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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 9 · 11 months ago

The Hardest Year to Write Jokes


How has this year affected joke writing? How will Warner Bros. decision affect the film industry at large? Who was the best Joker?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The struggles of writing jokes during a pandemic
  • WB releasing its 2021 slate of films on HBO Max
  • Just how f***ing good Heath Ledger was as The Joker

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It Si it is cats, Paul that was fuckingFudny ye in the fucking closet. Oh Shit, Oh, I thought you put. I, though, thatwas in a closet shit. I didn't. I thought that was likeanother room, fucking Hav Fun on there. That is yterical. I thought that wasanother room or something I wonder. If how long you would havelook for, if I did say God, Wlloo Fo, Aeand Jus, oh my go. I want to comehere the next head that fucking cat yeah they're ing in surfive thinkityeah cats ar crazy got a date tonight KINDOF,because I'm S Tegiin, of Ham', seen in to weeks. So I've been seeing this girl for a coupleweeks now, Awso yeah s me online fucking, fucking online yeah. She W we went the lilies for dinner lastweek, which was the most expensive weall I've ever paid for. In my life Ihave lily. Sust sounds expensive. I'V, like I don't think I've ever beeninside itwas. My first time going. It was fucking delicious, but I mean theend of the day builds an hundred bucks. Jesus Crret, it's one of those. I sekind of like, like he had the money it was like, as I wa sliping my car, orjust like wow, all right, rom and the rest of the week, which actually not because I actually Ihad Romin that they thed, like the big huge like fish boll of Raman, Oh really,really like like, like brace pork belly in it. It was fucking amazing, so good makes you really hunr getfucking sterats, like I ma nearly as good. As that I know it was it was Iyeah the food was amazing, but yeah it was. It was priting but yeah. I knowit's been going good, she's she's moving offered to come over and overfinishd Loin the truck right on where she moving to actually not not far from here rightnow, she's living out in fucking shit, Bellbrook, like a middle ofBubfucki, is kind of a weird place. Asit's likeIkeyeah, you go from like like there's, there's tons of civilization and thenthere's nothing yeah like in the span of five minutes. You go from likeeverything to not a futton like your neighbors are a mile away. It's weird: it's a mix of country and like smalltown, Americana and yeah I used to go when I was still teaching.I used to go out to Belbrok Haida, give a giveacts. Oh really nd. It wasthe weirdest fucking drive in my life. It is fucking, weird down there. YEAnow she's moving she's moing over off,... like you're near the base; okay,so which is fucking five minutes from my house yeah. So yeah that's beengoing good. So then I spent the night a coupletimes so really yeah nice yeah, some kind of waiting fortheir fucking shoet, a drop like waiting for like an ex husband likeshow with a shoct own on my front door or some shit or surprise eysurprise. Myname is to be Dave. You know something like that. She got five kids, so probably not, butshe's got five kids Y, a she's divorced yeah. I E like like married, like raght outof high school and just kind of yea t. It means like people nowadays likethey get married young. They have kids young, get divorced, Yon Yeah! No! Igot Mary Young Di not have any kids. I did fuck a couple sogs I got engaged young just I want'. I learned that lesson. Prettyfucking quick. You know you find out youwhnsshe'sfucking the guys on the base. You know it's Rit ewer tell you, okay! Is this jokeI've been working on? Okay, I think being a soldier is amazing.Okay and Video Games, barecoming so realistic. Istarted playing that soldier game called duty. Yeah N, when I finished Ifound out my wife was cheating on me. That's so real itic and I'm afraid of loud noises called E, really soldier experience everyone's like Mike. You can't tellthat joke Youe, bascically, saying fuck the troops and I am saying fuck it Jo,please somebody please fuck the truck them. Their wives are not they're coming home after being deployfor a year to find their three month old, baby and they're, not not doingthe math right. So now I will say it was because again it's been it's been it's beenyears since had a woman in the bed with me and soon as it was soon as we're all we're.Just both just laying there started thinking of my head. Okay, how can Imake this work on stage Sheh yeah good? I wrote my roade a bitfor the first time I'll fucking, her that's good yeah, it's Thoug, it's Cookhad something fucking interesting happens. So basically you know and trying to workon it. But it's like what are you doing? You know whith been so long since,since I've slept with a woman, it's like how do I like? What do I doafterwards? Do people still cuddle like do I do I do I leave a reaction, videoon youtube, Doi, kender right next to each other, andmy RSL. Do I leave her?Do I leave a review on Yelp like what do I pretty good would recommend? Did Not Smell of fish shit, that's fucking! So it that that'sbeen the hardest part about this years. Writing Jokes! Yeah, because there'snothing. I haven't written shit a it...

