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Season 0, Episode 6 · 2 months ago

Interview with Jordan Boucher | The VIP Table #6


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This month's guest is Jordan Boucher, a nutritionist that specializes in how cannabis can affect appetite and general health.

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A base men, latch fans, welcome back toanother month of installment of the VIP table. This is the monthly show wherewe get to sit down with the guests and just have a conversation, get to knowthem get to know all bit about what they do and what makes them of tiphonestly, and this show force is brought to you. Five podes went getsover to POD EXCO IF YOU'RE A new podcast or a veteran podcast, or getall your awesome tools. You need for improving your podcasting episode in ofTACT TO TV l, ten, ten percent of your code, your entire purchase for Co atcheck out our guest this month is someone. I've never met before. Maybeyou have maybe you have, and I don't know why you listen to this, but she isa Dietitian. She is a cannabis advocate and she is going to tell us a littlebit about her life and her story and how it all has come to this precipiceand we're going to welcome her on now. Let's welcome Jordan, Bushe Jordan Bouchet. Welcome to the show,thank you so much for being our guest. This month, thanks so much for having me, I'm soexcited to be here, I'm glad you could be a wet me. It was. I know it was realshort notice, but I'm real glad that that we were able to make this work,and I think I think it's going to be a lot of fun getting to know you today to start things off you you talk about in your you know, in your little by in yourbiography and all that they said you're, not that you're, not the healthiestDietitian. I really. I really want to poke it thata little bit like what is what do you mean by that exactly yeah? So I'm definitely like I love food. I lived in the New Orleansarea for like twenty years and I'm from down South, so I love health to I wantto be healthy, but, like I also believe in like living to eat, some people say like eatto live. I mean I agree with that too, but I also agree with like live to eat,so I do not believe in restriction or depriving yourself. You know I'm afan of moderation, but also like an emotional eater. Sometimes you know andcan Omas munches can come in sometimes, and also like I mean I don't know I m,I am living with my best friend right now. She's training for like a fitness,show and it's this weekend, and I just cannot wait for the show to be over tojust get like a Margarita chips in Caso. You know, like the whole kin, Kubotadipping whatever I can in the case so like just drizzling it, because I've been living here for acouple months, help and kind of you know I've been going through adifferent process but anyways, so I have not been indulging like Iwanted to, since I moved recently moved back to Texas, and I cannot wait to dothat, so I'm going to eat whatever you know. What's one of year, what's one IM, I a big food. I just spent the whole day at my mom's, my little brother'sgoing out to college and we spent the whole day like baking because he and Ilove the bag. So we were like baking, bread and pretzels and stuff like that,so I've been eating all day. What are some of your like go to things you loveto just eaten? I especially like on a Muncey Day or something sure well first,I have to say that I've never made pretzels before so that is veryimpressive, holy recommend it. I will need to get the recipe from you because I did a little quarantinebaking, but I never just went past like you know, trying to be fancy bread orwhatever sounds it was yea' get that to you s.After doing that, the first time I can never go back to regular pretzels, weruined regular pretzels. For me, I have to have these like. I haven't there, thee like the big soft bakedpretzels like know the ones you can get from like the Freezer Section at thegrocery store is like. I can't go back to those. Yes, the Lao forman gasstation or like a at a game or something yeah. I eat one and I'm justlike. No, I can do better.

Are you dipping it in anything at home?Sometimes I'll make like a beer ces dip, I wouldn't you if you can but or you know, a little bit ofmustard but they're, usually just gran on their own honestly yeah. But whatabout you like? What's what some of your go to go to snag, especially whenyou got the munchies sure I don't. I just kept wanting to ask you for anykind of tips at anything new. You can give me so I love popcorn. It's like my numberone favorite snack, but I love truffle top worn and so truffle like themushroom that, like or that's a thing, a no oryes, I first well. I first wanted in New Orleans and then I had like thebest I had ever had at this local place in Seattle, because I lived rightoutside of Seattle too, and now another some other people took it over anyways.It's amazing! I love trouble. Truffle popcorn, the pretzel sounds amazing as well. I love cheese,crackers, fruit, berries. I try to stay as healthy as I can so I don't keep alot of like treats in the house, because if I do there's nothing holdingme back from eating them, you know what I mean like. If they're there, then I'mgoing to eat them. So if I I will eat whatever I can that's healthy and thenafter that I'll just like go walk to the gas station and just like buy acouple of things from there and just bring those home an get on. You knowthere's something to be said. I think sometimes I think the the gas stationsnacks get a bad rap. You know like I'm, sometimes I'm in the mood for a sliceof speedway pizza. I just am you know what judge me all you want. I don't care, Ido love popcorn, there's a place in town called just called. What's poppingand it's like thirty different kinds of popcorn andand and I'm not that's one of those places. I Say I'm not allowed in therewith adult money, because I I will spend it all yeah. I love Poppo, yes,yeah. Like I, after Seattle, I moved to Boston area, and I was I spent like twohundred dollars on popcorn one year like we would just get it the truffleyou should maybe see if what's poppin can consider trouble. If you like it, Ishould be really popular. I've never had truffle anything yeah. I know