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Season 2, Episode 91 · 3 months ago

Comics Dodging Beers


Comedian Ariel Elias dodged a beer & chugged it in retaliation. Now the whole country is taking notice.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Ariel Elias' famous heckler moment
  • Kanye hates Jews
  • RIP Angela Lansbury

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Why the they take me thirty seconds to write about being a dead kid, but I can't write anything about my own child. I'm also pretty sure I'm Gary Oldman, and I just don't know it because he's such a good at Gary old One doesn't even know who Gary to kill with those terrible things to me, m g K gets good blood cooking to be on the other side of I'm a father, I have never death. I have no reference to that. Okay, So I mean we got I got four things I think we could talk about. Um. So one of them was today is like Angela wins very fast away, who is that John h Get out of my house? Murder? She wrote? What was her biggest thing? Well, I mean there was that she was huge on Broadway. She did um she was the original Mrs Lovett and Weeni Todd. Oh I didn't know she did that. Um. She also was Mrs Potts and Beauty and the Beast um, and it was just a lot of that. I mean she was I mean um um injuring candidate. She really the original one, the original one she was in um and just stuff like that. But she was huge on Broadway. But the biggest thing was like Murdercy wrote Disney, Um, I did two jokes. I was like, I was like, now she finally gets the soul of the who actually killed Jeffrey Epstein. That's funny. That's funny, And the other one that it's amazing. I'm so excited knowing that Angela lands right now gets to meet all of her fans. That's great. That nineties six years old. I mean, I know, it's kind of like it's like what we're talking about like the past two lust two weeks. Yeah, that was one of those like when it happened, I was almost kind of like, okay, like that was what I knew that one was coming, because like she would still go to like she would still do these like touring shows where she would like her and a piano player would just do songs from Sweeney Todd and Beauty the Beasts, another Broadway show she'd been on. It was weird because like somebody post that she died. I was like, I thought she already died. A lot of people were saying that it's just because she had she hadn't been in the spotlight and so long. It's like it's like one of those things. This is this is a Gene Wilder thing over again. People keep on posting because it's like because she because I mean, she's been old forever. She's like, yeah nineties six like she was. She was old when I was a kid. Um. Yeah, so that that one. That one sucks. But so there's we gotta talk about Kanye. Um, we can talk about Ariel Elias it was a comic that got the beer thrown at her, Or we could talk about what was the other one, oh blake Whennity two was getting the whole original lineup back there? The fucking I don't know where it Sarican. Kande has done so...

...true mental health awareness. I thought that would go like Twitter, Oh that's fucking great. It's just like I literally tweeted that's funny. I think it's because I waited a while honestly, because like, I just haven't really been doing a lot. It was literally, h what was the Kanye has done so much? Hold on, Kanye has done so much from mental mental health awareness? What's it got on it right now? To comments to retweets and sixes. No, it's funnier than that Twitter. What the fuck? I know? That's yeah, it's it's I have a lot of friends who were Jewish. I have a lot of friends who were Jewish. It's one of those things WI just kind of like because Hey, they were all just pissed, which I get, But I'm also just like, what is wrong with this guy? He wants to be He wants to try to be this smartest man ever. He wants he wants to be the smartest man in every room, and he has the smartest man in none of the rooms. He be the smartest man in his own head and he can't figure that out. That that or he is really trying to see just what it takes to get to get Tucker Carlson to stop texting him. So this motherfucker I always wants to call and hang out with me? What do I get to get you gotta do to make him just leave me? The fucking round dud. He already get reported. He got banned, not banned on Twitter. The tweet itself got taken down by Twitter. I don't know if his account got suspended, but I know the tweet got pulled. He didn't other ways. I guess about guys I've been following. I've been following Pete David's for the last cars dast thirty minutes, I'm like, what the fuck, Well, there's a joke. And then I realized, like I thought it was like a screenshot on tweet, and I was like, well, then this is an actual tweet legit. Yeah. And then also, I guess Kim was at a was at an NFL game or something over the weekend and people were like booing her and throwing ship her because she because they're all pro Kanye. I guess whatever. And I'm like, it's a it's a weird stance to take guys, you're because yeah, well that's only that's like the lesser of two evils at that point. Yeah, I don't like either, But like, if I got to pick a side, it's like, I guess I'm team Kim. Which one? Which one is not anti Semitic? Yeah? All right, I guess that one, right, Yeah, that's one has the sex tape that's still on Okay? Yeah yeah, so I don't know. I mean, everybody got a screenshot. Everybody and their mother is a screenshot of Kanye's tweet from before we got taken down. Because it's one of those it's like, yeah, yeah, this is gonna get pulled. I want to keep this for just so we don't forget never forget hashtag, never forget Wait that's already taken um just but then it goes to question. I mean, and we said this a lot when Trouble's running for president. It's like, Okay, now what what's next? Yeah, because it's always something he always...

