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Season 2, Episode 83 · 5 months ago

Ezra Miller's (kinda) Apology


Ezra Miller (or, rather, their publicist) has released an apology (of sorts) in regards to their recent behavior. Plus, Trump's Mar-A-Lago resort was searched by the FBI. Also, can you beleive South Park has been going for 25 years?!?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Ezra Miller's apology
  • Trump's FBI raid
  • South Park's 25th anniversary


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But because they canceled it for a tax credit, that means legally it can never see the light of day. Jesus, because what they do they'll be in trouble with the I R s. So this is not like a snyder cut situation where like it just never got released and maybe one day we'll see. It's like no, they are it can it can legally never see the light of day. That's crazy. Yeah, although I did like that meme. I tagged you in. Now you were like these five people tagging in that. I thought that was funnier. Now that was like like this is the ultimate director director's cut. It's got nine, it's got it's got a welcome to the basement lounge podcast, a deep dive into current events, a comedic look at a serious world, posted by Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Trump, trump, I saw thing today that was like the FBI should do it. UNBOXING video. That Um, yeah, that, and he played like he played the fifth but that's something in for quite different. Yeah, he got they did the FBI raid and they're saying they were looking for something to do with like nuclear and for me it was all, you know, uh, classified stuff, and the presidents are supposed to give back up. Yeah, well, because when people there was there was a picture that went out. So around the time of January of last year, Um, there was a picture that went around on facebook and twitter of like the night before or a couple of days before like the move out or whatever. Um, there was a truck, a moving truck, in front of the White House and they were just loading it with basically anything that wasn't nailed down really, yeah, like artwork and fixture, like anything they could take. They were just Um and they said there people were which people who were just lived around there were like like, you can see those trucks coming in and other like all hours of the day and night. So, yeah, they were thinking, yeah, he probably took a bunch of ship that he wasn't supposed to. It's probably incriminating stuff. Yeah, I wonder if it was done on mom it's not done on accident. I think it is interesting. What I was gonna say, uh, the whole like the fund, like the MG. What was Marjorie? Yeah, and Marjorie Taylor Green. Yeah, the Fund. I was like, what the like he fucking like appointed the guy that when I had like but not only that was like. He also said, like Obama kept all this stuff and then like the group that takes all the classified information or whatever responded to saying, actually, Obama, did you see that? The heat and then like it was, I think it was on true social and they took a screenshot of it and put it up there and like no, Obama returned everything. Like I love where he was heard a bunch of the folks saying like Oh what? So now the FBI can...

...just get a warrant and search, search any of us. It's like, yeah, that's that's that's what they do. If you're suspected of a crime, they can get a warrant and that's what warrants are for. They went from like show me to like, Oh my God, they show me the warrant. Till they show them the warrant, they're like, well, this is just like it's just the gradual like Oh my God, you can't do this to him. Where's the warrant? And then they're like here's the warrant and they're like we left the copy with him. He can show it any time. Um, I got, I got, I got the Wikipedia for it pulled up. It says, uh, Um, the search weren't released. A few days after the search show the FBI was investigating trump for three possible federal crimes removal or destruction of government records, destroying or concealing records with the intent to impede, obstructor influenced federal government activity and violating the espionage act regarding unauthorized retention of National Defe it's information. Here's the thing about the espionage act, and I'm trying to see if this is still true. I believe that's punishable by debt. I think it was for the longest time. Um, well, I don't know how much of it's true. Apparently, like some of the stuff they're looking for is when I not he had records of like undercover agents or something like that. Will you remember that one? Yeah, and I'm like, yeah, of course he's a business guy, so of course he would sell that to other countries for I mean like and that's some funked up ship that you don't hold on to. It is it's and he's trying to claim that everything is under executive privilege and it's like, I don't I don't think you fully understand what executive privilege actually mean. He doesn't understand anything. Now he doesn't Um to look up espionage act. What's the penalties for espionage if you're found? Um, I'm sorry now that's at the time. I'm trying to see if you can tell me what exactly the punishment is. Hanging by Dick. Okay, so as of right now it's twenty years in prison and a fine. Fine. Yeah, that's if your violation of the espionage act, if you're found guilty of, Um, espionage, of actual espionage. was there just been violation of the espionage act and violation of espionage? I guess Um. But if he is in violation of if he is, if he does get convicted of actual espionage, then bungeable by death, was it? Then he tweeted on true social or about that the FBI took all his passports. Oh, did they really? Yeah, I don't know how true with it. Like you see stuff on on twitter that you wonder if somebody like photo shopped it right, but like I'm like, Oh, ship, that's interesting too. Well, speaking of of Photoshop, did you see that image that Fox News shared? That was fake, but...

