, didHAVP so e got my potatoes like some type of castrols a couple other thingspay fifty bucks and they gave us instruction ust how to already preparejust have to heat it up, Oh cool and then Turkey, because she' she only eats fish.She vegtarium. She was vegetarian that just pessgataria s yeah she was avegetatle, is vegetarany ear, she's, a vegetarian that occasionally gets toeat fish. Yeah sfish is fucking expensive, yes, she's prettymuchVegetaia for fifteen years and then sheus started doing fish like last year.Wer just start doing. It was because she's like I just want another way toget protein mm tit's literally it I was like wow. I have a way I don't like doing that, and I'mmarried you don't have to anymore sshelar. Is I gonto go on vacation likewhen Saws I was like you got ta swallow more she's like I'm married. I don't do thatanymore. I was like. I am aware. You guys, probably Everybod, think SOMaddict to my wife. I am, but we give it to each other. It's funny and I got superfucking Hig thanksgivingyeah. I had part of a cookie.

I knew it was a bad cookie because mybuddy ad tooky it was like well, I had Idon't know how many milligrams were in the part of my cookie, because I knowthe whole cooki hat two hundred fifty milligrams in it. Okay and my buddy atealmost the whole thing and then I was like and he found out there ws twohundre fity millograms and he was like what so I had to drive thim home likeand he let me have the rest of it. I don't know if itwas half or like athird or whatever, but like I don't know, but I was obliterated like I knewit was good when, within thirty minutes I was already feeling it in inedibleRigh, usually don't you dugasly, don't feel inedable until like an hour twohours in like sure, because gotta get in your system, that's a CLA. I don'tknow if you ever seen the movie instant family yeah. I thought that was apsychological thriller. That's how fucking HII was thitss a family comedy Ni thought it was a psychological. Iwas like this girl. The older sibling is she's Goingno murder them an fo fools right. Now, like I subplots within sublots, I ha subpotswithin my life that never existed. Ts Ai, I knowi still high. When I went to workthe next morning, Oly Shit, it was bad like I don't think I got clearheaded tolike five the next day. I I took it at ten in the morning. Oh my God, Yeah OlyShit, Thirty Six Hour High Holy Shoa Wok up.I was like I try to get to the JAM. Ont O the gym, and I was like I was likeforty minutes at my gym. I was like like on Friday. I was like for Hasictisis fucking weird I'm jus gonna leave and then I go to work. I'm like Maan,like I think, I'm still high specing you with the gyms going like likeyou're going hard jus Ye God. It's like two five pound weights, an yeur's ive.I don't even know what the fuck some people like the Iyinto, go to the gym.I do not. I don't get what people do want to go to the chip period. I can'timagine getting Hig only thing I ca do is fucking when I'm hig. That isliterally it, but I was just like it was like five o'clock also. I was likeclearheaded because hen I hated customers again. It's is like. I think I just wore off. Do you cook Oes Your Wife Cook, whocooks in the House yeall both attempt she's, really a cooklike she's cooking fish for herself tonight right when I get Homei Gon tcook some chicken. For me, I just varyis, like lately, 'vebeen cooking, like a lotmore just because comony wises bening shen she cooked for self. Like suse, Iwas always gone yeah and then, but lately ever since Covid, like we kindof split kind of do, what we do type thing me go out like twice a week, got a fend for yourselves, yeah kind of like yeah link, Telya she's, cookingsalmon or some shilly dice, I'm cooking chicken O A on. I got both in theFridge da yeah. I've been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsey. has this cooking at homeseries on Non Hulu? I watched a bunch of that and it's just it's just likeit's not like his usual, like high class French bullshit, like it's justlike here's, how to make like really good. You know fucking Chetris, Py andshit like that, so I want to hang. I would want to hang out with him sobacks. I feel like he be actually cool, hang out guy watching watching this show wher, because it's him athome with his wife and his kids, Huh he's the most like fucking,embarrassing. Dad on the face of the earth like just gives his kid shitconstantly or like he's like got his daughter help, but in me's, like yeah,we're going to put a lot of garlic in there because the more garlic you got,the less the boys are going to want to date. You BCAUS, like here I' teach you had tomake this that well, you can make this of your boyfriend. How Nice will be allthree of US sitting down to have dinner together as Soit's good yeah. I've seen I've seenthe bunch of his stuff, where it's like him at home, there's the show he didcall the FWORD. That was like kind of a variety show, and it was a lot of clipsat like him at home, with with his family of kids, like his wifejust,giving him shit, because they were raising turkeys, that they were goingto then slaughter to have for...

