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Season 0, Episode 8 · 1 year ago

Interview with Susan Bratton | The VIP Table #8


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This month's guest is Susan Bratton, a sex therapist and self-proclaimed "champion and advocate for all who desire passionate relationships" specializing in all sorts of passionate love making techniques and tips. 

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... table. This is the monthly interview show. We sit down with somebody who's got something to say that's that's interesting and a lot more interesting than anything I had to say. You guys hear me talked every single week with Mike, but this time it's me and someone else who's got just an awesome career and we're going to get to talk to this person to get to know a little bit more about her and what she does. One reminds you, guys, this show is sponsored by pod deck. You, guys, gover pod dexcom and check out all the tools you need for beginning or veteran podcast. There's episode decks, interviewed dex, Cool Swag, all that kind of stuff, and used the COTBL ten to get ten percent off your purchase at check out. Our guest today is an intimacy expert with lots to say and lots to ask me, apparently. Dear God, what have I got myself into? Please sit back and Enjoy Mon conversation with the lovely and Wonderful Susan Bratton. Susan Bratton, welcome to the VIP table here at the Basement Lounge. Thank you so much for coming on, Mike. Thank you so much for popping my comedy podcast Cherry today. I just want to let you know it's been a wit, a big week for me, because I've done hundreds and hundreds of podcasts and I get on the women shows and I get on the health shows and I get on the sex shows. But this week I have the but what I'd like to call a double header, because I not only popped my comedy Cherry, I have also popped my gay podcast Cherry. So I'm having a very good week and I'm super delighted to be your viip today. How many cherishly you have? A PLOP, good, Lord, that's a lot of Cherries, a lot of cherries. I like the Popa Cherries. That's good. I haven't popped chair in a long time anyway. Set in the bar for what's going on today. So, Susan, where are you talking to us from? I'm surf side and San Diego. I'm looking out my office window and I see the Surf Right now. It is so nice. I look at my window and a seat, corn, corn, corn. I'm in Ohio. It's that's corn and wheat. Where am I in the world, in the middle of it? So how have you been out there your whole whole Life Ridge? Is this a move or something like Ha'd you get to be out there? I grew up in Philly, but as soon as I landed in California, I know it was the place for me. And and I'm a very progressive person, and that's one of the things I really appreciate about your show is that you are also very progressive thinkers, and so thanks for that. Yeah, no problem there yet. I I don't consider myself so much progressive as just logical. It's like it just it's makes sense. Yeah, I like things that makes sense. So I got to say, though, Philly. That's my favorite sandwich. So got the cheese steak, I know. So when I see our bees is putting out their own philly cheese steak, I'm like hold the fucking phone, like that's travesty. It's just it's just like, okay, your euros were good, you got lucky with the euros, but you can't tell me, Oh, we've got a philly cheese to I will be the judge of that. Exactly. And Right now, look at your commercials, I see like a thin layer of meat and six pounds of peppers, so I'm already not up to a great start here. Well, I don't like my cheese steak with peppers. I'm just you're basically steak and cheese and a ton of CATCHUP. Girl. I'm kind of a plane Jane on the cheese steak situation because I don't like peppers and I don't like onions that much, honest thank really. No, I'm a little playing Jane there, but I'm not playing Jane Everywhere. Okay, well, that's good, otherwise it's going to be a really short, boring show. We've got to go. You don't like cheese stakes the way we do. It was but nice. Great for HAPPI but by I thrown people off for less. Oh God. Yeah, and I'll do what I can do. So you are an intimacy expert. Two millions, two millions. Yes, now, I like intimacy as much as the next person. I wouldn't say I'm an EGO. So what makes someone an intimacy expert exactly? Well, for the last fifteen years I've been running my company, Personal Life Media, and I've been publishing passionate lovemaking techniques. So when most people think about sexperts, they they think if you have a problem, you go to a psychiatrist or a sexologist or what have you. And what I do is I actually teach people. I like to say I teach you how to transform having sex into making love. And all of the work that we publish is some of it is from my mentors and some of it is products that I've seen other people create, other experts create that, programs on the programs, videos and things where I'm like that is needed, and then