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Season 2, Episode 90 · 3 months ago

Parents & Nudity


Oh yeah...this one gets weird.

Where were YOU when you saw your first nude scene...with your parents?!?


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Why the they take me thirty seconds or write about being a dead kid, but I can't write anything about my own child. I'm also pretty sure i'm Gary Oldman, and I just don't know it because he's such a good at Gary old One doesn't even know who Gary to kill with those terrible things to me, m g K gets good blood cooking mom to me on the other side of I'm a father, I have never death. I have no reference to that. I have a crazy story about wisdom teeth. It was I got my like my like like you like my was bugging me by dell with it for a while. Um, I actually had to come in all the way. Oh, three of my four are in in. Yeah, I never noticed him. They didn't hurt. This one is just coming in wrong. So it's yeah and so so I was like okay, and I finally the one in the bombs. It's the point I couldn't eat le it was hurting that bad where I was like, the last thing I ate was a hamburger from Burger King. Like I tried to eat it's how bad AT hurt. It just wouldn't. I was like, I can't, and then like decided I didn't eat anything. And then my point, my pointment was coming from it wasn't tooth. God, wasn't tooth taken out, and obviously you can only drink. Yeah, because I wasn't. I wasn't eating much the week before because it hurts so bad that entire week. Oh, I was like I came here, I was basically eating like drinking everything. And as soon as I got feeling, as soon as I like the day that, I was like finally I got the flu, oh, ship, and so I lost like thirty five pounds. I wasn't you It was so wild, no ship, that's yeah, because when you when it's crazy how much like just going from solid food can make a heat Like when my dad before my dad had cancer, when he just had his MG first because he couldn't it was affecting his muscles. It's like chewing and swallowing were really difficult. So everything he ate was like soft food, you know, soups and smoothies and like you know, like eggs, stuff like that. That. But he lost I mean he lost hit load of weight doing that because yeah, when it's all when there's nothing really to it, Yeah, it was weird. So it was wild. It was like also, like, the only thing I craved for also three weeks was a hamburger from Burger King, And I don't even like Burger King, hate burger. The only thing I craving me and I'm sucking havingus and it still tastes like ship. Yeah, with that fake liquid smoke they used to make you think they cook it over an open girl, They don't shut up. They just have a fucking yankee candle back made of grease, made of grease, a grease candle. Yeah, oh...

...girl, oh god, that makes me six to think about it. So I don't I don't know if you saw this today, um, pull it up. Do you know who Jim Redman is? No, you know, Derek Redman is one of the greatest Olympic things ever happened. Definitely, No, almost like three years ago today, but Jim died. So I'm gonna send you the link. Okay, I mean you've seen this before, You've had two of probably brings it here to my every time. I'm gonna send it to you on Facebook. I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little out of it with the new I've been out and about all day today with doctor's appointments, and stuff, just kind of getting caught up on stuff. I haven't looked at any news. I don't know what the hell is going on right now. A hurricane haven't this week? Yeah, they're oh yeah, there is that, all right, maybe we'll see Jim Redman, who helped his injured son Derek finished, Oh yeah, I have seen this. Yeah. It's like the saddest but yet beautiful like thing in the world. Makes me wish my dad was like that, but like like it's like the dad, I want to strive to be sure. No, no, it brings God, you know, because it's like to see your son do all that effort. What was it he like twisted his ankle or something and string fuck couldn't run anymore, But to go to the Olympics and to have that happen, and then your dad would be like, oh my God, like I'm gonna help my I'm gonna kill being shy. But as his dad. He died today. His dad did so it's kind of interesting, like I see that video every now and then just bring us like a god. It's the father. I want to be tight, to always be there for my kid, even in the lowest time, to help him get through ship. Sure, I mean that's I think I personally, I think if you're going to be a parent, that's the kind of supportive you should strive to be that you would go to those lengths too, you know, to help your kid, you know, just because just to even make it to the Olympics is already like insane, insane to be on that level. And yeah, you want to finish, even if you don't even if you don't win, you still want to finish. You want to finish. Yeah. Yeah, it's like one of those things. It's like I couldn't imagine like training that hard, a something that just happens. Yeah, And that was like a I mean as an athlete, that's scotty, but as a parent knowing all the hard working kids put in and yeah, I mean they trained for that, I mean years and years and years, like all their life and pulling a hamstrings no joke either, like that, Like well yeah but yeah, so r I P. Yeah, it was just one of those things that came up. I was like, a damn, there's what time I see this? Yeah? Um on Loretta Lorette Lynn passed away today, country singer,...

