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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 82 · 5 months ago

Chappelle Bought a Building


Mike & Mike welcome on special guests Jesse Nutt and Jeff Alan!

Dave Chappelle is now the owner of the building that houses Wiley's Comedy Club in Downtown Dayton. How does that make us feel?


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That means you are about to endorse what some of the racist sexists in your audience already think or you're about to piss them off. which is IT gonna BE? So it's it. I've always gone there if, if I decide it needs to happen Um and sometimes you pay the price and sometimes, even when the audience roars, you'll still see faces, you know, where people just bent all out of fucking shape. You you know, because people laughed at something they were deeply, deeply offended by. Y'All have all see me. I use the n word. I use it consistently, vigorously, like a LOOFA. I've never heard you said the n word. I've never heard you say no, and I think that about that. That's why I'm here on a Monday night, because we knew he wasn't gonna fucking say welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast, a deep dive into current events, a comedic look at a serious world, hosted by Mike Shay and Mike Wells. All Right, I'm actually gonna do an intro on this one because it's a it's a big show and we're doing something a little bit different this time around. So, uh, those who have listened to the show before, you've you've heard Jesse Nutt on the show before. We've had him on the before, newcomer, and I had to think about it because I don't you haven't been on the show before. Jeff Allen, fairly new to the copy, the local scene east side side. Say that ever again. I said that just to see what Mike would say. And we're we're here. Where here is as a kind of a broad spectrum of of Dayton comedians, because it's just some news broke last week and from what I can tell, it's a lot of mixed feelings. So apparently it's come out that that Dave Chappelle owns the building now, that while he's comedy clubs and doesn't own the club, he's the building's landlord now. And I've seen a lot of folks talking about it online and everyone just kind of seems to have some mixed feelings and it's starting to pop up in national news. So I think it's kind of worth doesn't really popping him. Yeah, I've seen it. Absolutely well, Dave is kind of land bearinging it right now, I mean springs, and he's gonna Gobble up loose something down there in Oregon here. I think it's genius on his part because like property, I mean the thing is owning properties a good thing. atomatic he bought that property and because he brought that property value, automatically one up on that property. The celebrity people people are also like Oh, like, like they're talking about like going back to Wiley's now, which, first of all, screw you, but second of all well, but my favorite is always that place still open so much. I actually I posted, I was I posted one of my clips on on Reddit the other day and somebody was like, he was like, Oh, Wiley's, oh I heard. I heard Dave bought the place and I was like no, he didn't. But if you want to hear more about it, listen to my podcast. Um, shameless plug, shameless plug it, of course I do. But yeah, it's I mean, yeah, it's sitting some nationals. I thought it was worth getting some both together and just kind of talking about it. And because I'm not from here, rare, I've only lived for seven years, so I know there's some history with Dave and Wiley's, but I don't know what it is that is. We considered like his home club of Um, because he was in the area. So yeah, Um,... would see him there a lot. You would see him at jokers which was the other club south of town. You'll see him out there occasionally too. Um, you know, David was just Dave is an animal to stand up, you know, it was just the guy you saw and you knew he had broke big young and that was just, at least to me around, it was just that was day, oh, hey, dave, whatever. Um, I don't know, man. I mean viewpoint wise, to me, I guess I look at it differently because I've seen the guy for years. I watched him put the work in. I mean, ship man, you got paid because you put the work in and if you want to do these things with your money, do these things with your money. Um, honestly, as far as him buying the building, a little relieve somebody was gonna buy it. Um, and because I heart left, I heart radio. Is Not in there anymore. There is radio. I've heard that term. That's some ancient form of communication. Yeah, it's more it's more like dashes. And No, I mean grandpants tricked off too. Moving to the Oregon district was such a great move for all those stations and Um, they all had their remote vans parked out there and it was it was really something. Okay, then radio died a very horrible debt o. That ship fucking burned whilets sank. Okay, Um, now, are there cocky radio personalities who, I am so glad, are out of a job? Yes, yes, and now those Dick Backs have podcasts. But but see, I can, I can still listen to my music without having to listen to them. And the best part is they're not pompous anymore because they're not gatekeepers anymore. Exactly, you know, and that was the thing. But yeah, yeah, that building is empty. So I had heard rumors of, you know, people to buy it and you know, let's face it, do what would make the most money? CONDOS? Yeah, because that's already happening down there. They're springing up. If they put in Condos, it's just a countdown to while he's would have to move. And this is already not the first place while he has been right. It was it was up um, I can't. I can't tell you what the name of the bar is now, but it was right there at Belmont, right at the corner of Patterson and some other streets. Oh, I know the area. But yeah, that was while he's Um, when I came in. And so, yeah, when when while he got that opportunity with the club down to the Oregon yeah, everybody thought