I license it and I market it because I have a publishing entity so I can do that. So I'm a publisher of passionate love making techniques, my own and others, and really I learned a lot of it by I started the... because my husband and I we almost lost our marriage because I didn't want to have sex with him anymore after a decade, eleven years. It was our eleven year anniversary. I had to Jim Martinis and I was like, Babe, I always avoid you for sex because I really wanted no I do you anymore, and he was like what, it feels so good. What's wrong with you being so we went to marriage counseling and all this kind of stuff, but what really helped us was going to sex workshops. We went to I mean, I live in California, this is what we do here, and I went we went to sex workshops and it was surprizingly easy to learn how to have great sex. Like basically procreation you can figure out in your own but being a good lover is actually a series of learned skills, from technique and orgasm skills to bedroom communication, understanding anatomy in the nervous system. And so we I started publishing the work of my mentors, the work of the people who I did the workshops that I thought were really good, creating products and then licensing things over time, and then also just having a lot of really good sex and being willing to try a lot of new things. So having a lot of experiences in safe ways so that I could have the kinesthetic experience and not just the intellectual experience of hot sex. Was it was it's an issue of I'm going to delve in all this shit is. Was it an issue of just boredom in the bedroom or just I couldn't come from intercourse? I couldn't have an orgasm from intercourse. I could have an orgasm with my vibrator on my clitterists, but I couldn't from fucking and that's not fair. That's a miss, that's that's a machine designs with simply to do one. Well, no, it's just that I hadn't learned how to have orgasms to intercourse. My husband didn't understand how to use his penis in a vagina in the ways that makes a vagina have orgasms. And that's the thing that so many couples think. Oh, you know, the woman thinks, well, I'm just not the kind of woman who can have orgasms for in of course, I guess I'll just do it because I like to be close to my husband, you know, or whatever. And for me I was like I better learn how to do this if I have to keep fucking you for the next thirty or forty years. So it was remarkably easy to do and I was like let's Dach everyone over the Internet, because when women think they can't do it, I say their husbands are like, well, I guess you just can't do it, and the problem is it's like no, that's totally wrong and you don't even have to actually touch the clit while you're having intercourse to give her orgasms from intercourse. That's another fallacy that the vagiant is literally wrapped in a rectile tissue. You just don't have that. You just have to know what to do when, how to get there. So that's one of the things that I've been teaching for many, many years is basically just how to have really good orgasms of all kinds. I just finished a whole series of fifteen week email series called come with me, twenty kinds of Orgasms, twenty kinds of male and twenty kinds of female orgasms, teaching people all the different kinds, because one might be more appealing to you than another and you might not even be aware that you could have all these. And women especially are quite interested, even more so than men. Men seemed to be categorically more satisfied with their ejaculatory orgasm then women are with their you know, one way they can get to orgasm. So that's been really fun to just kind of delve into that. I call myself an orgasm and not I go to the far reaches of Outer Space and bring back the map to the territory of your pleasure like the plot to a star Trek porn parity exactly. Think that some of that stems from just in this this May or may not be true. You're the expert. You tell me. Do you think that men and women just have orgasms differently and so that's why men are more easily satisfied with their own than women? Most of the orgasms that we have are the same. We can have all, all twenty of them. The only place where it really veers off is that women have g spot orgasms and men have pe spot or prostate orgasms, and that's kind of the one difference. But it's really the same thing. It's just in a different location. We have the same exact equipment. It's just a he's an outies. Really, we have as much erectile tissue as men. Although everyone thinks edy as a men's problem, it's equally a women's problem. We lose sensation, we have difficulty achieving orgasm. As we age, we lose volume. Just like men lose volume in their penis, women lose volume in their VOLVA. We call it a old everybody snickers, but you know that's part just words. Yeah, parts of Arts exactly, parts, name that reference kids. So is it Wendy's? It was a Wendy's. Yeah, it was the chicken nuggets. Yeah, wow, man, surprised. I know that.

