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Season 0, Episode 4 · 1 year ago

Interview with Breana Gabriel | The VIP Table #4


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This month's guest is Breana Gabriel, a life coach and aspiring podcaster. Breana tells us about her love for building positivity and manifesting desires.

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Let's go on. Basement Lounge fans, welcome to this month's installment of the VIP table, where we sit down with a very special guest, talk to him about their career, about their field, get into them a little bit more and have some fun. This show is brought to you a by pod decks. Remember, guys, head on over to POD DEXCOM if you want to get some awesome decks of cards that help you to give you ideas for new episodes interview questions. You can also get stuff like this sexy hat right here, tea shirts and mugs, all that kind of stuff, and use the coach tvl Ten to get ten for some off in your total purchase at check out. Our guest today is a an aspiring podcaster as well as a life coach, and we're gonna talk with her about how she has transitioning into this part of her life which she's able to do such a great, great thing for people for a living, what her unique take on it is and what's go ahead and bring her in right now. Brianna Gabriel, Ladies and gentlemen, if this thing would actually I hate zoom so very very much. I'm not editing this out. I don't care, it's staying. And there she is. Hello, hello, I brihanna. How are you? And Great, how are you going? Awesome. Thank you so much for coming on the show today. It's going to be great getting to know you and getting a little bit about what you do. Yeah, thanks for having me. I'm excited. Well, let's let's start off right off the bat. I did. I did a craptacular job of introducing you and describing what it is you do. So let's start off by having you. Want you to tell the folks at home a little bit about who you are and just like what it is you do. Yeah, I love it. Will Hie everyone. My name is Brianna. I am a certified and Nolpte life and business coach. So what that means is I specialize in mindset shifting. So if you're heavy on the love of self development, that's my area of expertise and you know, just to be a better you and what that looks like. I help you kind of hone in on who you are and what you want out of your life. And and we met. We met Brianna through clubhouse. If you guys are not on the clubhouse APP yet find somebody who can vet you to get you on. It's available on I phone and android now and it's a great it's a great communal, communal spot, and I kind of wanted to start off with that, which is what, in your line of work, in the kind of things you do, what was that? Drew to a clubhouse for the first time. Man, I was actually fascinated about the network and knowing that people are speaking in real time. You know, you can listen or have all these social media platforms, but all of those things are edited and they don't come out the same day. So when I heard I'm like, okay, and audio. This is going to be, you know, like podcast or you just listen, but I'm like you can people and you're listening to them speak and just getting to learn, you know, from big names or just anybody that you're interested in. It caught my attention. And what's your experience been like on on clubhouse so far? Oh, I loved it. For One, I've been converting just clients, because when I tell somebody, you know, what I do, they want to know more. And it's also been a learning opportunity that I'll go in and I just have my notebook, like, okay, what don't I know already? What do I want to implement, you know? And how can I ask questions to people that that's their area of expertise? And I know where we met was in some of the in the in the upcoming podcasters groups, and I know you're in that developmental stage of developing your own podcast. So where are you at in that process since we first started talking? Yeah, so I have a name down. I'm working on the description right now. I'm figuring out how to actually edit the audio. So I've been playing around with voice notes, I've been looking at Mike. So I'm a lot further along than I thought. So I'm kind of thinking the end of July, first thing August, and that's kind of where I'm at. I'm excited...

