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Season 2, Episode 93 · 3 months ago

DC Making Moves


With the release of 'Black Adam' it looks like WBD and DC are making some power moves. Also, Ted Cruz got flipped off at a baseball game. Plus, did you know Zack Snyder had a plan for more Justice League movies?


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Why they take me thirty seconds to write about being a dead kid, but I can't write anything about my own child, you know what I mean. I'm also pretty sure i'm Gary Oldman, and I just don't know it because he's such a good app Gary old One doesn't even know who Gary does tequila those terrible things to me. M g K gets good cooking moms to be on the other side of I'm a father, I have never I have no reference to that. Oh did you see Twitter? You see the New York Yankee fans give it to take cruise. Yes, it was the greatest fucking thing. Hey Yankee fans hang and I was like, this is fucking the greatest thing ever. Motherfucking piece of ship. One of them was like, go back to canc cancer or whatever, and oh just flipping him off. Everybody's just smiling and waving because he knows he fucking has to. Ye see, I've seen so many videos of so many different angles of everybody just telling him to your fun himself. It's the greatest thing. For the first time ever, I'm rooting for the inche I know. That's why I'm like, God, damn, I saw that. I saw well, Um I don't know. I'm blanking honest, fucking name. The guy was on Will and Grace Um died in a car accident today, Um, old short gay guy, Leslie Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Jones. I think Jones Johnson Johnson, Um Jordan Leslie Jordan's um died in a car accident. Was that what it was, Jesus, Yeah, it's freak accident, not a bomber. He's funny. He's very fucking funny. Um. He was on because he was on a couple. If he was on this this short, very short lived sitcom with David Allen Career where they were all playing old people in an old folks home and he was just one of the people in the old folks on...

...with it was it was really funny him just trying to like date as a gay old man and retirement home trying to find find someone to date was always funny. He was like dating these like like thirty year old dudes. That's funny. Yeah, Um, that's really funny. He's funny, dude. I just see the first trailer for aunt Man dropped today. Was good. I want to watch it. Yeah, watch it. Yeah, I'll tell you what I'm excited for this fucking movie. Now. I used to ask myself a lot of questions, Scott, you're at x con. How are you an avenger? That doesn't make sense? But everywhere I go people tell me the same thing. Thank you, squider Man. People still need help. That that's why we made this like a satellite for deep space Quanta. Wait, wait a minute, you're sending a signal down to the quantum realm. Turn it off? Now? Ye what the fun? Where army are gonna come down? Am I going to? I should have staid on the phone. I should have the secret universe beneath ours? Where are you so afraid of? There's something I never told you m this place. It isn't...

...what you think. Yeah, I can guess you home and give you more time if you'd help me. So what's it going to be? A man? What the fuck? Bro? What the fuck? Does that look awesome? It looks amazing? Yeah, and the about like like because like you think about the first two ant Man movies, they're so small scale, like it's not a joke, like like there like the first one is a heist and the second one is just another heist. This is like big ship. I almost forget about the second one. Not much happens. I know, it's just it's been there, but it's and it's important, but it's like there's so much other stuff that's right shadowed that. Yeah. It's also because like I remember when the poster for the first one came out, the first aunt Man, it's just the logo and it's a white screen with this little black thought on it just says ant Man. I was like, that's fucking funny. And then ant Man in the Wasp is the same thing, but it's two little black. This one's like Kang holding ant Man in his sucking palm of his hand, and I'm like, damn, yeah, I still you know what the way that I still need watched Door. Yeah, well, I mean it's got nothing to do with this, but yeah, but Thor was good. Um, but this like this like just skyrocketed to like think of the things the next bad Guy, which is which I remember thinking,... they're going to introduce Kang in an ant Man sequel? How is this now we fucking know? But also Loki kind of helps with that too, which also I still can't believe this is the guy who's also in Creed three and it's just like nine different guy ins a jack and man it's fun. Um. But I wonder if this is the same Kang from Loki or if it's like another variant. That's actually a question because the way Loki ends, it's a little messy because suddenly nobody knows who he is and their statues of Kang everywhere. That's so I don't know. But yeah, I know, this just skyrockets so high to my most anticipated list, like doing wrong, like Black Panther still up there. But also I don't know it's coming out in February. I didn't realize it anither that's that's not the Panthers up here soon, isn't it in a couple of weeks? Yeah, God damn it. I know. I don't know if I'm ready. It's a lot. It's a lot, man, it is well, especially like this has been such a heavy year for like TV and series. There has been somebody, you know, Bully Season three, Sandman, The Orville House. The Dragon was just wrapped. I didn't finish it, but people said that Rings of Power fucking crushed and the lend the second half, so like even even she Huwlk, which I didn't like, but a lot of people did, like you know, and ors on right now, we had the obi Wan series too much. Just it's so much. It wasn't book a Boba Fett. Part of this was was part of this year too. I don't know, I can't keep track anymore, but yeah, it's so much and so also remember oh yeah, there's also movies coming out, because like, I watched a lot of movies this month. Most of them were pretty bad. Like you know, I watched the New the New Halloween. I didn't like it, The New hell Raiser, I didn't like it. Good Night Mommy didn't like it. Um hocus Pokes too was fine. If you like the...

