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Season 2, Episode 84 · 5 months ago

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We're getting all caught up on Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon...just...all of it!


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What's his face? The actor that you've never knows and that he was so good at acting that you don't realize? Gary Oldman? Gary Oldman? Yeah, who? Who? I swear little finger looks like Gary Oldman. He does, it is I keep having to tell myself that's not gary old I can see. I could see that being gary old totally, but I'm also pretty sure I'm Gary Oldman and I just don't know it because he's such a good act. Gary Olden doesn't even know who Gary Oldmen is, doesn't interview. So what's the Real Gary Oldman like? I don't know anymore. His real name is yard young man. Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast, a deep dive into current events, a comedic look at a serious world, hosted by Mike Shay and Mike Wells. I felt fine horse. Yeah, it's because a fucking bad damn, have a funk. I'm smoking a fucking and then fell Dick. Yeah, it sounds like. It sounds like I sucked off. I sucked off skull sounds. That's why I sound like I stupped off school like that sounds like my voice is really it sounds like on this clouds. Stop being a roll back. I mean, yeah, you kind of sound like you sound like like like Ned from sound park. And Yeah, I can't wait to listen to this podcast and listen to this one and be like, say the fun, I'm gonna jerk off this. My voice sounds like it's vibrating. You got that velvet going? Yeah, that's right. Take it off real slow, lack unhinge that job. What's from dodgeball, where the guy keeps making Justin Long Scrub is tired at the card? I think of that like once a month. That movie is so fucking good. Man, ripped torn is just you're talking about the guy who had what was that talking on? The Guy who had a ten foot hallmark card? That was it. Like Sarah, is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No, but to do it anyway. It's terrible and like to taste. I love that movie. That's one. That's one of kind of one of the last really like really good, great, like Ben Stiller, comedies that came out in that time. We don't really do like great like. Did we talk about this earlier? We've talked about it before. You you don't do like good com like. When was the last time like like buddy comp like a bunch of buddies doing com you know what I mean? Yeah, it's not. They keep trying to do it with Kevin Hart and the Rock and those just don't I mean they're fine, but yeah, I mean the last one I can think of that was kind of of that sort of style, I think it was maybe blockers, which was kind of like, I mean it was basically super bad, but more about the parents, I think, than kids game night kind of night. Um, it's good. Um. Well, I'm talking about with in like four or five years. I feel like there's really blockers come out in like four. blockers is older than that. Is it's got to be. But I mean, but no, you're right. I mean. Well, especially with since covid and all that, everyone's kind of been when blockers came out, they've been a lot more choosy about the stuff that they've been producing just because, you know, actually, uh, I was watching from when Matt Damon did hot ones and they was he was asking him about, you know, Matt Damon writes and directs producers and all that stuff too, and he was asking him about how, like it seems like they just don't kind of make the same kind of movies they used to anymore. And and one thing Matt Damon really brought up was really I hadn't thought of was like the finances of movie making have changed because of streaming. He's like it used to be when a movie would come out on Blue Ray DVD, it was almost like it was getting rereleased in theaters because you'd have this sudden influx of home release money. It's not a thing now. So he's like now when we're when it comes to making movies, I mean like they got they really look at the budget because they know that like once it's done in theaters, that's that's it for the... Well, they'll get any residual off. Sure, no one really knows how that works. None of none of the none of the platforms have ever really released how these people make money through their stuff. So no one's really sure. I'm sure part of it comes from subscriptions, but yeah, I don't know how that converts them. Yeah, I don't. I don't get it. I'll never I don't think I'll ever understand it honestly. But Um, yeah, I mean, yeah, the last the last couple of years especially, they've been a lot more choosy about what's getting made. Yeah, that really that's very odd. I never thought of it like that because it influx. You're right, that's straight to streaming at that point. So it doesn't even matter. Yeah, well, especially now since covid with the way everyone does like day releases in theaters and then they're on streaming. What's weird too, is like I was a something about a DVD. Yeah, that's the other thing too. was like, unless it's mostly they have DVDs and blue rays. Now it's some people still, I mean there's still sales of physical media, but, like, have you ever heard of the criterion collection? They take like so that are considered like classic landmark films and