...was the first bid I've written all year.I have to fucking it's been so fucking hard. I wrote a bit joke about Guineapig this morning. Stupid, like I hate to be a guinea pigs, they neverfinish school they're, always taking tests it suck, because I don't get whatbecause remember Guine persons a Guinea pig, oh fuck, okay, yeah, okay, it tookme a minute, yeah T, so fucking stupid theyre always take a testlikand.Probably that's the that would be the reaction. I get like what right shit, the other one as a thanksomething fucking stupid. It was a if a glitter factor exploded that shitwould take decades, but it always looke fabulous prettiest explosion like fucking evershit, but yeah I mean it. This has been the hardest year of the right jokesyeah. I don't reae really write any pandemic jokes either it's yeah, I I was Worki. I had an idea for one. Iwrote it dad somewhere, but hevens. I was working on. I Wa just kind of like I don't like it. It just feels feelsweird. It feels weird and N. I sometimes I feel like it's already beendone or it's like hack or like how much like you Goinna, hear all this likeover again. Oh yeah, like one of this, is all set down. You like fuckingpeople, haven't how it's beendemic Shit, it's going to be. People are going tobe doing. I thought about that too, like just howmany, how many Sundays are going to go to, and everyone who goes up is goingto tell like two three minutes of quarantine: jokes, what yeah and thatthat's also the fucking thing is like right now. It's like t pretty much thesame comics so like when the pendemic ends, Thak you're gonna probably getlike influxicomics that defin yeah going to be talking about and you'rlike, especially because a lot of them probably been sitting around watchingspecials and thinking. No, I could do that you're going to see a lot ofpeople want to try it out for the first time or who were just like fuck it we almost died last year, I'mgoing to go, try a new shit yeah! It's going to be! I'm cautiously apprehensive about just whatnext year's going to be like for comedy when one thing start openingback up again, hopefully soon well I'll, be pyb anywhere between late springearly summer yeah. If the vaccines work proper Li think a saw thing today said,like the wine was talking about they're, expecting like four hundredsomething thousand vaccine doses to come to Ohio the next couple of monthsor something here's a thing. Now you got to take it twice. Oh really!Yeah! It's two shots. I didn't hear that part EA, it's two shots. Thevaccine is two shot, so you iel you take one like wait a couple days andtake the other, or I think, like two or four weeks. Oh really, yeah, Oh Shit!This is like the weirdest thing...

...mean that some people don't want to take it likeit's fine. They can fuck off it. o Me fucking one. The thing I waslike: I'm pretty healthy, yea, TAT's Lik. It probably get hit by car drivingout right. But if something were in the vaccine ou by the time anything happens like by time we'reable to get it. It'll be out for fucking at least eight Oh yeah, becauselike right now, it's just like medical personnel, high risk people, and then Ithink they day thin y said like spring, like you were saying spring summer,they'll start rolling it out for everybody else which yeah it's. It's like. It's like it's white hit's.Why you don't buy a buy a new console at launch Mike Yeah you bought bothwell, I didn't buy both whit's, you bout psfive, now fuck. Now, oh no IGOT AXPO got cyber punk, Okay Tuan,seventy seven! How is it so ever pone's really fucking good? Okay, like you candesign like I don't know. If you've read any, I realy you can you candesign them straight down to Thei Dick size yeah. It's ieven realize about it,because I mean I'm been waiting for the game for eight years, so yeah. I waslike what I remember seeing the first trailer for that when I shot the the first shore film with everybody H H a coupleyears ago, I've ever seen the first tray of the fet. I was like I'l FuckYeah, I'm like Holy Shit. How long has it been now yeah? It's that's t blowsmy mind like so I was going to wait until to buy the game. I was going towait until I got a new coun console because, knowing how well it was goingto be it was made, for I mean it's made for PC and t n the new next TinCouncils, okay, but they said they prepared it for theolder ones, but I'ver I've heard people on likepsfive ave been or PSFOR, but having a lot of issuees. So I have an xpox one.I didn't really have any issues. Okay, I mean it was like stuff that was like. Okay, like I knew thisis going to happen like be I mean this. I wasn't shocked it