...and so and by the time this is dropping it's going to be the end of June, beginning of July. So what is the name of the podcast so that people can start to look out for it when we get into that? Going to be the mixed rows. The mixed rows. Now, where did that name come from? Well, for one, I got my Na from twenty three and me and I already knew I was mixed with a lot of things, but let's just say I don't know what I'm not. Yeah, everything, and yeah, I just I don't know if you can see. You know, for those watching, I have not an obsession, but I love roses and what it is is because I look at our life like a rose, whether it's dying or it's flourishing, there's always the story and there's always beauty behind it, and I kind of tying that into the self development world. Whether you feel, you know, kind of crappy, your life is still beautiful to somebody else. That's that's longly and that that's such a great, great mentality to have. Considering your line of works as a life coach, as someone who has chosen to dedicate their life, their livelihood to you, in the most layman's terms possible, helping other people figure their own lives out in a way, what was that? What was the guiding force into this line of work? Oh Man, being a people person. But honestly, it happened. I feel like I give goosebumps every time I just think about the story, but I was at a fast food place and there was a homeless person, you know, trying to get food and I said, you know what, I'm ordering my food and whatever you want if you haven't eaten, and they just looked at me and was like you're going to do so many great things in the world and I hope it's something involving people. And you know, at the time you don't really think about that or you don't know, like it doesn't strike an Aha moment, but then you start looking more and more like not so much how can I help people, but how can I guide people? How can I be the light that I never had for somebody else? And I started looking into, you know, psychology. I looked at why the brain does what it does. Why, you know, why are we here in this earth? What is our life, purpose, our mission? And it just grew for my love of personal development that I saw, Oh, there's life coaching. So I've been on this journey almost ten years now. Ten years. I realize it had been that long. Yeah, I was studying it, I was working with other people and not up until two thousand and nineteen I made it my own business to do it completely myself. That's that's crazy. What so, what? What were you doing before this? That's that's kind of go on before, okay, I had every job in the book. Well, let me tell you. I was coaching while I was doing everything else. My most recent, I guess, job, that was four or five years ago, was I was working out of bowling at now. I was serving there, I was waitressing there, I was bar attending there and I was a party host there. And it wraps up all of my sense of my personality because even before that I was doing princess parties. So I specialize in balloon animals, paying eating little faces, working with kids and just more so the parents, and I realized through every stage of every job that I've had, it showcased a different, you know level, like I have a not unlocked and new level of my life. That said, you know what, I have enough life experience that if somebody's going through this, a little bit worse or anything, I can be the one, you know, that they can come to. So I really harness that and I really, you know, dove deeper into reading and really finding out what I could do, you know, because we have jobs and we're like, you know, I'm making ends, need I'm I'm doing it, but I'm like, how am I becoming more impathful? How can my little deeds be something that's very big. The Princess...

Party thing. I'm thinking about an episode of Mocking Family Right now. I just have to imagine you like eating a little girl's face. will all the same time like like, by the way, like when you're looking at college major's like and you know what? It was funny because that's kind of what it was, because they would range anywhere mad from like five to like eleven years old, right, and there's only such deep conversations you have with kids. But you tell them like, don't stop dreaming, whatever it is that you want to do, maybe just read about see who does it. And I wanted another reason why I like the rose is because I plant the seats and I feel with with my clients, and why I did in the very beginning is I'm I'm very much a dreamer. So if I feel you can do anything, then I'm going to give it into you, like I'm going to pour into you so you know that you can do anything. So I'm here planting seeds and I didn't realize I was doing that with the princess parties because I'm telling them, like you can be a princess, why not just buy a ground. Come on, hard was it to not break character like when you're doing these things? Don't feel that it was hard because I feel I'm Reyal to you every single day. You can't break out a character when you live it. Break Care. I am a princess. What you thought about alter ego strong over here? When? So? When? What? Is there a certain kind of light? Is there like a certain type of clientele that you look for? Is it kind of a taking all commerce or thing, or do you do you try to market to or you know, mark it to, but reach out to a certain kind of demographic of some kind? Yeah, for me it's individuals that are actually ready to do work and kind of understanding why you want to do the work, because I'm not going to force you. So whether that's coming from you want to be more productive, you want to be more intentional, or ultimately you want a better life. And we say that, and I feel like I've stopped saying you want a better life loosely, because how can you actually monitor that your life is becoming better? You can look in the air where he is and say, I want to