Anyway, so with to take something. Where did the conversation then lead to with your husband, where it was okay, so we've gone through this ourselves and it's improved. Obviously married. And so the COP. Where did the conversation then go to? He like, Hey, let's take this experience that we had and share it publicly. How did that? How did that conversation kind of COME TO BE? Well, my husband is the inventor of Rhapsody, the first online music service, the first broad band online music service. It predates napster and spotify and really, yeah, yes, sir, Tim Bratton is my husband. And and then I was one of the early, early employees at home network, the inventor of the Cable Modem. So remember dial up? MMM, well, we fix that. And so we were Internet Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. So our orientation was we just went to a couple of really hot sex workshops and now we're having the best sex of our lives. How do we put this in digital delut how do we digitally deliver this experience for people in their homes who are a never going to get naked and go to a sex workshop. Be can't afford to spend FIVEZERO dollars on this bullshit. and See, ain't gone California and go into crazy things like that. So that's how it ended up, because we were just already used to creating companies over the Internet and that's how we ended up doing it. But we we talked. We started talking about our story probably six, four, five or six years after we started the company, we started coming out more about our own story. Everybody wants your origin story, you know, and we tell all we really do, because the thing that I've learned is that, I guess my superpower. My superpower is courage. I am willing to say the things that people need to hear because they're grown ass humans and somebody's got to tell it to him straight and all right, all though it, and the only thing I ask is, please, don't let me trigger you. I really don't want to trigger you. I want to support you, I want to inspire you, I want to have you lean in and step forward and be a yes to more pleasure with yourself and your partner. And so I always walk that line of wanting to tell people things but not make them feel bad about it. Well, I think I think that's a lot of that as both. A lot of that can be generational works. For a lot of a lot of years people were pretty much taught like, you know, you fucked, the have kids and that's pretty much it. And so with some people who come from that more, you know, that more conservative background when it comes to sex, like how do you? How do you? That's a that's a almost lifestyle altering conversation to have. How do you even go about like opening someone's mind to something like that? I don't out of every hundred people, there are many, maybe fifteen percent, who are personal growth mindset oriented, who are willing to learn new things and who aren't triggered or shamed by sex and who actually care about their sexuality and they they want more and they're looking for someone to trust and someone they like to teach them. And that's I just find my people. And some of them are like I love her, she's amazing, and other ones are like she's fucking obnoxious, I don't like her at all, and I'm fine with that. You have to be fine with that. As a comedian, you're fine with that, right. You just you just learn to be fine with my people will find me, and they do and they freaking love me and they love my email newsletter and my sex tips, and I mean every single day I get emails from people asking the most personal questions everything. We call it email of the day. I mean some of them, the I remember one of my favorites. The answer was get a burner of get a parrot sitter in a burner phone writing and they always try to come up with like a funny thing to tell the story, and so a lot of my a lot of my email newsletter is answering people's questions. And then everybody wants to their it's I'm like the Dear Abbey of sex, like you like today the question literally just before we were done, I was stealing something from myself and right after I had finished a reply to a guy who is liked I'm so I think I need to do key goals. I'm having some prostate issues. Do I have to get one of those things that goes up my ass because I don't like that, or can I sit on that chair thing that vibrates? And do you think that thing really works. and that was the email of...

...the day, you know. And there's yesterday. It was my husband and I. The kids are now out of the House and we've always been interested in having sex with another guy. I want to have sex with two men. What advice do you have for me? And so I gave her all my best advice. So you mentioned that, you know Beep theirst people who were just kind of like, you know, she's obnoxious, not into if you face it. Did I just make that happen with you? No, no, clear my browsers. But have you ever faced any kind of like like like serious backlash, like almost like like you know, are you working television new so we, you know, get viewer backlash all the time. People who you know lash out. Have you faced any kind of that at all? I mean I know you're in kind of a more progressive part of the country, but when it comes to sex I think people tend to be a lot more vocal when they have a problem with something. So have you faced any kind of that serious backlash of what you do? I've been shocked at how kind people are to me and how much how loving they are and how supportive they are the only place that I've ever really had any of that has been some snarky comments on my youtube channel, and everyone gangs up on them, they pile on them and they make them go away. I don't even know. So surprisingly few here and there, you know, people have said to me, hey, you need to tone it down, that's just too much, and I'm like, thank you for letting me know that. I will be dialing my shit back three notches around you, but everywhere else I will just be Soos and Bratten, because I like me and lots of people like me and I'm all right if not everybody does. And I don't mind dialing it back when asked. Oh sure. It's at the idea of how's the word? Like, you know, the way I behave around my family is not the way I behave around, you know, Mike when he's here, or my other friends and things like that. It's tact issue, I guess, and if someone but it also goes to that idea of, you know, like we could your face as like if you're offended by something, okay, fine, be offended, but doesn't mean like the thing is wrong or you're right. It's it is what it is. I also have a husband, so I have protection. That's all. That's also which is important. If I were single, I would be much more cautious, but because I have a husband who really takes care of me, my number one relationship value is security. My husband takes care of me very in with a lot of attention and seriousness. He has his eye on me, I always say, as his eye on the supply. So that's another thing that's very important for me. I think it would be extremely different if I were a single woman, but I'm very well supported as I think that's I think a lot of women to this day can relate to that. I mean it's things we see going on, you know, in places like Texas and all that, and people are women just feel constantly, especially single ones, feel constantly like like they're at risk everywhere they go, and for something is as personal, as you know, as sex therapy, for lack of a better term is it. That involves opening yourself up to a certain level of vulner vulnerability that the average single woman isn't going to be comfortable with on a good day. Yeah. So, so you do work exclusively with couples. is they're like people who are having trouble exploring their own personal sexuality within themselves. You work with them as well, like how kind of how broad range, is is the work you do? All the advice I give away is free. I don't work with anyone one on one. I'm a publisher of passionate love making techniques, bedroom communication skills and I give away so much more than I charge for because I sexuality is a vast substrate of of information and people come into it in all different ways. From I'm afraid of getting STI's. I'm trying, you know, how do I have more fertility? To she won't ever go down on me to my girlfriend told me her last girlfriend goes down on her better too. I want to have hotter sex. What do I need to do? I'm afraid I don't know what I want to just know what I'm getting, isn't it? I Have Ed, I don't have any more vaginal wetness anymore. I can't achieve a climax, I come too fast or you know, it just goes on and on and on, and so I try to have something for everyone. I mean I've published thousands of articles, so many of which are free sex advice for people who ask me the questions. I mean really, my fans are my educators. They trust me with their deepest questions and then I think a lot about that and come up...