what's Happeng likeI'm not going to complain about like I bought the game. Knowing this was goingto happen until I got the next Trong concol sure. So so did you. You got it for the one.Well, it's backwards, compatible. Okay, the Games, ieven technically finished.I was Goin to say because they've been pushing it, pushing it back and pushingit back, and I think they kind of just threw this out to shut people up for alittle bit of the game. I don't think the Games thit said the games thatthere's Somar couple more gigs left. Okay Games not finished at all, andthen one of the updates is actually going to be on the game itself is goingto be for the next Tun. counsils. Okay, like part like for the next Tan Concil.So by way, like eight fucking years andlike I was seeing his advertising, it's like crazy, I don't usuay, no fuckingfall for advertising ever, but I was like fuck. I really want to play this game.I know iawas talking about was like I've been waiting for this, so I waslike fuck it abought it. I know Ol, the last trailer I saw I was the one wherethey where they dropped, that Kiano was in and I was like fuck. I need this AyJesus... final mean it's a great five PA,probably like ten hours. I'm like, I don't even know how far IAM into itit's so good, though so fucking good I've been. I bought the new spider man.I haven't even had a time to like install t and play yet, though I justwanted to go and and get it well because, because with with that andthen the avengers game, if you buy them like now on the old Gen, you catn get a freeupgrade o the to the next Gen. so I fuck, I s gutting! Guess I'm not Gointo get a PS five, the probably next year and then well today, ps, I meanxbox. No reason I was like told myself February, told myself have you that waslike fuck onwers. I got it because it' on Twitt I got on twitter and bes bywas trending. I was like was that Mides frending and it was because they'rereleasing consoles. Yes, five in fucking Xbox, and so I waslike so I mea was like you know what maybe I can get one so dr go on the website. It said comingsoon: It's a Bao socasis coming soon on the xbox, and I was fucking refresh anthat Shit refressen until I finally finally able to get it three. Oh Damn Iwas at work the entire time Freshin my fucking Fon. I was like three thirty,as they released the PS fives first, because Joe Young Y he set. He sends mea message. She's, like I think, I's got PS five. I was like really he's likeyeah, that's by Te Yeah, I'm waiting for the XBOX realease he's like yeah.They sent me the they sent me the the verification and all that stuff he'slike. I just don't believe it's true yeah icking it up he's got it, but thenit was like thing like after he sent me. That waslike two and a half hours later, like they startd releasing the xbox Okal, Imean probably released hin both the same time Wen a bog down the website somuch sure what a crash their fucking server yeah T's. What happened when,when fucking tickets for end game went on sale, they put them up for prief forPresale and crash the website, and then nobody coun get any fucking ticket sowild, so fucking wild yeah, I'm probably GOINNA wait the probably tax time goand grab it. I've been saving money forthis for a while yeah. So I was like this is my birthday gift to me and myChristmas gift to me. You go so like hits who I'm going to do. Yeah I'decided one of it, because my birthday is the week after Christmas I haven'tdecided. I usually do something nice for myself. I've decided what it is yet because usually it would be like go,take a trip or go to a concert or something o can fucking do that rightnow, so I don't know my Buddy Matt Ren it out an entire because they'redropping the new wonder woman on a Christmas Day yeah. So they rented outan entire movie theater Christmas for Christmas to watch the new onder onetmuch that gut one fifty something like that yeah you want to ask eeople wantedto go. I got to work Christmas, unfortunately, but it's fine shoul,Chang holiday pay, but bang back two and a half times Christmas Eve andChris Misday Cool, Oh yeah. I missed out on it for Thanksgiving, but that'sfine. Now what do you think about Wha's? Thelast time we talk about when the h Max... releasing then Tho was it warnerbrothers? I think, leasing every yeah they're going to push everything onthere, r they're going to release it the same day on hb Max and in theaters. I want tohow much to lose. I think theyre well honestly, at this point this it's goingto at least gain them, something because they fucking a buddy of mine, abad earlier like the way, the way th y. The way they pay for their movies