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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 7 · 1 year ago

Comics Shouldn't Watch Comedy


Is it a bad idea for comics to watch comedy specials on Netflix? Was it okay for Dave Chappelle to ask Netflix to pull his show? What's the difference between being "cancelled" and being held acountable for your actions?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Comedy specials hurting the joke writing process
  • Chappelle & Netflix
  • Is "cancel culture" even real?

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The following program is brought to youfrom the Basement Lounge podcast studio. For more information, go to basement loungepodcom. Right, I think I didn't even post the hofstetter interview to likehow that guys really? I don't I didn't listen to it. That wasgood. It was good. I mean it was just thirty minutes. Youknow, he's a he was on the road traveling from from his parents place. Okay, I was just kind of road tripping for the holidays rather thanfly, and so he was just he literally post posted a thing on hisfacebook like I'm on the road for like the next five days. If youhave a podcast and want me to call in, send me Your Info.So here. He's like, cool, give you thirty minutes on Tuesday,and I was like that okay, perfect, sweet. Yeah, and it wascool. He was. He was real cool. You're talking about,you know, stuff slowing down comedy wise because of Covid and I was like, yeah, I haven't done a show since Jennie where. He's like,well, those first three months are year fault, and I was like,yeah, I know, let's say yeah, I am aw I know now.He was cool. Yeah, we talked about like he's doing. LikeI brought up that we were doing the we had the discord server for forthe comics and he he's got like an online comedy show called like the NowhereComedy Club. Yeah, I've seen I've heard about it and seeing people postabout it. I haven't checked it out yet. I looked it up nowand I was like, okay, that's it's kind of cool. Actually thinke Miller was on at one point in time. Probably. Yeah, Imean he's not a bunch of stuff with Ryan. Yeah. Yeah, well, I mean the he's the own. He's be part owner. I thinkof you always part of our while he's for a little bit off starter was, I think. So I think get part own it for a while.I knew he owned a was part owner of a bunch of clubs. Soit is that more teason. I think the Caribbean. We we will.They all kind of part really. Yeah, wow, when was that? Rightbefore I gotten the comedy okay, okay, so he must have leftabout time I moved up, because you started about the time I moved uphere. Yeah, so, okay, I didn't see God, I wishI'd know that. Would asked him about that because I kept mentioning that,like we were in it wearing Dayton and surprise he didn't bring it up.But it must not have been an aimical part immicable parting. Now he thinkit was. I don't know a lot about it. I think they kindof fucked him, like, yeah, I think he put up the moneyfor it and people behind the scenes fucked him. I think. I know. I don't. I don't hundred percent, though. So seems from what I'veheard that seems to happen a lot. Like laugh, because I was onDon Dawn Smith was doing this like like online podcast festival thing for theweekend and he had me on for the life and he's he's like he wastalking about just he's so just taking such a back seat to everything going onthere, because it's all just so exhausting. And Yeah, no, I canimagine. It can't be fucking east, especially fucking down the pandemic. Yeah, because are they? Are they closed again? No, no,not yet. Yeah, I had a book two shows this weekend for him. Oh, really doing? What the fuck? Which I want to getyou on one. Yeah, I know you don't. I know you areFriday Saturday, so I can't fucking go on one worst, the fucking worst. I and she that she doesn't get me like I usually get like alot of time in advance the plan them. Yeah, it's like a maybe giveyou a heads up. But she was like there's just a super dopefestival this weekend. Oh, that's right. Yeah, because let rising covid caseand all that stuff, they saw to cancel Super Dope Dand Oh yeah, which I understand. And she asked me if I could do it andhonestly, I don't see anybody coming out this weekend. They I had eightpeople last weekend, last Friday, this past Friday. That's not that's notsuper so, with it being Thanksgiving weekend, that's not super surprising. But yeah, you go on now and I'm not surprised. Was a surprised outwith that book, Covid and all that stuff. I'm like, I planon losing money this weekend, some paying...