...with my solution for them and then they try it and they give me feedback. I think that's the most important thing. So's it's across all categories. I mean I have techniques called the soul made embrace that are really how a man can hold a woman in the way that she's wanted to be held her whole life, all the way up to my steamy sex said video collection that shows two hundred love making techniques demonstrated by relatable couples. I call it the antidote to porn. It's like real life love making, heart connected love making techniques. So that's I think. kind of just being around long enough to have whatever you need has been helpful to Oh sure, absolutely, it's. You know, this is a lot of a lot of the things are come with experience. You don't know till you try. Yeah, I always I tell people, especially might we tarts, for I think to think that everybody has a has a sex blooper real like, oh, yeah, you should have one. You've got to put yourself out there and try new things and laugh about it, and especially when you're going through something like like, you know, the intimacy therapy, the kind of things that like you and your husband went through early on, and now like wherever times where you were trying something from from therapy that just crashed and burned so hard and you were like yeah, we're not doing that again. That okay. I would say. We didn't go into therapy for very long. MMM. The sex workshops are what we needed and I find that the majority of people just don't have enough good ideas. So one of the things that I like to do is I like to create erotic play dates. IDEA. I tell people don't, don't, don't think about having sex. Think about scheduling erotic play dates where you try new things together, and then I give you twenty ideas of things you might want to do. I mean, Geez, you you could just do twenty different word Asoms and try twenty different orgasms. Is used to start right there. You were not as M's. I'd love twenty orgasms. Well, and they're all different kinds. Yeah, that's the thing is twenty different kinds of Orgasms, not twenty of the same one. So I'd say that mostly what I do is I just give people ideas, because that is except for physical health issues like eating and vaginal pain and things like that, which I also do a lot of. I I teach people a lot of sexual biohacking technique. So there's there's a three. It's a three legged stool. It's communication skills. You have to be able to trust that your body is telling you what it wants. You do know what you want, because a lot of people think I don't know what I want to know. You just listen you you'll find that and be able to give it voice. So there's communication skills. How to how to make offers for sex, how do how to initiate sex? How to Seduce Your partner toward more pleasure? There's a lot of those that. There's dirty talk. How to talk dirty without feeling weird, which gets more in less into the kind of Porny Shit and more into adoration, appreciation and couragement, worship, devotion, pleasure, noticing something and saying how good it feels or how beautiful it is to you. That's an interesting communication category. I have a book called dirty talking and get it. A dirty talk bookcom for free and that's a really nice one. So there's there's the kind of that whole piece of things, and then there's the techniques, that what parts. There's three kinds of orgasms. Actually, there's the the locations, like your clitter, your Dick, then there's the techniques like female ejaculation, male multiple orgasm, and then there's objects such as sex toys and fetishes and paddles and things like that. So when you when you even just think about the three kinds of Orgasms, you can imagine how many erotic play dates you could create just thinking about just a couple of things like that. Now we didn't even get into things like the sex positions that I recommend and why I recommend them and how to do them, where so many people have sex and they're not even touching each other with their hands. They're their genitals are creating friction, but they're not loving, stroking, touching, fondling, adoring each other. So there's sex positions, their sex and new locations. I mean there's just it's just Whoa, you know, when you start thinking about it, and I find that's what people love. But then they hit the health piece so they can start talking about it they can start doing it and then something hurts or doesn't work. How do you fix it?...

