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Season 2, Episode 89 · 4 months ago

Dealing With Death


At what point are you able to make peace with the potential death of a loved one? Also, HOLY SHIT DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE IS HAPPENING!


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Why the they take me thirty seconds or write about being a dead kid, but I can't write anything about my own child. I'm also pretty sure I'm Gary Oldman, and I just don't know it because he's such a good at Garry ol One doesn't even know who Gary to kill with those terrible things to me, m g K gets good blood cooking moms to me on the other side of I'm a father, I have never I have no reference to that. So I had other things we're gonna talk about today. Oh and and then Ryan Reynolds was like holding my beer, motherfucker's have you Have you seen the video? Yeah? I was like, because I saw the poster. I was like and so I literally said I saw a poster. And somebody tweeted like Hugh Jackins back fres Wolverine, and I was like what. Because I saw the Ryan Reynolds video. I was like, I know, was at work, I didn't have time to watch fell through it and like somebody post that and I was like what. And I went to Ryan Reynolds thing. I was like, you son of a bit, son of a bitch, I'm in it was because I saw like one of those bullshit, uh that was fake. Yeah. I saw one of those bullshit fake comic book movie news rumor mill things post about it, and I was like, no, no, no, no, let me googled it just to be sure though, and it's like a Deadpool updated. No, no, watch the video because I did it as a reaction. You want to be on it. Yeah, I guess I knew. I knew something was up when I was watching him in the video and he's pouring that aviator gin and I was like, it's the gin he did those videos with with Hugh Jackman went wait a minute, wait, wait, what's what's oh, because I saw that picture with the claw mark through it. But I've seen so many fans yet, yeah, Like I've seen so many guys who are really good at photoshop do that ship before this, and then I'm already seeing people on Twitter who are like, we don't need this. Logan was blah blah blah. I'm like, this isn't gonna take away from Logan. You can still go watch Logan. And he's not getting rid of Logan just they're like they already had a movie together. Like no, no, no, that doesn't that's like that's like saying he'll tell you that doesn't that doesn't count, Like that's that's like saying we don't need everything to see Robin in a Batman movie. They had Batman and Robin. Dude, who the funk. Let's say that's some some guys who up until today I had a lot of fucking respect for. But I'm like, you're just trying to get people riled up, you dickhead. Like people are like very like kind of sad that he said he was done. Yeah, and Ryan Reynolds, who they're really good friends, Yes, got him to do Wolverine and something everybody's want to see him in. So why are you so angry? Like it's it's just it. It makes too much goddamn sense. And so for people to act like like does anybody really want this? Everyone's wanted this since the first Deadpool movie. No one has ever not wanted that got cable. But we already we already had logan that was this one who fucking cares? And then somebody else said that like, well, they already ruined the legacy with Multiverse of Madness by having Professor. I'm like, that doesn't fucking mean anything. Kissing you just love being a detractor. Fuck you, they're giving us something nice. Just be fucking happy. Yeah, everybody wants this, God damn it, I am. I got so excited. If anybody watches the reaction video I did when Jackman walks across the street and I fucking jumped in my seat and you can see Rosie bolt out of the room. When I did it, I was like, what what huh? I'm because because again, like, and they also gave us the release date, did the right the end September six? Yeah,...'s like, what, hyper completely missed the release date. I just remember saying four. I didn't realize. Yeah, so it's like it's like almost two years away exactly, which means they're gonna start shooting soon, because you don't make this kind of an announcement with a release date if you're not, like how, I wonder how they're gonna do it then and they're going to pretend he's dead, like it's then, like it so many things I'm wondering right now. Because of that, I'm like, well, but also with with Deadpool, you can do whatever the funk you want. It doesn't really matter. It's gonna multiverse mad, like who cares? And also it's like, you know what, we've we've got him under contract to play Wolverine technically till what it is, like I knew they weren't allowed to they weren't allowed to recast, right, they're not allowed to read there they can, they're not allowed to recast them until they're like, well, if we want do this and we've got him, let's just fuck it. If he's down, let's I wonder how much Ryan had to convince him to do it. Probably not as much as you think, Yeah, because