...finds a way to one up his stupid Well, it's just it's just like I don't get what he's I don't get, like, I don't understand. I'm trying to find the actual tweet because I want to. I want to look through it, and I don't understand like why like why he does the things he I mean, it was bad. Like remember Chappelle like went out to visit him. Yeah, oh yeah, because to make sure he was okay. Yeah, because he got to the point where even he was like, dude, I say, some ship you are you good? Yeah, Like trying to find I'm trying to find the tweet because I want to. I just I don't screens great rapper, great lyricist, but Jesus just fucking insane. Sure, I've never been a fan. It's it's one of those Yeah, I get, I get it's one of those I've listened, I get white people are I'm rapped as hit and miss with me to begin with. Anyway, So when I sitting there like, um, he says like I'm a bit sleepy. Is I'm a bit sleepy tonight? But when I wake up, I'm going deaf Con. Deaf Con three not a thing on Jewish people. The funny thing is, I actually can't be anti Semitic because black people are actually jew Also, you guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone who ever opposes your agenda. There's a lot to unpack there, ye number one the grammar because first of all, deaf Con not a thing. Probably deaf Con. Second of all, def Con three not that big a deal. Sounds like a video game, um, where you have the ex presidents fight one another. They trickle down economics. They did that for one of the one of the Call of Duties because they have this. They had the zombie mode you could play on and one of them was it was like zombies were attacking the Pentagon and it was like it was it was JFK and I think um um Fidel Castro and like two other and you had to fight zombies as like JFK or Castro. It was so fucking funny because like jf they took like all these JFK sayings and rewards like the only thing you have to fair is fair itself and me with a shotgun zombie mode. Um. But yeah, I that's a lot to unpack their Kanye. Um. The funny thing is I actually can't be anti Semitic because black people are actually jew Also that that hurts my former English teacher brain like that just I want to just get a red pen out and just start underlining and circle and ship with well to be fair, he was sleeping. I just took some ambient and I just that's all. That was all those things because he just takes Amby and and he just says ship. He has no idea.

Then the next morning, what just happened, because that's what that was. That was Roseanne' whole thing. But Roseanne was tweet all this. She take Amby. South Park did a whole episode making fun of it with Mr Hanky. Mr Hanky would take a bunch of ambi and then tweet a bunch of shit about the school and the people in the school and get got run out of down. It was really fucking bunny. Yeah, it was the same ship they said about that Roseanne tried to pull for. Oh yeah, that was right, because that was what got her kicked off her own fucking show, and that show is still going without her. Yeah. John could have been the best part of that show anyway. Yeah, but like Roseanne was like the original Roseanne such ahead of his time. Oh yeah, people weren't doing dark comedies like that in the nineties. And yeah, I was so ahead of assignment and they brought it back and I was like, oh ship, it was good too, Like that first season with Roseanne was very good. It was it was Roseanne. They love that. They made fun of the way the final season ended where she wakes up, So I thought she were dead. Why is everybody who was thinking dead? Yeah, but it's it's continued on just fine without her. And also, I'll be honest, the way they handled her being off the show was handled very well, the perfect route for the opio a addiction. Yeah, it was handled very well. And not only that, but like they also it wasn't like she died and they never brought her up again either. Like when Dan starts seeing someone else, like he there's a whole story arc of him coping with the idea of seeing someone else after his wife died, and they go to therapy and they handled it very well. I thought, it's not just writing off the character. Yeah, um so yeah, Roseanne's Show without Roseanne has handled mental health better than Kanye West. I guess yeah, Jesus Christ, that guy, I don't that's a dang like his Twitter is. Ye. Yeah, he need to get the funk out. You need to stop twee because once you because you have now like it's and it's hard to say where the line is anymore. It kind of feels like there isn't one and then at the same time there is one. You just you just basically played the Nazi card like you just played the anti Jew card. That's a hard one to come back from. Like I don't even think Donald Trump crossed that line, so I could be wrong, and if I am, please tell me. But I just that seems like that's a hard one to bounce back from. It's just like, what the fuck? When's the last time you put an album out? Um his last album, I think it was like a year and Alfrico, Oh really, I was gonna saying maybe he just needs to go write some fucking music man some checks the ship he used to go write his name on the signing list at the self admitting mental health care facility or some...