Did you not see that that I saw? Yeah, she passed away today or last night something like that. I don't think that was turning on Twitter. Yeah really yeah, man, Loretta Lyn passed away. And I honestly haven't on Twitter Twitter that much. Okay, today, Um yeah, I died at ninety years old. Um. I don't know it was earlier today or late last night. Um, yeah she died earlier today, damn. Um. But she had had like she had had strokes and stuff in the past. Um cold mine starter Yeah there it is number right now. Okay, Yeah, she died today. Um. And she had been having some health is she's and stuff the last couple of years. Jack White pays tribute to your lot, Loretta Lynn. She was the greatest female singer slash songwriter over the twentieth century. Dolly Parton said something too, Um yeah, pull it up here. I saw it on Twitter. M uh let me sit here. Of course, is being a pain in the aasta so um so sorry to hear about my sister and friend Loretta. We've been like sisters all the years we've been in Nashville, and she was a wonderful human being, wonderful talent, had millions of fans and I'm one of them and miss her dearly as we all will. May she rest in peace. Dolly damn. She was ninety years old, and that's a life to live, man, that is a life live. Yeah, imagine, like that's sad. I mean it's sad, but like it's just like I mean, like we're talking like last podcast, it was yeah about having at some point, but like there's like a couple of people without that, especially celebrity wise, that like kind of that got well. One got to me was Muhammad Ali for whatever reason got to me. It's because like when he died, it was like damn, oh really yeah, I don't know, because like I view him as like one of the ultimate athletes just from the perspective of like athletic capabilities, but for standing up for what you believe in as well. So it's kind of like, I mean they hated him because you don't want to fight in the war. Yeah, oh yeah, because he was because he was unpatriotic, did not want to fight, especially because it was what Vietnam. Yeah, especially considering what a ship show Vietnam was. Anyway, I mean it was the end of you do damned if you didn't, if you went, if you if you didn't go fight, you weren't a patriot. But the people who came back from Vietnam, we're not welcome to heroes, I know. So it's like, yeah, the job they did, they did what they were told to do, and they're treated like ship they were getting spin on an airports. I mean, that's the shape. And like I would hate to be I mean, obviously don't know a lot about that per se, but like I would hate to be in that situation to where you're like, I just did what I was told to do. Sure, you hear reports about it all the time from every war even even Look, I know it's not popular thing to say, but there were a lot of people...