because even Hugh Jackman has said he's like, I won't He had said he wouldn't come back to play him unless it was he was part of the m c U because he was, I think, and he's never said this, but I feel like he was kind of just done with Fox. He probably because other than other than Logan and you know, the Deadpool movies and a couple of the X Men's, they hadn't handled any of the stuff very well. People didn't really like a lot of the X Men movies. What this gets him the stay the play Wolverine and the m c U, I I would I don't know how I feel about that, because on the one hand, I'm like, I know he wants to go do other things. I know he's been happy doing other things. He's been doing Broadway for a while, he's been doing The Music Man up until recently, Like I know he's been He probably just wants to stop working out hard. It's hard, that's and that's a lot of what he said to He's kind of like like especially if you go back and watch the first X Men, like he's in shape, but he's not like if you look at Days of Future Past, where he's fucking just shredded, Like that's a lot of toll. It takes a big toll on your body. And he's getting older, and that's kind of why one of the benefits of doing like Logan was there, like you could get away with him not looking super great. So I don't think he would come back to do it all to do it like resign and be this lunch. But I think if he's gonna get one more in like yes, Logan as it is, and I'm not discounting Logan by any Tristy Man movie is fucking flawless. That movie is amazing, and if yes, if that's gonna be the last Wolverine movie, it's it's a hell of a one to go out on. But don't sit there and act like you don't get excited at the thought of Wolverine and Deadpool together and two best friends playing like Ryan Reynolds at one point has said before the Disney buy out they were trying to make Deadpool three happened with it being like a like a Buddy road trip movie with the two of them, And I'm like, yes, I am totally fine with that. That beats my fucking idea. That is fantastic, And if we still get that, that's great. I don't care as long as they're because because there's also someone said would if it's just the cameo, there's no way they do. There's kind of an announcement for a fucking cany no no, no, no no, because hey, I think they know how much that would. That would just do the fans dirty, although it would be a low key greatest joke on it. Just like I bet you guys are wondering, where is it you said he was gonna be here? Hello, there he is just as a just a well because so someone sent me this on Twitter and let me show you this because I forgot about this because I actually haven't seen Deadpool two in a while. Um, but because they have that thing at the end where he's going around and um, like you know, cleaning up the timeline as it were. Um. And somebody said, and I forgot that...

...this was part of the clip, but um, grab your headphones all. Uh. But this is from when he goes back to quote unquote fix the Wolverine or Wolverine origins, when he's killing those heavens are always jacked up for you, it seems like. But this this made me laugh. I have muted ship. God damn it, Mike, here we go. It's me. Don't scratch, just clean it up the timelines. Look, eventually you're gonna hang up the claws and it's gonna make a lot of people very sad. But one day your old pal Wade's gonna ask you to get back in the saddle again. When he does say yes, oh right. So it's like he told us, he told us this was coming. Yeah. Was that seen that long? It was? It was? It was a long. It was a long chunk. Um. I pulled it up on my after I saw that clip, I was like, is this Legiti pulled up on my blue right, like it's legit um. But I mean like this, like I said, when I first watched it, I was like, funk anything else going on in the world. I don't even whatever other announcement comes out, I don't care. And I think I think because he says in the video like, oh sorry, we couldn't make it the D twenty three like that was on purpose because if they had done this at D twenty three, no one would have given a ship about anything else. Yeah, like if he would have if fucking he would have walked out and then huge act and right, everybody was like, uh yeah, nobody would have given a flying fuck about and we got some great stuff out of D twenty three, none of it would have mattered. No one would have been talking about any of the Star Wars stuff or any of the other Disney stuff. They only have been talking about this. So and and also like when Deadpool two came out, they were doing all kinds of crazy YouTube marketing ship for that movie. So this is just on brand. Well and here's the thing, yeah true, here's the thing though too. It's now as much as you say, he's in the m c U and now he'll officially be like legit because the logo that comes up says Marvel Studios about it will be in the m c U officially, Like because the whole the m c U thing was that trailer. Yeah, do you know the one with him in cord Cork. That was