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Season 2, Episode 86 · 4 months ago

Prince vs. Jacko


Who was the bigger musical influence: Prince or Michael Jackson?


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Why the did take me thirty seconds to write about being a dead kid, but I can't write anything about my own child? What I mean? I'm also pretty sure I'm Gary Oldman and I just don't know it because he's such a good APP Gary old one doesn't even know who Gary does. Tequila does terrible things to me. M G K gets good cooking MOMS to be on the other side of I'm a father. I have never death. I have no reference to that. I've seen this thing with Brendan Fraser. I meant to bring that up. Yeah, I gotta gotta six. He Heat. He got a six minute standing ovation at whatever the Film Festival award thing was for this new movie he's doing. Yeah, Um, that's so fucking cool. It is. Apparently they're talking about Oscar nomination. It's this movie. This the movie itself is getting a lot of a lot of buzz. That hasn't come out in like main theaters yet. It's just at festivals right now. But and then, yeah, he himself is getting Oscar buzz for it because, I say, he's just that good. Has He ever been nominate? Oh, you know, that's a good question. I probably not. But Um, because his comeback was what's just uh, the doom patrol's kind of a big thing. Yeah, let's see here. No, never been nominated for an Oscar. He's been nominated for some stuff over the years for like in Cino Man, like other other award shows, like in Sino man, the mummy, crash and, uh, crash is the last thing you got any any nominations for. He got a SAG, like he actually won a couple of awards for a couple of awards, including a SAG award for crash. What, Um, what years? Crash two six. It was two thousand and six. That wasn't the last thing he did, but that was the last thing that he got like notoriety for because after that long ago. Yeah, Oh, I know, I cannot believe I remember because I came out when I was in high school and, Oh God, that's so long ago. I remember when that first came out and that movie blew my mind, Um, just just telling that many stories that are all that interwoven. It was like a like a a non comedic version, no comment of pulp fiction. It was. It had it was like pulp because there was a couple of movies that came out around that time kind of like that. Um, not around pulp fiction time, but yeah, similar to pulp fiction. Just that. Almost Tarantino, because who directed crash? That was like the great dialogue or the crazy dialogue or the comedy at the foot fetish. Uh. Yeah, tell me, tell me he doesn't have a foot. You see, there's a thing I saw online. It was whatever movie Quentin Tarantina had sell Mahiak in it, where like he's dust till don and she's like putting her foot in a deathing. Like, yeah, tell me Tarantina doesn't have a foot. Fetish if he. Yeah, Um, who directed crash? That was Paul Haggis. Never Mind, I thought it was somebody. He's a guy who did uh, I don't know. He wrote Casino Royale. Never mind. Um, yeah, I know, Brandon Frasier. I love like because, like the mummy was so good. Let me returns is fine. I never saw the third one, Scorpion camera moment now Scorpion King was a spin off of mummy. Which one was the Scorpion King and mummy returns? Um It wasn't that the C G I rock. Oh yeah, it was bad. It was really fucking bad. UH, split second my ass. It's the whole last twenty minutes and it's really yeah, he's the final boss fight. It's really bad, but he had that. I mean, and Cino man is a fucking classic. UH, school ties.