...who served on the German side during World War Two who were just serving because it was their duty. And well I've always said this, like there is no good or bad side the war. There's only the preferred side. It's true. Yeah, it's like you're literally like, like, for example, German side, like something fucking obviously, but I didn't know that. I'm just fighting for my country. I don't know what's going on. Yeah, especially if they were like from like the poor because because Germany was in one of the poorest countries in the world at that point. There were a lot of them who just didn't know they were in such dire straits as far as they knew, Yeah, the world was sucking out to get them and they were. And then you know, obviously as things come out, but you see that at the time in documentaries or and stuff like Bander Brothers. Was like, yeah, there were a lot of these guys. They were peat. There were Americans serving in the Nazi army just because like their parents were German immigrants, or they were born in Germany and moved to the States, you know when they were little, who got called back because they still had German citizenship. I didn't know that. Yeah, there were there were. So there were guys who like grew up in like Brooklyn or whatever, but who were still technically like their family were German citizens. So they got called back and got pulled into the war, who then died fighting for the Germans because they were just they were stocked and they had no idea what their They had no idea they were getting for. But not only that, because like that there wasn't those things of social media. Yeah, it wasn't like like it took a while to learn news about things. I mean, that's why we didn't know, like and I found this out like through like banded brothers, and and I assumed everyone knew about the camps. Nobody knew about the camps. And so when the German people were like kind of like they were like, we didn't know, we didn't know what the we didn't know what was going on up there. And when that was one of those things like that, that was so that goes to show like we were already we were fighting without even knowing about that. And I feel like had had that news gotten out, there would have been a much bigger I mean that there wasn't a big show of force against against the Nazis, but the show of force would have been monumental. If you guys like to reach out to us and be a part of the show, be a part of the conversation, there are several ways to do that. Just go to our website www dot t b L pod dot net. That's www dot t b L pod dot net. You can send us a message through the website, or you can even leave us a voicemail by clicking on the voicemail button in the corner of the screen and leave us a message that we will respond to live on the show once again. Just go to www dot t b L pod dot net. Pannon brother is so good. It's one of those like I rewatched it late last year or earlier this year, and it's like I hadn't seen it since like high school, and I was like, I forgot how fucking good this is so good? The Pacific was so bad. The Pacific did much the specific No you told me about it. I haven't watched It's it's not as it's good, but it's not Banded Brothers level good, So it's like not as like Banded Others was. Was was like almost a documentary, like like...

...they took very few liberties, Like they took some, but a lot of it was based on just like accounts from other people's perspectives, like guys who had already died or whatever, but they were like they took so few liberties. They just told the story And now I kind of want to watch it again. It's it's it's such a great where you watch like it's it's depressing, but it's it's just from an artistic standpoint, it's it's just as it's such a great camp. They're like, that's like the second to last episode. It's almost the end of the season, because it's towards the end of because we don't find out about that until the war is almost over, because they were always they had already gotten to Berlin and they were just out. Someone was just out on a patrol and just came across as a banded camp. The Nazis had already fucked off, and we're just gonna leave these people to die. Yeah, because they're like, go. They start handing out water and food, and the doctor comes and he's like, you can't give them stuff, like they've been surviving on no calorie ease, Like a couple of slages of bread could kill them. That's what got me. I will always remember that because I was like, would you have ever thought about that? No, not not in a not in a million years. I don't know if that's accurate, well, but forties medical science being yeah, but like I could see somebody saying that and being like you could overfeed somebody at that point. No, it makes because I was like, I would have never thought about that. That's that's how fucking funked up that it. I mean the entire situation is fucked up. But you can't give them because you could die. From me, even in watching it, when the doctor comes on and you got stop feeding and I was like why, He's like you could give them more than their bodies can hand right now, And I was like, oh, fuck, yeah, that's true. Ship. Yeah, God, human race sucks. Yeah, it is one of those things. It's it's it's almost like how they teach unless you's like really dig into World War Two. It's almost how they teach us if we fought because because of the camps of the camp because there's because it's one. Unless you take like a college course just about World War two, what you're gonna get is just because like in any public school, like they've got to get through it. Like so there's only so much time they can spend on World War two. But like you you can, and there are people who like their sole existence is to learn about and studying World War two. And yeah, it's stuff like that that until you really dig beneath the surface of it. Yeah, yeah, because honestly, and like even thinking about you're like, oh, that's why we went to war. It's because of that, which wasn't the case at all. It's just like one of those things that were you're just like, oh, yeah, you don't think about it. We went to war because we knew that, you know, Hitler was a fascist and was you know, we knew that he was trying to take out Jewish people. We just didn't know the extent of it. Um. Yeah, plus his band of brothers. Like watching it in two and seeing how many people are now some of the big his stars in Hollywood. I got so like,... Tom Hardy's in an episode, James, James McAvoy, Uh, Michael Fastbender, Jimmy Fallon's in an episode. He's like the driver or whatever. I mean, They're like it's one of those like every time I'd watch an episode at the pause and like is that Google, Google? Google? Oh ship, I'm banning brother, I'm it's it's it's a rabbit hole to jump down, Like like James McVoy is in one episode he shows up and dies in the same episode, but the episodes all about him, um saying with like Tom Hardy, Tom Hardy's got like a bit part in one episode. Michael Fastbender has like a speaking role in a couple episodes. He was a producer on it because he because suppose this is post I was saving Private Ryan, so he and Spielberg produced it. I was gonna say, I was like, I don't remember being Yeah, there's so Colin Hanks is in it, isn't it. He's in there a least there a lot. He's in there kind of the last couple of episodes. He plays like a Ron Livison's characters and at the most, Yeah, he's kind of the through line through the whole thing. Wallburg's in Walbergs in it the whole time. He's a big part of it. Um Yeah, Livingstone's in it pretty much the whole time. And then the dude from Homeland is in it the whole time. He's great, he's so good in the show. David swimmers in at the very beginning. He's in it for a good bit and he plays a chick who comes up, who comes back later and like, this guy that he's belittled all this time now out ranks him and he won't salute him. And he's like, hey, you salt, you salute the rank, not the person. He just goes, yeah, yeah, there's yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, it's a it's a it's a who's who. There's so many guys in there who are who are big stars now? His banded Brothers based on w W two's question on Google, wou my brother Because we didn't have HBO back then. My brother Um, when he would go visit his mom, she at HBO and he watched a couple episodes and he was like, holy sh it. So he went out and got like the steel book box set when it came out, and he watched it all the time, all the behind the scenes stuff, all like the because they would always have the the interviews with the guys who were still alive before each episode, and they had so I mean, they had hours. And there's an actual documentary where they go back and revisit some of these places with some of the guys who are still alive. I've been able to find it to watch it yet, but it's so good. I mean, that's only that that like Saving Private Ryans, It's a great fucking movie. That is. It's it's one of those movies that, like, I know, like every year, at least for a while, CBS would show it every year uncensored on the anniversary of of D Day. It's the only movie my great Grandpa wanted to watch the when I was alive. Oh really, when I was lave, he wanted to watch the movies. You want to see that movie when you were alive. He wanted to go watch when you were alive when I wasn't. Well know what I'm saying is like I know you, yeah, I'm just even...

