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Season 2, Episode 81 · 6 months ago

The Clown & The Candyman


Mike Wells has been checking out a true crime podcast that might surprise you. Plus, Mike Shea just had an awesome show and at awesome venue out of town. Also, is Jimmy Carr the best there ever was when it comes to handling hecklers?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Mike Wells' new favorite podcast.
  • Mike Shea's recent comedy trip.
  • Jimmy Carr vs. Hecklers
  • ...and so much more!


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I'll tell you the one time as a guy, told this other lady to shut up my joke. He turns, he's like, you need to shut up, oh, because she was getting piste, she was getting pissed. She's like, I'm in the military. I find that fucking hysterical because it's true. And I was like that's fantastic. That's the kind of ship you live for. That's a good ship, when someone heckles you, when somebody else in the audience is like no, you need to shut the funk up, because he was laughing at that. He turns, he turned into the clear his day. He's like, that ship's funny. I'm in the military and that ship's true. Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast, a deep dive into current events, a comedic look at a serious world, posted by Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Just see this Craig Robinson thing? Yeah, he was like what else that it was. He was at a show done and somebody came in with the gun and they all I'm coming in early enough. They evacuated the place and start they still like shot up the Empty Club, I guess. Yeah, so I didn't know that part. Yeah, but they got everybody out. Um, I don't think anybody got hit. So but like, like, what the funk man? That's so like what, like, I didn't know they shot up the place. Yeah, I think that's what I read. Yeah, gunman opens fire at North Carolina Comedy Club featuring off the office coastar Craig Robinson. Um's good of the gunman entered the comedy zone and Charlotte and brandished the gun, demanding everyone leave the club audience, including Robinson, ahead of the next word. Venue for safety worce was canceled. The gunmen later randomly shot outside the club. No injuries are reporter and the gunman was arrested. What the fuck? What the fucking psycho Jesus, there's that shooting in Indianapolis. Them all, I think it was, but Um, like three people, something like that. Yeah, Um, there's so many shooting now because they said because he got shot by like some guy. Didn't he took him out, and everybody's like, Oh my God, gets smarre. That I was that's why people care guns. And I keep on saying and not in dating didn't matter because the good guys are there. When they brought up the four hundred cops that were president at Uvaldi and we're still standing out there for like over an hour, because that's it's wild. Oh yeah, I do, I do feel bad. So there's that COP, if the story is true, the COP that looked at his screen that had the punisher thing on it. But they only he looked at it was because his wife was the teacher. Yeah, they got killed. I didn't get as upset about that. Like you don't know what he was looking at his phone for. Yeah, and that's he's probably seeing. If his wife said seeing that or getting updates from you know, I'm sure they were probably maintaining some amount of they communicate with each other using those like. Like he could have been looking at does the punisher logo a good look? No, but we can be looking at his phone for any reason exactly, and I was kind of kind of pissed about that. I was like, no, if you watch the video, he's really like yeah, it's it's not like there's there are so many other things about that day to be upset about, that's not one of them right now. And then he find out that his wife's the one got killed in that Ye know that. Fuck it. Yeah, I mean there's a lot of other reasons about that day to be upset. A COP checking his phone for any given reason is not one of those things to be upset about. Um, yeah, so, Jesus, what a fucking week agoin Um and hey, but hey, you didn't cause this one. You didn't say anything about. I was like, Dude, I'm so glad it's not happening live. That's kind of thinking about. Yeah, Um, else has been going on? You Watch the stranger things. I almost finished the season two are right. Okay, I'm four episodes into season one. I told myself I was going to do like two a week... kind of place myself and not. I fucking love it so much. It's so like eighties and as Solgia the first season. Yeah, that's why I love it. It's it's I mean it opens with these kids playing D and D, which I'm all about, and they got the eighties right because they remembered just how beige and yellow the eighties were. Yeah, but it was like season two, like the first couple of sides season two. Like I get why people don't like it and I get that, but like I'm like watching it more like I'm almost finishing like this is actually good. I've heard him mixed. I've heard some people say they didn't like season two, but most people have said they actually really liked it. So I think it's just I don't know, I don't know why people the first couple episodes, yeah, but then like I get why they're but then, like I'm watching it, I'm like, I'm looking at it. was like white people hate this. I'm like watching, like you kind of have to have especially if you realize it's supposed to be five season long. So it's like, is it only going to go to five season? They said five season, like they thought they could fit everything in four, but then they realized they couldn't, even with two and a half hour long episodes, and season four realized