...the headliners and then, Oh man, yeah, but losing money in comedy is kind of the Wayman e comedy. I started watching Marvel's Mrs Masal on Amazon Prime. Finally. It's prettypretty fucking good, like even for being like a like a fifty s periodpiece, like it mean the first season. I mean it's this you know,Hoity toity upper upper west side girl getting in the comedy for the firsttime and not knowing a fucking thing or who to talk to and what todo. And like a lot of those fears came came crawling back from whenI was sixteen, like Ah God, I remember certain you're sixteen star,sixteen man Fella showing high school. I did pretty good too. It wasthe second show that was terrible. Yeah, wow, yeah, but yeah,it's it's it's a funny show. To mean Alex, Alexports, we'resteam one for family guy. Yeah, yeah, more steen. She's funnyas Shit on that show, is she? But they got, I forget theguys named. They got a guy in there playing lenny bruce and andfucking lenny bur I know, died, was it not? That without afucking dime to penny to his name. Oh Yeah, Oh, yeah,they don't. They don't shy away from the fact of the guy with afucking train wreck like yeah, but I mean he I wonder how he woulddo today. Man, I don't know. What would he talk about, becausehe was talking about shit you weren't supposed to talk about back then,you know, getting arrested and all that type of stuff for but like howfar would he take stuff? Like him and Patricia and Neil, I havewondered. Yeah, they would be today. I wonder about Patresekau is. I'veseen Patrese kind of loose control of the room a few times because sometimeshe gets a little caught up in his own head and it's it goes frombeing funny to just be in just angry. And, like I remember it,the whose roast was it was it Charlie Sheen's roast, somebody's roast?He went up and like just just you throughout all his jokes and just startedjust going after people for for the mean Shit they said. It's like,dude, it's a fucking roast man, they're gonna Talk Shit. That's thewhole one. I've never seen that one. I think it was Charlie Sheen's andyeah, he was the last one to go up before she did hisrebuttal and I love patrees. It was a it was a bummer because youknow, they taped that thing, you know, months in advance and thenlike a week or two after it aired, Patrese died and it was like man, that's a sucks. Is like mess. The last thing would rememberyou for. This was kind of being a bit of a bitch on stage. Yeah, but one of my favorite specials ever is elephant in the room. That's so good. I know. Oh my God, I just rewatched it like two weeks oo just because, just because, like I just fuckinglove that fucking rest to spell rest to urt. It's a good fuckingbit, because I even when I when I'm riding out stuff or tweeting,I'm like rest and I just laugh at my head spoke because like even Iim like our ap Ha. I all it. That's that bit while alwaysstick on my head. I was watching, I was on I got the PlutoTV APP on my phone and there's a channel on there that's just caughtme central specials, and they were doing a bunch of the old comic centralpresents ones and it was it was Bruce Bruce, Bruce Bruce. Oh,I fucking love Bruce Bruce. Haven't seen Bruce Bruce to come in forever.Last time I saw him do anything was on an episode of Aaron really likeyears ago. You think he is? He Lost Weight? Now? Ithink so. I think yeah, you think he's. He was a bigmotherfucker. He showed up in here. He should want to layer the cableguys movies and I was like, Jesus, dude, like, you gained weight. I know. Vell Crawford lost a Shitload of weight. Yeah,I lovel yeah, that was a big motherfucker to yeah, well, fuckinglovell. And if it was a breaking...

...bad ways it lavelle and breaking wasthat lavelle and breaking bad and the builder and they fucking lay like they theyjust fall down on the stack of money. Yeah, Oh, yeah, likethat's what you know. He's big because I got damn like I wasmember one of his, one of my favorites, of his thoughers. Hewas like people would because he was big. Guys like, why are you breathingso hard? It's like so I can live, Bitch Shit. Yeah, it's I used to watch those every Friday night. Comedy central used tobe Friday night stand up and it was just all the specials and all whoeverhad like a DVD dropping that month or something, and that's how I sawChris titis and specials. I've never seen any stand up and I kdus.Yeah, I've never seen ties stand oh shit. And everybody loved and everybodyis like he's the nicest person on and off the stage and he and likewhen he comes what happens is, I know when funny, but I wasup he coming to town. He'd do stuff for comics to if I remembercorrectly, like he'd like like, do you like a writing session with comicsor some normally, because I saw him, it funny bone a couple of yearsago he that that particular year he couldn't because they were so booked.Yeah, were about it. But yeah, I saw him when he was workingon a new special and he's the nicest fucking dude on the face ofhe's funny as Shit. Oh, I bet I was, because I wasa fan of his from from the Sitcom that was on Fox for three years, titus. Yeah, and I saw they're doing like a reunion, acouple of reunion episodes online. I might have to check those out. Butlike all his specials, I have like all his DVD's and albums. He'she's right up your fucking alley to man, probably is. I is literally oflike I don't watch like surprisingly I do commy I don't watch like alot of comedy. That's my most I think it's most comics, like itgets in your head. Well, yeah, only that I'm a friend. Wantto rip somebody off on a and not rip my don't act on purpose, but yeah, like I'll fuck like that happened. That happened to mewhen I was was like nineteen. I was doing I was doing a set. I got booked at this like it was a country basically a country club, but like not not a nice one. It was like a redneck country club. So a country yeah, basically country club without the OH. Andthey booked me in a buddy to basically his co headline this show. Andit was around Super Bowl and I just seen like a new Lewis Black speciallydid a bit about the Super Bowl and I had written a bit of aboutthe Super Bowl. I blanked. It was was to my clothes are aslike that. So I thought I remembered it and when I was done wentback and watch the video and I was like I just did Louise Blacks entiresuper bowl. Jesus. So I I've had to scale back because I usedto watch them like religiously. Every time there was a special I'd watch.I've scaled it back because, yeah, it it hinders the the writing processa little bit. We got other people stuff in your head. It doeslike it was. The last I watch Chappelle's like whenever he comes out onjust because it's Day of Chappell and im by even that I've watched all hislike I still have not seen everything. One's on that I saw the sixand stones and the first one they released by watched the other two. Ijust don't. I haven't watched his netflix specials. The too. I knowthe first one is really good to I haven't watched apparently people don't like them. It's like fifty really, but the one of them is in like thebelly room at the store, the commed. Oh Shit, so it's like reallytiny. Yeah, and Stix it son. I think it's fucking great. So people feel people want a bitch, saying he's bashing like the LGBT andhe's not. I did hear about that, am I god. I'mlike, he's not, like you can talk to a gay part like there. He doesn't tire bit about writing in a car. You can talk toa gay person. They'll say exactly what he said. MMM, like itjust and it breaks it down. It's just so I think it's so good. Well, a lot of times when you hear about like such and sucha group being offended by something, it's not the group that's offended. It'speople getting offended on behind half of another group. And I did realize.I think it's like three people on twitter that get it. It's never aLart, it's always just yet it's some...