...your ship. Um well, it's one of those. That's the one that anytime anytime one of my friends gets like a new or when I get like a new sound system, that's what I used to test it. Because what they did with sound on that movie had never hit like the way. That's one of the big things that made that movie as big as it was was you heard like Spielberg wanted to create as realistic a recreation of the sound of war. So when you see that thing in the surround sound like you hear it. I mean it is. The sound design that movie is incredible. So whenever someone or me gets a new sounds them That's what I test my sound system with, this saying private Ryan, it's a good idea. Yeah that movie. Oh yeah, I mean fucking Finn deals in that movie, Van Diesel, Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Um Brian Cranston's in there. At one point, he's the he's the general or whatever back at the Steves miss in the arm who h Yeah, Giamati's in there. Um god, yeah, I know I'm drawn now I'm drawn a blank? Shit. What's your podcast about? We talk about ship, then we google it, remember it google's. Um, yeah, Matt Damon's in there. Tom size More he's in there. He had a big role in it too. Adam Goldberg, Um, Matt Dames chucking. Yeah, Barry Pepper plays the sniper. Oh yeah, I always for about Barry Pepper. Oh, I always forget Giovanni Robisi's in that, oh ship, Nathan Fallon Fillan or Nathan Fillion. Yeah, he's he's the Uh he's the other private Ryan that they almost sent home by him that they tell him his brothers are dead, but it's the wrong private Ryan. Oh yeah yeah yeah, Ryan Hurst, Yeah, fed dancing, Bryan Cranston, David wool Um, Paul Jamadi there, Uh, Corey and Johnson. Why do I know that name? Oh he was in Doctor Who? Okay, uh yeah, those are those are all the big ones. Who's Oh I knew Ted Dances? Okay, I remember who he was in the movie. Okay, I remember now, Jeremy Davies, Yeah, God, always forget RBS's in that dude, I for I completely. And then there's Ted Ted, Yeah, Grabs, he's one of those guys. He's like he's always good every time he shows up, and I love like he's always good. But I will always know him as the dude from Ted, which I realized is so shitty for someone who's been around as long as he has. But he was so fucking good as a guy in Ted the Way. And then when he comes back in A Million Ways to Die in the West and he's still doing the dance, it's so good. Um no, Sam Pie right, that was a fucking That beginning sequence is absolutely...