Origin. We watched that, did you She liked it. I did laugh really hard at two parts. I laughed really hard at the face mask part. I thought that was scare. It was good the room, but I lost my ship. I was like, God, damn, that's so funny, especially when it comes in and cleans up the salt. Yeah, I was like, oh you gotta be. I was like, God, they made the rooms work. Yeah, that was like I lost my ship on that. Well. Also, like those three women, like no one else can do apparently, what's her face. Couldn't do the mouth on the one side. She's having a hard time doing it. It's tough, so she had to do it from the other side. That's why she switch sides like she's having such a hard time. I never even noticed though. Honestly, that's the first thing my wife noticed, and she and she's like, yeah, I remember reading about then. She couldn't do it from the one side anymore. It's just too hard for she had to go side. Well it's and also mean that movie was almost thirty years ago, so um, but I'm so like, if they didn't get the three of them back, there's no way that would work. Absolutely not, Like that's the reason you watch. I love the opening part where it's them as kids, and I was like, because the three girls they got to play young them. Oh, it's perfect, especially the one who was playing young bet Bett Miller was so good with the nose and the teeth and just the attitude. Well, that's the first thing that Melissa said. Melissa's like, man, shed that. I was like, yeah, she did really had that. That Like I'm not a fan of the original, but I was like, I remember it, and I was like, she fucking that girl always got that on. She studied that for real. They're saying that, They're saying that the sisters are like the most popular Halloween costume this year. That doesn't surprise me, No, no, not at all. I just don't want to see a sexy version of them, even though there's gonna be a sexy it's going to be because honestly, Sarah Jessica Parker's is already halfway to being that anyway. That's true. Um. I love also love that Hannah watting him gets a cambio with the fucking movie out of Nowhere. That's true. Yeah, I love that. Love that line where she's like, I eat children so I can. How do you think I look so young and beautiful? And I was like, I mean you do. It's working, um no, but... if it weren't. For sometimes life can give you the raw deal, and that's where Dope comes in. Dope provides edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and styles for you, delivered to your house deliciously and intact. Dope also donates a portion of every sale to this She Recovers foundation, with a minimum guaranteed donation of forty thousand dollars every year. She recovers as a nonprofit charity with a mission to connect, support, and empower women in or seeking recovery. You can also use the code t b L zero five t b L zero five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. Once again, just go check out Dope at www dot dope dot com. That's www dot d o U g HP dot com and use the code t b L O five to get five dollars off your order at checkout. If it weren't for like because like we're we'll fin nite fantastic. Um, if it weren't for that, Hooks Books Too would have been my favorite thing. I've seen this movie, um, because I and I've posted the battle and like I didn't like Black Adam. Um. I do think people should go watch it and decide for themselves though, because a lot of my friends really liked it, and like on Rotten Tomatoes it's got such a low critics score, but the audience scores like us. So yeah, it just it just didn't do anything for me. There was stuff in it I really liked, like Pierce Brasenn, Dr Fate and Hawkman. Carry the fucking movie Um, the thing we all assumed was going to happen happens, mostly because the Rock said it was going to happen and all these other news has come out from Warner Brothers that had to happen. Yeah, it was going to happen. Did you say they filmed that like two a month, like a month ago because they still hadn't fun that's what. Because everyone was wondering why wasn't he a comic con And I think part of it was they were trying to surprise people with that with the movie, but also they finalized all the contracts and ship.

