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Season 0, Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Interview with Travis Brown | The VIP Table #3


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Today's guest is Travis Brown, the mastermind behind Pod Decks. Travis is a podcaster and entrepreneur who's cultivated a strong, growing community of podcast enthusiasts with his sound advice and key tips.

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Hey their basement lounge. FANS, welcome to another installment of the VIP table. This is the special patreon powered show where we sit down with the special guest every month and talk to him about their career and what they got going on. We've had a couple of great guests so far and our guest today is very special. You know, we have a lot of success of the show to this guy and everything you've been putting on, all the help he does for podcasters out there. Just you know, fore warning you, the show is powered and sponsored by pod decks. You guys can need the code tbl tenant POD dexcom to go get ten percent off your total purchase. And that would not be possible without the guests that we have here, and that is, as I admit him into the zoom, called Travis Brown from pod decks. It's going on. My man, Hey man, how you doing, Leven the dream man? Don't wake me up. Okay, all right, well, we'll try not to wake you up. We'lls try not to put you asleep today as we talk with you. Travis is the the CEO, the the the the the mighty leader of pod decks and the podcast builder club. And we're going to talk about all that and as well as just where how you how you got to this point in life, Travis. And let's let's start off right away with with with pod decks, because they have been a favorite product of mine even then. I'm not just saying that as someone with the show sponsored by pod deck using it for a while now. And where did which? Where did this idea of pod decks come from? Man, yeah, so it's crazy. Man, this is this, this whole ride over the last like year was was amazing, because pod decks was actually an accident. So I've been editing podcast for a long time. As an agency, you run out of time. I can't have any more clients. So I made a course. I'm like, I'll still be able to help people podcast and make really great content. And so as a bonus for the course, I was going to send people a deck of cards with my favorite what I at the time called friends questions. I had a list of questions on my phone that, when I was at a dinner party or like, the conversation was just kind of boring, I would like spice it up and I'd ask these questions. People would always freak out to be like, oh, that was so much fun, you're the life of the party, and I'm like, you know, it's really easy when you've got a really great question. So Watch the course. I sold to and no more, and I was like, HMM, that's weird. And then I started promoting that I had these cards that you could elevate your conversations, elevate your interviewing skills, and people kept emailing you saying I don't want the course. What are those cards? So I said, HMM, this must be something people are interested as a tool. So I pressed ten decks and made an add on instagram with my phone, just made a little video and put it up and I sold out that. I pressed a hundred and I sold out. And here I am now with thousands of podcasters all over the world using pod decks as a tool to spark conversations, to have fun, to be spontaneous, and I keep a five your journal and every day I write down like three things that happened. And it just happened recently where it was just like pod decks idea and it was like and then a year later, here I am. I'm connected amazing podcasters like yourself, and with this community. We have an APP now and I'm like, who would have thought I would? I never would have guessed this is what would have allowed me to be so connected to people. You know, it's funny. You mentioned how far you've come and I remember that Instagram ad. I remember it was like three am and I was on my phone light that my face scroll and I was like pod that, what the Hell is this? And Yeah, I think as I ordered it, because the cool thing with the with the APP, is that if you order a physical deck, you can use the order code. Yep, have the deck added to the APP. I ordered my decks so long ago I can't add them to the APP. Oh, we got to get you your order number. Then my it's but either way I've it's but regardless, it's like it's like that's just how far back this has gone and how far it's comes since then and just how much when this show first started and I was really getting my feet wet with with the one on one interviewing,... much that interview deck really did help. We turn it into kind of a rapid fire, questioned game and it's just it's great to see how versatile this, this tool can be. And but what I what I'm curious about is because you have the podcast builders club podcast, where you dropped in what like? Where does your podcasting background coming from before? Sure, yeah, so I used to be a touring musician. I used to play rock and roll, Punk Rock. I don't know if you heard of the vans warp tour, but I tour all over the country and play music, and so being in front of a microphone, being an extrovert, entertaining really just comes natural to me from that aspect. But through that journey I learned how to record music, record bands and learned all about audio engineering. So once I finally decided to no longer be a gypsy and sleep on couches and party all day, I said I got to get a job. So I drive to this cubicle, a job I hated, but at some point I learned about podcast I started listening to podcast and I was like, dude, these are all sound terrible and based on the experience that I have, I could probably help people. Makes like really good sounding podcasts, and that's