Thanksgiving one or for thanks. If yourChristmas or something won, you're, not Thanksgiving the British forThanksgiving one year and they got a little too attacked so he's like justsitting there, just penning it and she's, like you know, we have to like kill that Turkey eventually right he'slike now, I don't like o beating how negative youre be ' going O get. I andwalk away from you, please Youre sitting there just kind of like this is.This is what I have to live with, if she's, the biggest fucking, Dork andyeah, I want Ted like he set o. He was Dickon, Hell's, kitchen, Eis. I I thinkhe plays that person on purpose. He might also be that at work I saw, I sawan interview with him and I think he said the reason he's like that isbecause he's it's a competition with professional chefs yeah, so he's gotlike really high standards for them, as opposed to like you watch master chef,and these are like fucking housewives and he's kind of Dick on there, but notas big as a Dick on he's a Dick if they do something stuid yeah, but likejunior chef he's like the nicest and the Viere Ony, like God, Tamn this guysa better dad, an my dad yeah he's he's just and the I watchthis show on on Disney plus. He does called that uncharted. Just him goingto like S, random remote corners of the worldlike fucking, Peru and like more away and shit and just like living withlocals for a week and he's so out of his fucking element like they're,getting to EA, grubs and Shit and how to cook with like Wildplan and he'sjust Suche such fucking baby to if you watch them on hotw. You know the hotones show yeah. If you watch him on that, he's such a such a bitch and itpushes out so hard- and it's like on the Vergif tears the whole time he'slike shugging milk and eating dohnuts and Ye'sust, like Oh fuck me as God, awhat the Fon Acan hotone R, a great fucking concept of a showit's, the bestfucking it like. I will watch that show for hours. I don't give a shit. How doyou? How do they come up with that idea? Just just some Guy Whash, just I goingto interview celebrities and we're going to eat hot wings, and I got it. It does a it humanizes, the fuck at ofSonpo, because he's not just getting like you know: Rand he's gettingfucking hally Berry and the undertaker and Namadry Eli ielba YeahucingkandPeel on there. He want to see he's had everi yeah, hesaid Shack on there, shack, shila, boff, Zoi Kravits, I mean and like they getvulnerable as a fuck on that show, and they just get Charlie staren was funny,as was funny as Shit Sheioh Yeah. He aid he had guy. He had guy fiery andRachel Rayon there and had Rachel Ray first and then he had guyfiary on guyfeersly ember, how Rachel was like drinking milk and drinking water andshe yeah. I didn't touch my milk make sure you let her know that Liksofucking competitive he was. He was funny as shit though, but yeah. Imaginepitching that to your bosses. Just I'm going to do a show ensead of tablyhotlings with celebrities and ask him personal questions and Theyan they but they're, also likethey've, launched like they make all their own hot sauces now and work for him. Yeah fucking work for him and then he's gotthe guy. Ik Got Tik a game show version on TV. Now, don't that I saw where they put. They putlike a collection of it on Hulu now and I was like Okay Magis selling that tewho Li yeah. My thing is: Why would I go watch this on Hulu, where I have topay for Huluin sit through commercials or Ian go watch for free with nocommercials? What's what's the game plan here, I have no fucking clue. Whaas all reading was a. This is a kind off topic. Well, thatkind of I was reading that apparently Amazon prime, like sixty percent ofpeople, have Amazon Prime, an the United States or some shit like that. Ibelieve it as that fucking crazy, that's insane, and yet I stopped to payto watch certain movies on Amazon, Po Yeah. That's that that's my one, my onecavyot! I love it for the free shipping...