eat better, I want to do this, but ultimately, if you look back a month ago. Did you eat better every single day, every single week. So I'm kind of more talking to the people, more so entrepreneurs, that are actually ready to stop giving themselves excuses and stop saying they're going to do the thing tomorrow, because when tomorrow comes they don't do yeah, we every, every single day. I mean how who among us hasn't done the whole I'll cut the grass tomorrow, I'll do one you tomorrow. It never happens. Never happens. Next thing you know it's Day five and you're out of socks. Right, right. Have you had? Have there any been like is we we hear like you know, I used to be a teacher and so we always have the stories of like, Oh, I was teaching the student, but in the end of the day they taught me something. Have you ever? Have you had any kind of experience of similar to that with with clients, where you were, you know, giving them guidance or counseling on something and it wound up maybe altering a perspective or an opinion you had or just teaching you something in the process? I've actually had that with kids and I feel that, to anybody, those are the best teachers. If you ask the right questions. And I say this because there was a specific party that I had. The little girl maybe was like eight years old, but her brother we just kept having like just random conversations throughout their party and it was something that he's like, man, adults are so boring. I'm my why? He's like all they do is like go to work. I said, do you feel that they don't have an imagination anymore? Do you feel they're not creative? And he like look to me, he's like no, they kind of don't do anything. And I was like, well, what do you feel you would do if you were an adult? And he like mapped out this whole thing and I'm like okay, well, that person over there, and it was like a regular that comes in. I said, that person does exactly that but then doesn't... anything on Tuesdays. And I like just looked at me and I'm like, you know what, we're the ones that are showing up to these kids like we're boring, because at what point did we stop our imagination, our creativity? And it kind of brings you an Ahhah, like they don't want to grow up because they don't want to fall victim to I work and I'm boring. They feel like, you know, Peter Pen Syndrome, that they just want to stay forever young. But I look at it is I haven't aged because my creativity is still going, my imagination is still going, and I give a lot of you know thanks to that, because I love when I'm able to surround myself with either my friends kids or somebody's kids and just get a different type of conversation that's not so much about their work in their life. But I drew this today and I love it. I think we all need that. I use my my imagination every day when I'm at work. I imagine a world right I don't have to go to my job at over, but when you say it that way you're now speaking into not going any job versus a job that you're at. It true, we gotta be here past that. I walk past the doors out I'm just kind of like I could leave, I could, I just I can walk out that door as I am agin you check that. Then I remember there cicadas out there and I don't go out that door because it's that time of here right now. It's great, it's awesome, fantastic. So growing, growing, up. You know, we just had to come from somewhere. was there someone in your life growing up who acted babe, as a catalyst or planted planted that seed with you that maybe grew into what it is now? Yeah, I definitely want to say my mom, because she's always had different mentors and she kind of spoke life into our gifts and I just remember being twelve years old when she's like here, read the strength finder to find out more about you, and I'm like, Huh, you know, and I did. And one of the biggest things that have just stuck with me is that I have a wool personality, and what that means is very, you know, extroverted, exciting, and people might get captivated, you know, by me or speaking to me, and I'm one of those people that from, you know, my early childhood, I can go anywhere and I'm just sparking conversation with people and some people may or may not like it, you know, if they come with me, but I can go to the grocery store, see something in somebody's cart and I swear for like ten minutes we'll be talking about grapes or something like. You know, my mom kind of brought that she just really wanted to look at, you know, what kind of life we were going to have when we were older, based on our personalities. And so now this, however, many years later, how did you like when you when you talk about like what you do now, like with your mom, or your mom sees where you're at now, like how does that? Do you have that connection with her? Do you have that bonding with her through like what that's developed into? I think it's still probably a boat interesting thing for the both of us because I feel like she saw it, but not knowing to this extent, she knew that it was going to be, you know, something with people or that I would just, you know, communicate or just be a light to others. So to know I've went down this path. I don't think she's as shocked, you know, but it's still something that it's like, Oh, you like this since you were little. It's so great. That's so great. And see you and your mom are still close. That's great. That's Phantas. I'm a MOM's boy, so right, I love it whenever you're somebody to say I don't get with my mom and I'm like that doesn't that doesn't make sense to me. I don't get that. So with we're with way the way things are working now, with now it's become a it's become a livelihood situation. It's become something that, you know, they say, do what you love. You never work a day in your life, so it's great that you're doing something you enjoy. But outside of the actual work of it all, like what's...