...fucking sewing circle who were sitting aroundone day like, did you hear what that Dave Chappelle that Netflix the otherday? Oh my God, if I ever become a famous comic, Iget canceled. So far, so fuck. I do wonder about that sometimes,like if I ever make it fucking big at they if they pull apull a James Gunn and go back through my tweets from the last ten years, I'm fuck, I'm really. I go right ahead, I already knowwhat I have like. It is what it is. I I would probablybe that guy. All right, so we're going to do this here.In My tweets, was the gun thing was fucked up to the gun thingwas was soup because it was that, because that was an issue that alreadybeen addressed. Yeah, and then I put them back on it. Yeah, they brought him back. is like as soon as Warner Brothers hired himfor suicide squad, Disney was like fuck, all right, fine, yeah,fucked on that. Well, Mama, not only that, but you alsohad like all the cast basically signing a letter saying like you don't bringhim back, like we all fucking walk like cancel culture. I can't standit. I think it's going less towards cancel culture now. I think it'sgoing the opposite direction. there. I've never, I've never liked been superon board with like the idea of like cancel culture being a thing, becausea lot of times I look at it like okay, are we canceling someonefor the sake of canceling them, or were they actually a Dick? YeaggI. Will Happen is people just fucking dig and dig to try to findsomething. Yeah, and the genius part about the fuck up thing about canceledculture is like you'll bring up something in their past, find that. Soyou're saying a person can't grow. Yeah, that was the Kevin Hart thing.Yeah, it was, you know, the James Gunn thing. Shit.I was talking about a band on my other shows the other day,hate breed. When they first started, I mean like before their first albumcame out, they got like into a fight with some with some dude.They're like fucking in nineteen, twenty years old, at a bar and calledhim a called him a fagot and left like a super like homophobic voicemails likeyeah, that was thirty years ago and the guy since then has like,you know, grown the fuck up a little bit. WHO, in theS wasn't a fucking home of Phobe? I'm sorry, like every one ofthe was the fucking home of phone. Yeah, and that, I thinkthat's the ultimate, like the ultimately. I can't the other one I wantto use, but it just cancel calls to digging people's past, like youcan't. You're saying a person can't grow, which is the most ridiculous thing.It's one it's one thing when you're doing that, when you're digging intosomeone's past and look, but it for me. But the difference is wheneversomebody does something now, yeah, and they're like, oh, they getfired, oh it's canceled culture. Well, no, they fucked up. Now, yeah, they fucked up. Yeah, you still have these,still have to suffer consequences when you do terrible shit. Yeah, the differenceis when it happened twenty, thirty years ago and you've already addressed it.And well, that's what's irritating to me. Is like see your team the kept. The whole Kevin hard thing was bullshit. I might have a fanicevn art. I think he's funny. Like, I don't. Doesn't makeme laugh. Well, I'm like you can't fucking for know. Like no, it's ridiculous. And then that led to nobody wanted to do the Oscars. They haven't had a host since because every every time they ask somebody,they're like why is? You can pull that's really has happened ever ever since, because after he pulled out, they asked everybody else to come on.Nobody wanted the hosting. Get Jimmy for Jimmy Kimmel didn't want to come backbecause everybody was just like no, because what are you gonna find on usnext? Yeah, you know. So. Yeah, so they haven't had ahost ever since. One then was it Gervase? Does the Emmy's.He does the golden glows and Globes and he fucking rips as last. Everyoneevery wants to get salty, and it's like what did you think was goingto happen? Yeah, one of my favorite fucking movies ever is the onewhere he plays Jesus. He pretends to be jeet, like mention lying.I love that movie so fucking good. That movie is really I did notexpect a to feel shit watching that movie. That is such a fuck you movieand I love it so much,... good. Just use the inventsreligions, which, when you think about the idea of the movie, it'slike, I didn't expect that going in, but once it happened I was likeyeah, that, Ricky Gervasis, makes sense. That's how religion actuallystarted. Just somebody trying to comfort somebody else. Well, that, likeMary actually had that. A train ran on her and then one of themgot pregnant. God, are pregnant, and that's how many. Three wasa three Wiseman call, yeah, and three Wiseman. We're like, Hey, gave her guests because I didn't know which one. Right, it's theonly original three men in a baby, because maybe you've ever seen fucking Jerusalemporn before? A lot of major coming coming in a major camel. Thecamel was holding the camera. I'm being shit, Shit, I would.Did they say that? They say Oh God, Oh Jesus. Back thenthere was oh, yes, they're probably a this. They went, Oh, science. Imagine, like, well, I guess I gotta believe in Godnow. I was atheist. Don't even know. There wasn't such thingas a seist before me. But right. What was the was the Robin Williamsbit where it's like, imagine trying to sell that to your husband,Joseph, like a okay, Mary, yeah, I'm supposed to just besure. Okay, whatever, fine, yeah, you say so. Whatto be a stepfather, God's Kid. Great, awesome, what a badGod short endimi stick right. I my sister to the game swap the otherday over in kettering and I found a Stephen Lynch DVD for five bucks.Oh Wow, which is a name I hadn't heard and probably ten years.And this is why at the L ray DVD's fucking I've seen that one,walking funny, I had seen that in