fives to last. I had heard that it was that either four or five was going to be the last one. It's kind of perfect amount for any series. It's any any show that goes. If you get three or more seasons out of a show, you've done well. Yeah, I mean that's yeah, so I feel like you've got plenty of character arcs you can complete and yeah, it's the great stories. But while I was watching, I'm like sitting there and like these are kind of make and the grand scheme of things that you know that's supposed to be like five season long. Now you're like Oh, like you kind of have to do what they're doing in this. Well, like Jon Favreau said that he they have a plan for how many seasons the Mandalorian's gonna have. They have, but they have an endpoint in mind. They've always had like, I guess the the brothers for stranger things have had like am they knew exactly how to tell the story. They used to know how long it would how many seasons it would take the story. So they've always had the plans in stay one and so they thought they could do it in four and they realized how long the episodes were and they could. They said technically they would have finished, they could have finished it for but it would not be exactly the way they wanted to finish it. And it's it's like one of the top three streaming shows into the world. So netflix is probably just like do what you gotta do, because they're gonna be mad when it's gone anyway, because you know it's they're gonna but I mean it's gonna get a lot of rewatchability, but you know, it's not going to have that new episode hype anymore. Yeah, and the one of that's gonna be very much Um. They they're doing their own thing now too, like they created like their own like they're like a spinoff of it, like world of it. I can't I don't know. I'm not like that big in the stranger. I'm getting there. I mean, I love season one, so I was just like okay, and in season two I started, I was like like the first couple episode, but then so much other ship came out. That's that's why it took me so long to get around to it, because every time I would go to watch it, there was something else that had new ship on that I was already invested in. Also makes me wonder what the fun was I doing during Covid and didn't watch strange you know, like that. I'm like, well, what they did do covid? Like I did not watch this ship. But I also think like I've watched a lot of ship since covid. It just I actually when I had covid, when I got caught up on a lot of things I hadn't seen yet, I rewatched parks in wreck, like why? Oh, I know, I'm I'm I've rewatched so many things, but I've also watched a lot of new ship I still haven't watched the umbrella academy yet. I still gotta Watch Cobra Kai watched. I know. I cannot wait for season. The new season comes out, I think in September. I'm like so excited, so excited. New Season of Harley Quinn's coming out soon, which I can't fucking wait for. It looks so good. Dude, do you know you still watch Harley Quinn yet? Have you? It's so fucking funny, man, it's fucking great. No, I haven't. I haven't, I haven't. I needed to watch this marvel. Yeah, yeah, there's marvel. Just ended. It's and I will say of all the Disney Marvel shows, I think it had the best finale because, like, I really liked moon night, but the finale felt rushed. All the finales have kind of felt rushed, like I feel like they could have used like one more episode or longer episode. Miss Marvel A. I thought the finale did a really...

...good job, but also, like there's a lot of things that come up in the show that like and I I was a pretty good history student, that I just never learned about in high school and college about because it's about a Pakistani Muslim family and there's stuff about that group of people seated in the in the World War Two air time that I just never knew about. So there was a lot of it was a big learning experience because it was it was really good. Also, some ship gets teas in the finale. That makes my skin tingle. Yeah, apparently like they said one word or something like that. That's kind of changes like every they really fucking did. It's a word in a sound tag. Is a word in a sound bite. That happens and I sat the funk up on the couch. I was like what Huh? Do that again. I had to rewind it like three times make sure it wasn't that completely changes. Every change is fucking everything. That's really fucking messed up and it's so good. One it's like one word because it changes because they've already I don't know a lot about the character from the comics. I didn't. She's a fairly new in the last decade character Um that I haven't read. So I know they've changed because they changed her powers for the show and they've changed her. But now they've officially changed her origin for the show and the change they've made is like like the future of the M C U has forever changed. Now it isn't like I think Lokey isn't like mutant. I mean, I don't want to say if you haven't seen it yet, but let's just they say, they say the word mutation. Um, have you seen doctor strange too yet? Not yet. Okay, there's a soundbite you hear both in doctor strange too and in Miss Marvel that makes you go, I'm sorry, what now? Um, and they got to go that route. Well, and the thing is San Diego comic cons this weekend and Marvel has already said they have a huge presentation coming. So they're probably gonna start are dropping some ship, because the current rumor is that Tony Star, who plays homelander and the boys, the rumor is that he's going to be UH, Dracula in the blatant movie. Yeah, that's what that's what I heard, which on all four. I'm all four, especially after the season of the boys. The