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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 9 · 2 years ago

The Hardest Year to Write Jokes


How has this year affected joke writing? How will Warner Bros. decision affect the film industry at large? Who was the best Joker?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The struggles of writing jokes during a pandemic
  • WB releasing its 2021 slate of films on HBO Max
  • Just how f***ing good Heath Ledger was as The Joker

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It's just it's it is cat's Paul. That was fucking funny. Yeah, she in the fucking closet. Oh Shit. Oh, I thought you put I thought that was in a closet. Shit, I didn't. I thought that was like another room, fucking having fun on there. That is Sarah Cool. I thought that was another room or something. I wonder if how long you would have looked for if I did say look for her, because because this girl's place and just, Oh my God, I want to come here. The next day had a dead fucking cat. Yeah, they're holding sshy. Think it so. Cats are crazy. got a date tonight, Kinda because I'm just good. I'n't seen you in two weeks. So I've been seeing this girl for a couple weeks now. Awesome. Yeah, that's meet online. Nice, fucking fucking online. Yeah, she we want. We went to lilies for dinner last week, which was the most expensive meal I've ever paid for in my life. I have lily's just sounds expensive, I thought, I don't think I've ever been inside. It was my first time going. It was fucking delicious, but I mean, the end of the day, the bills a hundred bucks. Jesus Christ. It's one of those I was kind of like like I had the money, it was like as I was swiping my card, or just like wow, all right, ram in the rest of the week, which actually know because actually I had raman that they had. That'd like the big, huge, like fish bowl of Ramin. Oh, really really like like like and like braves pork belly in it. It was fucking amazing, so good it makes you really hungry to get fucking that's after this. That's like, I mean nearly as good as that. I know it was. It was a yeah, the food is amazing, but yeah, it was. It was prating. But yeah, no, it's been going good. She's she's moving. It's offered to come over and upper finished blow in the truck right on where she moved to actually not far from here. Right now she's living out in fucking Shit Bell Brook, like a middle of bum fucking it's kind of a weird place because it's like kind in the middle of like yeah, you go from like like there's there's tons of civilization and then there's nothing. Yeah, like in the span of five minutes you go from like everything to not a futon like your neighbors are a mile away. It's weird. It's a mix of country and like small town Americana. And Yeah, I used to go when I was still teaching. I used to go out to Bellbrook, hi to give a give acts really and was the weirdest fucking drive of my life. It is fucking weird. Yeah, she's moving. She's moving over off a like like...

...near the base. Okay, so, which is fucking five minutes from my house. Yeah. So, yeah, that's been going good. So then I spent the night a couple times. So really, yeah, Nice. Yeah, some kind of waiting for their fucking shoot to drop, like waiting for like an ex husband like show with a shotgun on my front door some shit or surprise, hey, surprise, my name used to be Dave, you know, something like that. She got five kids. So probably not, but she's got five kids. She's divorced. Yeah, like like married like right out of high school and just kind of yeah, to be means like people nowadays, like they get married young, they have kids young, get divorced young. Yeah, no, I got married young, not having a kids. I did fuck a couple socks. I got engaged young just I learned. I learned that lesson pretty fucking quick you know, when you find out you're she's fucking the guys on the base, you know it's right there. Tell you. Okay, is this joke I've been working on? Okay, I think being a soldier is amazing. Okay, and Video Games are coming so realistic. I started playing that soldier game called duty. Yeah, and when I finished I found out my wife was cheating on mean time. That's so real and I'm afraid of loud noises. Call duty really good soldier experience. Everyone's like, Mike, you can't tell that joke. You're basically saying fuck the troops, and I am saying fuck it up, please, somebody please fuck the trunk them. Their wives are not they're coming home after being deployed for a year to find their three month old baby and they're not not doing the math right. So now I will say it was because again it's been it's been, it's been years since had a woman in the bed with me and as soon as it was as soon as we're all we're just bout just lay in there, started thinking of my head. Okay, how can I make this work on stage? Yeah, good, I wrote, I wrote a bit for the first time. I'll fucking here. That's good. Yeah, it's tall. It's Goo that something fucking interesting happens. So basically, you know, trying to work on it, but it's like what do you do when you know with been so long since since I've slept with a woman? It's like, how do I like? What do I do afterwards to people still cuddle? Like, do I do? I do I leave a reaction video on Youtube? Do I kinder right next to each other? It's why do I leave? Or do I leave a review on Yelp? Like what do I pretty good, I would recommend did not smell of fish shit. That's fucking something. That that's been the hardest part about this year's writing jokes. Yeah, because there's nothing I had written shit loose.