the only m c that could tie anything out in them see now, It's like that was like their way of saying like, see he's in and was like, yeah, cool, let's see something with him though, Yeah, you know that you're bringing fucking Wolverine, well played Disney Just yeah, can you win? I mean, And this is also just I feel like this is also them just kind of being like, hey, d C you guys, Okay, we're doing great over here. We're fine, guys having problems. How is if you guys like to reach out to us and be a part of the show, be a part of the conversation. There are several ways to do that. Just go to our website Www tb L pod dot net. That's www dot t b L pod dot net. You can send us a message through the website, or you can't even leave us a voicemail by clicking on the voicemail button in the corner of the screen. And leave us a message that we will respond to live on the show once again. Just go to www dot t b L pod dot net. I saw it was black on Friday. It was really fucking good. People got thrown out. Yeah, people got thrown out because you know, he's he's low was black and talk. He was actually probably the least political I've ever seen him get in a set, which is funny. But he was talking about how he was in the middle of doing this tour when the pandemic. He's again, I knew, He's like, and I He's like, here's the reason I knew all this is because I'm was paying attention because I was a target for this thing. And I know that because I'm fucking old. And I knew I was fucking old because the news told me I was fucking old. And he's like, but I knew it was serious because I...

...was playing. He was playing at this casino or something up in up in Michigan, and he's like, and it was sold out people and they canceled it. He's like, That's how I knew. And he's like, but then they said, like, you know, they had to go home, And then I knew I was really fucked because I had to go to the O'Hare fucking airport. But he's like, he was talking about how when he was watching the White House briefing when the pandemic was first being declared a pandemic. Then he's like and he's like, I was fascinated because our leader at that time came up and said that he knew stuff and I've never had a president that knew stuff before. And that's all he says. And some guy in the front starts going, we're fucking emails or fucking emails, and he was just like, are you fucking kidding me? Right now, walks away from the microphone to the edge of the stage, looks this dude down and just fucking rips into him, and it's all hilarious from what I could hear. Didn't have his microphone, just fucking rips into him. And then just you know, walks away, comes back to the microphone and he's drawing an all new set at this point because he just taped a special I guess a few months ago, and he's like, I don't know when the fun is coming out. I don't know when the funk where the funk it's gonna be, but it's fucking coming. Um. But so he's trying to get back to working to doing this joke because he hasn't finished the fucking joke yet. And then as he's trying to get back into it and he starts back on the bid again, somebody else kind of back near me starts to screaming, let's go, Brandon, let's go, and he's just like, are you out of your fucking mind. So they start pulling people out and taking them out, and someone down in front of me was like, could you get them out of here please, and Louis goes, no, no, no, no, no. I don't want to put that kind of pressure on the staff here because it's actually a rule with the Victoria Theater staff that if they take someone to throw them out, they have to guess their weight. It was really it was. I posted on Facebook it was a fucking master class because this guy does crowd work and riffing better than anybody in the world, so so good their way. Um, the guy who opened for him was it's the guy who's open for him for fucking years. And I can never remember the guy's name, which bums me out because he's so fucking funny um that he said that Louis does this thing after his show called the Rant is Due, which you don't know what that is. It's it's basically he does a thing on live streamed on YouTube from every theater he's in and people can submit their rants to him, like on their phone and then he'll do their rant. Kind of yeah. Um, So before the show, before he goes on, he was telling everyone, like, use your phones during the inter because there's an intermission between when the first guy went and before Louis went up. He's like, used, there's a fifteen minute intermission. Use the intermission to go on and send the stuff in. And there was kind of this like funny little chuckle amongst everybody in the room because I don't think these guys understand just how bad the reception in the Victoria Theory is. Because they didn't have their merch booth. Would they say what they do instead of they have a fucking like like a banner set up with a QR code on it and you can go and and hit the KR, scan the QR code and go do it. And everybody was out there trying