You see school ties. It's a that's the one that you go back because that one's got like a young mark Wahlber or Mar Matt Damon. Um, yeah, I think mark Wahlberg's in it. Ben Affleck and Brendan Fraser plays this like Jewish teenager who gets this like scholarship to his private school to go play football and but he has to hide the fact that he's Jewish because it's a very like Christian community kind of thing. and Um, it's a very good movie because basically they find out and then they make his life hell and it's it's there's there's this one really iconic scene where like somebody hangs a swastika above his bed in his in his norm and so he puts up a note on the bulletin board that just says whoever did this, like meet me, like meet me in the courtyard at this time, and there's just shot of him just standing out there alone. No one comes to see him and it's just raining and their stunder and lightning and he just goes cowards. It's a really good movie, Huh, he's like. He's like it's very's very young. Yeah, but George The genungle, come on, man, fucking the true, the True Tarzan movie. Love that Um. And what happened? Because he had that back issue, he had a lot of stuff kind of all happened at once. So first thing that went down was he got divorced and his wife took him for fucking everything. He was paying out like dred thousand a year in child support and alimony and he like try to go to the judge and say, like I can't afford this, like it's bleeding me dry, and then his ex argued that he was like hiding assets or whatever, and it was the whole thing. I think he haded. I think he ended up winning, but it was like over the course of several years. I mean that's a lot of money. And then, because he was doing all those action movies, that fucked his backup. So we kept having to have all these surgeries and didn't heal well, and so he started gaining a lot of weight as a result. And then what really happened was during uh, I think it was Katrina. It was one of the big hurricanes and it's a tree went fell down on his house and while he was trying to clear clear everything out, he fucked up his back. And then what? What? Also, what then? What kind of him? Was the whole like he had been like sexually harassed or whatever by the producer and he tried to try to report him or whatever and the guy basically blacklisted him and he couldn't get work for because like for a while they're like because at one point he shows up in in G I joe in like a fucking cameo or whatever. In like one scene he's not even credited. He's when he's like one of the guys training them or something like that. I was remember watching I was like it's a pretty fraser and then you never see him again and it was just it was a bummer. But then, yeah, in the last couple of years he's been getting when all this like the me too movement, all that, like all this stuff has come out and people have been because people were wondering like what the funk ever happened to this guy, and the lot of the stuff was coming out and then he started doing more interviews and he was getting booked, because then Scorsese books in a movie and then this new one is the Aeron Osky movie. was supposed to be the bad guy and bat girl, but now that's not gonna be ever be fucking seen. But Um, we scorse books. He just finished shooting that one. Yeah, it hasn't come out yet. I like, yeah, it hasn't come out. He got that one. He got that one about the same time he got the the aeronofskin movie. Um, but the whale is the one that he got the applause standing ovation for here the other day. Um, no, the Scorsese one. It just it looked like that when you watch that video. Like everything I've finally come for a circle for him. Yeah, well, and and doing doom patrol help too, because for that it was a voice over roll. He has like, I think, one or two flashbacks in the whole show where it's where it's him, but he got to just do voice, do the voice for it, and it got people talking about him again. Finally, I haven't watched doing patrol. I've...

...heard it's good, but it's spin off of titans and I hated titans. Yeah, I got like I got three episodes in and I was like this sucks. If this sucks hard. But I heard doing patrol's very good. I heard it's very funny. We'll see. Damn patrol interesting. Yeah, that saw the Taylor Hawk and Shane Hawkins H Dude, I keep seeing those fucking clips and I'm just like I gotta I'm gonna try and see if I can find the whole thing uh somewhere. But yeah, the clip of him playing with his son and then just the opening of them opening with Um Times like these, and and Dave can't even get through the first couple of AH. Yeah, and I guess like because they had they had like like Brian May from Queen was there. Um, a bunch of people were there. I mean they had we're playing with all kinds. I think Elton John was there. I know Chappelle was there. Um, well, I mean, yeah, I mean that. I mean you see the size of that place. It was huge. They loved them. Yeah, I don't know what's gonna Happen to food fighters after this. I don't know if they keep going or not. I'm like one of those things, like it's not like they're not like my favorite band ever, but like I listened to them. Yeah, Oh, they come on, I'm not skipping the song. Yeah, like I'm not going to skip the song, but I'm not like like Oh my God, food fight, like, I'm sorry, I like their music. It's not like it's good. It's like like I wouldn't buy tickets to go see food fighters, but if some if someone said, hey, I gotta ticket, I'm going, I would actually buy tickets. Would you buy? Okay, yeah, I would, because, like I've got I'm like, lot of it because, yeah, it's it's just it's not my one of my favorite songs is that. You can't really find that. They did was like cover Darling Nikki. Oh, I love that cover. I love it so fucking I mean I remember when that I remember growing up when that cover came out and hear it on the radio all the time and I was young enough that I was like, it's so hard to find. It is. It's very hard to because it was because it's a prince cover, so that ship's under fucking lock and key. Um, they were actually well, it's funny because the year they released that cover was the year that Prince did the Super Bowl halftime show and that's why at that at that halftime show, he did a cover of Um, best of you by food fighters. Like it doesn't do the whole song but he does like a verse and chorus of it Um because he was he was into it. He really like the actually, when Prince died there was a prince tribute concert somewhere and food fighters played their cover. Darling, I think I'm not a big prince fan personally, like I rest, I respect prince, I'm not it's not my kind of music. But yeah, prince so good, considered one of the greatest entertainers but also one of the greatest guitarist of all time. He is a damn good guitar. I mean about too like his his that man can play the fucking guitar like that. I've seen that video of him at the hall of Fame Doing Uh while my guitar gently weeps so many time. You ever seen that video? Um, if I can find that that's it's a it was him with a bunch of other guys. It just outshines them. Yeah, because, like everybody, so the whole video. I'm not gonna play the whole video, but the whole video is like, I think it's like Tom Petty and a whole bunch of dudes and everybody's taking turns doing Solos and ship and they let princes do the final solo and he just fucking I mean it's it's one of those like you're like, I'm almost embarrassed for the other guys that are all on the that are all they're, they're they're all hall of famers. Yeah, Um, the guy's a god, him on legends. It's yeah, he really, it really is. Um, I don't want to do the whole fucking video, though. It's gonna take me a second to fine, I'm gonna pulp the video and then just skip to the fucking solo at the end because it's it's. Yeah, it's like a seven minute and I'm not trying to get my fucking podcast in trouble here, but I mean it's a it's I mean it's a two minute like outro, but it's impressed...