There's the first bit I've written all year. I have to fucking it's been so fucking hard. I wrote a bit, a joke about Guinea pig this morning. Stupid, like I hate to be a guinea pigs. They never finished school, they're always taken tests. It suck because I don't get what, because remember Guinea a person's a Guinea pig. Oh Fuck, okay, yeah, okay, took me a minute. Yeah, so fucking stupid. They're always take a test like and by that's the that would be the reaction I get, like what right, Huh, shit, the other ones think something fucking stupid. It was a if a glitter factory exploded, that shit would take decades, but it always look fabulous, prettiest explosion, like fucking ever Shit. But yeah, I mean it. This has been the hardest year to write jokes. Yeah, I don't remember really write any pandemic jokes either. That's yeah, I was work. I had an idea for one and I wrote it down somewhere. But even if I was working on I was just kind of like, I don't like it. It's just feels, feels weird. It feels weird and I sometimes I feel like it's already been done or it's like hack you, like how much like you're going to hear all this like over again? Oh yeah, like one of this is all setting down. You're like fucking people. How much, how much pandemic shit it's going to be? People are going to be doing? I guess I thought about that too, like just how many? How many Sundays are you going to go to and everyone who goes up is going to tell like two, three minutes of quarantine jokes. What? Yeah, and that's also the fucking things. Like right now it's like the pretty much the same comics. So like when the pandemic ends, they can apply get like an influx of comics that, oh, yeah, I'm going to be talking about and you're like, especially because a lot of them you probably been sitting around watching specials m and thinking I could do that. You're going to see a lot of people want to try it out for the first time or who were just like fuck it, we almost died last year, I'm going to go try new shit. Yeah, it's going to be I'm cautiously apprehensive about just what next year is going to be like for comedy when things start open to back up again, hopefully soon. Well, I'll be pieby anywhere between late spring early summer. Yeah, if the vaccines work properly, like I saw thing today. It said, like the wine was talking about, they're expecting like four hundred something thousand vaccine doses to come to Ohio the next couple of months or something. But here's the thing, though, you got to take it twice. Oh, really, yeah, it's two shots. Oh, and I didn't hear that part. Yeah, it's two shots. The vaccine is two shots, so you'd likely you take one, like wait a couple days and take the other, or I think like two or four weeks. Oh Really? Yeah, Oh shit, this is like the weirdest thing. I...

...mean some people don't want to take it, like it's fine, they can fuck off. Its Me fucking on the thing. I was like, I'm pretty healthy. Yeah, as I I get hit by car driving out right, but if something were in the vaccine now, by the time anything happens, like by time we're able to get it, it's it'll be out for fucking at least eight Oh yeah, because like right now it's just like medical personnel, high risk people, and then I think they stay. I think I said like spring, like you're saying spring, summer, they'll start rolling it out for everybody else, which, yeah, it's it's it's like it's like it's why. That's why you don't buy a buy a new console at launch, Mike, yeah, you bought both. Well, I didn't buy both. Which about the psfive? No, fuck, no, Oh no god. I got my xbox. I got cyberpunk okay, seventy sevens. How is it? Sire one's really fucking good. Okay, like you can design, like, I don't know if you've read anything. I ready you can. You can design them straight down to their Dick. Sighs. Yeah, it's pretty I didn't realize about it because, I mean, I'm a waiting for the game for eight years. So, yeah, I was like what Du I remember seeing the first trailer for that when I shot the the first short film with everybody. Uh Huh, couple years ago. I've ever seen the first trail of that. I was like I'll fuck. Yeah, I'm like, Holy Shit, how long has it been now? Yeah, it's it's just blows my mind, like. So I was going to wait until to buy the game. I was going to wait until I got a new count console because knowing how well is going to be. It was made for I mean it's made for pc and then new next gen consoles. Okay, but they said they've prepared it for the older ones. But I've I've heard people on like psfive have been or Psfour, but having a lot issue. Yes, for I have an xbox one. I didn't really have any issues. Okay, I mean it was like stuff that was like okay, like I knew this is going to happen, like, because I mean this, I wasn't shocked that was happening. Like I'm not going to complain about like I bought the game knowing this was going to happen until I got the next Gen console. Sure, so, so did