islike they write the checks and then they pay off the checks with theprofits from the movie once it gets release. So they've already producedall these fucking movies and written all these checks for movies that aren'tbringing any money in y gotta gets son. So they got to get something. That'swhy you know so t e, and they said this is only for,like t o thousand an twenty one, to get this shit out and get it Roling,because they can't just sit on. I mean wonder, O supposed to comeout last yearyeah. So I honestly, I g T. I got a lot ofthoughts about it. On the one hand, I'm kind of like I want I want them to, I think theyneed to strike up a better. If they're going to do this, they got to strike upa better deal with movie theaters, and it's like, if you're going to drop thison streaming the same day as in the theater, then maybe you shouldn't betaken a hundred percent of the ticket sales to yeah like start going likefifty fifty or some shit, and I think that this way I think,becaus a lot of times. You go to the movies nowadays and you got just likethe people who are on their phones the whole fucking time who bring their twoyear olds to a fucking. You know a Venger's movie or some Shit. I think Ithink what you'll see is those kinds of people are going to stay home and thenthe people who are actually going to like go for the theater experience.Well go more, so I think it'll kind of balance itself out, but it's going totake time and I think everyone needs to also just remember like it's notpermanent yeah. ' It's just hin every fook, their shit on that like like it,was permanent woh yeah because you read the headline and it says WarnerBrothers, all content going to HBOMAX Twentn in two thousand and twenty one ait's like right, because Shit's not going to be open. Yet I'm wondering Iwonder, of HBOVER ret them a check for that. Well, they own HBO. Oh, I didn'teven know that yeah they own HBO. Well, then, that answered my Fyeah at'.That's why they're doit, because because WEU go on Hbo Max, likeanything, that's DC is on HB MAC, yeah! Well, Snyder cuts coming out soon.Isn't it I don't noslee. I know it's coming outnext year, but yeah yeah, but like early next year, but they're going todo it in like four parts. It's going to be like four one hour chunks. I neverwatched the original. I liked it. It wasn't great. You couldtell that there was problems behind the scenes like because, like Zack ssnyder had toleav halfway through yeah, because f the thing with his kid and then I guessJos Weden was being a fucking piece of shit on set. I know they just concludedlike their fucking lawsuit investigation or whatever. Oh really,the guy who played Sib work was like when they said they were going torelease. They were going to let Zach Snider do his version, like the guyplayed sywork like went off on Jos weedn and like accuse them all kindslike really racist, shit and warder brothers did this whole investigationand then they released some state. The...

...othe day. That said, like ourinvestigations concluded and consequences, will be handed out. Nd Iwas like Oh shit and then, like the next day, Jo sweeden AD nasty wasdropping off some projects. So I'm like my fucks better get, can damn yeah so,but I mean they gave. They gave Zack Nider like fucking, sixty million to dothis thing, like he's, basically shooting a new movie, what they hem shooting like extrascenesfor, didn't they ol they yeah, because Jos Weden went, he had shot awhole bunch of Shit. You can. You can tell in the movie when, if you watch itnow what was shot by Zach Snider and whatwas shot by jazs won. Anyway, it's really fucking awkward, and so they said that like but the's, going toreshoot like think like two thirds of the movie- Ohmy God, and there wes, because there was all kinds of stuff in the in themovie that just like you look at the bad guy, he looked like unfinished CGIyeah they were. I was watching something the other day about the worstCGI yeahever top twenty wor CG ever and number nineteen was entire fucking, nojust lik moving! Oh my God. The CGI was awful because you could tell theyd likedid it at the last second and and did a Shitty job of it. Like there's at onepoint where, like they're supposed to be standing out like on a lawn and itlooks like they're standing on a fucking sound stage like at no point,does it look real at all so they've already released, like some footage,they've gone back and readone is like it already looks, just tighter so butlike there was a whole thing with like there was GT. Supposedto, be a wholebunch of scenes, a dark side in them that just never got shot and all kind of e