it's one of those. It's one of thoselike like some day some day I'll, be able to it's especially out here in theMid West, a little harder to get a hold of, but I was wanted to try it myself.Do you like mushrooms? I can take her leave mushrooms. I don'tI don't like crave them, but like I'm not going to get mad if I have themyeah. So it's not like a mushroom thing well on an Amazon. So when I can't getmy favorite trouble popcorn, they sell trufle spring, it's like cooking spray,but it's truffle and olive oil. So I'll just buy some plain popcorn alreadypopped. I used to have an a proper, but I'm not in anyways and just spray, thetruffle spray on it and then put some pink sea salt on it and just shuffle itup, and it's amazing you're killing me that would like aZevi soda like a Stevia, flavored dded, it's so good killing me. I want popcornnow so bad. I know I ate a bag before this, so how did? How did the Dietitian thing come to come to be a reality for youlike what was what was kind of that journey like this take decided, that'sthe route you wanted to go and kind of making those first steps to get there. Well, you know I wasn't expecting that question likeyeah, so I definitely did not go into. I finished high school and I went tolike a local college and still lived at home with my dad and my step step momand you know I was going for a mask Hongfor communications, because I love to write and in high school. I was like on likethe news anchor like. I was like a news anchor on our new show and like was inlike I never was on the stage except for like one class, but I was alwaysstayed truer behind the scenes. So I was mascon and then I ended up getting a minus point, one on my in one of my classes like a math class,because I'm terrible and I had- and I lost my scholarship after my secondyear, and so I transferred to a community college, and I took anutrition class and I I just fell in... with it. I always loved food, obviously, and I hadlived for a time with my grandparents. They raised me for a while during whenI was a kid and my grandma was type one diabetes, and so I always saw hertaking really good care of herself and then the second half of my life. Ilived with my dad, who was type to and who didn't manage it well and he diedwhen he was fifty one and she lived. You know. In extrathirty years I mean in genetics and everything but seeing how they both hada similar health condition like both were diabetic just differenttypes and their different approaches. It really just made me think how much Ijust want to help people and share any kind of education or knowledge that Ican. I think that you can, you know, live your best life, but also just tryto be as healthy as you can. At the same time, that's a the it's an interesting point.You bring up with the parents with diabetes. My Dad was finally diagnosedtype one when I was in a sophomore in high school or somethinglike that, and so it kind of became a huge lifestyle change for the wholefamily. We all started because dad had to we all started adjusting how we ateyou know for a little while there, you know, like my dad, tried the SouthBeach Diet, which would not recommend just a lot ofdifferent, as it was basically like the most anti carb Diet on the face of theEarth, and you find out real fast. How hindering that is, especially when you first try t e the CARB free breakfast cereals they offerand they taste like cardboard, but yeah that that lifestyle change really- andI mean to this day- There's still a lot of things like I just I just can't goback because it did kind of rub off that way.The some other thing you know, like a I still, a regular, regular pasta now,but yeah that that does kind of shake yourword up a little bit you when you, when you kind of have towhen you kind of, have no choice but to make that change yeah. It can alteryour world view a little bit yeah for sure, especially like so a lot of patients like all thepatients I've worked with, they usually are coming in, because they've had arecent diagnosis or something happened where they have to make a change, andit's so much easier to make the changes beforehand. You know just like in smallincrements, like just to try to start working on things, because when youhave to it's it, just it's another level of like kind of pressure. Youknow what I mean and like yeah, so because there are so many like, like Idon't mean to keep park on I, but like that South Beach dient thing like itwas, you know it's one of these comes to the whole, like, like Harry Potter,Sized Book You have to follow and, like the very first step, was cut out allcarbs all together, all at once. It's like that's, that's a huge like like you. You would think the ideao be the kind of it's almost like like when you're getting off a medicationlike you get off of it slowly in increments, to go hard like that. Iwould imagine, would kind of cause your kind of cause, your body to react, acertain way mentally or physically to suddenly have that that no longer bethere I mean I could be you're the expert. I could be totally talking outof my ass, no yeah, it's like going from zero to a hundred like that.It's I you really can kind of. If you'retrying to just do everything at once, you're likely not going to besuccessful because your brain is going to try to resist and be like youfreaking me out. I don't want to do all this at once. You can't get meexercised in. You know: eating more Brocoli, more protein drinking, morewater cutting out my sugar all at once, like you are going to want to resist sothat it's always better to start as early as you can, and then the secondthing would be like we're. Come like one or two small small things. At atime like, instead of trying to you, know, cut out like the two leader of Mountaine andtwo later is just an ass like just because we have two leaders in thefrinch because she has to drink them for her competition, anyways not mountdue. So I want to get on that competition. So was I saying you're talking about like going fromlike zero put everything out all at once, so it's really hard to do that soyou're likely not going to stay on plan and then and then once you crack right,you might do good for two or three days get your e food. Have it already andthen like as soon as you're stressed as...