And I'm all about the notion of sexual biohacking, eight reversing aging of our genitals, so we can basically fuck for a yeah, because your penis shrinks and your vagina gets lacks and all this shitty stuff happens when you get old, but you can reverse it. So I do a lot of that and talk a lot about that. We're in multitask people come on exactly that. Keep you busy. I'll keep you busy with your erotic play dates already. That's funny. You mentioned the the the dirty talk thing. It's like the difference between saying you know, I want you inside me versus Fuck Me Daddy, like that's totally everybody loves a daddy. Not, actually, not everybody does love it Daddy. Some people are triggered by the Daddy's, but me and the gay is love the Daddy's. Never hear me say Fuck Me Daddy. Accept in this exact instance, right here, right now. So, now that we have it on audio, will be using it so against me, I guarantee it. That's that's fine. I'll make it. I'll make I'll make it. I'll tell you what I'll get out ahead of this. CANNA be my new text tone. Is My voice going? Buck me, Daddy, here you go, exact monotone right there. No soft all right. So, Susan, this show is sponsored by cupy called pod decks, and they put out different kinds of interview style decks for any people on podcasts, and so I wanted to do one today from there. They're relationship deck. Good, going to see what we got in here. I'm to shuffle these a little bit and I got a quiz for you later. Oh Good Lord. Okay, let's see, these are a lot is these a little more relationship based on sex base, but I think we can still make it work here. So how do you think you and your partner handled fights? We really don't fight. All right, cool, easy. We just have conversations and move each other toward our way of thinking, and one of us is usually more right than the other, or we a blend what we have to say and figure it out. We just figure shit out. That sense fighting. Well, when I'll ask you this, then when to focus on on your relationship with your husband a bit. How did you guys meet? We met at a trade show, at a multimedia trade show, and he was just such a smart, wonderful man. I truly married incredibly well and I think he he would say the same thing. We're just we got really lucky. Even when we've hit major rocks, major road blocks in our marriage, we've just been like all right, let's fucking fix it. Would you say? What would you say? Was the point where, like, like, you knew you'd found you'd found the one for you? Probably the fourth date, really, yeah, was it something he said, something he did? Just the way you the way the conversation went. He's a an unbelievably intellied, intelligent man, like Mensa Shit, with a very kind heart. He's kind of a sandbagger. He doesn't too his own horn. You never know how smart he is until you're around him for a while. He's a very subtle man, because I'm the one that's like moth, I after you know, I'm the out there one, and so he's the quiet guy and that works really well for the both of us. He's the wind beneath my wings. He loves my ambition. He does everything he can to support me. We's he's loving and kindhearted and he's unflappable and he really just meets my values. He loves total and complete and radical honesty in all things. So we never filter or sugarcoat or walk on eggshells or bullshit each other. We just say the things and that gives us both the confidence to feel like we're always just super straight with each other and we know what's going on and we can just relate at a at a comfortable, easeful level because of the honesty. So I think the saying terrific human that's something it's missing, I think with a lot of people nowadays. They don't there's no there's no open and honest communication. Like I'll tell I've told several women that I've dated. It's like I if I want to play games, I'll go jump on the playstation, like yeah, just just just tell me, like, I'm not, I'm not trying to read your my if I want to, I want to solve a puzzle, I've got boxes in the in the cupboard, like just just tell me. Just just tell me you shit tests. They do shit tests, man, it is they don't even know they're doing the shit tests. Oh, my last girlfriend knew Dan well what she was doing. She literally came to me before we started. She's like, before we can say we're a couple, she had a questionnaire for us to go through. Well, that's good. Goales Alie, which I was totally fine with him as...

