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Season 2, Episode 87 · 4 months ago

D23 Trailers & News


Last week, Disney held their D23 convention where a lot of new trailers and news was dropped.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

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Why they take me thirty seconds or write about being a dead kid, but I can't write anything about my own child. You know what I mean? I'm also pretty sure I'm Gary Oldman and I just don't know it because he's such a good APP Gary old one doesn't even know who Gary does to kill with those terrible things to me, M G K gets good to be on the other side of I'm a father. I have never I have no reference to that. So there was mandarian season three. That was the one of saw him. You saw that one already? Yeah, okay, so it's good. It's good. fucking trailer, though, Oh my God, just uh, yeah, I was so good. Yeah, that's so on. Um, I saw a part of secret invasion, like the first like ten seconds. We'll watch that one first so you can see the whole thing, but I'm sitting there on my mandalorian season. Yeah, I need that now. Um, did you see the Werewolf by night trailer? Okay, so that's that's that's the only ones I've seen. Okay, and then the MANDALORIAN anyone? I was like, Oh, yeah, and then there's this other star wars thing coming out called tales of the Jedi I'll show you that in a little bit. So let's so, let's watch Um Porn. Let's watch porn. It's gonna be the rest of the PODCAST, all right. So we'll start with secret invasion. You can see the whole thing. You can hear Oh yeah, yeah, okay, cool, no step. Bro. For years you've been avoiding earth, but I have called for your help plenty of other times and you've been pretty content to let those calls go straight to voicemail. Yeah, well, this is different. How much do you know about your security detail? I mean, how much do I know about it? Yeah, that what's a space fury? Yeah, WE'RE gonna be very careful now. So they all changed. Yeah, you're in no shape for this fight that lies before us. This is just the beginning. This is... war alone, and I'm the last person standing between them and what they really want. And what is that? So the theory is he wasn't ever on earth. Yeah, he's the spider man. It was far from home, I think. Yeah, that wasn't him. That plays into that. He's been in space this whole time doing something with I guess, with the scrolls. I mean I guess we'll probably figure out in this show. But yeah, so secret Mark Martin Freeman, Martin fern Freeman's and that Amelia Clark's in this. Oh Yeah, she's in there. Olivia, Olivia Coleman Um, and then Ben Mendelssohn's back as the dude from Captain Marvel Um and end of far from home. But yeah, so like secret invasion in the comics was one of those things that, like, in order to get it you had to have read like everything, everything, because it was like suddenly plot points that had happened over the course of like five years. We're being we're being altered because it turns out so and so didn't actually die. That was a scrull or whatever. So I think they're taking that and just kind of scaling it down a little bit because, because a lot of those things involved stuff like the X men, we don't have yet. So I wonder if they get mentioned. Well there, I mean they keep teasing it because you see, you see multivers of madness. So they because they played a little when and if you watched MIS marvel yet, not yet. I told you about that though, right. Yeah, so so they're there. They're teasing it because they can't actually use any of the x mental. So I almost got stranger things finished. So, ok, Marvel's next. Yeah, I'm about to start season three. Um. So, yeah, so I think it's I think they're just scaling it down to like, instead of it being like global domination, it's more like a government dominant, which makes mean yeah, it's also makes it hard to do global to like how big of a series that would have to be to be global domination. Yeah, because odds are this is gonna be six episodes, like everything else. But it looks like it looks like a fucking movie. Oh Yeah, for sure. It looks like like samething with the Falcon Winter soldier, like it was shot like a movie as opposed to like other stuff, which was shot like a TV show. Probably Miss Marvel. Yeah, Miss Marvel was shot more like a TV show. She held is shot more like a TV show. This looks like a shot, like like you can tell me this is a movie and I believe you. So I think it looks cool. I mean, give me more Sam Jackson, because we haven't had much of him. He happened in the last few years. That's wild. I'm just glad that like that plays into the fact that he was never, he's never been around. Yeah, well, you see Maria Hilka back. She's like, I've been trying to get ahold of you all this time. It's like she's known he hasn't been here and she's like you've just been sending me to voice, real voicemail on space. To be fair, Nick's not used to the one being called.