they put out these like special edition box sets for like a one movie that have like all kinds of extras. It's it's it's for like the hardcore collectors. Yeah, because because they're like a hundred plus bucks for one movie, is what you're spending. But it's like a big collector's edition and they only do it with select like very few movies getting put in there, like I think blade runners in there, but it's a stuff that's on that level. Um, so, like they do and then like yeah, they know that there are some people like that. They know home releases or for just the NERDS. Oh Yeah, because because there are. There are certain things I will still buy out, like, like I own a lot of the marvel stuff. I've never bought any of the marvels really. The ones that are like my fucking like favorites, I'll go buy. Well, here's the thing. Is, like I'd collected movies for a while and I sold everything, okay, because, like I was like I'll watch these, blah, blah blah, and I never watched them really. Yeah, like I had all the game of throne seasons really, and I never watched them. I had to fight club, like Oh, did you? Yeah, ild it. Yeah, I've got a few because I know, mostly because, like some of the ones I do have, like they're just not on streaming. So that's why I hold onto a lot of them. And like when my dad it's amateur porn I made. Yeah, it's just so much, just like like shot on eight milimeter film. Um, a lot of like my mom gave me like a lot of my dad's old DVDs because he had a fucking collection. He like he used to like buying DVDs because he, like my dad, for an I t I, fucking hated the Internet companies. He's because he just didn't trust them, like they had internet, but he was always getting sucked over by him, so he just bought everything physically. He's like no, because it's going to go down, because spectrum sucks and I'm not gonna be able to watch in my ship. And I'm like, I can't argue with that. Eventually down the road it's gonna be how Walmart has the five dollar DVD Ben. It's just gonna be like random equals, like Netflix logins and there for five bucks, you just go in and go. Okay, Pussy lovers, six nine at a password is sweet, sweet juices on my lips. To five seven, that acutimation point. I'm going back and rewatching game of thrones from the beginning. Uma. Is it because of because the House of Dragon? Yeah, did you watch it yet? And Yeah, and was he like? I wasn't like a. You weren't super into it. I watched Gamera of thrones. Every else watching like okay, the reason why I watched game of thrones is like I got my t U I and so I was like stuck at home and going to do so. I watched it and I was like, Oh, this is good, but I wasn't like all like, I'm not, I'm going back and rewatching it, and I'm just like, I watched it so casually. How on the Dragon First episode was good. Yeah, funked up, but but here the thing though, too, like he didn't write it. No, it's a totally. So it's like how good? That's also what I'm larious that's what I'm kind of waiting for too. He didn't write it because of season, and...

...the last season was so bad, the stuff was so bad that he didn't write yeah, that's Ah, that's IT'S A it's for being one episode and it was pretty good. Um, it definitely, uh Um, hit the game of thrones level of fucked up a couple of times. Only one of the things game of thrones is known for, apart from tits, was was just the Gore. And there's there are some things that happened which, with this just being like the first episode of this show, I'm like, Oh, we're just we're just going full force. But okay, I mean it's some brutle ship and there's a superhero orgy, and that was because that's that's the thing these days. No, there is an orgy, but it's not a superherogy. Um. Now there's something. I mean there's some violence ship. That happens when I'm just kind of like, okay, yeah, I don't know what I expected, but yeah, and I know it's upset some folks, but I think they're they're just being babies. It's fine to watch the like. Yeah, it's game of thrones like and they're not, because I think, I think people get mixed up as they see something depicted on screen and their brain goes to Oh, they're glorifying it. No, they're showing that it's fucked up. Yeah, it's weird. It's kind of like imagine like like the opening scene and saving private Ryan like glorifying not, no war. Yeah, they're showing you what it was like. It's it's the it was talking about somebody else. I was like, the people who are crying about this stuff being depicted a certain way are the same ones who are saying that like we should teach critical race theory, which I'm very much for, but you can't argue that terrible things need to be taught so that we learned lessons from them and then bitch when terrible things are depicted on screen in a way that says like hey, these are bad things. Like, yes, it showing women being treated a certain way. Yeah, is it fucked up? Yeah, is, but it's not being presented as the correct way to do things. So you and that type of stuff. Now I kind of want to watch it just so. Also, it's just, it's just, it's just good DB. Yeah, well, because no way that, like, life isn't roses and candy. It's not. And also, this is a fantasy world with dragons. That, Dude. That's also blows my mind. People that freak out about that ship. I'm like, it's