...soon as you're, tired as soon as you'relike cranky, like all of that, will power kind of falls. You really need toestablish the habits in place because then you have, you know safe. Somebodybrings a donut to the office and you're like oh I've been so good I'll justhave one, but then you think, oh, my God, my whole day is ruined. I might aswell just eat whatever. I want the rest of the day and start again on nextMonday, so it's his all or nothing kind of thinking and that's when people canget in trouble because then they feel like guilty because they didn'tmaintain it and then it just makes them want to give up, but then like and thengive in to just throwing it. You know like yeah, it's a lot. I rememberhearing Kevin Smith, talk about that. You know a couple of years ago when hehad his heart attack, and you know his doctor told him like he was just soincredibly out of shape. He basically had to kind of a the I mean he phrased it likehe had to re teach his body how to eat basically because he was just so usedto just you know. He said he said. My mouth was just a vessel for cake, andso he talked about having to like he, because he had he had to go veganbasically to he had to get a lot of weight off, and so he talked about how,for like a month, all he ate was just potatoes like no butter, no salt, justpotatoes to kind of do like a hard reset on his mind, and he body almost,which is. I can't imagine, although I did like the part where he said hisfavorite day was when he found out peanut butter and Jelly's were Vegan,which that's a it's a it's a good good thingto hold on to. I guess a you got to hold on to whatever youcan at that point. You know what are some of like the with people. You've worked with whathave been some of like the most common, like the CO, like the most commonthreat of you seem to see a lot of people have as far as struggles with struggles with their diet or with kindof getting into that healthier place. Sure the first one is probably that they goall day with about in so that can be a problem for a lot of reasons and a lotso many times people will come in and they're like you know, I'm just not hungry duringthe day. You know I just don't have an appetite, but then, when I get home andI'm like comfortable, then I just want to eat everything. Or you know, and atthat point you really don't your body starving you've been freaking it outall day. You know working, probably just drinking lots of caffeine, stimulants, maybe energydrinks. Maybe you have sugar from those drinks pulsing through you. Your bodyis like by night time comes freaking out and you're not going to want tolike at least me, I'm not going to want to sit down to like a real chicken on asalad. If I haven't eaten all day, I'm like where's the heavy stuff. I needthe MAC and cheese. You know he like, like. I love seafood so like you knowwhere the pool boys at or whatever so there is a like worse, the top cos. Youknow with the extra block and get you so so that's like a big thing, and thatcan happen for stoners to so I work with canabis clients now who are looking tomanage the on cheese and lose way and like live healthy as a canvas user and then like so you go all day andthen end of the day. Plus you have the munches on top of that and you're justlike going to eat whatever and people will even sleep eat to and they're like.Why am I doing that and I'm like you're, not eating all day? You know you haveto so that's like one of the biggest things. The other thing is people Iwould say, on the whole: Do not eat enough protein which helps to keep youfull. I think if people want to be Vegan orgo vegetarian or whatever that's great, I think everybody should just do whatis best for them and their body, but typically for my weight lossclients. They are eating some animal products for sure. I'm with you by the way, I'm a huge. Ilove seafood seafood so much you you're on twitter as the Dank asdank nutrition. You know, you've got the cars of the Dank nutritionist. Soaside from just like, I know you mentioned you work with like thecannabis users, and you know, managing the Munchies and losing weight is haveyou found any way in your practice that that using cannabis can I also bebeneficial to someone who's, maybe...