...a first for me kind of thing, like I was on a job interview. That was fine. It was three weeks later she said being in relationship was too much work. I said, I'm the one that had the tick to test, but okay, sure, anyway. So now you've been together for a long time, but would you say thirty years? Thirty years, good Lord. Would you say that? There was there ever anything about like, you know, when the idea of being with someone forever comes up. was there er anything about that that frightened you? Well, we're polly. So the thing that frightened me was fucking the same person for thirty years. I want to fuck him for thirty years, I want to fuck him for sixty years, but I don't want to only fuck him. That's fair. Okay. So that is it for me. Everything else, I was all in. Good to go and and we do super safe, really nerdy polly. We're in a pollypod with two other partners. We've been in been in that for years in that way. So ours is very loving, very inclusive. We're a forsome in many ways. So that's been very nurturing and expanding and edgy at times and all that stuff which keeps things exciting and makes us not take each other for granted. So that solved that problem for me. I lived with a couple after college for a while who were polly, and that was you their third no, I was. They were just they were just friends of mine, M and I needed a place to live after I got out of college. It was it was a weird time in my life. And so they say, way on, love with us, by the way, we're polly. Oh cool, this is gonna be interesting. I learned a lot of things over the course of a year. Everybody's polly is so different too. I mean it goes from swingers and lifestyle to most people who we know who talk about being an open relationship. You know she's fucking a couple people, he's fucking a couple people. They don't even it's don't ask, don't tell. I'm like, that's not really polly. polly is they were polly as fucked like they were. I mean it's to the point where eventually their third who was it was another woman, moved in with with us. It was a packed house and it just happened to be someone that I had gone to college with. So it's like they come meet her, she walks in. We both kind of like, oh, hi, been a while, let's go. This is weird. It was a little weird first because it was one of those like Oh, cool, we had geometry together. You got used to it, didn't you? It didn't take long because at that point I was already because they were they were polly, they were open. Every once in a while, one of them when I have somebody else over. So it was kind of it was more of just the of the fact that I knew the person already. Yeah, those on I was like, Oh, wasn't expecting this. Cool, all right, but by the end of it, I mean it was just so I was so used to it that when I would meet other couples who weren't at that actually became a bit of an adjustment because, I mean, that was my life for the longest time. So, all, I'll give you one more of these and then we're going to move on. What is one couple you know that you admire in terms of in terms of their love for each other. Like what's WHO's someone that you're like. You look at them, you're just kind of like, that's that's the goals right there. My Mentor, Dr Patty Taylor. She's I won't say how many years older than I, but she is seen here to me and she and her husband, they have been together for I don't know, for your fifty years, somewhere in there, over forty. I'm sure they have been a real model for us as far as I loving kindness, connections, support, longevity, honesty, sensuality, intimacy, great friends and people who are around them, intellectual prowess and thoughts and what they spend their time thinking about and how they live their lives and integrity and all of that. And and Dr Patty was one of my very early mentors and she created a couple of our programs, including one called expand her orgasm tonight, which is which teaches you at home how to have an expanded orgasm practice together as couples. And I don't know how long Dr Patty and her husband, I don't say his name out lost. She doesn't prefer for his name to be to mentioned and out in the world. But I don't know how long they've been having an expended orgasm practice, but my husband Tim and I have been having one for seventeen years straight where on a weekly basis, many times, multiple times a week, we lay down together and he strokes my genitals with a particular five stroke technique that allows me to go into an expanded orgasmic experience and essentially he's taking me there. He takes my...

...nervous system over and he takes me up into this thing and we ride that ride together. He's feeling me, I'm feeling him, we're up in that whole thing together, and that has been I think that and radical honesty are probably the two things that have made our marriage enviable. That's fantastic. Go Tim, good for you. Happy for you guys. Due. It's it's whenever you hear of a couple's talking about intimacy issues, you know, issues in the bed, things like that, usually that's like, okay, well, they're done like that's that? That tends to be the nail macaf for so many couples and for you guys to use the money. Yeah, it's Yep for that. If you guys to not only overcome that like together, but to then have that transcend over the course of your entire relationship to this day is incredible. Like I've never heard of something like that before and that's just so just it's almost all inspiring to hear it. The hear that, like wow, this can actually, this can be. There's hope, everybody. There is hope, fellas. Yes, there is so much hope. And I really do think being a good pussy stroker, having this exp knowing these five strokes and having this expanded orgasmic, being able to deliver this expanded orgasm to a woman opens her to her orgasmic potential and helps her cross that gasm chasm to having orgasms from intercourse, which is a learned skill, and fills her up with the kind of touch and orgasmic pleasure that she needs so much to become a fully sexually actualized woman. So I really love the practice. It's just incredible. Hashtag pussy striker, Hashtag gasm chasm, exactly. All right. So, and let me give you a you rl for that, and I'm going to give that to you as well to give you that program the URL is expand her orgasm tonightcom and there are three free pleasure reports there. You don't have to buy anything that explain what is or goat what is expended to orgasm. The the power of peaking, which is a technique that works the nervous system so it can get to higher and higher pleasure, which you can use on you can use that on pussy eating, you can use it on anything. It's just it's basically a cont a concept, sexual concept. And then the other one is, oh, touching for rapture. Remember I was talking to earlier about the sex positions that I love that really incorporate a lot of touch in addition to everything else. This teaches a touch technique that's, I think, one of the best sex techniques you can learn, and I just we just give that. We give it away, because then people are like this was actually really great. I tried it. It worked immediately, which usually sex techniques are like that. That's what makes my job so easy. I can just tell you what to do. You go do it, it works. You're like, Oh, I could learn more of those. Tell me more. I reward people. I'm basically I'm like a crack dealer, but it's crack for sex. I mean, mean it's worse things. Definitely, you and I have the best jobs, I like to think. So I'm doing this. So they met. Same, same, all right, apparently you've got yeah, thankful. All right, I don't know the Hell I'm getting myself into. Come on, Shay, gotta do some work, you lazy bastard. Yeah, some of my ass all day. Let's do it. Okay. So I have one, two, three, hundred, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine ten. Oh, that works out well. I have ten topics and I'm going to read them, and I want you to give me an a, a, be or C grade, because I want to know which one's appealed to you most. So a is your favorite, see as your least. And for each one of these, are you ready? I'm ready. Toys for making love, see erotic playdate ideas. Hey, three kinds of orgasms. Hey, interesting, talk dirty to me. Be The case for cheap lingerie for her, Ye, be ravish her with your masculinity. Not The most masculine person. I'll give that one to be as well. Sec you will. biohacking, acause I'm curious. Ton Trick, sex explained. Be The five best APHRODISIACS for potent sex. Hey, how to hold a woman?...