...they tried to pass it off like it was real. It was a picture of it was a photoshop picture of Um, Um, uh Merritt, Mary Garnland, Um, like with uh, what's her name? EPSTEIN'S FRIEND? Yeah, and they were posting it and then everyone was like that that's not real, that's fake, it's an obviously photoshop image. Like here's the original of I forget who the guy actually was. And then, uh, I think it was Sean Hannity was the one that was on his show and he was like, we were, we were putting that up there as a joke. We weren't trying to actually suggest that it was real, and everyone was like yeah, you were, yeah, yeah, you fucking were up. Listen, your fans are stupid. They're not that stupid. I mean like you could clearly tell the backgrounds are different. There's a son in the background on the one side. Yeah, yeah, it all. It was just as they put his head on some other dude's body. It's I think I actually, I think I have that I mentioned. I was like that's it's it's bad photoshop deal. It's not even convincing photoshop. Um. So that happened. So I don't even know what the next one Mary Fox News argument was. It's not really news it's right this entertainment. I can't believe that fucking work. Sometimes life can give you the raw deal, and that's where dope comes in. Dope provides edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and styles for you, delivered to your house deliciously and intact. Dope also donates a portion of every sale to this she recovers foundation with a minimum guaranteed donation of forty thousand dollars every year. She recovers as a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. You can also use the code T B L Zero five, T B L Zero five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Once again, just go check out dope at www dot dope dot com, that's www dot d o u g H P dot com, and used the code T B L O five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Um, so that happened. Today, a quote unquote, apology was issued by Ezra Miller's people. Oh yeah, I didn't like it. Wasn't okay so that he write it or just people? His people fucking wrote it. I'm telling you that it doesn't say that they're saying it's from him. Now they they finally caught him or whatever they found. Where you're I guess I'm not. I still don't know, because he was formally charged with breaking and entering into that one couple's house that one time, like a year later. As I don't understand what's going on. Like he's done so much it that you're like what? Well, and everything's a mess over at Warner Brothers right now. Anyway, they still haven't confirmed or denied what they're gonna do with the flash movie. They've said that they're exploring three possible options, one of which is having him be involved in the promotion but Um, very limited and supervised, one of...

...which is not having him involved with the promotion at all, or, see, just canceling the film. And I'm like, just canceled the fun. Nobody cares. Nobody cares, especially because so there's what happened with the backgirl movie, which we can talk about in a little bit as well. But also it feels like that they're trying to whatever the plan was under the previous management to do with Michael Keaton as Batman, I think has gone away because there's are because that Jason Momo was already confirmed that Ben Affleck was on Sech doing shooting additional scenes for Aquaman two, which originally Michael Keaton was going to show up in his Batman, that he's shown up to do and that he's shown up to do new scenes, shooting new footage for the Flash, which he was already in. But with them canceling bat girl, which was going to have Michael Keaton's Batman, sounds to me like whatever they were planning to do with the Flash, like recasting everyone, they're just getting away from there, doing away with that, and they've got Ben Affleck coming in and shooting all these scenes that Michael Keaton was originally in. Well, it's waited. Its like Ezra Miller just funked up an entire real life timeline. He really did. That's true. He funked that the real life time like water brothers, like God, it's that, but it's literally that Ben Affleck mean where he's just like yeah, he's just just holding the sick. Yeah, it was Um and then yeah, and then the back girl thing is a fucking disaster and a half. What like they just decided the camp so the movie. The movie was like ninety seven percent done, like it was basically done and it was going to be an Hbo Max Movie, Um, but it was gonna be