thing is with him, though, is he's like tiny in real life. He's not a big dude now. So it's like they make him look really big. See the video him wearing the heels. There's there's a picture on instagram of him with these massive, like fucking platform heels. Well, he's not to like bulky. Yeah, he's. No, he's not a big dude. He's a very to use a comic book term, he's a very mild man. I mean it really is Clark Kenton Superman. Yeah, it's it is odd to see him because you're like, because they film him so well, that suit makes him look like he got, he's got, he's and you never see him out of it. He's always gone it all. So it's like man, this guy's a big motherfucker. Then you see him in real life you're like what the fuck? Catfish? He's also like like because because so, like so seasons, you've got nominated for an emmy. This season came out too late, so it'll be next year. But I mean he needs every fucking emmy nomination. He was so good this season. Do you want to catch even though I've seen like every possible I know, but like like just the episodes in general, I mean this was like as of right now, I think the boys season three is the best thing streaming right now, hands down, and I say that having not watched stranger things season four yet. But it was that good. The writing was that good. Um, the acting was that good. I mean Jensen eccles crushed it. He was really good. It was, it was, it was a good it was a good uh. It's been a good year for streaming and TV so far, more streaming than TV. But yeah, no, I need to watch so much ship, but I want to finish stranger I'm gonna do stranger things and then I'm gonna do as soon as I finished stranger things, I'm gonna Watch fucking doctor strange. Saying Gee, I got so much ship. I know it's a lot, and that especially since you have a kid. Now, as see the...

...point they're right now. This is like a like I said, this is almost like a chore. No, it's. Yeah, it piles up to the point where, like, like what got me caught up was having covid at the end of last year. I watched so much ship when I had I just got catch covid. I guess I don't want to catch covid now. You can rep the basement lounge out in public by checking out some of the merch that we have available on our website. Just go to tbl pod dot net slash store. That's tbl pod dot net slash store, and check out some of the t shirt and other merch designs we have for you, featuring our logo, some of our favorite bits, as well as a homegrown humor official t shirt as well. Once again, just go to t b l pod dot net slash store and check out some of the cool merch we have there for you. Now I listened to this podcast called the clown and the candy man. That fuck because I had to take my mom with the Cleveland and it's like a three and a half hour drive back and from and then like they're like half hour four five minute episodes. is like six, almost six hours long, six eight hours long. It's about child pedophilia and like the connections in the seventies. It's fucking I don't know if you can put up the synopsis. What's clown in the candy man or the Candyman in the clown? Clown of the Candy Man. It's a TV show? No, it's a podcast. Oh, clown of the Candy Man Podcast, I guess is that. Yeah, Dean Coral and John Wayne Gaze, you found really murder sixty teenage boys the police and the murders were the work of the soul racials for the first time, while they were actually connected by network of pedophiles which is partially financed by holy ship. And like do you like listen to this? You know, like this is wild. Is this like some Epstein level ship? Yeah, because there's that, there is a pedophile island, like it was. And my mom, like I'm listening to my mom was like, yeah, I remember that when I was a kid, like I remember that on the news. Yeah, like I was like what, that was a thing. Yeah, Holy Shit, Holy Shit, I'm gonna download this on my phone. It's so good. My friend told me not. She told me not to listen to it like all the time because it's kind of messed up, but I listened to it like the entire thing. I got it finished. It is really fucked up, but it's like it is very much some Epstein type ship and like they basically the goal of it is like it starts out with like these murders. That happened like literally first episode. This guy kills like twenty seven boys Oh my God, that the first guy they mentioned. H Dean Coral. Yeah, have you ever heard of that name before? Never heard of it. He's literally killed twenty seven boys. You never heard of that name as a serial killer anywhere. He's not even top two here. Like I watched, like most people, like a lot of white people, I watched a lot of apparently it was like the first one that was like really big, like it was serial killed in Texas in the seventies, I want to say, and Um, like they found twenty seven, I think twenty seven bodies. Oh my God. And it's like you're like and then they kind of like they bring that up and like like how this this connection between them and gay see and all this other stuff and this one guy that's like it. You're like, Huh, I've never heard of any of this. It's like it's very like what the Candy Man Known as the Candy Man in the Pied Piper? I've never heard. I've never heard of this dude. I've never heard that dude either. So I was like where is this guy? I mean John Wyn Gazy? Obviously everybody's heard of yeah, but yeah, there's the I'm looking at the media references. There was stuff based on him, but I've never heard of these things. Um, I never heard of it. I've never seen the crime thriller series. Mind Hunter had an episode. I don't remember Mine Hunt in mine hunters, I don't either. This is one episode. Um. And...