it was yeah, it makes all the sense in the world. It did so much foot traffic down there, tons of traffic. Um. But yeah, I mean with Dave on the club. I still think Dave is gonna hopefully be a businessman at the end of the day and if it's time for the club to move on and find a location, maybe that's what needs to happen. I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing either. I think the clubs in a great location. Hopefully Dave thinks the same thing. But that I mean in devil's advocate. That back alley doesn't get foot traffic like it used to. Yeah, but you know what, every comedy club should have a back alley. I agree, I agree, but it's it's it's one of those it's like, because the building is so empty, it just looks like it is. Of course everyone's gonna think there's nothing in there, especially when you got a neon side that doesn't work well. And again, I think those are some of the things that make the club the club. I know it's Corny and you know I get get coming from, but I don't know. I just my hope is that the club will continue, the club will thrive. Do you really think about a pound for pound Dayton Ohio? The size that we are, the fact that we've sustained to comedy clubs better part of Twenty plus years, pretty fucking amazing. Consider the fact that they have such even though they're both comedy clubs, they have such different demographics well, and that's, I think, why they've survived. Is You could see earthquake one week and Rodney Carrington at literally at ends of town in the same weekend, or Haywood banks and Tony Rock same weekend. Little Dinky Ass Dayton, here you go and everybody's happy. You're good at while he's because you're a fan of comedy, not because you got free tickets. That is also Um, I view it as like I have this theory. My theory is that he wants to start his own chain. I did think about it, like why else would you buy? Why would you buy that? But I mean property value wise. But like he's talking about doing the reellow springs thing. He's not doing that. He's taking he's doing the yellow springs. Okay, so he's gonna have his own joint... yellow springs? Why? So? Why not see how that goes? And then because I think Whiley is lease is up in a few years. So leases up. See, like I was like, Oh man, well, my thing, yellow springs, a good get businessman, go my thin yell spring is doing great and making this amount of money. Why not buy Wiley's after out of their lease or their leases up by it turn not into a club as well, and then constantly, because he can buy whatever he wants at this point, turned into a club. So I mean, like the amount of money to take just because it's a historic building has always been, I think, the prohibitive factor about while he's remodeling and opening up, you know, doing this and that, because well, plus, you had, I heart, owned or they releasing all that other space. But now you've actually got an opportunity to, you know, really take the club to the next level as far as do some remodeling, space out the show and not steal money for a bunch of people. When you say you're going to do that. I'm sorry, that was not laundry day. No, but I lost money. Um, Jeff, as a as a newer guy, how are you feeling about all this. Um, I guess I'm just I'm anxious, I'd say. I don't want to UH assume anything. I don't want to get excited or I don't wanna be like ah ship now, because there there is a lot of whispers and a lot of opinions, uh, in the scene. A Lot that I've heard is if he, like you said, Mike, Starts this chain of clubs, that it might be an outrageous price and it it might just be more mainstream comedians instead of supporting the local scene, as Wiley's has done for decades. And Uh, I personally, I just I don't see that, because I think the past couple of years how big Dave's gotten. They've kind of, uh, almost changed the narrative a little bit to where he's, uh, he's still this guy who who quit comedy. He loves comedy at school, like you said, Jesse, he's just a fucking he loves to yeah, he's, he's still, he's still, just a bad guy, exactly. And you've got nothing to worry about because you always gonna have a stage. You got, Car Michaels, you're doing the hustle the right way, car Michael, every Tuesday guy. Thank you. Every Tuesday, these guys are putting a grind on, so you'll always have a place to play. And that's what I'm saying. And at the at the core, who Dave Chappelle is? He respects guys like myself. Shout out Jarelle beam and Kyle Kemper. He's Uh, I'm not saying I'm in the same category Darrell, with Darrell hit me on the shoulder right now, but I'm just saying he respects people that are grinding, get on that take the opportunities that are given to him and run with him. And I think if he does start a club, I don't think US local comedians will have to worry that much. I viewed it as like your headliners would have been, to me, your features, and your features will then be your host so have locals. Yeah, you see what I'm saying? Yeah, everybody kind of goes down to basically that's all it is. And then again time, all the time, we still have this like the Sunday comics and all that. And definitely because, considering how much that room fills out every other week anyway, I'd be ridiculously I think he loves comedy at Core Anyway. So it's like one of those things. It's he knows what type of club it is and he knows the type of people go there. You Walk in there, you know exactly what kind of Plat you're in and just like I mean it's almost like your it's your independent comedy club, that you go there because you want to see comedy. Yeah, you want to see like it's the working class comics room. Well, but it's also indicative of the fact that a lot of what people understand is the comedy boom started the Midwest and it started in places like Wiley's and go bananas, Um Down in Cincinna, independent clubs that, for the most part, we're run by investors, but people that really loved comedy and they would take chances on people, you know, Um, features