...ship. I don't know. I don't know. That was going somewhere with that and it got lost in because I forgot the words. Um, I don't. I don't like. It's almost like when I read what he wrote, I was like, Oh, that sounds about right, you know what I mean. Like, it's just like I'm not surprised anymore. Yeah, that's the hard part. So that fun. Ronald McDonald in the ash while I get involved the Murger king. He's a cunt like that the type of I'm waiting for Wendy's a cunt hashtag Wendy's a cunt like That's what I'm waiting for. Can you imagine if he ran Wendy's Twitter account. If you guys like to reach out to us and be a part of the show, be a part of the conversation, there are several ways to do that. Just go to our website www dot tb L pod dot net. That's www dot t b L pod dot that you can send us a message through the website, or you can even leave us a voicemail by clicking on the voicemail button in the corner of the screen and leave us a message that we will respond to live on the show once again. Just go to www dot tb L pod dot net. So this this Aerial Elias thing, Holy sh it, I did a show with her along. Did you really she's from Kentucky? Okay, yeah, I mean this is like I reached out to her because I wanted to see if we can get her on at some point. But I'm sure everybody and their mothers reaked out. I mean, she's been talking about on the Today Show. Um, so I want to hear have her back from her yet, but hopefully we do because I love to talk to her about about it because I've had I've had friends reach out to me who like, I have a buddy who's a a show host out in out in Cali. He's like, does this ship happen? Like like, is this a common kind of thing? I'm like, the throwing of the beer, no, the assholes in the crowd. Yes, Well she handled it like a fucking pro, like just didn't didn't miss a step and even after the beer. I mean, the chucken of the beer is just like that's what did it. I was like, fuck yeah, fuck yeah, that's all That's all you can do at that point. Yeah, you know what I mean, like and be like, well, well I love where. She's like, I won't go back there until unless they pay me. And then the club booked her. They're like, we will book you come back, like we will pay you and everything, and I'm like, good, what was it like? Was it like an open Micare that that? I don't know, I'm not sure like a show show because like that's got like a lot, It's got like a lot of us, like a lot. Like when I saw it on Twitter, it's like over her tweet that I saw today was it's a good thing I'm not lacked those intolerant because I'm gonna fucking milk this. And she followed that up with like you should unfollow me for for tweeting this. Um yeah, I told him. I was like, because I'm I talked. I told we talked about once I saw Lewis Black.

Yeah, people were as soon as as soon as you say that dude's name. As soon as you say that dude's name, all bets are off. It doesn't matter how much you spend, how much time that Louis Black spent talking about Joe Biden the minute he said Trump's name, and it's it's like these And I told I told my buddy, I was like, these assholes go to these shows. They go to comedy shows knowing someone's gonna say some ship and because then they know they're going to have an excuse to start some ship, and can we not please see I think it'd be I think it'd be ironic, like I've always wanted to is a getting the whole argument on somebody on stage about abortion and be like, well, I wish I was aborted, and I think you kind of wish I was aborted right now too, and then be like what the fund do? I, Scott, damn it are too to do? Like the die via getting shot and I'm so anti second amend. That would be like my favorite. Like I be like, ha, bitch, I win, I won, right, I just kind of want to do Somebody holds me up a gun point at one point, be like, hey, if you shoot me, I win my I win my Second Moendment argument, right, So go ahead. I had that happened showing time I did in college. This guy kept talking ship and I kept I just kept throwing it back at him, and nobody really stopped it because like, hey, I didn't ask him to and be like it was funny. And then the dude walked up on stage and I was like, look, dude, you can you can either sit the funk down or take a swing at me. Either way I win. Yeah, I went, I went, I really haven't you know, my wife, I really haven't had that many hecklers, Like I don't even count that one. Dude, I don't count that was a heckler. That guy was just yeah, I don't know what that guy was. He was just oh yeah, oh yeah, I don't think you're talking. Yeah, that was a thing. Yeah, but like the only ones, Like I think people too are afraid to heckle me in the sense that like I mean, you're talking about this ship, like what the fun you do come across as the like the way you are on State, you come across the guy who's not afraid to throw down. I think I think these people like to start these fucking start this ship with people they don't think are going to fight back. I called a one guy cuck one time because um he was he slaps Star on the ass. No, he's lucky he didn't get his ass. He was like John was pissed. John was like lit because when John worked there was like what the and Star was like, no, it's okay, it's fine. Like it was like John was pissed. I literally it was when I was opening for Stewart Huff. I was like and then like he said, I was like, you fucking cuck, cuck as piece of ship, slapping the waitress on the ass, you fucking piece of ship. And they fucking hated me, good good, like like they're like every comic in that room wouldn't fucking...