crazy. That movie got like Fucke Nineways TheSunday man is aloit, almost bole your mind that they should have just notreleased it. They should have like they should have pushed it back and justgiven them more time, but they tried to like make this fucking release datedeadline and it's like whete they're trying, I think, feel like they're, I'mtrying to compete with Avenger so much that theyaw have to do something thenfilm that Shitty of a fuck- I never everybody complain about it. So much Iwas like I can't yeah. I can't see this it's I will sayI think a lot of the christisms were overblownbecause. That's just how theInternet is nowadays, yeah something's either amazing or it shit it. You know, but I mean but like the criticisms arefair I's Tink, that they got a little like yeah, it's not a great movie, butlike I can watch it. It's fine! It's just it's like a it's like a lessermarvel movie. You know, so I am excited what I'm going to do before the Snydercut comes out. I'm goingto watch it and then I'm going to watch this niter cuy,Oh really, yeah, wouldn't do it. I did that I did that with with BatmnvSuperman, because you know it came out and I liked the original version of it,but then they released the the ultimate edition- and I was I was still writingfor the examiter at the time, a d. So I got to go to Columbus, to watch a pressscreening of the directors cut and it was like night and fucking day. Was itlike Holy Shit? This is better than the other one like it made me like theoriginal one less because it like it... made me realize there wereproblems with it that I didn't notice before, because they just did it betterin the ultimate cut like is that out Dan? You Watch Elthmacu, Oh yeah,that's like the only version they go by now like if you go by the Blue Ray.That's the version you're getting Shitan know that I want ther e. it'slike it's it's three hours instead of two and a half, but like they've changed the order. Some of thescenes are in so like the movie kind of flows better, and it's like thirtyseconds here, twenty five a it fills in like so many fucking plotholes in that movie.It's like make sense like like. Why would anybody think Superman did theygot shot? But then you find out that, like there was a whole sequence where,like after they killed these people, they went and set their bodies on fire.So it looked like he heat vision in to death, and it's like Oh yeah. It doesmake sense, not sure why we cut that out, but yeah all right, cool yeah, it was ire, was a lot and T etewas like one FBOMB, it's just being new yeah suposed to be an F bomb in theSnider Cut. To is talking about it being like rateed ar and I'm like allright. Fuck, it drop it. I mean whokay, Loagan Logan was rated art. Both deadpools been rained. Ar Is gfuck great movie. Look, it's amazing. fuckingmovie. I saw that in theater after work, my buddy and I went and watched it. Anremember, Tha that opening scenry fucks up the dudes fuck. I was just like Ohshit as he stabbs one of them you like well. This is what I want iis all right, yeah.This is this is what I was hoping for, and fucking joker was rated or I mean Imade over a billion dollar holy shit that movieis good, and I think they Iread Ar Story that they try to pitch the story like the movie ultra lit likea budget wise, so it wouldn't get made and he's lie. Okay, I can make it: Ohno shit, yeah I'll work for debt, see the opposite happen r for the firstdeadfool because they kept slashing their budget. It started out with likea hundred million dollar budget. I think final. Their final budget waslike sixty five million for that first, one really, but then it made ninehundred something million dollar, so they were kind of like yeah that workedthere because they cut the budget to the point where he tolgd hi e, couldn'thave the writers onset because it couldn't afford to pay him. So, likeRyan Reynolds paid him out of his own fucking pocket he's like no, they haveto fucking, be there yeah right, Goo, fucking, ry, rouse dud. Yousee his matchcom mad that he produced so funny. Oh, my God, to Zeo to zero Ey,call me tw thousand and enty. I hope this year never ends fucking meteors orcrashind hen. I wonder who plays The d? I want to place the devil. T S, lookTAT UP, at's! A good question. Sous, like is hat, is that fucking riher OAS,Playn Touh. I don't think it was ano. Now the whole fucking story behind thejokers they try to low pitch the budget and what his who fucking filmed it, whodid it? who directed it yeah, Tod Phillips Tow, fell like we can do thisand hen they were like. I think they were shocked. It's I mean because e Mo the movie islike...