what I decided to do. I was like maybe I can help people. So the first thing I did, which is what everybody does, is I started a podcast with my friends and we, you know, shot the shit and joked around and stuff, and then as I started to help other people, I had less time to do my own podcast. I was working on everybody else's podcast. But during those times I would do little projects. So I did an audio documentary about a band called the smoking popes that I love, where it's just all interviews and stitch together, and then I did a show called unlimited data where it was just like jokes and trump jokes and and bits, and I've done a bunch of different things. But I thought hey, I'm always telling people ways that they can grow their shows. Why don't I just podcast about podcasting, which I know is like Super Meta, but it was a great way for me to get back into podcasting, because how disingenuous is it to be the guy who's teaching you how to podcast if he doesn't even podcast himself? So I thought this would be a perfect way where I can do the thing I love to do and share some value and meet new people and if that's that's great. I was I was I was talking with some folks on clubhouse the other day about getting into podcasting and brainstorming new ideas and I come up with ideas for shows all the time because what I'll find is I want a certain kind of show to listen to and if I can't find it, I'm like, well then, screw it, I'll make it myself. If because it's not their best, make the art you want to see in the world, man, if you don't hear the music you want to listen to, go make it. If you don't see the art you just want to see, go make it. If you don't have the podcast you want to listen to, go make it. And there's so many, especially in the last year with with how the pandemic you know, the silver lining of everything is all these tools like zoom and stream yard, things that may have existed prior to the pandemic, but of now seen this huge influx because of the necessity and and the way that we've been able to integrate those things in the podcasting just in the last few months, things like sounder and pod page that have come to fruition. Yeah, really change the game, and you know it was through you that I discovered those things. How you know the can you kind of give us an idea of like how you've seen podcasting evolved since like when you first got started to wear it's at now? Absolutely yeah. So when it first started out it was a like mostly interview podcast, the format being that, like I'm going to start a show and I'm going to find people to interview, and that was like I I would say is ninety percent of what podcasts were. It was like two people comment having conversation, three people having a conversation. And as we've gone closer to two thousand and twenty one from a decade ago, content is become more curated. So true crime just took a skyrocket because people really like these audio documentary storytelling kind of podcast and of course, the news right people have completely adopted listening... podcast as a news source as opposed to watching channel seven. So it started to evolve because people realize that they could disseminate information through this medium to the entire globe without any censorship, without needing to be on a platform freely, which is amazing because twenty years ago, if you had a pirate radio station, you would get like your door kicked in by the FBI and they'd take you down. But now it's like anybody can start a radio station and do pretty much anything they want on it. So what I'm seeing a trend in now is more niche content. So, as opposed to just having a conversation with two people, it's more like focused in on these little hyper niches like fishing or baking or TV shows. You know, with the pandemic, every celebrity was stuck and they all had to start a podcast us, which brought thousands more ears into the pool right. So really great for podcasting and I think it's the best medium because you can listen to it when you're doing other things. It's eat pretty easy to make in my opinion. Obviously I have an audio background, but like, as opposed to filming a youtube video and editing it, having doing stuff, this is way easier and you don't have to write anything down. You can just talk and its. So it really makes it. It really gives everybody a level playing field to share the information they want to share, as opposed to having to have a camera or having to have a TV show that'll put your stuff out. It really I think it's really come a long way as far as the acceptance from the general population and then the technology, like you said, zoom, that allows people to become creators. Yeah, I remember a few years ago I was I do stand up here in town and we were we were doing a roast and everyone who went up on stage when it was their turn to take shots at me, it was always about the fact that I would as a podcast nobody listens to, which mayor might have been true, but it's so funny that I look to Noww I have those same people coming to me like so, like I would get into podcasting. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, you were the you were the outlier of the group and the Butt of the joke is now the the mentor. And for me I got into it because I came from a radio background and with the way the radio industry is taken, but still kind of wanted to feel some of that, scratch that edge a little bit. As where my of for podcasting came from it. I actually remember when I was in college and High School I talked for career day interview to radio DJ and he said he was also a comedian. The thing about podcast radio, and I guess podcasting as well, that appeals to Comedians and entertainers. The you know, being a musician like yourself, is you get to have them, you get to have a microphone in front of your face all the time. Yes, and it's just you. You're creating you. So you're creating your own content, creating your own shows, and that you don't have to worry about. Like me, you can obviously like if you want to, but you don't have to worry about the video aspect. And right it's got a sound good. Yeah, you could podcast straight up from your phone, like right now. You could just like open up the voice memo APP and start telling your best story and you could even just forward it to your friends in a text and you kind of have a podcast. I mean it's not it. The barrier to entry is so low that, you know, people can get into it without a radio background. Like you've got the awesome voice in the radio background, but a lot of people don't. They're just like I would love to share my stories, but I don't know what to do. And so, you know, we have this big opportunity that you know. I hope. I hope people have taken something away from covid and been like, okay, I'm paused. What what is the thing I really want to try now and try that or learn or grow or move, you know, and it's been a really great year for podcasting. I mean, obviously death and sickness is terrible, but I'm so happy that people have finally said, you know what, like anything's possible. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. I'm want to finally do that podcast ast I've been started talking about, you know, and it's never it's never like you measure. It's never been easier with with things like sounder or eat. I know people are touching go on...

...this, but like anchor, where you literally and do everything from an APP on your phone. And I remember talking with a friend of mine. We were working on a sear on a scripted serial show right when the pandemic first hit, and I was talking I was thinking like this is we're like people who are making content like podcasts, are going to see this, this influx of new listeners. And what I didn't count on was also just a massive influx of content. And so what I think ended up happening was we saw a huge increase in listenership, but we also saw an increase in shows, and it kind of almost like they don't want to, they canceled each other out, but kind of a little bit raised the whole thing out. I don't know if you've seen something, if you've noticed anything similar to that or if you've seen this different. So what I've seen is that with a with a decline in travel and commuting, that that is typically a time that people would turn their car into like a mobile learning station or entertainment station. So we lost some of that activity. And you know, with more podcasts out to listen to, like, like I mentioned, the celebrities all came to the table. You know, people had to make decisions because it's a zero sum game. If I listen to your podcast, I'm typically not listening to another podcast right. So that's where the really good content wins, is because people bowle will stick with you. But having all those options made it a little bit chaotic for what will what content do I actually listen to? So one of the trends I've seen is just sort of like a little bit shorter content, more that that that Sitcom twenty five to thirty five minute bite size, or something that fits in your routine, like walking a dog for fifteen minutes in the morning and being able to be either entertained or educated through that. and and once everybody gets poked twice here. The longer form content will pick back up because people have lots of places to go and things to do and they're going to want to get that entertainment in the same capacity. So with all growth there are challenges, but I do think with the world opening back up, will also see a decreasing content now because people will be like, oh well, I'm not going to do that anymore. It's too hard. And then all the people that have really developed their system and develop their audience, if they keep going, they're going to win because when you take that, take all those shows out that they were listening to, that they're not longer no longer listening to, and you're still there. Well, there's two more ears for the PODCAST. Yeah, yeah, that's when you mentioned that, because I was thinking about that the other day. How makes the travel a lot for for doing stand up or doing you know, I was I was making short films over Film Festivals and when I knew I had a trip coming up, I usually be on the road, you know, nine to twelve hours. I would intentionally like not listen to podcasts that I had been listening to, so that way, when I have the twelve hour drive, I could just marathon episode. He'd build it up. Yeah, and and it would make the drive go by so much shorter. Now I have found that since the most, the most traveling I do is my fifteen minute drive to work every day. Yeah, I'm not. I'm not digesting and the longer as a lot of the shows I listened to her, like longer movie review shows and things, stuff. I'm not digesting as many of those because when I'm at the House I'm I'm doing correct things or making things, as opposed to just sitting in the car. So it's that's that's interesting. You mentioned that. I can give you a flip side of that. My Wife, who has known about podcast forever, was never a podcast consumer until covid hit and then, because her her commuse too short, so she could ever really get into anything. And now she's obsessed. I watch her goal like Oh, what podcast am I going to listen today, and I just laughed because I'm like, I've been telling you about podcast for a decade and now you're officially like you're the consumer and and I really have a creator mindset. So I don't consume as much as I used to because I'm trying to make more stuff. But it's just it's interesting to see somebody who is completely aware of a medium who's now finally all in. So I think it's win when when it comes to listenership and creatorship, it's fun. It's funny with...