...and, like you know, the boys is onthere miss masels on the likes but but like. If I want to go watch like like amovie movie on there, I got to pay threed an ninty nine to rent it for andI'm like. Okay now, I'm already paid you twenty bucks a month to use yourfucking service dexactly. Why Dot? I have to what are you napster like whatthe fuck at'a shill be fucking free, especially I mean come on, not Kashurting WAT AE. People are bisshing, Olike, Netflix, just going up in price,a dollar which I'm like yeah, but we don't have ads yeah like I don't carelike you, I watch Netflix. So much like I take no ads the'r seventeen dollarsor some shit like that. Who is the one I got a problem with that. I still gotTa Watch fucking, hads yeah, get you get pay more. You get the Ad Freeversion, the fuck you eain you enough money, wit Bou live right now, yeah, I'm likeit's like sixty bucks a month o I got for baseball now. She wants it because, because she likes her designing, showslike she hasn't a cable in like ten yearsreally yeah, and so we do that and sixty bucks, butyeah I'm good with it, but I also spend eight hours a day at work watchingnetwork TV. So when I'm at home its like, I either want to watch like I Ihad bobsburgers on earlier, but like I just want to watch like shit that Ican't watch at work or, if anything usually just play video games, but wellI want to want. I wantto watch big mouth R. I want to watch fucking, I don't know I was watching the harly Quinn series on on hbmax. Thatwas pretty good, that what was that is hat the aniatean yeah ifus fucking. IWan Shit. It's really Raunchy to it's got. What's your name from Big Banktheory is Harley Quinn, Penny Bland, okay, yeah,she's, harly, Quinnshe, 's, fucking funny it's such a. They did an episode withwith Batman and Robin and robins like eight years old and he's all pissed offHan. He hasn't got his own, his own artnet, his own archinemesis. Yet sobadmian has like the talk with him. ININSTEAD of being about sex is aboutfinding your perfect archof arch villain or something he brings him. ASandwich cut ship like an R and he's like a major your favorite sandwich.It's like you didn't make that Alfred made that Whel. I told him to make itso it's kind of like I made it shit yeah. I love it, but yeah yeah, II'm paying for Shit. I should then have to pay to watch theShit on the APP like I'm already Pai. Iagree yeah, don't even know likethere's the peacock AP. I don't even know what that is. That's the NB. Idon't know I don' know T. I don't know if you have to pay for that, though,because like I'm like, I really like parks and wreck, but it's on. They tookit off Netflix and owit's on peacock, I'm like fuck, that's that's where I'mgetting kind of pissed off right now is like everybody doesn't need their ownfucking APP yeah when, especially when they're all chargeing ten to twentybucks a month for it's like I'm just going to, then the whole thing wasyeurs was getting away from cable TV Yep. Now now I might as well have cableTV for the amount of money I'm going to spend yep yeah. That's why I like Igravitate towards one's like Hbo Max, because Hbo Max is Hbo, but also likeadult swim DC warner brothers like a whole bunch of Shit. Netflix Holo, is awhole bunch of Shit. I'm not going to get the CBS APP just to only watch.What am I going to watch two broke girls, I'm fucking fuck! You! No, Ionly watch two broke girls, because I am also broke what as it, and only thatit just do you wonder, I wonder if Netflix Hulo or them like theyautomatically project, how many people they're like okay, this person we'renat one suscription, that's description! That guy is going to give out hisinformation at least ten other people right. So I wonder if they have to havethat N, like some type of like well, you got to figure. That's why like likeNetflix has the has the packages for like more multiple screens. They knowmultiple people are going to be watching on the son yea. You knowssling sling, even sling TV has that that Internet cable, other cable optiontha it's like who lie, but it's not through Hulu same thing. If you get theright package, you can have multiple...