...what's the source of what's the big source of fun relaxation? Likely because I'm a big movie Fan and I'm a big podcast fan. I can't watch movies and listen to podcast all the time because then making them starts to feel like work. So I had to find things to do that aren't movie and podcast related. So like where do you go for that that disconnect so that it never feels like work? Man, that's actually interesting because I feel like I always keep it, because now I enjoy reading and whether that's reading by the pool, you know, kind of watching stuff. I'm not really a movie person, like me, and TV just I've never been, you know, interested, but I just like learning and even as a pastime, because I like knowing why. So in that aspect I feel very childlike in a sense of wanting to know and wanting to understand. So I always kind of relate that just to my life and even when I'm not doing anything, if I do run into somebody, it's like, Oh, I'm gonna why this person said this, you know, and I also have to kind of find a happy medium on there's some things that we shouldn't have to understand and shouldn't have to like break down and digest and stuff like that. But yeah, definitely a pastime is just reading and getting lost in different people's lives and you know how they came up and overall it's just fascinating to me. I can't say the last time I actually sat down and like just just got lost in a good book. It's been years. I've got I've got hundreds of books. I'm one of those people. I've got like, you know, a hundred books to read, but I'm still going to go buy new ones. Yeah, never read. I've got them and I'm never going to read any of them. What that? What's like? What's something you're reading right now? Man, so I wouldn't have thought that I'd be reading this, but the book is called the MIDAS touch. It is by Robert Kirosaki, who did the Rich Dad, for Dad and actually Donald Trump. And it's actually interesting because the whole kind of summary of the book is speaking on the MIDAS touch, meaning if you've ever heard the saying, whatever you touch turns to gold. They kind of specialize and speak on why some entrepreneurs are successful and why others fail, and they get into different characteristics of the things and qualities you should have as not only a person but as a company and as a brand. And I was really like, I looked at the book and I was okay, don't judge a book by it's cover, and now I'm in love and them the send of the book. You never know where you're going to find. Yeah, it is what it speak. Speaking of books, you're the first ever like life coach I've ever I've ever like actually gotten to like me, to interact with, so I'm dying to ask this. What are your thoughts on the secret? Oh, okay, so I love it, but let me explain why. Okay, I look at it in terms of okay, let's start to the preface that I am not a strong believer in affirmations. I can't just say them to me if there is no context around it. Like I'm a money magnet, like what if I don't feel like money's just thicking to me, like sometimes I feel like I have to do it, little bit of work, you know, for it to come, or I have to have an idea for so, with that being said, I look at the secret as it brings you more to life on the vision of what you want in your life. And I say that because there's somebody that has told me I can't manifest, I don't know how to do this. I want to be a millionaire, and I'm like, but you don't really want that. You're just saying it because that's what everybody says. What if you're comfortable making tenzero a month, Fifteenzeros, because you know exactly where that money is going to go to? And what are the things that you can do? If I were to ask you and say, okay, write these things down, what are your monthly expenses? What are the things that you actually want to go do, and how many times in a year do you want to go do them? Now, if you were to tell me, you know what, I just want to take two trips of year,...

...every single year, and let's say you average about two Grand Hotel. That's not including, if you like, buy gifts and things from there. So now you're saying within these trips, let's say you got to save about six thousand notes. Now you keep adding that to all of your stuff. Let's say in order for you to live the life that you want, is Twentyzero a month. Now, if you say you want to be a millionaire, you don't even know how to make that money disappear because you haven't thought of enough things. So to me I look at the secret as being realistic. You know you want something, but you don't want it bad enough. I manifested both of the cars that I had. So I was a big Barbie fan and she had a Volkswagen bug. So my very first car was a volts wagon convetible, convertible bug, and it was a powder blue just like Barbie had. But it took me eight months to manifest it. What I did is I bought all the things for the inside of the car because I knew as soon as I bought it I was going to put this in here. This is a kind of set my car was going to have. I brought it to life. Now with the car that I have, I have a Masdomot. It's a two seater convertible. You Don like convertible, but it was so funny because I don't know if you're familiar with like the TURRO APP, but I rented that car no more than a month or two. I was like, I want this car and I got it because I kept thinking about it. and to me that's different than an affirmation of a magnet to car. Whatever car that I want, I'm going to have. Well, now, that's not general and it's not there. It's general but it's not specific. So if you take the secret and you put it in practice with you giving, you know, emotion to the thing that you want and really feeling that you haven't, it works. It absolutely works. And so with things like that, do you find that the approach to because you hear a lot of the a lot of the life coaching things like the secret. A lot of its focused on, you know, business, financial success, that kind of thing. Do you also see where how a lot of these same tips and tricks, and think tips and tricks makes it sound really trivial, but you how you can like apply those two like like non business, non financial, you know, building relationships, things like that. Do you see where they're where the crossover is with that. Yeah, and think of it as like your life's and bucket list. Sometimes we make these lists and never look at them ever again, but how adamant are we actually working towards it? I now something that I'm going to be doing once I launch my actual blog is, since I found out about my DNA, for every part of whatever region country that I'm from, I want to try the food, travel to that place, purchase the clothes. That's now going to be a new level of my life that I make a bucket list, because now I have a definite reason on to for example, I'm Greek, I now have reasons to try Greek food, go to Greece and you know. So there's different things that I have that I'm like, Oh my God, I just, you know, I leveled up my own life by finding out everything that I have and just all the cultures within me that I can go witness now, instead of saying, I mean, I did travel to Hawaii, but I don't have Hawaiian in me. So now I'm like, Oh my God, this makes it that much more meaningful for me that. Setting aside, you know, business goals, whatever, what are your personal aspirations yeah, if money wasn't an issue, what would you be doing in your life? And it's so easy for somebody's say, oh, but I had all the money in the world. But when did we stop dreaming? And I think the secret is ultimately telling you to not give up on whatever you're thinking about doing. We're going for the record. Greek food is delicious. I'm just gonna throw that out there. See, I'm here for I'll let you know on your on your DNA results. What was the one that really caught you off guard? Like the one you were like, seriously, that I'm Indonesian.