that got that headlining slot and they got those shots first at clubs like Wiley's and and and jokers and and go bananas, in places like that. Um, they gave him that shot. It was like that. She used to give what's your face used to give Hedburg all the jokers, but Hedberg wasn't even big at the time and I think they hated him then they Um, there were definitely some crowds, a lot. There were a lot of crowds that just did not get it at first. Well, but think about okay, what if Edburg was the M C at your show? Oh God, yeah, you see him do an MC bit? I saw a video one time. I was like yeah, and I was like, Oh my God, he was just like yeah, because, like they did not like him at all. No, well, I mean they didn't like him at as own comedy central special either. Anybody... you know why that was actual they did not. Okay, yeah, because I got peeped to this. Yeah, the people in the audience were basically there to see a comedy show. They did not know who it was gonna be. H that was part of the problem. The other part of the problem was Mitch was trying out new ship on him instead of doing the tried and true. When you watch it, when he goes to the tribe and true ship, then you hear them start to laugh more and then they start getting into it. But yeah, that thing was doomed from the start. That's why he just gives up part way through and just sits down, which is great. I love when he does. I did that in a contest one time. I knew. I knew because it was like I turned to my fiance at the time, Melissa, not my wife. I was like because the average age of the audience at the finals at a comedy contest was like sixty five, and I was like, Oh, they're gonna hate me. I literally like this is an accurate no, youngstown. I literally before I got to say was like listen, if I turned my stage, my back to the audience, I just walked the stage like the outer banks of the stage. I've given up. And then I had to do fift minutes. Oh my God, and like I literally was like all right, and I too jokes in. I was didn't worked. I didn't know. I joke that, you know, a joke that actually works, and it was just like silence. I was like all right, so I just start walking the edge of the stage, like all the way in the back. Oh, like I did. I did all my time. You know, I'm saying how many minutes into you're like fuck it, oh, like a minute. That quick right away, and I was actually picked favorited the win. They told me, like the judges told me, a couple of judges told me because they'd watched me. They're like, yeah, we had you favored the whole thing and I was like they fucking hey, and I just literally just walked the outer thing. I was like, fucking I don't give us ship right now. It was at Franklin Taburn last week because right before I get there Kevin messages me like my hosting and I was like this your show, I mean, I guess, and he was like I just don't feel like doing it at the night and I was like no, no, I actually did that a couple of weeks ago him and and that's the he was always like every time, well, the Saturday ones that Franklin's happens, are always full of people. It's always great. There was fucking nobody on a Saturday. It's always been. I was so I was so pissed. I was because I will, because you know, I will never say no to Kevin Anything he asked me to do. I will say yes, except when he asked me to host the last minute now. But he was like, dude, it's always packed, it's always packed. I get there, there's like two guys at the bar and as soon as we said we were starting the comedy part, they walked side. I went up, I did I did three of my five minutes and I fucking left. I also was feeling like ship that day, but I almost didn't go to the show period because I thought I was gonna throw up a lot of the Times. And if if you're if you host there, you're a redneck wrangler. That's what you're like trying to well, and that's I went there. I was there the first time he did a show at Franklin and it was that that was the night of the only person there was the owner and his buddy and they hammered when the show started. Were you there? I Know Caleb was there. I don't think you were there. You did. You did the next one. You did the one after that and it was a rough night. The one I did, not the one you did. I think I heard that was that was a night. Some dude after the show was like Hey, I did blackface one time and started like yes, yeah, yeah, that was a that was a night Franklin tavern. Maybe that actually happened a week later at a different venue, a different guy too, and Franklin, Jesus Christ, shout out Franklin. Maybe. What what did you what do you want to happen to the I don't know because, and I've told you about this, I don't really have like feelings on Dave Chappelle period. I didn't grow up watching the show. I'm not from around here, so like I don't have that like hometown vibe of him. I was not allowed to watch his show growing up. I don't know that it's really as much of a hometown because, I mean the guy was from d C. He's not people. Yeah, but as I think, I don't know that. I'm not a lived out here when they're. Probably it was like, you know, his people, Yellow Springs, you know, kind of that the bastion of the boogie black. But you know, he wasn't really here here. You know, he was just he was the guy that grew up in D C, your East Coast Guy, and he would come here to visit his peeps. Um, that's how like you would see like coming up, I would say, like dl Hugeley give people up in Clumbus. So you would see him pop in, you know, as he was, you know, kind of climbing. He would just pop in and just murder. Ye. See. See for me, because I'm an outsider, I always the way the way it was always described to me made it sound like he was just fucking around here all the time. I wouldn't say that. I mean, well, I really don't know any better. You saw him, you know, from time to time, and then you would see him like in between projects. Yeah, he's hanging out, but most of the time it was about his money. I keep it real. Okay, I mean respect,...