...with the being because you're in the creator you're going to listen to as many I I do the same thing with people ask me all the time because that you stand up like, Oh, just you' so and so special. I don't watch a lot of comedy specials because it I'm trying to write jokes, I don't want their stuff in my head. Sure, and so when you're so focused on making the content, I can see how that would be a thing where you don't want to listen too many other podcast because you don't want necessarily to like be the unconscious influence. Yeah, you don't want to be too derivative without realizing it. Absolutely. I can imagine. Like as a comedian, you know it's really important to make sure that you're creating something original and you know it's anything that we look at influences us, no matter we know it or not. So you know you have to be careful. But I do think a lot of people fall into the trap of like, only consuming and wishing they were creators, and what that requires from you as a creator is to carve out time where you're not consuming and you're actually spending time making things. So it's a it's a delicate balance. Now I still listen to podcasts and got a Bluetooth Speaker in the shower and you know, but you know, of course, my car and all those places. So I do still listen to podcast just not as much as I was when I was out in the world because I just maximizing my time to on the steering a little more towards the little more personal here. So you mentioned, you know, your touring musician for a number of years on the Vand's warped tour, which is awesome. So you're married, married with kids. Yeah, lockdown. I only been married for I've been married for thirteen years, happily married for thirteen years, and two kids. I got a five and a three year old, a boy and a girl. I got a perfect set. So I've you know, I got the old SNIPPERRONI and I'm done. It's hilarious because my kids, you know, what you can't see here is an it tires just shipping station of pod decks, and so my kids think a podcast is called pod deck. So when they come to my desk they want to play with the road caster and they say, I want to do a pod decks, I want to do a pod dex. But I just think it's Hilarious, so horrible. I love it. How much do you love that road caster? Man, it's a great piece, man, it was. It was probably one of the better investments. I've had this, this particular microphone, the seven B, for a decade because it's I used to use it for recording bands and vocals. So it's just something I had. But the road caster really just it's streamlines so many of the things in the process to have great audio. And so I mean if they sold the two Channel One, I would buy it. I don't need all four channels, but it's it's it's a no brainer investment for any podcaster. In my opinion. I think people, I think people are first look like it because it means it is made by road expensive little bit, but I can say it was the best check I mean it's still hurt. It physically hurt. The press the checkout button on it was like wow, but it was. It was so worth it in the end. Yeah, but if you look at seven hundred bucks and you amortize it over five years, you know, would you pay a hundred and twenty five dollars to have a really great piece of equipment that makes your life easier for seven years, or would you rather just keep pressing on all these buttons on your door trying to figure it out? Like, in my opinion, it it levels a playing field for everybody to have great audio. Well, I got I got into that point to where I was like, I keep spending the lowdollars, but I'm always having to constantly upgrade, constantly get something new. Let me just spend the big money and have the thing that's going to let the same thing with the seven B Yep, with with investing in a have a custom build PC. It was like I might as well just spend the money and have the thing. It's going to last a long time, as opposed to always being temperamental. As much as I love my you know, I still love and use my zoom recorder from that now and but yeah, you know it well, there's an old saying it's by cheap, by twice, and it's true. No matter what you're buying. You buy a cheap car, you're going to buy again. You buy a cheap TV, you're going to buy another one again. So, like what my what I recommend for people that think they want to...