to fucking do it. But everyone's like there's like no bars because there's no reception in the Victoria here, so they only had like five or six of them to do, and he was like, you guys did He was like, you guys gotta let me down with how many you didn't. And I was I was waiting for somebody to be like, there's no fucking reception here. But about ran about that. Well. What was cool was during his during his set, he talked when he was trying to get everything's kind of calmed down after everyone somebody else, He's like, he's like, if anyone's gonna shout something out, say something positive at least, and one guy goes, oh h or no, he says let's go buck eyes and uh, Lewis Black says, yeah, that's that's funny. My brother went to Michigan State. Um, and everyone starts boot and he goes, yeah, that's great, thank you... much for booing my dead brother. Everybody. UM. He talked about how like as his mom just turned like a hundred four yeah um, and he said, uh, He's like, you know, she was, you know, I've been off for three He's like, I've been off for three months, and at one point she got sick and we were thinking like, okay, like this is gonna be it. Like she's not eating, she looks really bad. He's like, and so right before her birthday, you know, like a week couples before I was supposed to start this tour, He's like, we kind of went and had our moment, like said our goodbyes and all that, and apparently Dayton was like the first show on this tour. He's like and he's like, so this this show almost didn't happen because I was kind of waiting for that phone call and he's like, and then one day I woke up to this phone call coming from her caregiver, and I was like, Okay, this is it. And they called and said that she has made this miraculous recovery. Like she's eating, she's walking around, she's she's like the only thing she's she said, I just don't want to go downstairs because I don't trust those people that on there. Um his mom's it sounds like a hoot, and he's sitting and he's like, on the one hand, I was so thrilled that I'm gonna get some more time with my mom. But on the other hand, I'm like, I just put myself through the stress of saying goodbye to you. Make up your fucking mind, he said. But also I felt bad because I was fully expecting her to die, so I honestly hadn't prepared very much for this store. Now you can rep the Basement Lounge out in public by checking out some of the merch that we have available on our website. Just go to tbl pod dot net slash store. That's t bl pod dot net slash store and check out some of the T shirt and other merch designs we have for you featuring our logo, some of our favorite bits, as well as a homegrown Humor official T shirt as well. Once again, just go to t b l pod dot net slash store and check out some of the cool merch we have there for you now. At web point, as a kid, I mean like, would you I mean you've had your father died and all that stuff. At what point would you want? Like enough? When when there's enough enough time? Like well, like you know what, do you see what I'm saying? Because I had a D four it's like you get it, Like he even mentioned that. He was like He's like, yeah, of course I was sad that she was gonna go. But what am I gonna do? She's been on a hundred and four years old. Am I going to demand more time from her? Yeah? That's what That's what I mean. It's at one point she's like I get it, you know what I mean, Like you're over Like, well, what age are you? Like? I get it, Like you're like eight nine? You know what I mean. It's it's it's a hard It's a hard one to ask, I think, because like, yeah, it's your parents, but it's like, like my dad's been dead to me forever. It's I think for me that I think the only way it's it would ever be and I hate to use the word easy, but easier, Yeah, that would be like if they were ready to go. Yeah, like if my mom like let's saying like forty year years or whatever. My mom's in her nineties and she says like I've made peace with it, I think that might make it easier. But I'm also a mama's boy, so I don't think I'm ever going to be ready. I didn't either, and I was not a dad. Yeah. Well so mym was also all I had till I was like ten, So so I've always been a mom's boy, so I don't think I'll ever actually be ready for her to go um again. And lord knows, I wasn't ready for my dad when he went, but um, but yeah, I mean it's I think it's I think it depends on the person. It depends on this because even when my dad died, like, yeah, I wanted more time with him, but also I was so tired of seeing him suffer. So I was almost just kind of like, I'm just glad he's just not because those last couple of days he was alive, he was miserable. I mean he was. They basically had to put him into a coma because he was just so the pain and I couldn't get comfortable. It would go from being super hot the super cold, and which is kind of not in his right mind. So it was one of those like I'm just glad he's not suffering any more, so as much as I would love more time,...