He's usually the one that does the calling. Now this next one is called Werewolf by night. It's they're doing it as a Halloween special. is like a little Halloween like mini movie. So Werewolf by night is basically this like little horror mini series that marvel comics did and it has like the bloodstone family, which are kind of like Marvel's version of the van helsing's and it's and like blade blades a part of it in the comics. I doubt he's going to get introduced in this because they don't even start shooting his movie until the end of October. So, but that's what Werewolf by night is and it looks very, Um, very stylized. I'll just I'll leave it at that. s you'll see what I mean. Oh this song ween, Oh you can't escape the shock, the terror of were wolf by night. Tonight it is every hunter for themselves. Good luck, I'll be rotting for you. Is a monster easquerading as one of ours. I can't wait to find out what breed of evil you are. You want to see the starting please let Doris Day is coming for you. We're wolf by night. Ye, Disney's kind of like stepping up the interesting aspects of it. They're growing a pair. Yeah, ever since I signed, ever since I got fucking dead Deadpool, yeah, and Logan, they're like, let's pussy and because the dude guys sucking arm cut off like. It is very it is very weird to see when you open up Disney Plasta, to see deadpool and Logan on there a little bit. Yeah, it's it's it's next to Mickey Mouse. It's a little bit Jarry side Tan. Did you see that thing I posted with the Mickey Mouse ears from no what I were like melted. It was like melted silver on them or whatever, and it was like, and it was the first line of the description was like mini mouse. It's absolutely dripping with excitement and I was like, she's what, where are they going with this? I think it got I think it got fixed because I think somebody...

...realized what that sounded like, but that maybe. Um. All right, so you saw the man warian season three trailer. I want to watch it again and watch it again. All Right, fun it. It's a good trailer. Um, you know war in season three. Ti watched on my phone too, so I have a bigger screen. Let's watch it on an actual good fucking here we go. It's just so like it's this. This show is like. It's like it's like souper on a cold day. It's just comfort. It makes me feel good. This is the one that you saved. I love that music. You are as it's father the clown, two m but you have removed your helmet. Then you are a Mandalorian. No more super side. Yeah, you're cult fractured our people. Where were you then? Did you think your dad was the only Mandalorian? How? Alright, kid, hang on, you're ready for an adventure. It just looks so good. Yeah, John, that Bro, he don't fucking miss you. Pis So ship. So I don't give him. I don't give him too much flak for the fucking lion king remake because, like, okay, he made that, so he can make this. Is that what their whole reason? Probably pretty much. He's like, yeah, I do whatever Disney asked me to do, because then they let me do the Mandalorian Lawrence, like his dream project. Yeah, that's this is his fucking baby. And so because he did the jungle book, which I had like amazing, like the ship look real. So he did that and then they were like okay, cool. Yeah, well then here going Mandaloren. That would be cool. They're like hey, you came back and do the lion king, and he's like, can I stick with the Mandalorian? Yeah, I guess so. All right, well then, sure, fuck it. I not know that. Just keep, just keep writing the checks. But Yeah, Oh yeah, it looks like it looks like they really got a not not...

...that it's ever looked cheap, but they got a bigger budget, got a much bigger budget this time around, because they know that this, this just makes the money, like this is gonna make me. Oh Yeah, just just just the grow Goo merchandise, spaceballs, the doll me. Um. So that's I think. I think it's march, no, February when it drops, thank God, because I need it now. Um. So they also they're dropping. Oh, they also dropped a new trailer for and or. Do you care about that? No, I don't know if you wanted to watch it or not. Okay, Um, so there's this new show coming out called tales of the Jedi. It's gonna be animated, but it's basically a bunch of like it's like an anthology series. It's a bunch of like stories from the history of different Jedi like in their like count like young count it's like a young count Dooku, but when he was actually a Jedi, like end or is one of the ones I'm not excited about. Whatever. Then I don't know why I am. Just because I fucking love rogue one and the guys who made rogue one are are making the show and I love rogue one by just like I think it's because of like everything that I have to watch right now that I'm just like, it's just it's just another thing. Yeah, that I'm like, I don't really I get you. I get you. I haven't started it yet, so it's kind of like, oh, and or does. That's what I'm saying, is it's like I've already started the man, that I've already got you. I see what you're saying. Okay, I got you. All right. Well, yeah, this is just gonna be like a one off, like this is. I think it's gonna be like like six episodes. I think they're gonna be shorts too, but it looks pretty cool everywhere life, but you must face death honor it. Do not fit it. Jedi Asuka is Jedi. It's been to find the best way I can protect you is to teach you how to protect yourself. Master, do cool. I want to bring peace and order to the galaxies. Master, stop, and it's the only way you will truly have victory. My a bad one. Again, again, do go stand downs of Super Yeah, I've been warning them about the coming cockness.