...having the dietary struggles of somekind. Yeah, there's actually strains just like there's strings that can giveyou the munches. There are strains that can make you not hungry. Basically, sopeople will use these strains like like they will switch, what they're smokingor what they're using to a non appetite, stimulating strain and a lot of peoplehave said that they've lost weight since they started using cannabis andactually on average canibus users have a lower BMI than non cannabis. Userstoo, which is interesting. So I would say, if you're strugglingwith that, you want to try to use candidate as best as you can look atthe strains that you're using and then also just trying to set up healthyhabits to make the cannabis work for you. Youknow you don't want to let it control you. You want to be in control, so thatcould look like smoking, something that's more of like an upper and havinga hike planned that day. You know and bringing some premade sex with you, soit can definitely be a part of a healthy lifestyle. I know that I justsegued, like all the way around from what he asked in you're totally fine,that's what we is, what we live for here and that that kind of gets me intowhat I was going to talk about anyway, which was you know, obviously, even even now.Today, cannabis is a kind of a hot button issue. People still can't seemto agree on end. It's seems like every year it's getting a little bit a des, the word better because it pliesit was bad, but have you have you had any in your field and in a Indur workand has there been pushed back that you've received from people who maybestill aren't on board with the use of cannabis? Like I have you received anykind of pushed back from from how you approach the things not yet, but I'm sure it's coming right, I'm someone's going to have anopinion. You know what I mean and and want to. Let me know what they think Iyou know. The tricky thing is is that if I'm inhealthier and in like all of the clinical jobs they still drug test you,you know they will even drug test you for Nicotine, a lot of them really it'syeah and they're like because they're like we have a no nicotine policy hereand if you test positive, then you can't get. I mean devil's advocate. I mean I get it, butI'm also like really like. That's that's, there's,there's worse things. That's yeah, I mean yeah. I mean, if I'm thinking about it,it's probably to like save on their expenses of like insurance premiums orwhatever, but yeah. It's it's pretty crazy. So it'sjust tricky because for a long time I felt like I had to hide to who I was because I was working as a healthprofessional and you don't want to like you know it's kind of tricky becauseyou're like oh here's, my co worker, you know like I wonder if they smoke, if they findout that I do am I allowed to friend them because then they're going to seeall my stone or pictures. You know what I mean or whatever bull like I'm out ofthe CANAVAS closet. Now I heard that on another podcast I can'tremember the name of it, but the air I yeah, so I'm at of the canibats classit and like. I actually have a video that I recently made and it's like really not good quality, but you knowwhatever where I'm just I'm like. This is how I felt as a health professionalsecretly using cannabis or whatever, and I'm like in a row and it's like shoshoot and I'm gonna have to like dub it in.If I can figure out how to use the technology, because it's true, you know, I mean even right now, I'm about to get a likea contract, clinical job, and I had to take a drug test a couple of days agoand I was able to pass it because I have trinks. You know what I mean butlike it's like, you know nervous like no, it yeah it's crazy. It is wet whenyou think about like like in how many states it's been decriminalized thatit's still one of those things that like yeah, like you imagine the GuyRinging, the bell, Shame Shit and it it's become, and it's also wheneverhear the argument like we. You know we can't legalize it, because then peoplewill smoke it. It's like people are...

...smoking, it already dude, just and- andyou know, and obviously you can get into the whole politics of thesituation too, as well as you know how many people are making a living sellingit while others were sitting in jail because of it that being what it is, but but yeah that is, that is somethingthat I can imagine would be would be. A real struggle is, is how do you findyour way? You know make your living in this fieldwhen it is still something that yeah health care facilities are probablystill testing for, and I mean my company, the company I work for, doesdrug test when you know we get hired so so it is weird, not weird that's, but it is that'sweird it's weird I do want to, because I was going to because I want to get intothis into this quick segment, real quick. So this is, I mention we aresponsored by pod decks and they supplied different kinds of dexar cards,digitally and physical for interview questions, and I was going to ask youone about fitness and health and then the foody thing came up and I said,screw it there's a deck about food. We're going to talk about some foodhere, the first one I want to go with is because you mentioned loving seafood.So what's your? What are your favorite kinds of seafood? Sure I love crabs. They are like my absolute favorite. I love crab somuch yeah and like, and it's like a more ofa like a visual thing too, because with my dad, my family, we would always golike crabbing and fishing and he like built these crab traps that worked sogood and he, like, I said he died like fifteen years ago. So it's always justlike. I still will go crabbing now and it's just so fun to me, but yeah, so it just crabs for sure myfavorite, I love crab so much. There was A. I lived that I lived in theCarolinas for a number of years and there was a place that I would go to onSaturdays for twenty bucks. It was all you get crab legs and yeah. They got twenty bucks for me oncea week at least we were just in. We were just inCharleston actually for family vacation and like while we were there wheneverso was i. where are we going to eat it's like because I live in Ohio nowI'm not getting fresh seafood around here so is where we want to go the whereverwe're going. They have to have seafood because, while I'm down here, I wantyou know, and I had you know crawfish. I had gaiter for the first time in mylife that was weird it was. It was good. You know flounder, shrimp, scallops,you know oysters. I had every age, just yeah. No, I lost sea food only thing atthis point I haven't had as lobster seven, oh, my God that never when I wasliving down there, I couldn't afford it and there's nowhere to get it up hereso some day. Something yes, you'll have to go. I before I moved back down south,I was living in Plymouth Massachusetts. So you really they've got lobster everything theredying. I had an imitation lobster roll was. It was like eatin rubber. It waslike eating fishy rubber, wasn't, fury, Cornsheaf, potato chips, you mean like Fredo's coin freedon orlike lays ruffles, definitely not as ruffles. No, no, I love Torteaus love tortiss againgoing back to the case of this. Also things like that who made not chose athome. Are you kidding me? You know, and then you know, I'm from the southand a Fredo Pie. Have you ever had freedom yeah? Yes, I'm with you like LasRuffles, whatever they're, fine, it's potatoes and oil. I don't care, butthere is just something about about a good corn or tortise. Yes, that just itjust it hits just and yeah. If you I remember when I was in middle school,my favorite snack to have when I got home was broke Nachos, which was justlike Yes for Bran tost Etos, and I take like American cheese slices in themicrowave, because that's what we had. Basically, but yeah it was, I hate it and I don'tread it exactly: Yeah, yes, and that I have my most favorite tor tia chips. Ifound them at some whole foods down south and I can't find them anywhereelse and I think they're called have. I they're like have a good day chips orhave a good.