...but also you know, that was three years before the pandemic, and so I'm also kind of glad my dad wasn't alive to have to try to survive this because he had no immune system and he had leukemia, so there was no chance he was making it through the pandemic. There there was no chance there. I am very much. I am a hundred percent convinced had my dad been alive when the pandemic started, he would not have survived the pandemic, especially considering I had COVID, my mom had COVID, my brother had COVID, like a lot of our family had COVID, and you guys did everything it possibly could. Yeah, we were diligent. We still got it, so, you know. But but also part of our diligence was because of when my dad was alive, because he had no immune system because leukemia treatment. We had to be because a cold could have killed him, you know. So it's kind of like if you have like a HIV year age, you've got no immune system, if you get a cold, you're gonna fucking die. So yeah, it's it's it is. It's a complicated question. It's it's something to think about, like, yeah, when when can you say like enough? Yeah, because I like, I'm it's weird. So I've never had any of my grandparents die, which is very odd for my age. But none of them, none of them really Yeah, wow, um, my great grandparents are died obviously. I mean one died when I was but like it was weird, like as a kid. I think it's where I'm also mentally weird and fucked up as a kid. When my great grandfather died, I was like, yeah he was older. Yeah, everybody's crying at a funeral. I'm like, he was older, right, Like, what did you guys expect? I love my great grand How old were you when he died? I saying, I was like eleven or twelve? Were you guys like close? No? Man? Man? I asked him to do with it too, Like if you don't have that, like even though they're your family, if you don't have that emotional investment in them, probably makes it makes you approach it differently differently. And my great grandpa, my great grandmama did she's like nineties six nine, and I can never remember. She was lost a dementia way before that. See that's well, my my great grandpa that when I was three, so I barely knew him. My great grandma died in two thousand and ten, so she was pushing a hundred and like, but she hadn't been right in the head for a long time. It was one of the like she had been in a home for fucking ever, but like the last ten years she was alive, she was not not together. It was one of those like they had to like take her phone away from her at the home because she would call my grandma's house all the time, all hours of the day and say like it was like, yeah, I waited for you to come pick me up. I think it's time for me to go home, and it's like you live there now, like just she could never recall it. So with her, it was like it was still sad, but also it was like she had lived the hell of a life and it wasn't really altogether there at the end. So so my we knew it was bad. My grandma, my great grandma, used to send every grandchild and great grandchild five dollars for their We all stopped getting it, totally understand. All of a sudden, randomly, my brother had been years since he got any got a hundred and fifty dollars that it was like, grandma just sent me. Great grandma sent me a hundred and fifty dollars for a birthday gift. I was like, what, yeah, motherfucker, that's some of my money. To just were supposed to pay that out to everybody that was saying like and like she sent to everybody her grandkids, great grandkids, and my mom hadn't gotten stuff from her from like years, but my my brother, her great grandchild, got on his birthday a bill. We're like, well, that's weird. I don't know, just like when she died too, and I didn't cry. I was... closer, But I don't know. I think about the ship, like maybe I'm emotionally disconnected from my entire family. Does that makes it like to where I'm like or I just accept the fact that it's inevitable. Yeah, it's weird. Like I like, I look at very bleak things. I'm like, I'm like, yeah, but like I view and this is how I view life. I'm like, I'm just in life and the grand scheme of things I have no matter anything. And then like, but I've also felt that since I was like a wee boy. Yeah, you just you you you're approaching everything from a very logical standpoint to where it's just like but like like like everything you're saying makes total when you when you remove the emotional aspect of it all. Yeah, yeah, the only two people I think I would cry with I know I cry myles dide, I would fucking hope, So yeah, I probably And then Melissa, but my parents, my grandparents and my grandparents raised me. But I would be like and really with miles of me because I believe not I love my child, but it's like, I don't think a parent should ever have to bury their child. That's the worst thing in the world. My my dad's my dad's parents had to bury two of theirs. Yeah, I mean, like, you're not supposed to outlive your kids. So I don't