What's out of all that training? Nice off, and who might you be? The look at my face was this. It looks great. Yeah, because we're getting we're getting Dooku when he was younger, when he was training Qui Gon Uh Liam Neeson's coming back to voice adult Qui Gon and this at some point, and then they got all the people who did the voices for the the animated stuff. This is gonna be just's like, yeah, that looks so fucking good. It looks really fucking good when I was when I was younger, before they like retconned everything, there were some books that came out about like this lineage of training, because it was like Yoda trained Doku, Duke, you trained Quigon, quagon trained OBI Wan, obiwan trained Anakin, and it was just this long story of this thing that kind of plagued this whole lineage of Jedi training. Um, I don't know, I don't think that's ever actually been sel. Samuel Jackson trained, Mace trained himself. They're like we're gonna give you on a master snake on a wing. They were like we're gonna get you a master. He was like no, I'm fine, I got this. I'm good, motherfucker. That look that looks great. Yeah, it's it's it's gonna be short. So I don't know if they're gonna be like because they've been doing these like shorts for kids, like these animated shores. There's one. It's called I am group and it's about like baby group getting into ship ship. It's it's funny, but they're like five minutes long. Yeah, I don't know if it's gonna be something like that or if it's going to be just a mini series or something it looks cool. Sometimes life can give you the raw deal, and that's where dope comes in. Dope provides edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and styles for you, delivered to your house deliciously and intact. Dope also donates a portion of every sale to this she recovers foundation with a minimum guaranteed donation of forty thousand dollars every year. She recovers as a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. You can also use the code T B L Zero Five. T B L Zero five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Once again, just go check out dope at www dot dope dot com, that's www dot d o u g H P DOT COM, and use the code T B L O five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Marvel only have the two trailers. Um there's was mostly news and announcement. Still nothing about fantastic four. They picked a director, but I don't know who he is. Heard totten. What was it? Oh, the thunderbolts. Thunderbolts got it. Now is people aren't thrilled really it's just it's a weird team to pick because it's it's like three super soldiers, a back widow and a variant...