...but yeah, but yeah, for me, like, I'm not sitting here like I don't have a lover or hate thing with Dave Chappelle at all. To me it's just like, yeah, it was a great comic but like, but, like, I haven't seen any of his Netflix. But I don't, but I don't watch. I think it's weird for people because it's like because of the current. He lives in yellow springs, like he's as popular as he is. And you're like why yellow springs, right Dayton, that area? Oh, no, that makes perfect but because nobody's sucking there. That's what you're saying, is like. But people don't get that for how popular it is, because they because they don't know yellow spring, like if they're not felling around here, like why would you if you're so popular? And all that and you're considered the greatest. You why do you live here? I'll not remember when he did look because honestly, everybody just kind of leaves him alone. Number One, what a great place to raise your kids. I love yellowing. It can be they are right, especially once we gets legalized. It's not even in yellow springs. It is mean. You know, I grew up hiking out there and you know, you go up there and you know, take your kids to young's dairy, you know ship. Um. I always like yellow springs because one of those places, at least for me and a lot of people, it was a place you could go if you were dating interracially or if you weren't openly gate, because it's a very progressive walk down the street. I'm talking like you know, I'll age myself in the nineteen seventies, like seventies, nobody batted an eye. It was a place where nobody yelled out of car windows unless it was hey, you're looking for a smoke. You know that stuff, really hippie ship, but you didn't get any of that. There was none of that Rednecki hate. There was none of that. It's like it's got that feel of a small town without like the closed off small town bullshit that usually comes with. Oh No, there are plenty of elitist now, don't get it to you know I'm talking. I'm talking like the like. Usually go to these small towns and it's like you're described as a lot of it's a lot of Hicks that have never met a gay man in their life. So they it's it's you got hippies and you got hippie snobs. But, UM, every group's got their snobs, but they it's just I've always liked it because it's a mad chill place to go. I'm out there like at least once a month. I love great foods. I dig it. Always Wings. They got wings out there. Yes, a lot of people real quick. A lot of people forget how much Dave actually does love daton. I remember he does. It really occurred to me that Jim city shine, that he go on right after the organ on the shooting. Wow like that. That was crazy. I saw a hundreds of thousands of people, just people went there. And how long did that take him to put it together? Basically, they got on his phone week, called some friends, bing, Bang, boo, there they are. Because that I saw chance, the rapper live and I've always been a chance around Wayne and and then Jon Stewart in the morning, because in the morning you was with Kanye at chat. I mean it was although my favorite thing, Aaron Fellis ever tell you his story about how it had. Steve Saw stevie wonder not to sing in the morning because obviously feathers and he like like heard and practicing in the morning, and he just waved at him and he went, why did I just wave? For the rest of his life that I did. That gim shine was phibly one of the is a top ten moment of my life exactly because, like, well, especially considering what we had literally just gone through, and like because I was I was off camping when when the shooting happened, and within by the time I got back, like it was like my first or second day back at work at the new station, they're like yeah, I would set it out reporters down. I was like what, what's going on downtown, because I hadn't been here to fucking hear about it, and they're like, oh, yeah, Dave's puttings, putting together this fucking thing, and I was like where it was? where? And then I saw the footage and I was like God, yeah, and you know, if you were a comic, you know you were smacked out in the middle of that pretty easily, you know, hanging out at the club. Clubs opens. They gave everybody tickets a day and a certain amount of people tickets date and residents. But, like, I got in. I came in the Wiley. It's like super, super can get in. Well, plus all you have to say, because while he has had like what like a drinks? Yeah, standards. I was like, yeah, just say you're going there to yeah, they had a big beer truck and it was just it was it was a wonderful day, but not just right. I mean like that's that's one of those things that's like obviously he still has his heart rooted in this town and at least to some degree to put something like that together, because I didn't see any other fucking towns doing something like that. After well, it's it's rare. I mean you always see about artists getting together and trying to do something to heal the community Um, and it's good that we've got somebody like that, uh, at that level of statue. Well, you...