Oh the Normandy Beach Saint, Oh God, that's been parodied and spoofed so many times. I mean it's so fucking um what you call it? What's the Seth Rogan food movie? Uh? I can't, uh you know, I'm talking about the animated food movie. But they recreate that in one scene where there's like an oreo trying to like scoop his cream back inside because the guy was scooping out the guts. Yeah, Um god, what then was the name of that movie Sausage Party? Um, yeah, they spoof that and that, I mean, it's been spooked. That's that sequence is so fucked up and like that's one of those like it. But it also sets the bar like like this is this is war? What war? Really? You know what I mean? Yeah, it's such a it's it's such a small part, but like that, but honestly, that's the hell that was Normandy Bander Brothers gets that too from the other perspective because they're all the because they're the paratrooper core, So you get it from what the guys and those plans are going through. Mean, you watch these planes just fucking explode like that had to be some of the scariest ship I mean you just I mean you're pickings. There's some pickens at that point, you know. Plus it What I liked about Banded Brothers was it didn't it didn't shy away from the things that were fucked up. Like they had given these guys like all this gear they were supposed to drop with, but they because they had never had this kind of infantry before, they didn't take into accounts. So I think so a lot of guys landed and didn't have their ship because like the badge were too heavy. There's the when the shoot opened it and jerking off, the straps would break and their ship would fall out or they you know, because of what was going on when they landed in the water, a lot of their ship was funded up. So they were guys like you see the beginning who land don't even have a gun because it was a new thing and we were trying to figure it out. It's how you that's how. That's how developments are made sometimes is by fucking stuff up. It's just stirbing scenes everyon either or is still the Adam Goldberg getting stabbed. Oh oh, I can't watch that. I have to look actually hard for me to watch, like it's it's it's just here it and just and just because it's so slow, it's like just thinking about how much that has to hurt, Like that pain is. I've never been stabbed, but people who have been stabbed and said like it is and un there, like it's just an indescribable amount of pain because of what's being done to you on such a focus. It's just it's it's insane and the most interesting part of that entire scene is once the sheld share and shelder solder soldier I can't like the German soldier. Soldier Yea leaves and he sees the one guy and then guy doesn't go up the stairs and he just like doesn't do anything, pats him on the shoulder and walks away. He's like, what are you gonna sucking there? Yeah, he's like yeah, he's like thanks for not killing me type thing. Well, because he because he's the guy, And it took me a couple of times watching it to catch he's the guy that they let go early in the movie. I didn't catch that the first couple of times I saw the movie. Um because then suddenly when he goes and cat and that guy shows him,... catches him at the end and he calls him you know whatever, his name or whatever, and I was like, am I missing something? It was like the third or fourth time I watched, I was like, that's the motherfucker they let go earlier. What a prick. Sometimes life can give you the raw deal, and that's where dope comes in. Dope provides edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and styles for you delivered to your house deliciously and intact. Dope also donates a portion of every sale to this she Recovers Foundation with a minimum guaranteed donation of forty thousand dollars every year. She Recovers as a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support, and empower women in or seeking recovery. You can also use the code t b L zero five t b L zero five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Once again, just go check out Dope at www dot dope dot com. That's www dot d O U g h P dot com and used the code tb L O five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. First actually watched that movie. Was in high school, middle school, high school, and school. They made it then let us watch it. It was we watched. We watched a scene from it in in my eighth grade history class. I didn't watch it for the first time in full until I was like a freshman in high school. It was It was one of was one of those years. It was just on CBS all day because it was the anniversary of D Day. Um. My parents were My parents were very big on us not seeing radar movies that we were seventeen, like, they were very much like like you gotta be seventeen. I was like, okay, yeah, because I haven't seen it already. But there's so there was a lot of there's a lot of movies that came out I could do what I want that. There's a lot of movies that came out when I was growing up that are considered like these big classics or people talk about as being great that I just never saw because I wasn't able to see them, and then I've just never gone back to them as an adult. So there's just a lot of stuff I haven't seen in that came out when I was younger. Um, it's like that mine were pretty strict about that kind of thing, even even like like music, Like if there was a parenal advisory sticker on there, we weren't allowed to. There was a time my parents were like that. I feel like it was for like two months and I just don't know what the funk happened, and then who all of sudden they were like they wouldn't let us play like violent video games. But they just stopped caring. My my parents after a while, especially with my two younger siblings got a little less strict because they think at that point they were just like, we're just tired. I'm like, yeah, you guys over exerted yourselves hovering over us for for eighteen years. That's the thing though, too, is like I'm trying to talk to about us about like he's not gonna play any first and shooters. I'm like, listen, seeing me right, I'm fucked up, So you're right. It's just like it's gonna happen, Like there's not he doesn't play video game. It's fun, but if he...