...start a podcast is first just use your phone and record your best story and listen back to it and if it if it gives you goosebumps, if it like really lights you up, then start looking for a microphone. But people they buy all the stuff because they think, okay, this is the stuff I need, but it's not always the right thing that they need. And so if you figure out that you really want to do this, then you can make a good investment in things that will last you forever. Like this microphone. You could put it in a nuclear, you know, fusion machine, and it would still work. So if you buy good equipment, you're going to make a good product and then you can keep podcasting, which is the which is the whole key. I get that. I get that question a lot, like how much money should I have set aside? What should I get them? was like, I always tell them the same thing. It depends on how much you want to do this. It depends on how much you're willing to yeah, if you want to do this for Shits and Giggles, twenty bucks tops if you're looking the but you know, because I think it's because they see the setup I have and they're like, so I need to spend all that money. It's like no, I chose to my I used to have people come over to the set for the first time, but the old and the old place, and they'd say wow, man, you must have a really good job, and I would just told them know, I just make really poor financial decision. Put My money in the wrong things, allegedly, but I love it. Well, how did how did your wife first react when you told her you're going to quit your job to sell pod that sell pot? So she's very supportive. So I'm the creative of the family, so I'm the guy who wants to make things and she's more analytical. So as soon as I could show her the numbers that I could, you know, meet my end of the bargain of our finances, that she was totally fine with it. So you know, my advice for anybody who's married or in a relationship is to set a budget, figure out what your life costs, split it between you and your spouse, and then we have separate bank accounts and we have a joint bank account, and so all the money for the bills goes in the joint bank account. We have our own money, we have our own we know we have a savings account together and we never fight about money because we know exactly what we need to do and we put the money in there. And the rest is just like, if you want to buy a million lipsticks, go crazy. If I want to buy cameras and lights and all this stuff, it's on me right. So she's super supportive and she I don't think I could have done it without a supportive spouse, because there's some days where I wake up and I'm like I'm crazy, like I just had fifteen thou dos wor the deck show up on my front door, boxes and boxes and boxes, and sometimes I go like what am I doing right? But you got to be a little crazy. You got to believe so. And getting into you want to talk. Also one talk, as you just launched this thing in the last week. Yeah, podcast Builder Club is going. You going full legit with this. Hell, tell the folks who maybe don't know about the podcast builder club. Like words and what you're doing. So this all started out by building a really great facebook group. So I've got a facebook group. It's free, it's six hundred and forty real podcasters and we've kept the group really clean, so we don't allow people to just spam and and leave. It's really real people and I think it's probably the best podcast group I've ever been a part of. And so through that I'm able to help six hundred forty podcasters through this group, try to give them tips, tricks, networking training. But at the same time I'm sort of limited in what I can do for hundred forty people. So I've been investing in mastermind groups for a long time. I'll spend between a thousand and three thousand dollars every quarter on being around people who are aware. I want to be because I truly believe that if you're around people who are learning in growing, you're going to you're going to grow faster. So I invest in those things and I see the growth five time, ten hundred times growth in the things I'm doing. So I said I'm going to try to do this with just like ten podcasters. I started something called the inner circle, where I can have ten people come in pay a small monthly fee and I can really get hands on with their podcast,...