Really, I was like what I'm telling you? It's a home list and I haven't done mine yet. My brother and his and his wife, they were doing hers and she's been like obsessed that now. So I'm tempted to do it. But I know I've done growing up. I did a lot of like the genealogy projects and stuff in high school, so I know that most of my family's it's a lot of white people, a lot of Irish and German. It's like, yeah, that makes sense, that makes sense. See, got Irish too. Now I could celebrate the best way to celebrate be and Irish just to get hammered, but you know that's so I want to post some questions to you now. We were sponsored by pod decks and we're going to use their mobile APP, using there, because we you know, with with what you do, a lot of it is you manifesting, it's building towards the future. So we want to talk about your future using their deck called the future freaks me out. I'm going to ask some questions. This is going to be like a little crystal ball stuff. We're going to be really talking about just what you what you think the future is. is going to be. Like some of this is about you, some of this is going some of these you're just kind of funny. So let's see. Like okay, so, like we'll start here. What Technology will watches have and twenty years from now? Oh, what technology will watch is have? Oh my God, I feel like they're going to be able to do everything. Right now, I don't even have an Apple Watch because I'm like then, why am I going to need a phone and IPAD? I think they might be able to drive your car, because know that cars already can park themselves. I'm like, a where were you, you know, when I first started driving, but they might. Man, there are aren't they already able to like do your air conditioning or stuff? Or is that just your phone? Those Tesla's are, I don't know what those things are insane, but what they can do. Now I was on the on the highway the other day and there was a guy driving a tesla like straight up, like watching a video on you honest, the card, and I was kind of like, that makes me really uncomfortable. Actually, yeah, yeah, I'd been cringing. What is the most inconvenient thing in your life, and do you see this changing in the future? Most inconvenient thing? Okay, for one I will say being a girl, because there is a lot to us. So when I travel it's not a pack stuff up in five minutes and go. I don't see that changing. But what I do see changing is getting better at packing. So I've went from making packing list to packing the night before to packing about two nights before, and I think it's honestly that and putting all my containers. What I do now is prep my little travel items so that way I don't use the same thing and then have to put it in the bag take it out. So being a little more efficient on traveling because men can just grab clothes and throw it in the bag because it matches. Ours have too many moving parts, that's true. I pack the night before I know I wish see here. Let's pull a couple more of these. Okay, this is this is a fune. Will people have more or less privacy? Twenty years from now? Less privacy, and I feel we're already getting into that because people are showing everything. You can find out where somebody is by checking their social media stories. Before, if you called my house and I wasn't there, you didn't know where I was, and I feel we're just going more and more into check in when you get here and save money off if you post about us. So you know that there's so many ways to tag where you're at and what you're doing, and even on your phones you can send your location anything. Our phones know where we're at. So if you know where I'm at, then I can probably tell you anything else about my day. was cracked me up when people would say that you're using the vaccine to plant GPS tracking devices on have... iphone. Yeah, you already know what. Also, also, you work at cold nobody cares, so you are let's do. What. What teacher? I know we mentioned your mom, but like what teacher in your past do you think has had the biggest impact on your future? HMM, what teacher? I don't know if it was school wise versus Youtube University, because I had some teachers, you know, in school and it was impactful but like getting older, you don't really remember it or say you know what this person specifically now it's more so seeing people do what they're doing and letting me know, wow, I'm able to do that. So, for example, if I look at the coaching world, sure, okay, I have Tony Robbins and it's not so much him teaching, but you start looking at who he learned from, different people that are talking. You know, I can also say in a different sense to say Bob Proctor, earl nightingale, Napoleon Hill, from thinking we're rich. So now my teachers are different mentors that are either still here or no longer here, that I'm continuing to, you know, digest their information, reread the stuff that they had. So I think more of an impact is me now of WHO I've listened to and who I'm continuing to consume their information. I'll take it, I'll take it. I do get jealous of people that have had like impactful teachers in their life. Not that I'm not that I had like a bunch of bad teachers, but like it. I have a hard time thinking back on teachers I had and thinking that that teacher really like changed my life or I was like I never really had a great teachers, but I never had any that were like super inspiration or anything like that. I kind of had to find that through, like you kind of mentioned, like through other means, through through the Youtube, university and things like that. Yeah, and then I feel, as were younger, we're not really looking at life in that way to