you. You got it for the one. Well, it's backwards compatible. Okay, the Games even technically finished, I was going to say, because they've been pushing it, pushing it back and pushing it back, and I think they kind of just throw this out. The shut people up for a little bit. The game amount, think the Games. That said, the Games out. There's Simil a couple more gigs left. Okay, Games not finished at all. And then one of the updates is actually going to be on the game it self. It's going to be for the next Gen consoles. Okay, like PERP, like for the next Gen console. So, by way, like eight fucking years and like I was seeing he's advertising. It's like crazy. I don't usually non fucking fall for advertising, ever, but I was like fuck, I really want to play this game. I know I always talking about I was like I've been waiting for this. So it's like fuck it. I bought it. I know. Well, the last trailer I saw was the one where they were they dropped that Keano was in it and I was like fuck, I need this, gay Jesus. So finally, I mean...'s a great five for the probably like ten hours. I'm like, I don't even know how far I am into it. It's so good, though, so fucking good I've been. I bought the new spider man. I haven't even had a time to like install and play yet, though I just wanted to go and get it. HMM. Well, because, because with with that and then the avengers game, if you buy them like now on the old Gen, you can get a free upgrade to the to the next Gen. so I fuck I guess I'm not gonna get AU ppsfive the probably next year, and then, well, today ps, I mean xbox. No reason. I was like tell myself, February, told myself, Ruy, Huh. That was like fuck always, I got it because it's on twitter. I got on twitter and best buy was trending. I was like what is that bites rending, and it was because they're releasing consoles. Yes, five in fucking Xbox, and so I was like so I' meanly, I was like, you know what, maybe I can get one. So dry go on the website. It said coming soon, soon, and Staid Alice socket says coming soon on the XBOX, and I was fucking refreshing that shit refreshment until I finally, finally able to get it at three. Oh Damn, I was at work the entire time was refreshing my fucking phone. I was like thirty because they release the PSFIVE's first. Because Joe Young, yeah, he said him, sends me a message. He's like, I think it's got psfive. I was like really, is like yeah, best by the yeah, I'm waiting for the xbox release. He's like yeah, they sent me the they sent me the verification and all that stuff. He's like, I just don't believe it's true. Yeah, piking it up. He's got it. But then it was like thing, like after he sent me, that was like two and a half hours later, like they started releasing the xbox. Okay, I mean probably released in both the same time, with a bog down the website. So much sure. What a crash their fucking server. Yea, what happened? When when fucking tickets for endgame went on sale, they put them up for Preef for Presale, crash the website and nobody could get any fucking ticket. So wild, so fucking wild. Yeah, I'm probably gonna wait till probably tax time and grab it. I've been saving money for this for a while. Yeah, so I was like this is my birthday gift to me and my Christmas gift to me. There you go. So like, so I'm going to do? I'm decide when I'm to because my birthday is the week after Christmas. I haven't decided. I usually do something nice for myself. I've decided what it is yet, because usually he would be like go take a trip or go to a concert or something. Can't if I can do that right now. So I don't know. My Buddy Matt rent it out an entire because they're dropping the new wonder woman on Christmas Day. Yeah, so they rent it out an entire movie theater Christmas for Christmas to to watch the new wonder woman. That got one hundred and fifty something like that. Yeah, you want to ask me if I wanted to go? I got to work Christmas, unfortunately, but it's fine, chitching holiday pay, but bang, Bang, two and a half times Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Cool. Oh Yeah, I missed out on it for Thanksgiving, but that's fine. Now, what do you think about it? Was the last time we talking about when HBOS MAX... releasing? Then, though, was it warner brothers? I think, leasing every yeah, they're going to push everything on there or they're going to release it the same day on Hbo Max and in Theaters. I want to how much I'll lose. I think they're well, honestly, at this point. This it's going to at least gain them something, because they was talking to a buddy of mine a bad earlier, like the way the way they the way they pay for their movies is like they write two checks and then they pay off the checks with the profits from the movie once it gets released. So they've already produced all these fucking movies and written all these checks for movies that aren't bringing any money in. SOTTA get some so they got to get something. That's