like like it was supposed to be like set, like Post Justice League and all that. They just canceled it all together. And then they're so their excuse was the new because they did this whole merger with discovery or whatever. So the new bosses excuse was they were just they didn't have faith in it. So they were just going to and they because Warner Brothers is in a shipload of debt right now. Warner brothers is in like several billion dollars with a debt right now. Um. So their plan was to use that as a as a tax credit to they're like, well, we'll make more money in a tax credit than we will release this thing on Hbo Max. So I'm like, well, then release it in fucking theaters. They said they're gonna. They said they're gonna get like a ten to twenty million dollar tax credit on it, Um, but I'm like ten to twenty million dollars, like, like what if they watch it? Or just that bad? Well, so here's the thing. So they were making this the same time they were making black Adam and Shazm two. Well, all three movies got the same test screening score. They got like in like in like at their initial test screening. They got like like or something like that approval. And I'm like, okay, so then, why are you canceling this one? Here's an idea. Cut together a rough trailer, drop it on Youtube, see if people fucking love it and if they do, put it in theaters. You'll probably make more than ten or twenty million dollars. If they is good, I think you could probably make fifty million, because the... was only like ninety million dollars to make and if you put out in theaters you're probably gonna wind up spending a hundred and twenty million after distribution and advertising. You'll make that fucking money back, especially if it's good. But they pulled it and now because, but because they canceled it for a tax credit, that means legally it can never see the light of day. Jesus, because what they do, they'll be in trouble with the I R s. So this is not like a snyder cut situation where like it just never got released and maybe one day we'll see. It's like no, they are it can. It can legally never see the light of day. That's crazy, although I did like that meme. I tagged you in. Now you were like these five people tagging in that. I thought that was funnier. And now that was like this is the ultimate director director's cut. It's got nine, it's got it's got A. Yeah, I was like, Oh, that is that? Yeah, that's fucking funny. So that that's a fucking disaster and a half. Warner brothers his life. And then John Oliver made fun of him because he was doing something. He was doing a thing about the monkey pox and about how we had had all these monkey pox vaccines that we just let expire rather than like giving them to places that needed it. And he's like that's like, you know, we treated the monkey pox vaccine like, you know, an uneaten Shabani in the back of a fridge or a ninety million dollar movie that we just decided to cancel. By the way, High New Business Daddy, it kind of seems like you're burning down my network for the insurance money, but I'm sure everything's gonna be fine. Jesus, it does blow my mind that they did that. especially. I didn't realize it was that far finished. Yeah, it was like it was like, I'm actually surprised we hadn't gotten a trailer for it yet, because it was because the guys who directed it, the two guys who directed it, directed two of the best episodes of Miss Marvel and they were at one of the director's weddings when the news broke. Like they found out via text at the Dude's wedding, which but then they immediately got like emails from like Kevin Figye saying like we're so sorry, we know your movie would have been good. I guess Michael Keaton gave them a bunch of ships, like a bunch of like Batman Memorabilia from the one that he had. Um, Sht, I said. Watched Miss Marvel. Yep, it's good. She help drops this week. Um, I don't know, early reviews are good, but Um. And then also, what's funny is somebody from variety said, like warner brothers just sucked themselves so hard, because no, like no filmmaker in their right mind is gonna want to work on one of these big projects for Warner Brothers if they know that they could just fucking cancel it and yeah, that like they've officially ruined the D C universe. Yeah, it's so weird because like marvel, like Disney did it so on key with marvel. Yeah, and like the exact and literally Wander Bros did the exact op like Disney at marvel. The Marvel Universe, Cinemac Universe was like a cupcake.