They, the secret sauce, they put alittle sweet sauce on em, and it makes it that much more kind ofsalty and like flavorful and they're, like Real Tan. Looking there S, I likethat, we have a new TACO place that just opened up and they make their own.You can. You can get a flight of dips like they do flights of dips becausethey make their own quacks and sauces and cases and stuff and they make theirown tour teaships, but they make them thick so that they're not breaking offthe minute. You put it in the and they hit a little bit different. I'm notgoing to lie they're pretty good, though Oh, my God that sounds so good.Have you had fresh table Guacamole made like table side Guacamole made? No,that's a thing yeah. They just like pull up a cart to your table and justlike scrape the Avocados out there and just do it so good. I'm in I need I'm into that. I need tofind a place. That does that. I need that in my life now yeah, you know I love to travel and I love travelingto big food cities. Two Thousand and nineteen I went to Chicago for a weekand good Lord, the hot dogs that plays there's something about the way Chicagodoes hot dogs. I don't know what it is, but I can. I eat hot bogs here now andI'm like yeah, but it's not a Chicago dog. I don't know they just they takehot. They take hot bog so seriously there is there a city or at all thatyou think just has that you've been through that you think has just thebest food. Oh my God, New Orleans, oh well, that's Dutch cheating! I well, I mean yeah like nothing else compares no likehe just can't. I mean there are places that may not have I mean I want to saythat there's places that may not have that like New Orleans doesn't have, butI don't think that's true either. I think that they have everything youcould ever want. It's like wonderland. One of my favorite episodes of thesimpsons is homer, goes to New Orleans and does like a food toward it's likeit's like a three minute segment of him, eating just everything that is made andall these actual places that exist in New Orleans, like you know these lobs,these shrimp Po boys and these crab these crack all these crab things andall these different kinds of Gumbo- and it was one of those just like I want towant to live there, but I would weigh a thousand pounds ifI lived in new rams easily that we lost her me there. You are a sorry. Were youfine, my friends, dogs are may go crazy in asecond just fyi, I'm going to try to meet myself on a here. They go sorry,my cats cling the doors. Okay, I don't remember what you what we weretalking about, just just I would I live in in New Orleans like favorite foodcities like I would. I would weigh a thousand pounds. I lived in New Orleans, my God yeah, it's it's very tricky. The lifestyle cansuck you in because, like the bars don't close either so like I lived by a bar in, there would still be peoplepartying it like five. Am You know, and so it's it's just it's yeah and there's like always somethingto celebrate. Like festivals, I mean that's what gives it its beauty to pluslike it's like real, like rich food marty, ro you've got king cake, I mean what is what is King Cake? I've heardpeople mention that, for I don't know what King cake is yeah, so it's like bread, which kind ofsounds weird right. It's not like cake like you would thinkit's like red and it comes in like an oval or circle story like showing you and, and they could like. I don't even know how to explain itlike it has top like a topping like a cream kind of sugar topping on thesauce and then sometimes they'll stuff, the inside, like pralines and cream,strawberries and cream. Just strawberries like we can get it plainand if you get it playing it, just kind of tastes like cinnamon on the inside,oh the top, it's icing and then like sugar. Sorry, I don't know what I'mthinking they're so good and then so let me there's a baby inside of it. Okay, I'm on to keepgoing, there's likethis tradition and they take a little...