why, you know. So they and they said this is only for like two thousand and twenty one to get this shit out and get it rolling, because they can't just sit on. I mean wonder woman was supposed to come out last year. Yeah, so, honestly, I got a lot of thoughts about it. For on the one hand, I'm kind of like I want I want them to. I think they need to strike up a better if they're going to do this, they got to strike up a better deal with movie theaters. And it's like, if you're going to drop this on streaming the same day as in the theater, then maybe you shouldn't be taken a hundred percent of the ticket sales to yeah, like start going like fifty or some shit. And I think that this way. I think because a lot of times you go to the movies nowadays and you got just like the people who are on their phones the whole fucking time, who bring their two year olds to a fucking, you know, avengers movie or some Shit. I think, I think, which you'll see, is those kinds of people are going to stay home and the people who are actually going to like go for the theater experience will go more. So I think it'll kind of balance itself out, but it's going to take time. I think everyone's needs. Also just remember, like it's not permanent. Yeah, it's just get really flip their shit on that, like like it was permanent. Oh Yeah, because you read the headline and it says Warner Brothers all content going to Hbo Max Twenty and in Two thousand and twenty one, and it's like right, because Shit's not going to be open yet. I'm wondering, wonder of HBO wrote them a check for that? Well, they own HBO. I didn't know that. Yeah, they own HBO. Well then, ever, that answered my fight. Yeah, that's why they're doing it, because because you go on Hbo Max, like anything that's DC is on HBO Max. Yeah, will snyder cuts come out soon, isn't it? I don't. I know it's coming out next year. But yeah, yeah, but like early next year. But they're going to do it in like four parts. It's going to be like for one hour chunks. I never watched the original. I liked it. It wasn't great. You could tell that there was problems behind the scenes, like because like Zack Snyder had to leave halfway through. Yeah, because the thing with his kid, and then I guess Joss whedon was being a fucking piece of shit on set. I know they just concluded, like they're fucking lawsuit, investigation or whatever. Oh, really, the guy who played Cyborg was like when they said they were going to release they were going to let Zack Snyder do his version. Like the Guy Played Cyborg like went off on Joss whedon and like accused them all kinds like really racist shit. And Warner Brothers did this whole investigation and then...

...they release some state in the day that said like our investigations concluded in consequences will be handed out. I was like Ho Shit. And then like the next day Joss whedon and asked he was dropping off some projects. I'm like, my fuck's about to get can damn. Yeah, so, but I mean they gave they gave Zack Snyder like fucking sixty million to do this thing, like he's basically shooting a new movie. What they did? He shooting like extra scenes for it. Didn't thing. Well they yeah, because Joss whedon went he had shot a whole bunch of Shit and you can you can tell in the movie when, if you watch it now, what was shot by Zack Snyder and what was shot by JAS watty. Weird. It's really fucking awkward. And so they said that, like, but he's going to reshoot, like think like two thirds of the movie, Oh my God. And there's there was, because there was all kinds of stuff in the in the movie that just like you look at the bad guy, he looked like unfinished CGI. Yeah, they were. I was watching something in the other day about the worst CGI. Yeah, ever, top twenty worst CGI ever, and number nineteen was entire fucking yeah, just like moving. Oh my God, the CGI was awful because you could tell they'd like did it at the last second and and did a Shitty job of it. Like there's at one point where like they're supposed to be standing out like on a lawn and it looks like they're standing on a fucking sound stage, like a no point does it look real at all. So they've already released like some footage. They've gone back and redone as like it already looks just tighter. So, but like there was a whole thing with like there wasn't supposed to be a whole bunch of scenes with dark side in them that just never got shot and all kinds of shit crazy. That movie got like fuck nine ways the Sunday man, it's almost bellows your mind that they should have just not released it. They should have liked they should have pushed it back and just given them more time, but they tried to like make this fucking release date deadline, and it's like what they're try I think feel like they're, I'm, trying to compete with avengers so much that we have to do something. Then the film that Shitty of a fuck. I never everybody complain about it so much. I was like, I can't, yeah, I