Yeah. So there's a version of that scene where he's just from the neck down alash zam. But I'm glad they made it work because it's it's a cool scene. It's a very cool scene. Doesn't make sense in the scheme of the movie, but it's a very cool scene. I guess it's just nice to have them back. Yeah, And that gets what a lot of it is. It's it's nice to just see that he is, in fact back. He posted a thing on like Twitter today or on Instagram like confirming that, like yeah, like it's it's happening. Because he got fucked he got foxed. The fucked everybody in that when the Snyder Verse they fucked everybody, And like, yeah, and I don't like how a lot of things have a lot of the choices that have been made by Warner Brothers in DC, especially this year. But if that's the one, and that's why I think, you know, when they were talking about how Black Adam is going to be the game changing I don't think they meant quality of the movie. I think because Henry cats back a Superman spoiler alert in case you haven't read a paper or been on the internet. Super a paper anymore, but on the internet in the last because again, he's all Dwayne Johnson has all but said it in every interview he's given anyway. And then and then the week before the movie comes out, they announced they were making Man of Steel too. I was like, Okay, so he's definitely in this thing. Um yeah, it's there's stuff about it that's cool. The movie itself is just weird to me. I'm trying to get out of the habit of saying something's good or bad and just saying whether or not I liked it. Um, but I didn't like it at all. I did watch finally turning red. It was it was cute. It was very cute. It was like I needed a palate cleanser because I've watched a lot of horror and a lot of action this month and the House of the Dragon. I need something that's just like clean. I gotta watch House of Dragon and I still know what I'm gonna. It's good. It's done old season. Everybody at work I was talking about it. I'm like, you, guys, like, I'm just gonna. I watched it this morning when I was at work, but um, yeah, it was good. But I'm starting to running. I am starting to like kind of run out of stuff to watch. But I'm...

...almost okay with that. You have to force yourself through so much ship. Yeah, because and Ors still got like five episodes left that Tales of the Jedi thing drops this week, which looks well that that's also like it's not going to be like a week to week thing. And they're dropping all the episodes at once, and they're all shorts. They're like ten fifteen minutes a piece. I think it's just a it's just a quick burn. It's mostly it's mostly a kids thing because they're bringing back like the old voice cash from the other cartoons and stuff. So I'm gonna power through that like in an Afternoon or something because it drops Wednesday morning, the same day as and Or, which is weird well and wors for the parents. That's Adult Star Wars because she hawks half hour right, yeah, oh yeah, none of them are over like thirty minutes. Miss Marvel's half hour also those go between thirty and forty. But yeah, they're both like six episodes or something. She yolks nine. She yolks nine, but yeah, Miss Marvel six. She shouldn't be too and and like Miss Marvel like there a, they're short, but they also just flow really quick, so it's an easy binge. So that's when I wanted to I'm still a better call Salt, man, I know, but better call salt by all accounts, I haven't seen it yet. Is yeah amazing as much as scene, I was just like, how did Michael McKean is it? Michael McKean not nominated for this, because I was like, what the fuck? I am really curious to see what the Emmy slate is gonna look like for this year's because between between Anthony starr In in the Boys Season three as Homelander, Um Patty cons and I Who's in the House of the Dragon this year? And a couple other shows. I'm like, who the fuck is getting nominated for what this year? Because good god, it's a lot. I suddenly watched The Boys. That's right, you're you you've only ever seen like what season one? When I've seen like a couple episodes of season one, But I like watched so much on YouTube. They know everything. There's a moment in season three the guy who plays...