...idid. I did. I did a a podcast like theday after and was like they're going to be teaching classes about this movie infilm schools like like, and not not just like not justwalking Phoenix like like the fucking music in that movie is insane it's sowell shot and N. I know people going into it were really kind of scaredabout like it's going to glorify like how fucked up the joker is. It reallydidn't like it really glorified mental. I mean that Glorifi, but like kind oflike this is what happens like if something doesn't get treated yeah.This is this is unchecked. Mental illness hat is worst yeah, but alsolike they make a point of calling out like yeah. You killed these people, but,like that's fucked up like they make a point of saying, like yeah, nothing hedid was okay, yeah, a just fucking also was love walking, Phoenix he's so goodat it. I don't know my favorite favorite character. Athersalways been heath. Ledgers, Joker, Oh yeah, but like Walis, take on the joke.wher is like so it's so hard like. Then you got Jack Nicholson and Anhe likeyeah they're, all three different things, but like what can just like you saw thedevelopment. Oh S, yeah the person coming the joker and then- and I was alittle. I was a little weird because, like I kind of Isjust, because I'm suchan Ubernerd, I was like I kind of don't want the jokers origin story, but thenalso like, especially because Yo get to that end scene and it's kind of likeyou, Kno fucking idea of anty. This is because, especially once once you findout that the girl tha, the relationship was all in his head. Yeah, it reallymakes you go. is any of this even fucking real? I can't trust anything. That's yeah, O!That's kind of what my my big Havya with hit was was kind of like andthat's kind of. Why one of things I love the baddest, because now you can'ttrust anything in this movie. A never thought about that. Yeah e never thought about tha, and I thinkthey did that. I think that was. I think that was on purpose because theywant you to like, because that's also been a big thing in the commens withthe joker. All the time is there's like eight different origins for him,because you never know. If he's telling the truth or not yeah the only one,anybody really goes throhis the killing jog, which is great, but but again,that's also like the heat ledger thing. Every time he was like you want to knowhow I got these stars had like three different fucking stories on I gothestan he hi es pill. Ist Can do it almont to my Cleveland Voice, so ha got these scars now how we gottheir Scar Shit? How can I do it? I'm like a dog.You want to ow how I got these scars yeah. You got to get that ar just right.I had a watch like fucking, I still suck at the voice, but I try ie watchmonts how to do it and it's like how he fucking like doeshis yeah that voice? It's so good, it's so it's so like. Iwatch so much shit a character. It's... I'm obsessed like now obsessed,but just so much background on that, like how like carefully, I don't wantto wind up how he did yeah Lihe went fucking like like what whatman in the moon did the Jimmy Tedim to Jim Carrey yeah becoming FUC. Did youever watch that documentary part? I part of it that that movie turned Jim, carry to afucking winel? He basically thought he was channeling at one point, somethinglike that yeah then he actually like he would beat up fucking. What's hisface, the wrestler yeah UCK and Hen, the rest was like. No, you don'tunderstand like we were, like friends and j Harry's trying to Piss. I remembercrecen Jim Carey's, trying to piss him off o yeah because he fucking like became AndyCoufin, yeah nd, Andy Cofbin was not not all there. I mean now it's just fuck yeah yeah he's ledgers. Jokerman is likeagain like it's so like you'll, never be able to like pull you seenabody, pull from thatwithout it seeming like an imitation exactly because it was so fuckingunique yeah. Well, I think I watched something about. I think director. Ican't think of his name. Al Son, Chrysnal Chris Nolan said that or what maymen Arini aredeker ICARTsaid that like when they were doing their lines, hewould still have the makeup on, even though he wasn't filming that day. Justso, Aaron could be like what stuff so ie like no like what the fuck what but he was like. You know he people dpeople making jokes about methodactors all the time I mean he was like themost method of fucking methodactors, like ever even in movies. He was in.Thar were shit like he was always good yeah. He was great, probably any movie,I can't think of any movie. He was bad in no, I mean I don't like anight'stail, but he's good in that he's Gein the movie yeah. I don't like a nights taile, becausefor me I just can't get over midieval people going m. Now man, that's that's elevencensory shit there o because like as after he died, they didthat that Dr Pronassis movie, where it was like they had to get like Johnny, Depp andJude Law, and all those guys to what's his face. Also Com, farrel, CON FerrelYeah. Think ferntroyer was in that toofucking Mitni me Moie. That movie is a trip, a movielike don't watch that movie high. Now that movie is a tru but yeah like fucking ten things I hateabout you. Actually I fucking love that movie. I don't give a shit. It's suchan infraverence. I seen it it's such a early, twosand late S, Teen Rong COMP,it's fucking funny. I don't care mostly because af heat letter, but he's goodin at Yeah Noi. Just I don't know that characteritself and then watching the joker. Now,... Wakin's joker, it's like that. Youcan't compare the to because they're completely different, but they're bothso well done that you're, like Jesus Christ like so I still don't know I still lean