not it's not real. Yeah, none of it's really, like the whole the whole gay character star wars saying was like what if that's what they are? Like that's what there's. Like. People pitched about bill burr because he had his his, you know, Boston accent and when the episodes of Mandalorian he was in, and I'm like yeah, and other people speak with British accents and other people speak with Scottish Act who gives a fuck? Like he was also really good it's most random ship people complaining, like I'm like, the gay thing always pissed me off. It's because, I'm like, what if that's how they reproduce? Yeah, what if we're weird? Yeah, like, you can't. You don't fucking know, man, you don't know. Well, the people were bitching about, you know, gay and Trans and people of Color in this new Lord of the ring series, which looks terrible. Yeah, it looks. I saw it a post on twitter and it looks really fucking bad. And they put so much money into it, I know, and they really are and they're seeing people say like this looks like ship and I think they're worried it's just not going to make them any of their money back. No one's gonna Watch. It could be good, which it could, it could be great, but the trailers look really fucking terrible. But Anyway, I'm like they're like, oh, why is this person black? Or they getting I'm like, this is a show about elves and ORCS and dwarves and dragons and giants and Troll who gives a fuck? He's not black, he's called shadow. Like no, it doesn't make it like what fantasy worlds and that type of ship, like you're putting your own like boundaries. You're projecting. That's what this is. You're projecting room. They...

...did the same thing with community. Um. There's the one episode where they played dungeons and dragons in like the first or second season and Ken Jong was playing a dark elf. So he painted his body in black paint and put like fake ears on and she was like, Oh, I'm with Dark Elf. Well, now they do. You can't watch that episode on like netflix anymore because everybody bitched and said it was black face. I'm not advocating for black face, but that wasn't fucking black faces. Playing a dark Elf, just playing a dark just anything. He was Asian and that doesn't matter who. Asians do not get Asian. It's in the Bible. Asians do not get bitched at for doing black those. Only white people can get fired for doing black face. Yeah, but that's what Bible Corinthians black face. Corinthians black face. John Three, point six and a half Internet explorer. Sometimes life can give you the raw deal, and that's where dope comes in. Dope provides edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and styles for you, delivered to your house deliciously and intact. Dope also donates a portion of every sale to this. She Recovers Foundation with a minimum guaranteed donation of forty thousand dollars every year. She recovers as a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. You can also use the code T B L Zero five, T B L Zero five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Once again, just go check out dope at www dot dope dot com, that's www dot d o u g HP DOT COM, and use the code T B L O five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. I got former episodes left the stranger things season four. I'm in. Oh, season four, you're like done. Okay, so far, I'm I'm almost done with season two. How do you like? It's so good. Do you agree with me that like it's one of those ones you probably had to had to do like season by season? I think so. I can understand, because season two moves kind of slow and it seems like not a lot happens in one and from episode to episode, but if you watch them all back to back, I'm on board. It's like a really long movie. Yeah, but, yeah, I can understand if you were watching this like like one and well, this Netflix, so all got released at a time. But I think people bitch because they waited so between seasons. Oh Yeah, Oh, yeah, that I can totally see. Yeah, that I can totally see. Um, but yeah, no, it's great. I Love I love Sean Aston. Bob Bob is great. Um, well, how how? What episode were you so I just finished the one where he and one owner rider jump in the hole to pull hopper out and will is having a seizure in a pumpkin patch. That's where and it ends with him shaking. Yeah, that's that's the one. I Fini. I finished that one today. Yeah, I know. Um, I mean, I'm loving. I'm loving how we're still learning more about eleven. Um, I like how they I like the way they did her coming back. Yeah, UM, because when they kill her, because when she quote unquote dies at the end of season one, I was like wait a minute, wait, I know she so I knew she came back, but I like how they just kind of cut, they cut to the bullshit. Partially the reason why I got back into stranger things was because everybody's talking about it. I saw a scene on on facebook. I was like that's filmed amazingly. Well, Oh really, I was like, I wouldn't rewatch this. Okay, that's I was like. I got back into it. I just I just finished that scene I saw. I was like yeah, it's Dustin's the M v P. Dustin is the best Steve. Which one Steve? Steve Harrington Hair, oh, he's growing on me. Yeah, because he's such a Dick. Then he redeemed himself. They redeemed him at the end of season one, which I was glad they did.