...with this fuck. Here it's Prince, with Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn and Steve winwood. Jeez, so J J. His faces are the best. He's saven like he's trying, Oh, I know, fucking show up. Some dude's holding him. He knew what he just a he knows still going. I bet he fingers like a mother finger. Will Finger a girl so hard her husband will come. Now you can rep the basement lounge out in public by checking out some of the merch that we have available on our website. Just go to tbl pod dot net slash store. That's tbl pod dot net slash store, and check out some of the t shirt and other merch designs we have for you, featuring our logo, some of our favorite bits, as well as a homegrown humor official t shirt as well. Once again, just go to t b l pod dot net slash store and check out some of the cool merch we have there for you. Now. So I here's a question. Who's more influential artist? Okay, Michael Jackson and Prince...

God. Fuck, that's a tough one. I mean, I don't personally like Michael Jackson. I'm not. I'm not a huge pop music isn't really my thing. So, like, I mean, Michael Jackson's got more hits. I mean you in terms of just like like billboard topping hits. I mean it's it's Michael Jackson raw talent. I'm going with Prince, you know, and it's not to say that Jackson wasn't talented. I mean the Guy Could Sing, guy could dance, but Um, yeah, I mean because it's it depends on how you're trying to categorize it. I guess because always viewed like as a kid. Prince was like the dark version of Michael Jackson. That's I mean, no, that's that's pretty legit. I mean, yeah, Michael Jackson's like the kind of he's like he's the squeaky clean version and prince is more just dirty, dirty in like a sexual sense, like it's a very sexual ever been a secret? I mean, Darling Nikki, for crying out loud, first couple of lines. Um, yeah, yeah, I guess. Yeah, in terms of just who, who was a bigger star than Michael Jackson, who do I have more respect for? Prince. Yeah, influential wise, like I guess, like how many people? I don't know, I don't. I don't hear. I don't hear a lot of people outside of like mainstream pop reference Michael Reference Prince as a as an inspiration. It's usually Michael Jackson. Most guitar players and and you know kind of everyday generic rock and roll musicians probably say prince. That's what that's how I'm kind of like you have like pop people, but then you have instrumental people be like yeah, yeah, odds are if you playing a rock band of some variation, you're probably a prince fan, and if you're more of a pop person then you're probably gonna say Michael Jackson. But even Michael Jackson, mean his I'm trying to think of the name of the album, but the song and particularly give in to me. It's the one song of his that I unabashedly love. I mean it's got slash playing the guitar on it. So I mean it's not to say that he didn't mix well with the other with the other genres. I mean, fucking three days grace did to cover that song for Fox Sec. So yeah, I mean, but those are those are two that like, you know, flip a coin on those two. Um actually that somebody was asking on twitter to day. Like because people talk all time about the greatest like female singers, but you never hear folks talk about like the greatest male singers quite as much. And so they were asking like people's like top five male like singers. I mean mine were kind of all over the place. I mean I had Rob Halford, for me was the number one and will always be number one, who's a singer for Judas priest, but then like Freddie Mercury, Don Henley from the eagles. I Love Don Henley. So all this stuff is really good. To Lionel Ritchie yea and one that through a lot of people was Tennessee Ernie Ford. He was he was big and like the sixties, fifties and sixties, but I loved him because he's got a very deep voice. Um, you've probably heard his song sixteen tons at some point. Oh, probably, UN trying to feel what I mean. I mean it was it was hard for me to pick. I mean it was it was definitely a hard yeah, because that is kind of question I've ever asked. Best male singer. Interesting, Um, trying to find the Food Fighters Darling Nikki Song on on Apple Music and it's not there. It's it's it's crazy hard to find. Even I can't remember last how I found it last time. I was like man, I really want to listen to this song. It's one of those ones that like the the radio stations all got it, but it never got like released, and I think that was probably a prince thing. Probably, like you can do it, you can play it on the radio, you can't put it on an album. And they probably they've played it live.