...plastic baby and stick get inside ofthe cake and whoever gets the baby pass it by the next King Cake, O o I can get in. I could get into that now I mean. Obviously there wasn't like ababy in that was a little dramatic. You know. That's that's great. I kind of want todo that now, like okay, they can ship them to you during artigas season,because I got one. Every year I lived in New England. Oh that's see everyevery summer, coved mot was standing. My friends and I go to this big camping event in Pennsylvania,called Pensi, where we basically live like it's like the sixteen seventeenhundreds well like we, it's Antarki of like a Renfaire, only it's not reallyopen to the public. There are some like vendors and stuff and like people wholike restaurant, who, like will have like a little food square, but the mainidea is that, like, while you're there, you all camp in groups- and so yourcamp is kind of like your homestead so like we build like a makeshift kitchenin our campus stuff like that, but we're always looking for like fun newtraditions- and I I'm just thinking about this right now like we can makethat work. This is like something we can totally do, especially for bigparties, just whoever gets the bread has to bring one the next year orsomething like that. I love that idea. So much yeah alsothere's so much debauchery at that place. It's ridiculous! It sounds awesome. It's fantastic! Irecommend, if you, if you like, camping in the outdoors and kind of being in a constant state ofnot sober for about five days. It's the best thing right and it's from a healthstandpoint. You Walk About eight miles a day, so you're going to lose weight.Whether you want to or not a right. Can you costume you? Oh you. Are you better?If you don't, you get weird, looks my God a like the first time I went. Ijust had regular clothes on because I had never done before as it's a bunchof my friends who brought me. So I was going to get like my because they havevendors there, you can buy clothing and stuff from so is going to buy it, butthe whole time. I was there. Everyone just kept saying. Why are you naked? It's it's one of the my big. It's likeeleven thousand people go every year. It's huge! It's a whole camp ground inPennsylvania that we just take over. So how are you in? How do you get in ifit's not open to the public? I mean you got so what is go? You have to likereserve camp ground space, so you can either you can either reserve space asa as a community which is basically like you get like x at square footageor they have an area where you can just go camp in singles, which is basically,you have space for your tent and your personal belongings, and then you justyou took you have to register online is all it is, but, like you can't peoplecan't just like show up and walk in the door for the day, like you have toregister months in advance and bring a best five hundred l cash,because you're going to spend about five hundred l cast whether you plan onit or not, right, worse yeah. It reminds me ofI've, been to a couple of like camping music vessels m like Bonaro and somefish shows and stuff. So it kind of reminds me of that, exceptlike with a flaire because of like it would be like game of thrones. I feel like. Oh, oh,there was a there's, a guy who rides around the camp ground on a unicyclewith a set of bagpipes just playing a MEMANIIA. You got to be careful whichweek you go there's this two weeks. The first week is family week, so, likeyou're encouraged to bring your kids a lot of daytime activities, there's acurfew and Noise Ordinance Hafe weekend yeah, but the second week is called warweek, which is a mate risk, and it's then that's usually when there's likeall kinds of parties at night and it it's like. If you try to go to bedearly like that's on you, there's no probis. Is it s y? You might as welljust get up and go do shit. Is there like jousting yeah, there's actually awhole? If you want to be a part of the play, combat, there's a whole battlerout where guys put on armor and reenact combats on a battle field, not personally my thing, because I don't like to get hot and sweaty. I go for the camping and also case likeyou're in the mountains. Yeah, it's Nice, a super relaxed.

Last last question from this from thisAP thing and then and then we'll get back and stuff here. Do you preferfancy restaurants for local dive? Restaurants. Local die, fancy. Restaurants. So what's scary is I know exactly whatyou're talking about okay, so I don't want like, like. I want a really good food like a game up ortwo or three from what I can make, but like somewhere, like casual and likechill, I there's a place in town called liliesthat we have here. It's high quality classier food than Itypically make in my kitchen, but I also go in there and drink my cocktailout of a giant tiki rig. So I don't feel like I have to get dressedup, but if I did they would look at me weird right. Yes, yes, yes, exactlythat love the yeah, that's I will take a hole in the wall with good food over over a dress code. Place with you know,mediocre food any day right right, and I really love like farm to table placestoo, because a lot of their food- it's just it's so fresh, and it's just theycan make it very simple, because the ingredients are really fresh, but againit's kind of country. You know what I meanbecause it's I arm to table. So there's like this, like home kind of I'm goingon. I think the people who say that there'snot a big difference. I've never actually had farmed a table. Oh yeah, Ilive an. I live in Ohio everything's far on the table because, where you'renot in the city, you are in farm land, a so o tables everywhere. Right, rightand I've had department store stakes and I have had. I killed this cowyesterday stakes and there is a difference right. Yeahagreed in the cocktails too are usually insane. Oh yeah, it's one of those youwalk in. You