so long. And they also hada bunch of bill cosby DVD's that look they had. Nobody was going tobe buying them many time. So it's not a collector and her collector,I cle CSI and Bill Cosby DVD's gonna go up the same alley. Well, Oh shit, fuck would you think of the whole Chappelle, Sappell Chapelleshow? Netflix? Great on his part. Yeah, they fucked him, itdid. Like I mean like, I don't know if you had toreturn all the money he made. I don't know how that works or anythinglike that, but like they did kind of fuck him. Oh yeah,we're getting did we? We're going to profit off of a show with yourname on it that you were not going to see a dime from. Yeah, get fucked. What? Yep, and and made them so much money. Oh yeah, and he left because he didn't like he didn't like whatthey were doing to the show to begin with and he realized they were usinghim. And like, more power to him to be like I gotta go. Yeah, like he didn't have I can, because you could you couldtell they had no plan. That would be the hottest show on television.You couldn't walk down a hallway in a middle school without somebody going what?Yeah, or you know, child. I'm yeah, like that was thought. I mean that was the number one show on television, I feel like. And he was like they're make me do stuff I don't want to do. I know, they say I'm done. Like yeah, I don't. Hedid the right thing and my favorite part I watched it was was itcalled unforgiven? I think that's what it's called. His video on Instagram iscalled on yeah, favorite parties. Like, I'm not asking you to boycott thesecompanies, I'm asking you to boycott my name pretty money. Yeah,he's like, don't boycott the got, boycott me. Yeah, until Iget my fucking money, because everything, because it's got his name on it. That's what they're it's that's like the whole prince thing. I think everybodywanted to know if he was actually getting paid on the reruns and up,because that's re Dake. The not get paid anything like his. Like,fucking what's there? The friends people get paid on? Oh, they stillmake millions upon millions per episode and billion.

Anybody in a Sitcom makes residual incomeoff that. As long as it's in royalty, as long as it'sin syndication, unless you have a shitty agent. You got to be seeingsome back end on that. Movies are a little bit different, but yettv you got to figure especially friends, because like every network runs friends reruns. That's some hour of the day. Yeah, whether it's two am ortwo in the afternoon. FUCKING TBS shows it for four hours a day,every day, starting at noon. Oh my God, it's my mom's favoriteshow. I've never been a friends front fan. I grew up on itbecause I grew up with my mom Um. But but it's one of those Iwhy I watch it now like look retroactively. I'm just kind of usethere's this a show about just terrible people. Yeah, these are all Shitty,horrible people, just a let's naive funny. Yeah, how is Thanksgivingfor you? I mean it was all right. You. Thanksgiving day weusually don't do much because my brother and I both have to work. Sowe did like a big like breakfast in the morning at my mom's and thenwe had Friday and Saturday off, and so that's my other brother came tovisit with his wife and we did the big dinner on Thursday and then Fridaywe just got hammered because usually whenever my brothers in town, it's we alljust go brewery and bar hopping, and so we started it branch and bone. At like twelve thirty, went the Dayton beer company and we meet,me and my brothers and my my uncle. Finished off at century bar, whichI had never been to, and I'm a big Bourbon Guy, andyou paid by the shot and the shots are priced based on the price ofthe bottle. So you know, yeah, I think it'd be three dollars ashot or ninety dollars a shit. Yep. But by six o'clock wegot back to my uncle's house and I was I was not walking straight andloaf, a loaf of bread sitting on the counter. I was kind oflike, I need some of the brand right now, tearing off Onk ofit. Can Give me, give me, give me. That was good,though. It gives you. We stay at home, mean her did, because of Covid yeah, and then I just ate it edible and gotsuper fucking guys. Didn't do like a big dinner or anything. I meanwe had it made our own, did you? Well, not made ourown. Pretty much. What happened was there's a local place that was doinglike to go type stuff before you call. Haven't not even Bob. It wasn'tknow it was a camera. Was Rudo brewering company? Oh yeah,they were doing like it was like giving a Thanksgiving thing for like fifty bucksif you wanted everything right thing. I was like fifty bucks for everything,and then they basically made it would it didn't have Turkey with us, onething to have. So I got madheotatoes, like some type of Castroles, acouple other things. Pay Fifty Bucks and they give us some instructions justhow to already prepared. Just have to heat it up. Oh, cool, and then Turkey I could. She's she only eats fish. She muchtarium. She was vegetarian, now she's Pescetarian's yeah, she was a vegetaor whichis vegetarian? Hear she's vegetarian that occasionally gets to eat this. Yeah,fish is fucking expensive. Yes, she's vegetarian for fifteen years and then she'sjust started doing fish, like last year. Let me just started doing it.was because she's like, I just want another way to get protein.MMM, it's literally it. I was like, well, I have away, I don't like doing that, and married, you don't have to anymore. She said that said today. She ceilarious. I don't go on vacation. Like when I saw us, I was like you gotta swallow more.She's like, I'm married, I don't do that anymore. I was like, I am aware you guys probably every probly thinks I'm addict to my wife. I am, but we give it to each other. It's funny andI got super fucking high thanksgiving. Yeah, I had part of a cookie.I knew it was a bad cookie...