...throw down in front of a bullet for Star. I know that one that wasn't. That wasn't even really he didn't like heckle me. He just said something like well, at that point, all he has to do is look at you wrong, and he's fair game. And the other one was a lady that like, I did my mass shooting joke and she's like, Matt resting mass shooting and face she's like, are you kidding me right now? I was like, She's like, are you joking right and I was like, apps a fucking I can't remember what I said, but like a lutely not, are you serious right now? She said, are you serious right now? I was like, apps a fucking lutely, she's the one that got been left right. Yeah, always, I wish I saw that records you here open. I was like, thank you, and everybody just applause. Oh that's so good record. But like, yeah, I don't I don't know. Hecklers are just there's never been like a heckler. And what she dealt with, yeah, that's not that's not a heckler. And now yeah, that's like, that's a that's assault. They're gonna write it up. They're going to write it as a heckler because A you've got a limited amount of wordspace on an article and be it's gonna people are going to get it more. But yeah, that's that's that's a. Yeah, like that guy basically committed babally, he committed assault, like if it had hit her, oh god, yeah. Well what I love is that the club is the club is pressing charges. She's not. Oh I didn't know that. I knew that was so Yeah. The club asked her if she wanted to also press charges, and she said no. She's like, I just I want to be done with it. The club's like, well, we're going to press charges on our bow, and she's like, okay, you're allowed. She's gained Like so, here's the funny thing. Was, um, I think she had like two thousand Twitter followers and before that happened. Now she's like over like a hundreds. I want to say, yeah, something like that that's not checked was over a hundred thousand. Um, she is at hundred ten thousand followers. Yeah, yeah, she said, thank god I'm not lacked up some toler because I'm really going to milk this. You shouldn't follow me for this. She followed one up. She's like, everybody gets something about the guy might be getting harpies jokes on you guys are heartpies. She I mean, yeah, but you know what, milk it. Every any comic worth their fucking salt would because I should, because like, as a comic, you work your ass off to get like notoriety, like is this a notoriety? Necessarily want no, But as a comic you have to be like buck, Yeah, there are not many like doors that open for this kind of attention on us. At the end of the day, what are we? What are we comics other than just huge attention horrors? So yeah, you know, listically, hope it gets your bookings got her this one because what was a New York comedy club and there was you know what we gets your bookings helps me. There's something at that point in time, because I know it's weird you see people like take off like and and...

...happened, well, because you gotta wonder because it's one of those things like, Okay, this happened, and she's gonna get notoriety for it, but she's also still gotta be a good comic otherwise it's gonna fall flat. From what I've seen just in what I just didn't looking her up in the last few days. She's very funny. Well it was like it was like so like Megan Salter. So having Megan Stall there, she that got really big because what's her? What's her? What's his face? Shared her tweet. Yeah, yeah, I can't think of his name? But did um I can't did that one really popular music? I can't. I got nothing? Um? Yeah, thank you? Yeah really? And then COVID happened. Yeah, and then like you're like, oh, yeah, ship, but then luckily she got on that one show Hacks. Yeah yeah, but I was just like funk, like you finally broke through and then having stuff happen, and then COVID happened and shut down every everything. Well, the same thing happened with Bo Burnham. He was gonna go back on tour again. Then Covid hads because he talks about it in Yeah, but Bo like already broke he did, but he he had been out of the public eye for so fucking long, but he already made say he made his money. Though she was like, yeah, that's true. She it was like what her was kind of oh ship, like finally did something. Somebody's like, you're going to get notoriety, and then that happened. That happened to it. There's a lot of there was a lot of even people who had already made it. But there's a bandit like called Cobra and the Lotus. They had just put out a new album or we're about to put out a new album, and they were gonna go on this big fucking headline toward it, and all this merch made. The record label paid for all this merch and all that COVID hits tour gets canceled. The band goes broke because they have to pay the label back for all the merch and ship which is why kids, why merch is so expensive when you go to UH shows is because the label pays for it and basically the band takes it, takes it as as a loan and they have to pay it back. That the same thing happened Nie Miller Ryannyne Miller. He placed third in America's Got Talent and he was doing stuff making his money for like three months, and COVID happened, and then you can't like it's and it's America's Got Talent to get it, but like you finally got to that peak. But like most people can ride that peak for like a while and not have to worry about COVID. He had to write it for three months and then and then COVID. But luckily, like coming out of it, they brought it back for like the other thing they do for America Scott, Yeah, the the the the do over around whatever is where they bring that past finalists and he was on that, which is awesome because he was on it with the girl that like sings with the puppets and ship. I don't know, she's she's very good. Are you talking about the one that his original one? The original one was him Cody Lee one, now I think it was. I think it was when he did his second The second thing. You have no idea on that one? Was this a little girl who like she like does like opera and ship but like also it's very fucking good. Um yeah, I mean he because like we...