I'm glad he ditched the friends because they suck. Um, it's I feel like the writers for Lucas and Mike Flip flops, because in season one lucas sucks and Mike is. Mike's fine, and then a season two Lucas is cool and Mike fucking sucks. I can't remember what Mike doesn't season. He's just a dick to everybody, and I think part of it because he misses l but he's just Oh, yeah, yeah, to everybody. Um, I hate their dad so much because he's just so checked out of everything. Oh, Mike's Dad. Uh, yeah, Mike and Nancy's Dade. He really is. So he just fucking annoyed. But Dustin's the M v P. Oh, Dustin was like a Great Land Landaus about the dude. I was step pissed me off so much I was like God damn it, fuck, because I didn't think I was gonna see the cat. I thought I was gonna see him eating the turtle. Remember, he takes yurtal out and he's like you're getting you know, as soon as they said she said something of the cat before the scene. Have you seen? What's her what's his face like? No, as soon as the mom said, have you seen the cat? Oh, I didn't even put two and two together. I was it didn't. It didn't click with me. Um, but then I was like Oh, fuck, yeah, Um, but yeah, no, it's gets great. I guess I'm almost done of season two. Um, I love what they're doing with hopper and and L UH and UH. I just yeah, I forgot how good an actress, uh went on, a writer is. She's great. She just got she just got in trouble for doing she just, you know, stealing ship from sears and shouldn't have done that just like why? I think she just had a problem. She was a Klepto. She got off on it. Um. So, yeah, so that to watching that and UM, ship keeps coming out about fucking warner broom. Um, it's one of the directors, I guess, went to go stabbed a child. Yeah, he put his Dick repeatedly and he was trying, I guess he was trying to go see if he could just like go through some of the footage and stuff and see what he could save. The servers have been wiped. Why? Like like like the stuff that all the bat girl stuff was stored on. He went to go see if he could like pull some of the footage or some images, and all that all been erased. What? Yeah, so, I I was telling a buddy minus that it feels like they're trying to avoid a snider cut situation again. Yeah, they're trying. They're just they're just getting rid of it. Yeah, the temptation. Yeah, but then apparently they there they worked out some deal with with Matt Reeves where they want him like as they're like like we want you kind of being the guiding light for what we do going forward with DC, which I'm fine with because I fucking love the Batman, but I'm just like, you waited too long. Not even that, just like what the funk are you guys doing over there? The Batman's good, but then not that, like that's going to change the entire universe. Well, I don't thought that. We reads perspect I don't know if they wan't necessarily want him to like take over the Justice League ship so much as just kind of be like, be like, because like Christopher Nolan after the dark knight stuff, like was a consulting producer on like man of steel. Well, that's the returns of steel, BBS, like all that stuff. He's got his name attached to that, saying with like with like the marvel stuff. Like Jon favre is a consultant on every fucking M C U movie. You see his name in the fucking credits of all of them. So I think they kind of want him to be like that. They might even try to make him as kind of almost like a Kevin Five, because they don't have anybody like that. They're so I don't know, I don't know, but but man, like imagine, like, I mean Kevin. That's so much undertaking. It is, but you still need a person to do that, because even star wars even has that with Kathleen Kennedy. Whether or not she's doing a good job is up for discussion. But Kevin, I mean they just marvel has done it perfectly to a tea. Yeah, they just they need some one who's willing to do the time and knows the material and is willing... do the work and do the research, rather than they ha hates comics. Now, oh he's gotta yeah, he fucking has to, because I'm sure he's just has people coming to him all the time with with issues and collections and all that, like, what about this one? What about this one? What about this one? But at the same time, I mean he knows what the funk he's doing. Yeah, he's crushing it. So we'll see. Thor Disney plus day is September eight. That's what's coming out. Um, well, that's when they're that's when they think a lot of new stuff, news is gonna get dropped, because that's because that's when they're putting four, love and thunder on Disney plus and they're releasing this documentary about the making