Um taskmaster from the black widow movie and forget and ghost from aunt man in the wasp and like because, like there's no abomination, which everyone kind of felt like was getting set up here. And she hulk, because he's back in this in the show. It's it's in the trailers. Yeah, he's, but it's actually really funny what he does. Um, there's a great line that kind of referenced references Mark Ruffalo or not Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton, and it's fucking I hate the show. It's fucking hysterical. Um, but he's not in thunderbolts. So everyone's just kind of like this is a weird because it's because thunderbolt is supposed to like marvel suicide squad. Yeah, yeah, and it's like and you just seem to kind of pick like a bunch of like the same people. It's like, what are any of these guys gonna do against like anybody with superpowers? Well, I mean, you gotta look at the respective too. You gotta have people that can carry it. That's why yeah, key. And what's her face? Yeah, because you got Bucky, you got your Lena, you got David Harbor's back as front as I never watched black widow because, because, because it doesn't matter. That's the thing, is like that's something you find it irritaneous. People like shipped on black, like people who didn't watch black widow or like people. It's just like it's pointless to watch because it is. The story is literally over. It's a it's a good movie. Yeah, it just I didn't care about anything because it didn't matter. Like, like, I loved David Harbor in it. He was really good. Florence Pugh, who plays her sister, who shows up in Hawkeye, is phenomenal. The story means nothing. And also just because like like they put down like I'm kind of glad taskmaster is gonna be in thunderbolts because she got so underused in the movie in black widow. I was like you, you almost didn't need to put taskmaster in here at all. Maybe that's why they're doing it. And I think it's kind of the same thing with ghosts, like ghost and amy and the wasp was such a throwaway fucking villain in that movie. So cool, we'll get for another shot. That's me, like, I like David Harbor as the Red Guardian in Blackwood. It's cool to getting back bucky confuses me. That's why I think they're just doing it for like we gotta have a lead. Yeah, like, he, he, and he and Florence few were there to kind of. But also it's just kind of like, but literally all seven episodes of Falcon Winter soldier about him getting away from all. That's true. So I'm trying to figure out what's he gonna do and Redo it, like we fucked up. Yeah, it. Listen to Mike and we listen to the it's also just kind of weird that they're doing thunderbolts when you consider that William Hurts dead. Yeah, so, because I know, because they're using UM, Julia Louis dryfe as character as kind of the one who's probably putting all this ship together anyway, which is cool because what little screen time she's had has been really fucking good. But I'm also just like, again, it's just kind of weird calling it the thunderbolts when Thunderbolt Ross... dead. So I don't know. We'll see, but yeah, so that kind of now. I guess they showed some footage from the new Black Panther because that comes out this year, that comes out in November. They showed some footage from that, or they said it looked really good. They showed some. They showed footage from the marvels that hasn't been released to put to the public yet, and they said everyone said it looked pretty good. Um, there was a lot of news for for Marvel. I'm interested in trying to figure out what they're going to do with Black Panther. Like what? Yeah, I think everyone's kind of seeing what's gonna Happen. What I think is gonna Happen is this is going to be the last Black Panther movie and they're just using it to introduce nay more because he's in the trailer. Yeah, yeah, and it makes sense. I mean so I but I think one of the original superheroes to he's he was the first mutant. Yeah, it's he was the first mutant and yeah, he's one of the year. He's like one of the first marvel comics and marvel comics characters. So like it, except like and it makes sense why they're putting him in there, but I think I think they just kind of are like we're because right now they're talking about Ryan Coogler, is one of the guys on the shortlist to direct secret wars. Remember when they said, remember when the Russo Brothers said that they have secret wars. Is like something they they I don't think we can do that, because I mean we'd love to, yeah, but it's just that's a big undertaking. And then like they're like, by the way, we're doing we're doing secret wars and the Kang Dynasty, and I think they're talking. So they're talking. Ryan Coogler is one of the guys who taught him. They got you did Shan Chi, and I forget the third person they're currently talking to about doing those two movies. And it's a hard time to have a kid right now. You've haven't seen Shanchi yet. Amazing, fantastic's up there with like that so song. She reminds me of phase one or whatever phase it was, Um Guardians. Yeah, makes sense. Ye, I don't know what they expect that. This is really good, fucking good. I went into Shaun to you with with such low expectations, just because I didn't know anything. That's why I was with Guardians. I was like, so everyone was with guardians. Nobody knew who the Guardians of the galaxy were, and like God damn, this drags. Fella's quite entertaining. It's great. Why do I care so much about a tree that just says the one line? And a rack coon was voiced by Bradley Cooper. I remember when that came out too, because the thunderbolts right there, just the actors that play those characters. When that, when that one came out, is when DC was still saying they weren't sure if they were, if it was possible to pull off a wonder woman movie, and everyone was like, meanwhile, Marvel's like, here's the movie with a talking tree and a raccoon with a machine gun. Let's do it. It's so it's so wild, like, but that's what that's what says. You remind me. That's a and that's a great a great movie. It's it's one of the better origin story movies I've done, I think, when you compare it to... iron man and captain American Thor, which which I like all those, but I think it's so good. The fight choreography was practically pornographic. It was so good, Um, and just it was also just it was just a really good story and it was just very good acting and aquafine. It was great. She's played his friend Katie. She's hit her miss with me in movies, like sometimes I think she's she's been in a bunch of ship. I mean she was in she was in the Jumanji sequel, the second one. She's in that. She's the accurately, she's actress. I've seen that. I was like where have I seen? Yeah, she was. She was in ocean's eight. Um. She's done some animus. She's been in a bunch of ship, just usually in smaller side roles. This is kind of one of the bigger roles she's had and I thought she I thought she was very good. Um, I mean you got Michelle Yo and I mean it was Sean. She's so fucking good. Like it was one of those like I watched it and then I immediately watched it again because I watched it when I covid because I was just watching ship because I had nothing else to do. So I want and I I immediately started to back up. I was like this is almost too good. That Sant was so good. It made me not want to watch, was it not marvel sucking, the one horrible one? Yeah, no, I get that was so good. I was like everybodys eternals are so bad. I'm like, I don't want to ruin this for me. It's not. It's so boring. It's so fun. That's the thing. It's like, Marvel, how do you make a boring movie? You made a boring movie. That's almost impossible for you. Here's the thing, though, I mean they've basically almost hit on everything. So it's just a couple of him. Yeah, it's it's the only one I can look at and say, like it's truly just not good. Well, Thora love and thunder, I liked it. It Disney plus. Yeah, it came out on the eighth. The eighth was like Disney plus day because it was and so they dropped that and a bunch of other ships on there. And watch that. Now that's bullshit. I got so much ship you got time worry about that. It's good. It's not my favorite thor, but it's good. What's his face from Ted last those in it? So, yeah, he fucking is, and it's I didn't know that was coming. And this is in the post credit scene and it comes up and I'm like it's roaring. He's here, he's there, he's every fucking winner. Um. Yeah, for the rest of the trailers, rest of trains, were all like just like Disney stuff. Yeah, super like. There's an aerial thing with the Little Mermaid which like it was like a one minute teaser. Looks Neat. Yeah, looks cool. I'll wait. Let's UH. New Percy Jackson series, don't really care. H New national treasure series, really don't care. Like like a serious like a serious seria. No, he's not in it. It has nothing to do with Nicolas Cage whatsoever. He's watching any of the original really, I have a weird love for those because mostly because it's Nicolas Cage and I love Nicholas. I'm not a I'm not a Kyle Steel Fan. No, sorry, I'm not like. I'm not like like now I've says to Nicolas. I just like he's never one of those actors. I'm like that's the premise of like national treasure.