The DC Universe is like poop on fire, but like not just any poop, but like an actual like Satan turn on fire. It's I don't know how you funk up everything like you funk up like the directors, the Snyder, the Snyder cut, you fucked up literally everything. It's because, like all these big studios, other studios that tried to do these universes, they went into it with no plan. The differences. Whereas with universal they launched there, they launched and ended their Monster Universe with one movie. Warner Brothers has the financial backing to keep trudging forward. These other studios were like, well, fuck it, we're just not gonna we don't have the money to waste on the Warner Brothers is like, we've got so much fucking money to blow on this. But now that I said they're like several billion dollars in debt right now. So it's like it's like you miss again and again and again. Well, and then they put all their fucking eggs in the Ezra Miller flash reset everything basket and then he is the biggest fucking dumpster fire. You've got his apology, or his publicists fake apology is associated because it doesn't say like I'm sorry for the things I've done, it's I'm sorry that people feel upset and alarmed by my behavior, and I'm like, Oh you like you've assaulted people, not to mention like all the alleged grooming stuff that's going on, and it's it's like no, people weren't alarmed by your behavior, they were physically injured by your behavior. So I I, I think they're going down the either he's gonna be lightly involved in promotions or not involved in promotions at all. I don't even think there's no reason to involve him now, but they're still I think it's like a movie out next but they pushed it back to next year or so. Who fucking both it and Awquaman don't come out to like middle or late next year, then we'll find out. Jason Momo is like like Epstein, like no ship. Now you can rep the basement lounge out in public by checking out some of the merch that we have available on our website. Just go to tbl pod dot net slash store. That's tbl pod dot net slash store, and check out some of the t shirt and other merch designs we have for you, featuring our logo, some of our favorite bits, as well as a homegrown humor official t shirt as well. Once again, just go to t b l pod dot net slash store and check out some of the cool merch we have there for you. Now, Benedict Uh cumber batch, Sherlock's amazing, fantastic each episodes of a movie, and it's fantastic every episode. It's as like an hour, fifteen, hour twenty and they're all I I remember when I when that first dropped and I watched the first season. I was one of those guy I...

...was going to everybody, if you watch your luck, if you watch your luck, if you watched yourlock, like I was obsessed. It's so good. Um, I kind of wish they'd do more of those. Honestly, yeah, I kind of want him and play Sherlock again, I do, because I also wanted I also I tried watching that one that was on TV elementary. It was not good. No, that would be fucking especially if you watched sherlock. Compared to that, that was like like to me, that was like NBC, I think it was NBC or CBS. That was their answer to the cupcake and a flying it was. It was, it was so I was like you're just trying to be the exact same fucking thing and you're not good at it. Um, yeah, no, the benedict cover batch one was was so good. It was one of my favorite shows to binge, especially because, like the guy who plays moriarty it is such a good fucking actor. And this there's this video. I saw an Instagram of him doing the hamlet to be or not to be speech at like a workshop and, like I normally don't like watch, I got like fucking chills watch. He's such a good fucking actor. That scene in the in the city pool was was great. Um, Oh yeah, where he where? He just he's like he's like yeah, but people have died. Well, that's what people do, they die. But then his ringtone is like fucking staying a lot. Yeah, that's almost worth going back to rewatch and I think that I just I need that might be my next background rewatch. I just did, uh, I just did South Park again. So which I want to see this twenty anniversary concert they did, but it's only on paramount plus. Have you seen the clips from this? They'd get a full fucking band, they get like Primus back together and all that, and they do this big, like arena fucking concert of all the music from the show and like Trey Parker and Matt Stone are playing fucking instruments and ship Um. They get rush minus UH, minus Neil pert obviously, but they get them back together. That was weird, I know right. Well, fucking Uh Matt Stone plays drums with them for or whatever song it was they played. I forget which, like it was. It's a really cool fucking concert. If they got a couple of clips on Youtube, you ever thought they I mean obviously they had no idea, if they were making like how long it would last. or I thought about that today actually, because I was watching one of the clips they posted, which it's from the the anime episode where they getting Ninja Weapons. My favorite, my favorite thing is the fucking Ninja Star and it hits like and it's in the anime thing