Oh Yeah, I'm sure that it's better than the original. It is, and I know anybody listening who's a prince fan is cursing our names right now, but I'm sorry, it's better. It is, it is, it's, it's, there's there's a there's a there's a rock edge that's more of like a rock type. Yeah, I feel and his voice, day girl's voice for it is like perfect, like like prince's version almost sounds like when you compare the two, Prince's version sounds like the cover. Yes, it sounds like a like a like a pop rock ish cover of a, you know, Nineties Radio Rock Song. There's a certain grit that comes with especially with food fighters, and Dave girl's voice, like you said, that just fits. When when you get to the chorus and she started to grind and that guitar just fucking hits, it just it. Yeah, it's good ship. It's like another song is hurt hurts. Oh the Johnny cash has hurt so much better than nine inches, and I will say like they're very different, like Oh yeah, but even I think even they came out and said, yeah, that's better than ours, like it's one of those I wonder if nine inch nails even fucking bothers with that one live anymore. It's like no, it's it's not our song. Didn't like what they honored that Johnny like cash. Sure. Well, that whole album that johnny cash did was all covers, was it really? They're mostly cover, maybe all, but mostly it was a lot of them on there. They're all good, but that one, I mean that that's in the Pantheon of the greatest covers. Like just fucking ever, there's there are like youtube videos dedicated to people really like reacting to that song for the first time and just just end with them just sobbing. It's a set. I always thought, I don't know, did you ever wot Sunday anarchy? Yeah, I always thought suns of anarchy would end on that song. Oh, yeah, that's a good that's good. I know it's kind of made for that. Yeah, well, Umu fucking I remember when the first trailer for Um Logan came out at the end of that first that that year before, and that first trailer was just set to that song and I remember like every movie outlet on the Internet was just like this is the best trailer of the year and like the apple was saying, like the download numbers for that Song fucking went through the roof after that trailer came out, Dude, because that that song for that, I mean that trailer, and it won't really for that entire movie, like I can't I don't think it's even in the movie. I think it's just it's not, but it's like that song would honestly be made for that movie. Oh Hu, like such a good cover. Um, I'm trying to find the album here because I know there's a bunch of covers on on that album. Um, like there's a cover of personal Jesus on there. It was just hilarious. Yeah, UM, yeah, it hurts on this this original stun because a Paul Simon cover on there. Um, there's a sting cover on there. He plays. I hung my head, UM, like how honored do you have to feel, though, for Johnny cash all, I'd quit music if I was a musician and Johnny cash cover my song, I'd retire and be like no, no, I've peaked. I've peaked with someone else playing my song. I'm good because because just on just on royalties alone, that you're going to get on the back end of someone's cover of your song selling, especially with Johnny Cash, you can retire again. Yeah, the only country, country music artist I listened to is Johnny Cash, him and I like Chris Stapleton, Alison. I can't get anything else is yeah, I think I just can't, because I know as like like not, no, no, but like how shitty his life was with drugs and alcohol and all that stuff. Time like this guy. Well, that movie should have...