...because it's really hard to help six hundred people once. But if I can really get hands on with like ten different podcasts and show people the growth and they'll know that I know what I'm talking about here and they'll see my mission is to help other people grow these big shows. So it was just kind of the next step in you come into my world with pod decks and you got a tool, and then I do have some courses and some things that I have an APP and then I have the group and so the community aspect and teaching is something that brings me a lot of joy and so I do charge a lot of money to consult like big companies, but I wanted to make something that was affordable, that people could invest in and if they didn't show up, it would hurt just enough to make them realize like, Oh, I should be showing up to these group meetings and stuff. So I'm super excited about it's just about full and I can't wait till like document where they start and then where we end up in a few months or years or whe however long they stay. And you know, I can. I can personally attest to like that. You guys know what you're talking about. You know we have, we eve implemented so many of the things that you've suggested over the last couple of years into our show and, as you know, we've seen a really nice building momentum with our show within the last month and everything from giving you trying out sounder and and you know, pod page was it was huge. The pod page thing was massive for us, but also just little things like I was writing the most overly detailed, cluttered at show notes for no episode. It was ridiculous and it was driving me crazy. And just even that when you went I remember the episode where you explain how to just break it down into, you know, the three questions, the bullet points, and I was like there's no way, like as this, like it said, really that simple. And then I'm just like wow, this doesn't hurt my head nearly as much anymore for just the the loss of headache alone made it worth it absolutely, and that's one of my main goals. It's like reduced overwhelm right. I like the number one thing that's going to keep people from podcasting is putting all these these barriers in front of them. So if I can break all those barriers down and keep them creative and keep them doing the thing, that's fun. It brings me a lot of joy and when you tell me these things like this is what fills up my tank. It's not dollars in a bank account. It's when people tell me like hey, listen, that one thing changed my podcast. It really I can't even express like. It fills me up again so I can keep going. So thank you for sharing that, because that's why I do this. It's because I'm passionate about it and it's I want to change the world and this capacity. So really do appreciate that. Yeah, and all, I think it's important for people to know to like, you know, we hear all the time. We see people with podcasts and video shows who talk about their sponsors and you're like, well, they're just they're selling something. You know, we reached out to you guys, you know, through your affiliate program because we'd used your product, we use your podcast and your information and we were benefiting from it so much, so we really wanted to, you know, have that partnership. So it's like, well, we got to help, you know, drive traffic towards these guys and sharing that, because it really, I mean it really and for those who haven't may be seen the social media. I mean we crossed five thousand downloads this past week, which is awesome and that's huge. It's insane to me when I think this is this is the third podcast I've done in my life and I just sitting back just kind of message our coat, my coast Mike about and he was just called me as soon as he got the message, just like you got to be kidding me. Yeah, sure, we're two. We're too comedian idiots sitting here talking shit about Snider cutting all that. It's like, okay, I guess we're actually and you know, as guys are doing standard for a long time. It's like, okay, I guess we know what we're doing here something. But yeah, we lend a lot of that to you, to the point now where, like I look forward to every time a new episode drops, like what new tool is, because I'm so nerdy about this. Now, what new tool is he going to point me into write in the direction of? So well, part of the part of the formula that I use is that I testing a lot of different things and then some...

...of those things I end up using right personally, and then I'll share the things that I actually use with my audience to try to save you time of doing all the experimenting that I'm doing. So I'm glad it works and you know, I know it's hard when you hear about a new tool, then you're like, oh now I need to get this, but I'm just trying to bring the latest and greatest that can help people, you know, save time and elevate their content and get it out to the right people. So, yeah, I love everything you guys are doing. I'm so love we bring in. Before we let you go, we're gonna, we'RE gonna, we're going to like play in the inner circle. You're going to pull up the POD DECKX APP now you're gonna, we're going to ask you three questions from is there a particular deck that you're a that you are fond of? I know, we just man. I like them all. I mean I love the goofy ones, like the WTF and the the funny ones. That's more of my like. I have sort of a blue sense of humor. So perfect. So you know I can be serious, but this seems like an opportunity to have some fun. This is the chance to have some fun. We're going to get going to pull up the WTF that I'm going to shuffle through some random cards here. By the way, guys, if you haven't already, I'm going to. I'm going to smoot right here on the POD DECKX APP on your phone. Check it out. You got. You got digital decks. They're one of the things I love. Cool as you also got the podcasting toolbox. You can scroll down find equipment. They've got budgetary options as well. Can also enter check out these explore and learn options, or I pimp this deck. All this APP all the time. Nice. Do you thank yeah, we put a new course up today, so we got some mini courses that you can consume about ten minutes and