can't see this. It's and I will say I think a lot of the criticisms were were overblown, because that's just how the Internet is nowadays. Yes, something's either amazing or it shit. It, you know, but I mean, but, like the criticisms are fair. I just think that they got a little like, yeah, it's not a great movie, but like I can watch it, it's fine. It's just it's like, oh, it's like a lesser marvel movie. HMM, you know. So I am excited when I'm going to do we for the Snyder cut comes out. I'm gonna Watch it and then I'm going to watch the Snyder cut. Oh really, yeah, do it. I did that. I did that with with Batman v Superman, because, you know, it came out and I liked the original version of it, but then they released the the ultimate edition and I was I was still writing for the examiner at the time and so I got to go to Columbus to watch a press screening of the director's cut and it was like night and fucking day. I was like, Holy Shit, this is better than the other one. Like it made me like the original one less because it... it like made me realize there were problems with it that I didn't notice before because they just did it better in the ultimate cut. Like is that out? You Watch the eltimate cut? Oh, yeah, that's like the only version they go by now, like if you go buy the BLU ray, that's the version. You're getting shit that I don't three. Well, it's like it's it's three hours instead of two and a half, but like they've change the order. Some of the scenes are in so like the movie kind of flows better and it's like thirty seconds here, twenty five. It fills in like so many fucking plot holes in that movie. Movie it's like makes sense, like like why would anybody think Superman did they got shot, but then you find out that like there was a whole sequence where like after they killed these people, they went and set their bodies on fire, so it looked like he heat vision into death, and it's like, Oh, yeah, that does make sense. Not sure why we cut that out, but yeah, all right, cool, yeah, it was. It was a lot and it was like one FBOMB. It's just being new. Yeah, it's just to be an FBOMB in this snider cut to its talking about it being like rated R and I'm like, all right, fuck it, drop it. I mean, who care, Logan, Logan was rated. are both. Deadpool has been rated. Our great movie. Look, it's amazing fucking movie. I saw that in theater after work. My Buddy and I went and washed it and remember that that opening scene really fucks up the dudes. Fuck. I was just like, Oh shit, she she stabbed one of them. You like, well, this is what I want. USA is all right, yeah, this is this is what I was hoping for. And fucking joker was rated. Are I mean, I made over a billion dollar. Holy Shit. That movies good and I think they I read a story that they try to pitch this story like the movie Ultralo, like a budget wise so wouldn't get made. And he's like, okay, I can make it. Oh, no, shit, yeah, I'll work for dead. See, the opposite happened for the first deadpool because they kept slashing their budget. It started out like a hundred million dollar budget. I think final their final budget was like sixty five million for that first one really, but then it made nine hundred something million dollars. So they were kind of like yeah, how that worked there, because they cut the budget of the point where he told him he couldn't have the other writers on set because it couldn't afford to pay him. So like Ryan Reynolds paid him out of his own fucking pocket. He's like no, they have to fucking be there. Yeah, right, got a fucking Ryan Rolls. You see his matchcom ad that he produced so funny. Oh my God, two zero to zero. They call me two thousand and twenty. I hope this year never ends fucking meteors or crashing. I want to can plays that the I want to replace the devil it's look that up. It's a good question. It sounds like. Is it is that fucking rib it's play it, though I don't think it was. And now the whole fucking story behind the jokers. They try to low pitch the budget and what's this? Who fucking filmed it? Who did it? WHO DIRECTED IT? Yeah, Todd Phillips, Tod Phillips, like we can do this, and they were like I think they were shocked. It's I mean the because I'm movie is like I did I did... I did a podcast like the day after and was like they're going to be teaching classes about this movie in film schools, like like, and not not just like, not just Joaquin Phoenix, like like the fucking music in that movie is is insane. It's so well shot and you know, I know people going into it, we're really kind of scared about like, Oh, it's going to glorify like how fucked up the joker is it really didn't, like it really glorified mental I mean that glorify, but like kind of like this is what happens, like is something doesn't get treated. Yeah, this is this is unchecked mental illness at his worst. Yeah, but also, like they make a point of calling out like yeah, you killed these people, but