Homelander. I was just like, get this man his Emmy right now. It's a it's a great scene. Yeah, it's it's I'm really curious with the Emmies a little like next year because just there's been so much great TV this year, so much. I can't even keep dragon it whyever, it's because of COVID. Great TV came from COVID like a lot more, probably because TV shows, especially for the for the long form streaming stuff, been production forever and so they finally get released. They staggered the releases of them. And yeah, with COVID, it was like people need to watch stuff, Let's just start putting the ship out. What do you think? Do you think it. What's better a great movie or a great TV show? Oh shit, that's that's a tough one because like, to me, well, I'll tell up like this. To me, a great TV show, every episode should feel like a great short film. That is how I look at it. That's how I like. That's why I like Sandman so much. Every episode like it's a slow burned show, but every episode felt like a really great short movie. Same with like The Boys, or or even if you go back to like going back to Breaking Bad every episode. If you give a TV show the same amount of care that you do a movie, you're gonna have a great show. Because a lot of times movies get treated like they're the higher art form than TV because they're more buzz, more budget, there's more talent, there's a lot more work put into them. TV shows are seencasts kind of cheap, but nowadays they're so interchangeable. It's like now you have a Yellowstone and like, yeah, Tulsa, which is Servest Sloan's thing. Yeah. So it's like you have all these big name actors that are going over Game of Thrones, and a lot of big actors have started doing TV again because a it's it's steady work, it's and there's just more interesting things I think happening in TV than in movies right now. And the most interesting movies tend to be some of the more like independent one.

But also you look at like like Bill Murray is gonna be in this fucking ant Man movie, which the first moment I saw that, all I could think of was Woody Harrelson and Zombi Land. It's Bill fucking Murray. But you're seeing Oscar winning actors going to do the superhero movies because they're putting out great scripts. And so I think I think it just kind of depends on, like with any movie, your TV shows, So what are you looking to get out of it? Are you looking to have fun? Are you looking to like have an exploration? Mainstream or whatever you call main TV? The Baby, the Fox, the CB, network TV. The TV shows aren't that great. Network TV for the most part. Network TV is pretty terrible, horrible because it's it's made for They get minimal budgets there on fast track time because they're because they're just looking to just crank something out. They just need something to fill airtime because they've got to be on the air they've got to show something, whereas opposed to like a streaming series, they can put it out whenever the funk they want. They're not beholden. It's all on demand. They're not beholding to anything sathing with movies. Like movies, they've got to come out at a certain time. If they get released in the wrong monk, they might not do as well. And I just hold this whole binging versus like, I don't know, like I love the binge watch literally that's my thing, as I love doing nuts because you can catch up. It's like, that's the thing. Is like I thought about what's better a better TV show or a better movie, Like what's great? What's better great movie or a great TV show? And it's just like it's hard. It's hard to I think it kind of depends on my mood. But also one thing I've noticed because like Disney Plus did this and in Amazon Prime did this as well, which is even stuff that was streaming only it was only one episode a week, And at first you're like, I kind of want to binge the whole thing, but at the same time, they're... people a week to talk about the show. Then a new episode drops and they're talking about it another week, as opposed to you put the whole show out at once, people talk about it for two three weeks and they move on to the next show. So Stranger Things, Yeah, exactly, people talk about Stranger Things for like a month after it gets released, and then they move the funk on. Almost That was season four. How do you like it? I love it? Season four is incredible. I know I'm still waiting for him to tell me how the hell Matthew Bodine's back, But it's fucking like it is amazing season season where at I'm an Episode four, So she just for the first time got her powers back. She's trying to escape and she marks those guards, but then she can't do it again. So yeah, it's such a great And then and and it's because like she's like going back, like reliving her past and ship. It's so it's so good. And also the fact that they were able to c g I, Mini Milli Baby Bobby Brown and it doesn't look weird. It doesn't it doesn't look weird. I don't know how they did it. I don't know how you did it, but you did it. It looks very good, very good, and everything with Hopper in the in the prison is so is so good. It's season four Stranger Things. I get the hype now Vecna is terrifying. And that moment with Max with that fucking song playing at the cemetery that gave me a fucking heart attack. But I get it now. She made so much money. Um oh yeah, the yeah her, she owned the rights to it. That happened with a lot every every every song that gets featured in Stranger Things, like they always talk about like the next like like, yeah, they're not with Metallica. Master Puppets was like number one on Spotify. You haven't got to that. I haven't got of that scene, and I know it's coming out. I can't wait to get to it. Because also, I fucking love Eddie, but I know he doesn't make it out of the season and that breaks my heart because Eddie me,...'s so good. So yeah, no, it's a great it's it's it's I get I get white people like they was so satisfying watching a Levit hit that bitch in the face of the roller skate, Oh my god, God about that was the most satisfying ship because I had seen people talking about it. I didn't realize it happened like two episodes into the season. I thought that came later. I was like, Oh, she fucked her up. It was like I think I put on Twitter. I never thought I would find a teenage girl hitting another one of the face of the roller skates so satisfying. Now you can rep the Basement Lounge out in public by checking out some of the merch that we have available on our website. Just go to tbl pod dot net slash store. That's tbl pod dot net slash store and check out some of the T shirt and other merch designs we have for you featuring our logo, some of our favorite bits, as well as a homegrown Humor official T shirt as well. Once again, just go to t b L pod dot net slash store and check out some of the cool merch we have there for you. Now, we'll just see this picture that they sent out about. This is the shot Henry Cowell in the movie. In the movie, yeah good for him, looks good. They even got the fucking Jerry curl in his hair from the from the from the nineties when he had that spit curl for a little while in the comic books, I mean, it's just to see what they're gonna do with that me too, because because they've been avoiding it for so long, how are you gonna reboot? Like it's not a reboot, it's reintroduced, yeah, because like what do you don't have anything set up for him? All you set up for him? And Man of Steel was Justice League in b VS, so you know, and then Justice League's over and then they scrapped because they're supposed to fight dark Side at one point, weren't they That was supposed to be Zack Snyder already, because like Zack Snyder, because they released like animated, they animated some of his storyboards and like, yeah, he was. He was going to do Justice League two and three, and the endgame for that was like Justice League two was going to be like basically them fighting dark Side and they lose.