and it hits butters in the eye and you're like Oh ship, like you see it in the in the anime. You're like Oh ship like that legit hit him in the eye. They do the anime song where he's like to attack my boss. They do that. They got him doing like like they get primus come out and do the theme song again and it's it's yeah, I didn't realize how much of the music they were. I didn't realize they were basically seth mcfollowing this ship like they like right and do the music and stuff themselves, and I was like wow, for guys who hate Seth McFarland, you are a lot... him. That's why they hate him. That's why they hate him. No, I I thought about that today. I was like, man, I wonder if they thought, like so many years ago, this shitty little Christmas video they made, twenty five years later they'd be playing the songs from their show in front of like it's like it's like overtake people if Tony's have Tony Awards from buck of Morton. So it's kind of like did you guys like what they started. Like, I remember I was a child. Oh yeah, I was four, five years old, something like that. Yeah, I remember my mom because I remember because people talked about how there was the Christmas vhs that we get, that my mom had a bootleg copy of that. She was like you can't watch this, Um, which is which. What's funny about that is there's an episode in one of the later seasons where they're trying to get Christmas spirit back in the city and the kids like, well, let's go make our own Christmas movie and they basically make that Christmas video. So they showed clips of it and it's the actual and I'm like that's that's fucking funny, because they basically mimic like well, how are we gonna do this? Fun and I'll do all the voices. Well, what about Kenny? Oh, we didn't finish getting his voice over for this one. I don't let's just kill him off then. Okay, and the whole, the whole thing. Every episode Kenny died. That was the original thing of it. I can't stopped doing that. They stopped doing it. So at one point they killed him off like for like for one whole season. That he was killed off after they brought him back. They would kill him off every once in a while, but it wasn't in every episode thing. And then they do the Superhero one where you find out the reason he always comes back is because he's like an immortal demigod or his parents were part of a cult and his mom basically got she was pregnant when they were in this cult and she got like imbibed with like the spirit of Cathulu or something. So every time Kenny dies, she immediately gives birth to a new Kenny's and he but but everyone forgets that he ever. But also it erases everyone's memory that he died. Because, because, because, guys, remember when I shot myself in the head. What are you talking about, Kenny? That's genius. Yeah, just it blows my mind. I remember the biggest things, Mr Hanky, and so Mr Kenny dying every episode. So that was like and my parents would let me watch it period at all. But then my my aunt had a Mr Hanky doll. Oh really actually, I started watching it and when I got a little bit older and like, I never really got into and into it, like I mean really not like watching like every week. You know, what I mean. We we did a little bit because my my brothers, you know, they're my stepbrothers, so they would go visit their mom like every week or whatever, and she would let him watch it, so they'd come back. But then then we found out that whatever episode aired that day would re air after like eleven pm on Comedy Central. So in our bedroom we had of those like TVs, were...

...the built in vcrs, and I learned that you could program it to record at certain times. So, Um, when they were they'd show the reruns. I would just record until the tape was full and then on Saturdays my parents would always go grocery shopping, we would stay home and we would just watch all of them. So, James Von, we fucking did we U. First one I ever saw, the first episode I ever saw South Park was several seasons. The actually was when they do sex ed with the kids and Um, it's they miss chokes on Dick, scares all the girls into thinking that sex is gonna give you diseases, you're gonna die, and Mackie's a virgin, so he doesn't know what to teach that. He's like. So I took it, took the penis and uh, let's see the man. The man takes his penis and, Uh God, what do I do with that damn thing? Okay, and UH, they end up going to war and then Mr Mackie MIS chokes on that end up sucking and it's really weird and creepy. And first episode, Scott Tenement must die. That's such a good one. That's the one you started with. That's the first episode ever watched. That is such a good episode. And you want and I have dark sense of humor. I had a dark sense humor since I was a child, right, and that is such a dark episodeingning. I made you eat your parents, like Oh, man, because then he would use that another episodes, like I'll make you eat your parents and they're like he'll do it, dude. Look at that cry baby. Oh Yeah, radio cyt cry baby kids got cancer in his ass. Dude. It's such a dark episode, but it's that's the first episode ever watched. That's my my my aunt and uncle tried to watch