...won the Oscar. The only reason it didn't was because ray won the year before and they weren't gonna they weren't gonna let bad back to back music biopics because, like, in his voice you feel like that guy. It sounds like he's been through it, like everything. Johnny cash was metal before metal existed, playing and simple. I mean he's the original metal metal musician. My favorite, my favorite thing ever, and obviously I'm atheist, but my favorite cartoon everything was by Mike Peters. Johnny cash is up at the parley gates and just what? St Peter Right there and he's like uh, because he's known as the man dressed in black. He's like, that's all right, we'll let him. He's this guy's black suit home and everything. Well, we'll wave the dress card for you. It was just really it was just a really cool cartoon when he died, because like yeah, I just lived a life that and he was like, I mean he turned everything around, kind of he did. I mean you talk about a guy who got a second chance. I mean when he died that that hurt cover, because this is back when, I back when I was still watching MTV. So The v M as that that that week it was nominated for like best rock song or something like that, or best country song, and it fucking won. But he wasn't at the awards, and which, first of all, think about that MTV v M as. It was so good. He was still getting cred with with MTV, with the fucking teeny bopper's voting for this ship Um. And he won, but they had said, like he can't, we're we're announcing this now because he can't be here tonight. He's not feeling well. But he's gonna be fine. died that weekend. Jesus, his wife didn't die, and then June died not long after that. We're not long before that. One of the two. I can't remember. Um, they were pretty close together when they the way they died, when they died. It's just, it's just, yeah, that's I will always love that cover more than anything I still have. I mean, I listened to that that fulsome that live at live at the prison on that. It's it's it's it's a great and it comes on like, okay, cool. I usually have it on when I'm cleaning the house, like like when I'm like hardcore clean in the house, vacuman and doing the CAP, I'll put it, I'll put my phone up to my Alexa and just play that out because, Um, cocaine belue. This is one of my favorite Johnny. I love that song. Sometimes life can give you the raw deal, and that's where dope comes in. Dope provides edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and styles for you, delivered to your house deliciously and intact. Dope also donates a portion of every sale to this she recovers foundation with a minimum guaranteed donation of forty thousand dollars every year she recovers as a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. You can also use the code T B L Zero five, T B L Zero five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Once again, just go check out dope at www dot dope dot com, that www dot d o u g H P dot com, and use the code T B L O five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Winning Sue's good ship good. Yeah, Um, yeah, man, love, love Johnny Cash. Yeah, I don't. But other than that, other than that, and I said, I do like Chris Stapleton, but Chris Double does more blues than country. Um, yeah, it's and I can't listen. I tried. I cannot get in the country. Chris, Chris. I like Chris Stapleton because he's not the he's not this bow burn. I'm kind of country that. I mean he's just a guy who's existed in the music industry for years and just literally like it was. He was just like a session musician and he just would write songs all the time and spend. His wife finally was like just record these and and and release them, like what's the fucking worst that can happen? And that first album like clean sweeps the C M A S and here's this guy walking out looking like just like the you...