...can make those calls and plus this was this was that a part of town that is known for being like the center of the nightlife. It's the nightlife, social life central, and yeah, like that can easily put a damper on people wanting to go out and and but I was actually kind of impressed with how much it didn't even prior to because people were just kind of like, funk it, it's our town man, like no, it's it was. It was a horrible, horrible thing. Um, I still have my moments just because I still am so thankful and so realistically thankful, because on any other Saturday night there would have been at least five or six different comics by knowing love. That would have been in the line of five just standing around doing what we do every fucking Saturday night, and nobody can explain why, on that particular Saturday night, none of us. Yeah, notice nobody, nobody was there. Everybody, everybody went home. I was in a town, somebody, everybody was somewhere else. And not only that, because, like, because when I found out about it, because I was I was out camping, and the next morning I woke up to like a billion phone calls and ship like, because people knew I lived in Dat and when. So my brother at the time lived above feathers and him and his girlfriend at the time both worked at one of the news stations. So like they were getting calls from the news stage like you guys come in there, like no, we're here, like we're not coming in. And then also a friend of mine's a bartender there and a girl I was seeing at the time was at the bar. She left like ten minutes before the ship went down. So I'm like just like and then none of the comics were there. Like a lot of people got hurt hung outside of feathers. So so it's just kind of crazy to me. That's like I think Dj danglar forgiving me edible that night. That's Super Out, shout out. I really I will always remember that because like Dj is there and he's like you want edible, because in Dj and I was like yeah, I had Melissa with me and like I was inedible and I got super fucking high and I was like, Melissa, you gotta drive his home, like and then Aaron and all of them went to Indianapolis for something. It was the more when you say that it is amazing that nobody was there. I've never thought about that. Actually, nobody and again, and we always all hang out any Saturday night. Yeah, there could be any number of people from the comedy community, from different generations of the comedy community that would be at any one of the it could have been it could have been you and you weren't around the time, but, Jeff, it could have easily been you as well. I went there with my friends at the time. I actually found out from Kevin Garnett on online. I checked my instagram as soon as I woke up and he posted about this city that I lived in my entire life. I was like, what the fuck, and I actually found out like four days later because we were thinking about going down there that night. But four days later I found out that I knew the guy. I went to sinclair with him semester previous and I actually had his number on my phone. We did a couple of projects together. No, ship. Yeah, the part that I hate is I thought he was hilarious. I was like, yeah, that was the worst when I was like laughing at all his dark jokes. They weren't really they weren't really at all man and so, yeah, that that was the part. I was like, Oh, ship, so that Jim city shine really hit home for me because I realized like I was feet away from evil, like I com communicated with it, and Oh that'll dude. That if I, if I had realized, like if that had happened, I can't even imagine like that fucking feeling of like this guy I have personal contact information with like that. You know, you're smithielist. Yeah, like, Oh, no, yeah, they know everything about you. You're circumcised UNCIRCUMSTANCES. He laughed at his jokes. Um, yeah, so I I'm one of those guys. I can see this going like one of a million different ways. And we're not but we're not going to know until it happens either because, like I said, it could be really good, it could be really bad or it could mean nothing. I honestly don't think it can be really bad. Well, I mean I think they've owned he's owned it for a while too. Oh really, I think it's been like six months and they're just not purchase. Yeah, I think that it just broke the news because they have been trying to fig out who bought. Yeah, but I didn't know that the building had already been bought and I thought it was still up for sale. We should have started with this holy ship, very the lead mother. I think that's how I think they've had it for a while. I'm pulling it up and it might not be something that necessarily wanted to you know, news release all. Yeah, it's just like I think they want digging for it and somebody found out. Well, because, yeah, anytime any proper you down in the Oregon district goes up, they want to...

...know who's buying it and what they intend to do with it. Yeah, you know, Oh, absolutely well, especially because there's there's a whole organization, like there's so many rules and stuff for like how you can look the preservation are entrenched in the Oregan yeah, I'm from I'm from a town of South Carolinas. It was the same funking way. They were like all the buildings have to like look a door. Do you know what kind of fucking debauchery goes on here at night? They don't care the exteriors. Just constant fucking, just constant, rigorous fucking. You ever heard of but plug door? I don't know where I'm going. The Preservation Nazis in the Oregon district and again giving my age away, I'm one of those people who can remember when that entire district that's where you went if you had a fetish to pee outside. It was it was the nasty part of date. Okay, Fifth Street, once you got past he bought it. Railroad tracks. He bought it. That was pist out, maybe because there were no shops, which when nobody's gonna tell on you if they saw you down. He is. I know some things. I'm