I'm like, Oh, it's it's bullshit, it's it's it's so dumb, but I don't know why I love it and I can't get it's like it's almost like people fucking national treasures, like nerds version of fast and the furious. Does that make? That's fair. That's fair. I get it. Only made two of them, though, UM, because they're not good, but I weirdly like them. UH, Tim Allen's doing a a new Santa Claus thing series or movie. I think it's a movie. It's called the Santa Clauses and basically it's he wants to retire and so it's about picking a new Santa Clause. I wonder if David Harber is supposed to be in that, because he's he so here's interesting part about that. So when he does strangest thing in season four, had to lose a lot of weight, like a lot, and then he he said he never wants to do that again. Oh Yeah, that would be hell. Yeah, but like Um, because his diet was like like he hated it, and then he's putting way back on. Because you're starting this he's playing at Santa Claus. I mean he wasn't in the trailer ot Um. No, Peyton manning was as himself as one of people auditioning to be Santa Claus. He's like I can sing and he's like no, no, no, Brady, he can sing. If you guys like to reach out to us and be a part of the show, be a part of the conversation, there are several ways to do that. Just go to our website, www dot t b l pod Dot net. That's www dot t b l pod Dot net. You can send us a message through the website, or you can even leave us a voicemail by clicking on the voicemail button in the corner of the screen and leave us a message that we will respond to live on the show. Once again, just go to www dot t b l pod Dot net. Did the last like I'm on like the reason why? I was like ten minutes like case. I was watching. I'm not finished the last episode, but I was watching this really cool partner stranger things like the last one. Oh my God, before the two and a half hour finale. No, I'm on the two and a half hour. Oh, you're on the two okay, it's so good. It's so good. Like I'm just like you motherfucker's like I'm as far as the game of thrones goes, I'm I'm almost to the battle of the bastards and I think that's where I'm gonna Stop My rewatch, because at this point I'm like, yeah, I'm starting to see why it's stop being good. The battle bastards is like the last good. That's what I'm saying. It's like that's where that's where the that's where the good really kind of comes to a halt, because I can't think of any episode that okay. After that I'm just like, yeah, nothing really comes to Mike because like even even already in season six, I'm already feeling just kind of like, yeah, this isn't as good. I'm bored half the time, like usually when I'm watching game with when I rewatched game of thrones, I'm glued. And ever since season six started I've been like diddling on my phone. I just yeah, it's not as compelling. I don't I don't care about the faith army. Yeah, I don't care. It's it's dumb,...