...because my buddy bad cookie. Itwas like, well, I had I don't know how many milligrams are inthe part of my cookie, because I know the whole cookie at two hundredfifty milligrams in it. Okay, and my buddy ate almost the whole thingand then I was like he found out there's two hundred and fifty milligrams andhe was like what? So I did drive him home like and he letme have the rest of it. I don't know if it's half or likea third or whatever, but like I don't know, but I was obliterated. Like I knew it was good when within thirty minutes I was already feelingit in inedible usually don't few do. You just don't feel in edible untillike an hour, two hours in, like sure, he's got to gettingyour system. That's a cool I don't know if you're seen the movie instantfamily. Yeah, I thought that was a psychological thriller. That's how fuckinghigh I was. This is a family comedy and I thought it was apsychological I was like this girl, the older sibling, is she's gonna murderthem, play them for fools. Right now, like I sub plots withinsub plots. I have subplots within my life that never existed. It's ahigh. I know, still high when I want to work the next one. Holy Shit. It was bad, like I don't think I got clearheaded like five the next day. I get took it at ten in themorning. Oh my God. Yeah, Holy Shit, thirty six hour high. Holy shows. Like I woke up, I was like I try to getto the gym, want to the gym, and I was like Iwas like forty minutes in my gym. I was like, like on FridayI was like four house. It is fucking weird. I'm just gonna leaveand then I gotta work. I'm like, man like, I think I'm stillhigh. Switching you with the gym's going like like you're going hard.Yeah, yeah, it's like two five pound weights. Here's how if Idon't even know what the fuck some people I think high and you go tothe gym. I do not. I don't get what people do. Wantto go to the chip period. I can't imagine getting high. I'm anythinglike you do. Is fucking when I'm high. That is literally it.But I just like it was like five o'clock alsounds like clear headed because andI hated customers again. It's it's like I think I just wore off.Do you cooked? Is Your Wife Cook? Who Cooks in the house? Ye'allboth attempt. She's really a cook. Like she's cooking fish for self.Tonight, right when I get home, I going to cook some chicken forme. I just varies. Like lately I've been cooking like a lotmore, just because comedy wise winning seeing she cook herself lox. I wasalways gone. Yeah, and then, but lately, ever since covid likewe kind of Split, kind of do what we do type of thing.Let me go out like twice a week. Got Fun for yourselves? Yeah,Kinda like yeah, I linked tight as. She's cooking salmon or somechilly dies. I'm cooking chicken. I like Salmon. I got both inthe fridge. Do Yeah, I've been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsey hasthis cooking at home series on on Hulu, so I watched a bunch of thatand it's it's just like it's not like his usual like high class Frenchbullshit, like it's just like here's how to make like really good, youknow, fucking shepherds Pye and shit like that. So I want to hangoutt want to hang out with him so bad because I feel like he'd beactually cool hangout guy watching, watching this show where, because it's him athome with his wife and his kids. Huh, he's the most like fuckingembarrassing dad on the face of the earth, like just gives his kids shit constantly. Oh, like he's like, I got his daughter help it.Um. He's like yeah, we're going to put a lot of garlic inthere, because the more garlic you got, the less the boys are going towant to date you, because like here, teach you how to makethis. That way you can make this for your boyfriend. How Nice itwill be all three of US sitting down to have dinner together. That's funny. So it's good. I've seen I've seen a bunch of his stuff whereit's like him at home. There's the show he did call the F word. That was like kind of a variety show and it was a lot ofclips that like him at home with his family of kids and like his wifejust given him shit because they were raising turkeys that they were going to thenslaughter to have for Thanksgiving one or for...