it one time and the first episode they saw it was Paris Hilton versus Mr Slaves slut off, and they were like what is this? I'm like, this wasn't a good one. To start with, because it ends with him shoving Paris Hilton up his ass. Why you got Um, adventure land, oh imagination, oh my God, that's three part. They released that like on DVD on it it's amazing. It's Oh my God, that was that one, I think was one of the ones that won. That won them the emmy because like the next the next season, is the episode where Um Um, Randy takes the world's biggest crap and it's in the first thirty seconds he's on the toilet going and just a little picture of an emmy floats up on screen. It just says Emmy Award winning show, as as Randy sitting there going. Yet that's that's one of my favorite episodes. That episode is is fucking incredible. I need to watch PC principal season more because because every episode, like at the very beginning it was everypisode. It is different now it's like, I mean PC principal episode. That was the entire season. They actually mark the point where that happens, because there's an episode where, Um, where stand has a birthday and suddenly every thing sounds and looks and tastes like ship to him, and so...'s it's it's a season finale because it ends with his parents like splitting up in him moving, and then the first season back is them all coming back together. But they make a joke about how, like things are gonna be different, we're not gonna do things the way we used to do them anymore, and the episode ends with his parents going hey, we're getting back together, it's gonna go back to normal. No, no, I just made a whole speech about I think he's gonna be different. Not, things gonna be the same. But after that season is when like, yeah, the season's had more of like an actual story to him, and that's when PC principle comes in. And, Um, those are great to watch in a binging format because week to week it's like because there's a lot of stuff that pays off later on, but it's it's still I mean those first ten years are still some of the funniest shit I've ever seen. Sucking South South Park bigger, bigger, bigger, better and uncut won the world record most swearing and an animated film. Jesus Christ, the fucking and we'll use them the blocker protect our planes and tanks to operation uh dark shield or whatever, like what blame. Blame Canada. I think that that won them. Won Them. I know it's nominated. I don't know if it won. I know that. Um, I know that Robin Williams performed it at the Oscars. Oh my God, Dude, fucking was that? Was that where Satan is having the UH Halloween Party, Costume Party? That was an episode of the show where he it was my favorite, my super sweet sixteen. Oh Yeah, Steve Irwin came in. Yeah, he's like, Hey, man, listen, you can't, you can't win. Steve Irwin Costume. It's too soon. No, no, it's it's me, Steve Irwin. Oh, no, costume and you gotta leave. Um, it was nominated. Okay, yeah, it was. It created controversy because all nominated songs are traditionally performed during the Oscar broadcast, but the song contain the word funk, which the FCC prohibits using in bridetime broadcasts. So they worked around it. Um, that was so good. Uh, they also were who was it? Um something. So there was a Canadian and Murray. Um. There was some concern about the fact the song referred to well known Canadian singer and Murray as a bitch, but Murray indicated she was not offended by the tongue in cheek lyric. She and she was invited to sing the song herself. But actually, but she wasn't even gonna be able to go to the Oscars because of a, because of a thing. So that's that's such like do you want to sing that? The movie? I mean, you know what one. You'll be in my heart by Phil Collins from Tarzan. I know, I know, but yeah, that's fire. So yeah, that was so good. That soundtrack is really fucking it's such a but not that a team America World Pool, like everything they've created. It's just like team America's one. I think people forget about a lot and I wish they would because it's really fucking funny. So, like my thing about team America, I mean my friend Heather went and uh, we're late. Okay, like the movie,...'s like five minutes in and I fucking we walk in and I'm already laughing as I'm not I'm not even sitting down yet, because all a sudden I see fucking just dolls talking. She's like, Jesus, down here you're fighting me in near Limo. So you give me to perform oral sex on you know, I'm not now getting the Limo. Okay, I'm in Limo. Good, now, suck my cock. That sucks. I love that movie that. I remember that called was it called rent or lease, lease, yeah, everyone has a you're the guy from that blade, dude, that thing where everyone gets AIDS, the scene out in the alley where he's just puking for like five minutes in the uncut sexy, sexy. Yeah, sex seed. There's an UNCUTT doll sex seed. How fucking genius is that? There was literally really an uncut doll sexy, like, why would you ever say that in your entire like this sex scene is so vile between Maryette puppets. We have to cut some of it. But also, how many times do we do? How many times a year do you hear the name