...then in the second season, I didn't want a second season. Um, dude, it's yeah, it was during the second season. Um, you. I've never heard of this guy. That's crazy. It's a whole other level, like almost d yeah, oh, Gotcha, because I d I mean that's that's their ship, that's their I d s all about that stuff and like. But like you like it. I honestly believe it was like a huge network. Oh, totally from like this and like, because there's no such thing as the Internet. So it was like literally hugely. They all, I think they all knew each other some way. They were incorporated one there were there were whole story arcs on law and order about. Yeah, there's these pedophile networks because they it's like a it's like an underground network because they don't want to be on the Internet necessarily because they know they can be tracked and shipped. So it's all word of mouth and funked up ship like that. And there's this one part about ten days, eight days or ten days in December. So good about John Wayne Gacy? They didn't. They don't really talk about ever in any is. Like apparently I don't. I haven't watch a lot, but apparently they've said there's not a lot about the ten days before he gets arrested. Yeah, there's not a lot about it because it's it's and it's wild in a way. Um, but yeah, I'm sitting there and like by the end of this I'm like, yeah, they all had to have known each other, like they all had to have known each other like in some way, shape orform. They're all running the same networks. Um, and it gets interesting because, like, when you start listening to it, every single time they arrests main dude, right, that keeps on getting out of prison in jail. That's like they can't really get because, like the laws back then were way different. He never really they never have him killing anybody. But you're like, but like he had this like every sometime they rest him, they have this card catalog of notes with people's names on it and everything, and every single time they arrested it disappears and they've arrested like six or I think five or six different times. Confessed to like killing like thirty. He doesn't. He doesn't. He confesses to some of them and not all of them. He's like some of these are me, some of them aren't. And then you find out one of the dudes is like one of the guys was involved in the pedal file island part with the dude in jail and they and then the one and then this and the one guy with like the index cards. They lived in the same area for a little bit as gay cy and gay cy hired the one dude because gay cy was a construction owners on construction comp hired him to work for him one summer and like he I mean like he admits that some of the killing has been all of them, and you're like what? You're like, well, maybe maybe he mean obviously killed me, maybe he didn't kill everybody. Like it makes you question, like it makes you really question it. Obviously gacy killed those people. It makes you question like like yeah, this is all could be like interconnected in some weird fucking way. Yeah, yeah, because it says this dean coral guy like was constantly burying bodies on High Island Beach, like the word like high you just mentioned like thirty times in his wikipedia. Yeah, Um, they buried them there in a boat space and a beach. Jesus, now, because little Saint James, that's the island Epstein had. Yeah, yeah, yeah, now this one's in Biden off in Michigan. Um, holy ship, the original pedophile island, episode three. That's Lake Michigan. Yeah, wholely a good podcast. I'll check that out. Yeah, that's fucking great. I wish I'd had that over the weekend to listen to drive up the Lima. Holy Sh it,...

God, it makes you sick to your stomach. But like it does in a way. But like me and my mom we're talking and I was like, you know, honestly, like this stuff has happened for centuries. I mean, yeah, it has to have it just it doesn't get caught in the limelight. Um like that, like obviously don't correl. Did you know about himntil just now? Anything? Yeah, they pushed it under the rug, it was like, and they thought of something as like and they explained it like back then it was like, oh, that's only happened like that's a one off type. Yeah, it was a fluke. It was this isn't this. People aren't like this. This guy is just crazy. But then that's what I'm saying is like all throughout time people have nothing's changed. People have always been. There's been people like that. We're just more aware of it now. You won't realize that. That's what they've been that's what they've been saying about a lot of light like like the racial stuff and all that. Like this stuff has been going on. It's just now we're aware of it. Yeah, yeah, so it's the same thing with the UM. Yeah, with like these pedophile rings and these serial killers and ship. It's like a yeah, now we're just aware of this ship because, yeah, it was all treated a word of mouth. And whether it was printed in the news back then. Well, no, only that, some of the stuff, like to print it on his is like you barely see it anywhere. Yeah, it's just say, it's so fucking weird. And then actually, I've actually watched it. They do. They there's one documentary I've actually watched before that got related to this, like the children on the snow I was like, yeah, that's from I remember, like I caught it random like years ago, about these children just ended up missing in kind of in the Detroit area and they find him a few days later just dead. I remember watching because they never found the guy and I was like that's just so weird. And then they actually bring it up and you start to see the relations with like everything and you're like yeah, Huh, this is interesting. Well, it's like, Um, with H H Holmes. For the long time they thought he might have been Jack The ripper because they were operating about the same time. But the because it was long believed, it's still believed, that Jack The ripper was a sailor of some kind, that he was not, he probably wasn't an Englishman, that he was probably like a sailor who was coming and going and that's why they never found him, is because he probably just off. Yeah, but the time