apply to your show. And there's we do monthly giveaways. I believe that boom arm that you're you got right there was a was a pod dex APP winner right there. Love it, love this thing. I was so jealous I went out and bought one for myself, like it's a mostly because I thought I did. The talked about this on the unboxing to is like with this heavy microphone. I was always having to constantly adjust the screw. This thing is so sturdy I don't have to adjust a screw to move it. It's yeah, it's and it's got the nice pocket to hold the cable in there. It's. That was my favorite thing. I'm as a as a Tech Guy, cable management. Yeah, so all right, first one in the WTF deck. If you were a member of the spice girls, what would your spice handle be? Oh God, I I think I'm too old. I know there's a scary spice and then there's a ginger spice. There's a ginger spice. You know all of them. Oh Gods, trench on my inner s kid, Ginger, scary, sporty, posh and baby. Okay, do I have to be one of them, or can I just make up my own? I think you should make up your own. All right, I will be I would be bald spice boss or shiny spice, shiny spqball spice. Yeah, I mean the s were so amazing for the the five person pop group, right. I mean like to have five people dancing and like five people singing. Any Song as too much, you know. Yeah, look at you, Pentatonics. I'm kidding, I love you then you. I just watch the two and twenty documentary about how, like all those boy bands were run by this like one guy who stepped round, Pearlman, or, yeah, stepped them all out of their money, and they talked to like Lance Bass. It was like when he sat down to get his first check and he thought was going to be for like, you know, thousands of dollars, it was like one fifteen hundred bucks, and I was wow, yeah, the music industry is not fun when you're signing contracts and you're young, like it's really set up to for anyone who's a musician. Like you're in the best position now where you don't need a major label, because major labels just spend money on your behalf and then they like make you pay it back. So those guys all got I mean, I'm sure they're fine, but at that point they that Pearlman dude made a ton of money and fled to Cuba. Yes, like free, Brittany. Let's see, what type of contest do you think would be fun to judge? Oh well,...

I mean obviously, like a hot dog eating contest, a wet t shirt contest, a got anything that has to do with like the longest right, like I can play the drums for the longest, you know, the world record. Like just watching people pretty much fall apart after their fatigue. That would be great. What about you? What would you like to judge? I I've judged a lot. I was not that I'm a judge person. I mean I am, like it's the people I don't judge. I'm just a gossipy bitch. I would love to judge. I'd love to judge like a sandcastle contest. That's a good one. I'm always so impressed because we I was the kid to say in castle was bucket, upside down twig. That's it. One. I'd love to judge one of those hardcore sandcastle contests and God they're so good. Yeah, some elaborate sandcastling each that. I live down south for a number of years and Columbia and South Carolina, which is the capital, so we had to stay fair there every summer or every fall. So it was always a big thing to go to and they always had the big like sand castle of the year that was like bigger than my garage and like, if it was dirty enough, you probably could have walked on it. That stuff always floors me. I love artistic stuff like that that I can't do. Yeah, there's I mean the beauty of the world is that there's something out there for everybody. You know, people love trains and they love and castles, and it's like it's amazing. There's a little bit of something for everybody. So everybody's nerdy about something. True, everybody's nerdy about something. Let's get one more of these in here. Have you ever done something unbelievable only to have no one around to see it? Oh, man, like pretty much once a day. I'm trying to think of the last thing I did that was unbelievable. You know, I would say that like I'm one of these one in a million guys where, like my belt loop will get stuck on something that there's no possible way that if you tried, like I'll be walking past someone or like, for example, walking on the street, and then there's a guy riding a bike and somehow, like my belt loop gets hooked in his handlebars or something. Word, there's no way you could have ever even tried to do it. I'm the one in a million guy. Or like I'll drop something that bounces perfectly into some place where I'll never be able to get it again. It's like this slot is that big. So that's probably a reoccurring theme in my life, is that there's no one there to see it. You know, it's like did you just want? No one will ever believe me. How about you? You got any good? I had a real I had a moment of like pure Matrix Save the day. The other day I was putting in a new shelving unit in my kitchen and I had my cat jumping up on the counter and she was about to knock knock a glass off, and so, in a fit, I like reached out to grab the glass and figured, screw at, the shelf will drop, I'll pick it up later. And I had extended out my back leg and the shelf just happened to fall right on my back leg and not hit the floor. Yes, they're like pure wedded on one leg like a flamingo. Like I live alone, no one else is here. It's snow. Not Fair. I was gonna say maybe you're like I know you cook and you made sometimes you do the cooking tutors. Maybe it took a bite of something one time and you were like you gave yourself the Heimlich maneuver or something, but Chare. I'll tell you why. For every one of those cooking videos I put up, there's about ten never make the cut because I take a bite of it I'm like no, yeah, there you go. Just didn't work well. Travis Brown, I want to thank you so much taken taking time out of your day to join us your the VIP table in the basement lounge, and it's dude, it's my pleasure. I got to tell you, you make me laugh at least once a day with your instagram or your tick tocks. And if everybody here could just do me one favor, like all I want you to do is,...