going off. The article says he the article says he bought it an I know somebody told me some things. Okay, this is off the record. Mike cut that cut that he knows a guy who makes a guy, you know, the guy. I'm not cutting ship. I don't cut the girl. Somebody told me some things. They might. Yeah, you had so. Yeah, okay, well, that that's definitely an interesting thing. I mean I get people's apprehension. I think. I think ultimate it's gonna it's gonna just out to Ben thing. But okay, he the worst case scenario to me is, all right, let's say he bought it because he needs a loss. I've been making a lot of money. Yeah, yes, alright, a point, also, a very good point. Yeah, alright, making a lot of money, needs a loss. That means he leaves the club open. Yeah, that means he hires a bunch of shitty comics. Dayton, will you have work? That's true. I'm a shitty comic that needs work. Okay, so I mean that to me. Would be the worst case scenario is he operates it as a law and there's plenty of comedy clubs that have always been operated that way. You know, you get there as a comic and you wonder, okay, why is this fucking place still? Yeah, there's one in Indian apples that there have been twelve people here for three shows. Why are we still? Because somebody needs a loss and that's why you're there. They're laundering some fucking mob money, and you know what, that's okay, okay, as long as Vinnie pays me. Yeah, as long as I got a stage to stand on. All Right, I'm not here to I know what I know. If I if I ever see some white guy named Marty in the back, there's some money laundering a Mike this week. You want me to pay you? When? You want me to pay you in cash? Will pay you in steaks? I don't know. My friendge a litt am taking some steaks just fucking kills a cow. From God, that would be hilarious, not for the cow for that, but yeah, with with with his love for Dayton. That that that building has always been going like that. That's been going downhill for a while. Somebody with money has control of the decisions. That's that's a good thing. If he changes it to an art center, I mean, you know what I mean, like it could be. There's some of stuff you could do with that building. That's what I'm in because that's a that's a prime space. Um, I think there's some really inventive, productive things that be done with the space, whether he does uses it for business or just as an artistic space. I mean, like we joke about radio being dead. I mean, my heart took very good care of their junk of the building. Yeah, it was in great shape and it's got it. It's that that in and of itself is a great space. I mean they have a performance space in there, because when they would have bands or whoever come through, they would go like do a little small you know, could he could do a lot with that. There's all kinds of things you could do with that. That that could be inventive and different and, you know, let's just see what happens. I think it's exciting. Uh, if nothing else, it keeps, once again, it keeps the Dayton comedy scene in people's minds. It does, and that's a great thing. It is because, I mean, that's getting harder and harder to do. What just keep keeping the local comedy scene in people's minds. Like, like you said yourself earlier, when people were like, Oh, whiley's is still fucking open, it's like, yeah, it just kind of sucks that we're still having to remind people it's there. Now it's it's I think it's partly Um, there's been a shift, you know, and the way advertising is done, the way you market Um, and so some people, some demographics, are kind of left out of that. And at the same time, I've always believed for a lot of people comedy is generational. They go to clubs, comedy clubs, when they're in the twenties until about...

...the end of their twenties and thirties, when they start having kids, they don't go to the club as much because what makes them laugh changes, you know, what makes them laugh after they have kids is watching a kid fall down some stairs. That's the which you know, you're a parent. Love that now, kids, but you didn't think that was fun. But I mean you change generation. But I always think that, you know, as the club change, there's the audience changes. It doesn't necessarily always. Comics don't always shift with the Times. Um, yeah, just there's no other way to put it. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes not all comedy age as well. That's very true. That's very true. Um, some people aren't aware as well, which I've never got. Okay, I would personally, I would be ashamed if I was telling jokes from twenty years ago. We had actually I found some of my old videos the day on facebook and I was like these can never see the light of day again. Shame, Holy Shit. Okay, twenty years. I'm gonna suck you a headliner. Ye, put that ship to bed. Greg Han does the same thing from. Okay, I mean it's funny, but it's like he's been doing the same fucking well, but he does them so fast. Yeah, well, no, I get that too. You know, you almost don't, but that they're not like like current event related. Like can you imagine doing like a Monica Lensky joke? Now there are comedies that do, Oh, I know, yeah, and O J Simpson Jokes and you know, Clinton jokes, and I'm just like, come on, our Kelly is getting there. R Kelly is getting there. If you are in or around the Dayton Ohio area and you want to know more about what's going on in the local comedy scene, we have a website for you. Go to www dot gem city comedy dot Com. That's www dot gem city comedy dot Com. We've got profiles on all your favorite local Comedians, as well as a calendar and guide to all the shows going on, whether they're open mics or big headliner shows or showcases or whatever we have in store. You can also submit your own information to the website to be updated within forty eight hours. I run this website myself. It is a passion project of love, so make sure you guys, go check that out right now. Go to www dot gem city comedy