...apparently fucking. I watched them scenes from the House of the Dragon, yeah, and I was like, God damn, it's a lot crab feater. Oh, did the one from last week yet? Some stuff about that? Yeah, it's I mean this this week's episode was probably my favorite so far. About some ship happens, just some some. It was very game of throats, let me put it that way. It was good. Rings of power is still kind of middle of the road for me, because last week's was really boring, like nothing happened. Basically, UM, she halted sucks. This last episode, She Holk, was one of the worst. It was so bad's making it so bad? Is it the writing? The writing is terrible. The actors are doing their fucking best. The writing is just God awful, like it's and it's a bummer because a lot of the folks working on the show have worked in Sitcom, like one of them was like one of the one of the head writers for for Rick and Morty and people who worked on stuff like this, and I'm like this should be so much funnier than it is, but it's just dumb, I think. And what's your team is like? I don't watched she hwk yet. People are bashing people that hate she hawk. I haven't watched it, but I'm like people like, Oh, it's sexist because Blah, blah, and I'm like honest, because I like fucking like. I mean like I watched yackets, like I like Wand Division. I liked. Yeah, I love I know I love Miss I'll already love Miss Mark. You're gonna love Miss Marvel. I think you're gonna love Miss Marvel. There like, are there people out there who are being sexist about she hulk? ABS So fucking lutely there are. I'm not gonna sit here that like they're not. The thing with she hulk is that they're they know what people are going to say about it. So they're making that show. So the show that the sexists are are saying it is or we're saying it was going to be. That's the show they're they're doing it to intentionally piss off the sexist hate, the misogynists. Makes Sense, which on one hand I kind of love the pettiness of it, but also I'm like, but it also doesn't make this a good show. It's still stupid. It's still like the stuff when it's her and Mark Ruffalo and they're being cousins is amazing. They have great chemistry. You totally believe they're related. But the stuff where because like they she she brings up like I've had to put up with X, Y and Z because I'm a woman, but I'm like cool show that don't just tell me, like or like a lot of it's like like they expect you to just already know that, and I'm like, do I know that ship happens in the real world? Yes, this is a TV show. Show me, don't tell me. And with the episodes being only thirty minute, they're treating it like it's Ali mcbel like it's a thirty minute lawyer Sitcom, which I'm fine with because she is a lawyer, but then it's gotta be fucking funny and the law the League, when they do lawyer stuff. It's really short, it's really stupid and they've used Wong in two episodes already and they've turned him into a fucking idiot in this show. Like it's just I'm like he's he's doing ship where I'm like Wong is smarter than that, and it's just I don't know, it's...

...just it's really bad writing. All the actors are doing their fucking best. It's just bad writing. It is all. It comes down to his best writing. But they just dropped because there's nine episodes in the season. They just dropped the mid season Promo and it had a lot of Matt Murdoch, thearedevil in it. M So I guess he's coming soon, which we all knew he was coming because it was in the one trailer and he looks cool. But I'm hoping the writing gets better. It might, or it could be fucking half at the last half of the season of fucking was it called? What that fucking never mind, I'm done talking Um cotton mouth in it of Luke Cage, because it's like that bad too. It's not. So here's the problem. So Youtube, when you upload a video to Youtube, no matter how each D it is, they compressed the video so it doesn't overload their servers, which does not do wonders for C G I so. It looks better on Disney plus, but there are but she's got long, thick flowing hair and wears crazy outfit like, you know, suits and stuff. That stuff is really hard to make it look real in C G I so. There are times where, when it's really close up, it looks kind of rough. I think it would look better on a big screen, but I'm sure they had a smaller budget and I'm sure they just did the best ticket with what they got and considering what they're trying to do with her, I'm I'm honestly it looks as good as it does. So yeah, there are times it looks okay, there are times it looks pretty fucking rough. So but again with with what they're trying to do. The biggest problem is that, like when you see the Hulk, like Bruce Banner the hulk, he looks like a monster. So you don't have to worry about that uncanny valley ship with her. She looks human, just tall and green. So it's a little more upsetting to the eyes. Gotcha speak in which I watched the Pinocchio Remake. How that awful. Absolutely the Disney plus live the Tom Hanks was too good for that movie. He Plays Ge Petto Joseph Gordon Levitt is, uh, Jimmy Cricket. He's fine and he's good, he's good. Uh, and Tom Hanks is too good for the movie. Um, but the movie is fucking terrible. I mean it is fucking at the thing is, I think, like it's just some movies. You don't need to do a live action. There was nobody. There was nobody clamoring for a Pinocchio Remake. Um, it's just I don't know. But but also at the announced we're we're doing our live action remake of Snow White and I'm like, you don't. Who Cares? I mean I've seen that on horn hub. I don't.

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