determine how valuable they actually were or they are, you know if some are still doing it, but I look at now, I'm in a state of bettering myself. So what that looks like is looking at people who have bettered themselves, looking at those steps and then implement menting only what I feel will make a difference for me, because different people can tell you at what hours to wake up, but it also doesn't work if you are juggling a nine hundred and twenty five or you're trying to just be an entrepreneur or if you are, or if you want to work later on in the day, that's that's actually really sorry. That kind of blew my mind a little bit. Must last one we're going to go to. This one doesn't have to do what's do with the future so much as the past. But when have you pulled off the impossible and how did you make it happen? What's the time you just knocked it out of the park? Park I would say when I put myself first to actually start my business and it was a no longer being attached to the hip of other coaches, other people doing I said, you know what, I'm to do it for me, and it was just the biggest highlight for me that I'm like, I'm doing it, and now to say I have a name for myself now that you know, I have different clients telling me, you know, I saw this review and I wanted to know, you know, if it was true, and it was. And then other people like, okay, well, what can you do for me? And I still even change that to say not what can I do for you, but how can I show you for you to do it for yourself. You know, you you lead a man. What are lit a man litle or something to fish or water. Look, I don't even know the saying and I'm really good with quotes, but yeah, I don't want to be the one I'm helping. I'm guiding. Use The knowledge that I've obtained...

...and that's got me to where I end to help you get to where you are. I always look at it as I'm telling my like, you know, not future me, but past me. What are the things that younger me needed to hear? What's something that would have helped me then? Because I'm also not speaking to the people that are on my current journey. Your where I used to be. Here's how this helped me. If you really take in consideration what other people are saying, you'll move a lot farther in life by listening to somebody that's already felt. Unless you want to fall yourself and like all that did hurt, I'm going to look like by well, how many bandages do I need in case I fall, but I'm not trying to fall. Is there something like it? We ask her, as good asses question all the time, if you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, like, is there something you'd like to say that seem like I have this conversation with myself all the time, and now, as an adult, it's been do the thing that you're afraid of, you know, whatever somebody says a why are you doing? That is the time to do it, and it's so fascinated because that's something I would tell my younger self, like just do it, you know, but more so if it feels right, do it. If you want to know it feels right, sit with it for a little bit, because oftentimes we do things based off of other people pressuring us to do it or other people telling us not to do I said this to a client that she was afraid to show up live, you know, on Instagram, and I looked at it I'm like, you know what, I don't go live often either. Why? It's because people have made it out that if you show up as who you are right then and there, it's bad. You need a prerecord it, you need to edit it and you need to put it up as perfection. Well, there's not a lot of things that are perfect in this life. So if you just start saying what am I afraid of, you'll see how much farther you've went on in life. You're not only that, but do like doing the instagram wives things like that. The people who are who are partaking of your content. My cat scratching at the door. So I'm sorry if you can hear that. If you are a people who are partaking of your content, who are following you, they like that. They like that interaction you get from the live stuff and they like the kind of the behind the scenes, the real life stuff. It's almost humanizing, I think, for them. Yeah, and I don't think people realize that, like sometimes we need to step outside of ourselves and say, you know what, somebody's seeing the real life, what I'm going through, how I'm feeling, and it's fascinating to me because I kind of feel like that with podcasts and kind of clubhouse, that it's real authentic and it's right then in there. Even with PODCASTS, like you'll edit it, but you also aren't editing the emotions and the way that you're feeling and stuff that you're talking about. It's like, you know what, this is how I felt right then in there. I'm going to talk like it's why we like documentary so much. It's why people like documentary. Is especially the serial killer ones tw each their own. But you know, in the world of podcast we talked about true crime podcasts all the time and think it's because it's it's because it again it shines a light. Or why we watch and TV CRIBS or, you know, lifestyles of the rich and famous. We like seeing how other people that we admire live in there and their regular everyday life. You know, the biggest beyonce rolls out of bed with with bed hair, just like everybody else. So differences. She's got a whole army to take care of that for her. I have a three dollar brush from walgreens. So before as we start to wrap up here, before we before we do let you go, one of the things that that are our listeners have have wanted us to try out. So we're going to. We're going to try this out here with you. We've never done this before, is they would our listeners want me to give our guests...