know, that's the only one that would probably hit me. Melissa would hit me. But like my ex wife, I thought about it. I was like, nah, even when I was with her, I was like, but she was also a bit um even on that. When I was in college, my last year of college, one of my ex girlfriends died in a in a car wreck and I had made a lot of friends through her that I kept in the breakup was second, I kept him in the divorce um But like my friend Katie called me, because they had on each other like kindergarten, and she was just a fucking wreck and telling me that, like, you know, Brittany had died, and upset she was, and I was more upset ay ay, just because you hear that someone dies, and I'm also like I cried very easily, um, and so I was a little shook just because also I was, you know, in my twenties, so whenever you find out somebody your age dies, it's kind of a little fucked up. But I was more upset for my friends who actually were invested in that, because I had people coming to me at one point asking me like why I wasn't more upset, and I was like, you guys, remember like the psychotic abuse of ship she did to me when we were together. They're like, well, she's dead now, right, doesn't change what the funk she did to be when we were together. And then I found out that like her mom was telling people that like to not let me come to the funeral, and I was like, we broke up like four years ago, and like, you know, rest in peace, but your daughter was a cunt, Like alright, yeah, are rest in peace? Count? Like my main concern was because I knew she had had a kid and all that, So I was like it was the kid, okay, kid was fine. It was just freaking if they had called and told me she had like odeed or gotten like drunk and fucked up, and I would have one hund percent and believe that. But apparently she had like gotten her ship together, and I was like, Okay, well that sucks that she was trying to get her shipped together and a freak accident took her out. Like ultimately, yes, as a human being, that fucking sucks. She was a bitch to me, So I'm over it already. I was over it as soon as I got done hearing about it. If you are in or around the Dayton, Ohio area and you want to know more about what's going on in the local comedy scene, we have a website for you. Go to www Dot gem City Comedy dot com. That's www. Dot jem City Comedy dot com. We've got profiles on all your favorite local comedians, as well as a calendar and guy to all the shows going on, whether they're open mics or big headliner shows or showcases or whatever we have in store. You can also submit your own information to the website to be updated within forty eight hours. I run this... myself. It is a passion project of love. So make sure, you guys. Go check that out right now. Go to www dot gem City Comedy dot com to get all the information on the Dayton comedy scene. You know, my grandparents, their house was like my I live. We lived with my grandparents when I was growing up, like when I was staying there when I was featuring up in Cuyahoga earlier this year. Um, I mean I knew that house I grew up in that I slept in my old bedroom, the room that you see in myle bedroom when I when I lived there, I was spent my free time while I was there because I actually on Facebook driving around like trying to remember how to get places, which I surprisingly still diod considering I didn't drive there. But um so like with my grandparents, go like I'm gonna be fucking torn up as funk about it because they were like my other parents. I mean it as like my dad's This is weird, Like I'm not close to my mom's grandparents, but I'm closer with my dad's side. I hate my dad. I'm not about alistical father. I don't know him, but um like I think about it a lot. I'm like when they die, like, am I gonna be sad, like I'm not gonna cry. I'm like and every single time it's no, like they meant a lot to me, but I'm like Mike, like that's life, and I'm just like, God, I hate myself sometimes I'm literally sitting there and like, fuck, I hate myself from thinking like that, because like you should show emotion at that point because it sucks and it's bad. But like, I won't, Like I don't think I will, I might, I don't know. I hope it never happens, even though I know it will happen at some point, and it's it's one of those you never know how you're gonna feel until until it does happen. Um. There's a guy who used to do stand up with down in Columbia in South Carolina, Joe Coughlin, who passed away recently, and he was a guy who, Um, when I first came back to do and stand up in UM, he got me onto his open mic and you know, watched me bomb like a motherfucker on that first one back. But like he was always super cool to me. It was very encouraging for me to you know, keep going and get back into the swing of things. And so UM, they just had like a big memorial for him about all the comics did over the weekend would shout out to uh to tofur Riddle who put that whole thing together. They've