there was some timetables that just didn't quite add up and through DNA and stuff like that, they're starting to think that maybe Jack The ripper might have actually even been a woman. There's some yeah, stay with H H Holmes because a lot of people think that, Um, he may have had a female accomplice that helped him with some of them, because H H Holmes was so fucked up. I mean I haven't really read much in that. There's a there's a really cool documentary about him. It was on Netflix. I don't know if it still is or not. That Um Tony Scott, I think, did the V O four. But he was the first like known serial killer, and this in the US, and basically he like used like the world's fair. Yeah, he had this like whole like hotel in saying that he converted into basically a death mansion that had like hallways that went nowhere and doors that went nowhere and hidden, hidden like garbage shoots everywhere that he would he would, you know, trap somebody in a hallway, kill them and then dump them in the shoot. And but kind of like with capone, who got caught because the tax bullshit, that's essentially how they caught. Um H caught on h h Holmes because he was like owed all these fucking creditors and ship like that's a ton of an amazing serial killing and getting caught because you owe somebody money. Yeah, you just he owed too many people fucking money. Like they were just like, Huh wait, we're just here for oh my God. Oh yeah, well, it's with with Um, with capone. It was like they knew that he was doing all this ship they just couldn't catch him something. It's they got him on the tax thing and that opened the door to them getting all this other bullshit. Um H toles don't think they were actually caught, because they I'm not entirely sure. It's been a while something. You know what caught gay cy what? So they had a feeling it's coming, but they couldn't prove anything, they couldn't like get him for nothing.

And eventually what they they like. You'll read it. So they end up following for like ten straight days and it's not like it's like not like hidden surveillance, like they can't afford to do that. They're just fought out. And like Gacey knows they're following him. So they're having dinner with him and that type of stuff, speaking with him, blah, blah, Blah Um, and he gets so like paranoider, so pissed because he can't he knows he has the bodies in his house. We can't get rid of them. So he kind of flips out one time and then, if I remember correctly, he literally caught him on giving somebody some weed, because that had them get into the house, because once you bust him on something, then you can get a warrant. Yeah, no, ship. It's crazy how random stuff like that will happen. Well, Gacey fucked up. It's because they followed him forever, and this is how he fucked up. He invited the people following him into the house. H. Yeah, so they invite him into the house. Everything normal, but then the guy want to use the bathroom. In the bathroom spelled funny like and he knew it smells something like because they were detected forever. Yeah, that smells like. Oh yeah, he asked him and he's like, blah, blah, blahs. was going on and so like. And to that point Gazy knew. That's when it kind of turned gasy's own like, Oh, I can get away with this type ship. He got cocky. Yeah, it was getting cocky, because that's how they caught. Um, this is not a murder case, but Um, that that music exect. That was like defrauding like in sync in the backstreet boys and all those guys all those years ago. Should hear about that guy. I know he defrauded him. Yeah, because he like fucked off to like Cuba or something like that, and these like FBI guys were there for something else, entirely Um and just went to go eat dinner at like a restaurant and he was just fucking sitting right there and they were like is it the fucking cut? He called his superheroes and they were like, fucking get him. That's wild. I know that. Yeah, they were just down. They were have like some other bulls. They were watched, they're done for some other bullshit and just is that the fun, Fun, let's get them ship Jesus Christ. Can you imagine me, like a fuck takes a lot of people don't realize how much money he fucked. Those people like yeah, it was like Lance Bass was doing an interview. He was like they sat down to get like their first like royalty check or something, and he's like he's you know, our album like down platinum. So I'm thinking, and it was for like five grand and he was like, or not even that, but it was. He was like what the fun? He just kept all this fucking money. And because they because he was getting these guys and they were teenagers and boy bands, didn't they fucking I mean he created the boy band that we know of. It didn't exist at that point and they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. They were just like, oh, cool record deal. You know, that's kind of what wound Britney Spears up in her bullshit. So now this is this sounds if it's done by I d that. I'm totally fucking on board, especially I've never listened to anything like that. So I was like yeah, and I was like Huh. I was like then I was warned. I was like how are you connecting? How are you going to connect these two like period and it's and then, like I start seeing dropping clues and like you're like what the fuck? Then you start realizing, like they talk about how they how certain people do certain things to get like these people locked, and you're like somebody taught you that. How did you and like that. I was like how is it? You've had to have met or logically on it. Like it was like a they only mest it like two or three times, but it was like it was a handcuff trick. GAYCY DID IT and a couple other and one other person did it, but it was the same trick. That's how they get people to be like like gas be like Oh, like, I used to do magic, and the other dude, I think, Dean corals, like I used to do because it was a clown, wouldn't he? Yeah, but what they do is, like they pretend to lock themselves up and they and the cuffs and then turn around get themselves out. So then they'd have the other person doing and it's really locks and...