...know, the long coat and the hair and the beard. I mean everyone else at the C M as is pretty and here's just this rough looking motherfucker. And then he put another album out a few years later and I was because I was still working at ABC at the time, so I was watching the C M as because I had to. And Uh, I was like he's not gonna clean sweep again. There's no way he gets that twice. Same thing every time you put an album out. It's fucking just you know, male artist of the year, best country album, best country song, just across the board because he he writes the kind of stuff that like like Johnny cash used to write, the closest thing to it. Yeah, it's he's the close the pop country or that. No, it's not. It's not arena country, pop country. It's just it's just a guy righting on his honest fucking music and it's like him and his wife in a backup band. It's it's it's really good ship. I mean he's the biggest known for his cover of Tennessee whiskey, but his cover Tessey whiskey is fucking like orgasmic. Okay, I have listened to that. It is really, really good. I remember because because that year, that first year he was there, he performed that with with Justin Timberlake of all people. And Uh, but even I was like, Damn, Justin, you're fucking talented. Justin Timberlake is a lot more talented than I think people give him credit for. It's just he's the he'll never live down being the guy from insect. No, and that's the shady part. Actually, one of my favorite fucking songs Evers Criba River. It's a good fucking song. It's a good fucking song. It's a really good song. Music video is great. I love that song. I'm like, God, Damn, you just oh yeah, what hurt him most? At first he tried to be Michael Jackson. He did. He got a lot of Michael Jackson comparisons when he was first because it was kind of a similar story. was like here's this guy who became bigger than his group and his early style was very Jackson esque. But Dude, be crimeier river is a is fucking slaps. That song is so fucking good. Man, the little things that you're like, I don't think I'll ever listen to. Oh my God, this is gone, because because that that came out in that age where I was moving on from pop music, like I listened to like backstreet boys and and sing for years because growing up I was allowed to listen to but I liked it. I never that was my parents just were like, we'll let you listen to this because you know, it is what, it is acceptable. It's acceptable, Um. But when I was getting away from pop music and discovering like rock and other things like, it was when Crime River came out and everyone's like just to really. So I was like I'm over all that and I listened to it and I'm like fuck, okay, this one's good. I like it. Ship never gotten that pop pop stuff. Yeah, I did. I did go to a backstreet boys concert with my wife, though, right before Covid I bet that was an adventure best. No lines for the bathroom. Really it's like me and two gay guys and they looked at me like I was married. Just that. They're like, what are you doing here, wife, not watching the show? I literally I was like I was. She wanted to go, as in Indianapolis. She wanted to go, and I was like if fine, was it like? Was it at least like like was it a good like as far as spectacle goes, like good show or just you just were checked out and it wasn't checked out. I mean I was like we were. We were, I mean spectacle wise, but like it was weird. So if like we're up on like if you're at the stage, we were kind of like almost behind the stage at an angle. That makes sense, because she didn't she didn't want to be down there with like she's with like every crazy fan because she's my wife. Has the Oh my God, my wife's crazy about backstreet boys, absolutely insane. Um, she used to record every time they were on TV and she has all the recordings. Really, yeah, like that, hundreds of hours of just recordings. That is...

...specs sacks still has the videos. Probably all this ship like she figured she figured out where one of them lived like before they because she knew a girl. You guys can't see the look I'm giving Mike Right now. But she knew a girl whose mom was a real estate agent down and I think Florida, and one of and then that's where they're from. Yeah, and they were able to figure out one of them was buying a house, so she sent them. I was like, oh, that's she was like fourteen or something at the time. So I'm like, I just love that. She's like I want to be down there on the floor with these crazy fucking but what I just told you. Yeah, yeah, that's funny because when I went and saw it, when I went and saw Judas priest a few years ago, Um, I was on the floor. I was easily the youngest guy there by a lot of I mean a lot of the people around me were in their fifties or older, and but like we're rocking out, like they were sucking eighteen years old and I'm sitting here in my chair. Are just kind of like, I'm tired, but like yeah, and they knew it was. It was just kind of weird. I'm like, Oh man, I'm younger than I could be all y'all's fucking sons ship. I mean it was now. Did I want to go see them? No, I'm not a fan, but my wife wanted to go. Was I like pleasantly surprised? Yes, I didn't have a bad time. Right, it's probably, like I said, there was a spectacle. It was probably taking my wife to go see fucking slipknot, like she's yeah, she's not gonna. Like a buddy, a buddy of mine, his his daughter. She's she's fourteen now and she's she's getting into like she like slipped not and stuff like that. So they went. He took her to see them in in in Indie a few months ago and got like floor floor tickets and I was like you brave motherfucker. He's like yeah, no, I miscalculated. He's like she had a blast and he's like but also, having never listened to them, but seeing them live, I get it. He's like, I get it. It's one band I've always want to see live. You seen them, not Louve Dude. I was gonna see them in corn live and I remember they were touring together for like a hot I wish I could have been on that tour because I remember seeing the video of them doing uh, corn started playing sabotage by Beastie boys and Slipknot came out and I was on stage with them and yeah's I wish I could have gone to one of those. I've seen corn once and then I saw Jonathan Davis doing solo stuff. And I've seen slipknot twice, and they're just remember like two thousand five rolling stones that they were the best band to see alive, and I'm like, yeah, yeah, they fucking are. I've always want to see them live so bad. So Bass players, guitar shoots, fire, can't beat you. Can't fucking beat that. They're so good. And then slip was one of those bands I really wasn't into at first. I can't remember what song came out, so it wasn't into like that hard, just like that. It took me a while too, but then I saw what song came out. was saying I want to stab somebody fucking I mean, it depends on what year it was. I can't, I honestly couldn't tell you what song it was anymore, but it was like the first song by them I ever heard was duality, and like it was before I was into that kind of stuff. Yeah, I did. Was the one song that I think turned me off. I didn't like vermilion at all. I love that. I couldn't. I was like, and I can't remember what one that really got me into him. I was like so so, I remember because so so. Duality was the first one of theirs I heard off that volume three album because, again, like at the time, I was barely like the I was listening like like simple plan at that time, in the simple point, green day and Blake two, like I was a pop puncket, so heavy stuff wasn't my thing. Um, so I heard duality, I wasn't into it. I heard vermillion and I was like Oh, okay, and then I heard vermillion part two, which is this like all acoustic song, and I was like who the fuck is this? My brother was like that slipknot and...