...just as soon as this episode's over, go to the PODCAST APP you're listening to and give the show a five star review, but don't just give it like the stars, actually write something in there, because you know people like micer are coming to you consistently, putting together content, trying to entertain you constantly, and the least you could do is, you know, give them a little slap on the back and say, Hey, job well done, because reviews mean a lot to us podcaster as they help people find us, and it's sort of just one of those things that you can do for free to help out and keep this show getting exposed to more people so they could be entertained. So that's my ask. I appreciate that so much, man, and do the same for the podcast builder club, over over on. And it's easier than ever to do it if you just go to our good our respective websites, because they, yeah, age has the review page. You can leave it right there. They can leave you a voicemail to have you use that. You the voice. Those are so cool. I tested it out the other day and I was like, I wish people would do this. This is awesome. Yeah, download them at it's our new website. If you guys, if you're a podcaster, you haven't used pod pagde yet, like, Oh my God, it's the best thing ever. It's the jam right there. I'M gonna all the red carpet for you, sir, and I'm going to let you go ahead and put plug away. What plug away? Well, Hey, listen, you can find me a pod Dexcom or you can find me at pod decks on instagram. Those are the two best places to find me. I love for you to say hey, I heard you on Mike's podcast. If you're interested in having great conversations, you can check out pod decks or the pod decks APP. And thanks again for having me, man, I was honored to be invited and be a part of your legacy here. Appreciate it so much. You guys. I don't know what to Pod dexcom. Check out. Get these. You think you're out of the hats now right. That sold out, man. I made fifty and they're all gone. So if you got one, you're in the club. But you guys, you got shirts, you got mugs and you've gotten the dex themselves. You've got the episode deck. The give you a little sneak peak. We got we got new decks coming. Here's two of the new decks. That's even. Get that in focus. Yeah, yeah, all those boxes are nice. Yeah, dude, we really spend some time on the packaging to make it very elaborate. There's some good stuff coming, so keep your eyes peeled. So, I don't know where to pod dexcom. And don't forget, use the COTBL ten to get ten percent off your total purchase at check out. And with that being said, we are gonna we're going to say a bit of do, the Travis Brown, and we will. We will talk to you later, sir. Thanks, Mike. See You all right, guys. That is going to do it for this month's installment of the VIP table. Once again, make sure you check out the podcast builder club and the Pod des APP and go to pod dexcom and use the COTBL ten to get ten percent off your total purchase at check out. Thank you again, the Travis Brown for coming on the show, and we'll see you guys again next time. Hey, remember, if you want to be a part of these interviews live, either live tapings, and ask questions yourself, join our patreon. Go to Patreoncom tbl underscore pod. For only three dollars a month is all it costs to join our VIP section. Guys can also support us by going to buy me a coffee and COFEEK KO FI. have an over to tbl POD DOTNET and click the support button, because won't help us out there as well. We'll see you next month with a brand new interview to brand new guests. Until then, is always live well, rock on, take care and bump eye.

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