Matt Damon pop up and you immediately got Damon? Or you know, I can't act, Alec, you can't act or you know, I am so, so very roan, dude. That's such a fucking classic those guys. I mean, yeah, I again it breaks my heart that that they hate seth McFarland so much because, like, can you imagine what the three of them together could create if they just fucking got oh my God, especially like when you look at like, you know, having just finished season three of the Orville and just like like that show deserves so many fucking Emmy's just for just for writing alone. And it's like Seth McFarland's got like a real I want to see, and I guess maybe the book of Mormons kind of that, but I want to see Trey Parker and Matt Stone do something like that where they get almost away from the comedy just to see, just to prove how good they really are, like here's us when we actually fucking try. Yeah, I also I feel like it's harder. Probably it's probably harder right common it's hard to make people laugh. It's Oh, it's so hard to make people laugh, but it's it's also one of those like to get like like when Adam Sandler talks about uncut gems. He's he's like, I knew I wasn't gonna get nominated. I'm Adam Sandler. They'll never take me seriously, even though you fucking should have gotten it. It's, you know, with McFarland, Seth McFarland talking about how he's like I'll never get nominated. It's like we'll never win Emmy's because we're family. Guy, it's me, you know. He was talking about that with the Orville. He's like everyone's like Orville season three should win like every fucking emmy and it won't because of Seth McFarland, which is weird when you can see the back of South Park... Emmy's. So yeah, I'd love to see them like do something like that, like cool, do something totally fucking out of left field and and and just rock. Not gonna have the fucking part law and Order S V which apparently on this season of Svu they're gonna they're gonna do an episode inspired by the amber her Johnny Depp. But I'm like, can we not? That's why I don't like. I hate. That's why I don't like about s Vu is that they always do something like that. But I mean the show has been around forever, so they have to pull from something. Well, yeah, they're running out of ideas. It's really fucking obvious they're running out of ideas. Um, I stopt watching that show forever ago. But yeah, I mean a South Park like and like it's to the point because they're only doing like ten episode seasons now, which kind of bums me out because I want more, but also what they're giving me is really fucking good. So I'll take quality over quantity any day. God, Um, that's so blows. I still think about that. The thing that that was still around, still around. Man's still good. They said they just did a concert for tens of thousands of people just playing the little songs from their show. Jerry Seinfeld played a chicken in one of the episodes. fucking that. George Clooney was sparky stands, stands gay dog. Yeah, Jennifer Aniston was was Wendy's mom and and she was so the one where they go walking through the rainforest with the with the kids singing group. She's the like a green piece lady who they're there with. It's a funny episode. Um Cartman goes around trying to assertain dominance over all the wild animals, heading up with a stick, two video games and more than two video games, I think technically three. That the n sixty one sucks Dick, but Um, but the two they've done in the last couple of years stick of truth and UH freshard butthole are Um, because not only are they just fun games to play, but they're like just good South Park content. Like the the animation is flawless. Um, like you could totally turn those into just episodes and and it'd be funny. Like in the first game, have you played them? Yeah, they're good. Yeah, in the first one where you have to like go through your parents room while they're fucking and like dodge your dad's balls because you're shrunk down. Many that's just good fucking writing. Um. What I love to was in the show they fucking because they do like three or three part of them about the console wars, of of xbox, and it's really fucking good. But it ends with them going like you know, all this for video games. Like I kind of don't want to play video games anymore. Like look at this world. We created this fantasy world, like we could just like like this stick right here. We could just play with this stick. Yeah, we don't need video games coming soon, just coming to the video game stores, South Park Stick of truth. Yea, it's so...

...good. Yeah, yeah, both games are great. Um, I hope they do another one. Actually, I mean I know they're huge undertakings, but I'm not sure what the next one would be, because the first one was fantasy game inspired and then the new one was comic Book Superhero theme. So I'm not sure what the next one would be, but I'm gonna fuck you. Do A fucking law to a crime thriller one Er Matt Tray and Matt, if you listen to this podcast, highly doubtful, but if you do, come on, come on the show. Do you like come on the show or do fucking season to SP YOU.

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