of Obi Wan. So they think there's gonna be a bunch of announcements and then also also d d twenty, which is their big convention, is in a month and a half to so I gotta watch she hawk. We'll see. Um like that. Like I said last week, that first episode had nothing for me. So well or no? Do we talk? Do we talk about it last week? No, because it was after it was it was on after we did the show last week. No. Yeah, the first episode of She Hik is not good, just flat out. It's not good. Um, like her, her and Bruce's cousins, I totally fucking buy, like super into that love that. Give me all that. But everything else, like just the jokes weren't funny. Um, it was super like it's super fast, like they just were blow through all this story like she's she, she is she hulk in the first like seven minutes. Yeah. Now, granted it's being told as a flashback, but we still get to her getting the halt powers and changing and all that in the first in under ten minutes and they just kind of rush and I'm like, you've got nine episodes, take your time. But now the stuff with her, her and her and Mark Ruffalo is great, but I feel like they should have dropped like two or three episodes, because is nine of them, and I know they moved it to Thursday so that it wasn't overlapping with and or, but I'm like, take your time, come on, like, we'll watch it. People will watch two and a half episode our episodes of stranger things. They will watch a slightly longer TV show. Yeah, so well, Miss Marvel is my thing next, and then once I finished stranger things, I'll do miss marvel real fast. It'll be easy to do fast. I mean the episodes. There's only six episodes and they're like thirty five minutes each. I'll finish that fast. and Um, breaking, probably you're you're you're doing breaking bad again. Then she hawks like one of the last things I want to watch right now. That's fine. And the internals. I still refused to watch the interns until I absolutely need to. Yeah, I'm telling you right now. I'll let you know when you need to. Right now, you don't need to. This is not important. You saw four, love and thunder right now. Not yet. No, not yet. Okay, Um, you don't need to see it for that. I was I was trying to think, no, you don't need to. You're good, um, but stick around for the last post credit scene. That's a'll say. You'll. You'll know why when you see it. Um, yeah, Miss Marvel is good. It's fun. It's just it's a fun family show, like it's really like you can tell it's made for a younger crowd, but it's fun. I mean good, good, how about kid watch it with me? Well, and also you can. Honestly, I learned a lot watching it because it delves a lot into like Pakistani and Muslim stuff, and I was like, Oh, I'm learning things. Yeah, that's cool. That sucking. Why? Don't know what other show is coming out here soon. I'm just like, Um, I don't no, Um, I'm stuck on like watching kids shows and my kid in the morning. Yeah, watching something called Miss Rachel. I've heard of Miss Rachel. Yeah, yeah, well, you know, turn on PBS. Keep me in the job. You guys are always have fun. True, we're not going to have money. We're never gonna have sucking money. Sometimes life can give... the raw deal, and that's where dope comes in. Dope provides edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and styles for you, delivered to your house. deliciously and intact. Dope also donates a portion of every sale to this she recovers foundation with a minimum guaranteed donation of forty thousand dollars every year. She recovers as a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. You can also use the code T B L Zero five, T B L Zero five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Once again, just go check out dope at www dot dope dot com, that's www dot d o u g HP DOT COM, and use the code T B L O five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. I realized if you wanna make a lot of money, just do kids shit on Youtube. Yeah, like my kid watches Miss Rachel like a mother and it like calms him. Dude. That is especially during covid that was the saving grace for a lot of parents. You know, that's just like and they're young kids, so they'll watch the same thing over again. Well, that's why they made the youtube kids like the kids APP, which is literally just all the yes, because on on Youtube now, when you upload a video you have to specify if it's made for kids or not, because all the stuff that is gets funneled just onto the kids APP and yeah, kids, parents can turn that on, not worry about them accidentally finding something they're not supposed to and they can just go fucking entertain themselves while mommy has another glass