dot Com to get all the information on the Dayton comedy scene. To loop it all around. What were you what you were saying about the time you performed right after night ven UH. You, you were describing like the crowd was like determined to be entertained and I thought it was a really cool, uh comparison to how I felt at the gym city shine, because there's there's some there's some assholes from Centerville just like drinking Seltzer's and stuff like that and partying, but a lot of the people were from the city. They knew people that had new people that got shot and we we were determined. We needed that. Yeah, because, and that was the thing. I think that was one of the important reasons why I had to be there, why you had to be there, white people had to be there, was we had to collectively put it behind us, he and and just say, okay, yeah, this happened, but yeah, you know it, and that that that could have only been possible, I think a gym shitty shine. I don't know that it would have been, because where I was, where I was camping at, was it this big, this big outdoor event, and a lot of it was in Pennsylvania, but a lot of people there, we're from like Dayton, Cincinnati, and knew had family there or from there. So the whole time I was there, Hey, there were people packing up and leaving like the next day to go home because they had heard about it or they just didn't know. They're like, I don't want to be here, I wanna be back at home, and then we all also at the whole time they're there. Instead of the usual like activities and stuff, they were canceling those be like if anybody wants to come use this tent from this time to this time who's from the area that just needs ye have a group sash. They were doing that. I mean it was I don't say it's one of my favorite videos ever from that. Somebody recorded it, but as like I reshared it. But yeah, you you said something about chance and a chance. It's like one of my really Davord artists, especially at the time. His Song has meant a lot to me. So he performed like a song that he had just put an album out or something that. Yeah, yeah, he had just dropped his new album like days before that. Amazing, absolutely amazing. Wow, okay, the big day. But he did a couple of those songs, but he did, uh, he did a lot of songs from the coloring book that really touched touched him about my childhood. It was on Wayne Avenue where I'd run around my whole life, and to have that moment like Dave provided for every moment. That was and that that's what I mean. I mean I'm standing there, I'm looking, I I am spitting distance from stevie wonder right as he does loves...

...indeed. I'm like it's one of my favorite songs in the whole fucking world, and I'm I'm watching him do it and I'm going Ye, did he play superstition? No, okay, he did. Happy Birthday, though. That was I love. I love superstition, so that was kind of happy. I didn't get the guy was a fun fact. Who did he write that for? I actually don't know. Jeff Back Really Jeff was like now, no, man, I don't want he was like no, man, it will kill. Now you do it. and well, there's a documentary coming to coming to the neon soon, Um, about and I'm blanking on the guy's name. All of a sudden, Guy, you did the ghostbuster song. Um, Bobby Brown. Bobby Brown, Um, there's a documentary about him coming out soon, about all the like Grammy Award winning albums. He was a sessige session musician on stuff for Stevie, under worked with prince all. The other guy is that he never got any credit. Oh you're talking about Um Ray Parker, Ray Parker, Ray Parker Jr. Yeah, yeah, it's funny to me that he does not seem to get the credit that he deserves. I mean he had a decent solo career, but you're right. Send it to me on facebook. ghostbusters. Um. Plus, he was a session guy. He was like a child prodigy, messenger and yeah, he needs a lot of great music. Yeah, it's it's Kinda it's it's gonna be the NEON. It's coming out at some point in the next couple of months here. But yeah, it's it's all about him working with those guys and helping write some of these iconic yeah, he was. He was the man for a minute there he was. Yeah, woman needs love. Oh, yeah, that was a big hit for him. He had a group called radio, is that what it's called? R A Y D stand out. If you guys like to read, shout to us and be a part of the show, be a part of the conversation. There are several ways to do that. Just go to our website, www dot t b l pod Dot net. That's www dot t b l pod Dot net. You can send us a message through the website, or you can even leave us a voicemail by clicking on the voicemail button in the corner of the screen and leave us a message that we will respond to live on the show. Once again, just go to www dot t b l pod Dot net. A good video, Mike, it's better be a great fucking video. All right now, can Gu see it? There you go, look at that. That's just God special doesn't give ups. It's gonna be like it's gonna be daton's Woodstock. Everybody will have a story about they were there. They weren't, because that was the first time. Account kind of like normal, not normal, but like being in the audience. Just kind of like the fog cleared alot. Yeah, yeah, like, we'll get past this. After the Tiana Taylor, she she did a memorial for all the victims and showed their pictures and everything, and after that was like when we remembered why we were all here. Yeah, it just it. It was helpful. Hell, yeah, it was necessary. Oh, I sent that to fucking I didn't mean to send that the vander, you know, and we're lucky, lucky in that, you know, like y'all said, we're real lucky we've got an artist of that caliber who could do that for the community. So, and I guess that's we should look at the purchase of the building in the same context. Is, you know, this is a good thing, this will be a good thing and just you know, stay positive on the tip. Like I said, I I haven't watched like the netflix specials. I don't watch specials in general. So I think part of...