...we knew about him because like he had come through while he's on all that ship and then he got big on on America's Got Talent. It was wow. Like I remember doing a show with him for like forty people at a bar thirty minutes. Yeah, I did fifteen, and then he did the Sunday Show before I took over Sunday Show like murdered the Sunday Show, I mean murdered. And then they booked him for a weekend and like I think the entire weekend he got like maybe like seventy eight people tops, maybe if that whole weekend. And then the next year they already pre booked him because of America's Got Talent. Yeah, no, they don't know about America's people. Loved him. They pre booked him for next year, and sure, Ship ran right. Did I ever tell you about that story? He was literally the finals were on Wednesday. He got in his first show while he was just on a Friday. Are you serious, dead serious dude? That is so it was packed? Oh fun, dude, it was completely fucking I got the host too, which is hilarious. Like me being me, I was like, he's on America's Got Talent. I asked if I could host at the very beginning when I saw he was like on it anyways, I was like, can I just host his weekend? She's like yeah, that's fine, not knowing how far you go, but like I like Ryan Soff we talk video games and oh really yeah great because when I was when I was basically out of the game. But I was like, all right, booked and I got to the finals. I'm like Ship. So for like first show, I mean I had a good hosting set, like all the shows are sold out? Oh oh sure, yeah, I had a good hosting set. And then the second first show, Saturday Night murdered fucking murdered, Like I could go no wrong. I was like, god damn, it was a great fucking like I fucking like as a hosting set to you, I was like, holy ship, this crowd's fire because we're like because the thing is like, it's me doing my jokes for people there to see, and it's all clean on TV. I told me for, I asked me for. I was like, hey, do you want me to change? He's like, no, do you? Because I started, I was because I know what they're here for, Like I mentally prepared to do that. I was like, I know what they're here for, Like I know what they're here to see you for, Like I'm gonna clean blah blah. So I don't care. He's like, because he told me, He's like, he's like, do you. He's like, they got to realize, like, yeah, they saw me on TV, but they're going to get a whole another version of me. If you like me on TV and begin with. Anyways. I was like, it's fucking right, and uh, for for sure, Sally Lovely second Show the biggest fucking dick I've ever...

...eaten. My Oh my god, no, no thing, dude, No, I couldnot. I was like, I was so confident. The first show, I was just like I could do no wrong, Like I literally could do no wrong. Secondly, I was like, I'm gonna do the exact same thing, just like talking about two ends of the spectrum. I was like, oh no, it was so bad. It was so good. They hated me so much. I heard people talking about me in mine. That's how bad they hated me. It was whatever, like not the cup of tea, but yeah, but yeah, it was just that was I don't know, like back to that as like as a comic. For that to happen to her, it sucks. She's doing the best possle things she can do. Was like, she she should milk it so vers much she can, because it's hard. Once you get that, you want to stand limelight so you can get more and more ship because she's still trending. She's still one of you. She is still trending on Twitter because because because they I covered on the Today Show. Do you know how often stand up gets talked about on the Today Show? Not fucking off? Not not much. Sometimes life can give you the raw deal, and that's where dope comes in. Dope provides edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and styles for you, delivered to your house deliciously and intact. Dope also donates a portion of every sale to this she Recovers Foundation, with a minimum guaranteed donation of forty thousand dollars every year. She Recovers as a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support, and empower women in or seeking recovery. You can also use the code t b L zero five t b L zero five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Once again, just go check out Dope at www dot dope dot com. That's w w W dot d O U g HP dot com and use the code tb L O five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Do you think I would love to ask her this? Or so? Hope you get her on the show at some point? Um? Do you think she goes in for something like America's Got Talent or something like that. I don't know. I don't know. WHEO that was, Well, I'll get me a phrase. Do you think she should or do you think she just keep doing what she's doing. I'm just gonna do what you're doing. America's Got Talent's gonna be different though. It's kind of like Nie Miller told me, what America's got talent is. They were actually gonna book him because he applied for a while ago. Oh yeah, I think like three or four years before that. They were going to book him, like two years before they booked him, but they already had somebody very similar. So they said, now they're just gonna wait, and he got the call. And because you almost never because because I think it was so big about him, was like, you never see comics go that far on these shows. Now you know that that's the wild park. Really don't. It's it's rare for them to get to get through,...