...users on the same account. It's likeeverybody y they're, not they they're, not dunk. Im Yeah, yeah you' have to bea fucking idiot to not think no one's going to give out their log Ain. Vot ofthis no n, he fucking big mouth, which is a Netflix series, makes jokes aboutit in the show. Every fucking season he's like Agan, my family can't affordnetliks, don't worry I'll, give you my pet and then its is censored for like thats, I got a fuckg and that tnot was a coolpart about the dayship, but going back to the Dacha pel that fliks immediatelypulled that yeah off their platform. Theyre like yeah, okay, we gotall, eveneven Dave, said he's like I don't Hond it against Netflix yeah he's likethat's. Why I asked he's like we got a good thing going on. That's why Ifeehe's, like I think, is it Li? That's WHA, I fuck with Netflix Yeah. It'simagine, though, they probably spent a lot of money to get that Oh yeah, butthey're also probably not hurting for it. Oh now and the're, here's like Hey,get rid of it and they're like ecause. Not a lot of companies, respect thattype of shit. Those ome don't get the fuck yeah, but also you got to figurelike it'd. Be One thing if, like the showwas coming from like Disney, like Netflix, doesn't goodn necessarily sayno to Disney money yeah who the fuckis comedy Central Yeah other than drunkhistory? Does anybody know what's actually on comedy Central Anymore,daily? Show baby yeah but yeah get it it's like yeah.What do he fucking? Do? You know nobody's nobody's like nobody's,building their cablepackages like I'll, get this caable package as long as itcomes with comedy central okay like Disney Disney. If it was a big enoughcompany, you may have had a bigger fight to fight, but Disney probablyowns comody sentral. Just don't know it probably. I know the I know they have acontrolling stak in Holo yeah, but fucking we get it got it. You got atiny deck. It's funny. Sorry Doese owns everything. Li Te Om, do Disney, ONS, marvel and star war andFox, and I feel really bad for like something in mark like they're like nolike dent. They like not own, something, an marvel or something like that.There's a few properties they don't tentlly, have ownership of thefantastic for well. They have that. Now that they bought Fox okay, they gotthat Hes Imagineby, like we don't marvel, but we don't want that thing,just not good enough ell! That's that's! How like there's that's why they Slovethe thing on on with Sony, because soon's got spite anything t do withSpiderman and that's why there hasn't beenanother hulk movie because Hulk stilltentetly owned by Universal, Ohwow, that's why there hasn't been a as why he hasn't been like a like anotherhulk movie, because as soon as he as soon as they call the movie likeincredible help to or something like that, like the universe, look ets, allthe fucking control. That's why the thror Ragno Rock, likeEA, that way they did Yeph it's a holf movie, but we're calling at a thoritsall fucking that toget hat's how they got the Dare Devil Series on that flace,because that used to belong to Fox tow they're, trying to get that they'retrying to get Disney to revive that they fucking fucking better, at leastthat and punisher yeah. I can give a shit about the other ones, but fuckingmy favorite fight see WHOA. I knew dare devil is good. I think it was episode.Two of the first season Tha, the whaleway t fights I always fightingsfucking. What done at one take yeah every season has one of the yeah. Iknow it's like the fucking best, because you're like that's how a fightwould go like you would be physically ohnausted, not wanting to do any standsup in the Hallway d hes just like, and this other guy gets up and Hesj's,like God, Dan Yeah. That's like exactly how fight team woeld to work, Oh yeahand then in the secons season to it was that it was a stairwell. Yes, SESseason. Threes was insane because it was eleven minutes and it was Loel. IIa Prison Break Yeah Rit, Oh God, yes and I timed it- was eleven minutesstraight. Imagine, being the guy that fucks up one of the takes Lik, you would be fired because a thereset on that's going to take hours, and then I forgot about the prisonbreak h, because because even that one ends with him like crawling into a cabjust like got, the Shit kicked out of him foreleven minutes straight man fuck. But...