...where people are having the mixed feelings is because of like the controversy that he's had and I don't get it. I don't know what the bits are, so I can't speak. You know, it's not even about the bits. All right, if you don't like a motherfucker's joke, the motherfucker is sorry. I say that for every comic who has ever lived, going all the way back to Adam's brother in law, okay, who probably had a joke about eve. You know, that home fun, that snake. Okay, but my point is comics are always gonna say things. It's gonna upset somebody. All Right, my question is, when are you gonna get past it? He told a joke you didn't like. Okay, what are you expect? What are what are your expectations in this moment that he is supposed to what be part of some great educational moment. As to why you are particularly offended, not that he attacked you. You're just offended. You just didn't like what he had to say because to you, his statement is tantamount to will slapping Chris. It gives permission to hate. Okay, I can't make that leap. I can't make that jump. Okay, they's not advocating any sort of Anti Trans Violence, is he? Don't think so. I mean again, if you qualify the jokes as jokes and you don't like them, then don't like them. To me, it doesn't get any deeper than that, unless there's something else in this agenda. M Hmm. What is that, or what could that possibly be? Could it be the ultimate goal of both ultimate liberal and the ultimate conservative, which is to shut the comic up, to make the comics so fearful of speaking their truth that they begin to self censor for fear of pissing somebody off? Then that means some critical truth doesn't get told because we're all scared. Yeah, I love that. David Wayne's also said something similar to that, where he was like he he did it for us. He went out there and he did that for all comedians. Yes, this is not you can't determine what gets out. Well, not only that, it's just like some people like fine, like if you can't make fun of if you if you're upset about trans jokes, okay, but then at what word do you draw the line? And since that you can't make fun of white people, then you know what I mean. And the thing is it's like maybe you don't give a ship if you make fun of white people. No, but like white people. Yeah, but like where? where? Like you, I think the whole point of honestly, the stand up is like, especially if that was like, yeah, I'm making these jokes, especially in the second one, he's like I'm making these jokes. Don't make other because I think he said don't come after me then, or don't write other jokes like that, in the sense it's like, yeah, I'm making these jokes, and that means you can't make these like jokes, as you're saying. Yeah, like it. It's like that's what people say CISTS, like why would you say system? And you know what I mean. It's just like it's just like okay, like I can't make these jokes, and why can you make those jokes? Like, what's the difference? It's I think. I think what you're saying is like basically, either everyone's off limits or no, and that's why it comes back to censorship. That is why I say the inmates want to run the aside. Yeah, and they don't care whether it swings to the hard left or the hard right, because they know both directions will still get the job done. It will silence the truth tellers. It's like remember in Shane Gillis, the whole Shane Gillis thing from mess and now looking ridiculous, he got like any didn't say anything racist. He just did voices. Was it voices or something like that? He actually did. He dropped the Oh, the drop. Yeah, we don't want we don't want the same thing. Now I'm not like it's sitting there is like, but the whole point was like okay, and he did, I think he did some voices too. Yeah, Oh, yeah, he did. But the nail on the coffin was that. was that all of it. But it's kind of like okay, then, fine, like I got an art something. It's like fine, I have no problem, like I had to say. I don't know, like at the very beginning of this argument I was like I don't give a shoot. Anybody makes fun of but like at some point the pendulum will swing the other way...

...and you have to wait for it to swing the other way. That's not gonna I was like it will, because if you say, like I can't make fun of this, then sure you sure as hell can't do white voice, like you know, like because it's the same thing. But like at what point it's like you can't, like I said, you can't go after one and can't go after together, and I don't give a funk. Like you heard my jokes. I don't get what the fucking it it makes fun of, but it's just kind of like I'll equated back to back to everyone's favorite story, fried chicken boy from the barrel house. Oh look, if you're gonna say this ship, it better be really because because the minute he said the word Air Jordan's, I set my phone down and was just like the next thing out of this motherfucker's mouth better be the funniest ship I've ever heard in my life. And he drops the fried chicken comment and I don't think I've ever seen someone get get bitched off a stage that fast? In my turns around, you're gone and just goes right back to what he's doing and the guy just they're just off. Well, I mean, you know, aside from the the obvious issues with, you know, dietary concerns, I mean just I think, if you're gonna, if you're gonna go there, okay, and when I say go there, I mean if number one, if you're gonna go stereotype on any grid, okay, the next thing at your mouth better be the most original, funny shit ever said. Okay, mainly because, okay, you're perpetuating a stereotype. That means you are about to endorse what some of the racist sexists in your audience already think or you're about to piss them off. which is IT gonna BE? So it's it. I've always gone there if, if I decide it needs to happen, Um and sometimes you pay the price and sometimes, even when the audience roars, you'll still see faces, you know, where people just bent all out of fucking shape. You know, because you've people laughed at something they were deeply, deeply offended by. Y'All have all see me I use the n word, I use it consistently, vigorously, like a LOOFA. I never heard you say the n word. I've never heard you say no, and I think that about that. That's why I'm here on a Monday night, because we knew he wasn't get thing.

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