...they can't and that's how that and I was like either a, you saw that on TV or like but it came out like two or three times where you're like someone, I was taught by it. Yeah, you learned that from someone, or you're a fucking if you were a magician, to be a great fucking magician. Um, holy sh it. Now I listened to this one called in the dark and like season two was so like prolific that it got a dude off of a murder charge. So they're investigating this this guy named curtis flowers who, um it was in this like like one of the most racist fucking towns like in the United States and basically was accused of murdering someone and went to jail for it. Got Got the conviction overturned. Prosecutor refiled. Basically, it was constant. It was a constant case of conviction declares a mistrial, gets retried, conviction, misstrial, because it kept happening over and over and over again. But it was never getting to like the federal level, was never getting that high. It kept getting stopped at the state level, and so this podcast, these podcasters went and just investigated and recorded everything and like the lengths that this town went to to try and keep this dude in jail, like it is, like it's not just the prosecutor he was, he was a black man, but it's it's the lengths this racist asked town went to to try and keep this man convicted. Was Ridiculous. And but the podcast was such a huge fucking hit that had got national attention and he eventually did get the whole thing stopped on a federal level, thank God. Um, it's insane, like it's I listened. I think my ex or something turned me onto that and it was like while we broke up, but I'm still listening to this fucking body. It was that fucking good man. Yeah, it was crazy. It was really crazy. How many podcasts have actually gotten people off or like solved crimes or some ship. I'm probably a bunch, and it depends on how good they are, because this one was like this was this wasn't made by like PBS, but it was like funded in a way that PBS like. It was all donations. These are all like professional journalists, investigative journalists, but it's all public funding. That because they don't work for any like firm or anything like that, because that's how they're able to do the kind of investigations they are. Otherwise they'd be beholden to certain laws and stuff. Um, you know, it is what it is, but interesting. It's called in the dark. Season two is the one that's about that, that story. What was the big what was the big fucking like the big podcast that set off cereal serial? That's yeah, it's really good. Yeah, it's a very good true crime pod, like it's the it's the true crime podcast that all true crime podcast asked draw inspiration from. Isn't about one crime, though. I don't write. That's a good question. I don't know about to find out. Um, let's get it anal podcast, uh, narrating a nonfiction story over multiple episodes, but it done several seasons. So like a lot of these, like season one is usually about one story. So Season One's about the murder of Hyman Lee in Baltimore. Season Two is about a army soldier that was charged with desertion. Season threees about something else. Yeah, so, no, it's but it's it's very well from what I haven't listened to it a lot, but from what it was doing its very well put together. It won the peabody of war ship. Yeah, if you are in or around the Dayton Ohio area and you want to know more about what's going on... the local comedy scene, we have a website for you. Go to www dot gem city comedy dot Com. That's www dot JEM city comedy dot Com. We've got profiles on all your favorite local Comedians, as well as a calendar and guide to all the shows going on, whether they're open mics or big headliner shows or showcases or whatever we have in store. You can also submit your own information to the website to be updated within forty eight hours. I run this website myself. It is a passion project of love, so make sure you guys go check that out right now. Go to www dot gem city comedy dot Com to get all the information on the Dayton comedy scene. If jody asks you to do this show in Lima, fucking do it. Oh my God, it wasn't even a tiny theater. Okay, it's this place. Is this Comic Book Store? Okay, so this guy owns a comic book store. That's also it's a comic bookstore. And then it's just got the like back room that he converted into a venue called the lab. It's got a little stage, it's got some lights, it's got a backdrop and there's like a wine and dessert bar in there too, which is nice with the giant fucking deadpool statue standing right there. Um, the Green Room, and I'm putting Green Room and air quotes, was basically like a digital media marketing office like that. I think. I don't know if he but they let us use it as the Green Room. Um, but Um, I mean it was. They oversold it. It was eighty people there. It was packed. Eight people there, crammed and it was so much fucking fun. It was so much fucking fun, like those tiny areas like them. Yes, oh it was. It was a fucking blast. Like Hey, I want to go back up there. Just go to the comic book store, but it's an hour and a half drive. So I don't really want to, but I do, but I