...period, But for them to go as far as he did and then get invited back, is that never happens. Yeah, And he flat out told me his last joke on the his last joke was on the finale was if you don't vote me, it's considered to hate crime. And like he told me, it got to the point to where, basically filming the show, he had to hopefully I'm getting this all right, He had to do the jokes recorded, then sent him to the producers. They have to oh yeah, they didn't want him and he did that joke. They gotten to the point to where like they were okay with him doing whatever. They really watched his stuff because they now they trusted him at that point, and the very last one they're kind like, well, we don't want to They're kind of very iffy on that joke. He was like, trust me, guys, they're gonna lose their mind. And they did. Yeah, but I don't know. And he didn't win. So it was a hate crime. It wasn't a voted for a blind autistic kid that could play the piano really fucking well. Kind of sucking pieces of ship. Hate crime one way or the other. Like so I would tell you, like I didn't really try out for them, but I did a show with one for one of their judges. Yeah, I had a great set. She came up to me like we all got to talk to her afterwards. I can't thave her name, Nalima n Llama and something Nila Nyla, Okay, they were last name. Um, it wasn't like fucking comedy off Broadway. Oh really, I think, like not in Louisville, but Lexington and Lexington and I did it, uh and we're like it was it wasn't like an industry thing. She was there as a judge. We're just doing it. I don't even know why I got into it or whatever. Me and Joe Young went down end up, Joe how to Joe how to go first? Great um, But at the end of it, she was talking to everybody just like you know, how to talk to her for pointers and stuff like that. And I finally got to talk to her after like waiting for like two hours, kind of get talk to her. She's like one liner loved you Remember Oliver Graves. I was like, yeah, I don't know even know Oliver Graves is. He's like the gothic one liner. Oh yeah. She's like, I found him, put him on the show. I love your material, give me a three minute email with here. I was like, how long do I have? She's like, do it in like a week or two. So I did. It's got to be enlisted through YouTube, so I sent it to her. It got like, I don't know how far it went up,...

...but they did look at my ship because Unlistened show shows you how many views it has had, like over a hundred views, so they were watching it, and they were watching it. I'm pretty sure they probably looked at all my social media, because yeah, that'll do it. Because Ryan also told me, um before they put him on the show, right after I put him on the show. The side too, they had people scrub their social media. I'm sure, Yeah, it's a network. Had a joke, he wrote a joke. It wasn't about it was a response to his joke that was like off kilter. The person's response yeah, and they and he anyone was a comic friend of his, and basically he had to tell the comic to delete it, and the comic was cool with it. But like, they scrubbed your ship. And I was like, I was like, if they really viewed my ship over a hundred times, like they were legit, they were considering, they were considering at some point, and I've always wondered if they looked at my social media. Oh yeah, if that that's the am. I don't say too much off kilter ship, but I curse a lot, Like I just like, and that's the thing that too. I was like in my head, I'm like, because in my head I had like I got to think when I was like looking at it, and I'm like, okay, yeah, it's a lot of views for unlisted video and only one link was sent, so they were sharing around the office. So I'm sitting there, I'm like, I'm getting made fun of. Look at this fucking guy, look at this piece of ship or be it's actually like I was at one point considered for something not considered, but they were like thought about it and thought about it a lot, and then I said there, I'm like, and in my head I thought, I was like, how the hell am I supposed to do that on TV? Yeah? Any of this, there's no yeah, like even then, like I could be cleaned up from the TV and talking about sucking a ted kid like when they come see me, Like, that's way fucking different. So it's making love to this dead kid the other to this fourteen year old boy the other day, right consensual, consensual. He was an angel, literally an angel turned around and said what are you doing? And I said, oh, my goodness, you're still breathing. Oh my goodness, goodness, gracious me assholess time, booty hole. I mean your anus, it's tighter then the belt around my neck.

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