...doesn't want to play first person year, that's off with him. Just yeah, I don't want my like eight year old playing first person shooters. Like sure he's gonna want to and you can't say no, it's a video game. Well it's it's just one of those. It's I think the reason a lot of parents were like that, especially when we were growing up, was because they just didn't want to have the conversation with their kids. Yeah, like just just just you just can't watch it, you can't play it? Why because I said so? Because they didn't want to have it's like the sex said things because they just didn't want to have that talk with their kids. Just talk to your kids and be like, hey, look like it's a video game. You can't actually do this kind of thing. Like when Power Rangers came out, everyone was like, oh, now all kids are going to do is have karate flights each other. But it's like, well, yeah, but it's not because of Power Ranger. We were doing that anyway. I think it's funny my dad and my sex. My dad like, I was like way older. Really, I was like, Dad, I watched porn. Oh God. When my parents found out I had seen porn, oh, it was it was like the world had ended. Oh my god. My parents had parental controls on our computer until I was in college, and even then it was like because when I went off to college, I got my own computer to take with me to school because I needed one. When I came back and started going to community college, they were like, well, you can't set your computer up at home. And I'm like why They're like, because we don't have a way to monitor it. I'm like, I'm nineteen, really tough. So my so, me and my brother, who were both in college at the same time, I had to share the one family computer, which had hardcore parental controls on it. Like I was trying to google stuff that I needed to research, but because something in that article mentioned something the parental controls didn't like, I couldn't go to the page to read the article. So I spent a shipload of time in the library because I had to remember my dad google and porn or like not even googling it, but like, oh, like, I can't remember what you would do before Google. I I can't remember. I was like, well, I didn't go to that right, Oh no, My The thing my dad had installed our computer was was so fucking invasive, like it would if we would send it because it was tied to our email addresses, so if we sent an email to somebody, he would get like a copy of it to read it. Um, it would censor out things we typed. So like if I was chatting with a friend on Facebook and I said like fuck, it would censor out the word fuck and and yeah, like it was. It was strict. It was very strict. Um. My parents, over the years, with my younger brother and sister E's the funk up because they realized how exhausting it is to try to do that do that because they had because they had to do with three kids at the same time, because three of us were teenagers in high school and college at the same time. So eventually they gave up my favorite, my favorite thing ever with porn. This is a weird. So like I get home from my old job, like I still live at home, and like I pull up and that's like eleven at night. And if you look, like, if you like, I'm in the driveway, and if you like you look through the window, the kitchen window, you can kind of see the computer screen.