like that's fucked up. Like they make a point of saying like again, nothing he did was okay. Yeah, just fucking. Also, I just love Joaquin Phoenix. He's so good at it. I don't know. My favorite favorite character, as there's always been heath ledger's joker. Oh, yeah, but like Joukin's take on the joke, or is like Sou it's so hard, like and you got Jack Nicholson and any like. Yeah, they're all three different things. But like what Kins, just like you saw the development. Oh first, yeah, the person coming the joker, and then, and I was a little I was a little weird because, like I kind of just because I'm such an Uber Nerd, I was like a kind of don't want the joker's origin story. But then also, like you especially to get to that end scene, and it's kind of like, you know, fucking idea of any of this is because, especially once, once you find out that the girl, the relationship, was all in his head. Yeah, it really makes you go, is any of this even fucking real point is can't trust anything this. Yeah, it's that's kind of what my my big caveat with it was. was kind of like, and that's kind of why one of things I love the baddest, because now you can't trust anything in this movie. Had never thought about that. Yeah, you never thought about that, and I think they did that. I think that was kind. I think that was on purpose because they want you to like because that's also been a big thing in the comics with the joker all the time, is there's like eight different origins for him, because he you never know if he's telling the truth or not. Yeah, the only one anybody really goes through is the killing joke, which is great, but but again, that's also like the heat ledger thing. Every time he was like you want to how I got these cars? Have like three different fucking stories. Well, no, I got the say high, he's bill. Let Miss if I can do it. I almost did my Cleveland Voice. Rata, know how I got these scars? Know how we got there scars. Will you shit, how can I do it? I'm like a dog. You wonder how I got these scars. Yeah, I got to get that are just right. Yeah, I had a watch, like fucking I still suck at the voice, but I try. I watched months how to do it and it's like how he fucking like does his that voice. It's so good. It's so it's so like I watched so much shit that character. It's like I'm obsessed, like not obsessed, but just so much...

...background on that, like how I carefully. You don't want to wind up how he did. Yeah, he's went fucking like like what what man in the Moon did? The Jimmy did dim to Jim Carrey. Yeah, become in fight. Did you watch that documentary? Part I part of it. That that that movie turned Jim Carrey to a fucking wax. He basically thought he was channeling at one point something like that. Yeah, then he actually like he would beat up fucking what's his face? The Wrestler? Yeah, and in the wrest was like no, you do understand, like we were like friends and carry's trying to Piss if I remember correct, Jim Carrey's trying to piss him off. Or Yeah, because he fucking like became Andy Coffman. Yeah, Andy couman was not not all there. I mean now it just fuck. Yeah, Yeah, he's Ledger's joker man is like again, I like it's so like you'll never be able to like pully see anybody pull from that without a seeming like an imitation exactly, because it was so fucking unique. Yeah. Well, I think I watched something about director. Can't think his name all. Son, Chris Nolan, Chris Nolan said that? Or what? Maybe an Aaron, Aaron Eckert back hurt, said that, like when they were doing their lines, he would still have the makeup on even though he wasn't filming that day. HMM, just so Aaron could be like what the HMM? So are like no, like what the fuck what? But he was like, you know, you people do. People make jokes about method actors all the time. I mean he was like the most method of fucking method actors like ever. Even in movies he was in, there were shit like he was always good. Yeah, he was great. And probably any movie. I don't can't think of any movie he was bad in. No, I mean I don't like a night's tale, but it's good enough. He's good in the movie. Yeah, I don't know. I don't like a night's tale because for me I just can't get over medieval people going, come on now, that's that's eleven censory shit there forever. Because I because after he died they did that that Dr Parnassis movie where it was like they had to get like Johnny Depp and Jude Law and all those guys too. What's his face? Also, Colin Farrell. Colin Farrell, yeah, I think for en troyer was in that too. fucking mini me movies. That movie's a trip and movie like, don't watch that movie. High now. That movie is a true yeah, like I fucking ten things I hate about you. Actually, I fucking love that movie. I don't give a shit. It's such a forever as I's seen it, it's such an early late s teen wrong comp it's fucking funny. I don't care, mostly because the heat letter. He's good in it. No, I just...