don't. Um. No, we had so much fucking fun and my brother went with me and because he's a photographer, so he took a bunch of pictures and then he did a multicam video of my set. Yeah, so he's and we've got like and he's doing it like a like a full blow. It's only had, only did twelve minutes, but he's treating it like it's a fucking special. So he's like got b roll and, like me, getting ready to leave kind of ship, and like he's going all out with it because he wants to. He's been shooting like independent stuff in movies and music for a long time. Tried weddings, hated it. He wants to try getting into shooting comedy stuff. So I'm a Guinea thing, which I am totally fine with. But he's the one, he's the one who's done all my all my all my professional photos. He's the one who's done him so and he took pictures of everybody else. I think he taped Carson's, not Carson Tyson set. How Tyson really good he did really good. It was a lot. Everyone did really well. They were there to if it was a comic book store, his material to work for like a comic. He crushed. I mean it was the crowd itself was older for the most part. Everyone there had a great time. Um, Chris did great, Joe and and they all, half of them, like we're jody's people who, because jody is huge there because it's Lima and she's from there, and lie was not a big town. But now, I mean they were there, they had everybody had a great fucking time this place. They capped at seventy five. They over sold the eighty and it was packed. I mean it was. It's a it's just a cool setup. It's a cool room. It's it's a lot of fun. It's just such a it's such a you know, underground comedy show. It's it's if she ever asked you to do it, fucking do it by Rock Hath Room, though. She was the first. She was like, you know, don't go up there, and you know, she's like they'll let you get away with a lot, but you know, don't go like too dirty. No, they they loved everything. I mean they loved the clean and they loved the dirty because, I mean, Tyson did his whole thing about have you heard his whole thing about hooking up with with bigfoot? I haven't said. No, that's what they want to have it. Okay, it's well, he's got merch dedicated, he's got a shirt dedicated, he's got a whole lot big bit about fucking bigfoot.

Did do a star wars bit? Yes, okay, yeah, and it did. It did Prett yeah, like he did pretty well, he he really did. Um. It was a good room. It was really good room. Yeah, good, but that drive sucks. It's not a long drive, but it's a boring one of my favorite rooms have ever done was in like West Virginia, but basically on like Mary and Maryland was basically we actually drove through Maryland to get the spart West Virginia favorite, one of my favorite. I took with me. It was like a small theater. It was like you could tell it was like a small town. They converted the theater into just a performing arts things like small. Maybe it sat maybe sixty people on top of these sixty people and it was the best fucking but it was like a six hour drive. Yeah, that's a lot and I'm like, I loved it, but I will never ever drive that far. Yet that's a lot of driving for comedy. I mean they gave me decent I should ask for more, but I didn't. I look at it as like if I told people, I was like, if you're ever, because what I think it's on like a Wednesday or something. I was like, if you're ever need something on a Wednesday and you're driving through, yeah, it's a perfect place to hit up at that point, like sucking perfect. Its like Caravan. Caribvan's like just far enough away that I'm like, do I want to make that drive? Two and a half hours is pushing it to like anything over an hour for comedy. I'm like, yea, I know, but it's it's like, am I getting paid, because this is a lot of driving. Yeah, now I was like I gotta get five thousand dollars a break even. I want to think of my head, like God damn. I used to do this all the time, like if weren't for the fact like like funny stopped paid me. Okay, and I got. I got, I paid time off anyway at work. So that and it was before gas shot up. As much as it did. So I was okay, I technically turn a profit on that one, technically. But yeah, I'm at a point an hour. It's like if I'm gonna travel more than an hour, like I gotta break even somehow. Yeah, I can't remember that. I mean I can't remember. Somebody good chill a coffee always make money and chilli coffee employee pays good. The driver was so far to that one place that I did not break even. Oh No, donald was six hour drive and I drove there and drove back. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, the same day. Yeah, it's welcome to the comedy card world. Dust he was like, Dustie, what got done? This's like you're cool to drive. I was like yeah, I've done this all the time, and he's like are you serious? I was like yeah, but when we stop at McDonald's as some food and then pass the funk outs, I took him with me and then I drove the rest of way. If I'm making a drive like that, I gotta have at least one other person in the car with me, because I drove from like other places that driving cameras like, and the place even had a time change too. made it even worse. Oh, yeah, Chicago look like that. Yeah, it was right out. It was in Indiana, Indiana, but it was like some spot. Indiana also has a time change. Yeah, well, you get you get far enough, like once you go enough time in India, there time change them too, like it's like you got two miles in. So I was like and it was like a four hour drive. Um, what places that called? But Karen's like, Karen, want to get a hotel and I was like, I got this ship. She's like, are you sure, and I was like yeah, and the same thing. She just fucking passed out. No, if I'M gonna drive anything like that, like even if I go down to Louisville again, like I got that long. Someone's got to be with me. Now you understand that I list that's why I listened to rogue and all time drives like and there's the only one that's like has like a long fucking episode. Well, that's what I used to do when I was still going down for the film festival every year in South Carolina. Was I would say I would ball. I would just not listen to any podcasts for a while and bulk up on episodes because a couple of the ones that most of the podcasts I listened to her movie based, and so a lot of them are like, you know, two hour episodes. So I would just bulk up on these things that way for the nine an hour dry that I have by myself,... know, I can knock it out. I remember I used to go up to Cleveland least two or three times, not a week, a month, I was about to say a week in do comedy for like I was like a six month strap. I did comedy up there for like two or three times. They're just like yeah, let's listen to Rogan, let's listen to let's do whatever. At that point, holy ship, I got the festival in November. So but yeah, I do not miss those days. I missed performing, sure, but I wish I had an instant transport. Fantastic, we just build a fucking bullet train. We could do it. But yeah, we could do it. Yeah, she'll never ask me to do that because she wants that. She doesn't want to be dirty or dark. She'll never ask me. That's fine. No, I was thinking she said that, but I think it's because she didn't know, because then, like we, we all got dirty and they were all into it. So Tyson is the one that told me. He's like, I like your stuff. I can never book you where I'm at. Get it, man, it just happens. Like I'll tell you like, because, because, because Chris went into a lot of his military stuff, which luckily he touches on every branch of the military. So everybody was represented, because every branch was represented in that audience. I'll tell you that he missed something up in the air force. He saw somebody point that the guy next to him. Some Marines pointed to the guy next to him. So, but also because he was in the army, he can get away with that ship. Ye, I know. That's why. That's what pissed me off about a military joke. Yeah, did I do? I wasn't a military. Agree. It happened to my brother. Yeah, he wasn't married, but he happened to my brother. And like the military people love that ship because it's so fucking true. But yet regular people ship on me like, Oh, you can't make fun of military ever. Tell you the one time there's a guy told this other lady to shut up my joke. He turns he's like you need to shut up, oh, because she was getting pissed. She was getting pissed. She's like, I'm in the military. I find that fucking hysterical because it's true. I know. I was like that's fantastic. That's the kind of ship you live for. That's the good ship. When someone heckles you, when somebody else in the audience is like no, you need to shut the funk up, because he was laughing at he turns. He turned into clear his day. He's like, that'sh it's funny. I'm in the military and that ship's true. Sometimes life can give you the raw deal, and that's where dope comes in. Dope provides edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and styles for you, delivered to your house deliciously and intact. Dope also donates a portion of every sale to this she recovers foundation with a minimum guaranteed donation of forty thousand dollars every year. She recovers as a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. You can also use the code T B L Zero Five. T B L Zero five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Once again, just go check out dope at www dot dope dot com, that's www dot d o u g H P DOT COM, and use the code T B L O five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. I love watching those, those reels of fucking Jimmy Carr just just annihilating people in the audience. I haven't seen this. That's like it's like part of his set is he loves to roast people in the audience and most of them are just sucking into it, but sometimes people will actually heckle him and like, if you think Steve Hofstader can fucking take down hecklers, like like, like Jimmy Carr is gonna Getting fucking theaters and just just like just to the point where they're just pissed. But he's like, what are you gonna do? What did you say? What was it? Stop Stalling. Yeah, what's your name? Are you trying to say Gary? What's make Gary? Yeah, yeah, the Fund is that. Well, Gary, if you...

...want my car back, you'll have to scrape it off your mum's teeth.

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