of wine. Yeah, or like in your case, it's like, yeah, you just need them to just be occupied for a sex so you can do something else. Oh yeah, watch, it's Rachel. Yeah, Mass Rachel. When I have to do dishes real fast, US like look, we did, we did, when we when I was growing up, my pants just used to beat me. That's conscience. They're like Hey, what? I was like twelve, like that. Jesus, he ran over me because he's in a wheelchair. With this car, so we had one of those like portable like DVD players you get set up in your car. From we took like one of car trips and ship and we actually had one. It was really cool. It had two screens, like one for because we had a minivan, so one for the Middle Section, one for the back, and you could put in two different DVD so that the kids in the middle, the little ones, could watch like the fucking wiggles or some ship and then me and my brothers in the back would watch, you know, like last Samurai or something like that. Yeah, the lasting Um, I don't know. It's weird like as an as like a parent, like I kind of don't want I feel bad when I like have miles watched TV. I feel awful, but I'm like I need to get this and like it's it's not. It's not bad if it's educational, educational and in like bursts. Yeah, you know, it's it's the ones who just are like where the it's not like you're making the TV the babysitter. Yeah, you know, but yeah, you've they've got you got to do something to occupy their attention. So you can do the dishes or as long as you're not saying here, go Ms Rachel while I go fuck the maid. I mean that's I'm coming. Hold on, that's some schwortzenegger level ship right there. Yeah, I just it just just one of those things. I was like, I don't know like it feels. It makes me feel like a bad parent when I do that, but I'm like yeah, but like how is am I going to get this? I don't think it makes you it makes you a bad parent. It doesn't. It just makes me feel like I feel like every parent goes through that well, because it's because there's so many things out there that that pushed that agenda that if you let your kid watch anything, you're a bad parent, or the idea of reducing children's screen time. It's like, yes, these are obviously every like anything, it's fine in moderation. I feel like we let him watch like thirty minutes a day. When I when I was growing up in the nineties, we during the week we were allowed one hour of screen time and we didn't have smartphones and all we had was TV, video games and a game boy, and then on the weekends it was two hours. And then as we got older, like in our teenager my parents were like, okay,... know, during the week it's still like an hour or two hours, but like on the weekends, you're you're you're grown, who cares? But it's gotten to the point to now like Miss Rachel's background music for when I'm at home and nobody else there. This is horrible. Um, I can recommend some stuff that the kids like, that's still around, that he might be into. He loves Miss Rachel, blippy blippy. Uh. There's there's a lady named Lori Burtner, who she she's a musician. She just writes kids songs and the kids fucking loved them. Loved her. Lori burkner. I think I've got a couple on my phone from my for my Godson all up. But yeah, I mean there's, there's all that out there. Honestly, if you had to pick one, kills, which is fine lyrically they're fine. So we started making it having them listen to guard, then I'm gonna have some concerns. But or dying fetus or for Anal cunts, which are actual band names, folks. Yeah, UH, anal counts. That's by far my favorite. Goat horror. Go goat horrors, one horror. Yeah, honestually sounds like a badass battle name a little bit. Yeah, we're gonna attack like goat horror sounds like a house you would encounter in game of thrones, House of Your House. Goat horror sounds like a character Christian Bale would play, or Christian Bale or Um Timothy Olli, fine, one of those hardcore method actors, and then Christian Bale would start yelling at a guy on set for for messing with the lights, and fuck, what's his face? The actor that you never know is that he's so good at acting that you don't realize Gary Old, Gary Old, yeah, who? Who? I swear little finger looks like Gary Old. He does it is I keep having to tell myself that's not Gary Old. I can see. I could see that being Gary Old, totally. Yeah, but I'm also pretty sure I'm Gary Oldman and I just don't know it because he's such a good act. Garry old one doesn't even know who Gary Oldens doesn't interview. So what's the Real Gary Oldman like? I don't know anymore. His real name is yard young man.

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