Right, Hey, who? I like it. That was fun. Okay, there was no way to grade, but you got an a plus. All, I'll take it. You gotta take so what is so? What is that? What do you think that says about me? If anything, I'd say I felt your heart. I felt your heart and your answers. So I think you are, like most, most men, more into interested in the heart connection and the love making and the pleasure and emotional connection and being present and providing pleasure. Yeah, that's fair, because, like, I've never been, I've never been the single a long time. My friends are always like it's gout and get laid on, my thing, right, you know? Yes, it's never holped a woman you want to love. Yeah, but let's say that I haven't, but afterwards I'm which is kind of like to transactional for you. Yeah, it's watch porn at that case, I mean likely, it's all really feels like the end of the day when it's all said and done. So, Yep, Yay, that was fun. Thank you. I like to feedback to it's helpful. I'm glad. Yeah, I know, it's it's you know, things like that that I'd never considered because I've been single for six years. So it's so, it's I'm I'm most in all some kind of like how can I apply this to my daily life? Well, I live alone with a cat, so I love kitty cats. Yeah, she's getting don't live alone if you live with a cat. That's true. She will. She's getting a friend soon. So I'm going to be Bo ca useless. Yeah, well, you know, I'm just going to be the crazy cat lady, but the guy, nothing wrong with that. I I was running. I had covid last year, no, really badly. I'm a long haul covid survivor and I have recently been well enough again to start working out with a trainer and I started at a very I had so much muscle wasting because I couldn't get out of bed because I was so dizzy. I'm I'm clanking the shit out of my Topo Chico. Today I have this little kitty cat and she just fell over. Speaking of cats, I have this call. I have this little kitty cat and she had it's like a stuffed cat and she has this alloween costume for cats on that's like this little lions, main those on top of her, because when I do TV segments and stuff, I hold it up and I go sometimes you're a kitty cat and sometimes your lioness. Like that, it's like one of my is one of my like super corny props, but it just fell over onto my glass. Oh No, a little windy here about this by the beach, but is it my kitty cute? So I was. I was running up a hill today. Now that I'm finally at the place where I'm I started out just barely being able to lift a five pound weight, I had had so much muscle loss. And now I'm running up the hill next to my house. I'm doing a sprint up the hill, walking down, doing a sprint up the hill, walking down, and there was this beautiful cat there, I'm the right in the middle of the hill today, and she was kind of like a Persian tabby. She wasn't the Orange Tabby. She was like a moraled stripy cat with long hair. Oh she was the most beautiful, friendly, elegant kitty cat that I have ever seen and and I'm glad that she's my neighbor. I'm going to go run that hill more because she was so cute. I Love Kitty's. We have a bunch of them that walk around this neighborhood. I think the lady that I bought my house from used to leave like food or water out well, because they are always sitting on my front porch or something, which not going to happen. Sorry guys, but but an it makes my cat like I want to go out there, which start happening, but that's not happening. What's your Kidis name? Her name is Rosie, Rosie. Yeah, I didn't name her. She was a friend of my mom's fosters and Reholmes cats, and so she had already been named. So they gave her to me and then the same lady found a pregnant cat recently who had a whole mess of Kittens, so I'm getting one of the KITTENS. His name will be Pimento, Memento. Yes, that's so cute. You looks like Memento Cheese and I love memento cheese. I do too. At my grocery store they have it's like cream cheese with the pimentos and it is that would ah. Yeah, my mom. My mom makes her own, which I don't know what she does, but it's good, stummers, but yeah, I will sounds good. Yeah, give me that any day. Yeah, Susan has been very fun and very enlightening. Your grave, man, Mike. You know, not many, I can't think of many, who...