know the food's either going to be really cheap and or reallygood, yeah yeah, because they're not trying to make they're not trying tohit a profit margin they're just just doing what they want to do do whatthey want to do is that is that fresh tattoo ink I see on your arm. It is. I have yeah, so you snake just dropped a so it'sinfinity snake, it's an Orbar, so it's eating its tail yeah. It's an it's an a dotting pattern. Ijust got it yesterday so like it still looks kind of weird because it's in theplastic rap and I and then I got I twist thus things and then I just got a wave. Oh I like it yeah, so they're both pretty you knowsymbolic for me, so I got them yesterday and I got my ear. Pierceswent all your Ca, you're, just loving that glow up you're just like screw itI'm getting ink and I'm getting piercings and ready to do it. I'm doing yeah did we.You know there something to be said about simple e L. I love the big ornatepeace, tattoos. Those are great so to be said about something. That's simpleand meaningful. I mean my mind's just this sure. It's not let me do it minds.Just three Nordic runs that spell for which I knowit's a complect character. But when I live down south my real good friend, weboth would cosplay she would cause play as Loki had cause players for, and sowhen I left town she got one that said Loki in north. I got one that's at Thor,love that yeah. It's super. I love the simple, but you know what the simpleones I think, tend to actually mean something as other than just check out.My flaming speaky skull form cloud pirate ship thing, which iscool not talking it but yeah. I was telling the guy yesterday I was likeall of my other tattoos are like flipping into the book and be like okayI'll. Just take that you right when I'm like. I don't do that, so I drew thesewell well. Basically, I designed them like. I took some images online andthen I just kind of like remade them my own thing and then like they werereally shaky, so the touto artist are. He had to fix him for me, but he did agreat job anyhow yeah, so I just got yeah. I love thesimple and well more think to kind of circle back around. Okay is I'm writinga fiction. Novel and Loki is a character, not comic book Lloki, but this person islike living on a weed farm looky. So I... that idea Loki with pot yeah. I do I'm into that. I'm a hundredpercent I'll, let you know when it's done.Please do I that's fantastic as we as we. You know, as we start tokind of wrap things up here. So as far as you know, I like to ask people thisbecause I like to I like to imagine: Everyone has one of these, but usuallywhen someone undertakes an endeavor of some kind, something they're passionateabout there's. Usually some kind of you know end game goal on a pedestal,be it big or small. Is there something like that? For you, Oh my God yeah course yeah is it so you know I feel like some of the spiritual stuff or likepersonal power manifestation gets a bad by, but I am really trying to work with it. Ihave been on the bottom. You know I've had enough breakdowns to own a towtruck, so I'm taking whatever I can right now. So I've beendoing a lot of like trying to do visualization goal setting. So I've actually think about this allthe time right. So I'm in, like Spain or Portugal, I can look out the window,I'm in. Like a villa. You know, they've got like the white walls that are likekind of some stone material or something you can see the ocean. It'slike breezy. I have like a wine garden or a winery with grapes. You know whatI'm saying like fresh produce that I'm growing I own a bookstore t shop andride my bike there. My villa also doubles as a retreat for creative,specifically writers, where they can paint and do crafts, because I lovecrafts and I'm also doing a yoga teacher training so like we can do thatand it's just like gorgeous and there's hammocks, and I'm just writing and justhelping people and educating them. However, I can so that they can dealtheir best and let their best life that reminds me of, and you see this inmovies all the time. Those retreats that you know the couples go to to re sparkthe passion and kind of get back and touch with themselves, and it's one ofthose things like you always see these places in the, but you never hear about where they, whether an you know likewhere they actually are, and it's I love that idea. It's like fantasyisland without the crazy murder death thanks yeah, but you know I do kind of like anisland with a lot of murders and death. I mean there's something to be saidabout it. It makes her great television. It makes her great writing to H. I lovethat idea. So much that's just I just. I love that idea of having like a likea like a private slice of Heaven that it's just yours, yeah but then, and you can also shareit with people and they can work on themselves and like heal at the sametime and then, if I'm like, because I'm introverted, I don't even like to leavethe house if I'm like this is a lot of action for me, I've got to go and Ihave another place. I can go to and have somebody else run it or just havethe billet to myself. You know what I mean. Yeah. I've got big ideas. I love it.I'm like you like when Covin hit and everyone was like, can't leave yourhouse. I was like okay, I mean oh no doot. Okay, I get centoryoverload real easily, which is not great when you work at the TV station,but Oh my God yeah, but yeah, I'm like I'm like you. If I just need to be aplace to go and just be quiet and lay my head down and not have to worryabout life right, yeah yeah. I mean when I lived inMassachusetts. I lived right by the beach, so I didn't want to see anybody, but I wouldlove to go to the beach and just like pick up, see blast and like cool shellsto craft with you know so, like just yeah, I'm good with it. I love that Ilove that well Dornie want to. I want to thankyou for taking you know an hour out of...