And in Justice League three was the apocalyptic future that we kept seeing and then trying to undo it. And I'm like, that's fucking amazing, And that's where that's where, that's where that's scene in BBS when the Flash goes back in time and talks to Bruce. That's what all that was leading up to. I know, right, it makes you sad, It makes you how good that would have been. Days totally fucked that entired fuck uh Warner Cuts, that's what their names, because that Warner Cuts is a bush, you bullshit, that is a name. When the Snyder cut came out and fucking crushed, all of that came out because they were like, I am so because Justice League was so bad. I never watched the original because everybody told me not to watch it, and I watched the Snyder cust like this is great, and then they hear how he had it fit, you fucking cunts, you pieces of shit. I don't think all hope is lost. I hope Ezra Miller comes into all your mouths and doesn't say I'm sorry because he thinks he's God. I don't think all hope is lost, though, because all the ship they've done that I haven't liked. It seems like they're trying to get back to that, bringing Henry Cavill, but when I go home, I punched my wife. But also like for Wonders, but also like them bringing back in Ben Affleck to go reshoot all these scenes that they were going to replace him with Michael Keaton, and it's like I think they're trying to get back to that because even when when the when the big merger first happened, they said, we want to focus our d C stuff on things that we consider if uh like effective whatever the word was, and they...