...would say, yeah, I'm gonna have a sex expert on my podcast, like it is not a I'm just like talking interesting people, is what it comes down to. I like talking interesting people and I'm so glad that we got to have you on here today. You already gave me this little q and anything. But one thing I like to throw out to all my guests, because they've sat here for the last, you know, forty five minutes to an hour, letting me bombard them with questions. So what two questions would you like to ask me? Um, I'd like to hear what kind of a girlfriend would create a really perfect relationship for you right now. I'd like you to describe her to me. I don't even know, like I guess like being single is so like ingrained and who I am now, like like in every February, my friends asked me. So, Mike, what are you doing for Valentine's Day? Like I'm a Jewish guy at Christmas time, and they're asking me like how I celebrate the holiday. So I'm I'm a so I'm a comedian. I go out and new stand up, I like going, like going to bars and I do stuff like this. So the May them. I'm looking for somebody who is not even assarily a creative person themselves, but as an appreciation for great for the free blue creative hobbies, because it does take up a lot of my time. But I'm also a huge big communication is huge for me, like I have a degree in communications and communication is big. One of my biggest pet peeves is whenever someone has poor communication skills. And so someone who can hold a conversation and is as big a talker as I am, because I love to talk, but sometimes I need a break and I can't always be the one responsible for the conversation. So a good conversationalist with at least an appreciation for for creative arts. It's very generic, but it's yeah, it's I think I said it's. Someone asked one time I've ever thought about having kids and I'm like, I haven't even thought about just like dating someone. So No, I haven't having kids because at this plant's so far removed from me. I mean this is just if I started dating someone tomorrow, I don't know what I would do with myself. I have no idea at this point. It's like it's like it's like getting your first girlfriend in high school all over again. I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. So, ha ha ha, that's okay, it's pretty you can figure it out, and you have. You're such a sweetheart that any woman who would date you would be very lucky to date you. I can tell you. Being fantastic boyfriend seem like good boyfriend material to make. I think I'm a good boyfriend. It's that it's that early dating stage before, I before, that's where I struggle. Uh Huh, I'm a great boyfriend. It's where I'm just the guy that's dating. I'm like, I don't know what to do. Yeah, I know what to do. Just bring your loving heart, yeah, create joy and pleasure and hold your girl. I do like the cuddle. Yeah, I could tell that, but I'm also a human space heater. Ah Huh. So, yeah, you live. You live in Ohio. You can open the windows, it's true. Yeah, I'm the guy who like, like, I always have my even in the wintertime I have my air conditioning on because I just run hot in general. So you know about those beds that are now like Chili pads and things like that, where you can sleep on the you can turn it and it's dual control, so you just like freeze your ass off over there and your girl can be super warm on her side of the bed. But I don't think my ceiling fan has been turned off since I moved in, are you? What's one is what is your next fantasy vacation location? Oh God, I love to travel. Um, I'll tell you what. I've been to Chicago once. I loved Chicago, but I was there specifically to do stand up and and like go produce a show. So I'd love a week in Chicago to just sight see Chicago. HMM. But if it has to be somewhere I haven't been before, Chicago's the farthest West I've been. Oh, okay, so I have to Calie. So I'd love to go to Calie or go to Vegas, because I know people in both. I know people in Vegas and I know people all over California. So one of the two, because the east coast bores me ill. Let's set that intention for two thousand and twenty two, that you that you have a western adventure in two thousand and twenty two. I'm into it. Okay, me too. I'm in do it. I'll come out and see you. Yes, we'll do it. I'm in San Diego and Sanitas, California, to be exact. Fantastic. Well, make it out well, Susan Bratten. Thank you against so much for sitting down and talking with me. I'm this has been so much fun and you are an absolute delight.

Where can the people find you online if they so desire? You can find me on Instagram, if it ever comes back up again. Apparently all the socials are down except twitter, and I'm a twitter follower of yours. Yes, I am. So I'm at Susan Bratton S USA, N Bra Atto, and if you just google that shit you'll find the brats and all her places buying Susan Bratton Online. Folks, we've got links to all the stuff that we covered today down the description of this show and we will thanks us in one more time for for coming on. It's been so much fun. Thank you all right, guys. That's going to do it for this month. We will see you guys again next with another episode of the VIP table. Don't forget new episodes of the basement lounge every Thursday. And I'M gonna I'm gonna go think about my sex life. I guess how we would do things differently. I did you know the person for that? The Shit Anyway,.

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