towards like heath, somuch he's just so chaos I saw I saw a thing online wherethey were breaking down all the different jokers. When you look at likehow each joker we've had on film has been like, like the joker, the joker asmany parts, and each one we've had on film has been like a focus on. One ofthose parts like Nicholson's was the the goofy gangster ledgers was the was the anarchist andthen and then Wakens was the the mental instability h, the mentalpatient side, and then even even jared lettos was was for what little we gotwas like the the dranged violent sign that you take all of that together toget mark hamels joker, which is were just the fucking, the greatest joker Ial so Fuckit Best Luke Skywalker. I The I remember theday. I learned that I was like fucking nine years old. I think the mostfuckdup thing is like about Mark Hamel, not fucked. Up? U, I think the crazestpart was like yeah, he one of the greatest charactersin cinematic history, but then he also plays the voice of the joke y andyou're likethis. Guy Look, everybody knows you fucking Looke, Skywalker sureand then like Oh, my way, he voices the joker at least once a year. I findmyself telling someone that for the first time they ga lit. I looked. Ilooked up his voice credits the other day, always mash. It is insane likestuff. I never what it would have guessed little shit to big shit.Stubbin video games like he was the voice of Wolvarine and a fucking videogame n that point yeah, the the XTWO video game. He was Wolerene fuckingstuff from I don't know. If you ever watched regular show on carton network.Yes, he was skips. Was He really e was skips? I wonder why he just DOESD. Hejust do it because he want something to do. I think he's just he's a fuckingnerd man like I've watched him like give speeches about like when he firstgot the call to come to Thatman, because originally they wanted timcurry to be the joker. I didn't know that yeah and but I guess they didn'twant him, because he was also doing Captain Hook on the Peter Pan Cartoonand they didn't want it to be like the same thing voice for two but like hewas talking about like when he heard about the show he was talking about,like all the different characters he wanted to voice and this and that andthe other and the's like then they offered me the joker and I was justkind of like Huh. He talks about like being like, like onthe highway practicing his laugh and making voices and people just likestaring at him. Like he's losing his fucking mind, while he's driving andshit, he doesn't need the money. I don't think he' had alotof money fromStar Wars, yeah, Oh yeah, because that l they were well. I don't know if you Ithink now he does. I know for the longest time his kind of a thing withstar wars so, like they, George Lucas,...

...had the had the forcesight to get themerchandising rights in his contract and Fox was like basically like that's,okay, we don't give a shit because everybody thought star what was goingto be a fucking fly so but yeah I mean Mark Hampbell, just onhis star war, kickbacks alone I mean theguys he's fine. I think he just loves doing it. Probably he I think he I selthe commercial himens, Sir Patrick. Oh the over eats came yeah like you like.I think it just likes doing that like when you watch a commercial and youthink, just like you said you think he just like think he just likes doingthat stuff say with Patrick Stewart. Really he I remember is: Is this greatstory? My Dad told Momy Dad was a huge star, treck fan, so you go back andwatch like the Blueber reels from like the first season of star Treck TNJ,like none of them are Patrickstewart real and he was such because he wasfresh off of like the Royal Shakespeare Company and he was such a fucking likehard core perfectionist so that people were fucking up on set like he wasgetting pissed off and so finally, like the cast pulled him aside, o like dude,it's fucking TV like you, need to Shill the fuck out like he had such littlefaith in the show. He like lived out of his suitcase for the first seasonbecause he was just so sure it was going to bomb. Then I guess like whenhe fucking like relax a little bit if you watch the bloope reals from all theother seasons. It's like half him really just like just cracking up andlike he's, got an amazing sense of humor like now that he's like kind ofgotten over himself a little bit, because he was first start now. He wasso fucking high serious about about it, acting because British acting schoolsdo that too yeah yeah. I did not know that yeah, my dadwas o Star dreck man,he's told me all these fucking stories from like going to conventions and Shite was star track man I never knock. I was Sora Star Wars, but never knockstar track, just ther're, just two different things, a I love them both.You know I looked at it as like star wars as might go to for, like you know, the big blockbusteryexplosions and space battles of Shit and star Treks, like you know, 's mysoap, opera, Ey guys thanks for joining us foranother episode of the basement. Lounge. If you enjoyed this and you want tolearn more about the show, learn more about me and Mike go to our website atbasement loungepodcom, and if you want to become a member of our VIP team.Just join our patreon go to Patreoncom S, tvl underscore pod for just threedollars a month. You can help support this show and get acxs to all kinds ofreally cool rewards. You can follow Mike Wells on twitter at Mike Wt flls,and you can follow me Mike Shay at Micho, valchays on twitter andinstagram w. We back again next to me with a new episode. You guys until thenis always live well, rock on take care and a.

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