been best friends for like sucking ever. Um, and he and I, like he and I hadn't talked in a long time, like we were don't even think we were friends on Facebook anymore, just because we just had just drifted apart. But he was always one of those guys like when I went back down there, I was look forward to seeing him. And so here's the guy I haven't talked to, and probably two three years I found out he died. I was fucking shuck sideswipe that with. Um, it's a Verry Leggett here in town who just passed away recently. You know. Um, here's a guy who I knew from like doing stuff over at d A TV, and I knew his wife, Calf and all that, and like, I'm shocked that he's gone. But I don't find myself like getting super emotional about it. And I don't know, but again, I want to look at the difference, like Barry was an older guy. Joe was my age. So it's it's it's but here's a guy I knew I was closer to Barry than I was to Joe just because I had done I hadn't spoken to Joe in a number So it's it's weird how things will hit you in certain ways that other things won't. Was that when Jason died, Yeah, it's like really good friends. I love Jason death. Yeah, I still love him, like I still think about him quite a bit. Um, But like when he died, I think it emotionally, I was set for that because of the fact that it was during COVID and he was in the hospital. So like, emotionally and mentally, I prepared, yeah, myself for like that, you knew, you knew there was a possibility... was going to happen, so you had a chance to like accept it, to accept it, embrace yourself for it. There's a weird thing that happened tween me and Jason when Jason was in the hospital. So this actually might get me emotional because I think about it's just so weird. Um, the night Jason died. The weird thing was as I've I've never never tweeted at the reads on radio, never tweeted at him I was listening to the game, and the question was, ah, god, what was the what was the The question was, um, what they were talking about, like, do you like your cookies? Uh, warm and gooey are just like Dunker's where they've where they've cooled off and they're solid and you can not even dunk. Like I can't remember what they said, but I was like, that's kind of like enjoying drinking saltwater. Because they did like a pole and people are talking, I gotta pull up the fucking thing because I know there are some people who like they love their cookies basically like almost almost raw in the middle, but like like burnt cookies. And I was like, that's like drinking enjoying drinking warm saltwater. I tweeted at him about it, and they literally like, we've got some really good We've got some really good like answers to this. And he's like, because my Twitter handles Mike wtf wels and so he's like, well, this one comes from Mike. Well he's like and he's laughing. He's like God, he's like and there He's like, that's like you enjoy that's like saying you enjoy drinking worm Saltwater and they just lose it on there they're laughing like and then liked a copy and like I heard that live and I was like, what the fuck? But that that's the night Jason died. So I was like I thought about, like I don't believe in God, but I was like, what if that was like his last like little gift to get you, to get you quoted on on Red Radio. Just just it was so weird. But then I had like a couple of people messaged me. They were like, dude, what I was like, He's like, Chris weird. You might have met Chris Chris that killed on it. He's like literally, he's like that killed you crushed Joe crushed on radio. Yeah, I've made it. But like I always thinking my head, I was like, what if that's like Jason's like, because like we all couldn't say or goodbyes to him period at all. Well COVID and literally like the last text messages I had this is why I feel so bad. Up God, I feel so bad about this. Yeah, um uh so I thirty one? How do you feel? Him? Man? Okay? And then this is better. It just can't bring myself to piss in their general cup. How's your mom because my mom's had a dopin. She's okay. I just has a lot of the doctor's appointments. And then like the way didn't talked to him in a couple of days. Oh, He's like, well, good, I'm glad she's okay. And then like like a couple of days later, because does that work, She's like, how's Mlissa and the baby? I was like, pregnant, be almost pregnant, and I can feel the baby kick. It's wild man, he said nice. I didn't respond to anything. The last thing I have from is nice, and I just felt bad. I still feel bad about it. But then like literally like that night that's when he had the heart attack and went to coma. Yeah, it's weird. Wow. When I was in college, I had a really good friend. She had had a heart condition when she was a kid, like she wasn't supposed to make it like the age of twelve. She was twenty when she died. That so how old I was And I was working it was my it was Saturday night, I remember because I was working. It was fourth of July week in...