...thanks of your Christmas or something oneyou're not Thanksgiving their British for Thanksgiving one year and they got a little tooattached. So he's like just sitting there, just petting it, and she's like, you know, we have to like kill that Turkey eventually. Right. He's like now, I don't like I'm being negative. Your being goingto get up and walk away from you and lease are sitting there just kindof like this is this is what I have to live with. He's thebiggest fucking Dork and yeah, I want to like he says it, hewas a Dick in Hell's kitchen. This I'm I think he plays that personon purpose. He might also be that at work. I saw I sawan interview with him. I think he said the reason he's like that isbecause he's it's a competition with professional chefs. Yeah, so he's got like reallyhigh standards for them, as opposed to like you watch master chef andthese are like fucking housewives and he's kind of Dick on there, but notas big as a Dick on. He's a Dick if they do something stupid. Yeah, but like junior chef, he's like the nicest and the villain. Yeah, only like, God damn, this guy's a better dad and mydad. Yeah, he's. He's. And then I watch this show onon Disney plus he does called uncharted, just him going to like random remotecorners of the world, like fucking Peru and like more away and shit, and just like living with locals for a week and he's so out ofhis fucking element, like they're getting to eat grubs and Shit and how tocook with like wild play. He's just such he's such a fucking baby toif you watch him on hotly, you know that hot ones show? Yeah, if you watch him on that, he's such a he's such a bitch, pusses out so hard and his like on the verge of tears the wholetime he's like shugging milk and eating doughnuts and he's like, Oh, fuckme, awesome, God, what the fuck a BA can hot onesn't agreat fucking concept of a show? It's the best. I'm fucking like,I will watch that show for hours. I don't give a shit. Howdo you? How do they come up with that idea? Just just someguy who was just I want to interview celebrities and we're going to eat hotwings, and I got it. It does ate. It humanizes the fuckout of some good because he's not just getting like, you know, Randy, he's getting fucking Halle Berry and the undertaker and Natalie ree elms. Isit just an Alba? Yeah, fucking get key and peel on there.He tried want to see he's had ever really. Yeah, he said Shackon their shack, Shyla Buff, Zoe Kravitz, I mean, and likethey get vulnerable as a fuck on that show and they just get sure.Charlie Starron was funny as it was funny as Shit. She's Oh, yeah, he said he had guy, he had guy fiery and Rachel Ray onthere and he had Rachel Ray first and then he had guy fiery on GuyFears. I remember how Rachel was like drinking milk and drinking water and she, yeah, I didn't touch my milk. Make sure you let her know thatlikes so fucking competitive he was. He was funny as shit though,but yeah, imagine pitching that to your boss. Is just I'm gonna doa show from Asia, tabley hot wings of celebrities and ask him personal questions. And they and they, but they're also like they've launched, like theymake all their own hot sauces now and work for him. Yeah, fuckingwork for him. And then he's got they gotta got a game show verson TV now. Don't do that. I saw where they put. Theyput like a collection of it on Hulu now and I was like, okay, imagine selling that the Hula. Yeah, my thing is, why would Igo watch this on Hulu, where I have to pay for Hulu andsit through commercials, or I'd go watch for free with no commercials? What'swhat's the game plan here? I have no fucking clue. I was allreading, was it? This is kind off topic. Well, not,kind of. I was reading that. Apparently Amazon prime, like sixty percentof people have Amazon prime and United States or some shit like that. Ibelieve it as not fucking crazy. That's insane. And yet I still haveto pay to watch certain movies on Amazon Brea. Yeah, that's that's myone, my one caveat. I love it for the free shipping and,like you know, the boys is on...

...there, Miss Mazals on there,lioks. But but, like, if I want to go watch like amovie, movie on there, I gotta pay three hundred and ninety nine torent it for and I'm like, okay, now, I'm already paid twenty bucksa month to use your fucking service. Exactly, why do I have towhat are you napster? Like, what the Fuck's this? I'll befucking very especially maybe. Come on, I like anyways, hurtain. Whataim at? People are bitching that Netflix is going up in price a dollarwatch. I'm like, yeah, but we don't have ads. Yeah,like, I don't care, like you, I watch Netflix so much, likeI I take no ads are seventeen dollars or some shit like that.WHO's the One? I got a problem with that. I still gotta Watchfucking ADS. Yeah, get from you can pay more to get the ADfree version. The fuck. You re pain. You enough money at liveright now. Yeah, yeah, like it's like sixty bucks a month.I got for baseball at now. She wants it because because she likes herdesigning shows, she hasn't a cable and like ten years. Really. Yeah, and so we do that and sixty bucks. But yeah, I'm goodwith it. But I also spent eight hours a day at work watching networkTV. So when I'm at home with like, I either want to watch, like I had Bob's burgers on earlier, but like I just want to watch, like shit that I can't watch it work or if anything. Youknow, I had to play video games. But well, I want to wantyou. I want to watch big mouth. I want to watch fuckingI don't know. I was watching the Harley Quinn series on on Hbo Max. That was pretty good. The what Wass at? A ANIMAR team?Yeah, its fucking funny as Shit. It's really Raunchy. It's got what'sher name from Big Bang Theory? Is Harley Quinn? Penny Blond? Okay, yeah, she's Harley Quinn's fucking funny. It's such a they did an episodewith with Batman and Robin, and Robin's like eight years old and he'sall pissed off that he hasn't got his owns, his own art at hisown arch nemesis yet. And so Batman has like the talk with him.Instead of being about sex, it's about finding your perfect arch of arch villainor something. He brings him a sandwich cut shit like an are. He'slike a major, your favorite sandwich. It's like you didn't make that.Alfred made that what I told him to make. It's what's kind of likeI made it shit. Yeah, I love it, but, yeah,yeah, if