I don't know that character itself. And then watching the joker now, like Joaquin's joker, it's like that. You can't compare the two because they're completely different, but they're both so well done that you're like, she is Christ like I saw. I still don't know. I still lean towards like heath so much. Heath is so chaos. I saw. I saw a thing online where they were breaking down all the different jokers. When you look at like how each joker we've had on film has been like like the joker. The joker as many parts, and each one we've had on film has been like a focus on one of those parts, like Nicholson's was the goofy gangster ledgers was the was the anarchist and then and then Joaquin's was the the mental and stability, the the mental patient side, and then even even jared Letto's was was, for what little we got, was like the the deranged, violent side. That he take all of that together to get Mark Hamil's joker, which and which is the fucking the greatest joker. It's all. It's a fucking Best Luke skywalker. I did. I remember the day I learned that. I was like fucking nine years old. I think the most fucked up thing is like about Mark Hamil. Not fucked up, but I think the craziest part as like yeah, he one of the greatest characters in cinematic history, but then he also plays the voice of the joker and you're like this guy, look, everybody knows you, fucking Luke Skywalker, sure, and then like, oh my way, he voices the joker. At least once a year I find myself telling someone that for the first time what I looked I looked up his voice credits the other day. Always Mad. It is insane like stuff. I never what would have guessed little shit to big shit stuff and video games like he was the voice of Wolverine and a fucking video game that point. Yeah, the the XTO video game. He was Wolverine. fucking stuff from I don't know if you ever watched regular show on cartoon network. Yes, he's skips. was. He really was skips. I wonder why he just does. You just do it because you want something to do. I think he's like he's a fucking nerd man. Like I've watched him like give speeches about like when he first got the call to come do Batman, because originally they wanted tim curry to be the joker. I didn't know that. Yeah, and but I guess they didn't want him because he was also doing Captain Hook on the Peter Pan Cartoon and they didn't want it to be like the same thing, voice for to yeah, but like he was talking about like when he heard about the show, he was talking about like all the different characters. He wanted a voice and this and that and the other, and they's like then they offered me the joker and I'll just kind of like Huh. He talks about like beonlike like on the highway, practicing his laugh and making voices and people just like staring at him like he's losing his fucking mind while he's driving. And Shit, he doesn't need the money. I don't think he'd had money from Star Wars. Yeah, well, yeah, because that would they were well, I don't know if you get I think now he does. I know for the longest time this kind of a thing with Star Wars. So like they George Lucas had them,...

...had the foresight to get the merchandising rites in his contract, and Fox was like basically like that's okay, we don't give a shit, because everybody thought and star wars is going to be a fucking fly. So but yeah, I mean Mark Hamill just on his star wars kickbacks alone. I mean the guys, he's fine. I think he just loves doing it. Probably He. I think he. I saw the commercial him and Sir Patrick Oh, the Uber eats cammer. Yeah, like you like. I think he just likes doing that, like when you watch a commercial and you think you he's but you said you think he just I think he just likes doing that. Yeah, same with Patrick Stewart. Really he I remember. Is this this great story my dad told him. My Dad was a huge star Trek Fan. So if you go back and watch like the bloober reels from like the first season of Star Trek Dnng, like none of them are Patrick Stewart really and he was such because he was fresh off of like the Royal Shakespeare Company and he was such a fucking like hardcore perfectionists, so that people were fucking up on set like he was getting pissed off and so finally like the cast pulled him aside like dude, it's fucking TV, like you need to chill the fuck out. Like he had such a little faith in the show. He liked lived out of his suitcase for the first season. He was just so sure it was going to bomb. Then, I guess like when he fucking like relax a little bit. If you watched the blooper reels from all the other seasons, it's like half him really just like just cracking up and like he's got an amazing sense of humor. Like now that he's like kind of gotten over him a little bit, because he was first start, natty was so fucking high a serious about about it acting, because British acting schools do that to you. Yeah, I did not know that. Yeah, my dad's huge star trek man. He's told me all these fucking stories from like going to conventions and shit. Never a star Trek Fan, I never knock. I was a sorry star wars by never knock star trek is. They're just two different things are I love them both. You know. I looked at it as like star wars, as my got for, like you know, the the big blockbuster, e. explosions and space battles of Shit, and star Treks, like you know, it's my soap opera. Hey, guys, thanks for joining us for another episode of the Basement Lounge. If you enjoyed this and you want to learn more about the show, learn more about me and Mike, go to our website at Basement Lounge podcom. And if you want to become a member of our VIP team, just join our patreon. Go to Patreoncom tvl underscore pod. For just three dollars a month, you can help support this show and get acts to all kinds of really cool rewards. You can follow Mike Wells on twitter at Mike with WTF wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mike of all Shase, on twitter and instagram. Will be back again next week with a new episode. You guys. Until then is always live well, rock on, take care and bubb.

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