...and uh, I was working my night shift at the radio station. And she called and said that we were because she had just gotten back from her boyfriend at the time was stationed uh down in Florida uh Milton Navy, So she had just gotten back from from visiting him, and she was talking about how like, yeah, I'm just not feeling great. She's like, I'm just feeling nauseous and and you know, just a little short of breath, which happened all the time with her, just because I mean she had, you know, a big scar on her chest and everything, and just because she had had his open hearts is a heart transplant when she was so young. And I was like, well, you know, she even't want to like, it was calling you because we hadn't talked since I was on my trip. And I was like, it's fine, it's like at ten o'clock at night, go to bed, we'll we'll talk tomorrow. I was like, just if you're not feeling good, go get some sleep, I'll talk to you tomorrow. She died that night in her sleep. I didn't wake up the next morning. That's crazy, And so I didn't hear from her all day the next day and then UH got on from work and worked that morning, and I got home and UM called her phone and her mom answered, told me what happened, and I lost it, completely lost it. I was a wreck for I was a wreck for like a month. Um what was what I will say as a comedian because she was one of the funniest people. I knew she wasn't a comic, but I always told her she should try to be one because she was so freaking funny. Um she was. We always joked that she was she was the whitest black girl in the face of the earth, because she was she was black. But she was very into like rock and metal and like friends just no. She she loved like Seinfeld and like white people TV, loved the nerdy ship and and you know, living in in in South Carolina at the community college, there was a lot of these high school students who were taking like the ap classes and stuff. And they were also always in the corner and acting just fucking wild and crazy the whole time time because they're teenagers whatever. And every time they would get up and get into some big fucking you know, tirade where they were doing, she would always just roll her eyes and go God black people. So her but like her mom and all her family are like like black Southern Baptists, like very so with her dying, I got to go to my first like black funeral. I told Jesse about this and he was like, I'm surprised you survived, um because because it was like sweltering hot. Everyone's got the fans there, you know, the the preachers talking while the guys well, you know, his hype man's behind him going. You know, yes, probably the whole time it was one of the most I was so cathartic. And even as we were leaving the girl this is the girlfriend who the one died, we were leaving together and I told her, I was like, the whole time we were at that funeral, all I could hear in the back of my head was Aerial going, black people, Jesus. She got a joke, man, she did, she did, and that's and that was and that's what kind of I think that's what got me through It was because I could hear her cracking the kind of joke she would crack in the back of my head the whole time, and I think that's kind of what helped me get through it. Um. It was just yeah, when it's when it because like like so like today when we're recording, is today is my best friend Ryan's birthday. He had been best friend since high school. Like he is my fucking rider. Die. I would take a fucking bullet in the heart for this man. Like if this dude he had a scare recently thought he had limphoma, he does not. He got he got the all clear, it was it was all fine. But I told him I was. He was like, yeah, he's like I'm scared. I said, there's nothing to be scared about. You don't have it. You're gonna go to the doctor and he's can tell you you're fine because you're not allowed to have limp foma. Motherfucker. I'm telling you right now, you're just not allowed to because if you have the audacity to fucking die, I will bring you back to life so I can kill you my fucking self, asshole. I will roll in NAT twenty on that necromancy, just to fucking kill you my self for having the audacity to die on me.

Like when it's so like we were talking about with Jason, when it's someone that like you're that fucking close with it, it's always you don't get to pick who you're close with, like being being being family with someone. Being family with someone does not mean you're close to them. There are plenty of people who I consider more my family than people in my actual fucking family, plain and simple. Yeah. So it was just one of those things, just like I don't know I spoke at his celebration of life. Yeah, for like a split second because Phil went up there, me filling Glenn went up there at the same time. They said something, So I like, I wasn't but that I was like, I really should say something. So the first time remember saying about Jason. So the first time I met Jason, um super nice, came out to me, started talking to me. I didn't really want to be talked to. You kept on talking to me. I was like, who is this psycho? They laughed. That's I was trying to do a type five, you know,.

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