I'm paying for Shit, I shouldn't have to pay to watchthe Shit on the APP. Like I'm already paint, like I agree.Yeah, I even know. Like there's the PEA cock APP. I don'teven know what that is. That's the end be. I don't know.I don't know what. I don't know if you have to pay for thatthough, because, like I'm like, I really like parts in wreck,but it's on. They took it off Netflix. Noce on peacock. I'mlike fuck, that's that's where I'm getting kind of pissed off right. No, I was like everybody doesn't need their own fucking APP. Yeah, whenthe especially when they're all charging ten to twenty bucks a month for it's likeI'm just going to done. The whole thing was res was getting away fromCable TV. Yep. Now I might as well have cable TV for theamount of money I'm going to spend. Yep. That's why I like Igravitate towards one's like Hbo Mac, because Hbo Max is Hbo, but alsolike adult swim, DC Warner brothers, like a whole bunch of Shit.Netflix, Hulu was a whole bunch of Shit. I'm not going to getthe CBS APP just to only watch what am I going to watch? Twobroke girls on fucking fuck. You know, I only watched two broke girls becauseI am also broke. Was it an only? That is just doyou want? Or I wonder if Netflix, Hulo or them like they automatically projecthow many people they're like okay, this person, we're not once ascript and that's a scription. That guy's going to give out his information atleast ten other people right. So, Oh, I wonder if they haveto have that like some type of like well, you got to figure that'swhy I like like. Netflix has the has the packages for like multiple screens. They know multiple people are going to be watching on the Song Ount,you know, sling, sling, even sling TV has that. The thatInternet cable, other cable option does it. It's like Hulu live, but it'snot through Hulu. Same thing. If you get the right package,you can have multiple users on the same...

...account. It's like everybody. Theythey're not. They, they're not dumb. Yeah, yeah, you'd have tobe a fucking idiot and not think no one's gonna give out their logit in Poto this. No, no, he's fucking big mouth, which isa Netflix series, makes jokes about it in the show every fucking season. He's like the yeah, my family can't afford Netlix. Don't worry,I'll give you my patent. Then this is a censored for like that's funny. I gotta Fuck and that now is a cool part about the day.Should but going back to the day Chappella, Netflix immediately pulled that, yeah,off their platform. They're like yeah, okay, we got you all.Even even Dave said he's like, I don't hold it against Netflix.Yeah, he's like, that's why I asked. He's like, we gota good thing going on. That's why I flease, like, I thinkis it? Like that's why I fuck with Netflix. Yeah, it's imaginethat. They probably spent a lot of money at that. Oh yeah,but they're also probably not hurting for it. Oh No, and they're here's likehey, get rid of it, and they're like, because not alot of companies respect that type of shit. Those of don't give a fuck.Yeah, but also you got a figure, like it'd be one thingif, like, the show was coming from like Disney, like Netflix isn'tGonnassari say no to Disney money. Yeah, who the fuck is comedy central?Yeah, other than drunk history. Does anybody know what's actually on comedycentral anymore? Daily Show? Maybe, yeah, but yeah, I getit. It's like, yeah, what do the You fucking do? Youknow? Nobody's nobody's like nobody's building their cable package. Like I'll get thiscable package as long as it comes with comedy central. Okay, like Disney, Disney, if it was a big enough company, he may have hada bigger fight to the fight, but Disney probably owns comedy central. Justdon't know it. Probably, I know, I know they have a controlling stagand Hulu. Yeah, but fuck, we get it. Got It.You got a tiny Dick. It's funny, all right. It doesn'towns everything like they own. Do Disney owns marvel and star wars and Fox, and I feel really bad for like something in mark like they're like now, like denny. They like not own something in marvel or something like that. There's a few properties. They don't tendally have ownership of the fantastic four. Well, they have that now that they bought Fox. Okay, theygot that is. Imagine, like we own marvel, but we don't wantthat thing because just not good enough. That's that's how like they're. That'swhy they still the thing going on with Sony, because Sony's got spied anythingto do a spiderman. And that's why there hasn't been another hulk movie,because hulk still tonantly owned by universal. That's why there hasn't been a haswhy he hasn't been like a like another hulk movie, because as soon asthey as soon as they call the movie like the incredible hulk to or somethinglike that, like a universal gets all, all the fucking control. That's whythe Thor Ragnar rock like, yeah, the way they did. Yeah,it's it's a hulk movie, but we're calling out a thor me.It's all fucking that again. I'll till they got the daredevil series on netFlix, because that used to belong to Fox. Well, then trying toget that the trying to get Disney to revive that. I know they fuckingfucking better at least that. And Punisher. Yeah, I can give a shitabout the other ones, but fucking my favorite fight scene. Well,I knew daredevil was good. I think it was episode two of the firstseason, the the hallway fights. Hallway fighting is fucking well done in onetake. Yeah, every season has one of them. Yeah, I know. And it's like the fucking best because you like, that's how a fightwould go, like you'd be physically Oh, hausted, not wanting to do anystands up in the hallway. He's just like and this other guy getsup, he's just like God damn it. Yeah, that's like exactly how afight scene would work. Oh yeah, and then in the secret season twoit was the it was a stairwell, yes, see, season threes wasinsane because it was eleven minutes and it was level. was because theprison break, yes, and right, Oh God, yes, and Itimed it was eleven minutes straight. Imagine being the guy that fucks up oneof the takes. You will be fired because a the reset on. That'sgot to take hours. And then I forgot about the prison break, becauseeven that one ends with him like crawling into a cab, just like,oh, she's got the shit kicked out of him for eleven minutes straight man. Fuck. But again, that's my...