...your day to sit down and talk with meand indulge my my ever poking and prodding with personal questions aboutyou and your life. I like to invite everyone who comes on the show at theend. If you have, if there's anything, you want to ask me to go right ahead and hit me with hitme with your best shot, my God you're, putting the pressure onme. Okay, I have a good one, but first I want to say thank you for having mebecause you so in our your day with me too, and this has been so fun okay, so this is actually, I think, aTim Faris question that he asked his podcast. What is the book? What is the most gifted book thatyou've given people like? Does that any sense? That's a good question. I know he hasgreat question. There's there's there's two. I have a lot of friends who are a lot of nerdy friends who are also inwho, like were like psyche majors or our practicing Sychar's a college thatkind of thing and there's a great book called Batman in Psychology. Didn'tbreaks down like the PSYCHOLOPHON Gy of like the Batman mythos. So I'verecommend, but also a lot of my friends are also like creative types and aregetting into writing and especially nowadays with, in the end the youtubeage producing their own series and things. There's one called save the cat. It's a book about storytelling andstory structure. That is probably it's the only screenlike the only writing book, I still own that I still will go back to and read,and I write it's the only one I recommend to anybody who is who's into that in that creative space. It is the way that they there's not a lot of fancy how to use-and it's like. I did it this way, so it's the only way. The work, it's veryadaptive- it's very here. Some here are some stepping stones, create the pathyourself. It's it just kind of gives you that base there's a direction. There's there's an there's, a there's,a end location get there. However, you see fit welterin books ever is thatBlake Snyder Yeah Yeah? I have that book and somebody took that book andrevised it and to save the cat rights and novel. I'm a writer- and I justgraduated with my masters last week in writing. So I thank you so I have the novel. Will I have both,but at the novel writing one. It is like insanely knowledgeable. I when Istarted writing like I didn't even know that there was like story structurelike plot points, like you kind of know how the story waves. You know, but Ididn't know that there was like a formula to these things and it yeah. Ilove that book. It was yeah. It was one of the best. I my friend rabbis, whoworks out in Los Angeles, recommended that to me and I've never looked backyeah, it's one of the best, so yeah that and and the bad man in psychologybook, even if you're just curious, that was that wanes more just like wow badman's fucking crazy. It's a lot of fun. It's a great one too. I probably reallylike it. It's a great it's a great it's a greatlike I'm in the bath up drinking wine like oh fit every night yeah, I'm onthe Green River killer. Right now by Annibal, I haven't read that one I'm alittle behind on reading. I got to be honest with you. Nowadays, it's funfinding an hour free that I'm not like doing stuff like this. Whatever to sitthat is read a book nowadays is it's hard yeah. That is. This is an ole book,but it's about a really prolific serial killer in the Seattle area. Once youknow, I have to read it and the lady who wrote it can I just tell you thisis he's a true crime writer. She worked with Bundy when he was a killer. I knowI know it's crazy, like he was ecology student and they were like working atlike a crisis coal center or something what's he called again. So her name isAnne Rule, crime, writer, but the book I'm reading is called it's like theGreen River serial killer. Okay, the one she wrote, she's like really goodwith created Truchen is the about. Bunny is like this stranger or something it's real creepy, Oh dame,I haven't read that one, but like yeah, you know it's got O Damn, okay! Well, Iknow I know what I'm I know. The next book mine read is because that, likemost Americans have obsessed with serrial killers so right now and if youdon't listen to audio books, I would I...

...would say I do I do want occasion I pre Ovid. I did a lot of traveling. Soif I wasn't listening to Podcast, I was listening to audio books on the road.Obviously ive done a lot of traveling lately, but right, that's yeah! Yougive that a shot. I spend a lot of time alone so yeah they changed my life audio books and if you have a librarycard, you can get a library APP for free on your phone, where you can getthe books for free and support the library. I you know what someone's toldme I swear. I've heard someone else tell me about that once before yeah, Ineed to check that out. What's I won't yeah, I don't have a library or out ofheaven for years, and I really need to yeah there's a couple of different APPSfor it, but yeah really good to listen to ifyou're a meal cropping or walking or in the in the baft. You know without abook don't drop in front of the water kids,it's bad. The rist thing doesn't work all right. Well, Jordan, Buchet! Thankyou so much once again for coming on. Where can the people who are listeningfind you online? Should they so desire? INSTAGRAM? I think it's Dank underscorenutritionist. I should really know because, like winter was like Danknutrition, because they didn't have enough letters, if you just search Danknutritionist or dint nutrition, my name is Jordan Bouche. You should be able tofind me. I don't have the exact I apologize, I'm also on patron, and Igreed personal essays to allow so you can follow me on patron or on socialmedia and see those as well fantastic, guys, make sure go check out.Jordan, Buchet on the Internet check out her patriots. I at a twitter,instagram, Jordan. Thank you one, one more time for coming on and we will. Wewill be in touch with you again soon. Hopefully, awesome sounds great. Thankyou. So much thanks for all of the recommendations to us, of course. Ofcourse, thank you. He that was our talk with Jordan. Bouchet, make sure youguys go online, follow her, but you guys enjoyed it this time once again,and this was brought to you- five pod decks, but the PODEX Otbi tend to getten percent of you to for that check out. Thank you one more time, O JordanBouchet the tank, nutritionist and love that get that Tattoo to somewhere, andwe we back again next month with another to with another Vp des, I'mtold then my name is Mike Shay has always lived well, rock on take careand bye, bye, a.

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