I can walk, I get out, stretch corms just tits bouncing. I'm like, what the fuck? So I look and there's my brother just watching the computer as my dad's computer. And then my parents, well yeah, my parents were still together at the time, and uh I wasn't even now. I was like I think. I was like, it's during the summer. I was like sixteen or something like that, and uh, I'm like, what the fuck? And my parents, obviously we're in the exact oppos end of the house and my brother's watching porn. I open up the door to get in, and all of a sudden, it's as I opened the door, um to get in. Uh, my brother's just you know, just on online. Yeah, just not doing anything. I'm like whatever, dude, I'm reading up. I'm reading up on the news and I'm coming. I mean it. I also always remembered just seeing tits, but like what the fund is titts? Oh all right now? Was just I don't know. My parents weren't that tricked on that type of stuff. I mean, they were for like a hot second and just kind of all went away. I don't I don't know. I feel like a lot of it too, is because like my parents were very into Lang Lan Order SVU, and I feel like it got to them a little bit because they were so convinced that just like there was a fucking pedophile around every goddamn corner. My parents are really into hating each other, so I think that had a lot to play a part with it. There was a couple of times I almost called I I almost called uh hit bullshit on them because there was one night I was in like college or whatever, and uh, I like went downstairs, you gotta drink of water or something. My parents were not doing anything, but they were watching like something raunchy on like HBO or something, and I was like, I'm just gonna go back upstairs. I'm suddenly not thirsty anymore. But also it was just kind of like you hypocritical motherfucker's. They were like, remember if you ever watched like a sex scene with your parents during a movie for the first time, It's like, what do you know what the first time ever was? Did you ever see good Luck Chuck with Dane Cook? Yeah, so you know how it was at one point where he's got there's like a montage of him just fucking girl after girl. Yeah. My mom, who was a big Dane Cook family. He was popular. She was like, let's go see a movie. Let's go see that new Dane Cook movie. Okay, sure, cool whatever. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. As soon as that happened, my mother and I both just looked at opposite walls in the theater, like we're not gonna look at the screen or each other. We're just not gonna We're just My dad was so pissed because my mom told him about that. He was like, I can't believe you took your mother's Like, first of all, she paid, second of all was her fucking idea, So tell well, why didn't you get up and leave? She paid for the movie. I didn't want to waste her twenty bucks. My dad was kind of I love my dad. That breaking bats and stuff like that. Sometimes it was weird, but yeah, that was the first time that, actually, no, I lied. The first time ever was the movie Tomorrow Never Die, the Pierce...

Broston James Bond movie. He's making that with Terry Hatcher, and then at one point from behind her, you just see how her dress just fall off, and and I'm I'm nine years old, am I talking about? Like? Okay, well, then it's probably the good Luck Chuck. Okay. Yeah, I'm trying to think if I remember mine. I remember with my friend's parents. Oh no, that was even more awkward. Oh no, yeah, where like we're watching uh I think it was a double jeopardy okay, and then it was like, what's her face just getting railed in the boat? Where? And her mom was like I didn't know that, And I'm like looking around, Oh that double jeopardy, I thought she went like you were watching? I was like, what jepardy? Even where is this going? Okay? I know what we're talking about, Like, well, all right, and my buddy Sam at the time, I was like, well, I'm gonna look down now so far so I'm just gonna look down now. Anybody need a snag him? I go to the kitchen. I tried to think of like my parents, why don't know, we never really watched movies together, so I don't think I ever had when my parents always remember that one we used to do. Uh. There was a one point where during college we were all living at home again and uh we did. We would do like Sunday night movie nights. Um. And my my brother is a huge, huge film guy, especially indie films and all like that, so he whenever it was his term, we were no. We we knew we were going to see like some Wes Anderson uh um, you know, Indy flick like. But so there was one time he brought out Big Lebowski. Oh mhich my parents hadn't seen. I had seen, and I was like, are you are you okay? All right? And gets to certain stuff and I'm just kind of like And then there was another time he brought up this movie I forget the name of it, but it's got Maya Rutolph and John Krasinski and there're this married couple who were expecting their first baby, and literally the first scene in the movie is John Krasinski going down on Maya Rudolph telling her that never since you've gotten pregnant, you taste different. And I'm like, happy family movie night. Everybody is.

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