...point. Is like that show hadbetter fight scenes than iron fist at iron fist is a show about a martialartist. Yeah, well, I like they put iron fists in so theycould just do yeah, they talked about this before, just to defenders,defenders. Yeah, yeah, that's how I felt. Like thor was.They did a thor movie specifically so they get you get the avengers. Ifhe watched hers all, Thor, you like, this is even that good? It's okay, it's okay, but the for movies, the Avengers,yeah, because of the second second form movie sucked. Oh yeah, butRagnarok was right, much like one of the best ones, one of everyonethat's like everybody's like top five. fucking wow. What what I watch?Because SAM, was it? Sam? Why? I can't think of directorthat directed that. By the did for Igner Rock? Yeah, Taika.Why? TD, Takoa? TD? Yeah, I watched tacoat. Iwatched the Hitler One. Oh, Jojo Rabbit was so fucking and movies amazing. I saw that at the neon and damn near pissed myself a couple times. So funny, so good. He's just a Taka White TV's is justa funny, weird fucking motherfucker, because he's also because he played Hitler.Yeah, and then he was the voice of the rock dude in in ragnarock. He was. Yeah, we get ask Doug. He's right there.Thugs dead. He looks at world like completely different angle the for all Ihad in a different angle, because they do Jojo rabbit the way like I. How did you even think about doing that? I can't even imagine tryingto pitch that movie, a movie about a sympathetic movie about a Hitler,youth his okay, friends, is it imaginary? Handler's Hitler? Although,buddy, but I think once you read the script and you've got Hitler sayinglines like yeah, I don't know, man, you got the best bodyand your entire grade. I don't mis TA girls are Grossman. It's I'mthe exact reading that. I'm like, okay, I get it, it'smine. First five minutes in the Hitler you takes a grenade to the face. Sam Rock well, I think he's underrated actor. I think Sam Rockwellis is great. He want he won an Oscar for that three billboards movie. I didn't know you want to know. He won best supporting actor for that. I think it was that or that or the year before. Buthe's so fucking good. I Love Sam rock well. There's a lot ofguys I like. I love John Goodman. Yeah, I will watch John Goodmanand fucking anything. And that's a guy who's underrated as fuck. Yeah, never bad. He isn't there about anything, even even the movie sucksass, like I can't the big Labowski. You want over the line Margaret atzero. Yeah, let me give a fuck about the rules, butme, hey, shit, my favorite. One of my one of my favoritethings from the last four years has been every time trump tweets something,there's always somebody post a gift of him going shut the fuck up, Donny, Yay y even fucking speed racer, which is not a good movie.He plays the dad and he just funny as Shit a whole movie, andthat seems to be racers. It's fine. Red Staves, it was he inRed State? Yeah, he wasn't using red state. He did thatten clover field lane. I mean now I like ten close it was.It was pretty good. Fucking Fred Flintstone, the guy in you see no,brother, where art thou? Yeah, fuck, okay, you the fuckinggout out the Bible salesman or whatever. Oh my God, yeah, Icould. I can watch him and fucking anything, and he seems likea really fucking and also like the conners and Roseanne. I mean they're Dan'sthe best part of that show, Yasily. Oh yeah, well, they saidthey're getting rid of rose and I was like hey, but it's JohnGums with then we'll be fine. It's okay, good, it's all good. It is. Actually I've watched I've watched the conner since Roseanne left andit's been pretty good. That's one of my favorite older shows ever, isRoseanne. It was a little ahead of its time. Oh yeah, itwas pretty fucking, pretty fucking dark when... came out. Still, wow, apparently cut off at opod addiction. Yeah, yeah, but they butthey did it like it wasn't, like it wasn't a throw within like itwas over the course of think we talked about this couple of a couple episodes. They talked about it. Oh, yeah, yeah, you're right,you're all right, guys. That's going to do it for this week's episode. Thanks so much for hanging out with this again. We really appreciate it. Want to remind you you can become a VIP member of this show andgot all kinds of cool rewards and help support the show by going to PatreoncomTVL underscore pod. It's three dollars a month. You get access to livestreams and all kinds of other cool perks as well, so make sure youhave a Patreoncom tbl underscore pod. You can follow this show on twitter andinstagram at tbl underscore pod. Follow Mike Wells on twitter at Mike WTF Wells, and follow me and Mike of all, shase on twitter and instagram. We'llsee you guys again next week. Until then, as always, livewell, rock on. Take care and B bye.

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