I was like bullshit. So then I checked out like the whole album and I was like, Oh, this is actually very good. And then, Um, the next one that came out was psychosocial. When that album came out, that song fucking I want to say it was actually a duality, that it was duality. It's not the one that I pushed my fingers. Yeah, yeah, that's what it was. Ok, that one got them some, I mean because that album got them a grammy nomination for before I forget. I think yeah, is what kind of which is funny because they all showed up in like suits but with their masks still on, which is fantastic. I just I don't know. It's I it was very weird, like, I don't I didn't really didn't listen to what. I listened to. Lincoln Park, yeah, that was probably the heaviest thing I listened to at the time, link in Park. Well, and I actually had yeah around that same time. My brother, my brother, got me in the system of a down and stained. I was listening to Lincoln Park and a hubba stank. I have every hubba stank album. I fucking love who was staying, stink. Whatever happened then that I'm still they're still around. There are they're actually about to go on tour with lit, with lit and alien and farm. The most fucking I saw that announcement. I was like, Oh, I'm fourteen, I would like to go please, because there's there's three bands I never got to see live growing up. I like, I love who was staying. They're good ship. Yeah, they're still tour, they still play shows, they still sound good. Alien and farm, I didn't think was still around, but I guess when you release a fucking Michael Jackson cover that takes over the fucking world for a little bit, that's also great. It's a great fucking cover. I remember because I was I was working in radio when that one better than the original. They're so different. And also the music video for Jackson's version is really fucking good, but his music videos were all like mini movies anyway. Um, that's a hard one. I don't know, because in and farms is is is in that that area of covers that are more satirical than anything else, because like during the last chorus of the song, the singers in the background going hey, like joking Lee pretended. So it's it's it's more meant to like we're covering it and having fun with it, as opposed to trying to do something like when you look at like Johnny Cash's hurt cover or like kill switch doing holy diver, where if they're trying to make the song of their own, whereas alien and farms is more like we're just gonna have fun. Yeah, I remember when I was working in radio, when framing Hanley, who existed for like five minutes, Um, put out this cover of uh, I forget who the original artist is, but the song is Lollipop Um Fun. Who did I forget it, but they we had them at the studio the one day and they were talking about how, like yeah, we did that by accident, and I was like, what do you mean? And they're like, well, we were wed. They're like, we had just finished, like we we have been like in the studio or something all day. We all went back and just got fucking hammered and it came on. We were like, we should like fucking see if we can figure out how to play that, and he's like and we played it and recorded it on like someone's fucking computer and we played it bad. We were kind of like that's not bad. We should try it when we're sober and actually put some effort into it. And they did and it was like a fucking number one hit for a while. Wait, wait, wait, bring that song up again. I think now's limp biscuits Um, which one he did several yeah, but his his George Michael one faith, faith. That's a good covers. It's actually a pretty good cover. No, like I okay, I did listen to a lot of limp biscuit when I was a kid. I never got in. I never got into into limp biscuit. I I'm good. Um, I don't know, I just love all right. So this is this is framing. Hanley is doing the cover of a lollipop. I want to see if I remember this. Um, I don't know who the original artist is, though. It's from a music video. Who the fuck is got?...

It's like three minutes before the song starts at least. Oh look, you lack alouded. Yeah, no, I do remember that. Yeah, let's get cover, because they slow it down sweet. Yeah, yeah, this was a really good cover. This is all accidental. So, so this version is like it's it's legit, but there are but the whole idea they got fucking hammered. Heard it on the radio and then just we're like, let's just fucking play it, and then the next day were like ship, we should actually fucking do this, and I was like that's the bet bucket story ever.

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