...the opportunity to ask me something. So I'm going to. I'm going to give you a chance to ask me a question to kind of start to bring things to a close here. What is it me for you to have fulfilled life? I guess I think for me I'm still figuring that out because in in the last year so much has changed for me. I went from living with my mother to move back in with my parents for a while and now I own a house and live alone for the first time. You I've always had family or roommates I was living with in a place that wasn't really mine, and now, for the first time in my life, at thirty two, I have literally my own home and I live alone, and so I think it's figuring out kind of just like how to not get stuck in a routine. How do I not just spend every single day on the couch with the cat, you know, on the computer or whatever, you know, how do I not fall victim to routine, because routine is the death of creativity, I think. So I think I'm figuring that out because I'm still figuring out kind of what my what my new normal. I've only lived here for, you know, eight months now, so it's trying to figure out what my new normal is. So I think to kind of actually have answered the question, I think would have to be just having that sense of normal normalcy. I guess you know, I'm I I'm a guy who lives and breeze entertainment. I do stand up, I make podcast I make films, so to be able to just have a sense of normalcy where I can disconnect from everything, I think it's probably the best answer for that. I love that. And then here's the tip to for anybody that might be, you know, on that same journey to understanding that look at whose future you and what is future you want and how is future you live, because when you start looking at that versus, not not so much like goals that you have, but how do you feel in the future, you know what makes you comfortable, what makes you happy and what makes you again feel fulfilled, but not in the aspect of Oh, this kind of money, this know, if you had again your ideal perfect day, what time would you wake up? What's the food that you're eating? What type of places do you shop at? We don't think of those specifics because those are the things that we're doing in every day let's say you go to a certain grocery store now, are you still going to go to that same grocery store in another five or ten years? Do you see yourself eating differently, which means you shop differently? And I say that because that gives you a better sense of perspective on the little two changes that you can make now. If you eat better in the future, then why don't you start now? How can you make subtle changes, and then you'll ultimately see, wow, I'm living a fulfilled life because these are the things that I wanted for myself. It's great. It's Great Advice, folks, and it's it's not even it's free. So we tell I love what I do. Take it around with it, folks. Brian, it's been fantastic having you on and talking to you today and getting to know more about you and more about what you do. So what I want to do now is give you the opportunity to simply plug, plug, plug away, tell the people where they can find you and anything you have that you would like to direct them to. The floor is yours. Yeah, okay, so everybody, you guys, can find me on instagram at it's lovely be and my website is www dot it's lovely becom. You will be able to find everything on those platforms, from my services, what I... and about me, more on why the roses and just an a whole area of if you even want to coach, send me a DM send me an email. I can walk you through everything and I'm actually coming up, so when this comes out, I'll probably already have my digital products, but I am in the works with a whole bunch of digital products for you to ultimately live a better life and what that means to you. It's fantastic. Brianna Gabriel. Everybody go to www dot's lovely becom. Make sure you follow her on all the social on instagram at it's lovely be Brianna, thanks, thank you so much for coming on this month's episode. It was so great to have you on. Yeah, thank you for having me. I loved it. Fantastic. All right, we're going to say goodbye to Brian. Everybody wave to goodbye to Brianna. We're gonna, we're going to we're going to say goodbye to Brian here and with that being said, guys, thank you so much once again for stopping by the VIP table here in the Basement Lounge. We do this every single month and if you want to get your questions in and have have some questions for our guests, it's real simple. All you got to do is go over to Patreoncom tvl pot and join our patreon. Become a VIP for only three dollars a month, get acted all kinds of cool rewards and as well as submit your questions for our VIP guests. Every single month we do this once again. This show is sponsored by pod decks. Go to pod dexcom and use the COTB. I'll tend to get ten percent off your total purchase, and I don't over to our website, tbl pod dotnet to check out everything we've goat. Go on and over there. We back again next month with another VIP interview, and until then is always live. Well, rock on, take care and.

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