...again, that's. My point is like thatshow had better fight scenes than iron fisth tand iron fifth is a show about amartial artist, yeah EI think like they put Iron Fistin, so they could just doyeah maybey talkd about this before just to defenders, defenders, yeah,that's how I felt like thor was. They did a thor movie specifically, so theydid. You get the avengers if he watch youer's althority like this is eventhat goodit's. Okay, it's okay like the for movieis, the evenger yeah, becausein the second second form of Ie sucked, oh yeah, but rag rock was right, ACTU,one of the best ones, one of everyone. That's like everybody's, like top fivefucking. Well, when I watch because Sam was it Sam Wy, I can't think ofdirector that directed that, but thet did for Eno rock yeah tyco white TD,Takootd yeah, I watched techoloty. I watched the Hitler One. Oh Jojoran, itwas so fucking AL movies, amazing. I saw that at the kneeon and Damnd near pissed myself a couple timeso funny so good he's just a Tka White Tin. He just isjust a funny weird fucking motherfucker, because he's also because he playedHitler Yeah and then he was the voice of the rock dude in ragnerock. He wasyeah. We're Gonhas dug he's right. There, itdugs dead. He looks at word with a completelydifferent Ang Li up for all I like in a different angle, because to do Jojorabbit the way like I. How did you even think about doing that? I can't venimagine jus trying to pitch that movie. A movie about a sympathetic movie abouta Hitler youte his posois friend is is imaginaryhandlers it, although Budny, but I think once you read the script andyou've got Hitler saying lines like yeah. I don't know man, you got thebest body in your entire grade. I don't Miss. Thi Girls are gross man. It's I'm the exact reading that I'm likeokay, I get it it's fine. First, five minutes in the Hitler. Youtakes a grenade to the face SAM ROC. Well, I think he's underratedactor. I think San Rockwell is is great. He want he won an Oscar for that three billboards movie, I didn'tknow Yo, want to know he won best supporting actor for that. I think itwas that or that or the year before, but he's so fucking good. I Love SanRockwell. There's a lot of guys that, like I love John Goodman Yeah, I willwatch John Goodman and fucking anything and that's a guy who was underraten hisfuck yeah. Never bad he's, never bat anything. Even even at the movie SukAss, like Likin, the big Laboski you want over the line market is zero.Yeah sobody have a fuck about the rules, but me shit. My favote one of my one of myfavorite things from the last four years has been every time trump tweet.Something there's always somebody that post a gift of him going shut the fuckup, Donny Yeahye, een, fucking, speed racer, which is nota good movie. He plays the dad and he's just funny as Shit the whole movie a'm.That seems to be racer. It's fine, bred, stias, pussy and red state yeah. Hewasn't Hewas in red state. He did that ten cloverfield lane I mean now I likeTenna Clob was it was pretty good, fucking, Fred Flinstone, the guy in Ave. you seen no brotherwhere aret thow, yeah fuck, okay, s, the fucking guy t, the Bible salesman,or whatever, Oh my God, yeah I could. I could watch him in fucking anything and he seems like I's, really fuck andalso like the Connors and Roseanne. I mean Dan's. The best part of that show.esolutely. Oh Yeah thisis there were getting rid of Rose Anne. I was likeKay, but is John Gammistigar Co. L them will be fine, it's okay! It's all gain. It is actually I've watched I'vewatched the conter since rose and left and it's been pretty good. That's one of my favorite older shows.Er Is Rosann, it was a little ahead of its time. Oh yeah, it was prettyfucking, pretty fucking dark when it...

...came out still wow, apparently gut off,opeiteddiction yeah, R, yeah, yeah, l, but t they did it like it wasn't aThrat like it wasn't a throwithing like it was over the courseoithink. Wetalked about this couple of couple episodes. They talked about it. Oh yeah,Ye H, you're, right, you're, right all right, guys, that's going to do itfor this week's episode, thanks Tso much for hanging out it. This again. Wereally appreciate it want to reminds you you can become a VIP member of thisshow and get all kinds of cool rewards and help support the show by going toPatroncom tbl underscore pod, it's three doar a month. You get access tolive streams and all kinds of other cool perks as well so make sure yoaoutof a Patreoncom htbl under score pod. You can follow this show on twitter andinstagram at tbl, underscore pod, follow mice, wells on twitter, atMIKEWTF wells and follow me and Mike of alchays on twitter and instagram. We'llsee you guys again next week until then is always live well rock on take careand by Bye.

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