...included the Snyder cut and BBS in those So so what Zack Seyer said he never do it again? Did he? I don't think you said never manage? But also that was back under the old management. God what what fucking idiots? Yeah, hysterical right now. Well, because Dayne Dwayne Johnson even said, like before Black Adam came out, he's like the old management of Warner Brothers straight up said they did not want to bring they had no plans and that was part of their things he was fighting for with Black Adam was to get the Superman scene. He's like Superman and Black Adam have to fight, like he has to fight Shazam too, but like him and Superman have got just as big a rivalry. And that was a part that was part of the reason why this movie was stuck in development hell for a while, because I remember The Rock was also the producer on this movie. It's because Warner Bus was like, no, we don't have any interest in moving forward with more Henry Cavill Superman, and he was like that's bullshit, And I love that he was just trashing them in these interviews leading up to the movie, like like, no, old management can fucking suck a dick. Basically, I said, I didn't watch any of that stuff. They yeah, he was like, he was like, you said everything. He was talking to Hollywood reporter. He's like, yeah, they pretty much said like, no, we have no interest in Morsuperman, which is the dumbest thing you could say, as as the head of the DC Film Division, Like Okay, you're taking like your what would you could see him the your second best, your best? He's he's up to him and Batman tied for number one. Those are pretty much the only two comic books they really keep in regular production are Batman and Superman. Titles and we want to stop one. We're gonna stop that, yeah, because they were going to basically replace him with Supergirl with the flash was they were going to have it be where she was the super person, not Superman. It was gonna get refit because her because they've also asked her a movie, but it was nowhere near in production. It was just on their list ones they were going to make, and they're like, they're going back to square one, They're going back to what they...

...felt was the strong because because I know what, the movies were divisive, but it had a strong beginning because even though there were people who did not like BBS, they at least admitted like, like, at least it kept with everything else. Everything else has been such a hot fucking mess, like the fact that this Black Adam was borderline raided r and he's the antithesis of Shazam, which was basically a kid's movie, a good kids movie, but basically a kid's movie. Like that's all over the place. Yeah, I know it's Warner Rose is a fucking mess, man. It's a fucking mess over there. And also Walter Hamada just resigned, which he was the head of their film division. He wasn't there Kevin Figy, but he was like whoever Kevin Fike's boss is basically, and people have been asking for him to leave forever because he was part of the problem with all this ship going on with John Sweden during the first Justice League, like Race Fisher, the guy who played Cyborg, has been calling for him to get his ass run out a long time, so they haven't they have a nas Is replacing him yet, but it's like, not funk that guy, he can go. Well, it sounds like they want to bring Snyder verse. Yeah, why not, you can get him on board. Yeah, that's that's one of those like you know, for me once you know, Shamon, shame on you wull me ty Shamon. Maybe it is. I don't know, they bring back Karen Cavill. I mean maybe it is there. Well, and I will say the action in Black Adam is very good. It's very Zack Snyder. Like there's stuff in there that reminds me of BBS Justice League even three hundred, Like there was like he had some type of role in it. That's secret. Probably it's kept secret, yeah, because I haven't seen anything anywhere. He wasn't listed as a producer or anything. So either they're going with that style that he kind of started everything with, or he's he's chiming in behind the scenes, because you can tell, like when you see it, you've watched like, oh yeah, no, this is right in line with like I know talking about and it's really hard to be like that's not...

Zack Snyder. It's it's Zack Snyder's a very visual director. Specifically, it's his style of slow motion action because Black Adam, like Shazam, is super fast. So there's a lot of action scenes in this movie that happened at very slow similar to like with the Flash or like Quicksilver in the X Men movies, so you can actually see the things he's doing. It's very Zack Snyder. There's there's straight up a moment that looks like they literally were paying homage to three hundred. I'm like, that is straight out of three something new behind the scenes or they're like, listen, we love you and just see what we did. We'll blow you will blow you blow, We'll suck your dick, and you can call us a cut right on the ball stroke the shaft, just come back, zackly it's baby come back, helping the bolting the box outside the way. That's dark side. Oh man, I think I might watch Slider. I think you might watch the Slider cut again. That's the thing is like it's a four hour movie and I'm like, I can watch it again. Here's the thing about that movie, though, It's like, like, how like to think that they weren't going to finish it, even though like it ends basically Seeing Dark Side, you were never going to finish that, were you? What the fun? What a what a cliffhanger to end on, like it's like, who shot Jr.

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